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Friday Afternoon

shelbygt1967 on Wife Stories

           It was Friday, Wendy had taken the afternoon day off to get ready for a weekend outing at the lake with Steve (her husband) and his family.

When Wendy arrived home she tossed her clothes in the hamper, slipped on one of Steve's shirts and began to pack her things.  Thinking about the fresh mountain air she began to realize that it was making her horny.  She could feel the cool air on her bald pussy as she rushed around the house dressed only in the T-shirt, her nipples were standing straight out straining against the smoothe fabric.

The more she tought about how horny she was the more she wanted to get fucked, but how or rather who, Steve wouldn't be home until 6:30 or 7:00.  He was out of town for the week she hadn't bee laid since the previous Sunday night and she heeded to get a cock inside her pussy.  She knew Steve would be too tired to screw her when he got home and she wanted it now!

Wendy sat on the couch, spread her thighs and began to tease her clit.  All she could think about was her strong need for a cock to be deep inside her cunt.  AS she fingured herself she desided to call her new friend Bob the photographer.  She and Bob had fucked secretly several times since the original photo shoot and she loved it.

Wendy called Bob to see what he was up to and ask him over, she was excited to know that he would he able to come over in about 45 minutes!  The next 45 minhutes seemed to take hours to pass, Wendy was so hot she couldn't keep her mind on packing, every few minutes she would go sit on the couch and tease her clit a little more.

Finally Bob arrived!  Wendy invited him in and headed straight towards the bedroom dicgarding the T-shirt as she walked.  I thought what a nice view of her naked body as I followed her into the room.  Wendy went straight to her bed and lay spread eagle before me as I began to strip.  Her fingures went right to work on her pussy, Wendy told me to hurry, "I want you cock in my pussy right now!"  My dick was hard as nails when I climbed on her bed, I leaned down to suck one of her nice hard nipples into my mouth, Wendy moaned her approval as I sucked harder and harder on that magnificent titty of hers.  Wendy stopped my nipple sucking and said "I'm so fucking horny right now, Steve's been gone all week and I need your cock in my pussy now!"  Damn this was one hell of an invite!  I started to tease her clit with the head of my cock, I could feel the slipperyness of her wet, ready pussy, boy was she ready!  Wendy said "Don't waist time", as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me deep into her hot pussy.

Wendy mumbled something about how good it feels as I proceede to slide in and out building to a nice rythem.  "Fuck me harder" she said, so I drove in harder and deeper.  "Do you like fucking me?" she ask.  I told her I loved to fuck her hot pussy, "good" she replied.  Wendy talks and or moans a lot during sex, I love her dirty talking so I will attempt to relay it to you in hopes that it cums accross as good as it is.

 As Wendy is fucking me she tells me she needs sex daily and that she masterbates two or three times nearly every day.  I ask her "Is playing with yourself as good as fucking?"  "Are you kidding me, nothing is as good as a cock in my puussy!"  Pounding away at a pretty good pace Wendy begins to say things like "Oh it feels sooo goood to have your cock inside my pussy!"  I say "Do you like to fuck me?"  She says, "Oh yes, I love your cock in me, I can't get enough!"  I bend to take a nipple in my mouth, "suck my tits real hard."  "Do you like my tits?"  "Oh yes", I say.  "Goooood" she says.

Wendy is an increadable fuck buddy, she usually have 3 or 4 small climaxes while I eat her out and play with her pussy and 3 or 4 more as we are fucking before she has her big one.  Wendy's pussy is one of the most increadable ones I have every fucked, it is not the tightest but, it is very different in that I can feel the walls of her pussy all the way from the base of my cock to the tip in a way that's hard to discribe because somehow when we are fucking the entire length of my dick is as sensitative as the tip.  I can feel her pussy lips around the base just as good as I feel her inner depths working her magic on the tip of my cock.  In other words Wendy is one fantastic fuck.  And she can't get enough!!!!!!!!!!!

 This was one of those days where all she wanted was my cock inside her, no forplay just my cock barried deep into her cunt.  Wendy was beginning to show the tell tale signs of reaching the big one.  She always ask if I like to fuck her while my cock is deep inside her pussy and when I tell her how much I like to fuck her it sends her to another level. 

Today she was extra horny!  "How many time do you think we have fucked?" she ask.  I think this is about 20 or 25 by now I say.  "Good, I love it when you come over to fuuuuuuck me!"  "I want you to cum inside me."  I say, "I'm getting ready to cum."  "Oh yesssssss, give me your cum! ! ! " she yells.  "I need it."  "Make me cummmmmmmm." she moans as her eye lids begin to flutter (a sure sign thats she is on the verge of climaxing).  

I pound faster and faster, Wendy is talking more and more.  "Oh yes, give it to me.", "I want your cum in meeeeeee!"  "Fuck me, I need your to fuck me, make me cummmmmmmmm!"  All her encouragement pushes me over the edge and I explode into her hot pussy.  Her eyes roll beck, she is cumming.  "Oh fuck yesssssssss!" she exclaims, "I can feel you flooding my pussy with your cum!"  "Oh fuck this feel sooooooo goooooood! ! ! ! "  "I love to feel you cummm inside meeeee!"   

I stay firmly planted inside her until I go soft, as I pull out Wendy says, "That was go good, I needed that."  "Did you like it?"  I said, I always like ti when you ask me to come fuck you!"  Wendy smiled and said "Good." as we began to put ourselves back together.

As I left I walked up behind Wendy and cupped booth tits and whispered in her ear "Thank you" she smiled and said "Thank you!"

This is a true account of my fuck buddy and our play.

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