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I can't help myself--------------------I need to fuck!

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My Name is Wendy this is a true account of some of my sexual adventures.

It all started when my husband Steve told me he wanted to see another man fuck me.  At first I did not want to have sex with anyone but him, we had been married less that a year when he started in on me, pushing for me to fuck another guy while he watched.

An account of my first photo session is posted on this site.  Not only did I pose nude for him put I posed with him and another man named Monty.  Steve was pretty tricky about the way he went about it.  First her wanted me to sit on Monty's lap for some pics then I sat on Steve's lap for some pics.  Steve had me straddle his lap and sit on his cock facing the camera.  Which I thought was very cool I would now have a pic of my pussy taking my husbands cock in my pussy.  When I got up Monty sat back down and Steve guided me on to Monty's lap, I was not look at Monty since Steve was guiding me and before I knew it Monty's cock was up my very wet and wanting pussy.

I was so fucking horny by this time I didn't protest too much for Steve had left my pussy in a terrible state of needing to cum.  The photographer (Bob) snapped the pics as Monty stroked my pussy.  Again just as quickly it was over, I had not been truely screwed it was only enouogh penitration to tease my pussy.  I was somewhat pissed at least since Steve had tricked me I should get fucked good and properly.

As Bob put away his gear Steve invited me to fuck the photographer, I didn't to hear it twice I was on Bob's cock in a flash. 

Since that day my life has changed, I used to be satisfied with screwing my well hung husband 3 or 4 times a week.  However, now I can't get enough cock, I need more than one cock, I want more than one cock to play with whenever I want it.  Steve has turned my into a nympho slut.

Steve dosn't mind me getting fucked now and then if I tell him first and give him all the juicy details.  I soon found that I didn't always want to tell him about my sexual adventures, I wanted to fulfill my own fantasies no his.

Since I am a very horny lady I masterbate almost every day and often more than once a day or I arrange to get fucked.  Bob is my go to guy, because he works for himself he can usually arrange to get away from his studio or many times I will go to his studio and fuck him on camera.  Steve only knows about a few of the hundreds and hundreds of times Bob and I have fucked.

I was only 19 the first time I fucked Bob at Steves request, it is now several years later and I'm still fucking Bob.  I just can't get enough cock inside me, I have to have it, the thrill I get out of it is tremendous when I know that I'm fucking for my own pleasure not Steve's! 

Steve has a nice sized 9 inch cock that is kind of thick.  I have discovered that Bob shoots about 500 percent more cum when he climaxes than Steve's 1/2 tea spoon full, I noticed the very first time Bob came in my pussy that it felt different but I did not know why back then because I was not familuar with my body of that of a man yet, I was learning. 

On day I had called Bob and ask him to come over to fuck me, I was so horny, I hadn't been fucked in nearly a week because my husband had gone to help out a family member for several days.  I'm not sure if it was my pussy had been inactive so long or may it had shrunk down a little for lack of use but when I was fucking Bob it was increadable.

As he slowly slid his cock into my hot, wet and very ready cunt I nearly climaxed on the spot.  My pussy seemed to be extremely sensitive to the feel of his cock as it went in me.  It felt  better than I remembered, I loved how slowly he pushed it in, I could feel the tip of Bob's dick spreading my Vaginal canal better than ever, when he pulled out I nearly fainted because he waited to long before driving it back inside me.  "Fuck it fells good." I said, "I want you to stay in me the rest of the day and just keep fucking me!" 

My tits were more sensitive to his touch, my nipples seemed to be bigger and harder, I wanted him to suck on my nipples as hard as he could and it felt soooooooooo goooooooooooooood!  I am in heaven every time Bob cames over to fuck me.

I had been screwing Bob for quite a while I began to get more vocal asking him "Do you like fucking me?"  "I love to feel your cock in my pussy, I need your cock inside me, I love it!"  "Will you fuck again me tomarrow?" "I want to get screwed tomarrow."  I made myself cum on his cock.  I love to fuck Bob! 

I felt Bob stiffen, I looked into his eyes and said "Give me you cum."  "Oooooooooooo Yesssssssss fuck me!"  I was well on my way to my third or fourth climax when Bob said "Im cumming, I'm cumming!"  He exploded into my pussy, I felt a huge load of his cum fill my pussy.  I had no idea I could fill his cum filling me up but I could feel it, I loved it.  It felt so increadable, his cum was so hot as it filled me.

Of course this pushed me over the edge leading me to the most increadable climax of my life.  It was hard to believe that Bob had given me the "Max Climax" of my life rather than Steve.  I had discovered cum filling my pussy was a great turn on and in the following days I found out that every time Bob's cum filled my cunt it would push me over the edge to a wonderful, very satisfing climax.

NOw these years later I still crave Bobs cum because he shoots enough of a load to trigger an instintainous climax deep in my vagina.  I still love Steve and he still loves me and I like to fuck him as much as possible, but if I want a special climax I always call Bob and ask him to flood my pussy with his cum. 

Thanks for reading my stories it turns me on to write about my sexual adventures and I always  fuck Steve or Bob or both of them right after I read the posted story. 

Luv to all,



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