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My Husbands Friend

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My Husbands Friend

Since Ryan and I married eight years ago, and 5 kids later I had gained my share of weight, I wasn’t that thin 'perky' 25 year old my husband had married, and our sex life was almost non-existent. I had tried ever diet in the world to no avail.

I guess you would say my self-esteem was in rough shape. For my birthday my husband bought me a computer and I was immediately hooked. I could be anyone I wanted to be, and the online affair I was having was unbelievable.

One night while I suffering the Internet I happened to come across an adult website, Erotic BBW. I have never been one to look at Internet porn, much less buy memberships to these sites. For some strange reason though this site intrigued me. The women on the tour were so real, like me, heavier with full breasts, curves in all the right places. They weren’t like the models you see splashed all over the magazines.

I browsed their sample pages and decided what the hell, and bought a trial membership to their site. The inside of the site was filled with great pictures of full figured beautiful women. Sucking gorgeous men, being sucked off them selves. I felt a twinge between my legs looking at all these 'heavier' women in various sex acts with men.

I couldn’t believe how aroused I was getting. The next day my husband was leaving for a three day business trip, and I was somewhat happy, I couldn’t wait to have the time to explore the new world I had discovered. Just thinking about it my panties damp and my ample 38 DD breasts spring to life. As soon as he was out the door, I was on the Internet and browsing through the pages of erotic photos. Soon I discovered the online video, and couldn’t wait to see it. I clicked on one of the movies pulled my keyboard into my lap and waited for the movie to load.
The female in the video had long brunette hair and ice blue eyes; her breasts were larger than mine. Her ample bottom and stomach made her look like an hourglass; her legs were long and full. The man she was with was muscular with at least a nine-inch member. He had dark hair and eyes and a perfect hairy chest.

I thought how nice it would be to run my hands through as I cradled his harness. My loins ached as I watched the pair satisfy each other on my computer screen. He took her enormous breasts into his mouth, not even able to get half off them in, do to the size. He sucked like a newborn baby, not wanting to let go. She would moan from deep within her as he sucked her nipples hard as rocks, while squeezing the other one. I reached over and put the keyboard on the desk, opening my blouse to play with my breasts as I watched the couple on the screen satisfy each other. My nipples were hard, and my panties soaked, as I slid them the floor. You could smell my sex as I opened my legs and slid my hand between my thighs. "Mmmmmm", I moaned as I ran my hand between my legs inserting my two center fingers. I could barely continue watching the video; I was getting so excited by it all.

I felt myself coming closer and closer to orgasm as I moved my hand faster and faster. I tightened my thighs against my hand as shivers of pleasure poured throughout my body. As I was recovering there was a knock on the door. I quickly tried to compose my self as much as possible and slid my robe on as I went for the door. I answered the door, with beads of sweat on my forehead, and the smell of sex lingering in the air. "Hi, Kayla, Ryan told me to stop by and install this anti-virus software on your computer." Steve said, as he walked past me and headed towards the office.

Dread came over me, watching him walk towards the office, knowing that my soiled panties were on the floor and my newfound passion was still open on my computer screen. I darted towards the office calling his name. As I rounded the corner, I knew I was to late, their stood Steve staring at my computer screen. I noticed a slight bulge in his jeans, and smiled. Steve, said nothing, he just shrunk the page and started loading the software into my computer. I could feel the redness in my checks.

As Steve turned towards me his eyes fell upon my pink panties. This time Steve smiled at me. "Been busy this morning", Steve said turning back towards the computer. "Just playing around on the internet." I said retrieving my panties from the floor. Steve’s bulge was bigger now, and I have to admit I could feel warmth between my legs. I stood there looking at his wide shoulders and his shoulder length hair.

I couldn’t believe I was having thoughts about Steve. Ryan’s partner in crime. His best friend. When Steve had finished he clicked on the website, and there before us on the screen was a hot voluptuous babe getting rammed by two hot studs. Steve stood and said, "Well I think I have you in good shape, and you can continue where you left off’. He smiled and took a few steps closer to me. I stood there frozen, not knowing what to do. His pants were in full salute now, His member so large that I could feel his harness against my robe. Our eyes met and he kissed me, softly at first, then harder. Pushing himself against him, drilling his manliness into me crotch.

I didn’t know what to, should I pull away? It felt so good; I just stood there lost in the moment. Steve slid his caulised hands inside my robe squeezing my breasts. I moaned as he began kneading them as he explored his mouth with his tongue.

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