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Coach's Favorite Junior Varsity Girl

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I am a biology teacher in a Junior High and also coach the boys Junior Varsity Teams in the afternoons. This day, Miss Green, who usually coaches the girls Junior Varsity soccer team called out sick and the principle asked me to coach them today for a big game on the weekend. I never coached girls before, but I figured coaching is coaching.

We did the usual drills with running and shooting and so forth. It was a hot day and all of the girls were wet with sweat. Their cute little uniforms clung closely to their petite frames revealing either no titties or beginners tits. Most did not even bother to pretend to have tits and did not wear a sport bra.

They had to shower up before going home and it was my responsibility that none of them slipped and hurt themselves, so I had to watch them closely. The girls ranged from ages eleven to thirteen with many variations. Some just were very boyish and flat with absolutely no pussy hair at all, just a little slit showing that they were indeed a girl. Then there were some with bud titties coming along with a little hair and one even had a full bush of black hair down there. One girl, Sarah, had some very nice beginnings of tits and yet no cunt hair.

After about a half an hour, they started to dry off and leave. I was the last adult to leave the school and was responsible for locking it up. Just when I thought all of the girls had left, I heard a shower still running. I went down the locker room aisle to the showers and found Sarah still in the showers. Her long brown hair was wet and hanging down past her tits. She had a can of shaving cream on the floor and a razor in her hand. Her underarms were lathered and she was shaving them when I interrupted her.

“What’s going on?” I questioned.

“Miss Green always let the girls shave here if we want. I need a lot of hot water and my daddy won’t let me run the shower at home for long so I shave here. I just started, I have to do my legs and pussy next,” she said.

My cock was beginning to harden looking at this beautiful girl, naked and wet, shaving all of her parts. She looked at my bulging shorts and looked back at my eyes, smiling.

“If I don’t shave, I get this big ugly bush like Jane. Did you see her hairy mop? That’s disgusting! I wanna be smooth all over,” she explained. “Care to help me?”


“Get me something so I can lift up my leg to shave it. Or you could hold my leg up yourself,” she offered.

“Well, I’ll have to take off my clothes to get into the running shower. Do you want to see your teacher naked?”

“Sure,” she smiled.

I took off my shirt first, and then pulled my shorts down, my hard cock popping to attention with its big mushroom head.

“Wow! Nice,” she said.

She stuck out her leg so it was at a ninety-degree angle to her body. I grabbed her ankle to keep her steady. She was so limber! Then she lathered her tight firm leg with the shaving cream and proceeded to shave it. We switched legs and did it all over again, my cock still rock hard. She now came to her twat and ass. She lathered her whole pubic area and ass cheeks. First, she shaved her lovely ass cheeks, then her ass crack being very careful when she came to her tiny puckered asshole. Now came the slow down. She first shaved above the top of her tight slit. Then she carefully shaved each side of her pink hole. Her cunt lips were very tight together but she still went very slowly, especially when the blade came in the region of her clit.

She finally finished and rinsed everything off. “Rub your hands over me in case I missed a spot,” she asked. I started rubbing her athletic tight yet soft legs. They were perfect in every way. Then I moved to her sweet firm ass and found no flaw. I paid extra attention to her tight little asshole and put half a finger in it for a full evaluation. I moved next to her ultra smooth snatch. Her lovely cunt lips were soft and smooth as the finest silk. I opened those young tight lips to reveal her beautiful pink wet inner hole. I took a finger and went in her hot opening and felt her virginal membrane.

“Haven’t been popped yet, huh?” I asked.

“No, I wanted to before I turned thirteen, but my birthday was a month ago with no luck! Would you do me a favor and pop me? I don’t want to be the last girl in my class still with a hymen,” she begged.

“As your teacher, I would be honored,” I said.

“Ok, but first, I want to taste your cock. It looks so yummy!” as she started licking my stone hard rod. She went up and down my shaft and twirled her tongue over my mushroom head. Then she put my cock as deep in her mouth as she could. Her small mouth and hot moist lips went up and down on my cock in a rocking motion. She could only get half of my cock in her mouth before she gagged. She will learn how to deep throat in time, I knew. Then she started sucking my balls, putting one in at a time in her hot mouth.

My cock was pre-cumming like no tomorrow and I knew I needed it in a cunt soon, but I didn’t want to fuck her in a shower so I told her that my office had a couch in it and we should go there. We toweled each other off lightly and went to the coach’s office. She led the way while I and my cock followed. Once there, she jumped on the couch and spread her legs completely wide open. She was also a proficient gymnast and it showed in that limber move. Even though her legs were almost flat open, her tight little slit was still fully closed. Not for long. I gently spread her soft white outer lips open for my eight-inch dick. My cock was still wet from the shower and all of the pre-cum I was oozing out. My big head slipped into her twat with a little force. Once my head was in, the shaft should be not problem. I looked down and saw my shaft going into her young virginal hole, my head being completely inside her. Still a virgin, I pushed my way in slowly to solve that problem. I got to her barrier. Both of us could feel it. I took a breath and gave her a fast thrust to shatter that cherry to pieces. All of my eight inches went fully into her hot cave. She screamed in pain as her virginity vanished along with her hymen. Tears welled in her eyes but she didn’t want me to stop pounding her, so pound her I did. Her tight cunt muscles seemed like they were gripping my cock as I rammed her hard, pulling my cock in as deep as it could go.

After several minutes of continued thrusting, my balls were more than ready to explode. She had such a cute freckled face; I knew she would look gorgeous plastered with cum. So I pulled out of her hot twat, my cock covered with her popped cherry blood and her own twat juices. It took only one stroke of my hand on my rod to let my hot spew shoot on her lovely face. The first spurt hit her directly in her eye, she opened her mouth reflexively and I shot her square down to her throat. She gagged and my third spurt shot her on her tiny nose and eye. Three other spurts and her whole face was covered with hot cum. She looked heavenly!

She then took my cock in her hand and brought it to her mouth, licking it clean of drops of cum, her cherry blood and juices.

“You are not a virgin anymore, but still not a full slut. I have to fuck you up your dirt hole and then you can be called a full-fledged slut. Maybe Miss Green will call in sick tomorrow,” I smiled.

She smiled too and said, “I really do want your cock up my ass!! Let’s hope she has the flu.”

We both showered off and I locked up for the night. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

(…. Do you want to know? Should I continue? … )


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