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Dog Family 2

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Taya jogged up the front steps of the school. She glanced back watching as her mother drove away from the school before turning back to walk through the school doors. The hall was crowded with people who bustled about in groups. After shoving aside several people the ebony haired girl managed to find a wider area to walk. Some people waved at her which she returned with a smile as she made her way towards her locker. She grinned when she saw her best friend Naomi leaning against her locker awaiting her arrival. Taya jogged over happily.

“Morning Nao, sorry if I kept you waiting.” Taya said smiling.

“Its okay, hey thanks for letting me share a locker with you.” Naomi said tucking back a strand of pale blonde hair that had hints of red making it look slightly orange.

“No prob. Besides it would suck having a locker right next to the smelly boys’ bathroom in the east wing.” Taya inserted her combination.

She tossed her bag in the locker rifling through a stack of papers on one of the shelves. With a shake of her head she replaced it on the shelf grabbing another pile. Smiling she nodded to herself as she saw it was stationary. Grabbing a few black sheets with floating lavender hearts on them she handed them to Naomi before grabbing her binder and closing the locker. Naomi handed back the papers and followed her friend down the hall towards homeroom. As Taya reached out to grab the doorknob a boy moved to block her hand, he had a wide smirk on his face.

“Hey Taya; looking as sexy as always. Love the skirt.” He said with lust clear in his tone.

“Aw, that so sweet Ross. It’s so sweet that you think that the skirt that every girl in the school is wearing is cute on me.” Taya said sarcastically, rolling her eyes she shoved the boy aside making her way into the classroom.

Naomi giggled as she followed her best friend to the back of the class to sit by the window. Taya just shrugged and unzipped her binder pulling out a gel pen that’s ink came out in rainbow colors when used. She scribbled down some words while Naomi walked off to talk with a girl up front. Nibbling the pen in thought Taya quickly added more before smiling in approval of her work. Moving to a blank piece of stationary she transferred the information from the completed on onto the rest. The bell rang loudly, the students walked to their seats as the teacher walked into the room.

Taya pulled out her phone when it vibrated in her skirt pocket. She propped her book on the desk and placed her phone behind the book so it remained unseen. She pressed the button to see why her phone vibrated. It was a text message from her mother. Opening it she read the contents.

'I’m working late tonight and Josh told me he was going be gone for the weekend with some friends. So please wash the dogs. Lol they are starting to smell kinda funny. '

Taya pouted, Josh said he was gonna paint her room for her. Glancing up she saw the teacher facing the white board explaining an up and coming essay they would need to do. She typed up a reply message to her mother.

'Okay that sounds kewl. Is it okay if I have Nao over after school? She can help me bathe the dogs. We get out at 12:00pm today because the teachers have meetings so can I have the other girls over as well? I want to make it a pool party weekend since I haven’t gotten to have sleepovers with them at our house since we moved. Also are you still going away on business this weekend?'

She sent it and quickly put her nose in the book to make it seem like she was listening while blindly scribbling on a piece of notebook paper. Naomi was giggling as she herself as she sent text messages of her own to some friends. Her phone vibrated again. After checking that the teacher was busy she opened the message.

'Sure they can all come over. The more the merrier. Lol and yes I am still going away this weekend. I’m driving into the next city for the weekend for a conference. I will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Since you’re going to have people over make sure to keep the dogs away and clean up afterwards. No boys, no drinking, and definitely no drugs! Lol but other than that have fun sweetie.'

With a soft laugh Taya shook her head. Her mother was definitely not like other mothers. She would let Taya have people over when she wasn’t home simply because she trusted her daughter. Since she was already having sex, mainly with their dogs, she knew she didn’t have to worry about that. She trusted that Taya wouldn’t do drugs or drink because before her parents divorced Taya had seen her father get drunk and declared she never wanted to do such things. After sending a quick reply of ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ she put her phone away and looked up at the teacher.

At exactly 12:00pm the last bell rang loudly and Taya stood happily from her seat. She’d handed out some invites to her friends Cherry, Terra, Penny, Hannah, Macy and Susan as well as Naomi. She told everyone to come over around 2:00 so she would have time to get things ready for the party. The other girls nodded in agreement. Pushing her way through the crowds she and Naomi approached their locker. After quickly grabbing their bags they headed out of the school. Taya stopped briefly outside to talk to Cherry while Naomi stood by the statue in the courtyard waiting. She watched as the two talked intently with twin smiles before hugging and parting ways. When Taya came back over she gestured Naomi out of the courtyard. The first had to go over to Naomi’s house so she could pack herself a bag for the weekend then they would go to Taya’s house.

“So you’re sure your mom won’t mind me being over when she’s not home?” Naomi asked as they walked away from where the bus dropped them off and towards Taya’s house.

“My mom loves you so of course she won’t mind.” Taya said grinning.

They climbed the front steps and the ebony haired girl pulled out her key to unlock the front door. The moment Taya stepped foot in the house a nose buried itself in her pussy. She gasped looking down she saw Greg, the male husky, licking her vigorously. With a laugh she pushed him away and gestured Naomi into the house. Dropping their bags on the floor she led Naomi into the living room.

“Take a seat I’ll snag us some sodas.” Taya said walking into the kitchen.

She opened the door to the dog room so they could wander the house if they wished and opened the backdoor so they could go outside to do their business as well. She bent over into the fridge to look for soda. Naomi looked around the living room. It had been awhile since she’d been over to Taya’s house. This was the new house Taya lived in. the only house Naomi had been in was the townhouse Taya and her family lived in when they lived in the city. Taya, her mother, and Josh used to live in the city and about 2 years ago they had moved to further out near the country but still close to the city. Her musings were interrupted by a nose in her crotch. Looking down she saw one of Taya’s pit bull’s sniffing under her skirt. Blushing Naomi shoved him away and closed her legs. A couple of dogs came over and sniffed up her legs and her arms but mostly focused around her crotch. She hopped off the couch to get away from their probing noses.

“Taya, you really need to teach your dogs manners.” Naomi called walking into the kitchen.

She was shocked to see an Akita humping Taya’s leg while Taya simply stood at the counter pouring two sodas into glasses. It was as if the humping didn’t faze her.

“Don’t worry about them, the bitches are going into heat so it’s got them horny and humping everything.” Taya smirked to herself as the lie slid smoothly off her tongue.

Naomi made her way over to the counter grabbing one of the glasses. The dogs followed her close. She watched them uneasily but drank her soda with her friend, every now and then sending weird looks to the dogs. After finishing their drinks they put the empty glasses in the sink.

“Do you mind helping me wash the dogs?” Taya asked.

“No I don’t mind,” Naomi said smiling with a nod.

Pleased Taya bent down under the sink to open it. One of the dogs ran over and tried to mount her. The ebony haired girl shooed him playfully and pulled out a bucket filled with supplies for cleaning the dogs.

“Let’s put on some bikinis. That way our uniforms won’t get wet.” Taya said gently shoving the Akita off her leg.

“I forgot to pack mine, I didn’t realize you had a pool.” Naomi said as she followed her friend to her room.

“Don’t worry, you can borrow one of mine.” Taya offered.

Upon entering Taya’s bedroom Naomi’s eyes immediately landed on the bed which had a large wet stain. A sly smile graced her lips.

“Someone’s been having some fun.” Taya’s head perked from where it was within her panty drawer.

She cursed herself for not washing her sheets after this morning’s fun session with Rupert. A quick lie came to mind as she pulled out the two bikinis.

“Oh yeah, last night I was watching some really hot girl-on-girl porn.” Taya said tossing a pink and white stripped bikini to Naomi. “7 Orgasms.”

Naomi looked at her surprised as she stripped out of her clothes. “Wow, must’ve been a really hot film.”

Taya drooled as she stared at Naomi’s bouncing c-cup tits. She pulled on the green and black bikini. Grabbing a white hair ribbon she tied her hair up before sauntering her way out of the room. Naomi watched her ass sway as she exited the room. Licking her lips she followed her out.

Taya whistled as they descended the deck stairs. Naomi was holding the bucket of cleaning products: shampoo, conditioner, scrub brushes etc. Putting the bucket down Naomi watched as all the dogs rushed to Taya surrounding her and showered her with licks and happy barks. A few seemed to get particularly close to her private region but Naomi shrugged it off. Taya filled that large tub under the deck full of hot soapy water and whistled for 5 of the dogs to jump in the bath. The dogs sat staring at her panting happily.

“What’s wrong with them?” Naomi asked.

“We need to lead by example.” Taya said slipping off her flip-flops and climbing into the large bath.

The dogs stared at Naomi expectantly. She climbed in after Taya and stood next to her. With a swift snap of her fingers the dogs jumped into the warm water causing a tidal wave that knocked them over. Taya laughed excitedly as the water calmed. The dogs licked her up and down trying to get close to her intimates but she reluctantly pushed them away when Naomi coughed to clear water from her lungs.

“You okay Nao?” she asked crawling over to the other girl.

A few frisky dogs tried to mount her but she playfully shoved them off. Naomi grinned brushing back her hair. Some dogs licked her face and neck making her giggle and stroke their fur. Taya stood and walked over to the edge of the tub and grabbed the cleaning supplies, dropping the bucket into the water with a plop she tossed a brush to Naomi. . The bucket with them floated idly around them as Taya showed Naomi how to clean the dogs. After brushing out any hair they’d shed that had gotten caught in their fur Taya grabbed the bottles of shampoo and along with Naomi they thoroughly shampooed up each dog. The dogs were trained to know that if they behaved while being bathed they would get handjobs, fingered and possibly get to fuck whoever bathed them. As Naomi soaped up a female Great Dane Taya decided to ask Naomi an ‘innocent’ question.

“Hey Nao, you’ve had sex before right?” Taya asked while she slipped her fingers into a female husky’s pussy.

“Yeah, Tracy Carlisle 2 years ago, it was one hot weekend I’ll tell you that.” Naomi laughed as she shampooed the Dane's stomach.

“I hear that Cherry does her horse. What’s your opinion of animal fucking?” the ebony haired girl asked fingering deeper into the female husky.

Naomi thought deeply about this before moving to shampoo another dog. “I guess it sounds interesting. I have heard Cherry talking with the Riding Club about it. A horse sounds kinda big and scary though.”

A devious plan formed. “What about a dog?” Taya asked turning to her.

The reddish-blonde turned to look at her puzzled. Taya repeated her question with an innocent smile. “I don’t know, I mean I have no dogs cause my parent’s are allergic. Plus the only person I know who has dogs is you.” Naomi responded flushing.

The husky orgasmed and Taya slid her finger out of its pussy. “So, it’s not weird. After we’re done I’ll help you.”

“How can you not think it’s weird that I am curious about sex with your dogs?” Naomi asked as she shampooed the last dog.

“I’ll tell you later.” Taya told her.

Taya climbed out of the tub and turned on the multiple shower heads above the tub. The water rinsed the dogs thoroughly before they were flicked off and Taya climbed back in the tub and conditioned each dog. The dogs were rinsed again before the tub was emptied and they were ushered out of the tub. The stood over a large vented area where they were dried then brushed down by the girls.

Taya grabbed Naomi's hand and led her towards the middle of the yard. Taya lowered Naomi onto the soft grass. She then seated herself beside her.

“First we need to get you comfortable.” Taya told her.

She grabbed the blonde and brought her into a passionate kiss. Naomi responded quickly kissing back burrowing her fingers in Taya’s hair. The ebony haired girl slid her hand from Naomi’s face to her neck which she stroked softly before sliding down to her breasts. Squeezing them and rolling them in her hand. She tweaked her nipples through the fabric before sliding her hand into the bikini top to massage the breasts properly. Naomi moaned and moved to do the same to Taya but her hand was slapped away. Taya pulled away from the case to shake a finger in her face.

“This is about you; I’ll be taken care of later.” Taya told her. “Look around they want you.”

Naomi the yard to see the dogs sitting and lying on the grass watching as their younger mistress prepared their guest. Taya untied her friend’s top and tossed it towards the dogs to sniff the scent they would come to enjoy. She lowered her mouth onto the other girl’s right nipple and suckled at it. Nipping and licking the pert pink nub before moving to the other. She then slid her hand down into the bikini bottom to stroke and tug at the moist pink pussy inside. It appeared that Naomi shaved. Taya slipped her fingers inside the hot cavern. The ebony haired girl lifted her head and thrust her tongue into Naomi’s mouth sucking her tongue and kissing her. Her hand skillfully pinched the blonde’s clit making her cry out in pleasure. The dogs shifted meaning they were getting turned on by the sound and smell. Taya pulled away from her friend’s mouth and pulled off her bikini bottom and tossed it to the horny dogs. She latched onto the moist, spicy pussy. Nipping and pinched the pussy resulted in Naomi getting wetter and closer to her orgasm. With on final pinch and suck at her clit the blonde cummed into her friend’s waiting mouth.

Taya sniffed the pussy that was now soaked with her pussy juices. Snapping her fingers a female Dalmatian, Mira, come trotting over eagerly. She sat upon command as the ebony haired girl brought to Naomi’s attention the bitch’s pussy.

“Now currently, most of our bitches are either in heat, going into heat, or just got out of heat. So their pussies are ripe and tasty. You are an experienced pussy licker so I say you start with licking a bitch’s pussy.” Taya told her.

Mira laid down when Taya whistled. On her back, her legs in the air Naomi watched as her friend opened the legs further for her to get a better look at the rosebud pussy. Naomi crawled over to the bitch and looked to Taya for assurance before lowering her head down to the pussy. She sniffed it loving the scent before taking a testing lick at the outside of the rosebud lips. After receiving a whine which she guessed was of pleasure from Mira she took it a step forward by parting the lips and slipping her tongue into the ripe bitch pussy. Taya watched enjoying the scene. Her mother and brother would love this. To know that she had brought her best friend in on the family secret would gain her pick of the next dog they adopted.

She softly snapped her fingers and Benny, the cattle dog padded over to Naomi and began lapping at her soaked pussy. Naomi was surprised but moaned and licked faster nipping at Mira’s clit. Naomi orgasmed under Benny's tongue at the same time that Mira orgasmed; she lapped it up eagerly. Benny mounted Naomi with ease slipping his hard doggy cock into her moist, waiting pussy. Naomi moaned at the pleasure from her fucking while Mira slipped from under her and was replaced by Mimi, a female pit-bull. The blonde eagerly began devouring her pussy. Taya walked away from the gathered. As hot as the scene was she still had things to take care of inside the house. This moment was for the dogs and Naomi. All the females had to lick her pussy and have their pussies licked by her and all the males had to have their cocks and cum in her pussy and the cocks in her mouth.

For right now Taya entered the dogs’ room to check on the puppies. There were 2 litters of Danes, 1 litter of pit-bulls, 3 litters of Dobermans, 1 litter of pointers and 4 litters of Dalmatians. They were still young; about 3 months so they were up and walking but they still needed to be bathed and fed. Some would be sold to her mother's friends that 'loved' their dogs the way her family did so the ebony haired girl would soon start allowing them to lick her pussy and hump her. They were too young to be mated with Naomi. Grabbing a bag of food from the kitchen Taya began to fill food and water bowls. She would check on Naomi later.


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