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Auntie's Dog Days

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Auntie's Dog Days

Chapter 1

Jimmy Martin was kicking a small rock along in front of him as he slowly walked down the street with his twin sister, Amy. The two kids had gone over to the local playground for the afternoon, but, finding no other children there, they were reluctantly ambling back to their uncle's house.
Because their parents had gone on

Mom's Best Friend Part 7

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Chapter 13

And then Dean, Adam's twelve-year-old son was the only innocent remaining in the group. Mary and Adam agreed that it was time to do something about it. The boy had been prepared for it with a father-and-son conversation after school that day.
He talked to the boy vaguely about sex, wanting to leave the more detailed aspects for Mary, who would find that a

Rancher's Wife

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The Rancher's Wife

Chapter 1

The late afternoon sun was still blazing hot. Kate Sutherland wiped the sweat from under her ponytail and bent again to pull tender green onions from the crusted earth of the garden. The flies and bees sped by in a monotonous tune of buzzing through the corn stalks and over the tomato plants. It hung in the still heat that shi

Mom's Best Friend Part 4

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Chapter 7

That evening, Adam took Mary and her daughter to visit his children. Emily, his fifteen-year-old daughter, and Dean, her twelve-year-old brother, seemed to be well-brought-up children and greeted their guests politely, if not too warmly. Mary sensed that there was some resentment in the girl, and that it was aimed in her direction.
"I'm sure you'

Mom's Best Friend Part 3

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Chapter 5

The first thing Sharon noticed when she got home from school was the happy look on her mother's face and the gleam in her eyes. The next thing was the bouquet of long-stemmed, red roses. Despite being only thirteen, it wasn't hard for Sharon to connect the two, and to realize that there was just one missing ingredient--the man.
"You've got a boy

Mom's Best Friend Part 5

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Chapter 9

While Mary was teaching her daughter the lesbian arts, Adam was taking the first step in the seduction of his daughter. He and Mary had worked out the plan together, and she had convinced him that it was a good one.
As soon as their guests left, he sent his son to bed, then took Emily into the living room for a chat. He began by telling her about Mary

Mom's Best Friend Part 6

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Chapter 11

As a form of adjustment to eventually living together in Adam's house, the two families met almost daily, usually at Adam's home. Dean sensed that there was something happening that he didn't understand, and Adam and Mary agreed that they should bring him into the sexual circle before too long, but that first, there were two items to be attended to:

Mom's Best Friend Part 2

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Chapter 3

At home, Adam was a model father who made sure that his children knew he was eager to share things with them, to listen to their problems and help work them out, rather than giving them pat solutions.
When their mother had been alive, the house had often rung with laughter, and Adam knew it was up to him to restore that as quickly as possible after he

Mom's Best Friend Part 8

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Chapter 16

Adam and Mary were married in a private ceremony, but they didn't go away on a honeymoon. It was during school vacation, and they decided they would spend their honeymoon at home with their family, much to the delight of the children.
Wanting some special events as honeymoon spectaculars, they had postponed having the dog fuck the two girls, and it w

My Neighbor Jack #3

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The content of these stories are meant to reflect the fictional sex lives of the characters described within. There is something for everyone from Gay, Heterosexual, and Incest.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it.

          I decided that I was g

10 Inches To Ruin, Part 1

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At about 13 it became obvious I was not normal. Between my legs my cock had grown to major size. Flaccid it was 6 inches long and thick. When fully hard it stood straight out, perpendicular from my body and a full 10 inches long from pubic bone to the tip of the head. I had no idea where the monster would lead me but I willingly followed along.

My monster became my best friend and worst enemy.

Taken - Chapter 2 - My First Second Time

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I had stayed awake all night, I was afraid to close my eyes, afraid to try to sleep having not fully figured out what had happened, or why it had happened. My mind went over everything that I thought had happened, and what I had to do today at school. The first thing I did was strip my bed and hide my wet sheets; I would wash those later when I got home.

Camping Trip

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It was Labor Day weekend, the last big summer holiday weekend of the year and Emily was excited. She was going out camping by her self and taking the time to enjoy nature and unwind after a busy summer season. She already had everything packed in the back of her truck so all she had to do was get on the road as soon as she left work. Her destination for this particular weekend: a very remote camp

My name is Mark Ch #2

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          As Princess and I waited for Ruth to come home from work Princess started dinner.  I sat and watched the local news when the call came in from my Attorney; he said that he needed Princess’ passport and a affidavit from me indicating that Princess was in fact employed. 

The Unfaithful Girlfriend

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BSS-620 The Unfaithful Girlfriend.
Chapter 1
Though it was scarcely thirty minutes into twilight, darkness was  
beginning to settle thickly over the city of New York, and night's  
sudden approach was nowhere more apparent than by the fountain in  
Central Park. But the sudden encroachment of darkness was ha

School Tease Part 1

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Again we find ourselves in class. We split into groups for the day and we had to move so that i'm sitting across from you. You're wearing that short white cotton skirt and pink panties, and a tight green shirt. I'm wearing black athletic shorts and my basketball jersey. The teacher leaves the classroom and asks

New Kind of Housekeeper Ch#1

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          My name is Dean and I retired with 45 years federal service.  I knew that I could never afford to reside in the States on my retirement so I moved to the Philippines.  As a foreigner and single I would only be able to purchase 1000 square meters of land.