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Me and my Hot Neighbor

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As I began to head towards the door, to go outside I heard the telephone ring. I picked up the phone in order to answer it. "Hey Gabriel, are you busy right now" my neighbor asked. "No Kim" I replied. "Good, the reason why I'm calling is because my husband is out of town for a job, and something came up so I need you to babysit Jake and Victoria" Kim said. "When do you need me to come over Kim" I asked. "As soon as possible" she replied.

So I hanged up the phone, walked down the hallway until I reached the door, then I opened it and stepped outside then closed it. I then walked towards my neighbor's house. The door swanged open and I walked inside. Once I was inside I said "Kim, I'm here." Then I walked to the kitchen where I saw Victoria and Jake. "Hey guys, where's mommy" I asked. "Hey Gabriel, here's the list of what you need to do, and if there is an emergency you can call me at this number" Kim said from behind me. "O.k Kim, take care" I replied.

I took a look on the list and first thing was "Dinner." So I took a couple of bowls and dishes and began to prepare dinner. "Can Victoria and I watch T.V." Jake asked. "Of course" I replied. So I grabbed the control and turned on the T.V. and told Jake and Victoria to settle down. Then I went back to the Kitchen to turn off the stove. Then I called out "Hey guys, dinner is ready." Both Jake and Victoria jumped from the couch and ran towards the table and then sat down to eat.

Then I grabbed the list to look at the second thing and it read "Bath." "Hey guys, it says here on the list that after this you two need a bath or a shower. Is there like a particular way that your mother does it" I asked. "Well not really, except fot the fact that she takes a shower with us" Victoria replied, "especially me" Jake added. Victoria then got out of her chair and came to me and whispered in my ear "since my mom is not here, would you like to take a shower with me." "Sure baby" I whispered back. Then I called out to Jake and asked "Hey Jake, your sister is taking a shower right now would you like to join her." "No thanks, I'm just going to play some PlayStation 2" he replied.

"Come on Gabriel you don't wanna miss this" Victoria said. She began to walk upstairs and I followed. Then she led me into her parents' bedroom. Once we were inside I closed the door behind me and then locked it. She turned around with her back facing me. I couldn't help but notice her young butt; so firm, so beautiful, so delicate just like baby's skin. Then she said "come here." I obeyed and walked towards her. My penis was now really hard and it sort of bothered me, so I unzipped my pants and took them off, then I took off my shirt, then my underwear, and then my socks.

Victoria began to turn but I stopped her. She then asked me what was the problem and I told her that there was no problem. Then I placed one hand on her back and the other on the back of her knees and carried her, and took her to the bed. After I placed her on the bed she grabbed me by the head and pulled me so hard towards her. Our lips met and touched, I began to open my mouth and she did the same to me, inviting me inside her. She then broke the kiss and said "You can take my clothes off if you want."

I couldn't wait any longer so I got ontop of her; my penis was sitting ontop of her skirt, but then I grabbed it and placed it under so it could be resting on silk. Then I grabbed her by the waist and began to pull her T-shirt off. And for the first time I was able to see her breasts. They were so big, probably like 36 DD. "You can take off my bra too if you want" Victoria said. "I don't want to take her bra off, I need too" I thought. She began to sit up and that's when I reached from behind and unhooked her bra. I then grabbed it and threw it to the floor. "May I take your panties off too" I asked. "Oh Gabriel, it would be an honor" she replied. So I got off of her and allowed her to stand up. Once she was on her feet, I knelt down and grabbed her by the waist and began to pull down her skirt, and was followed by her panties. "Finally, the girl of my dreams, naked in front of me.

Again I placed one hand on her back but the other one was placed between her thighs. Then I carried her and took her to the bed. Once we were near the bed I pushed Victoria so she could lay on the bed, but I was surprised to find her hands and legs pulling me towards her as she was falling. We began to fumle a little and then began to touch each other. Victoria then placed her body ontop of mine, her head ontop of my dick, and her pussy over my lips. "Hey Gabriel, let's eat each other out" she said. Victoria then placed her tounge on my dick and began to eat it out as if it was Ice Cream. Then I placed my tounge on her Clitoris and began licking it, then I pushed my tounge in a little deeper until I heard her moan. "I can't hold on much longer" I thought, then said "Victoria I'm cumming." She just kept on licking and sucking which brought me into the biggest orgasm, then I squirted all of my cum into her mouth. She gave it one more lick, and swallowed all of my cum. "Victoria, I'm sorry that I couldn't give you an orgasm" I said. "Who said you wouldn't" she replied.

She then up from my body and rested right next to me. Then I got up and moved so I could get ontop of her. I placed my right leg right next to her left leg and did the same for the other one. I began to lay down ontop of her. Her boobs were making me so horny that I grabbed one and began to sucking on the nipple, then I alternated to the other one. Her moans of pleasure told me that she truly liked what I was doing to her. "Have you ever had sex" I asked. "No" she answered. "Ok baby this is going to hurt for only a little bit but then the pain will be replaced by pleasure" I explained. I began to move my penis up and down her urethra until i got it nice and wet. Then I touched her clitoris with my penis and made her moan, then I moved my penis to the Vulba. And began to push in but had some trouble because it was so tight. After like ten tries I managed to get half of my dick inside her vagina. "Victoria I'm gonna have to push past your Hymen and it's going to hurt really bad. But after a couple of minutes it will feel really good" I explained. "It's fine Gabriel" she replied. With one final push I managed to get through her Hymen. "AHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHH" she screamed. Once inside her I layed down ontop of her and said "It's ok baby."

Then I began to push in and push out of her. Victoria then began moaning, her moans increased in volume. Then I began to feel something wet on my penis. The last thrust was the last one, her vagina began squeezing my penis. Victoria then said "OH OH OH OH OH OH, I'm cumming Gabriel." That's when I stopped thrusting and said "OH Victoria I'm cumming too." Her juices covered my penis and that's when I shot my load of cum inside of her. Then I just layed down ontop of her and heard her say "Oh baby, that was the best time of my life." The two of us just passed out ontop of her mother's bed.

To be continued.

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