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Liz smiled at me as she posed in the middle of the living room. Her long legs seemed even longer as they rose from her heels to the hem of the tight, short skirt. The fitted silk blouse clung to her body and the open buttons showed a good portion of her large tits. She bent at the waist and allowed the weight of those beautiful tits to swing and show that she was not wearing a bra. Then she whirled around to face away from me and bent over again. This lifted the hem of the skirt to show that nothing covered her tight ass and shaved pussy. The skirt and blouse was all that she wore, if you didn't count the broad smile.

"I guess I'm as ready as I will ever be if you are sure that you want me to show my tits and pussy to strangers." She grinned.

I smiled at her and gave her one last chance to back out and reminded her that having sex along the way was also in the plan. She slowly slid the skirt up to show her shaved pussy and said, "You will owe me a good fucking when we get back here. The thought of showing my body to strangers already has me hot and after I actually do it, and maybe have sex with them, I'll have pussy juice running down my legs. Let's go do it."

People began looking at her as we walked from the car to the entrance to the shopping mall. Liz is 5' 2" tall without the heels. Now she was a vision of long bare legs and bouncing tits. We strolled around the mall and I watched men and women look at her. Anyone who saw her knew that she was not wearing a bra. Her large tits swayed and jiggled with each step and her large nipples were stiff from the silk rubbing against them as much as the fact that she was really turned on.

Liz whispered that she liked the feel of the cool air on her bare pussy. It helped to cool her as she became aroused by being in public dressed as she was.

After walking around for a while I asked her if she was ready to shop for some new shoes. Her answer was an even broader grin as she turned into a shoe store. The clerk was a young woman, probably just out of high school. Her face said it all as she looked her over from head to toe. As Liz bent over a display rack her  eyes were drawn to the open blouse and her swaying tits. She let her look for a few seconds before smiling at her and asking for a pair to try on. As she went into the storeroom it was obvious that she was already sporting a wet spot.

Liz sat down to wait for the clerk and let her knees open slightly. That caused to skirt to slide higher up her thighs and allow a slight glimpse of her already wet pussy. I sat across from her to check just how much the clerk would see. her pants were still tented when she quickly knelt in front of Liz. she lifted her foot to remove her shoe. As she did this she moved her foot slightly to the side and lifted it higher than necessary to remove the shoe. I got a good look at her pussy from where I sat and knew that the young clerk had an even better view. When the new shoe was on, Liz stretched her leg out so that her foot was even with the clerkers  head. Then she rotated her leg to look at the sides of the shoe. All the time the clerk was staring at her pussy, which was already glistening with her juices. She put her foot down and said that she would like to try on the other shoe. The clerk repeated her  movements and got an even better look at her partially open pussy.

Liz  stood and walked back and forth to test the shoes. The clerk stayed on her knees and watched her ass and then pussy, then ass and pussy again as she stepped and turned. As she faced away from her she stopped and bent at the waist to check something on the shoes. The clerk almost fell over when she saw her bare ass and the rear view of her pussy. She returned to the seat in front of the panting clerk and asked if she had the same shoe in an ivory color. She took off for the stock room and Liz grinned that she was about to cum in her pants. I told her to go back and make her cum but not in her pants.

I waited for thirty seconds and walked quietly to the door of the stock room. I heard the clerk moaning and the distinct sound of a hand jacking rubing a wet pussy. I peeked around the door and watched as Liz stroked the young clerks pussy. She slid one of her hands between her legs and rubbed it against her pussy. Those two were so hot that it only took a minute of so for the clerk to hump her hips and shoot a good load of hot cum across the floor. Liz was also close and never stopped playing with her pussy as she rose to a shuddering cum on the clerks hand.

Liz  put on her shoes and we strolled out into the mall to find a ladies room so she could clean her pussy and legs. When she came out she smiled and told me that doing that young women was one of the hottest things she had ever done. "Where to next?" She asked.

We checked several dress shops and ended up in a small shop in a wing of the mall. The young woman running the place beamed when she saw Liz. Her eyes slowly moved from Liz's face to her toes and then back up. I saw her tits lift and fall as she took a quick breath. Liz smiled at me and we both knew that this girl was, at the least, bi-sexual and liked what she saw.

The woman followed Liz as she moved through the display racks looking at clothes. I noted that she always stayed in a position to appreciate the fine body that was being displayed to her.

Liz picked several outfits and asked to try them on. The woman led her to the small changing room in the back and I heard her tell Liz that she would be there to assist if needed. Liz chatted as she removed her skirt and blouse and left no doubt that she wore nothing underneath; nor was she ashamed to let a strange woman see her nude. As she slipped into a dress she asked the woman to assist her in buttoning it. I saw Liz smile as the woman let her fingers briefly slide across the mound of a hard nipple. When Liz didn't complain, the clerk used her palm to smooth the material over her tits. In the process she lifted and squeezed both tits.

"You really have a nice body." She said as her hands slide down over Liz's belly to then to first one thigh and then the other. Then she knelt and said that perhaps the hem should be shortened a bit. As she said that she slid the bottom of the skirt up and had a very close look at a hot shaved pussy. Liz told me later that she could feel the woman's hot breath on her wet pussy.

Liz  put her hands on the girl's head and gently pulled her until her lips were almost touching her pussy. I heard her say, "Chris will watch the door." With that she pulled the waiting mouth to her pussy. There was no hesitation as the woman began to run her tongue into Liz pussy.

I checked to make sure that no one else was in the store and then turned back to watch another stranger have sex with my girl. As her tongue licked and flicked at the clit, she slid two fingers into Liz's hot shaved  pussy. She must have found Liz's g-spot because suddenly Liz stiffened and began to hump the girl's face as she moaned into a hard cum.

Liz lifted the girl to her feet and said, "I want to eat your pussy now." She waited until the clerk removed her panty and then began to eat her pussy with her very long tongue. She lifted one slender leg over her shoulder and drove her tongue deep into this new pussy. She tongue-fucked her and then flicked the tip around the clit and sucked long and hard on it. She soon had the woman cumming.

When Liz was finished and told the girl that she would love to watch while I fucked that just eaten pussy. The young woman looked at me and nodded her approval. Liz and I changed places and I pulled my hard dick out. The clerk lifted one leg and I found her wet pussy with the head of my dick. Then I pulled her other leg up around my waist and let her settle onto me. She was tight and I stroked slowly as she hugged my neck. Her pussy worked around my shaft as we fucked. She held me tightly as I fucked her faster and faster. I heard her grunt that she was cumming and I let my balls empty into her hot little pussy.

As we left the store, Liz picked up a business card and asked if the woman we had just fucked was Rhiannon. When the woman nodded yes, Liz told her that we would call her. She smiled at us as we left the store.

We sat at the short end of the bar, tucked into a fairly dark corner. Liz sipped her drink and swung the stool around. I knew that if she kept doing that someone would see her bare pussy under the short skirt. She leaned over to me and said that one more thing would make it a perfect sex day at the mall. "I want to be fucked in public by another stranger." It was only a few minutes later that a tall young man entered the bar and looked at Liz as she spun the stool. He apparently saw her pussy and moved to sit next to her.

He looked down at her open legs with a bit of her pussy showing and then at her tits. Liz kept talking as she slowly rubbed her knee back and forth across his still growing member. I could tell that she was getting hotter by the second and when she whispered that she would like to have that big hard dick in her pussy I told her to go for it if she could do it without getting caught.

I leaned on the bar and watched as she slid her hand to press against Mike's cock. He looked at me and I nodded my consent. Then I suggested that we rearrange the seating with Liz where I was so she could lean back against the wall. Mike would take the center stool while I moved to the outside one to block the view of anyone else who might come into the bar.

We ordered another round of drinks and knew that after they were delivered, the bartender would not come back for a while. As we waited for the drinks, Liz slowly slid her hand into Mike's fly and stroked his hard dick. When the bartender left our end of the bar Liz lifted her drink and said, "Here's to a hard cock and a hot pussy, may they enjoy a good fuck. With that she pulled Mike's hard dick out of his fly and licked her lips when she saw how long it was. Then she leaned back against the wall to move her pussy close to Mike. She positioned the big head at her pussy opening and softly said, "Fuck me slow."

Mike did just that. He slowly slid into her hot pussy and began to stroke. Janine lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips as she enjoyed the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I leaned over the bar and looked at his dick fucking Janine. Watching another man fuck her made me hard again, Liz saw me looking and mouthed, "Wait until we get home." I nodded that I understood and waited for them to cum. I wasn't sure how Liz would control her normal outburst when she came and was ready to leave quickly if necessary.

Mike humped faster as he rose toward the edge of sexual satisfaction. Liz bit her lip and as Mike muttered that he was cumming she pulled his hips to her and shuddered hard as she fell into the abyss of climax. Mike grunted in time with his jerking hips as he shot his hot cum deep into Janine's throbbing pussy.

Liz released her leg hold on Mike and allowed his cock to slide out of her dripping pussy, She held it in her hand and then slid off the stool to suck it a few quick times before putting it back in his pants.

Before Mike could recover, Liz and I drained out glasses and said a quick good-bye.

In the car Liz pulled my dick out and began sucking me. She loves cum and a few minutes later I gave her a full load.

She smiled and said, "When we get home, let's take a nap and then have a long slow fuck and suck."

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