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He ask me to drive her to the cabin

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I had been driving for 7 hours when I rolled into this little town, some friends ask me to stop and say Hi to there friends.  I was hungry only an hour to go to reach my destination, shold I call Johns friend or not?  I got a quick bite to eat and desided since it was Friday night and I ddin't have to be to my meeting until Monday morning I'd get a cheap room.  I called Eddie and Jan to say Hi, they wanted to meet for a drink, that sounded good so I ask where.

Thirty minutes later I was waiting for them in the bar.  Eddie told me he would be waring a red leather jacket, when Eddie and Jan walkrd in I spotted than immediately.  Jan was beautiful, I estimated her to be about 45, she was about 5'3" and around 130 lbs.  Her 'A' line mini skirt really accented her legs, they were really nice.  She had on a very tight sweater which seemed to reveal large breasts.  Jan sat next to me, eddie sat accross from us, he was about 52 or 3.   I am 34.  The chit chat was pretty general he was an equipment opperator, she worked for the government.  We seemed to hit it off pretty well and enjoyed an hour or so talking.  Jan and I were playing footsie uder the table, I slid my hand up on her thigh just a little above the hem of her skirt, she put her hand on mine to stop me moving up any further but, she did not move it just held it in place.  I told them I had got a cheap hotel and needed to get some sleep.  As I got in my truck Eddie ask if he could come see what the rooms were like in that little hotel, I said sure and they followed me.

Once inside the room Eddie ask if I had any pics of my wife or a girl friend.  I did have some nudes of my girl friend so I let him have a look.  My girl friend was 19 at the time, Ed couldn't take his eyes off her patete little body, while he looked at the pics he said to Jan "Why don't you show Bob your tits" Jan did not hesitate up went that tight sweater.  My Hell!  Her tits were perfectly proportioned she is a 'D' cup those tits were like the chrome bullets on the front of a 1956 Cadilac, pointed and perfect.  Her nipples were popping out like flags waving in the breeze.  Jan just smiled as she displayed then for me, after a minute or two Eddie ask her to lift her skirt.  He pubic mound was Auburn in color neatly trimmed to show her pussy lips but not totally shaved.  I was hopping to get some action but before we got to that point Ed said they had to go home.  Damn!  Would I ever see this MLIF again?????  They hadn't been gone more than about 29 minutes when the phone rang it was Ed asking if I'd like to go up to their cabin for part of the weekend.  Hell yes!  I was given directions where to meet them at ten the next morning.  When I arrived Jan came over and told me to follow the big blue truck and trailer, Ok.  

We drove about 10 miles whenthe truck turned off the hyway into the county dump.  Ed and I unloaded several 55 galon barrels or junk.  He told me that he was going to pull off again in about 10 minutes and to pull in behind them.  Jan got out of the truck and came to ride with me, I was thinking this was pretty lucky, we followed Ed and tolked and flirted a little.  Ed stopped and came back and told me I was to play with her and anything else I wanted to do and he was going to be looking out in his side mirroe to make sure I was playing with her tits.  HOw could I refuse, this was what I had hopped for the night before.  I told Jan to steer as I removed her top to play with those big firm 'D' cup bullett boobs, damn they felt great, nice and firm absolutely no sagging, Jan's areolias were about an inch and a half accross her nipples as big arounf as her index finger and about 3/8 of an inch long when hard.  I kissed her on the lips and nipples, kissing as much of her breasts as possible, what a great way to travel the next 70 miles to the cabin.  Just before we arrived Jan said she had better put on her bra and shirt just incase some of the neighboring cabins were occupied.

Ed set out working to finish up a project, repairing one of his peaces of equipment that had broken down.  He told me to help Jan take the supplies into the cabin then come help him before it got dark.  Jan and I unloaded the supplies, Jan gave me a quick look around the place ending up in the loft bedroom.  Jan said she wanted me to do her a favor, she wanted me to help her out of the stretch jeans she was poured into.  She unzipped the side zip and I pulled on them, they were tight, I got on my knees to get better leverage and pulled again, I pulled harder the third time and suddenly they slid past her hips and off taking with them her silk panties.  In a coy sort of way Jan said "Oops" but did nothing to hide her pussy she just stepped out of them and sat on the edge of the bed.  She ask me to lift her top off, she didn't have to ask twice.  What a sight sitting on the edge of the bed in only a lace bra.  Jan said she had anoher favor, "I want you to slide the head of your cock inside my pussy lips but I don't want you to slide into my pussy just put in my lips and holf it there.  I knelt on the floor leaned forward ans pressed the head of my cock to the point I believe she wanted it.  I must have got it right she sighed and said "that feels so good, when you go out don't tell Ed what I wamted you do."  Jan held me in her pussy lips for a long while, she kept her bra on the entire time I was inside, finally she ask me to take it out, I had wanted to thrust into her the entire time but refrained so as not to piss her off.  After I stood up Jan said "I really wanted you to slide it all the way inside me, but I was testing both of us, I wanted to see if I could let you get that far in and not pull you all the in and to see if you would do as I ask."  I sure was glad I didn' take advantage of the situation and maybe spoil my weekend.  Jan also said if I had fucked her she would not have stopped me but that might have been it.

It din't take long to finish up when I was helping Ed her had the heavy stuff finished all we had left was buttoning up.  We went in for dinner at the appointed time.  Wow!!!! Jan was dressed in a very sexy gown, we could just see the outline of her nipples through the silky fabric and a dark patch in her crotch, damn fine!  Jan sat accross from us so we could se all that she had planned to let us see.  After a fine dinner Ed said he'd do up the dishes while Jan walked me down to his private boat dock.  When we got to the dock Jan turned on a dim light, it was a very nice dock and boat.  She turned out the light and kissed me, her tongue went quickly into my mouth, my hans once again roaming over her fabulous breasts, her nipples were already hard.  We walked up the hill to the cabin, Ed ask how I liked his boat dock.  Jan lead me to the loft again asking if she could play some music, sure I said.  She picked the 90 minute sound track from Conan The Barabarian, after starting the music Jan walked to the foot of the bed and dropped the gown to the floor.  She stood there letting me take it all in smiling then saying "I'm all yours, I want you to fuck me."  What an offer she had just ask me to fuck her and Ed was down stairs watching TV  What a head trip.  I started at her feet messaging them kissing my way up her legs kissing the back of her knees and inner thighs as I continued up her body.  I kissed all around her pussy being carefull not to get too close, then her flat well muscled tummy and up to her neck and ears and lips.  We kissed long playing tongue tag while the tip of my cock was resting on the outer portion of her pussy lips.  Jan was more than ready to accept the length of my cock but I was making her wait, finally Jan exclaimed "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FUCK ME?"  At that moment I thrust into her well lubed vagina, one push and I was in to the hilt, she yelled out "OH yes, fuck me."  Jans pussy lips were rather smallish, her cunt medium tight, her tits were magnificent!!!!!  We fucked in several positions for about an hour when Eddie came up to she how she was doing, we were in the missionary position at the time, I raised up but did not withdraw my cock from Jans cunt.  Ed ask her how she was doing she told him she was doing great,  Ed ask me if he could watch me sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, what the hell she was his wife and he was letting her fuck me.  After about 5 minutes he left, Jan told me he couold not get it up very often because he was an alcoholic and that she needed to get fucked every now and then.  Jan told me she had not been fucked in over 6 months except for every once in a while Ed can get it up for a few minutes, but not long enough for her got orgasm. 

Jan told me that she thought I was a real gentleman and that the especially enjoyed my technique, Damn don't give me an ego trip. LOL  I didn't think I was anything special my cock is only average, I'm kind of average looking and built rather average.  But hey if Jan was liking what I was trying to do with her then great.

Jan was really butting a lot of effort into our fuck session she matched me just about stroke for stroke, she became more vocal about the things I did right saying "Thats right your hitting my G spot now keep it up."  "I love to fuck when I know my husband is getting turned on by what I'm doing."  Jans two most favorite positions wer doggy style and missionary, I told her I loved to be on the bottom so that I could look up at her tits while my cock was up in her pussy and so I could look at her pretty face while she road me and I caressed her tits.  Ed came back to the loft in about an hour and ask idf Jan was doing alright, jan told him she was going to "Cum tonight", Ed go excited and said "I want you to fuck my wife like she's never ben fucked before."  The he ask me to let him watch again, he left after about 10 minutes just as before.  Jan told me that this time he would take his cloths off and stroke himself. 

Jan and I had been screwing for three hours, I know because the 90 minute tape just started for the third time.  Jan told me she could only cum on the bottom and that she wanted to stay on the bottom until she came.  "Yes Mam"  I put it in overdrive and began to fuck her with all I had.  I tried long strokes and short strokes, fast and slow, now Jan began to say things like "your going to make me cum tonight."  "Its been six months since I have had a climax."  "OH yes fuck my cunt faster."  she ask me "How do you like my vagina?"  I told her it was exquesite, and that I'd like to fuck her for a week.  She said that would be fun if we could pull it off.  By now Jabn was getting pretty loud yelling "Fuck me harder."  "Pinch my tits while that cock of yours is inside my hot pussy."  "DO you like to fuck me baby?"  "Ohoooooo I'm gooooooooooing to cummmmmmmmmm!"  "Fuck me you bastard, I need it bad!"  "I"M Cummmmmmmming Im cummmmmming."  remember she is yelling these out.  "Oh honey he's going to make me cum"  "Honey can I fuck BOB tomarrow?"  Buy now Jan was bucking so hard that she nearly tossed me off several times.  She was fucking me for all she was worth, she wanted that orgasm so much that she was consumed with her 'G' spot and clit. 

Jan shouted "Its cumming, its cumming, don't stop don't stop."  With that Jan exploded deep in her pussy she bucked and bucked shouting "I'm cumming, I'm cumming Oh honey he did it I'm cumming on him."  "Ohooooo fuck this is great honey I'm cumming right now."  Jan carried on like that for about 15 minutes her pussy clamped down on my cok so tight I don't think I could have pulled it out very easy.  After Jan peaked she relaxed and ask me not to take my cock out of her until she came down, fat chance I hadn't cum yet, I was willing to wait!!!

Sometime when all this was going on Ed walked in the room, I hadn't seen him until now but he was there with his cock in hand.  After Jan came down to earth she ask me if I had cum yet, I told her I had not so she said "I'm ready to make you cum, I want you to cum deep inside my cunt."  Ed moved closer to the bed to watch, it took about ten minutes for me to cum.  I moved out of the way and Ed stuffed his semi ridged cock into her pussy.  Ed didn't get more than 20 or 30 strokes before he went limp.  I went over to a second bed and fell asleep.  About 6:30 the next morning I woke up  the sun was up it was a clear sunny day.  Jan came to my bed and slid her naked body in next to mine, she told me that last night was for her and that now she was going to Fuck me for me.  I ask her if I could nake her cum again, Jan told me that after she climaxed it would be a couple of weeks before she could cum again.  I thought to myself "Interesting".  I was hard as quick as Jan slid in next to me so I was ready for sex. Jan got on top of me and pulled my hands to her lovely tits as settled down on my cock, Jan loved to talk about sex as we were doing it, ddi I like this or that, did I like her tits, did I like her vagina?  This was one incredable looking and well built lady and her husband had recruted me to fuck her.  After about half an hour I told Jan I was ready to cum.  Jan smiled anssaid she was glad she was making me cum and that she loved to have her lover shoot his cum deep inside her cunt.  Jan was on top when I filled her pussy with this load, my hands were caressing her breasts, she was smiling down at me, we stayed that way until I was limp.  Jan told me she was happy that she had made me cum in her pussy twice.  We went to the hot tob to relax while Ed was waking up, whenhe walked into the hot tub room Jan was sitting on my lap, we were kissing as her full round breasts pressed against my chest.  My cock was in her vagina again, she was rolling her hips ever so gently, Ed got in and ask if I had enjoyed last night, I told him it was fantastic, he ask how I liked his wifes pussy, incredable I said, he wanted to know if I'd like to fuck her again, I told him my cock was inside her pussy as he ask the question, needless to say that excited him very much, he wanted to know how she liked it, Jan looked at him and smiled and told him this was the best weekend she had had in years.  Its a good thing the water wasn't too hot or I would not have been able to cum inside Jan that one last time.  

As I got in my truck to leave Jan kissed me passionately right in front of Ed and said so her could "Thanks for the wonderful weekend I love the way you fucked me and thank you for cumming in my pussy 3 times.  Don't be a stranger and Ed said you are welcome any time even if I'm not home you are welcome to fuck Jan.  Uh thats if she promises to tell me about it later.

The above account really did happened to me.  Jan and I have become good friends, Ed died two years ago.  Jan is now 70 years old and still looks great, I'm 59 now, we do get together now and then for a long slow easy fuck session. Jan is still a fantastic lover, we have learned how to make her cum much quicker and easier, Jan says her climaxes are even better these days, she enjoy's them even more, we have been getting together about every 3 or 4 months for the past 25 years.  Ed was completely impodent the last ten years of his life.  

Bye bye


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