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Daddy\'s Little Girl

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                                           Daddy’s Little Girl

                                             A.    G. Thomas

Oh God daddy, oh God, oh God, oh God I whimpered as my fingers twisted into his hair pulling his face tighter to the boiling, bubbling cauldron between my legs.

The thought that someone might hear my joy was the furthest thing from my mind as I screamed out my release. Yes, yesss, yesss, oh God daddy yesssssssss! My pleading moans of arousal rose to a crescendo then plunged into gurgling incoherent blubbering as with vice like intensity his fingers dug into my gyrating buttocks pulling me toward him.

Like overloaded circuit breakers at a power station the nerve centers of my brain tripped one after the other in quick secession. Rational thought was beyond me. My body of its own accord, twisted, bucked and ground into his face as his tongue delved deeply into the all consuming heat between my legs one last time.

Another gurgling wail of unadulterated lust and passion bubbled from my lips as every muscle in my petite quivering body tightened. My back arched from the rumpled sheets leaving but my head and feet in contact with the bed as in masochistic bliss in response to his teeth tormenting my clit like a dog with a bone.

Like an epileptic in the throes of a fit my slight petite frame shuddered convulsively as his hands and my own body lifted and held me against his pleasure giving grinning face.

My joy, my pleasure was only beginning though. No sooner had the brilliant flares of light died and I had sunk back onto the bed then his forearms slipped beneath my knees. Lust and depravity flashed from his eyes as he lifted my legs and pushed them up then back over me.

As my knees pressed into my small but firm breast fear should have griped the very foundation of my being. But my arousal was such that even had my brain been capable of rational thought fear was the last thing that would have wove through it.

Like a puppy knowing it was going to be rewarded my upturned exposed loins wiggled and danced with passionate fervor. As his rigidity poked at the entrance to my soul incoherent babblings of want and need spilled from my lips.

Again and again his masculinity prodded at my slit only to slide aside. A savage growl burst from his lips drowning out my own whimper of frustration. Releasing my left leg he grasped his cock centering its bulbous head to my cunt.

Just before the heavy mushroom head slipped into me he chuckled going to fuck you Sam. Going to fuck your skanky cock-loving ass so hard your eyeballs are going to pop out of that pretty face of yours.

Slowly, teasingly the bulbous crown then two, four and finally all seven inches of his wonderful cock wormed into me. With each glorious inch every nerve ending in my body flared as if hit with electricity. Such was the feeling that shot through me that had my heart not already been beating it would have been shocked back into service.

His weight pressing down on me. His demeaning, gutturally hissed words calling me a tramp, a cock hungry slut filled my ears, my brain. Yet surprisingly I felt no shame, instead I felt only exaltation.  

Like a wolf feeding upon a rabbit his teeth gnashed, bit, tore at my shoulder and neck. Without thought my head tipped back exposing my throat to his hungry gnawing.  A soft whimpering moan of arousal slipped from my trembling lips as his mouth closed over my juggler.

Though he hung motionless above me the pulsing of his cock inside me throbbed in time to that of my life’s blood as he hungrily sucked. A picture of a female victim of Brahm Stokers Dracula flashed before me as my hands weakly rose then dropped to the back of his head.  

Just as I had oft imagined the sultry victim of the master vampire doing my mind screamed feed love, feed. But just as my hands somehow found the strength to press his hungry feeding mouth tighter to my throat his lips trailed downward across my chest.

My disappointment was short lived though for a heartbeat later his lips closed over my left nipple. The scraping of his tongue, the nipping of his teeth, tore a gurgling moan of ecstasy from my rapidly rising and falling chest.

Like an indecisive child that had been presented with two different flavors of ice cream his mouth moved from one nipple to the other then back again. Through it all the mush jokingly called my brain screamed out my body’s wants.

The sensation of his lips, tongue and nipping teeth first on my throat and then on my nipples ripped through me like a meteor storm. Such had been the sensation flooding through me that I had not realized that he had begun to drive into me.  

Upon the realization though my mind babbled fuck me daddy, fuck your whore of a daughter. As if he had looked into the gooey mush of my brain and read my thoughts he began to animalistic, savagely drive into me.

With his powerful fingers locked about my calfs spreading my legs wide to either side of me I was unable to move my loins to met his powerful thrust as readily as I wanted to. Yet wanting him to know that I gloried in his taking of me I somehow managed to wrap my arms about his thick waist and grasp his driving buttocks.

My body felt as if it were aflame as with animal like growls he drove powerfully into me. In answer to his whizzing labored grunts whimpering pledges of love, of supplication reverberated off the walls of my skull.

What I had thought were silent pleading sobs on my part were anything but. For even as the words rippled through the mush of my brain his large callused hand covered my mouth and nostrils turning my screams of ecstasy to muffled incoherence.

As the supply of oxygen, which had been feeding my heaving lungs all but vanished my tightly closed eyes opened wide. Surprisingly neither fear nor panic gripped me as I looked up into his cold cruel eyes, though in reality they should have. Was this how I was going to die instead of how he had so often taunted me. If so, why?

As my eyes began to slowly close and darkness pressed ever closer about me I couldn’t help but think what a waste. Where would he ever again find a woman so willing to give of herself as I had? If his son Jacob again married would daddy's next daughter in law be so obedient, so supplicant to his every wish as I had been? I somehow doubted it.

As the final molecule of oxygen emptied from my lungs and nothingness closed in a secretive smile flickered across what little consciousness remained. In the fleeting microsecond that remained of my life the memory of when he had first crawled atop me flashed before me. Every detail, every nuance as sharp as if it had happened hours ago instead of years.

It had been the day after my marriage. Jacob had just left with his mother for her doctor appointment leaving me alone in new unfamiliar settings. Aware that no one would be home for hours I hadn’t bothered to change out of my sheer white ruffle lace baby doll. A deliciously sinful affair that Jacob had presented to me after the wedding.

I was sitting at the breakfast nook sipping coffee and fuming about Jacob’s failure to consummate our marriage when suddenly someone’s arms had encircled me. Before I could think to react lips were nuzzling my ear and over familiar hands were fondling my breast.

My first thought as I instinctively settled back against my unseen accoster's chest was that my husband had dropped his mother at the doctor's office then returned to fulfill his husbandly duties. Something which he'd been unable to do last night because he'd had to much to drink.

A soft purr rumbled in my throat as together with angling my head back over my shoulder my eyes closed and my lips pursed in anticipation of his kiss. But the lips that met mine were anything but gentle. In a panic my eyes flew open, but my accouter was to close.

With his lips still pressing against mine he turned me about. As he did so his lips pressed even harder against mine silencing any protest I might have made. My hands lifted to his chest to push him away but I had no strength and they simply rested there.

As my accoster’s tongue pressed against my lips seeking entrance his hands roamed over my slight shivering body like a blind mans. Despite my fright as well as honestly not knowing who was kissing and fondling me my eyes drifted shut.

A soft moan escaped me only to be swallowed by the man’s mouth. The instant my lips had parted slightly allowing the moan to escape his tongue had slithered into my mouth like a snake seeking a new home. As his tongue and hands continued to explore my mouth and body I felt like putty in an artist hands ready and willing to be shaped and molded how so ever he desired.

Another louder moan escaped me as his hand slipped between my legs and without my willing them to do so they parted. I felt more then heard his chuckle as his fingers rubbed over the growing dampness between my legs.

Suddenly his lips left mine and a guttural chuckle filled my ears. Though I was no longer being kissed my eyes remained tightly shut as I reviled in the unfamiliar sensations rippling through me like waves.

I remember thinking that this man was a rapist. That I should be fighting him. That I should be scratching him, clawing him, screaming out my indignation. But then the thought that if I did so he could and probably would hurt me flashed through my mind.

No! Better that I acquiesce. Better that I accept the inevitable. Being soled and alive was so much more preferable then being dead. Still though my body had no business reacting to this degenerates touch as it was.

Despite having accepted my fate no small measure of disappointment flowed through me. My virginity was going to be taken by an uncaring stranger instead of by my husband.

Yet quick on the heels of disappointment was also one of elation. I was finally going to feel what it truly meant to be a woman. Never mind that it wasn't my husband. Never mind that someone other then him would enjoy that which I had been saving solely for him.  

With those lurid thoughts shame flickered dimly in the shadows of my mind. Would Jacob still love me after this? Would he even want me after this man had soiled me? But even as doubts about the future of my marriage flashed across my consciousness my body shivered with want.

As if in an erotic dream I felt the tie of my sheer lace baby doll loosen then the flimsy material itself as if in slow motion slid from my shoulders. A soft approving whistle filled the silence as my small but firm breast were exposed to his sight and touch. Almost before my mind had grasped that fact his hands closed over my breast.

God but you’re a hot little minx aren’t you he chuckled as his fingers, at first teasingly and then ever harder, pinched and tugged at my nipples. My only response was another purring moan and the uncontrollable shivering of my petite frame as if from a chill.

Through it all despite my wanting desperately to see this stranger that was to take my virginity my eyes remained tightly closed. Not even when his hands tugged at my G-string and my buttocks rose from the seat thus allowing for its easy removal did they open! A simple light touch to my inner thighs on his part and my legs as if with a mind of their own opened wider.

My chest rose and fell and ragged gasp issued from my lips as while one rough calloused hand continued to fondle my breast the fingers of the other glided over the puffy aroused lips of my vagina. For long immeasurable minutes his fingers teased me, toyed with me.

Heat surged upwards from between my legs to meet that which flared from my  breast. A tiny faint voice, hysterical with fear, screamed that what was happening was wrong but I paid it no heed as my body shivered in response to his touch. A second later a groan of disappointment burst from my lips as the fingers that had been fluttering over my wet lips moved away.

My disappointment though was short lived as together with a mirth filled chuckle his fingers again set about teasing me, torturing me. Like a feather they glided along my upper thigh moving toward my knee before gliding upwards again to tease the bubbling cauldron between my legs. Again and again for what seemed like an eternity the fingers traced their teasing torturing path while I in response and with body trembling moaned ever louder.

A slight touch to my thigh and again as if with a mind of their own my legs opened yet wider. A movement more sensed then felt and then together with fingers grasping each of my upper thighs something round and hairy moved between my legs and against the moistness between them.

Instinctively, though never before having experienced such, I knew that the hairy bowling ball sized object between my legs was my accoster's head. Oh God I silently groaned thats nasty. But despite that thought as his tongue slide over me my stomach muscles tightened and my loins pushed against his face.

My hither to fore fluttering hands came to rest atop his head. My buttocks, without conscious command from me, squirmed and bounced from my stool. Squeaks like that a mouse would make, and which I somehow knew were mine, filled the otherwise silent kitchen as I humped and ground against the flickering tongue exploring my love cannel.  

I was both afraid yet wanting desperately to see this man who was awakening my body but try as I might I couldn’t make my eyes open. Yet a minute later after several more stabbing, probing, swipes followed by the mans teeth closing over my clit they did. For a moment I saw only whiteness then slowly it dawned on me that I was staring at the ceiling.

Look down Sam! Look down and see who's between your legs my addled brain had screamed but my head wouldn't obey the command. Then slowly, ever so slowly together with continuous squeals of pleasure spilling from my lips my chin dropped to my chest. As my eyes tried to focus on the top of his head he pushed back from me and tilted his face up to look into mine.

A chocked startled gasp had erupted from my constricted throat bloating out the words I had only just begun to grasp the meaning of. There between my widely spread legs grinning up at me mirthfully was my father in law Harold Rice. Even as the realization gripped me it did not stay my fingers from tightening in his hair and endeavor to pull him back to me.

Please what Sam he repeated, as I had looked down at him dumbfounded not fully comprehending his words. Please what Sam? Please fuck me daddy! Is that what your trying to say you nasty little slut? What’s the matter? Didn’t my boy give your sweet smelling pussy a proper workout last night?

Or are you such a slut for cock that you’ll let any swinging dick have a go at your snatch? Tell me you fucking cunt! Tell me or I’ll leave you to get your own self off with a candlestick. Tell me God damn it!

The look in his eyes as well as his seething hurtful words frightened me. I wanted to tell him that I was a virgin. I wanted to tell him that his son had been to drunk to consummate our marriage but speech was beyond my capability.

Angrily he pulled me from the stool. Then turning me about he pushed my face down against the seat I had just vacated. A stinging slap to my right buttocks tore a gurgling whimper from me. Again and again and yet again his hand rose and fell.

Each resounding smack was harder then the one before. I tried to stifle the tears and wretched sobs erupting from my chest but couldn’t. Then finally after what seemed like a lifetime he quit spanking me. But strangely instead of feeling relief I felt…. Wanting.

He must have sensed such for with labored breath he cackled oh the little cock slut likes her fanny being spanked does she! Well I got something else she'll like a whole lot better.

The sound of his zipper being yanked down was like that of a passing freight train to my ears. A whimper of fear spilled from my lips but I couldn’t stop my body from trembling or my buttocks from pushing back as something spongy yet abnormally hard moved up and down my moistened vagina.

I felt my lips parting, felt the first invading inch of him enter me. Mocking ramblings of oh yeah slut that’s it wiggle that ass for daddy hissed from his lips. Show daddy how much you want his cock drilling your nasty snatch you cock hungry skank whore. His words were demeaning, hurtful, but instead of being appalled or offended I wallowed in the degradation of them as if they were praise.

I tried to choke back the continuous whimpering sobs spilling from my lips as the first thick inch of what my fevered brain told me had to be a telephone pole slowly wormed into me. The effort was futile though for in spite of the awesome length and girth that I imagined his cock to be, and despite the knowledge that if such were the case that it would split me in two I couldn't stop my soulful passionate moans or the wiggling of my hips.

An inch then two, and finally three wormed into me only to nearly withdraw before again reentering me. Again and again he slowly methodically sawed in and out of the searing heat between my trembling legs. What sounded like incoherent gibberish tumbled from my lips as together with bracing myself on the seat I pushed back against his grinding driving loins.

Words of dirasion and mocking laughter filled my ears as his hands locked about my thin waist in an effort to control my movements. The effort was meaningless though as a million years of evolution and instinct guided me. My body felt as if it were being consumed by a roaring bonfire. A sensation like that of cold water dripping onto a hot skillet shot through my brain as his sweat and spittle dropped onto my back.

Again and again he pushed into me and with each thrust he not only sank a little deeper but the movement of his pelvis became more erratic and faster. My pussy felt as if it were being stretched beyond belief, felt as if it would never again be the same, but I cared not. All that mattered, all that existed for me was his cock, his thick wonderful glorious cock.

Together with my hips pushing back to met him my abdomen undulated like a belly dancers. Behind me labored grunts of thats it slut, thats it! Show daddy how much better you like his cock then your husbands! Show daddy how much of a slut you are for his cock reverberated in my ears as his hands slid up my sides then beneath me.

Like a farmer milking a heifer his fingers kneaded my breast and stretched my nipples. A gurgling groan a passion and arousal lodged in my throat as the bulbous head of his cock pushed against my hymen a last time before ripping it asunder.

Pain such as I had never before felt tore through me as with the lose of my virginity his rigid organ bored to the very depths of my being. A disbelieving whoop of holy fucking shit a virgin; the fucking bitch is a God damn virgin made its way into my brain through the ringing in my ears. His discovery though was meaningless to me as a flare of brilliance like that of an exploding sun burst in my brain.

The heat from its exploding burned me, consumed me and I didn’t care. Dimly through ears deadened by the pounding of my heart and the blood roaring through my veins I heard a warbling screech. The wail though had no meaning to me as what felt like molten lava flowed into me sending my already trembling body into convulsions as if from a terrible fever.

Another sun exploded. Then another, and another, and yet another and then blackness. Contentment, tranquility and a feeling that I couldn’t describe encompassed me. A sensation like that of floating, of being rocked gently like a baby in its cradle tickled my numbed mind.

So blissful was the feeling that I never wanted it to end, but then slowly my eyes opened. A moment, an eternity slipped by before I realized that I was lying in my wedding bed and hovering above me driving his beautiful hard cock slowly and deeply into me was my father in law. Twice more that morning he made love to me and each time he did the glory, the bliss, the rapture that I felt was as great or greater as the first time.

Why would daddy deny me that which had never lessened in all the years I had supplicated myself? More importantly though was why would he deny himself the pleasures of my body? Pleasures such as his wife never had or ever would give him and yet I his daughter in law so willing and eagerly did?

Just as I mentally threw my arms wide welcoming death his hand slid from my throat. But it wasn’t until together with growling don't you fucking die on me you cock-loving slut along with slapping me that I managed a first weak breath.

My lungs were screaming from the pain of taking in much needed oxygen but he seemed not to notice or care. Growls of fuck me bitch, fuck me like you did that goddamn nigger and those fucking wetbacks this afternoon erupted from his slavering lips as he tightly gripped my hips jerking me to him.

"Tell me slut. Tell me how much you loved those dirty smelly spics drilling your skanky cock-loving snatch this afternoon. Tell me how much you love pleasuring those that I give you to. Tell me slut."

Weakly at first then ever louder I told him what he wanted to hear. But before my voice could rise to a crescendo his lips covered mine stopping my flow of babbling. It wasn’t until then that I realized that even as I had believed that my life was slipping away that my loins had continued to buck and grind against his.

As his tongue filled my mouth my nails dug into his gyrating pumping ass cheeks seeking to pull him deeper into me. Like a continuous looping film that afternoons events played out before me as my father in law animalisticly thrust into me.

His late morning call telling me that he wanted me at the job site before lunch rang in my ears just as it had when I had taken the call. So too did his mirth filled chuckle as he told me he didn’t care what I wore just so long as it wasn’t much before hanging up.

In my minds eye I saw myself hurriedly showering then slipping into what I was sure would please him. At the job site those witnessing my arrival had looked at me lecherously as I had climbed from my car.

But the feeling that had washed over me from their stares was as nothing compared to that which I felt as I had strolled through the job site. Electricians, carpenters and a score of laborers eyes fastened on me as I strolled past them in my simple white blouse and powder blue pleated micro mini.

Had those eyes boring into me known that beneath my skimpy outfit was nothing but bare flesh? Did they suspect what I was about to do? Now just as then a smile touched my lips and a shiver raced through me.

My wonderment ceased and the multitude of lecherous stares were forgotten when I saw daddy. He was in the back of the complex arguing with a rather large rough looking negro. The moment I stepped beside him and daddy’s arm slipped about my thin waist the argument ceased.

A moment later a smile touched the negro’s lips as daddy told him that I was his to enjoy however he wised so long as his crew of Mexican laborers finished the two six hundred and forty square foot cement slabs before 3:30.

A heartbeat later it was the negro beside whom I stood and whose large calloused hand was fondling my buttocks. At the negro’s insistence it was agreed that he could enjoy me as his crew started the job.

As the negro had started to turn and lead me toward his truck daddy told him that after he had pleasured himself each of his crew could have me. Then getting into the mans face he’d hissed that if he and his crew thought they could simply spend the afternoon fucking my brains out he had better think twice.

If the job wasn’t finished on time, or if he later billed him for more then they had agreed on he would see to it that he never worked another job site. What's more, he would see to it that his wetbacks were back in Mexico so fast they wouldn’t know what happened.

The ever so slight tightening of the negro's arm about me, the slight slipping of his arrogant smirk attested to the fact that daddy had interpreted his intentions. His armor kinked, his lust, his depravity cooled he stood with downcast eyes as daddy turned and walked away. A second later though his smile returned as I whispered sultry don't worry big boy you won't regret it.

After the negro and one of his crew cleared a space in the back of his pickup then spread out a tarpaulin for me to lie on I with him right behind me climbed into the back. Over the next three hours he, followed by one after the other of his nine man Mexican crew climbed between my legs.

At 3:10 with the job finished and as his crew gathered up and loaded their tools into the bed of his truck I dropped to my knees before the negro. Even though I hadn't been told to do so I felt that a little extra was called for. Call it a reward of sorts for not only finishing the job early, but also for orchestrating the pacing in which the eight man crew enjoyed the fruits of my body.

For a second he simply looked at me askance then grinning broadly he unzipped his pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. As my fingers closed about his cock and pulled it toward my slavering mouth he chuckled if you be part of every deal I makes with your daddy girl I's going to have to work twenty hours a day just to break even.

Over the next fifty minutes or so as first the negro and then one after the other each of the sweat soaked smelly Hispanic’s stepped before me I eagerly took their dirty cocks into my mouth.

As hungrily as a baby feeding at its mother’s tit I sucked and slobbered on each filthy cock in turn as it was presented to me. And just as a man that is dying of thirst when given a drink of water I unashamedly greedily drank my fill as each mans spunk flooded my mouth.

Only when together with the  last mans groans of the nasty slut's mouth is like a suction pump together with his hands pushing against my forehead and his cock being forcefully pulled from between my lips did my efforts cease.

By 4:13 with the exception of but myself and my father-in-law the job site was a ghost town.

What I had felt that afternoon as well as on many another occasion was nothing as compared to that which I was feeling at that moment. Daddy was proud of me. He was proud of his little girl because without question or hesitation I had obeyed his wishes.

But more then just being proud of me he was pleased as well. He was pleased that because of me he had gotten a substantial discount off the negro’s and mexicans labors. And now because of that he was rewarding me in ways that money never could.

Savagely, animalisticly he thrust into me and as he did so seething words of degradation spewed from his mouth. Yet strangely I felt no shame for I was his to treat and to do with how so ever it pleased him.

My warbling words of affirmation were testament to that as again and again and yet again he thrust powerfully and deeply into me. With each bone jarring thrust into me my warbling moans of pleasure became higher and more feverish.

It mattered not that my screams of rapture might be heard by my sweet daddy’s wife of thirty some years. Nor did it matter that my two little girls, his grand daughters, who were sleeping in the bedroom across from mine, might hear.

All that mattered was my loving daddy’s thick, long, wonderful cock and the pleasure he was giving me. Pleasure such as his son had never been able to do in the seven years of our marriage. Pleasures such as the scores of others that I had allowed to climb atop me at my loving daddy's behest hadn't been able to give.

Together with a last savage growl he pulled my quivering spastic petite body to his. Then with a last grinding roll of his loins he flooded my womb with his boiling thick seed. The same wonderful glorious seed that had been responsible for the birth of my eldest daughter.  

Fifteen, twenty minutes later after I had lovingly cleaned all traces of our lovemaking from his beautiful cock he climbed from my bed. For a minute he stood over me tenderly caressing my cheek while I for my part looked long and adoringly into his eyes.

"Your husband will be home tomorrow Samantha" he muttered. "Make his weekend an enjoyable one if he ain’t to tired." Then turning from me he walked silently from my room and back to his wife.

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