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Sex in a Car Park

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My husband Mark and myself had been out for the evening we had a nice meal and a few drinks with our friends. They had received a phone call fro their baby sitter saying their son was not well so they had to leave.

On the way home Mark said how sexy I was looking and how he was going to found somewhere quiet to fuck me. We drove along a country lane until he found a dark quiet car park. There was know one around so he stopped the car and turned to me.

I parted my legs as he run his hand up my thigh opening my wrap round skirt letting him feel I had my black hold ups on which he loves. I felt his hand reach the top of my thigh as we kissed. I reached down feeling his cock getting harder inside his trousers.

Mark slipped his hand inside my small white panties and his finger was soon gently stroking my clitoris. I unzipped his trousers releasing his hard erect cock. I was stroking it gently but slowly begun to stroke it harder.

I lowered my head and begun licking the tip before slowly taking him into my mouth. I begun to suck hard on his cock as he placed his hands on my head pushing it further down until I felt the tip of his cock against the back of my throat.

It was then I heard another car pull into the car park. I heard the car door close as Mark told me we were being watched. This excited me so much I really sucked hard on his cock. Mark was fingering me wet pussy telling me a guy was now by my door looking in watching us.

I heard my door open and within moments I felt a hand moving up my thigh slowly. Mark removed his hand from my panties as I felt them being pulled to one side. I lifted my head as Mark eased my seat backwards. I opened my legs as the stranger pushed a finger into my wet pussy.

I begun shaking as I felt my body getting warmer and moments later I felt my pussy ready to explode to climax. I opened my legs as wide a possible as the stranger pushed a second finger in. I lifted my ass off the seat slightly as my pussy then exploded over his fingers.

I reached out and run my hands over the large bulge that was now appearing in his trousers. The stranger took my hand and eased me out of the car. I lowered myself to my knees unzipping his trousers releasing his cock. I stroked his hard erection before placing my mouth over it. He rocked his hips as he started to fuck my arm mouth.

After a short while the stranger pulled me to my feet leading me round the car. He lifted me onto the bonnet of the car as I parted my legs. Mark was now standing by my side watching as the stranger gripped my panties easing them down my thighs dropping them on to the tarmac of the car park.

I laid back on the warm bonnet as the stranger took hold of my legs kissing his way up my thigh until I felt his tongue probing my wet pussy. His fingers parted the lips of my pussy as his pushed his tongue deeper into me. I turned to Mark watching as his started stroking his cock telling the stranger ‘fuck her’ the stranger stood rubbing his cock against my pussy opening. I whispered push it in give me that cock.

The stranger gripped my ass lifting it from the bonnet as I felt him push his cock deeply inside my wet pussy. I let out a little sigh as I felt his large cock going deeper into me until I felt the tip brushing against the top of my inner pussy.

Slowly he eased it back and forth each thrust forward getting harder and each time easing back was a little slower. Slowly his fuck built up speed until he was really pounding my pussy hard. I laid back enjoying his fuck whispering yesssss fuck me fuck me. The stranger gripped my legs stretching them very wide apart as Mark looked down watching the strangers cock pounding my pussy.

The stranger felt so big inside me, my pussy felt like it was being stretched to its limit as he pumped his hard cock into me. All the time Mark was saying good fuck my slut hard. This really turned me on as I called out to the stranger fuck me I’m your slut.

Mark opened my top pulling my bra over my tits. The cool air soon making my nipples stand up like little bullets. The stranger took my tits into his squeezing hard as his cock continued pounding my pussy.

I screamed out as my pussy exploded over his cock. I looked at Mark saying I’m cumin over his hard cock. I told Mark how good the strangers fuck felt and how he was so much bigger and better than he ever felt in me. The stranger pulled on my nipples stretching them as I felt his cock starting to twitch.

I called out fuck me cum in me fill my pussy I want your cum. The stranger gripped my legs once more holding them wide apart as he called out your dirty slut here it comes. With one very hard thrust I felt his cum shooting deeply inside me filling my pussy.

As the stranger pulled back I felt his cum slowly dribbling from my pussy. The stranger eased me off the bonnet before pulling his trousers up saying thanks and heading back towards his car.

We drove off with Mark telling me how much of a slut I looked but how much he enjoyed watching me get fucked. I slipped a finger inside my pussy feeling the strangers cum deep inside me.

Once home Mark really fucked me hard calling me his dirty fucking strangers cum slut wife.

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