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Dog Family chapter 9

Morgen on Animal Stories

     After arriving at David's house, and meeting his dog Strider, Josh discovered that the dog was most definitely male. Taya and her horny dog cum sluts would certainly be pleased. He was disappointed, her was hoping for some lush bitch that he could fuck. His cock started to stiffen, he needed some release. He wondered if Emily had taken care of what she had to take care of, he'd love to fuck his Mom right now. He quickly dialed her number on his cell phone.
     On the second ring, Emily answered, "Hey sweetheart, what's up?"
     Josh replied, "Hi Mom, I'm at David's, his dog is very much male, so Taya and her      friends are gonna love it!"
     Emily said, "OK, I was just about to head back there."

     "Before you do, I was wondering if you could come over here. Your son needs to fuck his Mommy's pussy, I'm very horny right now!"

     "Oh, so you need to fuck your Mommy's pussy?" Emily purred. "Well, Mommy's pussy is just as hot for her son's hard cock! I'll be there in about half an hour, see you then baby!"
     Emily started up her vehicle, and headed off for David's house. Her pussy was simmering, she loved being fucked by her son. He knew how to make his Mommy feel oh so good. The fact that the bitches all went into heat at the same time, and then came out of heat at the same time, made him need more than just the dogs to satisfy his sexual needs. And the fact that Taya approved, made it easy. Thinking about it, Emily snickered. She didn't give a damn if her dog cum bitch of a daughter approved or not, she would have fucked her son on the sly. Taya thought she was so in control, so dominating. The truth was, Emily was the one in control, Taya was just too sure of herself, so full of the hubris of teens, that she didn't realize it. The fact that her daughter and her friends were such experts at licking her cunt, fingering her pussy, and making her cum over and over, that Emily was more than happy to let her daughter have the illusion of control. If need be, she'd snap her back so fast it would make her head spin. A couple of secrets that she kept to herself, Taya would be shocked to learn that when Emily came home with a full load of hot spunk inside her, it was not a dog's cum, it was her boss' cum. Her boss Mr. Winters was a very attractive, very virile man, and Emily had been more than willing to accept his advances, and his cock. So, almost every day, her boss would call her into his office, and they'd have a wild fucking session right there on his leather couch. Emily would make up a dog cock story, and the horny dog cum sluts would be more than eager to suck every drop of hot cum out of here, with no idea that they were sucking out her boss's cum.

     Another big secret, she had also starred in one of Cherry's porno films. Emily had asked Cherry about her films, and Cherry had jokingly suggested that she try on a horse cock. Cherry got a huge shock when Emily accepted, on the condition that Cherry be sworn to secrecy, and that was the one porno flick that Cherry had never shown Taya. Cherry was eager to bring in a new member into her horse fucking circle, and she quickly agreed. Emily told her that she first wanted to suck on a horse cock, until it spewed a massive load, then she wanted to take on a fresh horse, and have that huge cock ram up her cunt. Just before she left for the barn, Emily took a cupful of her own Dizzy Juice, and chugged it down, she needed the relaxation properties. She also wore a long blond wig and sunglasses, to disguise her appearance.

     Emily had a fantasy of being forced to service a horse sexually, sucking his massive cock and being restrained and forced to be fucked by a huge horse cock. Just before she stepped into the barn, she started the fantasy going in her mind.

     She imagined that she had been blindfolded and kidnapped by a wealthy man, who was going to throw a party for his guests, and she was to be the guest of honor. She was led into the very center of a large barn, rows upon rows of benches were arranged in a circle around the outside, where dozens of people sat watching the scene. The blindfold was removed, and as her hands removed her clothes, the fantasy scene had her clothes being stripped by 3 large men. All the watchers started at her naked body, eager for the action to begin. As Cherry led a huge stallion toward her, her fantasy had her being forced to kneel, as the horny stallion was brought forth. She stroked and played with the horse cock, watching with amazement the growing of that huge shaft.

     In her fantasy, the wealthy man ordered her, "Now, suck that cock, lick his balls, and let my guests enjoy the sight of his horse cock filling your throat, and spewing all over your body!"

     What it was like in reality, oh my god. She sucked in as much of the huge swollen head as she could. She imagined all the people watching her, sucking off a massive horse cock. Wrapping her hands around his huge shaft, she started stroking the horse's huge shaft until it blew, gushing massive spurts of thick horse cum into her eager mouth, she pulled her head back as her mouth overflowed, then getting showered with the rest, as she pointed his wildly gushing cock at her body, and just let him squirt thick ropes of horse semen all over her naked body.  The crowd in her fantasy cheered and roared for more.

     Her body sprayed with thick ropes of horse spunk, Emily requested that she be handcuffed, and she asked Cherry if she had any gags. Cherry did indeed, she had several ball gags, good for use on training nights, when she got her riding club into fucking dogs and especially horses. If they were loud, she'd gag them and silence them while they got the fucking they needed. So, with the fantasy again going in her mind, as Cherry set about gagging her with a red rubber ball gag, and handcuffing her to a specially designed table in the barn, on her hands and knees, the three large men were doing this to her, as Cherry made sure that her legs were spread as wide as possible, her ass upthrust, making careful adjustments to position her body for mating, and Cherry brought in a horny stallion, his horse cock rock hard and ready. Cherry adjusted the table up, so that Emily's cunt would be in the perfect position for penetration. The table was bolted down to a metal dais, to keep the table locked in. Cherry smiled as she got Emily ready, it had been so much fun to get the riding club onto that table, every member of the club had taken their turn on that table, and had been fucked wildly, to the screams and shreiks of passion, as rock hard horse cocks split open tight cunts. The horse was was led into position, and Emily had felt the pentration. Oh my fucking god, it was like she was the world's tightest virgin getting her virgin cunt split open for the first time by the biggest cock in high school. Her howls of pain were completely muffled by the gag, the fantasy crowd roared with approval as the horny stallion penetrated her, and rammed his cock up her. He must have jammed what felt like 16 or 18 inches up Emily's tight hole, jamming as much in as he could, and Emily's throbbing cunt was pulsing, it took several deep, cunt splitting thrusts, until her howls of pain changed to grunts of pleasure, as her tight cunt walls got adjusted to the huge stretch. After the abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm got easier and the horse rode her, that massive fuck-pole deep inside, jackhammering away at her fiery cunt. She was getting her brains fucked out, and Emily was delirious with pleasure. The massive horse cock was so deep that on the in thrusts, it split her cervix open, again and again, and the she felt the pleasure of the horse's cock head hitting far up in her womb. The horse started to snort, and his pole exploded, spewing wave after wave of thick horse spunk up her wildly quivering pussy, as Emily's throbbing cunt exploded, an orgasm that was so intense, it almost felt like an assault tore through her straining body, her piercing screams of pleasure were muffled by the large ball gag as the massive horse cock filled her womb to overflowing.

     Recalling it, Emily's nipples were rock stiff and hard, she took one hand off the wheel so she could tweak her stiff, achy nipples. That sent sizzles of pleasure to her throbbing, achy cunt, which was almost begging to be filled. She was going to fuck her son until her blew every drop up her fiery fuck-hole.
     As soon as Emily breezed through the door, they were in a heated embrace. Their lips pressed hungrily together in a steamy, lust filled kiss. As they fumbled with each others clothes, Emily let out a growl of passion. They left a trail of discarded clothing from the living room to the bedroom.
     In the bedroom, Josh gazed at the nude body of his Mom. Emily was a total MILF; sleek black hair with hints of brown, sparkling blue eyes, slender build, gorgeous D-cup breasts, a pert heart-shaped ass and shapely legs. For Josh, she was beyond a Mom I'd Like to Fuck, she was a Mom I Get To Fuck.
     On the bed, their naked bodies were pressed together as Josh started to lick his mother's body. He worked his way down, towards her steamy honey pot. His mother had the best tasting cunt he had ever tasted, and he needed to taste her slick inner heat right now.
     Emily gave a grunt of pleasure, as Josh's tongue slipped in between her slippery lips. Her pussy was awash with juices, and Josh licked and sucked, mopping up all of her tasty nectar. It made his cock rock hard, to taste his Mom's hot honey. Her breathing started to deepen, and she was giving out gasps of pleasure, as he closed in on her sensitive clit. He devoted long, loving licks all around it, feeling the excitement building in his Mom.
     Emily growled, "Oh yeah baby, lick your Mommy's hot cunt, lick my clit, and make me cum all over your face!"
     Josh's tongue teased her clit, flipping it, lashing at it, wrapping his tongue around it and tugging at it! Emily gasped, her body was starting to shake.
     Emily howled, "Fuck, it feels so good, lick me baby, yes lick me, make your Mommy cum, I'm gonna cum, yes yes, I'm cumming!"
     She let out a howl of pleasure, her pussy dissolving in a wash of hot juices, as she came, her tasty juices all over Josh's mouth. He was happy to suck her pussy dry as she rode the orgasmic wave.
     Josh's cock stood up, bone hard. Emily gently pushed her son on his back, and squatted over him. She slid her hands around his cock, leading him up to her creamy entrance. With a smile of desire she slid down, impaling her pussy on his stiff cock. Their groans of delight joined, as Emily's steamy cunt walls got stretched open, and Josh's cock was encased in the tight, wet heaven of his Mom's cunt. This was one way the dogs could not fuck her, and she wanted to ride her son's hard cock. She impaled herself on his throbbing cock again and again, riding him hard, her hot, slick pussy sliding up and down his throbbing prick, feeling the orgasm building. Josh was moaning, as his orgasm neared, and Emily slammed her twitching pussy down onto Josh's cock, again and again.
     Josh grunted, "Oh fuck, yeah, I'm gonna cum, keep fucking me Mom!"
     Emily growled, "Oh Yeah, blow your load son, flood Mommy's horny cunt with your thick load of hot sperm, give it to me NOW!"
     She reached down, grabbed his balls gently, and gave them a gentle, rhythmic squeezing. That did it, and Josh could feels his balls explode, the cum streaking up his shaft. Emily howled as her orgasm seized her, her pussy clamped down tightly on her son's cock, spasming wildly. Josh's cock let go, his cock buried deep in his Mom's cunt, exploding and squirting wildly, the wild spasms of Emily's cunt, wrapped tightly around her son's cock, greedily milked his cock for every drop as he filled up his Mom's horny fuck-hole with a hot load of thick spunk.
     As they collapsed in a well satisfied heap on the bed, Strider nosed open the bedroom door. He sat at the edge of the bed, with a quizzical expression.

     "Ah, Mom, meet Strider! David's dog is most certainly male, and I am sure Taya and the dog cum sluts are eager to get their horny holes plugged with a new dog cock. Before they get the chance, how would you like to be his newest bitch?"
     Emily was already up, she buried three fingers deep up her, and after a minute, brought three dripping wet fingers to Strider's nose. He eagerly licked them clean. Emily quickly got down into a mating position, and urged Strider on. His nose found her pussy, and his long tongue started to sweep all over her hot center, eagerly licking out the mixed juices of Josh and Emily's fucking. His tongue drifted highly, eagerly licking at Emily's asshole, making her head spin as the delicious sensations of her tight asshole being licked shot through her. Emily could feel it, she was building again, and Strider kept his tongue busy, until Emily howled as her pussy dissolved, her climax seizing her and sending out a wash of juices that Strider eagerly licked up.
     Emily felt his tongue withdraw, then she felt his furry belly pressing against her back, his paws clamped around her as he mounted her back. Josh was there to help guide Strider, and Emily felt her pussy walls get stretched open, as Strider's 10 inches of prime dog cock slid right up her.
     "Fuck, oh yeah, make me your newest bitch, fuck your bitch Strider, fuck me!" Emily cried.
     Josh was watching, as Strider started to hump his Mom, fuck, it was hot watching his Mom get reamed out by big dog cock. His cock quickly grew to its full height, hard and eager. Emily noticed, and her eyes glittered with desire.
     "Josh, let me lick your cock, fuck your Mommy's mouth, and shoot your hot load right down my throat!" Emily panted.
     Presenting his cock to her mouth, Emily sucked him in, and swallowed his cock right down to the balls.
     Josh grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, no one knows how better to suck my cock them my Mommy's hot mouth! Suck my cock Mom, and let me shoot my load right down your throat!"
     Josh was gently fucking his Mom's hot mouth, while Strider continued to hump Emily. With a powerful thrust, Strider rammed his huge knot in, it felt like large orange had been shoved up her burning fuckhole, Emily's howl was muffled by the mouthful of cock. Her pussy clamped tightly around his knot, locking him in, cementing their union as dog and bitch. The huge knot was pressing right on her G spot, and she could feel it building, she was gonna cum hard. Strider's cock locked in, piercing her cervix, ready to blow his load straight into her womb. Strider's cock ready to blow, and Josh's cock was throbbing, getting set to flood his Mom's hot mouth.
     Josh grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum, gonna flood your mouth Mom, oh yeah, fuck yeah!"

     His cock erupted, Emily kept her lips tightly clamped around his spurting cock as he spewed thick streams of spunk all over her tongue. She sucked him dry, sucking every last drop out of his pole. The combination of Strider's hard knot working over her G spot, and her son's hard cock filling her mouth did it, and she let out a scream of pleasure as she came, her pussy gushing her juices. She was dimly aware of Strider's body jerking, his cock was going off in repeated ejaculations, shooting stream after stream of hot dog sperm deep inside her womb, doing his best to impregnate his newest bitch. That kept her going, and she came over and over again, until Strider had poured every drop of his hot seed deep inside her.

     When Strider's knot started to shrink, and he pulled out, Josh was there. He was hard again, from watching his Mom cum, and he was going to fuck her the way she liked best, doggy style. Notching his prick against her, his pushed it in in one thrust.
     "Oh yeah, fuck me again, feel your Mommy's cunt all full of hot doggy seed, and fuck another load deep inside your Mommy's cunt!" Emily growled.
     Josh did so, setting up a rhythm, riding his Mom's hot cunt. Her cunt was slick, hot and full of dog cum, the feel of her cunt, full of dog sperm surrounding his prick, urged him on. He power fucked her, jackhammering her sizzling fuck-hole. Emily was grunting, making passionate wordless sounds, as his cock plunged in, again and again. Fuck, her loved to fuck his Mom, she was so hot, and so receptive, Josh knew he was lucky to have such a hot Mom, who was hot for him. It didn't take too long, he could feel his balls draw up tight, ready to explode. Just before he did, his felt his Mom's hand wrap around his balls, and start a gentle squeezing.
     "Do it, let that load go, blow your load deep inside your Mommy's hot cunt!" Emily urged, "Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming, oh my god, yes, YES!"
     He could feel his cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency. Emily's inner muscles started to spasm, quivering wildly as her orgasm hit, clamping down on his cock. That did it, and his cock erupted, as he fired a fresh volley of thick, hot semen deep inside her. The wild spasming of her tight cunt milked his throbbing cock dry.
     After a short rest, Josh said, "I guess we'd better get going back, I'm sure Taya and the dog cum sluts are eager to get their pussies filled with new dog cock!"


The Dog Family is still in the works and the newest chap will be posted soon. I mean no offense when I say this but will you please not post anymore of your version since I am back up and ready to post. I do like your ideas and with your permission I would like to use some. Post a comment in the most recent chap to let me know if i have your permission to use some of your ideas.

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