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Stan (Taking my wife Part 2)

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After the day at the beach (see Taking My Wife), our sex life took on a new urgency.  It was as if neither my wife or I could get enough sex.  I wasn’t sure at the time if she was re-visiting her being fucked by Stan – or if it was just my memories– but for a few weeks we just fucked each other stupid.

One night after a particularly wild sex session I asked Ruby (my wife) if she ever thought about the day at the beach, and being fucked by Stan. She was quiet at first but soon admitted she had found the whole experience incredible sexy, and in particular had found the idea of “just being taken” a massive turn on.  I questioned her some more on this – as it seemed strange that a women would enjoy being raped… but she said the fact that Stan just took control and ‘helped himself’ to her open pussy had made her cum harder than ever before… it wasn’t long before this kind of talk had got me hard again.. and so I slipped my cock inside her still wet pussy and began to fuck her again….

“Do you like my cock inside you?” I asked her, as I pushed myself deep into her cunt.
“uuuhhh….” She moaned… “Yes, I like cock inside me” – was it me? or had ‘my cock’ just become ‘cock’…????
“Would you like any cock inside you..?”
“uh-huh” she nodded….” I just want a big cock in my cunt… I just want to be fucked”

Now I had never heard my wife talk this before, but I realized we had reached a new level in sexual openness, and I was damn sure I was going to exploit it….

“Any cock? You mean that ?  You are happy to have anyone fuck you now?” I said as I tried to fuck her harder and deeper without coming myself…..
“aahhh god… yes.. “ she screamed “you can let anyone fuck me…. It feels so good”. With that we both came instantaneously… long and hard… 

As we laid in each other arms I asked her if it was just sex talk… or if she really would like to be fucked by other men now… again she was quiet at first – but admitted she would like to be fucked by other men as she had only had 2 lovers before me – and didn’t want to get old without having experienced a few more cocks….

“How do we get guys to fuck you?” I asked – knowing this was the easy part of the problem… getting her to agree was the hard part – but we seemed to be progressing on that point..
"I don’t know” she replied, ”I enjoyed Stan fucking me.”
“So you want to go to the beach again, and see what happens” I asked..
“No” she replied… “I want to Stan to fuck me again.. but this time properly.. not in the sea”.

I couldn’t believe my ears….my 26 year old wife was telling me she wanted to fuck a 60 year old guy… but all I could really think was… how and when?


After Stan her fucked my wife in the sea, we had returned to our towels and laid down for a few minutes.  Before we left Stan had walked past and dropped a paper not with his telephone number on it.

I still had the piece of paper – and now had a reason to cash in the dinner he had offered. In return I was going to offer him my wife again. I called Stan, and we arranged to meet for a quick beer, as he lived in a suburb close by.

In the pub I told him Ruby had admitted she’d like to fuck him again – but properly this time, and I was ok with that.  I showed him all of the pictures I had of Ruby naked, and told him that neither of us could stop thinking about how he fucked her that day. Stan loved the pictures and happily agreed to honour the dinner he had offered us. We arranged to go out on the Friday night to a Thai place down near Bondi Beach.  Stan said he would drive, and come over and pick us up, so we could drink and he could have a good excuse to stay sober… and thus be able to perform for Ruby.

On Friday I told Ruby Stan was picking us up at 7.30, and she should dress sexy for him. After numerous changes – she selected a loose fitting dress, that just covered her arse…  She looked incredibly hot in the dress, and as we were waiting for Stan I took the opportunity to feel her up, and play with her tits and pussy. As we waited I got more and more excited and soon had pushed her bra up over her tits, and had slid her panties down legs….

“Whose a little slut then?” I teased her…brushing my fingers across her puffy pussy lips… “Who’s gonna let Stan fuck them tonight..?”
“Ahhhh” was about the best reply I got as I licked her nipples and slipped my fingers up her cunt.
“ Fuck me”, she commanded…” I want you to fuck me now, before Stan fucks me later “

With this I slipped her panties completely of her legs, and hitched her arse up on to the back of the sofa, and pushed my cock into her – by now – very wet pussy… As I pumped her pussy, I pulled her bra off completely and yanked her dress down to expose her small brown tits…    It didn’t take long for me to come – as I was thinking that soon Stan would be in my place…. with his cock up my wife’s cunt…  fucking her hard – and with her ready and open for him. Suddenly the door bell rang.. Ruby and I were still holding each other – her still perched on the back of the sofa… my cock still inside her pussy. We both turned and saw Stan through the blurred glass of the front door. 

 “Hang on” I yelled, quickly taking my cock out of my wife’s pussy, and turned and opened the door, as i slipped my now shrinking penis back into my trousers…
“Hi Stan! Come in”, I welcomed him… stepping to one side to give him full view of Ruby still trying to adjust her dress, but now with no chance of putting her bra or panties back on without it being obvious she wasn’t wearing any.
“Hi Stan” she whispered, trying hard to not look as if she had just been fucking…
“Hello Jack” he said shaking my hand, but quickly pushing past to my wife…“and hello beautiful….” He said to my wife.. slipping his arms around her body, and pulling her towards him..

I shut the door, and as turned back around I could see that Stan was already kissing my wife and caressing her body through the dress.  Ruby attempted to get off the sofa and stand up, but this just made her dress rise up higher, as Stan was still holding her tight against the sofa.  I watched as Stan slid his hands down her back, over her hips, and past the hem of her skirt…  as he touched her bare legs his hands started to rise again up the outside of her legs and up her hips.. but this time under her dress.  He pulled his face back from her kisses, and smiled at her, as he realized she was not wearing any panties. 

“Oh wow” he said looking down, as he simply raised her dress higher and higher, until he had revealed her naked pussy ….  “ That is so sexy” he said as he began crouching down to get a better look at my wife’s cunt…  Ruby opened her legs for him and leaned back against the sofa again, obviously enjoying being examined by Stan…. Stan lifted her legs and spread them wide as he began to lick at her pussy and stick his tongue up her cunt….. 

“You’ve being fucking her” he said turning to me…  “ I can taste you cum”..
My cock was now sticking out of my trousers (which I had not done up properly) and pointed right at his face….

“Don’t worry”, he said, “ I like a nice slippery cunt to fuck” and with that he reached down, opened his fly and pulled out his cock.  When he had fucked Ruby at the beach I hadn’t got a proper look at his cock, but now I could see it was both much longer and much thicker than mine.  No wonder Ruby had been dreaming of having Stan fuck her again!

Stan stood up and pushed his big fat cock into Ruby’s pussy.  The whole cock seemed to disappear into her cunt in one go, and Stan was soon fucking her with the full length of his big cock.  Ruby was in heaven… her head had fallen back, her eyes were shut… and her legs had ridden up allowing Stan to get his cock deep inside her….  Ruby soon started cuming, shouting “ahhhh… fuck that pussy… fuck your cock up my cunt, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME..” and with that she exploded in the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have.

Stan had obviously reached his own peak at the same time, as they both collapsed on the back of the sofa , breathing heavy…  I stood for a second and then realized what a fantastic sight it was to watch Stan fuck my wife.. and how horny I was , and how much I want to fuck my wife now she was full of another man’s sperm… 

I grabbed Ruby’s leg and pulled it wide open and pushed Stan to one side. Stan understood what I wanted and stepped aside holding Ruby’s other leg wide open as well…


My wife’s legs were now being held wide apart with her pussy fully stretched open. We could see the mixture of our cum starting to ooze out of her cunt, and slip down her over her puckered arse.  I took a step forward and buried my cock as hard as I could up her pussy. Not only was her pussy amazing slippery, but the size of Stan cock compared to mine her stretched more than I ever could, and my cock felt like it was hardly touching her pussy walls at all.

The thought that my wife’s pussy was now so wet and wide that my cock felt small and useless, was truly exciting… as I fucked her harder and faster, all the time feeling that I was making no difference to her.. all I could think of  was that her big fat wide cunt would now need more cock that I could give her… and with that I came harder than ever before in my whole life……

I think Stan must have guessed what I was going through, as after a few minutes he turned to me and said:
“Don’t worry Jack.  I’ll keep her well fucked so you can enjoy the feeling of a well used cunt any time you want…”

Stan fucked my wife twice more that night, but never got round to buying us dinner.

Stan has been fucking Ruby two or three times a week ever since, he has turned her into a lust for us both… making her leave her panties off all the time, and let men see, feel, and fuck her pussy nearly everywhere she goes… but more about that in part 3…..

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