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Chapter 5 Double Dip for Daddy

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Chapter 5 Double Dip for Daddy

Sammy's Private Lessons

Sammy has a dance competition coming up and wants extra tuition.

It was about six weeks after Sammy's first weekend. We had settled into a nice routine, either Sammy or Kim alone or on other occasions together. Rachel would spend the weekends sharing the pleasures.
I was sitting at the table when Sammy came in, dropped her school bag, gave me a kiss on the forehead and sat down.
"Dad, you know that comp I've got coming up."
"Yes." I had a feeling I knew where this was going
"Would I be able to get private lessons?"
"On top of all your other commitments, when would you have time to fit them in?"
"I got some time on Thursday. It would really help me. She's one of the older students and and she's really good. She's French and studied at France's top ballet school, The Opera national de Paris. She's offered to give me private lessons. Come on Daddy, I mean what an opportunity and it would really help. It's the chance of a lifetime."
"Everything's the chance of a life time for you. Lessons with the national ballet company, lessons with international ballerina's. You need to lighten up Darling, ever since you were three. Classical ballet, jazz ballet, contemporary ballet, piano, drama, singing. Two or three hours a night every night plus Saturday. And when your not in class you spend hours at home practicing. You eat, drink and sleep ballet. You do realise there is a world outside of ballet?"
"Dad you have always said commitment and dedication would get me to the top. I am going be a principle dancer with the national ballet company. What's another hour or two per week if it helps me dance better and win national competions."
I loved my daughters, but hated it when the only time they listened to me was when they could use my words against me. I let out a sigh of exasperation
"Okay, usual rules apply, three month trial. If I think it's to much for you it stops, if your grades fall or you can't keep up your present commitments, the lessons stop. Yes?"
Sammy seemed unique in the way she faced her future. A lot kids dither about their future, maybe this, maybe that. Never with Sammy, I can still remember her first ballet lesson. She had seen something about ballet on T.V. and asked about doing ballet lessons. Their mother had walked out a couple of months before and I figured it would be a good distraction and readily agreed figuring it would only last a couple of months before she got bored. So I offered her a three month contract, if she didn't like it she could quit, no loss of face, no recriminations or if the teacher thought it best she not continue no problem, she tried, there's a whole life time to find something she could be good at. After the first class and when we got home, I got glass of juice and some cookies for her. She sat at the table deep in thought then looked at me with the most serious face and like pronouncing an oath of doom said "I like ballet and I'm going to dance with a national ballet company." and she never wavered in her commitment and only changed her oath to "I am going to be a principle dancer with the national ballet company.". Within three months she was top of the class and had never fallen from her pedestal. And I knew this contract was moot, whatever it took she would make it work.
"Thank you Dad, I won't let you down."
"It's not whether you let me down, just don't over commit yourself and fall on your face. Your to far to young and sweet to have a breakdown."
"Well I 'spose I get some good stress relief at least once or twice a week." She put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss then let her hand slide down my front and felt my groin squeezing my cock. "Speaking of which."
"Fuck your a horny girl."
"Good thing I've got a horny Dad." Sammy knelt down in front of me, undid my button and zip and pulled my cock out. She gave it a kiss and licked the head. "Just a quickie Dad, can't be late for ballet." Taking my cock in her mouth she soon got me hard and ready for my slutty little girl. She stood up and turned around and leaned over with her forearms on the kitchen table.
I lifted up her school uniform skirt and saw she was wearing a very skimpy thong that split her pussy lips "Are you wearing that to school?' I put a finger either side her lips and rubbed her twat spreading her creamy white milk. I could smell her excitement and her hips moved in response to my touch.
"Lighten up Dad, nobody sees it, except... maybe one or two lucky boys."
"Are you flashing your pussy?"
"Oh Dad, only one boy gets to see my pussy."
"Lucky boy, does he get to do this?" I pulled her thong down, Sammy wriggled her hips and the thong fell to the floor.
"Only if he's been really good."
"What about this?" I put my two middle fingers in her tight twat. She moved her hips backwards and forwards fucking my fingers, come dribbled down her crack.
"Uhh, only if he's been really, really good." She rocked her twat on my fingers taking them as deep as she could.
"What about this?" I took my fingers out, stood up and guided my cock into her. She pulled forward then back on to my cock.
"Mmm, he has to be really good to do that."
"What about this?" I took hold of her hips and started pumping her.
"Only, only," she tried to say hoarsely "only if he makes me come." I put my hand around the front and rubbed her swollen clit. She must have been really horny and desperate for the fuck. She matched my pace and pushed back hard when I pushed my cock into her.
"Harder. Come on Dad fuck me hard!" she cried. I did as she asked and fucked her hard. She fell forward onto table and I lifted her legs up off the floor and slid her back and forth on the table. Sammy had lost control by now and was grunting and moaning with pleasure. I stopped for a moment, let her legs go, grabbed her shoulder and flipped her over, lifted her legs up again and pushed them on to her chest. She reached behind her legs and lifted her arse up. I started slamming my cock back into her.
"Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy." she cried, her body tensed then shuddered and she squirted her love juice onto the table, I wasn't far behind her, I buried my cock deep and squirted my load into her, my hips jerked as I squirted the last of my come. I pulled her up and gave her a cuddle and kiss.
"Oh Dad, we have to eat of that table."
I pulled my cock out of Sammy and turned around. Kim was standing there.
"Ha," I said "How many times have you been fucked on this table plus a few places I care not to mention?"
"Well at least change the table cloth, Sammy's dribbling come all over it." She came over, pushed Sammy back onto the table got between her legs, knelt down and started licking her out.
"Make it quick Kim, I've got ballet and I need a shower. For some reason one or two girl's seem to know when I've had sex and look at me funny." Kim used her expert tongue on Sammy and quickly brought her off for the second time.
Sammy seemed a little unsteady on her legs when she stood up "Rubber legs, it nice having sex but it always makes my legs feel like jelly."
Sammy went of to the shower and I gave Kim a lingering kiss before licking the sex juice of her face.
"'Spose you want nookie too?"
"Tonight, I'm on a promise with Rachel, she'll be here soon."
"Well I've got to take Sammy to ballet. The house is yours. Remember no sex on the table."
"Do as I say not as I do. With such a wide scope I shouldn't lack in things to do."
"You've becoming quite a dirty girl."
"Comes from having a dirty father." I changed the the subject and talked about her upcoming exams.
Sammy came in, looking fresh "Come on Dad." Sammy said
"You already have and I'm going to tonight."
"You really need something in your mouth. Maybe it will stop you making lewd comments."
"Yeah eight inches and full of come. I can't wait for my punishment."
"Enough, you dirty little girl. I'm going to ballet. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."
"Wow, where would I start?"
I gave Kim a kiss that tasted like pussy. "Goodbye Princess, come on Sammy before this young lady gets herself in to any more trouble."
We arrived at the ballet school and went through the same ritual. Me, the only male amongst a gaggle of women. It had taken a number of years before I had been accepted for something other than a pervert, but the women were still reserved towards me. Sammy got changed in to her leotard and tights and I put her hair into a bun. This was probaly the hardest thing for the ballet mothers to accept, a man who not only did her daughter's hair but could do make-up as well, surely the sign of a pervert. Personally I didn't consider myself a pervert, more a connoisseur of young ladies, especially when they started showing the first signs of puberty, their young breast's poking through their tight leotards, I had seen so many bumps turn into awe inspiring tits. I had often had fantasies of putting cameras in the changing room to see their breasts and nubile bodies free from the constraints of the leotards.
The two classes Sammy had that night passed quickly and she came out beaming.
"Dad I did it, a double pirouette." I could understand her excitement, something like seven years of training to do a single piroquette and now the double. "You watch I'll be the best Odette, and I'll beat the the record, thirty six plus." She was with another young lady."I'm sorry, I'm being rude. Dad this is Monique, Monique this is my father Andrew. Monique is the tutor I told you about." I shook her hand, she took my hand lightly and I imagined she held it just a little longer than a polite handshake.
"Nice to meet you, my daughter speaks highly of you." I was trying to keep my composure, she was simply stunning, she couldn't have been no more than eighteen at the most, with auburn hair and hazel eyes, she had a finely sculptured face and the perfect ballerina body squeezed in to a leotard and tights, it was hard to guess the size of her breasts flattened by the leotard but I could imagine at least a C cup. I could smell the hint of lavender and sweat and she glowed like she had just done a double round of hard fucking. Visions of her naked body and me slamming my cock in to her kept swimming before my eyes. God as if I wasn't getting enough sex.
I fell back to earth when I realized she was speaking to me. "...great potential and I would be honored to offer her private lessons," she had a lilting voice with a sweet french accent. "Sammy says she has free time on Thursday. Would she be able to be at my place at 4.00?"
"Ah, yes," i agreed readily "I'm sure we could do that. Can I get your address and phone number just in case something comes up." Fuck imagine if I had the pulling power like this when I was a teenager. In less than five minutes I had got the address and phone number of a stunning french girl. Pity it was just a business relationship, purely in the interest of furthering the professional development of my daughter and any chance of a sexual liaison was as remote as me bagging Billie Piper. At least Sammy and Kim would benefit from my fantasies.
Sammy was full of excitement when she got in the car "What do you think of Monique, She's a fantastic dancer. I'm glad your letting me take lessons from her. How old do think she is?"
"Eighteen, nineteen." I said trying to keep my voice under control as thoughts of the stunning French girl swam through my head.
"She's sixteen, but I think most guy's think she older. It's funny when we go to the mall, most guy's almost fall over staring at her." Sammy hand slipped down between her legs and she started rubbing her twat. "Daddy if I have fantasies about girls does that mean I'm a lesbian?" Her hand slid inside her gym shorts and I could hear the wet sounds of her fingering herself and the musky odor of her sex filled the car.
"Do you like having sex with me?"
"Very much."
"Do you think about sex with other boys?"
"Do you like sex with Rachel and Kim?" her hips were rocking and I could see her hand moving over pussy.
"Go with it Princess, you may be bi-sexual or you may find later you prefer one over the other."
She put her ieft hand down the side of the seat and lowered the back, spread her legs and devoted herself to making herself come "If I never get to make love to her at least I can have some good wet dreams thinking about it."
"Princess can't you wait till you get home?"
"No. Thinking about Monique makes me really horny, you should see her tits and... no I can't tell you that, that's a girl secret but... oh god I hope..." She became quiet and started panting softly.
"Do you want me to pull over and give you a hand?"
"No. I want this to feel like Monique's hand." Her hips started rocking faster and her hand was moving like she was fingering herself. Her hips jerked up and she gave a little squeal. Her hips slowly came to rest and her hand stopped moving. She was quiet for a minute or two enjoying the bliss of her fantasy fuck before pulling her wet hand out and putting it in front of my face.
"As compensation, you can smell and lick this. You can pretend its Monique's come. I wonder what french pussy taste like? You want to know too don't you? A little french pussy for Daddy."
"Darling I don't want to fuck every girl I meet."
"Yeah right, I saw the way you undressed her and fucked her with your eyes."
"How the hang did I end up with such slutty daughters with foul mouths?"
"Like father, like daughter." I was glad to get home, the situation was becoming uncomfortable. Sammy seemed to have looked in to my deepest desire and laid it bare.
Kim and Rachel were cuddled up on the couch. Kim was dressed in a silk robe and Rachel was wearing a black knicker and bra set and the smell of sex hung in the air.
"Someone had better fuck Dad. He's really horny thinking about french pussy." Sammy announced.
Rachel her lifted leg on to the back of the couch giving me a look between her legs "I wish I could help but I have to get home." She got up and went to the bedroom.
"Well you got your bit this afternoon Sammy, and you smell like you got a little more on the way home."
"It was a solo performance, now Dad's ready for the pas de duex."
Kim put her hand on my waist band and felt my cock "Dad threatened to discipline his lewd daughter. I had better go his room and take my punishment."
"You're a brave girl, if you want I can kiss your bottom better when his finished spanking you."
Kim stood up, put her arms around Sammy and gave her a kiss "Your a good sister, our father may be lewd and perverted and treat us unmercifully but I can always count on you." She gave Sammy a long lingering kiss "Come Father, I'm ready to take my punishment." Kim put her hand in to my waist band again and led me to the bedroom. Rachel was sitting on the bed tying up her shoes when we came in. Kim pushed me on to the bed and Rachel leaned over and gave me a kiss.
"I'll see you on Saturday." she said
Kim untied her robe and let it fall to the floor and knelt between my legs, undid my jeans, pulled them down and took my cock out.
"I thought you would be hard by now, I expected you to throw me on my back and ram eight inches of discipline down my throat."
"I could forgive your indiscretion if you show your contrition."
"Yes father, thank you father." She took my cock in to her mouth and sucked me to full erection. Kim got on to the bed and took the rest of my clothes of. The love making was slow and long, two lovers comfortable with each others bodies, attuned to the wants and needs of each. The right touch, the right pressure and the tenderness far exceeded our needs and we walked in the mountain heights of pleasure and love. Kim was on top when I finally released my pleasure in to her, I couldn't tell you how many times she came. She lay down on me, gave me a kiss and lay quiet as my cock grew limp inside her. Rolling off me she snuggled close.
"Was I contrite enough, will you forgive me?"
"Mmm," I said "this time, but your on probation, any further talk like this afternoon and you'll get that eight inches of discipline without mercy."
She hugged mr tighter, gave me a kiss "Yes father, I'll try to be a good."
The next week seemed to drag by. I met Monique a few more times at ballet. She was a touchy, feely girl. touching my shoulder or waist, and on more than one occasion her hand would rest on my knee when we were sitting down, she was even more so with Sammy. I tried not to let my imagination run wild and put it down to the fact that this might be the way French girls were. Sammy would play with herself on the way home with thoughts of french pussy.
We arrived early for Sammy's first lesson, Monique was wearing a short white summer dress, I wondered if she stood with the sun behind her could I see through it. My cock twitched at the thought, and almost sprang to full attention when I realized she had no bra on and her tits were pressing hard against the front of dress. She led us down a path through the garden to a large garage. She opened the door and showed us in. The garage had been converted to a dance studio with full length mirrors along the far wall with a barre, along the other wall were a couple of chairs. Monique explained she had some things to finish and would be with us shortly. To Sammy she pointed to a room where she could change, once changed she should get warmed up and do her stretches and pointed to the stereo telling her she could put some music on and it wouldn't matter how loud it was as the studio was sound proof and nobody could hear anything. Sammy thanked her and Monique left us alone closing the door behind her.
I took a seat as Sammy undressed flaunting her body. She did her usual stretches, straddle stretches putting her head on the floor with her legs outstretched, then touching her toes while sitting plus a number of other stretches, Sammy was facing the mirror and each new stretching position gave me glimpses between her legs. With thoughts of Monique and the flashes of Sammy's pussy I was starting to get a more than a little horny.
Sammy got up and went to the barre, she started with plie's and demi-plies then stood back and put her left leg on to the barre leaned forward lying flat against her leg, she raised her upper body up and bent her right leg and squatted, she did this several times befofe changing legs and repeating the exercise. I couldn't help myself, seeing her spread open like this I had to get my hand on her sweet pussy. She saw me coming and looked over shoulder.
"Yes Dad." I said nothing as I put my arm around her waist, her right leg was still on the barre.
"Don't you dare." She said. I gripped her waist tighter and put my other hand on her warm pussy.
"Don't you dare." she said again." I dared to do it. "Stop Dad." I rubbed her twat, she was hardly in a position to stop me, standing on one leg and holding on to the barre.
"Dad, stop please you'll make me wet."
"I'll make you you more than wet, you think you can strip naked in front of me than flash your twat." I moved aside the crotch of her leotard and rubbed my hand against her tights, I knew she wearing no knickers.
"Dad stop, please..." she closed her eyes and started breathing deeper "Stop Monique could catch us."
"You had better come quick then,' I couldn't get my finger between her lips or in to her pussy but I could certainly deal to her swollen clit "pretend it's Monique."
That did it, her wet twat rubbed against my hand and in a couple of minutes she grunted and her left leg bent and she almost collapsed and would have if I hadn't had my arm around her waist.
"Dad that was really naughty. My tights are soaked. Thats it, no nookie for a week that'll teach you." She put her leg down and went over to her bag "I hope I brought my spare leotard." She rummaged through her bag and found what she wanted. She quickly took of her leotard and tights, got some tissues and wiped her cunt dry and threw the wet tissues at me
"Thats all your getting for the next week, make the most of them, you can sniff them while you wank."
"It's alright I've still got Kim."
"Ha, not likely, because I'm going to tell her what a bad Dad you've been. Once she knows, you probably wont get it for a month." She quickly got in to her leotard and tights and had just got back to the barre when Monique came in, she had changed out of the dress and was now wearing a loose T-shirt and tight shorts. I scooped up the tissues and put them in my pocket, it may have been my imagination but I thought the studio smelled of sex, or maybe it was just the tissues in my pocket.
"Ahh, you look nicely warmed up." The way Monique said this seemed filled with innuendo, maybe I wasn't the only one who could smell the musky odor of Sammy's sex, Sammy gave me a look that suggested she also had picked up on the hint.
Monique put some music on and went through the usual ballet warm ups with Sammy. They were standing close to the mirrors and Monique's hands seemed to be all over Sammy, correcting this, changing that. She came up behind Sammy and brought her body against her.
"No, no, concentrate on your center." She put her hand on Sammy's chest and her hand seemed to linger on Sammy's tit before her finger tips traced a line down Sammy's front, she placed her hand flat against Sammy's pubic mound and I thought I was mistaken when I saw her hand dip between Sammy's legs. I knew it was no mistake when I saw Sammy's eyebrows lift in surprise. Monique stepped back and said "Try again." Sammy must have got whatever she had to correct right this time because Monique looked pleased or maybe it was the fact that she had just put her hand between my daughter's legs with me watching. They continued for a while longer before Monique suggested they go over her dance for the competition.
Sammy got the music from her bag and put it on. They both listened to it and discussed the dance.
"Okay lets try it," Monique started the music and counted her in "5, 6, 7, 8." and watched as Sammy went through the dance..
"Let's see what would happen if we put in a cartwheel with extended split at the third bar."Monique suggested
Monique started the music and counted her in. Sammy went through the steps and then threw herself into the cartwheel. I expected Monique to guide Sammay through the rest of the movement with Sammy landing back on her feet but Monique somehow stopped Sammy in the handstand position with her legs split pointing down to the floor. Monique held her and Sammy's pussy was spread wide open. From Monique's perspective Sammy must have looked like a Barbie doll with it's legs pulled off. Monique seemed oblivious of where she was and who was watching as she took her left hand off Sammy's hip and caressed Sammy's thigh. Sammy's right arm bent and she almost fell at the touch but she recovered and straightened her arm. Sammy looked at me through Monique's legs with surprise, I watched Monique in the mirror as her hand moved on to Sammy's pussy. She saw me looking at her in the mirror and seemed to wake up, she quickly removed her hand, took Sammy's legs and lowered her to the floor. Sammy sat up on her legs and put her hand between Monique's legs, Monique put her hand on Sammy's head and stroked her hair.
"I'm, I'm sorry I missed the count," Monique said trying to dismiss what had happened as mere lack of concentration. "do you want to try that again?"
"Do you mean the cartwheel or the handstand. We can take it from the handstand if you want?"
I realized Sammy's fantasy might not be such a fantasy "Um, I can wait in the car if you girls want to be alone?"
Sammy stood up and put her arms around Monique shoulders, pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. Monique's eyebrows lifted in surprise at what Sammy said. She looked over her shoulder at me, turned back to Sammy and whispered in Sammy's ear. A whispered conversation ensued with Monique looking at me several times
She stepped back and said "Are you sure?"
"But your Papa...oui"
"A pas de trois. You take the principal, me as the second and Papa," she looked at me smiled when she used the moniker "the danceur."
"Moi, vous, votre pere, un sexe a trois?" whatever Sammy was suggesting had really thrown Monique and she slipped in to french. It sounded sexy whatever she was saying and I wondered what she would sound like when she had an orgasm.
"What does that mean in english?"
"I'm sorry, I forget sometimes. You know. What you said."
"Oui, is that right?"
"If you mean yes than yes that's right."
"What are you ladies up to?" I asked
"Our next dance," said Sammy "but Monique's not sure. Can you tell Monique you would love to be her danceur"
"Come on Darling, me with two left feet and as much rythym and grace as an elephant on ice."
"Papa," Sammy looked at me, face full of hidden innuendo "this is one dance you can do. You do dance with boys don't you Monique?"
"Yes, once, and of course with girls, but... are you sure? I mean this is a incroyable, I um do want to dance with you both, but I never thought... . And you with ton pere." The penny finally dropped, my daughter was trying to talk Monique in to a threesome.
"You'll need to translate. If you mean with Dad, yes. You dont have to say yes. I'm sure we could work it out so can have both of us, you know one on one, but..." she leaned forward and whispered in Monique's ear again. Monique smiled, nodded and looked at me in the mirror, went to the door, locked it and came back to Sammy.
The girls put their arms around each other and kissed like two chaste virgins, tentatively, nervous to be exploring the pleasure and the power of this expression of love. Monique put her hands behind Sammy's head and ran her fingers through her hair. Sammy put her hand on the back of Monique's neck, and ran her hand down from neck to the small of her back before coming to rest on Monique's arse. I saw her squeeze and caress the tight cheeks, I could imagine the feel of it, tight and firm under my hand. In the mirror I saw Monique's hand slide down Sammy's back before she found Sammy's firm round cheeks, she caressed it, feeling it all over before slipping it under the leotard. I heard Sammy gasp as the hand slipped between her legs. Sammy parted her legs to accommodate the hand and started to kiss Monique more passionately using her mouth all over Moniques face, She whispered something in to her ear before nibbling her ear lobe. Sammy tried to get her hand into Monique's shorts and in doing so had pulled them down exposing some of Monique's arse I could see her finger tracing the line of the crack. Sammy must have found the shorts to tight, she put her hands on Monique's hips and wriggled them down. It's one thing to see a girls bum in leotard and tights, it's another to see it naked, it was well shaped, round cheeks, firm and tight, and beautifully tanned, she must have worn a string bikini when sunbathing.
Sammy traced the line of the crack, down and it slid between her legs, Monique parted her legs and Sammy's middle finger disappeared in to Monique. I saw her eyes open wide in the mirror and heard a sigh escape from her lips.
"I like your pussy, I've never felt one like this before" I wondered what she was talking about, she had rubbed and fucked a couple of pussy.
Monique slid the shoulder straps down off Sammy's shoulders and pulled the leotard down to her hips.
"You have nice tits, I like how big your nipples are." Monique must taken one of those nipples in her mouth.
"Mmm." sighed Sammy, she took her finger out of Monique and lifted her T-shirt, Monique raised her arms to help Sammy take the T-shirt of. I caught my first glimpse of her tits, bronze with the summer tan, I couldn't see any white flesh where a bikini top would normally cover the nipples and breast and it was obvious she went topless when sunbathing. They were like ski jumps. prominently protruding from her chest as if to say 'Here I am, come suck and fuck me.' her aureoles were small and round, the nipples poked out hard and erect, not as long as Sammy's but larger in diameter. Sammy took the nipple between her fingers and started squeezing and pulling it hard enough to form a pyramid in the centre of her tit. With her other hand she rolled the other nipple between her fingers.
"Uhh," Monique gasped. She moved her head "I want you to suck them." Sammy tried to take as much as she could in her mouth. I saw it slide out as she moved her head back then took it back in to her in to mouth. She must have enjoyed the tit fuck she was giving, she took the tit in her hand and sucked on it like she was giving a blowjob.
I sat back rubbing my cock through my jeans, watching my daughter fuck her first girl other than Kim or Rachel, the show was raising my lust level to ten. I wanted to suck Monique's tits and slide my cock and finger into her pussy.
Monique pulled Sammy's leotard down to her knees and it dropped to the floor, Sammy only had her tights on, Monique slid her hand down the front and started rubbing her mons, Sammy took Monique by the wrist put her hand inside her tights and pushed her hand between her legs.
"Finger me, fuck me with those long finger's." I saw Sammy's mouth open as the finger penetrated her "Oh fuck, Dad's got big fingers but yours are so long, put another one in, mmm that's it." Sammy went back to sucking Monique's tits. The sucked and fucked for several minutes before Sammy released the tit.
"Do you remember when I did that handstand."
"Yes." she said, her eyes full of desire.
"I want try it again. Dad you may need to help Monique with this."
Monique turned around and I got to see the little secret Sammy had hinted at, Monique's pussy was completely bald. She must wax herself I thought, there were no little red bumps or stubble like some shaved pussies I had seen. Her pubic mound was completely tanned, I realised she didn't just sunbathe topless.
I got up and went over to the girls. My cock was straining against my jeans and made a huge bulge. Monique looked at me nervously, reached out towards my cock then pulled her hand back. She looked at Sammy with a questioning look, Sammy nodded her approval, stepped behind me and lifted my T-shirt up and over my head dropping it the floor. She took Monique's hand and put the palm flat against my cock. Monique touched it lightly looking unsure. Sammy undid the button, pulled down the zip then pulled my pants down, my cock pushed out against my underwear forming a tent, Monique looked down with surprise and wonder. Sammy put her hand in my underwear and took my cock out. Monique gasped.
"Mon dieu, c'est une grosse bite!"
"What, a gross bite."
"Non, non I mean great, big. I never seen one that big. The only boy I made love to was fourteen and it was peu compared to this. Doesn't it hurt inside you?"
"It did a little the first time but you get used to it, and then... mmm you cant get enough of it. Do you give blowjobs?"
"Papa likes blowjobs." Monique hesitated then sat down on her legs, took my cock in her hand stroking it. I pressed it against her lips and her mouth opened to receive it. Her first boyfriend obviously hadn't expected much from a blowjob, Sammy would need to give her some lessons but that could wait for another day, it was enough for now just to have my cock in her mouth and I was looking forward to having it in her bald pussy. I hoped that that fourteen year old hadn't ripped her apart too much and she would still be tight. I put my hand behind her head and fucked her mouth, I desparately wanted to blow but wanted to save it until I had it in her her sweet cunt. I pulled my cock out.
Monique looked up at me like like she had done something wrong "You not like?"
"Oh, I like it very much, but I want to save it for your sweet little pussy. And Sammy wanted to try something and I want to see how this goes. So what do you want me to do Princess"
"You remember when I was learning to do handstand splits."
"Yes." I said with fond memories of Sammy standing on her hands as I held her hips and she would spread her legs wide apart. That is a sight to behold.
She must have seen something in my eye "Oh Daddy you didn't."
"You know what, you dirty old pervert."
"Darling, how dare you accuse me of such depravity, I always averted my eyes."
"That's the sort of father I have Monique. Ten or eleven years old, a sweet innocent child and my Daddy drools over my body. No wonder I'm such a bad girl now. now's your chance Dad, perve all you want, and your going to get to see a girl fingering my sweet innocent private place"
She faced toward me and took of her tights "Are you ready, remember concentrate and don't let me fall." She bent over, put her hands on the floor and threw herself into a handstand. I caught her legs and slid my hands down around her hips. She lowered her legs down in to a straddle split. The sight was incredible and the wait well worth it.
"Mon Dieu, quelle belle pussy!" Monique exclaimed, I didn't know what she had said but the sound of her voice seemed to resonate with my feelings. Sammy's legs were pointing to the floor, about fifteen or twenty degrees below the horizontal. Her lips had spread wide apart, the clitoral sheath was stretched almost flat and I could see the swelling of her clit under the folds of the skin. the inner lips had spread open and the vaginal opening looked like a gaping hoie.
Monique went down on her knees and touched Sammys clit. I felt Sammy shiver at the touch. I hoped like hell she could she could hold herself up because right now I doubted if I could. Monique slid her finger between the lips and dipped her fingertip in to Sammy hole running her finger around the opening then plunging into it. The finger came out wet with come. She put it it in her mouth, sucked it, then looked at me and smiled.
"Delicieux" She leaned forward and licked Sammy's wet pussy. Sammy shivered again and I felt her weight on my arms, she pushed up and locked her elbows.
"Don't let go Daddy." she said and I heard the soft sounds of her pleasure. I wished I could see what Monique was doing but all I could see was the back of head. Sammy must have enjoyed what was happening because all I could hear from her was "Ohh, ohh." After a short while Monique lifted her head, Between Sammy's lip was a lake of come.
"Can you hold yourself for a little while." she asked Sammy.
"Yes I think so, but not to long."
"Okay." She took my left hand of Sammy's hip, put our palms together and folded her fingers through mine, straightened her middle finger and mine. Our fingers pressed together like one large finger' It was awkward but she manged to put the fingers in to Sammy. I watched as Sammy's lips stretched and spread to take the fingers.
"Oh fuck!" Sammy cried
"Does it hurt, I can take them out." Monique said with concern.
"No, no!"
Monique started stabbing Sammy with the fingers and Sammy grunted each time the fingers pushed deep in to her and I felt her shaking with my right hand. For several minutes Monique and I fucked Sammy with our fingers. Monique controlled the fingers varying the depth and angle of penetration with a steady rhythm.
Stop, stop I'm going to come, I'm going to fall!" Monique pulled our fingers out. Monique moved back and I lowered Sammy down, Moniqe put her hands under her and lowered her to the floor.
"Etait-il bon?"
"What?' said Sammy
"Was it good?"
"I've been fingered before, but two at once, I got to do that again.
"Stand up and bend over with your legs straight and your hands on the floor." Sammy did as she was told and Monique got under her "Spread your legs." Sammy spread her legs and Monique sat up between them "Lower yourself down on to my shoulders." Sammy lowered herself until she was resting on Monique's shoulders. Sammy barely had her feet on the floor but Monique seemed comfortable with the weight. She must have started eating her again because Sammy was rocking on her arms and moaning softly. I moved forward and put my hands under Sammy's chest taking a tit in each hand. I lifted her up crushing her tits, she moved back on Monique's shoulders and her feet rested more firmly on the floor. She lifted her head up and my cock poked her in the nose, lifting her head a little higher, she took a hand of the floor, took my cock and guided it in to her. Her head seemed in the right position to try deep throat, my cock slid deeper in and then down the warm wet passage, I felt it tight around my cock and I gently fucked her throat. Monique ate and I fucked for severai minutes before Sammy lifted her hand and pushed me away from her. She stated panting and rocking on her arms.
"Hold me tight, hold me, uhh, uhh!" her body spasmed and jerked and her arms bent, I took her weight with my arms as she came. Monique looked over Sammy,s arse, her face covered in come looking pleased with herself. Monique slipped out from under Sammy And I helped Sammy stand up.
"My turn, lie down I want to know what it's like to lick a bald pussy."
Monique laid down and lifted her knees up, Sammy laid down over Monique, put her hands under Monique arse and lifted it up and started licking and nibbling her cunt, Monique pulled Sammy's twat down on to her face. I watched as Monique ate my daughter out, she spread Sammy's lips and dipped her tongue in to her hole, then licked down her slit to her clit. The girls become lost in their pleasure, heads twisting and turning, tongues flicking and licking clits and slits. Monique put two fingers in to Sammy, Sammy replied with two fingers of her own burying them deep in to Monique. The stopped licking and focused on the finger fuck. Their hips started rocking, then their bodies seemed to twist and turn and spasm as they came. They slowed down and eventually stopped fingering each other.
"Hop of Sammy, my turn." I said.
Sammy got of Monique, Monique looked flushed and sweaty, I got on top of Monique, lifted her arse and felt her bald pussy, it was soft and smooth, her lips were red and swollen, come dribbled out of her, the labia minor were long and her clit protruded from the clitoral hood. I gently took it between my fingers and started masturbating it.
"Uhh, oh fuck." she moaned, with my other hand I put a finger in to her, she felt tight and my finger went in deep enough to touch her cervix. One finger out, two fingers went back in, her hips thrust up to meet the fingers. I released her clit and took her inner lips in my mouth closed my teeth on them and tugged. Monique squealed, I released them and started licking them, Monique softly moaned and rocked her hips. I sucked, licked and fingered her to another orgasm.
As I was dealing to Monique's twat Sammy got behind Monique's head put her hand between my legs and stroked my hard cock then guided it in to Monique's mouth, my hips rocked as I fucked her mouth. She let it go when the orgasm exploded through her.
I got off her and went between her legs, and raised her legs over my shoulders. I put my cock on her slit. Sammy shuffled forward and sat on Moniques's face, her hips started rocking as Monique licked her. Sammy put the palm of her hand on my cock and pressed it against the wet cunt. I slid my cock between palm and twat. Monique hips started moving from side to side, up and down and in small circles. Sammy took her hand of my cock and spread Monique's lips, with her other she took my cock and guided it in to Monique. As my cock pushed deeper in to her, Monique kept saying "It's big, It's big." . I tried to be gentle and fucked her slowly relishing fresh pussy. It wasn't long before Monique's hips started rocking in an erratic fashion.
"Baise moi, baise moi!" she cried
I pulled out of her afraid I was hurting her and crying out in pain in french
She pushed Sammy of her face "What, what, why did you stop?"
"Am I hurting you?"
" Non, please I want your cock in me, make me come, come inside me. Don't stop!"
"But what does baise moi mean?"
Monique blushed, she rolled over, got on to her hands and knees and lowered her face to the floor, with one hand she spread her lips, with the other she took my cock and guided it in to her. I started again slowly building up to a faster rhythm, Monique matched my rhythm and we began fucking hard. I couldn't hold it any longer and exploded inside her with a powerful orgasm, I kept thrusting lost in the orgasm.
"Uhh, ohh, j'arrive, j'arrive, quelle betise!"Monique slammed herself hard on to my cock, her hips jerked and rocked from side to side and my cock throbbed inside her. She looked at me in the mirror, I gave her a puzzled look and pulled out of her, she rolled over and looked up at me.
"I'm sorry, when I get excited sometimes I forget my english."
"It's alright, you'll just have to translate."
"Je ne veux pas embrasser moi-meme." she said with a smile
"Does that mean your not going to tell me?"
"Oui." she put her arms around me and pulled me down, gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear "but you can baise moi again. Vous et votre belle fille."
"Your just showing off aren't you."
"I speak four languages fluently," she said matter of factly "would you like me to come in french, english, german or itallian." and as if to explain "My father travels a lot."
"Well be nice to me, stick to english."
"Certaines choses sont mieux diets en francais."
"Fair enough. How do I say; you're a beautiful young lady and I would love to make love to you again and I think my daughter as well."
"You're a beautiful young lady and I would love to make love to you again and I think my daughter as well. I would also like to make love to you and to your daughter."
"It seems no matter what nationality a young girl is, your all just totally exasperating." I looked at the clock on the wall "Sorry we have to run but Sammy's got a ballet class soon."
She looked at the clock as well "Oh, I have a class too, pity we don't have more time."
"Can we give you a lift?"
"I need to ask Mama but I'm sure that will be okay. Do you want a shower before we leave theres a shower in the change room."
"That would be great. Dad doesn't seem to realize girls have a distinct fragrance after certain activities."
"Well if it were not for that bouquet darling you may have been dancing solo this afternoon and on the way home."
Sammy gave me a look that would have curdled milk. "I'm going for a shower, you want to join me Monique?"
I followed the girls as they went for their shower. They got in together and were soon giggling and laughing as the warm water cascaded over their bodies and they lathered each other up. Hands were everywhere finding new places to touch and pleasure. They paid particular attention to cleaning each pussies and soon two hips were rocking and soft panting came from the girls, their bodies spammed and they put an arm around each other holding tight as they came. Monique put her tongue against Sammy's lips and Sammy opened her mouth, my daughter was getting what I thought was her first real french kiss. If let them go any longer they would never get out or get to ballet.
"Come on girls we've got to go."
Their lips parted and they rinsed each other off, got out toweled each other dry.
Monique embraced Sammy and put her head close to her ear "Je t'aime."
"What?" said Sammy
"I love you."
"Je t'aime too." Sammy said repeating a fair approximation of what Monique had said. Monique smiled.
"I'll have to you teach french.
They girls got dressed and we went to meet Monique's mother. I looked at Monique and back at her mother, I could see where Monique got her looks from, they were almost identical twins. Her mother would have been in her mid thirties but looked no more than twenty five with a voluptuous figure and incredible tits. Lustful thoughts passed through my head, jesus I thought, the women is married and my daughter and I have just fucked her daughter senseless and here am Ithinking about screwing her mother as well.
"Mama, this is Andrew and his daughter Sammy, my pupil. Andrew, Sammy my mother Charmaine. Can they take me to ballet tonight?"
We shook hands and Charmaine said "Oui." she leaned down and said something in Monique's ear. Monique pulled back with shock and surprise on her face.
"Mama Il est le pere de mon ami!" she replied in french with an incredulous voice.
"Il fait chaud, toun jeune, amuse toi, tu as beson d'un pour t'apprendredes plaisirs."
Monique's face went a bright red "Votre incorrobable." she turned to us and said "I think we should go before my mother says anymore."
As we were walking to the car Sammy asked what her mother had said.
"I will tell you later, but I am glad you don't speak french."
I wondered what had been said and hoped Sammy would tell me later. We got to ballet just on time and dropped Monique off afterwards. Sammy insisted on sitting in the back seat with Monique, I watched in the mirror as the two girls pashed, before I heard the sounds of two wet cunts being fingered, the moans and sighs and the odor of their sex filled the car. it was not long before Sammy squealed and Monique's "Oh" as they came.
I parked outside her house, She got out, put her head through my window and gave me a kiss.
"Tu es un bel homme et j'aimerais t'aimer et ta belle fille a nouveau." She had big smile on her face.
"Should I say thank you?"
She gave me another kiss "Maybe I'll translate it for you later." she smiled again with a mischievous look in her eye. Sammy asked she she could come over on Saturday, she agreed to ask her mother and give us a call. On the way home I asked Sammy if Monique had told her what her mother had said.
Sammy smiled "Yes."
"Well what did she say?"
Sammy giggled "Well what did she say?" Sammy started laughing.
"You're not going to tell me are you?'
When she stopped laughing she said "Cant. Pinky secret."
Oh well there was Saturday, maybe I could get it out of Monique

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