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Wife cheats while we are at the bar...together

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My wife and I are in our young 20’s.  We like to go out sometimes and have some fun to unwind from the work week.  It was a Saturday night and we had someone to watch the kids so we decided we’d go out to the bar and just play some pool and have some fun.  To describe us I’m about 5’10, 160lbs muscular build, with broad shoulders.  I’m a pretty good looking guy, and I had on a pair of jeans and a tshirt, pretty casual looking.  My wife on the other hand is the kind of girl that gets completely dolled up if she plans to go anywhere at all.  She was wearing a lowcut black silk shirt that showed about half of her 34H chest, along with a loose fitting skirt that wasn’t really very long.  She finished the outfit off with a nice set of black leather hooker heels as I would call them that came halfway up her legs.   

We decided to hit a local place called sharkeys so that we could play some pool and just be kind of mellow tonight.  When we got to the bar she got her Alabama slammer like she always does and I had a miller light to get started with.  We waited by the pool table for a game to end and asked if we could have next game.  The winners agreed and said we could play against them as teams.  We played about 3 games winning them all.  My wife Is kind of a pool shark, even though she just looks like a pretty face, she tends to be about twice as good as me.  After the other team had lost a few times, we heard the girl on the other team tell her man that if he lost the next one he could go home because she was going home with my wife.  We just kind of laughed and played one more which we also won.  At this point they decided that they had had enough, or she was actually pissed at her man, we weren’t really sure which, but nonetheless they left.

Around this time two black guys came up and asked if they could play against us, we agreed and started playing again.  They were a lot better and won the first one.  I noticed the smaller skinnier black guy was pretty much constantly checking my wife out and trying to catch a glimpse up her skirt or down her shirt any chance he got.  I didn’t really care I like the attention she gets so I didn’t say anything about it.  After the second game she wanted to go outside for a smoke, and he asked if he could go with her.  I don’t smoke so  I stayed behind to make sure we kept the table as the bar was getting kind of crowded.  They seemed to take a bit longer then normal for a smoke break but I tried to put it off as nothing really.  We played a few more games and again the two of them went  out for a smoke break.  All this while we had been drinking  more and more, so my wife was getting a bit more loose and a lot more flirty.  I started to notice that the smoke breaks also seemed to be taking longer, but I just let it go assuming that she was getting drunk.  As the night ended we all said goodbye and started towards home. 

Once we got in the house my wife was feeling pretty frisky so we went straight to the bedroom and started fooling around..we were making out and she had a different scent on her then normal.  About this same time I was starting to finger her and noticed that she was extremely wet and juicy.  My wife normally doesn’t get wet until she’s fucking or had atleast been fooling around for a while, so I asked her what was up.  She just grinned from ear to ear and grabbed my dick and told me she had a story to tell me.

She said that the first time she went outside to smoke with the black guy that he had wrote his number on a piece of paper and put it in her pocket and told her that if she ever wanted to  have a good time to give him a call.  She said at first she just kind of blew it off, and let him flirt with her.  She also said that when they came in from the smoke break that he gently rubbed his hand across her ass but that was it.  After they had gone out for the second smoke break she had drank about 3 mixed drinks and was starting to get loose and horny.  This time he had gotten really close her and was flirting much heavier.  They shared one cigarette between them and  he never really got much more then about a foot away from her.  She said as the smoke was ending he put his hand on her hip and leaned in and kissed her.  At first she pulled back but as he leaned in a second time she let it happen.  Soon he had her against the wall and was making out with her pretty hardcore.  She said she remembers feeling his hands rubbing her ass and him grinding his pelvic bone against her as they kissed.  This went on for a few minutes while she gripped his shoulders pulling her closer to him, then he pulled back and said we should get back inside before your boy comes looking for you.  She straightened herself up and went back inside, this time as he opened the door for her she slid his hand under her skirt and ran it down her pussy once, but firmly.  She said at this point she was dripping wet and couldn’t wait for her next cigarette but decided to play atleast 2 games before going back out to not look suspicious. 

When they went outside this third time, she grabbed his hand and took him around the side of the building to the back alley, they started making out again and exploring each other’s bodies, then she decided she had to taste him.  So she dropped to her knee’s in a little patch of grass and pulled his pants open as fast as she could.  She pulled out a dick that she said had to be atleast 11 inches in length and one of the thickest that she had ever seen.  She grabbed it with both hands and started slowly licking all over the head of this monster cock.  She knew in the back of her mind that she had to hurry so I wouldn’t come looking for her, but she was getting pretty drunk and extremely horny by this point.  So she sucked as much of the dick into her mouth as she could.  She was drunk and mumbled something about probably only 5 or so inches of it because of its thickness, but said she had enough room for both hands on the huge thing.  She sucked him and jerked him up and down with both hands as fast as she could, begging him to cum in her mouth.  It really didn’t take long as the alcohol had affected him pretty well also and he had been getting worked up for hours now.  Soon he was ready to come and she  told him to squirt the first shot in her mouth and the rest on her exposed cleavage.  He managed to spray most of the first couple spurts into her mouth before aiming for her chest like she wanted.  She swallowed hungrily and started grinning at him.  Then she took her hands and rubbed the cum in on her chest, saying that she wanted her tits and breath to smell like his cum so that I would know she did something behind my back.  Then as quickly as they started they stumbled back inside.

I was kinda wondering what was going on at this point, because she looked pretty flustered and worked up when she came in this time, so I checked every few minutes to make sure she was okay.  She just would nod and smile and say it was the alcohol.  We played for about another half hour and she said that she must be a chain smoker when it comes to drinking and said she’d like to have one more before we left the bar.  She asked the black guy if he’d like to go have one more, which he happily agreed too. 

She said that this time when they got outside she told him that she just couldn’t go home tonight without feeling that huge tool inside her tight pussy.  They ran down behind the building into the alley and down it a aways behind another building hoping to not get seen.  They touched and kissed the whole way driving each other crazy with lust.  By the time they found a spot he just roughly grabbed her and bent her over, pulling her thong off to the side.  He spit in his hand and rubbed it on his dick just to add to her already dripping pussy.  Then he lined the massive head up to her quivering pussy and started to slowly push.  At first he could hardly get it to go in at all is what she was saying.  She said she was begging to be fucked, and even though she was so extremely wet, his tool was just massive in size.  Finally he got the head in with a small popping sound and she moaned loudly cumming just from that.  He started trying to work his hips back and forth trying to get more and more into her.  She said it took him atleast 2 minutes to get probably half of it in her, and that she’d never been stretched and filled so amazingly in her life.  She said just thinking about how big his cock was had her so turned on that she came on it again.  Cumming this time must have lubed it up enough and made him horny enough that he just started trying to ram it in her not caring if she stretched or not.  She came atleast once if not twice more before he got it all inside of her.  She said once he finally did he just stopped and let her feel how large it really was.  She said it felt like it was in her belly and if she wasn’t so drunk that she probably would have cried from the pain of the massive thing.  Then without warning he just started fucking her with no remorse.  She said he did this as hard and fast as he could making her feel like she was going to split in two, but as the same time she couldn’t stop cumming as his dick was able to hit every spot inside of her.  She told me she was so wet when we got home because he has held his dick in her and came hard, giving her the largest load of cum that she had ever had.  After he had finished using her like a street whore, he pulled out and just put it away and told her to clean herself up so they could come back in.  She said she tried to act like she was drunk once she got back inside but was really stumbling because she couldn’t feel her legs.

After finishing this story she told me if I wanted any from her then I’d have to get on her and get myself off.  I was extremely horny from the story so I didn’t need to be told twice, I mounted her as quick as I could and drove my 8 inch dick in her.  She just started laughing and said really is that all you have?  For the first time in my life her pussy was extremely loose around my dick and it didn’t feel like anything.  He had stretched her pretty wide and she was still wet from her mixture of cum with his.  I fucked her for about 10 minutes before finally getting off even though it felt like there was no friction at all.  Once I came and laid beside her.  She told me she was keeping his number, and that he was allowed to have her anytime he wanted to, and that I would just have to live with that.


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