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My Old buddy's Wife

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True story different names.

This pase September my old friend Fred turned up his toes, yep that's right he kicked the bucket.  This was rather sudden, he had been having some minor problems when he went in for a test that, if the Doctor wasn't careful he could kill you.  Thats just what happened, a medical screw up and bang he was gone.  Fred was just 72 and he and his wife 64 were lots of fun to hang out with, they were both very talented and had developed some hobbies that were fun to do and also put a little extra cash in there pockets.  The were into making Jewelery and various other artsy stuff. 

The morning after Fred died Annette called and ask me to help her with the funeral arrangements, Fred wanted to be creamated and have his ashes scattered in the mountains.  After the funeral we took Fred home and placed him on the mantel.  Annette was all wound up and exhausted at the same time. She didn't know what to do next, Fred had left some unfinished work on a remoddeling project, she didn't know what to do about that, she had many questions about finances and many other things.  She was beat but would not admit it, I got her to take an asperin and lay down.  I started rubbing her back while she lay face down trying to relax, suddenly Annette rolled over to ask me a question.  As she did one breast was under my hand before I knew it.  I didn't do anything, not move it or remove it I just left it on her full round breast.  For a moment she didn't realize what she had done then she looked at her tit and said "My My, iys been quite a while since anybody has caressed my breasts."  I said excuse me and moved my hand, Annette said "Oh thats alright it felt kind of nice."  She rolled back over and I began to rub her back again, this time her mind was on my rubbing her back, she commented on how good it felt, I slipped my habd under her sweater and continued to rub, I undidn her bra, she sighed and rolled over this time my hand was on her bare breast, as I caressed them she just commented on how good it felt, I rolled her medium sized nipples in my fingers that made her squirm and press her breasts harder into my hand, now she was totally into what I was doing, she was purring like a cat.

Annette has a girl friend who had been staying with her for a couple weeks prior to Freds death.  Unfortunately just as I was thinking I was getting her turned on she thought about her lady friend down stairs and pushed my hand away, saying something about if Mary comes looking for us we can't be doing this stuff.  Damn the luck, Oh well.

Annette had lost a lot of weight when Frank was being tested over a 4 or 5 months period, I told her she was too skinny, she agreed and said she'd try to gain some weight, she is 5'1" and looks great at her normal 105 but at 90 lbs she a little skinny.

A week after the funeral Annette called and ask me to lunch to get some more free financial advice.  Side note: I am 7 or 8 years younger than Annette.  We had lunch and flirted a little, we had always flirted and I'd even felt her up a couple times and she had flashed her pussy once when Fred was up stairs and we were cleaning the hobby room.  After lunch I drove to a little hotel, Annette ask what I was doing, I told her I wanted soem time alone with her (Mary was still staying with her for comfort) I wanted to see if I could give her some comfort of my own.  She didn't ever object, when we got to the room I kissed her immediately her tongue was darting in search of mine, I was all over her tits, we slowed down, I unbuttoned her dark blue satin blouse, then got her pants off so that she was standing in only her bra and panties.  Annette then removed my shirt and pants, kissing all the time as we went.  I stepped back to drop my briefs and she dropped her bra and panties so quick, I was surprized that she had not been a little more reluctant about getting naked.  Her breasts were full and round , she told me she was a "D" cup, they were softer than I had immagined, yet they did not sag much at all, her areolias only about two shades darker than the rest of her breast and the nipples only about two shades darker than that.  Annette's nipples are not very big they are about as big around as a pencil and about 3/8 to 1/2 an inch in length when she is arroused, but boy does she like them sucked.  Annette neve had any children and told me she thought the reason she liked them sucked so much was that she had not suckled a baby and this was making up for that.  I kissed every square inch of her breasts over and over I kissed and sucked them,  Annette is one of those few woman that can climax while you suck her nipples, that was exciting!  Annette's bush was partially trimmed her pussy lips are so exotic looking, I told her I loved looking at her pussy, hmmm is all I heard.  I went down on her sweet pussy teasing the outer lips and flicking her clit with my tongue, she was squealing and moaning and climaxing, by the time I decided to slide my cock inside her she had cum 3 times, she was so wet!  I placed the tip of my cock against her pussy lip and proceeded to slide in, abouttwo thirds of the way in Annette stopped me, "Its been a while since I've done this you'll have to so very slow so I can get used to you, I think your bigger than Fred was.  I held my cock in place for maybe 20 to 30 seconds then pulled out until I was ready to fall out then slid back inside her about the same distance as before, slowly, very slowly I repeated this noticing her getting wetter and wetter, soon I was completely in her wanton pussy, as I pressed in to the full length of my cock Annette let out a big squeal and a big sigh and climaxed again.  Annette was like a machine once you wound her up.  She didn't want to stop even though she said she would probably be sore tomarrow.  I offer to stop but she said no she wanted to keep going,  as we fucked she told me she had needed to get fucked for a long time, the meds Fred was on affected his ability to get hard.  Annette also told me that she had thought about seducing me several times in the past but had not gotten up the courage.  I told her I'd help her make up for lost time.

We spent 2 hours fucking that afternoon, Annette was game for any position and any action, she loved it all and told me so. And I quote, "I love sex, I love fucking you and I'll fuck you as long as you want me too, even if you are married."  Annette has invited me to cum back on several occations, we do not live in the same town we are about 60 miles apart, her friend is gone now so its much easier to get together.  Last night I went to see her, we spent the entire evening in front of the firepalce I sucked her tits for a very long time then we began fucking like newly weds.  What a horny Lady, MMMMMMMM I love it.


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