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Kristi was already back at the hotel when I decided to surprise her. I didn’t tell her that I was making the trip that afternoon to the hotel she was staying on her business trip. I sent the kids off to their grandparents for a few days, packed an overnight bag and made the 300 miles in just over four hours in the car. But after hearing what a horrible week she was having at the convention, and the fact that I was as horny as hell, the drive wasn’t all that bad. I had planned on showing up unannounced, and attacking her the minute that she opened the door.

It was already late in day, but I wasn’t sure she was going to be out for dinner or back at her room resting. I stopped at the front desk first and asked if room service could bring up a bottle of champagne, so that after the initial surprise wore off, we would be able to relax with some drinks. I made my way through the crowded lobby to the elevator. As soon as the door closed, my mind raced on what was going to happen the minute she answered the door and I immediately got hard. Oh God, now I really hope she was in her room!

The elevator doors opened up and thankfully nobody was in the hallway, or they would have immediately spotted my raging hard-on. I picked up my bag and made my way to the end of the hallway. Once I got to Kristi’s door, I knocked. A few seconds later, the door opened. Kristi must have just gotten out of the shower, as she was wrapped in a towel and her hair was wet. It took her a few seconds to realize who was at the door, but once she did – her expression was priceless.

Before she could even ask the only question she wanted to ask (what I was doing there), I had forced my way into the room, grabbed her by the arm, took her to the bed and removed her towel. It had only been a few days since the last time we had been together, but the sight of her nakedness nearly drove me insane.

It was a frantic attempt, but I was able to get her down onto the bed – and without even a word (not even a hello), I quickly removed my pants. I didn’t find out until later, but Kristi was in fact taking a bath before I had arrived at her room. Indeed, she did have a rather rough afternoon at the convention, and to relax, she had taken a very warm bath. She too was missing me, so much that she quickly started to massage more than her aching back.

At the time, I thought it was due to the suddenness of seeing me at her door, and the way that I forced into both the room and my wife, that she was able to cum so quickly. Her reaction to the situation made it nearly impossible for me to hold back myself, and before I knew it, I had shot my load deep into her. It was quick, unexpected, and so very hot.

We both lay on the bed, grasping for a breath. A few minutes later, once we were able to compose ourselves, we got through the formalities of our greetings.

Twenty minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Room service has brought us our champagne. Kristi grabbed her towel and quickly hid beneath the door, while I put on my pants and took care of the waiter.

"Champagne?" Kristi asked. "This was thoughtful," she continued as I popped open the bottle. "The only problem is that I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and I am afraid that a few sips will go right to my head".

"No problem" I replied. "We’ll hang out for a few minutes, take a sip or two and head down for dinner". The only thing she didn’t know was that I was already getting another hard on and that I was hoping the champagne would work quicker than she had anticipated.

"Why don’t you unpack" she suggested, "while I get dressed".

"Why don’t we have a few drinks? Besides, I didn’t pack all that much".

"Well – why don’t you pour the drinks, while I unpack for you?"

I got a little nervous, as I was going to wait to show her what I actually had packed. "Umm… why don’t you go ahead and pour the drinks and I will un..."

"Please, Joe. I know that you didn’t pack clothes. We’ve been married a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if that bag wasn’t just filled with toys and stuff and you left all your clothes at home."

I blushed, but did as I was told. As Kristi proceeded to open the bag, I quickly popped the cork out of the champagne and poured us a glass. I could tell that the surprise of my visit finally sunk in while she slowly took each item out of the bag and made a comment on each and every one.

"You weren’t planning on too much, were you?" Kristi asked as she eyed the contents she had placed on the bed. In front of her was the jelly vibrating dildo I had purchased a few weeks ago, the handcuffs that I had hid in the drawer next to the bed, a few balloons and both Kristi’s and my silky pajamas.

"Why don’t you put on the pajamas you brought up while I blow up these balloons for you" Kristi suggested.

She wasn’t wasting any time, and she could tell that I was pretty happy with that idea as the bulge in my pants told the truth. I quickly pulled off my pants and put on the pajamas while she blew up the balloons. In no time at all, the bed was covered in brightly large balloons and both Kristi and I were dressed for the evening.

Just as I was getting ready to give her the first kiss, there was a knock at the door.

"Did you order anything other than champagne?" Kristi asked.

"No. Did you?"

I got out of bed and made my way to the door. I looked out of the peephole and saw a woman standing outside the door. "It’s a girl" I told Kristi.

"Find out who it is."

I opened the door a crack and sticking out my head asked her who she was.

"Oh – I’m sorry," the girl replied. "My name is Debbie. I am looking for Kristi. Do I have the right room?"

I put my head back into the room and told Kristi who it was.

I could tell it was somebody important by the look on Kristi’s face. "Oh my God – why did she come knocking on my door now" Kristi asked? "It’s one of my coworkers. I have to do a presentation with her in the morning. She hinted that she wanted to practice the presentation tonight – but I forgot all about it. Ask her to wait a minute while we clean this up."

I poked my head out the door and proceeded to tell her that Kristi was in the room, but was going to be a minute. However, I could tell right away that this wasn’t a woman who liked to wait. She quickly pushed the door open and proceeded to make her way into the room.

"Kristi," called out Debbie. "It’s only me. We need to practice for the presentation and I am not about to wait out in the hallway. I’m coming in".

"Kristi," I called out at the same time as Debbie. "She’s not waiting – she’s coming in".

Kristi was making a frantic dash for the bathroom, but Debbie was already in when she started talking again. "Just tell your husband… I am assuming that this is your husband, that this will only take a few minutes and that he can have his way with you when we are… Oh." She stopped mid-sentence as soon as she rounded the door and saw what was all over the bed.

At first I had hoped that the balloons would have covered the other toys – especially the jelly dildo. But I could tell by the look in her eyes that she didn’t miss a thing.

"I’m sorry, Kristi" replied Debbie. "I didn’t realize that you were in the middle of something already. Listen. If you don’t mind – I’m beat, so would it be okay if we quickly practiced our presentation? I’ll leave right after that and then you and your husband can quickly get back to your… umm… fun?"

"I am so embarrassed" Kristi tried to offer as an apology to Debbie. "Joe, my husband," I waved by the front door, "surprised me with a little visit."

"Don’t worry," replied Debbie. "This was a nice surprise. Joe, if you don’t mind, I am going to borrow your wife for a few. Why don’t you take a seat on the bed and you can be our audience for our practice round?"

I didn’t mind as I quickly headed over to the bed. I piled up the pillows, moved some balloons and sat on the bed to watch the presentation. Kristi, extremely embarrassed, pulled her bathrobe tighter around her body, gave me a very "I’m extremely embarrassed look" and proceeded to the front of the bed, next to Debbie to start the presentation.

"I am so embar…" Kristi started to say and Debbie interrupted her with "Don’t worry about it. I’ve seen more embarrassing things before, and besides – you look pretty nice in that silky bathrobe and you’re husband is damn cute in his pajamas as well."

I blushed and Kristi shot me a smile and quickly changed the subject by starting the presentation. "Ladies and Gentleman" Kristi started, "Debbie and I are here this afternoon to talk to you about future sales and our forecasts going forward…"

She continued with the presentation, but I couldn’t help but watch Debbie who continually kept looking throughout the room. First staring at the balloons, then at the toys on the bed that I tried to cover with a pillow but failed miserably at.

"Our initial forecasts, are… Debbie? Would you like to discuss the initial forecasts?" she asked.

Debbie shook her head. "What I would like to discuss is what you and Joe were planning on doing with all of these… toys" she asked with a smile.

"Debbie, we really should continue with the presentation."

"Kristi – we have practiced this presentation to death. I think we really need a break".

Kristi looked at me again with that "I’m extremely embarrassed look", but my heart was beating so heavily I couldn’t concentrate. All I could do was move over on the bed and offer both Kristi and Debbie a place to sit. All that did was move the pillow off of my lap, and before I could hide my erection, Debbie said "It doesn’t look as though your husband will mind".

Kristi took a deep sigh and agreed. Sitting on the side of the bed, she offered Debbie a seat as well. "We’ve never done anything like this before" Kristi lied, neglecting to tell Debbie about the incident between Pete, her and I. But before she could say anything else, Debbie had planted her lips tightly onto Kristi’s with a kiss so passionate that it took my breath away. It only lasted a minute, but to me, it seemed like an eternity. All the while, both Debbie and Kristi looked in my direction to see how I would react. My smile showed that I was all for this.

Once their lips parted, Debbie looked at me and with a smile asked if the balloons were for me, or Kristi. I noticed that her hand was already up Kristi’s shirt and that Kristi had a smile that went from ear to ear. I fumbled with my reply, but I think Debbie got the gist that they were for me. By the time that Debbie’s right hand had started to fondle Kristi’s erect nipple, her left hand was quickly finding its way up the towel and into her already warm thigh.

"Hmm. I’ve heard of some strange fetishes, but balloons? Interesting. Why don’t you pick out your favorite one and show me" Debbie stated. This was incredible. My wife was already glowing and I was picking out a balloon. Without taking my eyes off the girls, I fumbled my arm to the side of the bed to grab the rather large red balloon. I picked it up and put it onto the side of me.

"What were you planning on doing with that balloon?" Debbie asked.

"I was thinking about getting naked and riding this balloon while I gave Kristi the best oral sex I could imagine."

"That sounds exciting, but I have a better idea." Debbie replied.

Kristi was already so turned on that she hadn’t noticed that Debbie had picked up the handcuffs and placed them around Kristi’s wrist. She proceeded to take off the towel around Kristi’s waist and before she got down on her knees and in front of Kristi, she asked if I would take off my pajamas and ride the balloon while she gave Kristi a few kisses between her legs.

Before I could say another thing, Debbie was in front of Kristi and already kissing her thighs. I quickly got out of my pajamas, gave Kristi a kiss, lubed up my already hard cock and climbed on top of the balloon. While I was riding it, Kristi was enjoying the greatest oral sex of her life. Debbie took great care to lick every inch of her wet and hot pussy. Kristi was so excited that it only took a few minutes to cum, but Debbie didn’t stop and Kristi was so excited that I thought she was going to pass out.

I continued to ride the balloon while Debbie moved her tongue beyond Kristi’s pussy and up her navel towards her breast. I was too busy watching Kristi to notice that Debbie was already half naked and slipping her neatly shaved pussy against Kristi’s. The two of them riding each other was too much for me and I slowly stopped riding the balloon.

"Well – if you are going to stop riding the balloon, you might as well come over here and help us", Kristi stated. With her hands still handcuffed, she motioned for me to come closer.

I moved over and quickly fondled Debbies nipple with one hand, while the other slowly brushed over Kristi’s. The two girls motions quickly sped up and I could tell that they both were on the verge of cumming.

"Quickly, behind us" Kristi yelled out. "I want you behind us!".

I got up and moved to the edge of the bed so that I was between both Kristi’s and Debbie’s legs. I had my face in Debbie’s ass before I could say another word and my hand deep into Kristi’s, all the while, they continued to speed up the tempo that their pussies rubbed up against each other. All at once, I could taste both of them and I knew that they were cumming together.

Without another second to lose, I grabbed my hard cock into my hand and rammed it deep into Kristi’s wet pussy. The excitement was so much that she screamed out with pleasure. With my hands, I felt for the jelly dildo and upon finding it, rammed it deep into Debbie’s pussy. With a wave of pleasure, all three of us were riding each other with a tempo that was uncontrollable. The sounds were so loud and exciting that it took all my strength to not cum right at that moment.

But the excitement was too much for me – while Kristi was getting rubbed by Debbie in all of the right places, and Debbie was getting fucked hard by the dildo, and I had my cock so deep into Kristi, I came so hard that I shouted out so loud – I was sure that the people on the other floors had to hear me.

By the time Kristi and Debbie were dressed, and I was lying on the bed, they had practiced their presentation. Upon their completion, I had told them both how great they were going to be the next morning. Kristi and Debbie told each other to get a goodnight sleep and Debbie was gone. Kristi came back to bed and slid up next to me.

Without another moment, I took Kristi by the face, gave her a passionate kiss and told her how much I loved her. This was definitely a trip that was worth every moment, and I knew that Kristi had no objections. As we lay on the bed, getting ready to fall asleep, I turned to Kristi and smiled. We held our hands tighter knowing that our love for each other was stronger than ever. Too bad she was going to be exhausted for her presentation the next morning, because the tighter she squeezed my hand, the harder my cock was getting. This was going to be a long night…


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