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My Stallion, My Mate Chapter 05

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This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Thank You and Enjoy.

My Stallion, My Mate - Chapter 05

    Before I go to bed for the night, I admire my naked shape in the mirror. My breasts have gotten to a B-Cup, and are swollen with milk for the foal. I reach up to squeeze a nipple, and some milk squirts out, which I quickly lap up from by breast. I admire the thick line that runs up my swollen belly, a result of my pregnancy. I actually like it; it further proves how much I love my mate. My belly is the size of a 9 month along women with twins. Although, considering I’m into my 10th month pregnancy, it’s not really surprising. As I turn facing my mirror, I can see my hip bones have widened to accommodate the birth through my rear end. As I rub my belly lovingly, I can feel the little one squirming. “Hehe, you like it in there don’t ya. Well, no offense to you, but I’d like to meet you soon, not to mention this whole swollen feet problem will be taken care of.” Afterwards, I hop into bed, and quickly fall asleep.
    I slowly wake up to a vague dream. I dream that I’m sitting in a river naked, with my lover and our foal running around. They’re playing out in the water like father and son do. As I enjoy watching them play, I notice how warm the water is getting around me. I decide to get up, but all I can manage is sitting up……in bed. Once I realize that I woke up, the second thing I notice is the warm water I’m sitting in. Reaching around behind me feeling my bum hole, it’s obvious that my water broke.
    By the time I and my parents had got the clinic, they were already ready for me. They had a birthing room set up and everything for me. They had me put on a hospital smock, and encouraged me to walk around some to help with the discomfort. The walking around helped quite a bit actually. Although, every time I felt my belly start to harden, I had to take a breather and breathe through the contraction. On top of that, the little one starting squirming all over the place, which I guess he was as anxious to see me as I was to see him.
    It took roughly 12 hours of labor to finally hear the doctor say those words, “You’re fully dilated!” All I could think of was thank god. I trust the doctor and all, but it can get somewhat tiresome having to spread your legs every 30 minutes or so just so the doctor can stick a finger up your ass. When I got fully dilated, the doctor started me on pushing. Unfortunately, it didn’t help much, so she encouraged me to keep walking around. She didn’t want to give me any medication, due to my unique situation.
    It’s the next day now, and it turns out that I would dilate more than the average woman giving birth, as we found out. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain with my contraction, intensifying it almost 10 fold. I scream out in both pain and shock. The nurses get me on the table, and tell me to get ready to me my kid. As I grabbed the back of my legs to start to push, I feel an intense contraction hit me, and I scream out, trying to push through it. As it lets off, I stop pushing, as the doctor tells me. I can feel a layer of sweat on me, proof alone of my effort. Another contraction hits me, and I give a huge push, trying my hardest to get the foal out. As it ends, I can feel its head down in my asshole, or its birth canal. I feel like I’m being stretched by my lover from the inside out, but I know better.
    It takes only another contraction for the foal to crown. “I see the snout.” The doctor hurriedly says. With another contraction through my body, I feel my asshole on fire, almost like lightning struck my asshole. With a great push, “The head’s out” the doctor says. As I take another breather, I can only imagine what I look like. Here I am, a boy flat on his back with the head of a baby horse sticking out of his asshole. I could imagine it must be a sight to see, one for the science fiction books. As I feel another contraction coming on, I give another great heave of energy. The doctor remarks, “The front legs are almost out.” One more push later, the front legs are out. All of a sudden, I hear my foal cry out. It seemed like the whole room went silent while I heard the cry of the foal my lover gave me. A tear comes to my eye as the incredible feeling that this sound was coming from our child washes over me. The feeling is only temporary as I feel the tightening of my belly, eager to get the rest of it out. In one last might heave, I push with all I’ve got and, with a little help from the doctor, I completely give birth to the proof of my love for Turbo, a boy.
    After they cut our umbilical cord from me, and clean the newborn up, the nurses put the smaller than normal foal with me in the bed. The foal, knowing its mother, quiets down as I put a blanket around him. Almost instantly, he starts to turn towards my smock, covered nipples, wanting some food. Being the mother that I am, I Undo the smock around my shoulders, and let it drop, revealing my milk filled breasts. Almost instantly, the foal turns and latches on to my nipples, and eagerly sucks down a meal. “Hehe, hungry aren’t you little guy. I’d planned on naming you after your father, but we don’t want a PAIR of Turbos running around do we. How about I name you Hercules, so that you’ll grow up big and strong. Does that sound good to you?” The only response I get is a consistent sucking on my tit, him eager to get as much as possible.
    As I look around the room, I realize that everybody has left the new mother and his newborn to a moment of peace together. As I watch Hercules suck on his mother’s tit, a tear comes to my eye. As I stroke his black mane that he inherited from his father, my thoughts go to him. “I can’t wait to introduce you to him, maybe tomorrow if we’re lucky. You look so much like your father.” I noticed Hercules had stopped sucking my tit, and laid his head on my chest to rest. He had a long journey as well, especially considering how cramped it probably was in my belly. I laid my hands on him, and laid against the pillow to rest myself. Before I drifted off to sleep, I said to myself, “I’m a mother.”

To Be Concluded.

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