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Mom's little Sissy - The Beginning

EmilyAdler on Incest Stories

I was only twelve when this all started and it was a very exciting time for me. A friend of mine had told me about masturbating and I spent all my free time trying it out.
I had found a few porno magazines in a garbage bin close to school and I would spend all my afternoons watching these wonderful naked women spreading their legs in stockings and high heels. Fingering themselves and grabbing their big luscious tits. Sucking big throbbing cocks or engaging in some lesbian games sticking their tongue and fingers inside another girl's pussy.

I really enjoyed these hours after school before the rest of the family got home and there was just one thing missing. I didn't have orgasms yet. I felt like my penis would explode any minute but nothing ever came out. At the time I thought it was just because I wasn't excited enough and didn't realize that it was just that my body wasn't ready.

My mother, Julia, must have been 36 at the time and I knew that all men thought she was really hot. They would always stare at here longingly and treat her really nice. Always giving her compliments and secretly glance at her perfectly shaped breast filling out a sweater or a white silk shirt. They would follow her with their eyes as she walked by. Those long legs and that amazing firm ass always caressed by a tight short skirt.
I had always known that she was very pretty and very sexy but before now I had never really thought about it.

As my afternoon sessions progressed I started noticing that my eyes would always wander towards the long slender legs and feet of the women in the magazines and especially if they were dressed in stockings or pantyhose. I loved staring at their painted toe nails showing through the thin nylon and I wished I could be there in the photo putting my lips around their toes and start sucking. Lick their soles and feel the wonderful odor of female feet rise up through my nose.

As I discovered my fetish for feet I also discovered my passion for my mom. She would always paint her toe nails a fiery red or maybe a romantic pink. Sometimes a French Pedicure but always, always a perfect pedicure oozing of sexiness.
She would wear high heels most of the time but she also liked cute little Ballerina Flats and she had at least ten pairs. Black, white, red, with flowers, some with a bow or an open toe.
Her heels were always at least 3" tall and sometimes as much as 5". Her favorite was a pair of black strappy sandals and they made her foot look so sexy.

Sometimes at night when we were all watching TV I would catch myself glancing at those long, slim legs and those perfect feet. My mother would put her feet up under her legs and the soles of her feet would wrinkle and her toes would stretch out a little and I couldn't stop staring. I wanted to burry my face in those soles and just lick and lick. I would slowly move closer and "accidentally" put my hand on her leg or the arch of her foot and I would feel a tingle going through my body. My penis would get hard and I'd pray that my older sister Emily wouldn't notice.
Some nights after a long day at work my mother would kick of her shoes and reveal her pretty feet covered in nylon and she would slowly rub them. Her slim, perfectly manicured fingers would move slowly up and down her foot and grab those sexy toes and bend them back and forth. It drove me crazy and I wishes I could offer her a foot massage but I didn't have the nerve to.

One day after school I just couldn't help myself. I went in to my mothers closet and I opened one drawer after another. In one of them I found a pair of red pantyhose, quite thick, at least 40 denier and with some kind of glitter. I had never seen her wear them so I figured she wouldn't miss them so I took them. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to get back to my room and start playing with them.
Once there I opened my belt and pulled down my pants. My penis was already erect from the excitement. My underwear and my socks fell to the floor and I sat down on my bed. Slowly I started putting on the red glittery pantyhose and as the nylon caressed my feet my erection got harder and I felt a dizziness I'd never felt before. My blood was running from my head down to my groin. I forgot the world around me and all I could think about was that I was wearing my mothers pantyhose and that I felt like I was one of those girls in the magazines.
The feeling of nylon against my skin and my hard penis made the room spin. For so long I had watched and yearned for those women's legs and feet and finally I knew how they felt, and then I realized something. They didn't feel what I felt because for me it was something forbidden and that made it so much more special.

Every day my afternoon adventures would get more and more exciting as I got bolder and bolder. I would try on my mothers panties, her socks, her stockings and her pantyhose. Little did I know that one can tell once a pair of nylons have been worn as they stretch and take on a different shape.
I would lay in her bed and sniff her pillow and I could almost feel her hair touching my face. I would smell the sheets and sometimes I could get a faint whiff of her wet pussy mixed with her perfume and her sweat.
I would grab a pair of her shoes and I would lay in her bed one shoe jerking my pulsating penis and the other over my nose so I could feel the scent of her wonderful feet.
I'd grab her dirty panties from the laundry basket and I'd lick the part with the double layers of fabric where her pussy and her ass had been. Her odor filling me with images of her naked body and her moist pussy. Sometimes I would find one of her pubic hairs stuck in the soft cotton and I would put it in my mouth and taste it. Enjoying it for as long as possible before I swallowed it and felt that a part of her was inside of me.

A warm day in June I came home from school and as always I went to my mothers room and I lay down in her bed. At the nightstand was a bottle of her nail polish. I sat up and took of my socks and my pants. I grabbed the bottle and opened it. The smell of polish aroused me and I felt the urge to pain my toe nails just like mom. Slowly I let the brush touch the nail and after a while I had painted all my toe nails a beautiful red. My feet looked very feminine and I couldn't wait for the polish to dry so I could put on a pair of tanned pantyhose that I had grabbed from the closet.
I walked downstairs and grabbed a soda and went back up. I turned on the TV and waited for the nail polish to dry. After a while it did and I put on the pantyhose. What a feeling. I looked down at my legs and feet and they looked just like the ones in the porno magazines. Smooth skin, painted toe nails and skinny, slender legs. I leaned back and started admiring my own feet and legs.
I had always dreamed of licking and sucking on a beautiful woman's feet but looking at my own I figured it was the next best thing. I grabbed my left foot and slowly moved it towards my mouth. I put my tongue out and it softly touched my toe. I was aroused beyond compare. I sucked on my toes and the nylon got wetter and wetter. I rubbed my foot against my face and I licked and sucked it. I was laying on my back in the bed with both legs up in the air grabbing one foot and licking it.

-What ya doin' there honey?

It was my mothers voice and for a second I thought it was just my imagination. I turned my head and looked towards the doorway. My toe still in my mouth I saw my mother standing there in front of me and I thought I would die. I had never been so embarrassed and it felt like my life would end right there and then. I would never be able to get over this and I would always feel so humiliated whenever my mother was around. A million thoughts flew through my head and I felt like I was going to faint. I wanted to turn invisible, I wanted to turn back time and make it so that this had never happened. My blood was running through my body at a 200 miles per hour and my ears felt like they were burning. I didn't know what to do so I just lay there staring at my mom, wondering what was going to happen.

Slowly she entered the room and came towards the bed. She looked very serious as she grabbed a chair and sat down next to the bed. She looked at me and it felt like hours went by. Her serious posture and the look she gave me made me feel so small and terrified. I heard a scream inside my head and I just couldn't believe that this was happening. I was laying in my mothers bed with my toe nails painted the same color as hers, wearing her pantyhose and licking my own feet and she watched the whole thing and now she was sitting there looking at me. I'd never felt so tiny and ridiculous in my life, but then the most wonderful thing happened. My mother gave me the greatest big smile I have ever seen in my life and it was like a wave of sunshine hitting my face.

"Mom, I'm so sorry, I never…"

"Relax Hun, don't worry. You didn't do anything wrong, you're just a boy and a whole new world is opening up to you." she said in a soft voice.

"But, but, but I'm here in your bed wearing your.."

"Yes, wearing my pantyhose and I know that's not the first time is it?"

"N..N..No mom, but, but,how did you know?"

"I've known for some time now babe. I started noticing that my stockings and pantyhose were all stretched out even though I hadn't used them and then I saw that my panties had been moved around in my drawers. At first I thought it was your sister but then I realized it had to be you."

She was wearing a white blouse and you could barely make out the black lace bra underneath it, a beige suede skirt a pair of ballerina flats that matched perfectly. Her legs were tanned and she put her feet up on the bed.
I felt a bit more relaxed but my heart was still pounding and I still felt very ashamed. Mothers always love you and tell you everything is O.K even though it's not. She must think that I am so ridiculous.

"So you have a thing for feet!" she asked and looked me in the eye.

"Well…yes mom, I guess I do. I can't explain it but they make me feel…they make me feel…I don't know…"

"It's perfectly normal. A lot of men have a fetish for feet so you're not the only one."

She moved her feet a little farther up the bed, closer to me and I could smell the fabric of her ballerina shoes

"And you like painted toe nails too!" she asked.

"Well yes mom. toes are really cute and for some reason I just adore them."

"Hey babe…so what do you think about my toes?"

For the first time I could tell that my mother was nervous too. It wasn't just me. Her voice was shaking a bit and she was blushing. She was looking at me in a different way now and I knew that she was getting turned on by all this.
She stretched her leg a little and her foot was only a few inches from my face now.

"Wh..What do you mean mom."

"I know you hide those magazines under your mattress and they have a lot of pictures of pretty women with very sexy feet. I just want to know what you think of mine since you are an expert."

Oh my God! She had found my magazines. I was so embarrassed but also extremely excited. I couldn't believe my own mother was asking me these questions.

"I..I..think you have very pretty feet mom" I stuttered.

"Just pretty?" she asked me a made a pretend sad face looking at me from under her bangs.

"No, mom, I didn't mean it like that. I think your feet are perfect. They are really, really sexy and your toes are amazing and I love how you always paint your toe nails. Your feet are sexier than all those women in the magazines put together."

She looked at me and smiled.

" So baby, wouldn't you rather suck on my little toes than your own?"

"Yeah, well..sure I would mom. I would love to. is a fantasy of mine and.."

With her other foot she slowly slid her shoe of the foot that was in front of my face and it fell down on the bed. She had been working all day and the smell of leather and moist feet filled my nostrils. I had my mothers toes only a few inches from my mouth and she was looking at me.
I didn't know what to do. Was this real. Did she want me to make a move or was she just trying to figure me out.
Her toes were stretched up in the air and she wiggled them a little. She let the other shoe slide of her foot and now I had both her feet in front of me. Her toes were just perfect and the smell drove me crazy. I couldn't stop myself any longer and I leaned forward and opened my mouth. As my lips reached my mothers big toe she sighed and it was the most amazing feeling. I had my mothers toe in my mouth and she was loving it.
I started sucking and my lips moved up and down her big toe. She moaned and I put my tongue between her big toe and her index toe, then licking each and every one of the toes they were soon all wet and shiny from my saliva
She pointed her feet and pushed me backwards. I leaned back and rested my head on the pillow and she put her feet over my face. The wrinkled soles of her feet over my lips and my tongue. She started breathing heavier and I felt my hard cock bursting out of my pantyhose. She noticed and put her right foot on my dick while the other one stayed in my mouth.
Slowly she started rubbing my penis and I couldn't believe that my own mother was giving me a foot job. I looked at her and she was looking back at me and I could tell that she was enjoying it.
Without moving my eyes I grabbed her left foot from my mouth, still looking her right in the eyes I pushed it towards my throbbing cock.
She wedged my penis between her feet and started moving up and down. I watched how my cock was getting bigger than it had ever been before and I felt a strange sensation in my balls.
My mothers feet kept rubbing up and down my cock, the soft skin of the soles of her feet touching the head of my dick, faster and faster, harder and harder and I closed my eyes. Her toes grabbing my cock tighter and the smell of her moist feet filling the air. This was it. This was what I had been waiting for. My cock exploded and a huge load of my first semen squirted out of my penis covering my mothers feet. It felt like it would never stop and the juice kept pulsating out of my cock, running down it's shaft down onto my mothers sexy feet until they were completely covered with my white, thick juice.

I must have looked really funny with a great big smile on my face. I had experienced an orgasm for the first time in my life and I did it with my own mother. She looked at me and smiled back grabbing her leg and pulling her right foot towards her mouth. It was covered with my sticky cum and she put it in her mouth and started licking. Her tongue moving all over her foot until she had swallowed every last drop.

"See, you're not the only one who can lick your feet and get turned on by it!"

To be continued....

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