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My Wife's Dirty Whisper's

jason5 on Wife Stories

During sex my wife Kate and I often whisper dirty things into each other’s ears, the topics of these whispers often vary but lately my wife keeps mentioning how she would love to be fucked by another man while I watched. The idea of this kind of had me interested but I was still unsure if I wanted another man fucking my wife. After several months of her whispering this to me I thought maybe this is what she would really like to experience but was too embarrassed to ask me for real.

One night we were out at a bar and I noticed her dancing and flirting with a guy, I didn’t have a problem with this as I often did the same with other women. As I sat back and watched the idea popped into my head that maybe this could be the guy that could for fill this fantasy that she had about being fucked by another guy. When my wife went to the bathroom I walked up and started to chat to the guy she was flirting with. I asked him his name and if he thought my wife was sexy. At first I think he thought I was going to punch him but soon realised I was asking out of interested. He responded saying his name was Dan and how sexy he thought Kate was. I proceeded to tell him about her fantasy and asked if he would be interested in being involved. He quickly agreed and I told him where we lived and what time to get there.

When Kate got back from the bathroom I suggested to her that it was time to go home and we both left. As we were walking out I gave Dan a nod so he knew the time to fuck my wife was drawing nearer. When Kate and I arrived home we sat on the couch and watched the end of the late night movie. About 30 minutes had passed and I knew that Dan would probably now be waiting at the back door and that I somehow needed to sneak him in without Kate knowing. I told her to go and have a shower and wait for me in bed. As soon as I heard the shower running I went to the backdoor and let Dan in. I told him to wait just outside our bedroom and to come in when I said “Oh your gonna be fucked alright”

I heard the shower turn off so I undressed and jumped in bed. Kate came out of the bathroom and climbed on top of me and began to gently kiss me. I pulled her close and began to grab that firm little ass. I rolled her onto her back and told her I was going blindfold her and have my way with her. Kate liked the idea so I reached into the bedside table and pulled out the blindfold. As I slid it over her eyes I kissed her and told her she couldn’t remove it until I told her to, she agreed and giggles with delight. I then began to kiss her neck slowly moving down her body sucked hard on each nipple as I went before reaching her wet pussy. I started licking her clit then forcing my tongue into her wet swollen hole. Kate started to really squirm with pleasure. I knew it was time to give her what she had been whispering to me all these months. I said the magic words  “Oh your gonna be fucked alright” and with that Dan crept into the room standing beside me ready to go with a rock hard cock. I motioned him to stick that hard cock in my wife’s dripping pussy. Her kneeled between her spread legs and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of Kate’s pussy. Then while giving me a wink slammed his cock straight into Kate. She gasped as this stranger’s cock buried itself deep inside her. Dan began to pump my wife and she rocked her hips with every thrust. Kate had no idea that someone else was fucking her. I moved beside her and whispered in her ear before removing the blindfold “Enjoy yourself baby”.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw it was Dan filled her pussy. She looked at me in shock and I just nodded back at her. Knowing she had my approval she began to claw Dan’s chest as he fucked her with everything he had. I sat back in the chair and played with myself and enjoyed the show. Dan pulled his cock out of Kate and turned her over and began to fuck her doggy style. I watched as her tits swung with every thrust. She motioned me to come over, She ask me if she could feel two cocks in her at the same time. I went to put my cock in her mouth and she stopped me and said she wanted my cock in her ass. I looked at Dan and he had a big grin. I looked back at Kate and told her she could have anything she wanted. Dan pulled out and laid on his back, Kate straddled him and guided his cock back into her pussy. As she leant forward onto Dan I got behind her and started to push my cock up her ass. It was so tight. Once I had forced my entire cock into her all three of us began to get a rhythm going. I had never heard Kate moan like this before, I swear all the neighbours would be hearing this. Kate said she wanted to feel us fill both her cunt and ass with our cum at the same time. Dan and I upped the pace and I could feel the eruption about to take place. I yelled out the I was about to cum and Dan said go go go so am I. With 3 more thrusts we both filled Kate’s holes with hot cum. All 3 of us collapsed on the bed exhausted, Kate couldn’t speak. Dan got up and thanked me for letting him fuck my sexy wife. He kissed her passionately before getting dressed and leaving. Kate cuddled into me, she looked up at me and thanked me for an amazing experience before saying how maybe one day she would like to know what it would feel like to take 3 cocks at once!!!! 


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