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3 Rivers Kennels and Horse farm

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It was a hot, late spring day on 3 Rivers Kennels and horse farm. The over 300 acre ranch in the mountains, crisscrossed by 3 different rivers more than a dozen times, had a large indoor and a larger outdoor kennel. The indoor kennel had 52 10X10 private, heated and air conditioned runs, 4 8X10 shower rooms with more jet options than anyone knew what to do with, and 3 10X10 puppy runs. The outdoor kennel had 32 50X10 covered chain-link runs set side-to-side and back-to-back for maximum socialization.

As for the horses, there were 78 in all, 26 mares, 8 fillies, 6 colts, 18 stallions, and 20 mini’s (10 mares and 10 stallions). There were 3 barns built a lot like the indoor kennel, 26 10X10, private stalls per barn with 2 10X10 shower stalls in each. The barns were over a mile from the house, about half a mile from the kennels, over 5 miles from the nearest neighbor and far from prying eyes.

The ranch belonged to the Smith’s who were quite wealthy. Jim Smith and Matilda Smith had identical twins, Nikki and Travis. Jim had a brother, Chris, and his daughter, Victoria, who lived with them as well. Nikki and Travis were 14 with Vikki late in 13, all matured early (by 12 the girls, Nikki and Vikki, had large B’s and an ass 2 or 3 years ahead of there age). As usual when money is involved, the parents were often around, forcing them to become more independent than they should be, working the barn and kennel mostly themselves. Both Nikki and Travis had straight black hair and dark blue eyes to Vikki’s straight deep red hair and emerald eyes.

The day was just tipping 90° and not a cloud in site. It was a Saturday so the kennels were closed the adults were at a horse show and weren’t due back for at least 4 days. Only a few older horses had come into the barn so there wasn’t much to do. Nikki and Travis had finished feeding 2 hours ago and were just lazing around in the empty far barn. Travis was wearing camouflage cargo pants and a black tee shirt and black steel-toe combat boots. Nikki had on an above mid thigh dark grey mini skirt, a thin white top and no bra.

“Wanna ride over and see what Vikki’s getting into?” Nikki asked

“Sure.” Travis agreed and they left the barn. Parked in the shade of the front of the barn were 2 dirt bikes. Travis’s green and black Kawasaki KX 250cc 2 stroke and Nikki’s orange and black KTM SX 250cc 2 stroke. They jumped on and kicked them to life. Straddling the hot vinyl seat, feeling it vibrate between her legs as it warmed up, had Nikki feeling slightly wet beneath her pushed up skirt.

“I’ll race you there!” she said happily over the whine of the engines.

“Your on!” Travis shouted back and they took off, front wheel high off the ground.

There was a web-work of wide dirt roads running out to the many pastures and to the kennels and house, creating amazing dirt bike tracks.

This was their favorite thing to do. Blaring through miles of track, wide open, nothing separating them from the world flying by them. They crested a hill and caught air, sailing 10 feet in air with ease.

The kennel came into sight as they crested another hill. They cranked the gas and sped down the final stretch. As they neared it, Travis squeezed the front brake and rode out the last 30 feet on his front wheel. Parked in front of the kennel was another dirt bike, this one a dark blue Yamaha YS 250cc 4 stroke.

They parked and stepped into the a/c cooled main office of the kennel. Vikki was at the sink off to the side, washing food dishes. “Hey!” she said cheerfully as they walked in. “Hey. We ran out of stuff to do so we decided to come bug you.” Nikki said.

“Good, because I need your help giving Bandit a bath.” she informed them, finishing up the last dish.

“Sounds like fun!” Nikki replied happily.

“He’s real rowdy so we’ll probably get soaked.” Vikki said.

Nikki shrugged and said “We can always strip down to underwear, its practically the same as a bikini.”

Vikki agreed and led them down the isle to Bandit’s run. She opened it and ushered them in. Bandit was a 3 year old un-neutered male husky. He was silver with a bandit’s mask mark around his eyes and black tips on his ears. As Nikki entered, he stood up and placed his paws on her chest, looking at here eye-to-eye.

“Whoa you’re a big boy.” she said in surprise.

“I think he likes you…a lot.” Travis said with a laugh.

Nikki looked at where he was staring and saw the tip of Bandit’s thick red dick standing about 2 inches out of his sheath. A strange feeling tickled at the back of her mind, but disappeared before she could figure it out.

“Even the dog has good taste!” she said, giggling.

“Alright, lets get him cleaned up.” Vikki said and led him down the isle to one of the shower rooms. She put Bandit inside and closed the door and they began undressing. The girls both had amazing bodies, around 5 foot, fit, curvaceous, mid C tits, and a firm, round ass. Travis had missed that “awkward teen” stage and was fit and even muscled. But, he was a teen and being around nearly naked girls was bothering him.

Vikki noticed the poorly concealed bulge in Travis’s boxer and knew he was affected by them, and even felt some satisfaction from it.

They stepped into the stall and shut the door, now clothed in black panties and bra for Vikki, white thong and her thin white shirt for Nikki and red boxer-briefs for Travis. Vikki started adjusting the water temperature and jets. In a moment they had steaming hot water falling on them from the rain-showerhead above. They began scrubbing Bandit down, and within moments they were soaked to the bone. Nikki’s white shirt and thong became see-through without her realizing, though not without the other two noticing. As she stepped in front of Bandit to run water over his head, his nose shot to her crotch. Though it had dried awhile back, he could still smell when she and became wet from the dirt bike and he liked it.

She blushed and stepped to the side of him to shampoo his ruff, that strange feeling in the back her mind again, still just out of her reach. It was a dark, primal feeling, but she could only catch a hint of it in her conscious mind.

They rinsed him off and rubbed him down with a towel and returned him to his run.

“Well that was the last thing for me to do until tonight, what now?” Vikki asked,

“We can go ride a bit and dry off. We can ride out and check the horses if you want.” Nikki suggested and the others agreed.

So they raced off down the dirt roads toward the horse pastures.

Later that night they were relaxing in the living room watching TV. It was time to feed everything so they walked outside and Travis and Vikki jumped on the bikes and went to the kennel while Nikki got in their Kawasaki Teryx 950cc 5-speed RUV and took off to the barn. Night had fallen and she had her lights on, riding down the dusty roads at 50MPH. It was quiet, just the muffled engine and the wind whipping by, she began to drift into her thoughts. They kept going back to the feeling she got when she saw Bandit’s hard on for her and when he kept nosing her crotch. She came up on a sharp banked turn and downshifted, cut the wheel hard left and slammed the gas, bringing the RUV drifting sideways. She turned the wheel hard right and rode it out, up shifting after about 30 and whipped it out of the slide and flew off down the road.

A couple hours later she was finishing up. She released the minis in a small round pasture near the close barn and they set off to get their hay. The pasture had a stallion and 3 young mares. The stallion caught a whiff off the mares cunts and became frisky, his thick 13 inches began stiffening. He singled on out nipped at her ankle, they’re version on foreplay, getting her horny as well. Horses are a lot like people, they have very human like emotions and actions and like humans, they are very sexual creatures. The mares in this pasture were sterile so they couldn’t become pregnant and they put stallions in with them to keep the stallions from getting sexually frustrated and aggressive. The stallion reared up and landed on the mare, jabbing his dick at her pussy and missing. Nikki hopped the fence and moved up next to them, that dark feeling back in her mind. The stallion finally got it and rammed his cock deep into the mare, making her squeal in pleasure. He thrust fast and hard, causing the mare to cum (and yes, horses have orgasms just like we do) her juices squirting out around his thick shaft. He began grunting as he neared his own release and with a final, deep thrust, he dumped his huge load in the mare. He laid against her for a moment then pulled his now soft dick from the mare, causing at least a good cupful of cum to pour out. Nikki couldn’t help herself, she reached out and dipped her finger into the mares sloppy pussy, getting a thick coating of horse jizz on it. She brought it to her nose and smelled its semi-sweet aroma. She licked it with the tip of her tongue and tasted its sweet creaminess and without further thought, stuck it in her mouth and savored its wonderful taste. The feeling in her mind began to spill over the walls of her consciousness. It nearly took over, but at the last moment she drew back and it was gone. She quickly left the pasture and headed back to the house, her own juices spilling through her thin thong.

She got back to the house before the other two were done with the kennel so she decided to take a bath. She got fresh clothes and her favorite vibrator and ran the water and she undressed and admired herself in the full sized mirror. She was hot. Her body from calf to chest and forearm was firm and even a bit muscled. Flat stomach, thin waist, large breasts, small nipples, toned smooth legs, and a completely unblemished face, she could get wet looking at herself which she already was. The tub filled up and she got into the steaming water. Her cunt tingled as it sank into the hot water and she put a finger in it. The vibrator was about 6 inches long and about 4 around waterproof and very powerful, she slipped in in her ass and she could feel it throbbing strongly in in pussy. He worked her fingers quick, her palm brushing her clit, bringing her close to orgasm quickly. Suddenly an image of Bandit driving his cock into her with a speed a man could not match jumped into her mind, making her cum violently. Waves of pleasure washed over her as that image locked in her orgasm controlled mind. She finally came down shaking badly and light headed.

Meanwhile at the kennel, Travis and Vikki were feeding the 43 dogs in the kennel. They were near the end of the line and stepped into a run with a great Dane male and bitch. The female was in heat and the male was all over her. They had a routine, Travis would put food in and Vikki would fill the water, but when they stepped in there they stopped. The male was behind the bitch, licking at her swollen dripping pussy, and the female was hunched over in pleasure. The male’s cock was swollen and sticking out of the sheath about 5 inches and looked like a lot more was concealed. It must have been as thick as Vikki’s wrist! He gave a few more licks then leapt up onto her back and jabbed at her pussy, missing. Vikki was now horny as hell, her panties soak and dripping down her legs. She knelt beside them and guided him into her. As soon as his cock touched the females pussy he rammed it to the hilt and pounded into her hard, rocking her whole body. His balls her rocking underneath him and they were the size of tennis balls. Travis’s boner was now easily recognizable through his pants and he had to get off. Vikki had now put her hand into her tight jeans and was fingering herself roughly. She was now taken over by lust and she leaned forward and began licking behind his knot which was buried into the female. She felt his cum pouring through the meat beneath her tongue and she moved up and lick inside the bitch’s cunt, around the his shaft. The male finished pouring into her and slipped his baseball sized knot from the female, causing a mouthful of their cum to pour out onto Vikki’s face. She began licking the bitch’s pussy again but Travis got between them and rammed his meaty 7 inches into the dog cunt. Even after the Dane she was tight around his shaft. As he rammed into her thick dog cum splashed round his shaft and sloshed down his balls. Vikki was there to suck it from his balls. The male had moved up to lick deep into her own cunt, causing three or four orgasms, her juices gushing down the Dane’s throat. Travis felt his load brewing up and he gave his hardest and deepest thrust and flooded his full load into the bitch along with the rest. Now spent, he dropped down next to Vikki and they laid there for a few minutes

“Oh my god I just had a foursome with 2 dogs and my cousin!” Travis mumbled, not knowing how to explain it.

“I know but it was amazing!” she replied, then drew his into a deep kiss, exploring his mouth with her tongue.

Silently they dressed and finished with the kennel then headed up to the house.

When they walked in Nikki was watching Katt Williams on comedy central and cracking up. They must had looked guilty or off in someway because Nikki stopped laughing and asked “What’s up?”

They shook they’re head and said “Nothing.” a little to quickly.

Nikki narrowed her eyes but inquired no further.

(This concludes the first chapter, please comment. its my first story, suggestions are appreciated too)



I enjoyed the story, it was pretty good for a first one. But one thing you could do to improve would be to try to work the whole introduction into the story itself. Instead of explaining it all in the beginning, work bits and parts of it into the story.

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