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Donna's Workout

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Donna’s Workout.

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Max and I’ve been happily married to my wife Donna for over 22 years. We have two children who’ve both left home and started on their own lives and careers.

Donna had gained a bit of weight over the years, both with having kids and the natural slow-down in everyone as they get older. To be completely fair though, so had I. Over the years we’d both put on about 30 pounds we really didn’t need.

My workplace has a gym on site and my employer allows us company time to use it. Donna however didn’t have access to such facilities.

We’d both spoken about our problem, and decided that we would both start to eat better and workout. That was the easy part. As anyone who’s ever had to diet knows it’s not that easy. I had a lot of help and assistance through my paid health club pros and as it usually goes I lost weight both faster and easier than Donna did.

After a few weeks of dieting though, Donna told me she was going to start working out with some friends at her bosses’ home. Her boss, Marilyn; was the owner of the business Donna worked at and was very well off. Her home is huge and comfortable, and I’ve always liked going there for parties.

I noticed that with our different schedules though, that I could and did work out during the early afternoon, while Donna had to work out from 830 to about 10 p.m. three days a week. She quickly began to lose the excess weight and began to look very much as she had when we were first married.

Donna was a true blue eyed goddess when I first met her. She was a bit short, but her beautiful blond hair and glacier blue eyes were and still are striking. She had 38d cup breasts and she was a true blond. She had also come from a problem family. She was the only girl aside from the mother, with 5 brothers and a drunken dad. How she managed to get to 18 without being raped by one of them surprises me to this day. She was a virgin the day I took her, and was always a bit repressed in her sexuality.

Not to say that sex was bad. Once she’s spun up, she’s a dynamo. She moves like a whore, and sucks cock better than any other woman I’ve ever met. She has no problem swallowing and seems to genuinely like the taste of cum. She moves around a lot when we fuck and there’s been a time or two when I thought she’d hurt me good by her surprising bursts of strength.

I’d been working out for a while, and as sometimes happens in a long-term marriage I’d sort of lost track of Donna. We saw each other every day and spoke but I realized that I really didn’t know what was going on with her.

I did notice after she’d lost the weight and really began to tone up, that she seemed much more ready to have sex. I also noticed that she came much easier. This usually happened after her work out sessions, and I suppose that I really didn’t think much about it. I mean I sometimes got pretty worked up by exercising, and I figured that it must be much the same for her. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We’d been on our regimen for about 8 months before I really got suspicious. There were quite a few times when she’d come home from working out, not smelling like she’d done anything at all. I asked her about it one night and she said that her boss Marilyn had a pool, jacuzzi and large shower that she used before coming home. What really tweaked me though was a couple of times when she’d come home with wet hair. Donna’s hair is really long and thick, and if she washes it, it takes a really long time to dry. As a consequence she usually skips a day or so between washes. On these occasions though, she’d come home with it really wet, and too tired to do anything with it.

I began to suspect there was more than exercise at her workout sessions.

I decided to follow her to one of them, and kinda of drop in to see how everyone was. I waited until her Wednesday night session and gave her about a half-hour head start. I then drove to her bosses’ home.

As I pulled into the drive of the large estate, I noticed that the gates, which were normally open, were closed.

I pulled up to the call box to announce myself and heard Marilyn give her permission through the squawk box. It seemed that she was highly amused by something as I heard her giggle a bit as she spoke. I pulled into the long sweeping driveway and noticed about 15 cars there.

This surprised me as I knew that Donna’s firm wasn’t that large. Including Donna and her boss, there were only about 4 other women that worked there. I pulled into a parking space right next to Donna’s 2 year old Camry and stopped the engine.

As I approached the house I saw the lights come on the front porch and the door opening. I was startled to see Marilyn, and a woman I didn’t know standing in the entry wearing very small bikinis.

Let me take a minute to describe Marilyn. She’s about 28 with the longest and richest looking auburn red hair I’ve ever seen. She has a killer figure that I’d seen bits and pieces of before at summer picnics and the like. To say that she was hot in that tiny bikini was like saying habaneros are mild.

Her companion was just as hot. Tall with black hair, slim hips, long legs and truly awesome tits. Marilyn stood there in a bikini that was made to be the same color of her hair, while the other woman had one that matched hers.

I was ushered in and offered a drink as the two ladies walked just far enough ahead of me to let me take in all their moves and figures as they glided into the main living room.

This room was immense and centered around a large entertainment center, with large screen plasma tv, and enough electronic accessories to make any guy drool. I’d been here many times before watching the Super Bowl or some other sporting event when she was married. Her divorce had pretty well squished that though.

"This is Angie," Marilyn said quietly. "She’s my new roomie."

"Nice to meet you, Angie," I said very distracted. At that moment I was trying not to look too hard as both Marilyn’s and Angie’s swimsuits decided for reasons unknown to science to make themselves even smaller and draw up even further. I had really good shots of both women’s pussies as they sat across from me on a loveseat. They didn’t make this any better as they both crossed their legs slowly from left to right.

Marilyn noticed and laughed a cruel little laugh.

"Are we distracting you a bit Max?" she asked innocently.

"Yeah, a bit I guess," I said with suddenly very dry lips. I was beginning to be uncomfortable, as my cock was straining against the jeans I wore.

"We’re really very sorry about that, aren’t we Angie," she said in a completely insincere tone.

Angie didn’t say anything but nodded slightly as she began to look back at me.

"Why are you here Max?" Marilyn asked.

"I, uh thought I’d see what kind of work out Donna was getting," I said quickly. I had to keep squirming around a bit as it was getting very uncomfortable. I was rock hard and it was beginning to show on my face and in my body language.

You’d have thought I’d said the funniest thing in the world just then. Both women began to crack up and I had to listen and watch them as they literally fell over each other in the fit. This didn’t do much for my cool, as watching them writhe around and gasp for air, was making parts of them shift and jiggle in a most disturbing fashion.

They finally got a hold of themselves and while she caught her breath Angie spoke for the first time. Her voice was a rich contralto that spoke to parts of me that weren’t connected to my ears.

"Just what do you think that Donna does here, anyway?," she asked.

"Aerobics, cross training and she pumps some iron," I said repeating what Donna had told me several months before.

That made Marilyn crack up again, and I began to suspect that she was either drunk or a bit stoned with all the acting up she was doing. Angie also began to laugh but kept it under better control.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," she replied. "There’s certainly some aerobic activity going on, and she does pump something, but it’s not iron."

I began to get a really creepy feel just then, and I was also getting a bit pissed off. Here I was trying to find out what was going on with my wife and these two seemed to be having a lot of fun at my expense. It showed in my voice as I responded to her statement.

"Just what the fuck is going on here anyway?" I growled.

That made Marilyn begin giggling again and Angie lit up with a big smile.

"Exactly," she answered.

"Exactly what?" I said my voice beginning to get louder.

"Fuck, you know the singular of fucking, to fuck or to be fucked," she said with a grin. "He fucks, she fucks, it fucks, you know SEX. That’s what we do. That’s how your precious Donna has lost all her baby fat. She’s fucked it off."

This needless to say hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t believe it, not Donna. She’s always been so repressed. I’d tried to get her interested in the swinging lifestyle or even a little grab ass with another couple we’d known very well in the past, and she’d always shot me down in flames. She’d wanted nothing to do with it, and had damned near bitten my head off when I’d asked.

"I think you’ve got both me and her confused with someone else,’ I said. "Donna would never do anything like that."

"Would you like some proof?" Marilyn said finally finished with her sporadic laughing fits.

"What proof?," I asked.

"How’s videotape work for you?" she replied.

"You have tape of Donna with another man," I said shocked.

"Another man, other men, women, toys, anything you’d like except animals, she doesn’t like that," She responded.

"I don’t believe you," I said trying to absorb what I’d been told.

"There’s nothing like evidence, they always say, and there’s no better evidence than your own eyes," She said standing and walking across the room.

She went to a bookshelf and opening a door on the front, scanned the titles, before picking one. She fed it into the vcr and walked back across the room. As she did so, she took off her top, and a few steps later removed her bikini bottoms as well. She stalked across the room, naked and beautiful. She tossed her hair before walking over and sitting down on the couch to my left.

Her friend Angie, seeing this, also stood and doing a quick bump and grind strip tease, also removed her bikini before taking a place on the same couch to my right.

I was trying to take all this in when the tape header ran out and the opening scene formed up on the huge plasma screen. The soundtrack of the tape, which opened up on a large round room, accompanied this. The room was carpeted wall to wall, in luxurious pale pink shag rug; with several beds or couches that seemed to part of the floor. There was a wet-bar against one side, and mirrors on the walls and ceilings. The room was empty except for an area that looked very much like a large playpen.

The playpen looked like much of the others I’d seen, except for the size and it’s contents. Where a normal child’s pen had toys and objects in it to keep them busy, this one was at the same time familiar and unfamiliar. Instead of a child’s toys the pen was half filled with sex toys of various sizes, for both men and women.

There were dildos, vibrators, plastic pussies and all manner of devices designed to allow a person to masturbate. The pen was in the center of the floor and slightly elevated so that it provided a great view of the entire room.

"In order to get into the room," Marilyn said; "you have to take a shower and enter through either the left or right doors. Hanging in just past the showers are a bunch of robes. That’s the key to our system. If you go into the room, you consent to keep quiet about it. You can’t go in the room without being naked under a robe. If you stay in the room with your robe tied shut, you’re just there to watch, or to use the playpen. If you untie your robe but leave it on, you’re ready to be approached and asked. If you take the robe off, you’re ready for anything and you can jump in and begin."

"Why all the rules?" I asked.

"So no one can say later on that they were forced to do anything against their will," she replied. "I also videotape every session. That also provides evidence and to be honest with you I get off watching."

"So what tape are you showing me?" I asked.

"This is Donna’s first trip into our special gym," she answered. "I have another regular gym on the first floor, next to the pool and hot tub. If you’ll watch you’ll see in a minute what happens."

I watched as Donna and the other two women now with me entered the room. At first she stopped and just looked around. She was still looking around as Marilyn began to explain the rules to her. I saw her startle when the door to the right opened and six people walked through it.

There were four women and two men. They walked into the room and just as they crossed the threshold began to drop their robes to the floor. The women were all gorgeous. There was a dirty blond-haired woman, with immense tits. Two men attended her, a large black man with a big long cock, and a white guy with a weight-lifters build.

Three of the women seemed to be together, a slender black girl, a sultry looking hispanic girl and a white lady that was about ten years older than both of them. They began to fall into each other’s arms and kiss and fondle each other with wild abandon.

The two men started to perform some very slow and erotic foreplay on their lady friend. They broke off, one going high while the other tended everything below the belt.

The three women were at this point all horizontal and were touching, licking and biting in all manner and fashion. The older woman seemed to be calling the shots and directed the others to first attend to her tits, before they passed on to licking their way down her body, to her thighs and pussy.

Donna and the other two stood watching. Marilyn and Angie stroking and petting each other while Donna stood huddled in her robe. She finally noticed the behavior going on beside her when she heard Marilyn moan, when Angie began to playfully nip on her nipples.

She stepped back and tripped over the railing to the playpen. She landed ass over teakettle on the floor of the pen, with her robe billowing up and settling on her chest and shoulders.

This made both of the Marilyn’s and Angie’s in both the tape and sitting uncomfortably close to me begin to laugh. The on-screen duo reached in and with much squirming and giggling pulled her back to her feet.

At that point the onscreen pair also removed their robes and asked Donna to do the same.

She just shook her head, in a bit of shock I think.

"The playpen is the safe zone in here," the videotaped Marilyn said. "You can stay in there and watch, or play with yourself while we play out here if you choose. Just remember the rules, if you don’t want to play, don’t untie your robe."

The tape continued. As I watched I realized that the people who were taping this, there had to be at least three of them, were shooting from behind the mirrors. They had to made of one way glass. The view changed quite a bit as the various cameras recorded all the action.

After a few minutes I noticed Donna settle down in the playpen and begin to finger herself under the robe. The robes were made of black terry cloth and must have been very thick. After a very short time I saw her begin to perspire pretty heavily. Of course by that point she’d grabbed up a medium sized dildo and was stroking it in and out of her pussy slowly.

As I watched this, I felt a hand begin to lightly brush the front of my jeans. First brushing the area from the middle of my thigh towards the large peak formed by my now diamond hard cock. I began to see spots in front of my eyes, as she began to stroke faster and moving in a circular pattern.

I looked to the left and there was Marilyn grinning like the Chesire cat as I tried to watch both the actions on the screen and her at once. She continued stroking my cock through my pants and also began to undo my belt. As she did this, I saw Angie stand and quickly kneel down on the floor between my feet.

Between the two of them they made short work of both my resistance, not much I have to say; and my clothes. In just a minute or two they had completely undressed me.

Now let me say for the record that this was an extremely weird situation. Here I was watching my wife masturbating on tape, in the middle of an orgy, while two incredibly hot women were working me over. I’m not the kind of man to cheat on my wife, or play the field, and I’m not gay. I’ve been known to get turned on watching the occasional porno and even after 22 years with my wife, I still find her incredible sexy. But I mean really. What was I supposed to do, Ask them to stop?

While Marilyn provided a blow by blow, so to speak, Angie lowered her head to my cock and began to gently nip at it with her teeth. She broke this up with a variety of licks. Some of, which were long and slow, like she was eating an ice cream, while others were like quick jabs and flicks. She followed this up by slowly engulfing my cock and sliding me down her throat.

"See here is where Tommy comes in and says hello," Marilyn said quietly pointing at the screen.

At this point a very tall and well-built white man entered the room. He came in from the left-hand door, and looking around quickly walked over to the playpen. He kept his robe on and as he approached I could see him reach down and straighten his cock under his robe. He was watching Donna busily hammering a bright red vibrator in and out of her pussy while she writhed around the floor of the pen, with her eyes closed.

He walked over to the pen and watched her while she began to finish off. When Donna has an orgasm she tends to jerk a thrash around a lot. It’s my number one hint that all is well. She loves oral, and I’ve watched her use a vibrator like this before in our own bedroom, and I could tell she was about done. As he watched he reached under his robe and began to stroke himself slowly.

As I watched the action on the screen the action I was receiving was also picking up. Angie had slowed down a lot and began to lick and stroke me, while teasing me by taking her mouth off my cock and gently blowing the tip dry. Looking down I saw her gently pursed lips puffing on my rod, as she looked up and winking took me deep into her mouth again.

I switched back to the screen for a minute. This was during a cut-away and I could see what the others were up to. The three women had formed a chain and were busily munching each other cunts like there was no tomorrow. Somewhere they’d gotten a hold of some golden vibrators and were also stroking each other as they ate. The older woman came first screaming like a banshee. The other two finished within a few minutes. They lay there covered in sweat and their own cum, panting like tired hounds.

The other threesome in the room, had also been busy. The woman had the black man’s immense cock buried to the hilt in her throat. Every time he pulled out she took a deep breath. You could tell just how big this guy’s tool was, because every time he rammed it back into her mouth, her throat bulged out like it was about to pop. He was on his knees feeding her this slab of meat and pulling on her tits. The white guy was busy as well. He started out by noisily munching her snatch and rubbing his face all up and down in it. He must have rubbed every square inch of his face in her pussy. He was trying to cover his face, head and neck with her juices. After doing this for a few minutes he reared back, and with a single huge grunt, slammed his own fairly large cock home in her wet pussy. The microphone pick-ups must have been extremely sensitive or in just the right place, because you could hear the juices sloshing and squishing.

A quick cutaway followed this again to my Donna as her orgasm hit. She began to thrash around like she always does, and as she did so her robe flew open and exposed her to the room and the view of the stranger looking over the edge of the pen. As I watched this I saw him also undo his robe’s belt and slip it off to stand there naked and stroking his cock as he watched my wife cum.

This just about sent me over the top as well. I know that Donna had dropped a lot of weight and had really toned up, but here on the screen it was like watching her for the first time. She was beautiful, glowing like a star, with that freshly fucked look that only women get after a killer orgasm. As I watched she began to pant her own way down from her high and opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Tommy’s cock only a few feet from her face.

She squirmed and scooted back to the far edge of the pen. Tommy stayed where he was, standing there taking her in while slowly rubbing the end of his cock.

"Something new has been added," he said sarcastically. "Who’s our new toy?"

"I’m just here to watch," Donna stammered. "That’s why I’m in the playpen."

"Yes I can see that," He replied. "But you can’t expect me not to watch you, in return can you? Besides, your robe is untied."

She had just noticed the same as she began to try to straighten out the robe, pull it out from under her ass and tie it at the same time. I was feeling pretty good as well, as Angie began to really tease me. She’d take me to the very edge of orgasm and then back off and gently squeeze my balls. This was just enough to keep me going while not letting me over the edge.

"You may as not bother," Tommy said on the screen. "I’ve already seen everything you have, and watched you cum. As you can see I have nothing to hide. Besides, you still have the robe on, you can always say no, and no one will be hurt."

Donna seemed to think about it, and seeing how stupid it was just let her hands fall to her sides. She did sit up a bit and covered her breasts with her hands.

At this point there was another cut away to Marilyn and Angie. Marilyn had an immense strap-on plowing into Angie’s asshole. The dildo part of it must have been at least two feet long and about six inches thick. Marilyn was really slamming in her at this point. Angie was just moaning and thrashing at this point. She reminded me a lot of Donna when she came.

"So what do you think of all this," Tommy asked Donna.

"It’s a bunch to take in at once," She replied.

"Yeah, but Marilyn told you about this, and you did come down here on your own two feet didn’t you?" he asked. At this point he’s gotten down on his knees, and while he spoke to her, continued to stroke his cock slowly.

"I wish you wouldn’t do that," she said quietly.

"Do what?" he asked.

She simply pointed to his groin, as his hand continued its slow circuit of his dick.

"Oh that," he said. "I’m sorry I didn’t even think about it. Most of the time I have it in somebody’s mouth or cunt by now. I’ve never had to stroke it this long."

"Like I said this is a lot to take in at once," she whispered.

I noticed that the entire time she spoke to him, she never took her eyes away from his erect cock. As she spoke I saw her lick her very dry lips more and more often. I’ve been around her long enough to know that look in her eyes and the action of her lips and mouth.

She wanted his cock. I mean really wanted it. She was getting wet just thinking about it and she was trying to figure how well it would fit in her mouth. He must’ve noticed the same thing.

"Is there something I can help you with?" he asked.

"No, I don’t think so," she said with a shaky voice.

I was watching this scene while Marilyn spoke quietly in my ear and Angie continued her slow torture of my cock.

"She told me later that she wanted his cock the first time she saw it," she whispered. "She really did try to hold off against her urges, but she was just too turned on. She’d watched all the action in the room, and had just had a massive orgasm. She just had to touch someone else, to feel their flesh and make sure it wasn’t all a dream."

Tommy continued speaking to Donna. Ignoring her earlier plea, he continued to stroke himself. The dark red-blue head of his cock was covered in pre-cum and glistened softly in the light. If you looked around the room you could see that all of the other action had stopped. They were all watching the tableau playing out in the playpen.

Donna couldn’t see any of it at this point. All she had eyes for was Tommy’s cock. As he slowly teased her with it and watched her face turn first red with embarrassment then go pale with lust.

She began to reach forth her hand across the invisible barrier of the pen’s wall. Just as she touched his cock he quietly purred.

"You need to take your robe off," he said very quietly.

She stopped frozen in place. It was if she’d been turned into a photograph, unmoving not blinking just a still life image. After a few seconds she reached up and shrugged the robe off. It fell to the floor as he reached forward and taking her by the hand helped her step over the playpen wall.

They stood and came together, deeply tongue kissing. As she returned his kiss, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, she reached down and gently, tentatively began to stroke his cock. She rubbed the head of it and drawing up some pre-cum brought her hand up to her mouth and slowly licked it off.

After she lapped his pre-cum from her hand, he brought his hand around the back of her head and drew her mouth to his again. They shared the taste of his cum, between the two of them, swirling their tongues around and around.

As she was stroking him and they shared the cum, he reached up with his free hand and began to gently kneed and brush her nipple. She moaned in his mouth as he did so.

Donna’s tits are remarkably sensitive. If she’s had the right things done to her, or if she’s sufficiently turned on, she can cum just by touching them.

"She had her second orgasm then," Marilyn whispered into my ear. "Everyone was watching them. They were so hot."

I was feeling pretty hot then myself. Angie’s ministrations on my cock were beginning to work me over the top. While she continued to tease me, I was getting to the point of no return faster and faster. She was also lapping up all the pre-cum I could ooze. There was a lot of it as well. It was stringing back to her mouth like some kind of obscene web linking her mouth to my cock.

On the screen Tommy had begun to reach over to place his hand on Donna’s pussy. He gently reached between them and placed his hand on her hair and began to push a finger into her.

"Stop," she moaned into his mouth. "It’s too much, too soon."

"Fine," he replied. "What do you want?"

"I want your cock," she whimpered, "I want to taste your cock."

"Be my guest," he said calmly.

At this point Angie began to hum around my own cock. She started with some unknown but simple tune that while I really couldn’t follow, sounded wonderful.

Returning my gaze from Angie’s slow slurping of my cock to the screen I saw that I’d missed a few minutes as I saw Donna on her knees in front of Tommy. At first she just looked at it.

She stared at the shape of it, the size and texture. I could see her tracing the veins in it with her eyes, and she reached up to push and prod it back and forth. She looked at it from all angles.

Whoever was doing the filming must have been really professional. The camera never wavered, it was rock steady as it zoomed in on the close-ups or pulled back for the full body shots.

She finally began to lick his cock. Having been on the receiving end of many of her blowjobs, I can tell you that there is nothing finer in the whole world. The way she moves her mouth, snakes her tongue back and forth and sucks on the very end is like a slice of heaven. She can, depending on her mood, keep you hard for hours or bring you to an earth-shattering orgasm in minutes. Your own stamina has very little to do with it. She’s just really good at what she does. It must be natural talent, I know I didn’t teach her.

At this point I was really about to pass out. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears, and my breathing was getting more and more shallow. I could feel my own release quickly building, to overload. As she again took her head away from the end of my cock, to tease it I grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her in the mouth. She stayed on it and deep throated my cock, tensing and releasing her throat muscles on the end of my dick.

On the screen I could see that Donna was going for speed, not teasing. She must have really been turned on. She was gulping his cock down like she was eating her last meal. Tommy didn’t stand much of a chance. To give him credit, he did last longer than I ever did, when she’s done the same to me, but in the end, he was lost.

He began to thrust and groan shoving his meat in and out of her throat, grunting sounds were coming from her, as her cheeks puffed out and her throat bulged with his thrusts.

Looking down I saw much the same, and realized with a start that Angie was sucking me exactly like Donna had. Donna must have trained her in the fine are of cock sucking. Angie was both an apt and eager pupil. Many of the tricks Donna used to make me go longer and harder were being done to me by someone I’d only met an hour before.

On the screen the inevitable occurred. Tommy roared and arched his back as he came. Donna, sensing the bulge at the head, that was the signal, pulled back just slightly to allow his sperm to wash over her face and spray into her mouth. She gulped it down and when he shot again, was right there to catch the next spurts. She licked the cum off his cock and when it began to ooze out, began to rub her face with it, smearing it from lips to forehead.

Seeing this finally sent me over the edge. I felt myself go. Angie took the option of keeping suction on it as it spurted. I shot load after load of cum into her mouth as she milked it with her mouth and tongue. She opened her mouth at the last to show me the pool of cum collected on her tongue as she licked her lips, coating them with my goo.

Seeing this, Marilyn jumped down off the couch and began to kiss Angie’s mouth, tongue kissing her, and licking her lips eagerly. She also helped clean my cock by slowly licking and swirling her tongue on the end to catch it all.

I quickly looked back to the screen to see Donna doing the same with both the women I had here in front of me.

"So, what do you think?" Marilyn asked.

"I don’t know what to think," I answered. "It’s hot, and I can see that no one forced her into it. I really don’t know what to think. Can I ask a question?"

"Sure," she replied.

"You said earlier that this is how she exercises, does that mean there are more tapes?"

"Oh yeah," she replied, "But that’s another story."


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