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A wife taken down a dark path

Maw715 on Wife Stories

semi-true story about getting my wife involved with a
older satanic man. (MF, wife, reluc, mast, oral, anal,
mc, bd, cult)


My name is Mark, I'm 36, I work for a major HVAC control
company. My wife's name is Jillian, or Jill is what most
people call her, she is 34 and works for a private
school as a teacher. We have been married for 10 year,
we have no children! Nine years ago we found out that I
was sterile.

Last year we bought a house in the country, with a big
garage on it. I enjoy restoring old cars and Jill like
to restore old furniture so the garage is great for both
of us. Jill will go on Craigslist and look for furniture
to buy and will look through car parts and let me know
if she finds anything I might be interested in.

Two months ago Jill told me about some parts that were
listed on Craigslist and that they were for sale in the
next town over from us. I called the as soon as I got
home from work to find out the parts where already sold,
the guy was real helpful and told me about some old ads
I should look for and check into.

I was on the computer for almost three hours checking
through ads. I was getting ready to get off and when I
was shutting down I hit a button and the personals page
opened. I don't know why but I opened the personals
under "men looking for women" I scrolled through it for
a minute and was just going to X out when an ad caught
my eye, it said "67 year old man looking for your young
wife to seduce."

I have no idea why but I opened the ad and started
reading. I was taken back at how bold this ad was, he
explained he was 67, good shape, well endowed and very
confident. He went on to say he has been seducing
married women all his life and was looking for someone's
wife between the age of 32 to 36.

I was amazed at how brazen he was when explaining how
all the husband had to do was give some basic
information about his wife, name, age, years married,
Email address stuff like that, and the husband's name,
email and a text number.

I closed the page and went to bed.

I needed some parts and it had been two weeks sense I
had looked through Craigslist. I started going through
the ads and found a couple of things and sent a Email
inquiring about them. I found another ad and this one
had a phone number. I called and the guy told me he had
the parts I needed. I made arrangements to meet him the
next day on my way home from work.

I was going to shut down Craigslist when I remembered
that in the ad I had read about the guy looking for
someone's wife. I opened the personals and the ad was on
the third page. I thought he must not have got any
responses to his ad so I opened it again. I looked at it
and nothing had changed except on the bottom it said,
"Still waiting for you to Email me."

I sat and read it three times and then thought I would
write him and tell him that maybe he should look for
someone his own age that he might have better luck. I
also wrote that young married women don't like dirty old

The next day I stopped and got my parts. I was on my way
home when my phone beeped, it was an email from
Craigslist, I thought was the guy I had wrote to about
the car parts. I got home and we had dinner and we went
out to the garage. It was getting late and Jill said she
was going to go in take a shower and go to bed.

I told her I wanted to finish the parts so I could put
them on tomorrow after work. I kissed her good night and
I get everything painted and walked back to the house. I
was sitting having a soda when I remembered the email I
got on the way home. I jumped on the computer and opened
my Email to find it was from the ad in the personals. He
had left his email and a message to write him back, I
wasn't sure what to do.

I wrote him and told him it was ok that he didn't need
to explain anything to me, And I thanked him for taking
the time to answer me. Two minutes later the computer
beeps and I have another email from him. I open it and
he asked if I was afraid to talk to him, he asked me for
my wife's name!

I write him back and tell him that my wife's name is
Jill and that I'm not afraid to correspond with him. We
write each other back and forth for an hour, I found out
his name is James and he is 67 years old has been
retired from the movie industry for 17 years.

I finally ask him why he is looking for someone's wife
that is in that age bracket? He writes me back and tells
me at that age a woman is in her sexual prime and can
easily be persuaded into trying new things sexually. I
had to laugh to myself at that one, I told him that Jill
was very happy and that I would never have to worry
about her doing anything like that. He wrote me back and
asked me if I was sure about that? I asked him what he
meant by that and he told me to answer some questions
that he was going to send me, and then said good night.

The next day at work I opened my Email and found his
waiting. I opened it and read the questions and was
surprised at them. The first one asked how tall she was,
and they went on from there asking everything possible
about her physical looks and appearance, and I mean
everything right down to the color of her toe nails.

I don't know why but I started answering these questions
one by one, after a half hour I pushed the send button.
I was sitting at my desk going over some things when my
phone buzzed it was a Email from James that said part
two. I opened it and there was more questions and a note
that said, "She sounds like a petite woman with nice

I looked at the questions and put my phone away I wasn't
going to answer these questions. After lunch I got
another Email from James that said "ANSWER THEM."

I opened the Email with the Questions and one by one
started answering them. They were very personal, what
size is my cock? Did she ever mention anything about a
bigger cock? Does she like to watch porn? Does she have
a vibrator or a dildo? I answered all the questions and
sent it to him. On the way home I got a Email from him
asking me to text him with his phone number attached. I
pulled over and texted him, I got a text right back
saying I want to do this to her!

It was a video of a woman sitting on a couch watching a
porn movie and a hand pushing a vibrator in and out of
her pussy. A minute later a text came and said the woman
was 36 married, never watched a porn before or was
fucked by a vibrator like my wife.

A second later another video came and this time it was
the same woman on the same couch and her legs where
pulled back and this time there was sounds all you could
her was her saying, "Oh God! Oh God! It Feels So Good
James!" and they he tells her to open wide and she
spreads her legs and I watch his push it in really deep
and fuck her fast with it.

She was gasping as he starts rubbing her clit with his
other hand and that when I see she is getting really wet
around the vibrator. I saw her feet pulled back and her
toes curl as he is fucking her so deep it is almost
going all the way in when she starts jerking. I can see
her pussy is closing on the vibrator and her juice is
everywhere running down her crack covering her thighs.

He sent another text saying, "text me tonight at ten."

I kissed Jill good night and told her I needed to look
up some more parts for the car. I texted James back at
ten and he texted me back with another video this time
it was another young woman. I watched as it showed her
face, her eyes half closed and her moaning and saying,
"Oh James! Oh James!" over and over, then James saying,
"See I told you it wouldn't hurt." And then the picture
changed and it showed a man torso behind her and then
from the side, they were fucking doggy style.

I watched in disbelief as the guy's cock came into view.
It was as big around as a soda can! The view changed
again and it was from the top now and showed the thick
shaft going in and out covered in cream. At one point it
just seemed to keep coming out until I could see her
lips stretch and then a huge had came out.

I know what something a foot long looks like and this
was just shy of that. I watched as he lined it back up
and pushed in as it spread her lips and the head
disappeared. He texted me and told me my wife is ready
for that. I wrote him back and told him that my wife
would never go through with something like that because
she was too conservative.

I told him that I bought her sexy underwear the first
year we were married and it was still in her drawer with
the tags still on them. He wrote me back and said never
doubt him that he has been doing this for years. He
said he had to go to bed and that he would contact me in
a week or so.

I had forgotten all about James with being busy at work,
and working on the car at home and helping Jill with her
furniture projects. I was sitting at my desk going over
bids for work when my phone buzzed, I looked and it was
James texting me. I texted him back and asked how
everything was going with him!

He wrote right back and said great! Then asked me how I
liked the furniture Jill got? I didn't know what he was
talking about and texted him a couple of question marks.

A minute later he texted me a picture and when I opened
it I got the shock of my life, It was of Jill in
someone's house. As I looked at the picture another one
came through then another and another all of Jill
looking at furniture in this house. As more and more
pictures came in they were close-ups of her ass, crotch
and tits.

Then I got a text from James telling me how hot looking
she was and that he had a great time with her, showing
her all around his house. I was sitting there in shock
at what he'd written and how many different pictures and
angles they were taken from. He texted that me she was
there for two hours and he said he had her laughing,
giggling and even blushing.

The next text came with a short video! It was of her
leaving and saying good bye, he had his hand on her back
and it looked like he was rubbing it as he was telling
her how much he enjoyed meeting her and her spending
the morning with him. He texted me again and told me to
play the video again and this time to pay attention to
my wife's nipples as he starts to touch her back.

I felt the air leave my lungs as I watched her nipples
go from nothing to little bumps to trying to rip out of
her bra they got so hard and she didn't even try to
cover them up. But it was what he said to her as she was
going out the door that shocked me. He told her when she
comes back to wear something sexy and he would show her
some of the other stuff he has up stairs, she giggled
and when she turned it looked like her nipple was even
harder and longer. The time stamp on the video was from

He texted me and told me she was going to come back
Thursday afternoon. He told me not to say anything to
her that it might embarrass her. He told me he put an ad
on Craigslist that he knew would catch her eye with his
Email, Facebook page and phone number. He said a an half
hour she called. He then texted me pictures of his
house. It looked like an old Victorian house, all the
pictures on the walls where of naked women like gothic
or medieval periods. There where Medieval statues of men
and women together, carvings on the walls of serpents
holding women down by their arms and legs and around
there necks, and all the men and serpents had big dicks.

He sent me a picture of his bedroom the four post of the
bed were huge and all carvings and the center of the
foot board was carved into a large snake with the big
head of it pointing up and back to the head of the bed
like it was going slip down onto the bed. A big picture
behind the bed was of a woman and a snake just like the
one on the foot board wrapped around her and looking
like it was going for her crotch. I didn't know what to
say to him!

I wrote back and told him I wouldn't say anything to her
about it.



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❤ I was a really bad girl. Punish me with your dick in my mouth. - ◀ ❤ ❤ ❤

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❤ I was a really bad girl. Punish me with your dick in my mouth. - ◀ ❤ ❤ ❤

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