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Dog Family 6

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Taya made sure the house was locked and secured before hopping into the RV. The two vehicles pulled out of the yard and onto the road. The girls were bubbling with excitement. Ever since that weekend 3 months where they had been bred to love dog cock and pussy, Taya had declared they were now apart of their family. Emily had told them that the puppies were now at the age where they can start to be bred to human needs. She said that while they were enjoying their first month of summer vacation at the beach house the puppies would start to be taught about human bodies. Taya had explained that teaching puppies to please the human body was the best thing in the world. Now the puppies were all a 5 months old. Some had gotten a bit bigger than the last time the girls had seen them but others where only to knee height. Emily hummed as she drove. Taya licked her lips as she caught a reflection of her mother’s pussy from a mirror placed under the drivers’ seat. She whispered a plan to the other girls. They nodded and stripped out of their clothes. Taya sauntered over to the drivers’ seat and leaned over the shoulder of it.

“Mom, some of the puppies are being pests. I think you might have to separate them.” Taya told her.

Emily sighed annoyed. Puppies could be a pain sometimes. She stood after putting the RV on cruise control. As she climbed out of her seat Taya yanked off her clothes and threw her to the ground in the middle of the circle of girls. Once she was on the ground each girl latched onto a part of her. Penny and Terra latched onto her nipples. Cherry buried her tongue into her pussy. Naomi tugged and nibbled her clit. Macy stuck her tongue into her mouth. Hannah and Susan felt left out so Taya laid them down and buried her fingers deep into their pussies. Emily withered, loving the pleasure she was receiving. She cummed several times as the girls each switched positions to service her. Taya looked up when she felt a tongue in her pussy. Turning she saw a male Dane licked eagerly at her pussy. She laid on her back to welcome his tongue. Emily moved to get up after the last girl finished with her pussy but was forced down by Taya.

“Sweetie I have to drive.” Emily tried to reason.

“You aren’t moving. Cherry you take the wheel.” Taya ordered.

The red headed girl nodded and walked over to a toy box and pulled out a vibrating strap on dog cock. She attached it to the drivers’ seat, seated herself on it and flipped the switch to high speed. She moaned as she drove the RV following the directions from the portable GPS on the dashboard. She felt the knot on the vibrator starting to grow slowly. Moving up and down the knot was inside her holding her tight as the vibrations continued to make her cum.

After 3 hours of driving/fucking Cherry pulled into the driveway of a large 3-story green house and cut the engine. Emily lay sprawled on the floor panting and basking in the afterglow of many orgasms. Taya stood up and shooed the girls away with a smirk. She tossed the house keys to Naomi and told the girls to go ahead of her into the house and let the puppies get accustomed to the house. It was the puppies’ first time being to the family beach house so she knew they would enjoy themselves. Each girl grabbed some stuff and exited the RV with the puppies barking happily following them close behind. Emily had stood up on shaky legs and leaned over to pick up her clothes. Once all the girls and puppies were gone Taya pinned her mother to the small table. Emily looked up at her shocked. The ebony haired girl roughly bit her mother’s nipples causing her to cry out in pleasure pain. She gave her a stern look.

“You know better than to disobey me,” Taya told her.

She lifted Emily's legs and put them over her shoulders before burying her face in her pussy. She licked and sucked on the puffy pink pussy lips occasionally pinching her clit. As Emily was on the brink of orgasm Taya pulled away and walked to the drivers’ seat to grab the strap-on that Cherry had used. She slipped it up her hips before walking back over to her mother who lay motionless on the table. Taya grabbed her hips and plunged the doggy cock deep into her pussy. The older woman moaned loudly as she felt the knot on the dildo expanding before locking with her. She cummed several times before the knot diminished and Taya pulled out. Taya grabbed her face and kissed her roughly.

“Remember your place.” Taya told her as she slipped off the strap on.

She exited the RV and sighed pleased as the ocean air caressed her naked body. She walked over to the mailbox and pulled out the contents inside. It was just junk-mail and some nonsensical envelopes which she just tossed in the garbage. Entering the house she made her way into the kitchen where she saw Terra sitting on the counter getting eaten out by Penny. Taya just shrugged and opened the fridge to grab a soda. She pulled out another soda and walked over to where Terra sat on the counter. She moved Penny aside and placed the cold soda can against Terra’s hot steaming pussy making her moan and shiver in pleasure. Taya gave the can to Penny to continue rubbing it against Terra’s pussy before exiting the kitchen. Josh walked through the front door. The sound of excited barking outside meant he had already unloaded the dogs and let them run up and down the beach.

“What’s up with mom?” he asked.

“Oh nothing just put her in bed.” Taya told him.

He nodded and left. Naomi was walking down the stairs but was immediately forced against the railing being fucked thoroughly by Cherry with a strap-on. She cummed loudly and as Cherry pulled the dildo out they moved aside as Josh carried Emily upstairs. Taya felt in the mood for a swim. Just as she called the girls into the front room the doorbell rang loudly. Looking through the peephole she saw the annoying neighbor girl Felicity. She was annoying but hot. She had long strawberry blonde hair with blue streaks, perky c-cup breasts, a tight ass and shapely legs. Taya motioned for the girls to dress hastily. There were emergency clothes in the closet by the front door. She pulled on a black sundress and made sure everyone else was dressed before opening the door.

“Felicity dear what brings you here?” asked Taya smoothly.

“Your stupid cattle dog is trying to fuck my poodle again. God you just got here and already you are a pain.” Felicity complained.

Taya brushed some hair over her shoulder sexily. “It’s not my fault that your poodle always seems to be in heat every time we come to the beach house.”

Felicity glared at her but stormed away unaware that Taya was staring at her ass as she went. She closed the front door and made her way out back to the pool with the other girls following close behind. They stripped out of their clothes and dove in the pool. Over the small gravel wall they could see the dogs and puppies running up and down the beach playing in the water. They wrestled and splashed. Eventually they tired of it and lay on some lounge chairs basking in the sun warming their naked bodies. They fell asleep.

Upstairs Josh had set Emily down on the bed. He looked at her soaked, dripping, clean shaven pussy and licked his lips. Leaning down he ran his tongue along her moist slit savoring the flavor before slipping his tongue into its moist folds. Emily moaned in her sleep and opened her legs wider unconsciously. Luckily for him his mother was a heavy sleeper. He pulled down his pants and boxers and rubbed his hard cock. He slipped it into her soaked pussy and fucked her senseless. He shot his load into her pussy and she cummed around his cock still sleeping.

He pulled out and made his way downstairs and out the backdoor. He saw Taya and her friends sleeping nude but ignored them and made his way down to the beach where the dogs were. He spotted his favorite bitch, Gloria, a Great Dane. She trotted over and he scratched her ears affectionately. He had already stripped when he was upstairs and didn’t feel the need to dress seeing as their only neighbors were Felicity’s family. Her mother was a major slut who often came to their beach house when they were there and often joined in their fucking and animal sex. Carol was one hot MILF compared to his mother that is. She had long dirty blonde hair that touched her ass, supple double-d tits and a taut firm ass. So he, his mother and Taya never worried about being seen naked by her or caught having sex with their dogs. Their only main concern was maybe Felicity but she was usually holed up inside her house during the summer. Gloria licked Josh’s cock making it twitch and become hard. He sat down and knelt to spread her legs to lap at her delectable pussy. She was in heat making her pussy extra juicy. He fingered her a bit before getting on his knees and slipping his cock into her pussy. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her velvety folds moaning loudly before shooting his load deep into her pussy. As he pulled out a few other bitches came trotting over for attention. Josh decided to go for the collie bitch named Julie. He slipped his hard cock into her pussy and began thrusting away into her sweet folds.

Naomi groaned as she awoke. Her body was warmed and nicely tanned by the sun. Looking around she saw the other girls slowly awakening as well. They all stretched and yawned slightly as they stood from the lounge chairs. Taya tucked back some hair from her face and looked out to the beach to see Josh fucking the bitches. She shrugged and saw the sun was starting to set. They had slept longer than she thought. Hannah and Penny jumped into the pool for a swim while the other girls went inside the house with Taya. When they entered the kitchen they saw Emily sitting at the kitchen table wearing a thin blue satin robe drinking some wine.

“I ordered some Chinese food,” she told them. “So you might want to put some robes on cause it’ll be here soon.”

Taya nodded and went to call Josh into the house. The girls went to the front hall closet and grabbed some robes slipping them on before going back to the kitchen. Hannah and Penny came in and were handed robes as well. Josh and Taya called the dogs into the gated part of the backyard and closed it up. They placed food and water dishes out for them before going back into the house and putting on robes just in time for the doorbell to ring. Emily answered and gave the boy the money and closed the door after taking the food. They all sat at the table eating their food and making casual conversation.

“Taya, Josh where are the puppies?” asked Emily eating a pot-sticker.

“They’re in the room over the garage. They played in the ocean for a little while but I know you don’t want them wandering off so after they were tired out Taya and I took them up there.” Josh told her.

“Okay, I got a call earlier, there are a couple of women and men that are interested in the pups so I will have to leave tomorrow morning to go discuss with them. You guys will need to start training them tomorrow.” Emily explained.

Taya and Josh nodded. When they finished eating they went outside to enjoy the lovely warm night. They stripped out of their robes and the girls dove in while Emily and Josh laid in the lounge chairs. Penny splashed Cherry giggling when she was splashed back. Terra came up behind her and dunked her making Cherry chuckle and high-five her. When Penny re-surfaced she pouted which earned her a soft kiss before the blonde swam away to water-wrestle with Hannah.

Taya swam over to Susan who sat on the edge of the pool and sat up beside her. The ebony haired girl pulled Susan close and slipped her tongue into her mouth. As they kissed Taya slid her hand down to the blue haired girl’s bare breasts and massaged them occasionally pinching her nipples. Susan moaned as Taya continued to pinch her nipples roughly. She slid her hand down and buried 3 of her fingers into Susan’s moist cunt. The other girl moaned and moved her head away from the kiss but was grabbed and pulled back into the kiss. Their tongues twirled together in a dance. Taya smirked into the kiss and roughly pinched and tugged at Susan’s slit making her cum. Taya laid her back on the concrete and brought the dogs over to the pool. The other girls eagerly climbed out of the pool. They hadn’t fucked the dogs since yesterday. Susan being the major dog slut out of all of them rolled over onto her hands and knees. The biggest male Dane, Ken, stepped forward and mounted her plunging his large dog cock into her moist snatch.

“Oh yes Kenny fuck my naughty pussy fuck it!” Susan cried.

Emily drooled as she watched their family dog slut getting fucked good and hard. Hannah and Macy climbed out of the pool and forced Emily up off the chair and onto the ground where Susan was getting fucked. They forced her legs open and dove into her mature pussy. She moaned as they sucked and nibbled her soaked pussy. Taya felt the need for some good primal fucking and whistled for the other dogs to come closer. Dozer the pit-bull stepped forward. Taya gently grasped his sheath and coaxed his cock out. She licked her lips when his rock hard 10” cock dangled proudly between his legs. Turning she got on her hands and knees and waggled her butt to entice him. He immediately mounted her and thrust deep into her pussy.

“Yeah baby, fuck me good.” Taya moaned.

Cherry and Penny climbed out of the pool and enticed the male and female Dalmatians over to them. The female, Penelope lay on her back letting them take turns licking her ripe pussy while the male mounted Cherry. The Cattle dog came over and mounted Penny. She moaned as she and Cherry licked up and down Penelope ripe pussy. Terra got out of the pool and lay on the lounge chair on her back and opened her legs as an invitation. The male Afghan hound Yappy stepped forward and hooked his legs on her hips forcing his prick into her cunt. Gloria came over to Josh who eagerly stuffed his cock into her moist bitch pussy. Terra crawled over to a male Husky named Pounder and held open her pussy lips as an invitation that he quickly took and jammed his rock hard tool into her love cavern. Naomi was sucking off Rupert the Dane while being fucked and knotted by a male Doberman named Frank. As they fucked by the pool they were unaware that they were being watched. A cell phone sitting on a lounge chair rang. Emily moaned and cummed as she was fucked by the pointer named Jason. She crawled over and grabbed the phone while being knotted to Jason. She surprisingly talked calmly to the person on the other line. Once Jason’s knot receded she stood up shakily.

“I have to make an emergency home visit kids,” Emily said jumping into the pool to cleanse her pussy of leaking juices.

As everyone switched partners they nodded in understanding Emily stood up and went into the house to get dressed. Susan moaned as the 4th male dog’s cock came out of her pussy and was replaced by another.

“Fuck me you dirty dog fuck me!” she cried.

Taya and the others sat back to watch Susan get fucked by all the dogs. Josh cummed deep in Dolly’s pussy. The night air was once again silent except for heavy panting from the dogs and the humans. After the last male dog pulled out of Susan Cherry lifted the exhausted girl up and carried her into the house with the others. Once inside Cherry sat on one of the kitchen chairs and set Susan in her lap. Susan hummed softly and cuddled against the other girl’s breasts. Josh’s phone rang loudly when he walked into the kitchen.

“Hello, oh hey dude. No I’m at my beach house. Sure, I can do that. Give me 10 minutes.” Josh hung up the phone.

“Sis, watch the dogs and house. David needs me to watch his dog for a couple days. I’m going to pick it up.” Josh said grabbing his keys.

“Ooh boy or girl?” Taya asked eagerly.

“I’ll call you when I find out.” Josh said with a wink before walking out the front door.

The girls eagerly began chatting about what gender the dog could possibly be. They made their way into the living room and lay around, masturbating lightly. Susan whined about being bored. Cherry suggested that they go upstairs into the giant master bedroom and play some games. The others eagerly nodded. All of them ran up the stairs to the bedroom. It was a fairly large master bedroom with a giant 4-poster bed in the middle of it covered in green satin sheets. Penny was tackled onto it by Terra who attached her lips eagerly to the other girl’s pussy. Cherry grabbed Susan and forced her down on the bed to eat her delectable pussy. Hannah and Macy fondled each others breasts. Naomi latched onto Taya’s breasts while the other girl’s fingers were buried deep within her pussy. Susan cummed under Cherry’s tongue and looked at Taya.

“Taya I want a story!” she demanded.

“Okay, how about the story on how our family became doggy and our mother became ourplaymate.” Taya suggested.

The other girls looked at her with eyes filled with excitement. As she moved to sit on the bed the doorbell rang. It couldn’t be Josh just yet because he wouldn’t have rang the doorbell. Walking down the stairs she slipped on a robe and opened the door. It was Felicity and she looked pissed. She was dressed in an invitingly short jean skirt with white stockings and a grey tank top.

“I saw you.” She said simply.


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