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Dog Family 4

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Taya hummed as she straightened the bedspread on her mother’s bed. She and Naomi had pulled out and cleaned some sheets from the attic. They had put the sheets on her mother’s, her brother’s and her bed. After thinking over the numbers 4 girls could stay in her mother’s bed and 4 in her bed. She smirked; as long as the girls didn’t mind a little close contact sleeping. The house had been cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom so it was obviously ready for a party. The dogs had all been promised new pussies making them eager. Sitting on her mother’s bed she rubbed her pussy as she recalled earlier. She and Naomi had been lying on her bed watching Cherry’s porn. Diego, a Collie, had come up behind Naomi and mounted her while she was rubbing her pussy.

She had luckily planned the time right and by 2:00pm the other girls would be arriving. Naomi walked into the room and cleared her throat to catch her best friend’s attention. She received a lusty gave from the other girl. Taya grabbed her friend’s waist and slipped her tongue into her mouth. As they made out Taya slipped her fingers under Naomi’s hot pussy stroking it roughly. The two girls groped and sucked at each other before being interrupted by the doorbell echoing loudly throughout the house. Pulling away they straightened themselves before going to answer it.

It was Cherry. She had come early to here the plan for making their other friends submit to the dogs.

“Hey girl.” Cherry said showing off her black leather skirt and tight grey tube top where her large tits were practically spilling out.

She grabbed Taya and Naomi in a hug. She locked lips with them both giving them fierce tongue kisses before letting go and dropping to her knees. Flipping their skirts she hungrily eyed their pussies and eagerly latched onto one to take a taste while fingering the other. She would switch from fingering to sucking each pussy till they cummed in her mouth. Once she licked up all of their cum she stood up and fixed her hair smiling at them.

“You are both so tasty.” She told them.

Walking into the house with a proud strut Cherry looked around the house taking everything in. She’d been to Taya’s house when she lived in the city several times for sex and lots of fun as well as the new house in the country. She had been the first girl that the ebony haired girl had fucked. It was a great memory. Cherry turned and smirked at the two girls.

“Where can I find the dogs?” she asked.

Taya grinned. “Upstairs in Josh’s room babe, you’ll have to get them all revved up for when the girls are here.”

Cherry flipped back her short red hair. Lifting her skirt slightly she seated herself on the couch letting her pussy show.

“Tell me the plan my dear Taya.” Cherry said rubbing her pussy.

“When they get here I’ll have them all sitting in the front room while Naomi puts their bags in my room. She will then go through their bags and remove any and all bras, panties, thongs or undergarments in their bags which she will then toss down the laundry shoot. While she does this I plan on cranking up the heat to get them all in their bras and panties. Then I’ll invest a little naked swimming in the pool. Naomi will fetch some of my mom’s extra warm Dizzy Juice.” Taya explained.

“What’s Dizzy Juice?” Naomi asked.

“It’s my mom’s home brewed beverage. It’s got a hint of alcohol and citrus bursts with a mix of her super special, super secret ingredient.” Taya smirked. “Anyone who drinks it gets super relaxed, super horny and willing to do anything.”

Cherry grinned. “Now I remember why I love your mom.”

Taya winked at her and continued explaining her plan. “After they drink the Dizzy Juice we will continue to swim till they feel they affects. Then Cherry dear you will go wake up the dogs in Josh’s room and entice them with your delicious pussy to get them all horny for some pussy. While you do that Naomi and I will prepare the girls. Once they are loosened by their first orgasms we will take them to the dog room. Cherry will then bring the dogs down and into the room. They will of course take it from there.”

The red headed girl pinched her clit as she ran the plan through her head. “Sounds great, sugar. This will be a great time for to try out my new training handcuffs.”

Naomi looked at her confused. “Why do you call them training handcuffs?”

“Because when I first got my riding club into fucking dogs and horses I would have them handcuffed to something so they couldn’t’ escape. They are much stronger than normal handcuffs, hence the ‘training’ part.” Cherry explained.

“Great, now let’s get everything prepped. The other girls should be arriving soon.” Taya said clapping her hand instructively.

“So what do you think is gonna happen at Taya’s party?” Terra asked as she parked her car in a small grassy area next to Taya’s house.

Penny climbed out of the car and grabbed their stuff from the backseat. “I don’t know but whatever happens its definitely going to rock considering she has a pool, hot tub and throws the best parties!” she said as the climbed the stairs to the front porch.

“But doesn’t she have a lot of dogs?” Terra asked knocking on the door.

“Yeah, but I hear they’re super nice. I just realized this is the first time we’ve been to her new house.” Penny said as they waited.

“That’s right; I remember she used to live 9 blocks away from the school. I’m guessing they moved when they acquired the dogs. But I wonder why her family moved this far out of town. It must be a hell of a long commute to school.” Terra tucked away her blonde hair.

“Didn’t you hear? Her father totally cheated on her mother 4 years ago and then abandoned them. Wow it’s been a super long time since we’ve been to her house. Cause this will be the first time we’ve been to her new one.” Penny said toying with her raven bangs.

Taya answered the door and smiled at them. “Terra, Penny, please come in. So glad you could make it.”

The two girls smiled back as they entered the house. Closing the door behind them Taya led them into the front room where Naomi and Cherry sat talking. Naomi stood up from the couch smiling at them and offered to take their bags. They nodded allowing her to take the bags and carry them to Taya’s room. Terra and Penny seated themselves next to Cherry on the couch while their ebony haired host slipped out of the room to answer the door when the doorbell rang announcing another visitor.

“So, are you girls as excited as I am for the party?” Cherry asked convincingly innocent.

Penny nodded eagerly. “No doubt, it’s been forever since I’ve been to one of Taya’s famous parties.”

“I’m sure this one will super exciting.” Terra said pushing back her bangs. “I know that all of Taya’s parties and filled with surprises.” This made Cherry smirk.

Hannah entered the room with her haired dyed a fresh Carolina blue. “Hey gals, sorry if I’m late. I wanted a new hair color for the party. Like it?”

“Love it Han, looks great on you.” Taya said grabbing Hannah's bag to toss it to Naomi.

As the orange mixed blonde left the room the doorbell rang resulting in Taya’s exit of the room once again. Hannah sat in an easy chair and began talking excitedly with Terra and Penny. While they talked, Cherry fidgeted in her seat. Her pussy was itching for some action as she looked over each of her friends.

Their outfits may have seemed proper but they still had an effect on Cherry. Penny wore a pair of black Capri pants with a lime green tank top. Terra wore a red miniskirt with a hot pink tube-top. Hannah wore a white sundress that stopped at her mid-thigh. Even Naomi and Taya’s outfits affected her but at least with them she got a great view. Naomi wore a jean miniskirt that flashed a great view of her pussy with a black halter that made her breasts practically spill out. Taya wore a slutty grey skirt with a white belly shirt. Macy entered the room with her brown hair up in a ponytail wearing a teal short sleeved shirt with khaki short-shorts that showed off her great legs. Next to her was Susan with her red hair that had green streaks mixed in flowing to her shoulders. She wore a knee length brown skirt with a canary yellow long sleeved shirt. Susan was proper so she would be hard to break. Well not for Cherry and Taya, she wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Taya came to the front room once Naomi returned from putting away their bags and tossing their underwear. The ebony haired girl slipped to the thermostat discreetly while Cherry distracted the girls. Cranking up the temp Taya walked over to give them all hugs. Slowly the temp increased in the room. Terra was the first to be affected by the heat.

“Whoa Taya, is it just me or is it cooking here?” she asked.

Taya smirked secretly and just shrugged while the other girls slowly began fanning themselves panting from the heat. Susan was tugging at her shirt collar to cool herself.

“Well if you girls are hot why don’t you just strip down to your underwear? I mean we’re all girls here.” Naomi suggested as she proceeded to strip down. She’d put on underwear just to keep the other girls from being suspicious.

The other girls were hesitant but agreed. As they stripped down to their undergarments they felt themselves cool down. Taya clapped to get their attention once they were all stripped.

“I know the perfect way to cool off. Let’s go for a swim.”

The girls smiled and nodded. Swimming sounded like a great way to get cooled off. They stood from their seats and made their way to Taya’s bedroom. As they rifled through their bags they were filled with confusion as they found their bathing suits missing. Cherry quickly stepped in.

“Hey it’s hotter than hell outside and since we’re all girls who don’t have suits and obviously don’t want to get our underwear wet lets just swim naked.”

“Well…are you sure no one will see us?” Susan asked nervously.

“Of course no one will see us. The closest neighbor is a mile away.” Taya told her. “Now let’s hit the pool.”

The girls nodded and proceeded to the pool. When they got outside they looked nervous to strip but followed example as Taya began stripping first. Once she was bare she dove into the pool marveling in the feel of the cool water on her bare horny body. Cherry jumped in next, then Terra, Penny, Susan, Hannah and Macy. Naomi was to be last as she picked up their discarded underwear and took them into the house. Taya had told her that the Dizzy Juice was in a bright pink 2 litter bottle with black letters that spelled out Dizzy Juice. She grabbed it up and poured the liquid into 5 glasses before placing them on a tray and taking them outside. She handed them to the girls who eagerly accepted and gulped it down.

Naomi placed the tray to the side and dove in the pool. Swimming over to Taya who leaned against the side of the pool she watched the other girls. The ebony haired girl wrapped her arms around Naomi and slipped her fingers into the hot pussy as she sucked the orange blonde’s tongue. Terra and Penny floated on their backs furrowing their brows as their heads began to feel fuzzy. Cherry swam toward the two kissing girls and whispered in Taya’s ear.

“When the lesbian action starts, I so call dibs on Susan. I’ve wanted her cunt for as long as I’ve known her.” she said licking Taya’s earlobe.

“Agreed, but after that you have to go get the dogs revved up. I will send Naomi go fetch your handcuffs so we can keep them still for their mating.” Taya said thrusting her fingers deeper into Naomi’s pussy.

Macy looked over to Taya and Naomi confused as her head felt fuzzy but her body relaxed. “What is with you girls?” she asked referring to Taya’s fingers in Naomi's pussy.

“The heat has got me so has got my body warmed all over and the water feels so nice on my pussy, its getting me so frisky.” Taya told her pinching Naomi's clit for emphasis.

Hanna watched as Taya and Naomi climbed out of the pool. The orange blonde laid on her back on the smooth concrete as the ebony haired girl spread the girl’s legs wide to face the girls in the pool. Lowering her head she began sucking on Naomi’s dripping pussy.

“Oh Taya, *pant* deeper.” Naomi moaned.

Taya thrusted her fingers deep into the orange blonde’s pussy. Hannah and the other girls swam to the edge to get a better view. The ebony haired girl nibbled Naomi’s clit roughly as she fingered deep into her pussy brushing her g-spot each time.

Cherry watched satisfied as Terra swam up behind Penny and grabbed her breasts roughly making the raven haired girl’s head turn to capture the other’s lips in a kiss. They swirled their tongues together as Terra tweaked Penny’s nipples. The other girl used this to her advantage to slip her hand behind her back and slid her fingers deep into Terra’s pussy receiving a moan into her mouth.

Taya licked up the last of Naomi’s orgasm as she sat back with her feet in the pool to watch Terra and Penny. Hannah bit her lip as she stroked her own pussy to the sight before swimming over to grab Macy in a kiss. Naomi crawled over to a plastic chest to pull out pool toys. She tossed a large bright yellow double lounger into the pool towards Terra and Penny.

Throwing a few green noodles and a blue double-doughnut she sat back to watch the show. Penny climbed onto the double lounger with Terra close behind. Lying back against the pillow on the lounger Penny grasped Terra’s breasts as they kissed again. Blonde slipped her fingers into Penny’s pussy pinching and thrusting. Macy kissed Hannah back as she grabbed her breasts. Hannah grabbed a noodle and forced Macy over it so her pussy faced her. Thrusting her tongue into the tasty pussy she nipped her pussy lips and pinched her tender clit. Macy moaned and bucked against her tongue. Hannah grabbed the other noodle which was smaller and slimmer and began slipping it into Macy’s pussy.

“Oh yeah Hannah, go deeper.” Macy moaned.

“Penny, oh yeah baby that’s nice.” Terra moaned as she sat on the lounger with her legs open wide and Penny eating her out furiously.

Cherry decided to take her chance and grabbed Susan forcing her tongue into her mouth. Susan was reluctant but her body began to react to the Dizzy Juice. She kissed back and allowed the red head to do what she wished. Cherry lifted her up onto the double-doughnut with her legs spread wide. Climbing onto the empty doughnut she marveled at the virgin pussy that was ripe and waiting. She grabbed Susan’s legs forcing them apart and slipped her tongue into the pink, virgin folds. Susan moaned as her pussy was tugged and nipped at. Taya sat with her legs wide open and Naomi eating her out loving the sight of all the girls.

“See Nao, this is the greatest thing a girl could ask for…oh yeah babe right there.” She moaned and forced Naomi’s face into her pussy.

Macy cried out as she orgasmed onto the noodle. Hannah licked it up eagerly. She was then forced over the noodle to receive the same treatment she’d given. Terra moaned as she cummed hard on Penny’s tongue panting with pleasure. Penny slipped her tongue into Terra’s mouth before lying back to let herself be eaten out. Susan thrashed around on the doughnut as she cummed for the 3rd time. Every time she orgasmed Cherry would clean her up and begin again. With one last lick Cherry pulled away and slipped through the doughnut and swam towards the edge of the pool.

“Be back girls, I need a bathroom break.”

Taya smirked as Cherry left then moaned as she cummed. Pulling Naomi up Taya whispered in her ear. “Go keep Susan horny, once she’s at her brink of orgasm stop and go do the same with the others.”

Naomi nodded and swam towards Susan. As she brought each girl to the brink of orgasm she stopped before swimming back to Taya. The girls were displeased and moved to reach their orgasms. Taya clapped her hands loudly.

“Stop, you girls are not to reach your next orgasm.” She told them standing up. “Climb out of the pool and follow me.”

As the girls swam to the edge Naomi rushed into the house and grabbed the box with Cherry’s handcuffs inside. She quickly exited the house again just in time to catch up with Taya as she stopped at the outside door to the dog room.

“We’ll have more fun in here. Trust me. Sex in here is unbelievable.” Taya told them.

Thanks to the Dizzy Juice they couldn’t question what she’d said. Taya smirked at the sight of their willing faces and opened the door. Once they were all inside she closed the door and ordered them to all get to their knees in the middle of the room. Naomi walked down the stairs into the room with the box of handcuff in her hands. They couldn’t resist as Taya and Naomi cuffed them to some rings connected to the floor. The rings had been there since they moved into the house but they were easily pushed down so they could be covered by the carpet so they wouldn’t hurt the dogs or disturb them. Taya and Naomi adjusted the girls’ positions to their knees were bent over slightly so they could be mounted easily but still be able to lick out the bitches.

“Not that this isn’t hot but what are you doing Taya?” Terra asked hazily.

Taya smirked. “You’ll see.” Cherry entered the room with all the dogs.

They needed no prompting as they headed over to the girls that were in the mating position. The girls tensed as their pussies were sniffed then licked by the male dogs. They tried to struggled but with the Dizzy Juice still in full effect it was no use. Rupert mounted Terra, Carl mounted Penny, Jacob mounted Susan, Herald mounted Macy and Terrance mounted Hannah.

“No stop…oh yes deeper.” Penny gasped as Carl thrusted in and out of her pussy.

“Oh god this is so hot! Fuck me harder!” Terra screamed.

As the fucking continued Taya, Naomi and Cherry decided to have some fun of their own. The dogs would be too busy with their new bitches to pleasure them so they decided to have a little threesome. Seating themselves on a dog bed they got comfy enough to have fun and watch the show. Cherry attached her mouth to Naomi’s proceeding to engage her in a full on tongue kiss while Taya busied herself with their dripping pussies. The sound of a car pulling into the driveway caught her ears. She pulled her tongue from Naomi’s pussy and grabbed the two girl’s hands. She dragged them up the stairs making sure to close the door behind them.

Just as they entered walked into the front room Taya’s mother, Emily entered the house. Dressed in a pressed dark green business suit she stared at her daughter. She looked like she’d had a fun day at work. For a woman of 32, Emily was a total Milf; sleek black hair with hints of brown, sparkling blue eyes, slender build, gorgeous d-cup breasts, a pert heart-shaped ass and shapely legs. She stared oddly at Taya, Naomi and Cherry who stood naked with dripping pussies before her.

“Taya, where are the dogs?” she asked.

“Mating; with Hannah, Penny, Macy, Terra, and Susan in their room.” Taya answered simply as she strode over to her mother.

Her mother licked her lips looking pleased at this information but gave her a look of annoyance. “I know I said you could have the girls over but I expected you to keep the secret hidden from them.”

Taya simply stopped in front of her mother grabbed her head forcing her down into a deep kiss. Her mother moaned and kissed back as she trailed her hand down her daughter’s back sensually. The ebony haired girl slipped her hand into her mother jacket and shirt to massage her bra-less breasts. Cherry and Naomi watched the delicious sight seating themselves on the floor to watch more. Taya unbuttoned the jacket and shirt before attaching herself to her mother’s firm breasts suckling the nipples. Emily moaned as her daughter suckled and nibbled her nipples. Sliding off the jacket and shirt she allowed Taya to lead her over and lay her on the couch with her legs spread wide to reveal her bare dripping pussy which oozed with cum. Taya removed her mother’s skirt and stared at her oozing pussy.

“Why mother dear, did you perhaps go to the dog park again on your lunch break?” Taya asked sniffing the pussy before taking a test lick.

Her mother moaned with anticipation. “I couldn’t help it. You know my office window has the perfect view of it.”

Licking the dripping pussy Taya smirked. “Tell the tale.”

“Okay. I was sitting at my desk…”

*Emily’s Lunch Time Fun*

Emily sighed as she filled out some loan forms. She couldn’t focus properly with the sound of barking dogs from the dog park just across the way. It was quite distracting especially since she remembered before coming to work having to drive Penelope back home after eating her out a few times and being eaten out herself a few times. That Penelope sure had quite a skilled tongue. Shifting a bit in her chair she felt her pussy moisten at the memory. Her office door was closed and since her office was near the back of the building no one would bother her. She slid her chair over to stare out the window at the dog park.

A slender Great Dane was trolling around the park proudly. He made his way over to a female Dane who was lying in the sun while her owner sat on a bench reading a book. She perked up when she saw the male walking towards her. Standing up she wagged her tail as he stopped in front of her. They took the usual dog stance to sniff each other’s rears in greeting. The male stuck his nose in her pussy sniffing deeply then stuck his tongue out. Emily watched as he lapped the female’s pussy. Slipping her fingers into her warm, wet pussy she watched in anticipation as the male mounted the female. He moved to thrust his erect cock into the female’s pussy but was yanked off by the owner. His large pink doggy cock dangled between his legs as he trotted away. Emily drooled. She wanted that cock. Standing up she straightened her suit and left her office with her brown lunch bag and a small blanket in hand.

Telling the receptionist she was taking lunch she quickly made her way across the street to the dog park. The Dane was still wandering around with his doggy cock unsheathed. Pulling out a piece of ham from her sandwich Emily enticed the Dane over to a patch of trees that led to a small creek after walking a bit into the area. She stopped once they arrived at the creek. She unfolded the blanket and seated herself on it.

Stripping out of her suit till she sat on the blanket bare-naked. The Dane sniffed her shoulder before following a scent down to her dripping snatch that ached for attention. Emily grabbed his cock gently and slowly rubbed it as he sniffed at her pussy. She lay underneath his stomach and latched her mouth onto his cock sucking it like a lollipop. As she sucked his cock he decided to lick her cunt. He lapped eagerly at it enjoying the taste. Emily stopped sucking and moved out from under him. She wanted his cock in her pussy now! Getting on her hands and knees she wiggled her hips to entice him. Emily moaned as he mounted her and thrust his cock into her pussy. She rocked her hips with his thrust loving the feeling of him inside of her. His knot swelled and slipped inside of her. They were locked tightly together. Emily moaned loudly as she felt his knot pressing against her g-spot.

“That’s it boy, fuck your bitch, lock with me and never let go.” She cried.

Her arms gave out sending her face into the blanket. As she was fucked into the blanket 2 dogs wandered into the area. They smelled the air before trotting over to Emily and the Dane. She cummed one last time before the Dane pulled out of her pussy. Her cum and his doggy sperm leaked from her pussy onto the blanket. As she lay panting a husky trotted over, sniffed her pussy then mounting her eagerly. She moaned at the new cock inside of her pussy loving the feel of it all. A beagle wandered over to sniff her face Emily saw that it was female and coaxed her to lie on her back. Emily then leaned on her elbows and began to lick the delicious beagle pussy. After 3 more orgasms the husky pulled out and wandered off. She cleaned up and beagle’s cum before rolling over on her back to lay in relish of the events that transpired. Checking her watch she decided to eat her lunch and head back to work. Once she was dressed she made her way back to the center of the dog park and across the street to her office building unaware that she was being followed.

When she was back inside her office she sighed happily and moved to work but stopped when she felt a tongue in her pussy. Looking down under her desk she saw the Dane sitting there.

“Oh you sneaky boy. You want my pussy don’t you?” she said pleased.

She stood and locked her office door. This would be a fun afternoon.

*End of story*

Taya drooled at the story. She licked up and down her mother’s pussy cleaning away the all dog cum inside. She thrust her tongue deeper into the dripping cunt loving the taste while nibbling her mother’s clit. Emily moaned as her daughter ate her out. After a few more swipes of Taya’s tongue, the dark haired woman cummed like a waterfall.

“Still mad I let the girls in on the secret?” Taya asked sitting back on her knees to smirk at her mother.

“Nope.” Emily said blissfully.


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