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Grade School Teacher

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We had been writing for several weeks, flirting and testing the limits of each other.  I was pretty sure this Grade School teacher would fuck me.  We spoke on the phone to arrange a place to meet. 

I picked a hotel near her home so she could stop on her way home without going too far out of the way.  The hotel was new and unique, it was a great place to get seduced, Penny loved to as much as I did.

I Meet her in the parking lot, damn she was hot, much better looking than I had anticipated.  Her eyes were magnetic, I couldn't help but look into them as we talked.  She was waring nice fitting jeans and a black sweater that really accented her lovely breasts. 

When we entered the room Penny was very excited to see just how unique it was.  We sat on the foot of the bed and kissed, her tongue darting in my mouth almost instantly, boy could she kiss!  I placed a hand on one of her full round breasts, her responce was to press her breast into my hand and sigh a long low sigh of pleasure.  This was great I had just met her and she was already enjoying my advances.

Panny was a tease, she ask me to pull off her sweater but she would not let me remove her bra.  I thought OK this is how she wants to play it, lets go!  I helped her slip out of her jeans, she wanted me to play with her while covered in her bra and panties. I caressed and cupped her breasts and blew hot breath on her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra making them stand up larger than before.  I breathed on her pussy through the fabric of the panties, Penny was really getting into getting turned on.  She was quickly developing a big wet spot on her panties as she moaned over and over "This feels sooooo goood"! 

Penny had to go to the bathroom, when she returned she removed her bra, her breasts were BIG, VERY BIG, she was a 36 DD so full and firm with perfectly proportioned nipples and areolias.  Her nipples were very sensitive she loved to have me suck and lick them.  I was in Titty Heaven!

After much time careesing and sucking Penny's tits I decided to go for her pussy.  I started kissing her feet  proceening up to her inner thighs and up to her pussy.  I spent a lot of time playing on the fringe of her hole not touching her clit.  Penny just kept moaning and saying how good it flet, then without waring I dove in sucking her pussy lips and clit bud into my mouth and sucking very hard.  Penny said "Oh My Gd I've never had anybody do that to me before."  "Ooooooo! Oooooooo!"  She suttered two or three times then relaxed takin in the pleasure she was experiencing.  After cumming down she said "I want you inside me."

I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, she drew her legs up and wrapped them around me and began to pull me into her vagina.  Penny was already extreamly wet so I drove into her pussy with one push.  When I was completely in her pussy she let out a long lound sigh "Oh my Gd it feels so good!"  As I began to withdraw my cock she told me to stay in her and wait until she had finished experiencing the feeling of my cock in her pussy, I pushed in as deep as I gould get it, it felt so good I didn't ever want to take it out.  After a few minutes of her realishing my cock inside her Penny relaxed her pussy muscles and told me it was time to fuck her.  Penny's pussy was not very tight which made it easy to go for a long time. We fucked in every position we coul think of for nearly 2 hours, then Penny announced that she was ready for me to cum inside her pussy. 

After I came we lay naked on the bed talking about her teaching grade school, her sex life or lack thereof, her husband didn't do much for her in the bedroom department.  I was caressing her lovely body the whole time, I couldn't get over the fact that she was fucking me because she didn't like the way her hubby did it.  Penny ask if I wanted to cum in her pussy again when I said yes she started sucking my dick to hardness so we could do it again.  This time Penny said she wanted the top position.  I was to lay there and let her fuck me this time.  It took about 30 minutes of her riding my cock to make me cum again.  The entire time I was sucking on or caressing her magnificent tits and looking at her beautyful face.  She diffenitly knew how to fuck when she was on top.

So next time your talking to the grade school teacher just remember it could be the Lady I fucked.

Another True story


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