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Best Video Ever: Part 2

sexyboy22 on Mind Control Stories

Steven had enjoyed controlling his sister several times since the first. He was in heaven, fucking his super sexy sister whenever he wanted. However, he decided it was time to step it up a notch, and he decided to kick his plan into gear on a beautiful Tuesday morning.
    Their mother had attended a meeting just a week ago and was promoted. With this

Best Video Ever: Part 3

sexyboy22 on Mind Control Stories

    After what happened with Brittney, Steven decided to tone it down a little and experiment with the video in a non-sexual way. He did things like make Amy do his chores, or make his parents do part of his homework. He also looked online for more information about this video. Through his research and careful testing, he found some very important new tricks for using the video. Th

Best Video Ever: Part 4- Re-entering the Womb

sexyboy22 on Mind Control Stories

    6:30. The loud buzzing of the alarm clock goes off. Steven is drug from his sleep and presses the snooze button. Slowly, things start coming into focus in the dim room. He lets out a loud yawn and then whips off his covers. He looks down at his gorgeous naked body. He and his sister had started spending a lot of their afternoons outside, tanning, completely naked, so his smooth

My Pee

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    There's always been something a little weird about me. In my 8th grade year I finally found out what it was. When I was about 9, I noticed something weird happening with my body; my pee specifically. Every time I peed, it would smell so good. It was strong and sweet, almost like a flower, and its golden color made it irresistible. However, I knew better than to drink it, so I w

His Wishes

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Chapter 1

It was before summer vacation started. While everybody else was at the auditorium for the grade 12 graduation, James snuck into the principal's office. Just a few weeks ago, he received a mail from the school saying that he had failed grade 11 and had to retake it. James was planning to hack the principal's computer and make a false letter saying that he had passed but he only had to t

His Wish part 2

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Chapter 2

James’ family was not filthy rich, but they had enough money to buy things that other households didn’t have. For instance, they had a 4x4 swimming pool right next to the hot tub and that was only what was outside. Usually the swimming pool and hot tub was occupied with James’ sister’s friends. Sometimes, when his mom wasn’t home, James’ sister, Christine, would bring friends and guy

His Wishes part 3

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Chapter 3

As James walked towards Christine, she began to shout for help. She screamed for her friends to help her. Then she continued to scream that she was getting raped.

“Shut the fuck up bitch and stop taking a shit your stinking up the whole place!” Now like Sandra Christine open and closed her mouth but no sound came out.

“You see bitch I have an almighty power, I can make you shi