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Dee's Violation

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There she is, my Dee, even after 15 years of marriage she is still a babe. Dee is not some size 2 model type. She’s busty 40 year old, with a plump bottom, who looks more at home at the PTA than the cover of some men’s magazine. She is shy about her body and her idea of sexual wild times is the occasional blow job. So how you might ask could such a plane Jane every qualify for a story on a web site like this? Well let me tell you how it all changed…….

Dee and I decided to go on a weekend getaway without the kids. We drove to the mountains and set up our tent from Wally world. Dee decided to dress a little sexy for the trip. She wore a 38DDD push up bra with a deep V neck T shirt that gave a terrific view of her ample cleavage. She covered her plump bottom with a short skort that tended to ride up a little when she sat or bent over. Dee wore a g string under her skort and would tease me from time to time by opening her legs and giving me a peek at her barely covered sex.

Dee’s teasing led us to turn in early for the evening. Things were starting to heat up just as a storm began to unload against our tent. The storm might have provided a great backdrop to some passionate lovemaking but the tent was no match for the storm and water began to pour in. Dee rebuttoned her sleep shirt and we ran for our car. We got to the car and tried to open the door but it was locked. It seems that Dee’s barely covered pussy distracted me enough to leave keys locked up in the car! I looked around and spotted a light coming from about a half mile to the west. I grabbed Dee’s hand and we ran for it hoping there would be help.

We reached the light and sure enough it was another campsite. I yelled a greeting to the people inside the tent. A young man in his twenty’s opened the tent flap. I told him that our tent was washed out and we were locked out of our car and asked if we could take shelter with them? The young man ushered us in. Inside it was warm and dry. A young woman dressed in a short robe came over to the tent entrance and introduced herself as Sherri and her male companion as Rob.

Sheri was a golden goddess. Her breast weren’t large but they were perfect teardrops. The robe made no attempt to hide the long perfectly tanned legs, and there was just a hint of the perfect ass that would peek out when she moved in the robe.

Rob reminded me of our oldest son. He was muscular, tanned, and stood 6’2. He stood in looses fitting sweat pants without a shirt. It was obvious we roused them from an early bedtime as well. They were good sports and offered to let us share their tent.

Poor Dee was soaked. All she had on was the sleeping shirt she grabbed to run to the car. The thin white material after being soaked left little to the imagination. Dee’s white lace pushup bra majestically displayed her rain soaked bosom. Her rock hard nipples stood at attention and were barely concealed by the fabric of her soaked shirt and bra. The tiny G-String she wore was nearly lost in the unshaved forest of pubic hair that boldly showed through the rain soaked shirt. Dee was mortified as she noticed my staring and Rob’s attempt to keep his eyes averted. Rob gave me a towel and Sherri handed Dee a blanket to cover up with. She took Dee to a corner of the tent and held the blanket while Dee removed her wet shirt. She was far to shy to remove her undergarments and simply wrapped up in the blanket. I thanked Rob again for helping us out and he said hey you guys remind me of my own mom and dad so no problem. He set up a couple of sleeping bags next to their own and said that we could bunk there. He gave Dee another towel to wrap her hair in and told her she was the spitting image of his mom. Dee thanked him and seemed relived that her near nakedness had not caused an awkward situation.

We soon settled down to our sleeping bags and so did Sherri and Rob. Dee fell asleep quickly. I was still a little uncomfortable about sleeping in a room with strangers so I stayed up awhile longer. About an hour after lights out I heard a rustling. I slightly opened my eyes and saw that Dee had rolled over onto her back. The blanket she was wrapped in had fallen open and her g-string was on full display. Her legs were slightly spread and the G-string failed to completely cover her hairy pussy lips. My blanket began to tent while I stared at her partially exposed sex. I turned my head slightly and noticed that Rob was tenting his blanket also. From the glimpse I got of Sherri, I envied him that young tender flesh. Dee was a sweet and attractive woman but like Rob said, she came across as someone’s mother.

Dee rotated in her sleep again and rolled onto her side. The blanket didn’t rotates with Dee so it left her backside exposed on the side facing towards Rob.

Judging by the tent in Rob covers his attention was all on Sherri. I would have sworn the tent he made in his blanket was at least a foot high. Rob removed the blanket from his manhood and what was revealed in the low lantern light was 3” thick 12 “ long cock that was fully engorged. Rob started to rotate onto his side but to my utter bewilderment he turned toward Dee and not Sherri. His rock hard cock stood poised a few inches above Dee’s ass cheek. He cock pulsed and a drizzle of precum leaked out and landed on Dee’s ass cheek. Dee continued to sleep unaware that a man who said she reminded of his mother had just leaked cum onto her ass. Rob scooted back so he could rotate on his side without ramming his dick into Dee’s ass cheek.

I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, sure he had just dripped cum on my wife’s ass but it could have been an accident. He also scooted away from Dee when he rolled over. Plus Dee was old enough to be his mom, no way would he try anything, not to mention I’m laying right next to her.

Nothing happened for the first few minutes after Rob rolled on his side. Dee continued to snore softly and seemed at peace. I looked to see Dee’s exposed ass cheek and thought about how that G- string was incapable of covering up her unprotected pussy hole. There was enough light that if Rob were looking between her legs he would see her hairy pussy lips. Dee’s is still a beautiful woman but Sherri is a wet dream so surely Rob would be paying little attention to Dee. I relaxed a little. My relaxed moment lasted only a few minutes because Dee’s bra strap popped loose. Dee’s massive breast were instantly exposed as the bra had no chance of holding back her full bosom unclasped. Dee’s nipples were exposed to the cool air and quickly hardened. She still slept unaware that now, not only was her sex exposed to a man that could be her son, but now her titties were on full display as well. Dee’s bra strap has popped loose before and I didn’t see Rob do anything so I still wasn’t sure there was anything going on.

I nervously looked back down at Dee’s exposed ass. The G-string was pulled to the side but I couldn’t remember if it had been like that since Dee turned on her side or if Rob was up to something. Rob was not cuddled up to Dee but his dick was so long that he could have it pressed up against my wife’s ass right now and still not be within a foot of her. Nothing else happened for the next half hour. I surreptitiously pulled the cover up to hide Dee’s exposed breast and most of her bottom. Soon I tired and fell asleep.

I awoke some time later Dee was still snoring lightly but her body was moving slightly back and forth, I noticed that the cover had been moved so Dee’s breast were exposed again and her bra was completely removed as if someone had been caressing her breast roughly. Her ass was once again on full display and the g-string was completely pulled off to the side leaving her pussy on full display. Dee’s ass cheeks seemed to undulate as I watched them. Rob had moved closer and moaned softly as he thrust his pelvis forward. Dee’s ass cheeks spread as rob pushed forward. It was obvious he was rubbing his dick between her ass cheeks. I was in shock. This young man whocould be my own son was rubbing his dick on my wife’s crack with me laying only a few feet away. I must have woken up as Rob was finishing coating my wife’s ass and pussy with his precum because his motion changed and from the way Dee’s pelvis moved forward he had started to penetrate her. He moved slowly and Dee continued to snore lightly as he sank into her defenseless pussy. Rob let out another audible moan as Dee’s pussy swallowed the tip of his dick.. He began to slowly pump in and out of Dee. Her breast jiggled as her body was pummeled from behind but still she remained asleep. Rob had obviously worked himself up pretty far by sliding his dick between Dee’s plump ass cheek’s because he started to breathe heavy and stroke faster almost immediately after entering Dee. He hand reached around to grab at Dee’s massive breast. He apparently was so far gone that he no longer cared if his thrust woke Dee up. He started savaging her pussy. He thrust his full 12” into Dee and she awoke. I had entered Dee this same way so I’m guessing that in her groggy state she thought it was me and that is the reason why she started to pump her ass into every thrust Rob made into her. When Rob started to mumble something about how he was a good boy mommy Dee froze and came fully awake. She looked at the hand cupping her breast and saw it wasn’t my hand. I closed my eyes so she wouldn’t notice that I was awake and had sat in stunned shock as another man attacked her pussy. Dee might have froze but Rob and her throbbing pussy did not miss beat. Robb plunged deeply into Dee four more times wile uttering its good pussy mommy, it’s good pussy mommy. Dee’s body involuntarily responded to Rob’s powerful strokes, her breath quickened and her pussy lubricated freely around this dick that had violated her. Rob pumped into Dee twice more then literally impaled her by lifting her bodily from the ground with the thrust of his dick. He stayed deeply buried in Dee’s pussy. The shuddering of his body told a story of massive sperm release deep into Dee’s cunt. To my horror Dee actually pushed back onto this strangers cock until she too gasped and shuddered from a mind shattering orgasm. Dee kept her pussy rooted to Rob’s dick for the next 3 minutes as he pumped raw scalding cum into her and she basked in the fullness of her orgasm and the heat from the cum Rob had planted in her.

Finally Rob released Dee from impalement on his cock. He removed his dick from her cunt, spurted a tiny bit more onto her ass then wiped his dick off using her exposed ass cheeks. Rob then rolled over and within a few movements was snoring softly.

Dee sat is stunned disbelief ,as did I. This guy that had said she reminded him of his mother had just raped her. But was it rape when she had deliberately thrust her pussy onto his dick so she could cum? She could have screamed, she could have pulled away, but instead she had felt so close to cuming that she gave in and thrust as hard as she could against the massive dick that penetrated her until her sex quivered with a mind blowing orgasm. It was her husbands sleeping face that she looked into while another man rammed his cock into her for the first time in 20 years and she had not tried to stop it but offered him every inch of her pulsing pussyhole.

.Dee laid there for the next 10 minutes with her ass and cum soaked pussy exposed to the world. She still couldn’t come to terms that a man younger than her oldest son had just fucked her.


This is my first story. I’ll continue the story in the future if anyone thinks it is worth continuing.

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