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Full of cum all day long

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  It was a normal Friday for the most part. Sue had to work at the office and I got to stay home and relax. I was all ready awake when I head Sue get up for work. While she was in the shower I took the liberty to set out what I wanted her to wear all day at work. After about 15 minutes Sue came into the living room dressed to the hilt, she was wearing a very short skirted busiess suit and crotchless pantyhose and 4 inch heels. As she entered the room she asked if there was a reason I didn\'t set out any panties or bra, and why I am wearing a shear shirt.

  I walked over to her and picked her up and carried her to the kitchen table and set her on top, and replied that I was going to see how much cum I can shoot into her today, starting right now. Mmmmmm she replied, I dropped my pants and my cock was dripping with pre-cum. I lifted her legs and slide my cock all the way in until my balls hit. I pounded her pussy for about 15 minutes until I shot my first load of the day inside her loose pussy.

  As Sue got off the table and started to head for the bathroom to clean up the mess, I asked what in the hell she thought she was doing. I explained that I wanted heer to let it drain from her pussy all day long to remind her of what happened this morning, and she agreed. Sue grabbed her coffee and off to work she went.

   At 11:30 I called Sue at work and told her that I had a suprise and to come home for lunch. Shortly after noon Sue walked in the door. Ok where is my suprise? I yelled back to her, Iam waiting in the bedroom. Sue was suprised when she opened the door finding me laying on the bed naked with my cock fully erect. I told her to climb on the bed and mount my cock. With out any hesitation she jumped in bed and mounted my cock sliding it right in her all ready wet loose pussy. Sue was an expert at being on top, she loved to grind her hips down on hard cocks. She was still fully dressed and getting the shit fucked out of her. Damm I love the guy that created crotchless panythose. He allowed everyone easy access to pussy.

  After Sue rode my cock until we both came twice, she colapped on my chest exchauted. I told her that I loved her and that I loved her having my cum dripping from her pussy all day long at work. Sue knew I was a bit freaky and enjoyed her showing off her body. We have a very open relationship, and have shared sex partner many times in the past. I will save those stories for another day.

  About 2:00 Sue called from work, she explained that most of the guys at work were looked at her and giving her a big smile and grins. I knew right away what they were grinning for. Sue told me that she smelled like sex and cum was dripping from her loose pussy. I got rock hard with the thought of other guys smelling my wifes dripping pussy with cum. I asked her it it bothered her that she was dripping, "No it makes me feel all wet and ready to fuck somebody". I think that I almost came in my pants. I told her that if she wanted to fuck someone at work that she could as long as she gave me all the details. Thats the great part about a open relationship.

 Shortly after 5:00 Sue arrived home from work, I bairly let her in the door before I had my hand up her skirt and my finger buried deep inside her wet pussy. She was very loose and still had cum dripping from her pussy. I grabbed her hand and lead her to a spot on the where I layed on my back. I instructed her to sit on my face so i could eat her pussy. Sue slowly lower her pussy down on my awaiting tounge. I licked her pussy and ass hole until she begged me to stop so she could breath. Sue had cum on my face 6 times in the first hour of getting home.

  We got up and walked into the bedroom where I liad on the bed, yeah my cock what fully erect again. Sue wasted no time mounting me and grinding her soaked pussy down on me. We fucked for about another hour letting me cum inside her 3 more times. As Sue collapsted on the bed, I gave her a kiss and told her to relax for a bit. About thirty minutes later I went into to check on her and she was asleep. I left her sleep anothe 1/2 hour and woke her up for dinner.

  Sitting at the dinner table Sue told me that she had indead fucked a guy at work today. We went into details about how he shoot his load deep inside her. I got hot all over again. Sue was stilled dressed in the clothes I set out for her that morning. After we finished dinner we relaxed in the living room with a glass of wine. As we sat on the sofa I still had my hand up her skirt playing with her pussy. Sue kept looking at the clock, so i asked if she had some where to go. Nope, she replied. So why to keep looking at the clock? She smiled and said that she had a suprise for me tonight, and that it would be here at 9:00. Well at 9:01 the door bell rang, Sue got up to get the door. She returned with some guy that I had never saw before. She introduced him as Rick.

  I was kinda shocked, I couldn\'t belevie that she was ready to fuck even after a marothon day of sex like we had. Sue knew that I loved her having cum inside her all day, But asked me if I liked the thought of her having cum inside her all day? Of course I do. Well good she replied, you are going to see what it feels like with cum inside your ass all night long. Sue knew that I was bi-sexual and I enjoyed getting fucked in the ass.

  Rick sopke up right away, and told me to "get your ass in the bedroom you fuckin slut". I wasted no time, after entering bedroom I striped my clothes and got on the bed. Rick was a very big guy at least 6 foot talk and build like a brick house. As he stripped off his clothes I got the first glimps of hie monster cock, it was at least 10 inches and very fat.  i got on all 4\'s and Rick slide behind me and lubed up my ass with K-Y jelly. Then he easied his huge cock up my ass. It was clear that I hurt like hell, when Sue my loving wife asked me if I was going to be ok. 

  Rick contiued to fuck my ass until he came inside me 3 times. As he removed his limp cock, Sue was quick to replace it with a large butt plug. Sue then instructed me to roll over on my back. She mounted my cock again as Rick let himself out. Sue slowy ground down on my cock talking nasty to me about our wonderful day. As we fell asleep that night Sue was still on top of me with my cock buried deep inside her. It was one of the best sexual days that we have ever had together.


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