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Janet and I Get Pregnant

sandyisflat on True Stories

At the age of 16 my best friend Janet and I were really getting wild. Our parents both were warning us of the dangers involved and while her parents had no idea we were lovers it seemed that my parents had an idea what was happening. Well, I was sucking her tits, that had grown over the last month and then noticed that there was a milky liquid coming from them. She also said they were more sensative. One day she came to me and said, "You will never guess what I have to tell you." She grabbed my hand and we went to my room. We sat on the bed facing each other, "So what is it? Are you gonna make me beg to tell me?" I said. She got closer and was inches from my face, "I am pregnant." she whispered. "Damn, no shit!" I said almost falling off the bed. "Yeh really I am." she said. "Who's the father?" I said and she turned red. "I can't tell you, he does not know yet and I was going to tell him later."

My Mom yelled that they were going out for a few hours and so when the car pulled away I stripped Janet and saw her swollen tits and massaged them and then that liquid came out again. "It is milk" I almost shouted. "Yeh I know and my tits are ful of it already, I have to milk them a lot." We stripped and I milked them for her and she ate me for an hour and thru all the orgasms I kept trying to get her to tell me who it was that is the father. "I will tell you but first you have to get pregnant too by him." she finally said. I looked at her and finally smiled and said, "That is really crazy but my parents will shit, I would love to." I hardly ever was with a guy so I was looking forword to getting laid trying to get pregnant.

The next day Janet called, "Can you be over in an hour?" she said. "Yeh, soon as Dad leaves for work. "Good, today we start working to get you preg with me. We have the same cycle and now is about the best time." she told me, something I already knew. Dad left and then I left for her house and at the door she told me, "I am going to blindfold you and you cannot say a word or do anything except get fucked, understand?" she said seriously. I finally agreed and so, inside the doorway I took off my clothes, she was already naked and she put a full head scarf on me making sure that I saw nothing at all. "I will lead you and make sure you are wet. He is not going to kiss you or anything. I am just going to lay you down and he will get on you and I wil guide him into you. He always has two loads so after the first time just stay there and he will fuck you again." she told me.

I went in following her and she laid me on her bed, I knew it well. She told me that the guy was also blindfolded and was doing this as a favor to her so she would have a friend to be preg with. I laid there and her tongue licked me wet and then he was over me. His cock was huge and made me moan as it spread my pussy out. I heard her giving instructions but he said nothing at all. "Now plunge deep into her pussy love." she said and he did just that ramming into me. He filled me and streached me with his cock and began pumping deep over and over again. I went thru 4 orgasms before he finaly filled me with the seed that would, hopefully get me a baby. He filled me and then began moving slowly his cock getting hard again. I moaned and he filled my soaking full pussy with that wonderful cock and drove into me again and it took longer this time but finally he filled me again and I laid their totally drained of any energy. Janet got me up and took me to the other bed room and said, "Stay here while I get him dressed and out the door." She did that and I heard a car leave and she came in and we laid together on the bed for a hour or so. "Okay," she said finally, "Be here tomorrow again." I told her I would and had stuff to do so left. Again the next day I waited for Daddy to leave and went to her house and again laid spread out for the most marvoulous cock I had had in my few years. We did this every day for a week and then we stopped since my fertile time was most likely past.

"Well, now we wait to see if we planted anything." she sid and I was excited. One morning soon after I got up and was very sick. I threw up and laid in bed for a hour and called Janet. "I think we did it." was all I could say and she came over. I did the quick preg test and it was positive. We hugged for a while then talked all day about it. "So when do I meet the father or our kids?" I said one day soon after. "Come over tomorrow morning and we will all have some fun together" she said. I got up and Daddy was gone already with a note that he had to leave early for work. I got up and dressed and wore a thong and tank top and shorts and went to her house. She met me at the door and kissed me and there was no blindfold this time. She kissed me several times and I was hot as hell and soaking thru my shorts and then we undressed and she took my hand. We went into the Den and there was a man totally naked with his back to us and we walked in. Janet went to him and hugged him and kissed him and turned him around as she said, "This is my friend that you have also gotten pregnant." Our eyes met and my Daddy dropped a drink that was in his hand. Janet laughed as we stood there staring at each other and tried to cover our naked parts.

Janet came to me and pulled me to him and we stood face to face and he finally said, "I didn't know it was you dear." I felt mad then like playing it up, "Daddy, if I had know how big you were I would have do it long ago." I said and kissed him on the lips. Janet moved us closer hugging us till our bodys met and I felt him growing against my tummy. Janet moved us to the couch and sat us down, I wanna see the two of you really fuck now that everything is out in the open." and she kissed him then me. He took my in his arms and pulled me close and kissed me deep. My arms were around my Daddy and then my body was sitting on his lap and I guided him into my pussy and he sliped in. Janet was all over the both of us, kissing, massaging and licking. At one point he laid me on my back and plunded deep into me and filled me up again. Janet took him into her mouth as he slipped out and sucked him hard again and then he filled her pussy. He filled her with cum and then slipped out. Janet pulled me to her, "Let's show Daddy what we have been doing." and she began kissing me all over and we were in a lovely 69 eating my Daddy's cum from each other.

We all sat naked in the floor later, "So, we are going to have two kids that will be related." Janet said and we all laughed and then plotted on how to not tell everyone who the father was of the kids we werer having. Later when Daddy and I were on the way home he asked if I was upset and I told him no. "Did you really mean that you wished you had known how big I was so you would have done it sooner?" he said. I leaned over and took him in my hand "Oh yes, a long time ago." I said. "Well, your mother cannot know that I hae doen any of this." he said. "Of course not Daddy, but I will need to have you without going to Janet's house you know." I said. "Oh, I know." he said and we got home and walked in and Mom looked at us. "What have you two been up to?" she said. We looked at each other and smiled, "Oh nothing, Daddy just gave me a ride from Janet's house." We looked at each other and he smiled. That was the beginning of a real family afiar. Later we found out what Mommy had been up to..but that is another story.





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