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Fucked by another Man while my Man watches.

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It was late on a Saturday night at the hottest club in the city, and I was dancing my heart out on the dance floor.  My boyfriend was there, although he wasn’t much for the dancing.  He preferred to watch me dance wit other people, other men.  The sight of my tight ass grinding against another man’s cock drove him wild.  I wound up dancing in between these three guys, all of which were feeling my body sensually as I grinded against the three of their huge cocks.  One asked me if it was ok for him to reach up my shirt and grab on to my big ass titties… I of course, turned to my man for approval. I walked over to him, “Hey baby,” I said seductively “One of those guys over there wants to feel my tits baby but I thought I would ask you first.”
The look of pleasure in his eyes was enough to tell me, but I had to hear it from his mouth.
“I would love to watch your titties get felt up by another man… you have such sexy tits baby I want everyone to know that.”
I nodded, and turned to walk away, receiving a hard slap on my ass from my man.
As I returned to the group of horny guys, I whispered in his ear… “Put your hand up my shirt and grab my tits.”
He did as he was ordered. I looked at my man watch this stranger’s hand caressing my naked tit and he was enjoying it.  It turned me on to see my man so hot from another man feeling me up.  One of the other three guys was hard as a rock and he was rubbing his cock from outside his jeans. “I love tits baby and yours are so sexy, can I reach up your skirt and play with your cunt?”
This I didn’t know about, as no other guy had ever touched my pussy before.  “I have to go ask permission first. Hold on to that hard on baby, I’ll be back.” I said as I walked away.
“One of the other guys wants to play with my cunt baby, is he allowed?”
“Would you like that stranger to finger fuck your wet little pussy?” he asked me.
I’d never heard him talk like that before…it was such a turn on.
“Yes baby I want him to touch my tight pussy!” I said and he nodded at me with a look of happiness on his face.
I proceeded toward the group of men and grabbed his hand and shoved it up underneath my skirt.  “Yeah, you’re a whore aren’t you? You like my strange hand on your pussy don’t you? You like that stranger fingering your wet cunt? You’re a dirty slut and I like it baby. Let me touch that clit.”
As soon as his finger rubbed over my clit my head swayed backward, all I could recognize was the extreme pleasure and the loud banging music as he played with my sopping wet slut cunt.
I loved being abused like this, like a whore.
He began to finger fuck me harder, and deeper and I couldn’t hold back my orgasm anymore.
I began coming hard all over this strangers hand and as I was coming I told him, “Yes! Please make my whore pussy come! I’m a fucking slut baby! It feels so good when you play with my hot cunt!”
I was watching my boyfriend sitting at the table a few feet away.  When my orgasm subsided, I walked over to his table and immediately reached for his cock.
Just as I thought, he was hard as a fucking rock.
“You like watching your girl get touched by strange men, don’t you?”
He nodded at me as I rubbed his big cock outside his jeans.
“Those men, they want to take me home tonight.”
He looked at me a little unsure, but I wanted to be fucked by those three big cocks and I was going to get it.
“Come on baby, you can come too, and watch your woman get fucked by three strangers cocks. You’ll like it, I know you will!” I pleaded. I didn’t have to plead much, as after only about one minute he agreed.
I headed toward the horny bastards with my boyfriend, and they all looked a little disappointed.
“Don’t worry boys, my pussy’s all yours, my boyfriend’s just going to come watch. He likes to watch me get fucked by other men.”
20 minutes later we were stepping in to a tiny little apartment on the corner of 4th avenue.  This was Jason’s apartment, the man who was playing with my pussy while dancing at the club.
The other two boy’s were named Matt and Steve. And my boyfriend’s name is Justin. My name is Kim, by the way. Big Tittie Kim is how I’m occasionally addressed.
Anyway, my pussy was aching for some cock and I knew I was close to getting off.  I walked in to the living room to find all four men sitting on the couch with their massive dicks out, stroking themselves.  Fuck, was that ever sexy.
“Strip for us, whore.” I heard Matt order.
I looked at Justin.
“You heard him, bitch. Take off your clothes you nasty little skank slut!”
I was shocked, I’ve never heard my boyfriend talk like that before, he sure knew it was turning me on though.  I love a forceful partner in bed, being dominated and treated like shit during sex is soo hot.
I removed my top, revealing my 34 d breasts popping out of my bra, because I wore a size smaller tonight.  Just as I was about to unclasp my bra, a woman, a very attractive woman, walked through the front door.  She didn’t say anything, rather she walked over to Matt and asked him what was going on here.
“We found a whore at the club tonight sweetheart, she’s a real dirty girl. I bet you would like her pussy.”
The thought of another woman touching my cunt was surprisingly sexy…
The woman got up and took off all her clothes without question.  I looked at Justin admire her gorgeous body.. when she bent over in front of him, revealing her pink pussy I saw his cock spring up just a little more and I knew he wanted to fuck her.
I liked that thought, he should get to have some fun too.
This beautiful woman, about 120 lbs I’d say, long blonde, loosely curled hair, and an incredibly toned body unclasped my bra for me, releasing my big titties to all the men in the room.
They loved it, they sat, just stroking themselves as they watched this woman undress their newly found whore.  “Undo your skirt you filthy whore.” The blonde ordered me.  Being controlled by such a sexy woman was making my pussy extremely wet.  As I took off my skirt and my underwear, she slapped my ass as hard as she could.
“You like that boys? You like seeing me spank that bitches ass?”
They responded by jerking their cocks off faster.
Justin added in, “I love watching you abuse my girlfriend like that. You sexy bitch, play with her wet cunt!”
She did as she was told as she forced me down on the carpet.  I layed on my back just waiting for her to begin fingering my tight snatch.
She didn’t waste any time loosening up my pussy hole, she just exclaimed, “You whore! You like another woman’s fingers up in your cunt don’t you? you lesbian whore, you fucking love this shit you slut!”
I agreed with her as I came hard all over Matt’s wife’s hand.
I returned the favor, only I ate Matt’s wife’s pussy instead of finger fucking it. Her name is Jessie, by the way.
I made sure to position our bodies in the perfect place so that all the men could watch my tongue lick Jessie’s pussy and clit.
I licked her pussy fast, and I shoved my tongue up inside her tight cunt while I fingered her clit. She was screaming with pleasure and she was grinding her pussy onto my face furiously.
I heard Steve say “You fucking whores! Look at you two bitches in heat, you guys can’t wait to get fucked can you? Eat her pussy like a lesbian slut, lick her pussy!”
I turned her over and got her on all fours. I was turned on now and I was going to have this bitches pussy how I wanted it… I shoved her face down in to the carpet and forcefully held her head on to the ground while I ate her pussy. She would grunt and try to get out from under my hand but I wouldn’t let her.
“Bitch! You shut the fuck up when I’m licking your pussy.”
She didn’t stop fighting. Her fighting me was turning me on even more…
“Bitch, what did I fucking say? Now you’re gonna get it in your ass you slut!”
I knew the men approved of this as when I told her she was going to get it in her ass they all grunted and began jerking their cocks harder. I licked her tight brown hole and played around it for a little while, until I wanted to make her ass hole hurt. I shoved three fingers right up her ass and began fucking her ass with my fingers. Occasionally as I reamed her ass with my hand I would slap her on her tight little ass cheeks. I asked the men, “Who want’s a piece of this whore’s ass huh? She’s got a tight ass here ready to be fucked by one of your massive cocks.
Of course, Matt was the first one to stand because she was his wife.  Jason ordered me to suck Steve’s cock while Justin watched and Matt fucked his wife’s tight asshole.  I crawled over to Steve and immediately wrapped my lips around his massive member.
“Steve your cock is so big! I love sucking on huge cocks like this. I want to gag on your dick Steve, make me choke on it!”
He did, and I loved it. He had both hands on the back of my head and was forcing his big dick all the way down my throat.
“Bitch I love how your throat feels against my cock when you’re gagging on it. It feels so tight, yes! Suck on that stranger’s cock! You love it, fucking whore.”
I kept on choking and gagging on his cock because I knew it was turning Justin on. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, he was whacking his dick with one hand and massaging his balls with his other hand.
I didn’t want Steve to come yet so I tried pulling back.
“Uh uh whore, I’m fucking your throat until I cum for you.”
I figured I would speed the process along by grabbing his balls in one hand and adjusting my head so that his cock got even deeper in to my mouth.
“Oohhhh yeaaaaaaah” he announced “yeahhh suck that strangers big cock you slut. You fuck my cock so good with your hot mouth!” And I could feel his balls tighten as he shot load after load into my throat.
After I was done, I had an eye on Jessie and Matt, he was still tearing her ass apart with his cock. He had the biggest cock of the group by far.
I focused in on Jason, who hadn’t seen much action, only to tell me to suck his friend Steve off.
He still looked like he was enjoying every minute of it though.  I felt I wanted more pussy so while Matt fucked his wife’s ass doggy style,  I got underneath and started licking her sopping wet cunt. I wanted this bitch to squirt so I sat half way up, put my tongue on her clit and then finger fucked her pussy harder than ever.  She began to squirt almost instantly and her juice sprayed all over my hand and on to my tits.
“I gave you yours whore, now lick my cunt!  I presented my pussy to her mouth and she happily obliged to eating out my pussy.  I stood up and walked over to my man.  I took his cock in to my mouth and he just told me what a big whore I am.  I love hearing him call me that. 
I wanted to be fucked now, and I wanted to be fucked by the married man.  I walked over to Jessie and asked her if Matt could fuck my pussy instead.
“Of course Matt can fuck your pussy.  He likes fucking dirty slut pussy.  It makes him hot, so you better be a fuckin whore for him.”
“Whatever you want Jessie.  I just have a request for you.  Will you please offer your cunt to my boyfriend Justin? I know he wants to fuck you, I saw his cock harden up when he saw your pussy. He thinks your sexy Jessie and I would love to watch him fuck you.”
She was turned on by this. She had never been fucked by another man, especially another man with a girlfriend.
I got on my hands and knees and motioned for Matt to stick his cock inside me.
I made sure Justin was watching and he was.  As Matt’s huge dick made it’s way inside my tight cunt, Justin was getting harder and bigger.
“Fuck my girlfriend like she’s a worthless slut Matt, I want you to make her pussy hurt. Fucking give it to my girl like she’s a nasty bitch.”
Matt did just that.
As soon as his cock was fully inside of me he started fucking me hard like I’d never been fucked before.  He rammed his cock in and out of my tight pussy and I was loving it. 
“You love it don’t you bitch? You like it when I fuck your pussy and your man is there watching don’t you?”
“Yes! Fuck me in front of my man, show him that I’m nothing but a slut, please!”
“You worthless piece of shit! You’re just my pussy whore, nothing else. You’re useless, you’re fuckin nothing. You got that? You fucking little dirty skank slut!”
“Oooooooh yes YES! Fuck my pussy harder! Fuck me!”
Matt and I continued to fuck but I kept my attention on my boyfriend and Jessie. She had also gotten on all fours so she could be fucked hard too.  Justin had never fucked another woman while being with me.  I could tell he was loving it.  I watched his cock move slowly, at first, in and out of her cunt, leaving a shiny coating over his cock from her pussy juices.  After a few minutes I saw that he must really be enjoying it because he started to give to her hard as well.
Steve and Jason watched us two girls get reamed by their friends and decided they want some too.
I told Justin, “Fuck her pussy Justin! Fuck that slut wife’s pussy! She wants it hard like a fucking slut! Give it to her baby, FUCK HER! Fuck her pussy!”
Jason came over to me and put his hand in front of my mouth.
“Spit in my hand, whore.”
I didn’t ask questions, I just did what I was told. He rubbed the spit on to his cock and around my ass hole and then I felt his huge dick squeezing through my tight ass.
It hurt but fuck did it feel good.
Justin loved this.
“Oh Kim, I love watching you get fucked in the ass and in your cunt by two different guys. I love seeing their cocks tearing you apart, it’s so fuckin hot.”
When he said that, I made sure to only make faces of pleasure and excitement as both my holes were getting fucked.  Steve came over to me and shoved his cock in my mouth and again began forcing me to choke on his cock as I sucked him off.  Once he could feel his orgasm building he slowed down and walked over to Jessie.  He shoved his cock right up her ass, not wasting any time at all. He just started fucking the shit out of her ass hole while my man fucked her cunt.
“Baby, why don’t you try fucking her ass and let Steve have her snatch?”
Steve was very good about it, after only having Jessie’s ass for a few minutes, he pulled out and entered her hot slit and fucked her nasty slut wife cunt.  Justin Lubed up his cock by forcing her to suck on it, and then shoved it up her ass hole.  He had never felt anything so tight, her ass was much tighter than mine he said.  I liked hearing how she was better than me.
“Kim, Jessie’s ass hole is so much tighter than yours! God it feels good to fuck her in her hot ass! Jessie fucks me way better than you do Kim!” He just stared at me getting pounded by two huge cocks.
“Yeah baby,” I began. “Watch your girl get reamed in her cunt and her ass by two strangers! You like watching me get used like a whore? Watch your girl as she makes two huge cocks cum for her baby!”
Justin wasn’t the only one enjoying this kind of talk, Steve was also very turned on by the whole situation.
We moved our way over to where Jessie and I could be next to each other. We began kissing each other and grabbing each others big tits.  The men must have enjoyed this because they all worked up to an orgasm at about the same time…which was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.
“Come on boys! Cum for our tight slut pussy’s!” Jessie and I ordered the men to come for us.
A minute later, the four cocks came out in to the open and each man began jerking their cock off until they were going to cum.  Jessie and I opened our mouths and let all the cum drip into our mouths and all over our titties.  Jesse and I then kissed each other, using our tongues, passing the cum between our mouths, making the boys drool over us.

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