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The Powder 2

justjim on Wife Stories

Chapter 2

The powder my friend Bill gave me had given me complete control over my wife, Linda.  She had become completely disinterested in sex over the years and I had been willing to try anything.  The powder made her accept any suggestion from me without hesitation.  I had proven that the first night when she gave me a blowjob in the family room. Something she would never have done otherwise, especially with the blinds open.

I decided I should go a step furthur.  I have always liked the looks of a shaved pussy.  I don't know exactly why but the smooth plump lips of a woman's cunt are extremely erotic to me.  Just looking at them almost makes me cream in my pants.  When Linda came home from work and we had eaten supper, I suggested she take a shower and shave her pubic hair.  She looked at me for a second and said, "okay".   "maybe I should help you," I said.  She nodded her head and took my hand leading me upstairs.  This was going to be fantastic.

She took off her clothes slowly and stepped into the shower stall.  I shed my clothes and joined her soaping up her body playing close attention to her huge tits and her pussy.  As I ran my fingers up and down Linda's pussy, a low moan escaped her lips as she leaned back against me with her eyes closed.  It made me think that maybe the powder hadn't been necessary...but then, maybe I needed it to get the ball rolling. 

After I soaped up her cunt, I handed her the razor and she began shaving all around her slit.  At each stroke of the razor, I gently rinsed and resoaped her pussy hairs.  Finally she was down to the most intimate area of her cunt.  I told her I would help her and knelt down stretching her lips out and carefully shaving off the last vestiges of her pubic hairs.  When it was completed and rinsed again, I couldn't help it but my cock was so hard I thought it would burst.   I was looking at the most beautiful sight in the world.  What had once been a mass of hairy curls hiding its innermost secrets was now cleanshaven exposing the fattest pussy lips I have ever seen.  To top
if off (literally) was her large clit, red and swollen as it poked out, glistening, inviting me to suck on it.  I hungrily latched onto her clitoris sucking it in and out of my mouth as I fingered her pussy sliding my fingers in and out of her well lubed cunthole.  As I paid homage to her cunt, I heard her gasping for breath, getting faster and faster.  With my other hand, I spread her ass checks and fingered her anus.  Linda's asshole loosened up and I slide my finger inside, something I had never done before.  All the sudden her whole body trembled as she pushed my face into her crotch and held it there.  Linda's juices literally poured out into my mouth as I gulped trying not to miss a drop.  Finally the flow slowed and she collapsed back against the tiled wall.

I had never had such an incredible Linda had creamed in my mouth, I shot my load all over the floor!

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