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Breeding Brides Part 3

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It was late Saturday morning as we drove up at Bob and Vikki’s home. Kathy had wanted to arrive in plenty of time. Unable to hide her excitement yet growing apprehension over what was in store for her that day. Then, we had never had secrets from each other. My wife was wearing a long white, sleeveless summer dress with a smart, gold belt and white heels. Looking perfect as ever, although I had mentioned several weeks ago that I wanted her to wear something very short and very tight for the afternoon’s session. She was a beautiful woman. No doubt about it; with dark, shoulder length hair, pearl-white skin, big, firm tits and a well kept, wonderfully shaped body. As she smiled back at me knowingly through her sunglasses, it felt good to know that I have a wife who looks after her body and takes such pride in her figure. In short, a slut ready for black breeding.

Four months beforehand, Kathy, twenty-nine and Vikki, thirty-three had worn their wedding dresses for a breeding session with four overly eager black bulls. Our blonde friend had fallen pregnant shortly afterwards, though unfortunately and despite our high hopes, Kathy had not followed suit. It would have been perfect if she had. Regardless, that had been a very special day for all of us. While Bob and myself watched on, the men fucked both our wives over and over. Kathy certainly hadn’t forgotten the experience overnight. Once home even the mere sight of her torn and ruined wedding dress brought the memories of that day flooding back to her. I guess having those black studs dumping their baby-making seed into her unprotected womb was almost too much. Especially now with Vikki’s good news playing on her mind. For several nights afterwards I had awaked to find her groaning and grasping at the sheets in her sleep. As if reliving the whole episode.

Bob and Vikki had a lovely home. Very picturesque in a quiet woodland setting and we were glad we had arranged to stay with them until Sunday evening. At home, things hadn’t been so peaceful of late. Kathy’s domineering mother and father had been to stay. I never enjoyed their visits. Especially as they where always brow-beating Kathy for one thing or another. They just didn’t know what stresses their only daughter was going through. She was dealing with one of the strongest taboos. Becoming pregnant by a black-man and having his baby. A baby whose father would likely never be known to us. Nevertheless, having her parents there only delayed the inevitable. Kathy knew she would need a far more regular pounding to get in the club and it had been a relief for us both to see them go. We could hardly tell them the truth now could we?

On hearing the car, our friends came out to meet us. Bob in a red Hawaiian shirt that was so typical of him. His face sunburnt and his usual grin from ear to ear. Vikki, wearing a tight pair of yellow pants and a red top. She stood holding her hands over her now-swelling belly, so obviously proud of the early sign of her pregnancy. As we sat by the pool, I watched the two women sip their drinks and chat. I’d grown used to the feeling that Vikki seemed to eye Kathy at times, quite lustfully. There was no doubt in my mind that she had strong sexual feelings for her. Somehow it didn’t seem so wrong. Both such very different women, yet so alike in many ways. I guess you could say the same for myself and Bob. Like him I loved watching other men fuck my wife. I loved watching black men fuck my wife.

We sat on the patio, enjoying the sunshine and eating a light lunch. Bob was quite a cook and an excellent conversationalist though he remained quite secretive as to what was in store. Reached across the table I took my wife’s hand. Despite everything, this felt enormously erotic. Romantic even to an extent. Our marriage flashed into my head. Falling in love, the wedding, the honeymoon, our marriage and now this. I considered the fact that Vikki was now pregnant, and carrying the child of a black-man whose name she and Bob didn’t even know. It was quite probable that Kathy would soon be the same way. My pulse raced and for a moment I felt faint.

‘Are you alright Darling?’. Kathy’s voice was concerned and soothing. I nodded. Though even now I could see her own anxiety. Growing behind her eyes as she wondered what was going to happen. I guess we both knew the consequences but where willing to risk all. With two recent appointments at the OB doctor this was unmistakably Kathy’s most fertile time of the month. We all knew it. Especially Bob who had arranged everything to coincide with this precious few days.

Eventually, Bob suggested both women go inside to get themselves ready. They knew how much we liked them to look good. Especially when it was black men they were out to impress. As Kathy passed me, I reiterated to her how much I wanted to see her in something very short and very tight. She nodded, seemingly at ease with what she had shopped for and brought. Then we waited, enjoying the wine until they returned. Bob chuckled that it was going to be a lot of fun. I took the chance to ask him how he felt now Vikki had finally gotten the good news.

‘Great!’ he replied with a long smile, ‘Though I think you’ll find out for yourself soon enough’. We both knew he was right.

Vikki reappeared on the patio first and I was staggered. She had dressed herself in a white nurse’s uniform! Not one you might see in a hospital, but a very tight, very short number, one you’d see in a fuck movie. Very, very short and tight making it easy to see her round belly. She wore it unbuttoned down the front just enough to show off much of her magnificent, tanned cleavage. Her beautiful legs encased in thigh high white stockings with matching heels that finished the effect. Grinning for us, she posed, turning in a circle, showing off her beautiful ass and shapely calves. I found myself leering at her and my cock stirring. Bob and I smiled and applauded, although I still didn’t understand what was coming. They had both been very busy. Vikki, looking very pleased with herself walked sexily over to her husband, sat on his knee and drained his glass of wine.

Kathy took slightly longer and I knew she wouldn’t show herself until she was completely satisfied. She finally walked out wearing a very short, very tight low cut electric-blue spandex dress that stretched tightly across her breasts, thighs and ass. The colour of the dress showed off her skin to perfection. We both already knew what an effect her pale-white, blemish-less skin had with the blacks who had bred her before. They were wild over it. In addition she wore four-inch open-toed high heels. Bob whistled loudly and told her to turn for us. The heels accentuated her shapely calves. Smiling at us all, Kathy turned, posing for us while her hands resting seductively on her hips. She looked spectacular, statuesque and very sluttish. It was easy to imagine what effect she would have on her breeders today and I could tell that she wanted this session to work this time. Knowing that she would do whatever it took to make it work.

Bob drove the car while Vikki chatted loudly in the backseat. The giddy blonde was excited. It showed. My wife beside her, silently staring out of the window. The delicious guilt and shame she felt put aside for now. Her beautiful white, bare legs crossed and proving a remarkable sight. Her breasts, pressing hard against her low-cut dress, their size exaggerated even more by her trim waist. I wondered what was going through her head. Dressed like a real cock magnet and about to meet a group of men for the very first time. As we continued into the all-black section of the city, I knew that whoever was going to be breeding my wife this afternoon had probably never had a woman as classy or sexy looking as her. What did Bob have in store? High-rise ghetto-type apartments began to appear and lined both sides of the streets as young tough looking kids and dishevelled old men hung about the street corners. Our host had already reminded us to lock the car doors and even Vikki seemed a bit nervous.

‘Are you sure this is going to be safe, Hon?’ she asked her husband.

‘Sure’. Bob gave a reassuring smile but I could tell he wasn’t entirely sure either.

Shortly afterwards Bob turned the car onto a side street. Driving for another block and a half before pulling into a driveway next to a very run-down looking apartment building. For a moment I thought we were just turning around, but as Bob switched off the engine, I realised we had arrived. Kathy and I exchanged apprehensive looks that I can recall even now. Opening the car door, I got out and looked up at the flats. They seemed to be derelict until I noticed one of the apartments had washing hanging from the window. Kathy got out and stepped over to me. Taking care of the rubbish-strewn driveway, yet almost tripping and steadying herself on my arm. Although sexy looking, high heels were not the ideal footwear for a place like this.

Bob wound down his window. ‘I don’t want to leave the car here’ he called. ‘I know a place real close. You two go on up, its number 303, someone waiting for you’. I swallowed dryly. This was obviously a black part of town and what Bob asked us was quite a task for a lone, white couple. Particularly the way Kathy was dressed. We would stand out like a sore thumb and I wondered why on earth Bob had asked me to bring so much cash. My wallet feeling heavy in my jacket pocket. Vikki saw our fears and seemed to enjoy our discomfort.

‘See you in a while’ she said coyly as her husband quickly starting the engine. As they backed out into the street I wondered if this had been their plan from the start.

Resigned to our fate, I took Kathy’s arm and together we walked around to the front of the apartment, climbed the stoop and entered through the front door. Three youths, sitting on the stoop railing watched but did not speak or try to stop us from entering. Inside, the hallway, the elevator was out of order and boarded up, so we had to use the stairs. They were very narrow; too narrow to hold hands, though I could feel my wife’s apprehension as she went ahead of me. It was too late for her to turn back now. From behind, her skirt was so short I could easily see her sheer panties, the sight of her full, rounded thighs moving together and shapely ass made me want to reach out and touch her. We passed a couple on the first floor landing, a devilish looking man and a young woman gazed at us curiously.

‘Think you got the wrong mutha-fuckin’ place’ she laughed at us more in surprise than anything. Her eyes widened as her eyes fell on my wife’s outfit. ‘Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, sweet thang, you are some fine lookin’ piece’. I noticed Kathy stiffen. Keeping her eyes straight ahead, she was as fearful as I was. I guess we’d seen so much on the news about places like this. Together we carried up the three flights. The everyday sounds of life in the stricken apartments echoing around us.

At the top of the stairs waiting for us was a black woman of mid thirties with a full but shapely figure, rich-chocolate skin and thick short hair. With her cheap-looking short, tight purple dress and gold high heels she could only be part of what lay ahead.

‘Hi, Honey, I’m Latysha’ she smiled warmly, obviously impressed by Kathy’s body as she ran her eyes eagerly over my wife’s figure. We shook hands and followed Latysha's big round, sexy ass down the hall. Looking around this trash-strewn place as we walked on. I held my wife’s hand, her grip tight and the feeling she had of being here only enhanced by what was waiting for her. Many of the doors were open, enabling us to see into the cluttered filthy rooms. Black faces, old and young, male and female, eyed us curiously but guardedly. Some looks wary, while others quickly getting a greedy eyeful of Kathy. Televisions blared. Children stopped their play to stare. We were truly strangers here.

Latysha led us to the end of the hallway and a door marked 303. Kathy now had my hand in a tight grip. I could almost hear her heart pounding next to me. From inside we could hear the sound of loud male voices and I felt her smooth, warm body stiffen against me.

‘She’s here’ Latysha announced, as she stepped through the doorway and ushered us in. I remember gasping in shock. Both my wife and I having just had the surprise of our lives. Simply put, the room was full of black men. Each dressed casually though several were shirtless, showing off hard, sculpted, black-skinned muscles and several sporting jailhouse tattoos. Others wore vests and jeans. All apparently residents of this place and all wanting a piece of this white breeding. I had to think that Bob had clued everyone in on why we were here, an impregnating session with my wife. Kathy’s first response was one of stunned silence as the group leered hungrily at her. They were quite obviously very pleased with what they saw in front of them, and already looking impatient to get at her. Hungry eyes roved over my wife’s body, each, perhaps been made to wait longer than they had wanted.

I stepped back against the wall next to the open door and looked around. The living room itself was just large enough to accommodate everyone. A television, sofa, coffee table, a single chair and a lamp table were the only furniture. The heat of the place hanging in the air and mixing with the thick cigarette smoke. On the filthy carpet, though, was something that made my heart race faster. A bare, dirty mattress had been placed on the floor in the middle of the room. Newspapers, magazines, clothing and children’s toys lay discarded everywhere on the threadbare carpet. The adjoining kitchen, open to the living room, contained a worn looking table and four chairs. A middle-aged woman and a very old, shrunken-looking black man sat at the table, cluttered with food, beer cans, wine and whiskey bottles. I could tell from the way Latysha stood almost apologetically that this was where she lived.

Kathy hadn’t noticed that I had stepped away from her, and was now standing next to the mattress, on view for all. She stood before them, breathing somewhat rapidly with her nervousness. Her beautiful breasts rising and falling and her arms by her sides. It was impossible to read her expression as they all excitedly gazed at her. Silent and imposing. My wife’s eye falling on the mattress. Glazing as she realised just what it’s purpose was. There was nowhere to sit but eventually one of the men got up, allowing her a seat on the mangy sofa. As if transfixed she paused, overwhelmed and obviously intimidated by this large number of people. Ten or more including those in the kitchen. Glancing back at me as she stepped forward and took the now vacated seat. Everyone in the room watching and muttering as Kathy crossed her long white legs, caused her dress to ride nearly to the top of her thighs. There really was no turning back from this now.

These black men, I could see, were going to enjoy breeding my beautiful wife. I found myself excited, my heart racing, and my cock stirring as these events were starting to unfold in front of me. I had never dreamed of experiencing something as exciting, erotic and dangerous as this. Most of them, I felt, certainly had never had a white woman as gorgeous as Kathy before, so she was going to be a special luxury. They immediately began talking suggestively to her. As though already vying for her affections. Some more vocal than others but all incredibly stirred by the sight of the short, tight dress that was displaying my wife’s tits and legs to perfection. Their voices overlapping as they visually drank in her body. How I wished the people back home could see my wife now. Especially her parents who had raised her so well. Maybe I felt satisfaction too in the knowledge that Kathy’s mother had never taken to me. Never making a secret of the fact that we had waited too long for children. Well, maybe we could put that right today.

Even after several minutes had passed Kathy had barely said a word other than her name. She was smiling and doing her best though it was pointless. These men didn’t want to know her. They just wanted to take turns fucking her senseless and their looks proved it. A particularly confident looking bull in the seat next to her asked Kathy what she wanted to drink and called to the woman in the kitchen to fix a Crown Royal and Seven. He then placed his arm around her shoulder. His thick fingers meeting her skin. Smiling as his touch visibly affected her. I guess he was in his late 50’s. Carrying a few extra pounds yet strong and imposing. He was the leader around here, the Alpha-Male and I knew he would be the first to breed Kathy. In addition, a much younger man, probably in his early twenties and had to weigh well over 250 pounds, sat in the only chair in the living room. He looked a great deal like the alpha-male. Seemingly a little disgruntled that his father had staked his claim early to Kathy’s white pussy. The rest of them where of varying ages. A couple mid twenties, two with very dark skin. One with thick, heavily-muscles arms, covered with tattoos. The old man sitting at the kitchen table was now leering at Kathy as much as the younger ones. His chequered shirt hanging from his jeans. He had to have been in his late seventies, at least. Grey haired with glasses and seeing how he was eyeing my wife, I knew he wanted her.

A bottle of whiskey was now being passed around. An accompaniment to the open beer cans on the floor and the coffee table. The quiet talk of the men audible in places as they discussed the stunning, white woman between themselves. They seemed almost wary. Mistrustful as if they hadn’t expected someone like her. Kathy declined a cigarette but sat forward and took her drink from the woman. Her breasts pressing against the spandex dress. Attuned to the appreciative nods and grunts around her. It was so obvious they were looking forward to using her body. My wife’s short, tight dress and her smooth, waxed, white legs easily created a room full of stiff black dicks. Her eyes were staring straight ahead as the men around her grinned and exchanged glances of their own. She was ashamed to be here, I thought. However, whether she now wanted to or not, Kathy was going to be pumped full of their warm, baby-making seed before long. I wondered if she hated herself for wanting it. As if realising what I was thinking, she looked up, caught my eye, sipped her drink and put the glass down in front of her. She was here because she wanted a baby that wasn’t mine. A black baby. She wanted to be bred by black men.

Around me, I could see their aggressive looks. Several glanced at me with a combination of contempt and dominance. Looks that said,

‘ We’re gonna enjoy fuckin your woman’ .

‘Your letting men you don’t even know breed your lady’

And, ‘We’re going to breed her while you watch us do it, and you won’t be able to stop us’ .


An anger, impatience, and overall satisfaction over what was coming. Then there was a knock at the door. Latysha went to answer it and as she did a girl of perhaps 10 peeked in. She had bright, bold eyes and braided hair. Holding my wife’s eye for a moment and no doubt curious of the odd visitors that had invaded her home. Suddenly, behind her in walked Vikki with Bob. A chorus of wolf whistles, ‘oohs’, and ‘aah’s as our blonde hostess took off her coat and exposed her sexy nurse’s uniform. Those legs looked good. Real good. Especially with the short skirt wafting between the tops of her thighs.

Unlike Kathy, Vikki was completely unfazed by all the black men in the room. She had the mobs full attention. Beaming brightly as her husband quickly began setting up his camera. Running her eyes around the group of men and wondering where to start. With all eyes on her the hot blonde-haired woman walked over to the sofa. Bending over to show off her beautiful ass she took both of Kathy’s hands, and gave her a tender kiss on the cheek.

‘This is all for you, honey’, she said. I always enjoyed the way this lovely whore could not be intimated by anything. She always seemed so open and confident about what she wanted. Kathy, while looking surprised by the kiss, also seemed both relieved and grateful that her friend was here. The aggression and frustration in the room had had been growing minute by minute. Vikki then gave the confident man sitting next to Kathy a much more intimate kiss. ‘You don’t waste any time, do you Carl’, she sniffed, seeing how his hand was now resting high on my wife’s thigh. Kathy looked down as if she hadn’t even noticed she was being touched.

The impatience was growing at such a rate it was little wonder that one of the men walked over to Vikki and roughly began groping her breasts through the outfit. It had already begun and sensing this Kathy glanced around. Her gaze coming to rest on me. She knew what she’d have to do today. I returned her look. Hoping that she would one day be as much of a flirt as her friend. With his camera on his shoulder Bob filmed my wife from his knee. A second stud joining the alpha male in sliding their hands up and down my wife’s lovely crossed legs. Vikki was sitting on the big mans knee. Laughing out loud as he fondled her breasts. Already these horny, black bulls where splitting up, grouping around the two women and eyeing them keenly.

Vikki was unsurprisingly the first to taste some cock. Kneeling between the big mans knees and unzipping his flies. Already the others where taking off their pants. Some extremely large dicks bobbing free, stiffening and twitching in the heated room. Bob focused on his wife. Receiving a wink for his efforts as pushed out his ass. Pushing back her long hair she turned to face the camera, holding cock between her lips as her skirt rose up and up. Behind her one of the younger studs eagerly gave her butt a feel. Exposing her bright red panties fully and fingering her wet pussy through the silk. In no time he had them pulled apart. Sliding his finger in and out of her hole. There was a huge smile on his face, running from ear to ear. Vikki’s head bobbed eagerly in the big mans lap.

‘I’m sure you cock would feel nicer’ she grinned back at him. Returning to her oral work as the young buck quickly positioned himself on one knee and gently squeezed himself in.

I exchanged a grin with Bob. Knowing how both of us undoubtedly felt the same way. He was loving every second and to him it didn’t even matter that Vikki was already pregnant. Feeling vibrant and excited I turned my attention to my own wife. Expecting her to follow her friends example. The mob around her certainly felt so and with Vikki’s arrival they openly demanded the same entertainment. My wife looked intimidated by having those eyes on her. The trouble was that it didn’t come naturally. Not to a well raised, educated woman like her. The man named Carl was still touching her leg. Stroking his thick fingers to the very top of her thigh and just under the hemline of her dress. Eyeing her cleavage next. He wanted to get his hands on those tits. I could see it as could everyone else in the room. This had such a different feel to both the other times and this obviously wasn’t lost on Kathy. She seemed to realise just how real this all was. Her eyes glazing for a second. Beside her, the big man seemed to understand what was needed and slowly got to his feet. Vikki watched as did the rest of us as he roughly began unfastening his trousers.

There where agreeing murmurs from all. Calls of,

‘Train that proud white ho’. Carl letting his pants fall to his ankles and his big, brown cock bounce free. Remaining rigid and cross-legged, Kathy looked at his long, semi-stiff pole. She closed her eyes for a moment.

‘That’s it Lady’ he grunted ‘C’mon….suck my dick’. It was a demand more than anything and the others where similarly unfastening and unzipping around her. Kathy shifted forward to the edge of the seat. Swallowing dryly. He was stiffening already. Rising up in the air and fondling his heavy sack with his fingers as he looked down on my wife. Reaching out she took his cock, sliding her hand back and forth over his foreskin. Met with a chorus of claps as she opened her mouth and slid her ruby lips down over him.

Carl smiled, asserting his dominance as Kathy drew back and took him again. Soon she was bobbing, her hair moving lightly as she sucked. Eyes closed tight as black meat plowed deep into her mouth. The group encouraging and taunting. All smiles and now taking every opportunity to touch and fondle my wife’s body. Bob saw how Kathy was started and threw me a grin. Her firm tits at last being felt roughly through the blue dress. Filming her intently as she blew the alpha-males long, hard cock. He knew how much we liked seeing our wives give head to black men. Vikki was on her next stud. Kneeling amidst the group. Her head turning left and right to take dick after dick. They all wanted her. Yet she had always been a tease. Revelling in the effect her stockings and her sexy nurses outfit had on the horny bulls.

‘Yeah…oh yeah’ Carl’s voice was deep. His balls tightening and his cock finally falling from my wife’s lips. The mood was far more aggressive. Groaning and laughing out loud as Vikki tits where lifted from her outfit. The two white whores entertaining their black masters. Dark hands already cupping and squeezing the horny blonde and playing with her small hard nipples. Carl stepped back allowing the rest to step in. his hands on his hips as he watched them jostle. The first stiff dick ramming hard and deep into Kathy’s mouth and pushing her head sideways as he bulged from her cheek. A smile was on my face as he found his composure and began briskly fucking at the back of my wife’s throat. All around the room men where jerking off and waiting. One, dark skinned stud, showing several gold teeth squeezed each of her breasts in turn through the dress. I liked seeing that. I truly did. Behind the sofa a second pair of eager black, gold covered fingers rolled down over her bare arms. Moving gently over her smooth skin. She didn’t move at first though it obviously affected her to be touched and groped through the dress. The growing urgency. It visibly excited them to see how she reacted. Submissively agreeing to whatever they wanted.

‘Suck my cock baby…dats good’. I returned my view to the latest 8" black dick being pushed firmly into my wife’s mouth. He was big and very thick. His skin was the darkest of all of them. Offset perfectly against Kathy and the deep red of her lipstick. Her lips slid back and forth, almost lovingly over his cock. The gold on his hands standing out on his hands as he pushed back her hair. Enjoying the effect their authority clearly had. Kathy swallowed dryly, closing her eyes for several moments as she contemplated what was happening. Looking around the four huge erections that waited hung around her. With a sudden urge a pair of black hands took her dress by the straps and tugged it neatly down over tits. Immediately they began lifting and feeling her. My wife closing her eyes as Carl reached across and squeezed her round, flat nipples in turn. Slowly, she took the next. Holding the base in her fingers and guiding his dark meat in, pausing as she slid him back over her tongue. Kathy’s eyes where open and staring ahead as she began to slide him in and out. Taking over and wanking with her hand as well. He was so big. A second took her wrist, guiding her free hand to his own throbbing meat. Everyone wanted a piece of the two women. Moving between them. Vikki’s head still bobbed energetically, receiving loud encouragement from the group around her. Not least from the old man whose big cock was hanging literally from his flies.

Kathy was slower. Sucking cock almost lovingly, though she drew force gasps of pleasure as she blew. Her lips spreading wider around his girth on each stroke. At last his well-sucked dick fell free. My wife’s lipstick still perfect but glistening as the next hard, black dick was forced deep into her mouth. Making her eyes flutter and lasting only 4 or 5 stiff strokes before a third took his place. There were just so many of them and now the groups where mixing. I think Kathy knew what she was in for as they pressed against her. Fondling her tits and legs. Their wet dicks hanging in her face. She was on their turf now and they would treat her however they wanted. You only had but look at their cruel, horny faces to see that. Vikki cast a rueful smile my wife’s way. She enjoyed seeing Kathy getting used as much as any of us. Turning back while the next horny stud all but fucked the blondes face. Grunting obscenities. His heavy sack slapping against her chin as she took him nearly the whole way. All under the watchful gaze of her husband, his camera in hand. Both groups demanded the women suck and pleasure them. Almost a competition between the two. Inevitably my wife’s head seemed to jolt back as her lips hung open to receive them each in turn. Her hands reaching up, wanking and jerking as best she could.

I was suddenly aware that Latysha was standing by me. She had been standing by. Much as I had been in watching the events unfold. For now all the men obviously preferred to warm up with Kathy and Vikki for now but she seemed eager to join in.

‘You gonna be leaving something here too?’ she said putting out her hand and touching my cock through his trousers. I smiled and she followed my eyes back to where my wife’s head was again bobbing once again in the alpha-males lap.

‘That’s Carl’ she grinned, ‘you know he’s got 8 kids with 5 different women in here. Even little Sky there’. I looked down as Latysha nodded towards the young girl still peering around the doorway. ‘Yeah she’s his’.

‘You know mister I can suck your cock real good’ she offered. ‘Don’t worry bout your wife. Carl’ll do her just fine’. I swallowed thinking of all the women this man had bred. Was it true? It suddenly seemed so real and I looked down to see Latysha already unzipping my pants. Her big lips fastening around my cock as she started sucking hard. It felt warm but good. Harder than I was used too. Enthusiastically she blew me, keeping her big eyes up at my face. When Kathy finally sat back up Carl’s dick looked wet and her eyes where slightly tearstained. In front of her another was waiting for attention. His shaft a hard black erection and obviously demanding some of the same. Black hands moving all over her. Shaking back her hair as she told hold of the next big dick and calmly slid her lips over his cock.

I heard Vikki laugh out loud. This was going to be incredible and all I could do was watch. With a gasp I unloaded into Latysha’s mouth. Breathless as she spat onto the floor, stood and gave me an approving pat on the arm. Then she went over and knelt between two unattended studs. One the elderly man who quickly began touching her. He was keen. Very keen. I was so into this, partly from the blowjob I’d just received that I hadn’t noticed the door was now open. Two black women stood in the doorway beside me. I could see others in the hall and suddenly felt amazed that a crowd was forming. The young girl Sky, played around ones knee as they watched the scene unfold. Fastening myself up I knew that they were probably the wives or perhaps girlfriends of some of the men. One was smoking and both had smiles as one of the other men was sliding his cock back and forth in and out of Kathy’s pristine mouth. He was the same that had roughly face fucked Vikki previously. Now he was giving my wife some of the same. Making her hair shake and her eyes screw tight as he expertly fucked her lips.

‘Yeah suck it bitch….suck it’ he grunted. His hands behind Kathy’s head. Making her struggle for breath as his size met the back of her throat again and again. He gasped as my wife’s hands pushed weakly against his thighs. His big balls bouncing forward. Sighing something incomprehensible. Behind him Vikki was sitting on the sofa arm with her husband beside her. By now she was blowing two different dicks at once while Bob snapped pictures. Her legs where pushed apart and the younger stud was acrobatically fucking her. The blondes tits hanging out and joggling under his strokes. For now the men where keen to fuck Vikki. Perhaps saving Kathy for later.

‘She’s been teasing you guys hasn’t she’. I was a little surprised to hear our friends breathless voice. Straining under the big cock in her cunt. Her eyes lighting up when she noticed the group standing at the door. Vikki was such an exhibitionist and I guess she was right. My wife had been teasing them and was now sucking on her next dick. Her eyes closed tightly as she rolled her tongue and lips back and forth over him. How could this ever end? It was so hot in the room. Bob opened a window, raising his eyes to me at the awesome sight going on. Both women gave head and Latysha joined in. Her purple dress roughly pulled down over her tits. All three drawing appreciative sighs from the men as their bodies where fondled and touched.

Several other people gathered around the door. I could see them in the hall. Leaning over and peering in to see what was happening. All ages. From the room there where more urgent murmurs. At last Denny (Carl’s son), led Vikki over to the mattress. The blonde gave the massing group at the door a wink as she lay back. The support squeaking as she lay back and allowed the big man to part her legs. Bob stood over, capturing every moment as he penetrated. His heavy thrusts causing both Vikki and the mattress to jerk back. Pausing, he expertly threw open her outfit, exposing her round, tanned tits. Shifting his weight onto his arms as he began pounding her hard. Vikki croaked submissively. Encouraging as his heavy balls bounced up and down. Meeting her powerfully.

Kathy had paused. Taking the glass from the table she swallowed the whisky down. Maybe watching Vikki getting fucked like that made her realise that she was next. With a gasp on satisfaction Denny shot his load. Getting to his knees and making way for the next one. Seizing his chance the young buck began hammering the blondes pussy too. Balls deep and quick explicit for those of us clustered around the door and far wall. Vikki’s hands draped around his neck as he grunted and gasped his derision. His teeth clenched tight as he unloaded his sack. Drawing back his dark meat and surprising us all as his fresh white cum gather quickly at Vikki’s cunt hole. The blonde rose to her elbows. Looking down between her legs with delight.

‘Sure feels warm Hon’ she grinned at her husband. Letting her gaze rest on Kathy. It was time for my wife to get some well overdue fucking in.

Carl stood, his cock erect as he reached out his hand. Kathy took it, standing as the horny black bull led her over to the mattress. He had a big smile on his face and my wife’s breasts wobbled freely as she tottered on her sexy high heels. Kathy looked a little unsteady. A combination of the strong drink and the number of excited men waiting to fuck her. She was now the centre of attention. Right through the apartment and back to the crowd looking in through the hall door. Vikki called the woman in the kitchen to come help as she and Latysha stood her at the foot of the mattress where everyone could see. This new woman, I quickly found out was Carl’s wife. She didn’t object to any of this because it looked like Carl had beaten her down into a submissive role over the years. It was so obvious. She stood on one side of Kathy, a stark contrast to my wife, so mousey and so plain in a dirty housedress. Though I imagined she’d looked hot at one time.

Kathy cast a long, oddly calm look around the men. A look which ran and lingered on every hungry face. Finally coming to rest on Carl. His stiff and eager cock ready for action and enjoying the sight of her wonderful body. He was first. No doubt about it. Under Vikki's watchful gaze they pulled Kathy’s dress down to her ankles. Her panties following suit. Finally tossing them onto the sofa. Kathy’s face glazed over as the mob broke into an extended and audible groan. Black stud’s cock throbbed stronger and their ball sacks grew tighter. Vikki stepped forward and with a leer on her face, she slowly turned Kathy slowly in front of the crowd.

‘She is hot isn’t she’ the blonde groaned, ‘and such nice tits’.

The dirty, old mattress looked ready and waiting for this much anticipated session. I noticed the black woman smile, her fingers touching and lingering on Kathy’s beautiful, round, flat nipples. They responded immediately, beginning to harden and swell. My wife stiffened slightly with embarrassment. Several, including Carl, were stroking they’re magnificent black cocks as they watched Kathy being stripped for her mating session. Her unprotected womb was the focus of today’s session. These studs had a job to do. Vikki called again for Kathy’s glass and my wife took a rather long drink from it. I could see my wife beginning to enjoy it. So many, male and female alike, leering hungrily at her. She was so unused to alcohol. Only rarely did she taste wine. Now naked but for her high heels. I don’t know about you but I love watching women getting fucked wearing their shoes and was pleased that they left them on. I was never so proud of my wife.

The something quite remarkable and unexpected happened. Vikki, suddenly turned and kissed my wife on the lips. When I look back I should have expected that she would one day make her move. In that moment, as their mouths met, Kathy was probably too surprised to overcome with the moment to know what was happening. Vikki stepped back, licking her lips and clearly enjoying the taste she had of Kathy on her mouth. By then my cock was solid again. Despite the earlier blowjob I’d received. I wanted to watch the two women kiss more passionately but there was a room of black men more than ready to go to work.

Latysha and Carl’s wife helped Kathy lie down on her back. Her flawless beauty was such a contrast to the filthy mattress.

‘Make sure you all use this white whore nice and hard’ Vikki laughed. I kept thinking of the baby growing inside her. Realising that she wouldn’t be happy until both she and Kathy where pregnant. That had been her goal from the start. The mom-to-be stepped back, almost walking into Denny. His huge bulk standing still as she grinned, dropped to her knees and took his cock to the back of her throat. Again bursting into laughter as her lips where roughly spread. It seemed nothing was too much for her. Stretching the back of her throat with a thick girth.

My wife looked across at her, almost unaware that she was being prepared for Carl’s cock. The big man standing over her. Sporting an erection which stood proudly in the air. His meat thick, long and circumcised; the fat hard head lighter in than the rest of his pole. She wanted it. Most crowded in closer to get a better look. All the black faces leering down at her. I looked around the room and noticed that many more people were looking in through the hall door. A half a dozen women, some with babies looked on. A gap had been cleared in the room so they could see. I also noticed that several young boys and girls had slipped into the apartment, had quietly moved around the room, and were perched on the back of the now empty sofa, with an unobstructed view of Kathy’s upcoming breeding.

How long would it go on? How long until all these men had used my wife to satisfaction? The mattress squeaked as Carl quickly and confidently got between her legs. Her high heels hanging helplessly in the air the black bull mounted her body, his enormous cock aiming straight at Kathy’s waiting and very fertile pussy. Everyone grinned as my wife’s cunt did look deliciously inviting. So wet and needy of fresh sperm. The look on her face a picture as she caught my eye. He lowered himself onto her fully; the mattress groaning, his elbows alongside her body, and leaning down to put his heavy black lips over hers. Forcing her mouth open Carl began to grind his lips against hers, his tongue entering her mouth. If Kathy was apprehensive, this move put an end to it. Within a minute she was returning his hard deep kisses, her arms going up around his neck and pulling him down onto her. The sound of their embrace was quite audible to all. Kathy began to moan softly. Carl had clearly touched a nerve with her. And very quickly. He finally broke the kiss, pulled his head up and announced to the crowd,

‘this bitch is so fine’.

As Carl reached down for his long black dick and guided it towards Kathy’s hole she smiled at me. Only a curl of the lip but it was enough. In that one look I knew how much she hoped for this. Suddenly grimacing as he penetrated. Her arms tightening around his back and her legs bobbed under his first attempts. A defeated, slow moan as his long cock pushed through, forcing her cunt lips wide. Gritting his teeth I watched him sink into her. Inch by inch. Having to work a little at a time. His dick was big and Kathy had to open wide to take him. Working deep with supportive murmurs coming from the group behind him. I could see pain etched on her face, but I could also see lust as well. She already loved this breeding. With a moan Kathy spread her thighs a little wider and was immediately filled up with another inch or so of Carl’s cock. Her mouth falling open as he began humping steadily. Stretching her pussy and working her good. Certainly no love in his fucking as he brought desperate gasps from my wife on each firm stroke.

Kathy closed her eyes tightly. Turning away and knowing she wouldn’t be tight in her pussy for very long. Her hands remained steady on his back as he fucked deep with short gasps, his heavy balls swinging and meeting her body on every thrust. Driving his cock into her with all the force he could. He was not going to waste any time now. He was going to hard-fuck her and shoot his seed into her as far as he could. He leaned down again and began roughly kissing Kathy, sucking and nipping at her. Inhaling deeply her perfume. She soon took up his urgency, because she started kissing him back just as hard. Groaning and whimpering loudly. The shuddering of her breasts an indication of the power in his strokes. She raised her gorgeous white legs and wrapped them around his torso, ankles locked together. Keeping him in. In deep. On the sofa Vikki and Latysha where again entertaining the next studs. Their mouths busy as Bob moved between them. Carl was slamming hard into Kathy, pressing her into the mattress. Both of them were now deeply enjoying this breeding.

‘Oh yes…use me…use me..’ Kathy groaned, spurring her black lover on. The gold band on her finger catching my eye as between her legs the black studs hips romped back and forth. He was doing just that. His big dick loosening her up as for his friends as he drove in almost to the hilt. Passing in and out, in and out. With a gasp Kathy reached orgasm. Her body and particularly her legs stiffening as she came. Then began a rhythmic almost cruel surge to his fucking. He meant every stroke. Just like the other men who where all standing around, waiting their turn. Vikki grinned over her shoulder. Now kneeling alongside Latysha who seemed far happier giving head than going all the way. Bob was taking pictures of them side by side. Our friends blonde hair bouncing against her back as she took them. Latysha too winked at me. The two women seemingly impressed with each others efforts. They both knew how to give head. Vikki had a wicked look on her face she had a dick in each hand and was sucking them both off, much to Bobs delight. Tickling the heavy cock heads with her tongue and drawing appreciative sounds from the men. She gave head with such enthusiasm. Really loving black cock. Her mouth sliding and taking each deep.

Kathy’s legs where still wrapped around Carl’s waist. The whole mattress jerking sideways as he ground to the end. Both where groaning along, gasping at every opportunity.

‘Oh put it in.….put it in’ she whimpered, surprising everyone with her outburst as her face contorted under the strain.

‘Fuck..fuck fuck yeah!’ Carl stammered in reply. Her hands tightened into fists and she cried out loudly. Over and over. Bucking hard up against Carl. This was all he could take and he began to cum as well. I could see his ball sack, very tight, start to spasm, as he started to shoot his baby-making sperm into Kathy’s waiting and unprotected womb. His steady humping subsiding. There was something in her face. Some emotion I clearly recognised. She actually enjoyed having him come inside her. Perhaps hopeful that she had just met her black baby’s daddy. Without a word he pulled himself free and I noticed Kathy grimace slightly as his cock came free, her cunt quickly closing behind him. With a final kiss, Carl pushed himself up to his knees and pulled his glistening cock out of Kathy’s pussy. A long thick string of sperm looped from the head of his cock to her bare, slick pussy. The string finally parted to fall on the mattress between Kathy’s legs. As soon as he was out the next moved in. This was how it should be. A beautiful white women being bred by hard, black men.

Denny was next. Despite having only just fucked Vikki the young man was clearly staking his claim. Carl’s son already aggressively taking up the space left between Kathy’s legs as the 250 pounder jacked himself stiff. A big grin on his face as he obviously enjoyed his work. With so many kids of his own who could blame him. I felt a sudden wave of pleasure as I realised Kathy may well be the first white women he knocked up. My wife looked up at him as he mounted her. Half a smile on her face. I wondered if she could feel Carl’s’ sperm sitting inside her. Squeezing her fist tight my wife watched him as he dismissively parted her legs. Lowering his weight on top of her and penetrating. The mattress groaning under the weight as he slid his cock into Kathy with one slow stroke. The walls of her cunt graciously accepting his dick. Maybe oiled from the wad of Carl’s come. She could feel that next big cock up inside her, placing her legs neatly around this new man. Willing to be bred.

From the beginning Denny’s heavy balls slapped soundly against her. Kathy couldn’t know yet that he had fathered so many kids. She held his back firmly. Her fingers torte. I was already wondering which of these studs if any, would be the one to successfully breed her. Having returned, Carl was already kneeling, wiped his wet cock all over her cheek and lips. Forcing her to taste herself. The sweat and heat of the room showing plainly on his forehead. Much to the delight of Vikki and Latysha who where doing their best to entertain the rows of queuing bulls. Kathy’s eyes stared up at the ceiling as her body moved back and forth between the two. Denny, sweating, his skin wet. Planting his hands on either side he was fucking her full pelt in no time. My wife’s whole body rocking back under his strokes. All under the watchful gaze of those around me.

Kathy looking dazed as she was used. Looking up to the face of Denny. One of the youngsters was kneeling, groping her firm breasts in turn. His eyes bright as he touched her smooth figure. Kathy’s eyes seemed to flutter and she came again, pushing back her head and shutting her eyes tight as her second orgasm ripped through her. When she opened them she was still being fucked. Denny hung over her, grinning down and admiring her body. What a treat this was for him. The sweat rolling down his brow and collecting on his back. His big hips pumping and forcing my wife’s breasts to bounce heavily. Rolling on her chest as this latest black bull laid into her. Already there was a large wet stain on the mattress. Evidence eof my wife wife’s orgasms. I noticed Latysha smile at me. She had been there before undoubtedly. Being bred by the huge man. In fact everyone seemingly knew what this was about and as if proving a point Denny flooded my wife’s hole with his sticky, baby making jelly.

I watched it suddenly ooze out around his cock while it was still in. His heavy groans of relief standing out. He left it there for what seemed like several minutes, breathing heavily before he withdrew his oily long dick. Unsurprisingly the round, dark head showing traces of come as my wife’s cunt lips finally gave him up. Bob noticed and snapped a picture as Denny wiped his cock clean on the discarded dress.

‘Damn Kathy…did you feel him cum in you?’ he said, leaning over my wife’s face. A pat on the back and the next one was in. Effortless pushing Kathy’s cunt lips apart and stretching her around him. Forcing Denny’s ejaculate out and onto the mattress as he began slugging home.

From the doorway, the two young blacks from the front stoop came in and hurriedly stripped off their clothes. Both hungry for this action. There was little doubt that the news was spreading through the building. They couldn’t have been older than mid-teens. Obviously respected, One of the two teenagers took the next turn. Drilling my wife hard and deep and looking happy to be screwing a 29-year-old married, white woman. Her cunt was sopping wet, cum leaking heavily down over her ass. Thick white strands dribbling from her cunt-hole as his stiff young black cock pounded into her. Around me at the door people where exchanging places. All eager to get a look at this black gang-bang of this white-woman. His friend, standing nude next to the mattress was slowly stroking his large black cock, waiting his turn. Suddenly, he gave a short yell, and climaxed hard, jerking and shooting a long, thick stream of his silvery sperm over Kathy’s calves and the backs of his friend’s legs. Although he was very angry for cumming too soon, it didn’t stop him from splashing several more gobs of cum onto Kathy’s thighs.

Most where standing around. Waiting for a turn or simply jerking off. I had seen at least three come with Vikki and Latysha. The black woman in particular showing evidence of come across her cheek. Several more of the younger studs followed, fucking Kathy hard and pumping their seed into her. She had climaxed with each of them. A drained and almost dismissive look on her face. A wide dark stain had now collected under her ass. The overflow of their seed and her lubricating fluid. Kathy’s bare legs had splashes of sperm clinging to them. My slut wife was soon on her fifth then sixth fucking. Her cunt looked wet and very well used, with cum already leaking from her body. By then they where pressing effortlessly into her. The white strands dribbling from her hole as his stiff dick pounded in. Such a contrast to her skin. Around me at the door people where exchanging places. All eager to get a look at what was happening.

‘Tell him what you want’ Bob encouraged. He was photographing her, a stern tone to his voice as Kathy struggled to take a very big dick. Thick and long, just like the rest of them.

‘I want it…I want it’ she gasped almost delirious. It looked good to see her legs roughly pinned apart and her cunt being pumped with each full, black length. She looked up as him as he bred her. Feeling in each of his hungry strokes.

‘There you go’ he, his voice rising as he came. Kathy turned away to face the wall as he pulled free and pushed two of his thin fingers into her hole. For several moments he fingered her. A smile on his face as he did it. Effortlessly to the knuckle until her pussy released a bubbling ball of hot, fresh sperm.

Two men helped Kathy off the mattress. Leading her to the sofa while Vikki took up position. She was getting fucked in no time. You only had to listen to her groan and encourage. It was truly something. It was the elderly man who having seized his chance gently fed his cock in and out of my wife’s mouth. He was big. His heavy ragged balls matching his wrinkly face as he grinned broadly. Kathy coughed, choking as his cock wedged a little deeply in her throat and with a grin the man felt my wife’s firm, fresh tits.

‘What do you think of it?’. Bob was beside me. A look of disbelief on his face. Perhaps from the sheer number of men in the room. Jostling over the women.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it’ I replied. It was true. There were ten or more men in the room. Making it difficult to see, though with so many Vikki was currently being drilled mattress. The sounds and noises coming from all around had my head spinning. Kathy, Vikki and Latysha too where all being used and it seemed that every few minutes one of those black bulls was coming. My eyes widened as I saw one of the men come in my wife’s mouth. Her eyes where glazed. A simple smile on her face as his sperm dripped down her chin. There was of course no rest for her. She was getting the treatment good and proper.

There really was no end to this. The sight and the smell of the room. My wife’s dress and panties lying discarded on the floor. Until discovered by one of the younger men. I watched him put the panties to his nose and inhale, wrapping them around his cock and jerking off. Vikki sat up and was assisted off the sofa. Her mascara was running from her eyes as she seemed the same if not more desperate than Kathy. Several of the fresher men where looking at my wife. Ready to pound her white cunt some more. Effortlessly they led her and lay her on the mattress. The tattooed jailbird soon taking his turn. He knelt down took Kathy’s hands and pulled her to her knees. Then he quickly turned her to face the kitchen and the video camera and pushed her onto her hands and knees. Without any preliminaries, he roughly spread her legs apart and, started to shove his massive cock into her bared cunt. If his it hadn’t already been for the fact that Kathy had already been fucked, and she had so much cum in her, his cock wouldn’t have gone in. He pushed in brutally, and she spread her lovely legs more to try to accommodate him. From one knee he was finally imbedded in her and he started to quietly and forcefully slam his cock in and out of her cunt. A loud squishing noise started from the fluids trapped in my wife’s pussy.

I watched in awe as he finished. His cock glistening and wet as he pulled free. The two 20’ something lads took a turn each, followed by a older man of mid forties who had only just arrived. The old grey man, who could easily have been a grandfather had been forced to go last. Taking a little time to strip all of his clothes off, all the time looking down on Kathy’s beautiful but abused white body. The shaft was coal-black, criss-crossed with pencil-thick veins. The large, heavy cock-head, now pushing out from his black stretched foreskin was a dull-purple in colour. Below this old but powerful baby-making shaft was a large pair of balls heavily pulling down his black scrotum. Kathy began to stare at his cock as though it were a venomous snake ready to strike. This massive black tool looked out of place hanging from his skinny very black body. He couldn’t have been taller than Kathy and it looked like they would weigh the same.

Just as he stepped to the foot of the mattress, a short heavy-set black woman pushed her way next to him.

‘Charles Williams, just what do you think your doing’? She yelled. The crowd erupted in laughter. ‘What do it look like?’ Charles answered her. The elderly black woman looked at him for a moment, not saying anything, and then turned a poisonous look toward an embarrassed-looking Kathy now lying with her knees up and legs together, her arms covering her luscious looking breasts. The woman slowly backed away several steps but stayed within view of the breeding bed.

She passed Kathy a wicked, partly envious look. Charles stood again at the foot of the mattress, took his massive cock in one of his thin hands, and slowly began to stroke it. And as he did, he glanced first at his wife and then at me. He had a triumphant look on his face as he looked at us both. He was now going to fuck my wife in front of his wife. He slowly began to work the purple cock-head into Kathy finally. Slowly pressing it against her beautiful pussy lips. Kathy moaned deeper and began to press down against him, shifting her hips unconsciously to accommodate his girth. The head slipped in, Kathy groaned again and then lifted her arms to Charles’s bony black shoulders and drew him down to her. Charles covered her and began to pump himself into Kathy’s body slowly. Each forward push sent another inch into her open and fertile womb. Her wedding and engagement glinted in the video lights. Charles continued to pump into her until he had his entire black shaft jammed into Kathy. She gave a cry of pain as he jammed the cock-head into the opening of her cervix up kept kissing him deeply.

I worked my way around to their rear and could see his large heavy black balls now pressed hard against Kathy’s ass. His scrawny black legs stretched between her long shapely snow-white legs. She drew her legs up and crossed them over his hips locking her ankles in the classic acceptance pose of a woman mating. Totally accepting his fucking. His breeding of her. My Kathy was truly mating with another man. A black-man. And a black-man 52 years older than she was. They were rocking together, still kissing, seemingly oblivious to the host of voyeurs staring down on them. Quietly taking in this most intimate fucking, when Charles broke the kiss with her, raised up on his hands and said, ‘where her husband?’ ‘Here I said as I worked myself around to the side of the lovers.

‘This is one fine piece of fuckin’, ‘this piece you let us all fuck’. And he leered evilly at me. I stepped back without saying anything more.

Seeing my reaction Bob had a idea. He put down his camera and took out his mobile phone. Earlier, over dinner we had told him about the recent stay of our in-laws. How that would come back to us.

‘Why don’t you phone your mother Kathy?’ he grinned wickedly. My wife’s eyes where closed but she opened them when he spoke. ‘Why not call and tell her what your up to. She’ll be pleased to know you have a grandson on the way’. Kathy looked at me. Closing her eyes as the old mans big dick rooted her cunt deep. The room fell silent and people smiled. No one had expected this. Least of all myself. Obviously everyone was hoping she would do it. Vikki quickly picked up on this.

‘Yes, honey, let me dial my cell and you can tell that tight-assed bitch that you’re getting that baby she’s so worried about you having’.

I looked on as Kathy took the phone off him. At first she couldn’t dial the number and I had to help. Being crouched there. While another man was fucking my wife in front of me was something I’ll never forget. The noise and smell of sex. From my position I could clearly see the 4" he withdrew on each stroke. My hand was trembling as I passed the phone to her and it began to ring. For a moment I wasn’t sure if Kathy would be able to talk. Not with a big dick pumping her. Though at the last moment, when I thought she had failed, she held it to her ear.

‘Daddy’, Kathy said somewhat breathlessly, ‘put mother on the phone’. Kathy grit her teeth as the man slowed his screwing. He savoured the moment, everyone in the room grinning until I heard the faint sound of my mother in law on the phone.

'Ohhh…ohhh its me mom’ my wife groaned as the man continued his fucking with stiff steady strokes. SMACK…SMACK..SMACK.. went his balls. She was trying her best and I knew she was going to come again. ‘I want you to know… that I’m getting what I want now’. Laying back her head Kathy was jerking back on the mattress.

‘Tell her..tell her’ Vikki beamed, listening in intently as we all were.

‘I…I’m getting a black baby’ Kathy said almost in tears. ‘…oh yes…oh yes’ that’s good’. I could just imagine what this must have sounded like. As if proving this she repeated it into the phone, letting it go so that it bobbled off the mattress onto the floor. Kathy shut her eyes.

‘Yeah….Breed her’ a heavy voice came from the back. With a gasp the man muttered that he was coming. His strokes faltering as he unloaded his sack right into Kathy’s waiting womb.

We had been there well over and hour and a half and the men where standing around, satisfied or waiting for another turn. Strands of cum running freely down between my wife’s legs and gathering in a pool on the mattress. Two more men had entered and where with whichever of the three women promised the most immediate action. Kathy looked glazed, a white mess resembling egg white over her tits where one of the men had blown his load. Vikki too was enjoying herself and as enthusiastic as ever. I watched as two of the men helped Kathy to the sofa while Vikki quickly took up position, ready for some cock. The blonde gave me a wink as she passed me. She deserved it and I went and sat by my wife. Immediately taking her hand. I guess there had been 10 men in the room at one time though with the mattress there was only so much room. Latysha’s purple dress was around her waist and she smiled at me. Cum splattered around her pretty chin. On the mattress Vikki grimaced, wailing loudly. She had most of the men around her. Kneeling touching and fucking. Of course those horny black bulls hadn’t done yet.

One of them came over to Kathy. His dick dark in colour as my wife took hold of him and slid her mouth down over his length. She sucked him hard. Rolling her lips and mouth back and forth with grim determination. Keeping her eyes up at his face as he grinned back down in steely satisfaction. He was parting her legs before I knew it. Black cock was long and hard again. Ready for more welcoming white pussy. Easily nudging open her lips with the head of his dick and pushing his length in fully. My wife’s mouth fell pen as he fucked her. A look of power on his face as he did it. I guess Kathy couldn’t believe what she had said to her mother. All those years of hiding how she felt. Of living in a prejudice town. She closed her eyes, close to tears as she took this most recent pounding. Shaking all over until he roughly emptied his balls inside. The dark skinned, tattooed man followed suit, delighting me as his deep, dark cock penetrated my wife’s pure white cunt. I had to say that from what I had seen, both Kathy and Vikki had been used far more than I’d seen before. There was no stopping these horny studs.

‘You enjoyed Hon?’ Latysha said to me. I felt breathless. My head spinning. Hardly able to think as the studs took the cushions off the sofa and laid them on the bare floor and led Kathy to them for more fucking. Perhaps I didn’t know then the truth. The assurance that in a months time from now, my wife would receive a positive result from the hospital. That in a month she would be pregnant with a black mans baby. As I sat in that high-rise apartment. The sound and smell of sex all around me, I looked lovingly over at my wife. Wary of the tough times ahead. It would all come true for us and how I would wonder if, after her baby was born, Kathy would want another.



Just like your wife watching the tapes of the breeding first and then progressing onto the real thing, my wife and I just read your story and she is starting to get very interested and now wants to see some video of the real thing. Keep updating the story

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