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Karl and Karla

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It was fall and school had just started again. My twin brother Karl and I were feeling pretty darned good, after all, we were in high school now, 14 years old and freshmen.

There was something we called “The Race.” Our father had died when we were infants, he'd left our mother well set financially, she didn't need to work but she did. She was a sales executive with a communications company with a mid six figure income but Karl and I figured the only reasons she was employed were that she had the opportunity to meet men and that she didn't have to handle normal motherly duties, we felt like she hated us for being impediments to her, in her mind, idyllic life.

Her idyllic life, what a joke. To the outside world mother was a paragon of virtue, a beautiful woman of 37, a high paying job, a fortune in investments and two handsome children. But behind closed doors she was an abusive ogre with a heavy leather belt her instrument of torture. She terrorized us with the belt at her whim. Abuse of alcohol and a hunger for Oxycontin fueled her, both Karl and I quailed at the sound of her harridan wail of either Karl or Karla,

“Get in here now!”

She called it punishment, we had to undress to our underwear then pull them down so that our bottoms were exposed before laying over her bed to take our strapping; God how that belt bit into our young flesh.

That brings me back to “The Race.” Karl and I both had seven figure trust funds that we could access at 21, all we had to do was survive until then and she'd be out of our lives, sometimes we wondered if we'd make it.

I mentioned that we were 14, our birthday had been the previous day and, I guess you could say mother's gift to us was that neither of us had absorbed a beating. She'd had a date and had brought him home. She didn't often do that, usually it was a hotel room, but there was the occasional overnight “guest.”

To digress, we lived in a large 5 bedroom home in the upscale section of town yet Karl and I shared a bedroom. It seems that when they'd tried to separate us we'd both screamed holy hell. They put us back together and so it still remained.

Mother and her date were both tipsy when they came in. In her bedroom we could hear the sounds of arousal then we heard the words from mom that we'd heard so many times before,

“Sorry buster, the front door's wide open but the back door's locked, Ginny don't play that game.”

I started to snicker when I heard her, Karl chastised me in a whisper,

“Karla, shush, if she hears you'll get a beating.”

Well, at least we were safe for the night.

Karl and I fixed breakfast the next morning, we did virtually all of the cooking, then he and I walked to school. Dinner would be a simple affair, mother had another date and wouldn't be home until late. When we got home from school I went into the kitchen for a drink, Karl went up to our room to change out of his school clothes and was lounging on my bed in just his boxer shorts when I entered.

He had a kinda sly look about him, I asked,

“What are you up to?”

“Nothin',” he replied.

I went to the bathroom and was wearing only my panties, low rise bikinis and my tiny A cup bra when I came out. Karl's eyes seemed to gleam wickedly as he jumped up and grabbed me.

“I owe you a birthday spanking from yesterday,” he said.

I tried to squirm away from him, we lost our balance and fell onto my bed. Karl tried to turn me over so he could whack my butt but I fought back. We wrestled for several minutes before he pinned me, I was on my back and he was on top of me when something changed. We'd wrestled hundreds of times but this was different, his eyes, his breathing, he whispered,

“Karla, you're beautiful,” as he kissed me. We'd kissed frequently over the years, but not like this, it wasn't brotherly and sisterly love, it was a romantic kiss. He was laying between my legs, he ground his groin against mine, I could feel his erection growing against my panties.

“Karl, no,” I told him, “We can't do this, please.”

I tried to get out from under him and I learned my first lesson of the day. Like I said, Karl and I had wrestled frequently and I'd always thought I was holding my own. I learned he'd only been toying with me, now I experienced his true strength, the one arm holding me was like a steel band pinning me helplessly as the other hand found the waistband of my panties.

“Karl, no, don't,” I frantically screamed.

“I love you Karla,” was all he said.

His lips crushed mine as I heard the flimsy materiel of my panties rip. He pushed against me forcing my legs further apart, I could feel his turgid manhood against me, then his fingers were on me. He spread my labia, opening me then the head pressed.

His hips bucked and I screamed as my hymen was ruptured, he was in me, he began to thrust.

The longest 5 minutes of my life had begun. I was only 14 and I wasn't a virgin any more, it was taken from my by my best friend, my brother, my identical twin. I was in a daze as he pumped but when I felt his penis jerk and his semen flooded my vagina I screamed,

“You'll get me pregnant, damn you,” I swore, then I sobbed.

“Get pills like mom takes,” he said.

“Oh Christ Karl, you're an idiot. What am I suppose to do? Say 'Mom, for my 14th birthday how about getting me a prescription for birth control pills 'cause Karl wants to fuck me'...IDIOT.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right,” was all he said. He got dressed and left me laying there on the bed.

Later I got up, showered and hid my torn panties deep in the trash so mom wouldn't see them, I certainly wasn't going to tell her what had happened.

I was lounging on the sofa in the living room when Karl came back. The television was on but I wasn't really watching, I was trying to sort out what he'd done. I was so angry with him, when he spoke to me I ignored him, I wasn't going to acknowledge my rapist, the bastard.

I did look when he started upstairs, he was carrying a CVC pharmacy bag, then he disappeared into our room.

I ignored him that night and wouldn't walk to school with him the next morning. After school I told him to get away from me as he approached, he raced ahead.

The house was quiet when I went in, I assumed Karl had hooked up with friends, I went to our room where, to my amazement Karl waited. Again he was wearing only his undershorts and again he was on my bed. I wheeled to walk back out but he was too quick. One arm circled my torso just below my breasts as his hand went to my waist.

I was wearing shorts, he released the snap and I heard the zipper open. With a tug my shorts and panties slid over my hips to my ankles, effectively hobbling me. He forced me down onto the bed. I was on my tummy squealing for him to get off and leave me alone.

“Don't damn you,” I screamed, “You're going to make me pregnant.”

In the most ominous tone I've ever heard he whispered, “Not this way you won't Kitten.”

It was the first time he'd ever called me Kitten but that's not what registered. I watched as his hand snaked under my pillow. He was sitting on my legs, the hand came out, he was holding a tube of KY Jelly. Even at 14 I knew what that was for.

I began to cry, “No Karl, please don't do that to me.”

He spread my buttocks then he squeezed the goop onto me, it was cold, then he laid over my body. One arm circled my throat as he pressed against me.

“Relax Kitten,” he whispered as he thrust.

My scream was silenced, the pain of my broken hymen the day before was nothing compared to the excruciating agony this penetration caused. The head was in me but he continued to push. My anal sphincters had tried to hold him out but he'd easily parted them, now I was painfully being stretched as he thrust further into my bowels, filling my rectum. All I could do was moan as my eyes flooded with tears. When he started to pump my moans were interspaced with groans each time he pressed deeper.

When his semen heated my guts my relief was impossible to express, he was done, he pulled out of me and got up.

I thought he was going to leave me but, instead, he came out of the bathroom with a warm washcloth, he was gentle as he cleansed my bottom. He dropped the cloth and laid down beside me.

“Why Karl? Why did you rape me, why did you sodomize me?”

“I love you Karla, I want you as my lover.”

“Karl, you hurt me, lovers don't hurt each other.”

He took me into his arms, I let him, he whispered, “I'm afraid you're wrong, I think only lovers can hurt each other.”

“You're going to do it again, aren't you?” I asked him.

“Now that I've had you I want you even more, you're just so beautiful Kitten.”

“Harrumph,” I growled, “I look just like you, we're identical twins, remember?”

“Well, I guess I'm beautiful, too, then. Do you think I'm beautiful?”

“I think you're a beast who rapes and sodomizes his sister,” I told him.

“Well at least you won't get pregnant,” he said as he patted my bare bottom.

I rolled away from him but he hugged me from behind.

“I'm sorry I had to hurt you Karla, you know I love you with all my heart.”

I needed to hear those words, to hear that he was sorry for hurting me, I snuggled back against him as his arms embraced me. Although I was forgiving him I was still in a turmoil. I loved Karl with an unsurpassed passion, I felt he was part of me and I was part of him, maybe the sex was inevitable. He'd taken my virginity, sure, but I knew he'd be the one. No, it was being sodomized that was affecting me. I'd always thought of us as equals but now I understood that wasn't entirely true. When I'd felt his strength as he subdued me, as he held me down and penetrated me, I felt small and weak. As he rode my bottom I realized I was female and he was male, he could dominate me and force me to submit. And, more than that, I realized that he would, but strangest of all it caused a tingle in my tummy, even through the pain he'd caused I knew I wanted him to want me, I relaxed in his arms.

We must have dozed off, Mom was supposed to be going out so we both jumped when we heard her drunken rant, then,

“Karla, get in my bedroom,” she shrieked.

Karl leapt from the bed, he was naked and I still had my shorts around my ankles, he said,

“Karla, get into your PJ's and pretend your asleep, I'll go.”

He pulled on his jeans and hurried to her room.

“I said I want Karla, 'Karla, get your ass in here,' where is she?”

“Mom, she'd not feeling well, she's sleeping.”

“Fuck, well, you'll do. Get those jeans off and get over the bed.”

As his jeans came down she saw he wasn't wearing underwear.

“Commando, huh, think you're a tough guy do you? Well, we'll see.”

Even from her bedroom Karla could hear the lash fall on Karl's flesh.

It seemed to go on forever, he was striped from the back of his knees up to his shoulder blades yet she continued to flail away, she intended to break him. Even when he began to beg and sob she continued.

“You got yours, these are for Karla,” she ranted as she continued to whip.

Finally she said, “Now get out of here damn you.”

Karl was staggering as he went to his bedroom, he'd left his jeans in her room, now he fell face down and naked on his bed. With only the dim illumination of their night light I could see the damage he'd endured. Red and purple striping him, blood from several cuts, Karl's face was buried in his pillow, he was whimpering; I went to him.

I'd never seen such a severe beating, “I'm sorry Karl, that was suppose to be me.”

“It's OK Kitten, it's OK, I want to protect you, you're my girl.”

There were tears of gratitude and love in my eyes, I got the jar of aloe vera gel from the bathroom and gently applied it to his wounds. I stayed with him until his whimpering stopped and he slept.

That night began what Karl and I thought of as Ginny's downward spiral, her bouts of drinking came more frequently, her Oxy supply was being depleted more rapidly and the beatings were now a regular occurrence. Sometimes it seemed she wanted me as her target the most but, whenever he could Karl would step up and take responsibility for whatever contrived sin we'd committed. We frequently discussed “The Race,” would we live to see our inheritances, we wondered.

Karl was still quite sore when we walked to school the next morning, I told him I'd put more of the aloe on when we got home.

He smiled, “No, I've got something better, just wait.”

I didn't have a choice, I waited but I was intrigued, what did he have in store for us?

Once we were in the house he didn't keep me waiting long, he led me to our bedroom, sat me on my bed then sat down beside me.

As our eyes met he said, “You know I love you, don't you Karla?”

My tummy was going liquid as I nodded yes. He embraced me then lowered me to the mattress, our lips met.

Slowly, tenderly he began undressing me, my shirt, he caressed my exposed flesh, my sides, my tummy then he took my brassiere. My nipples were turgid peaks, my breath was coming hard and fast as his mouth came down, he took one between his lips while his fingers toyed with the other, I moaned softly with my climbing arousal, he unfastened my shorts.

He stroked me, my pantied covered vulva felt warm with the onrush of blood, my panties were off, he paused to admire me, whispering,

“You're so beautiful Kitten.”

His tongue parted my labia, he tasted me, he probed my vagina then tugged lightly at my lips before he covered my clitoris. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue, it was like an electrical pulse. The muscles of my tummy rippled, involuntarily my body jerked as my internal organs contracted, I screamed aloud as my first ever orgasm washed through me, then a second and third followed; I felt a flood between my legs then he looked up at me.

“Like that?” He smiled.

“Like it, it was fantastic, I loved it,” I answered.

I realized he was rolling a condom on. As he slid into me I felt a twinge of pain that rapidly passed, this time he was slow and gentle with me, he was stretching me, after all it was only my second time, but it was exquisite, he began to thrust.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him, it felt so right, I was his woman and would always be, I knew it then. We kissed and he massaged my tender breasts as he continued stroked into me, again my body quivered as I climaxed once more. Karl stayed in me as he turned me onto my side and finally onto my tummy, he lifted me by my hips. On my knees I arched my back, it felt primeval, being taken like the beasts, he could go deeper in this position, I thrust my hips back to meet him, uttering a little grunt each time he forced himself further. I began to buck as another climax overtook me, he gripped my hips and rode me as I wailed in ecstasy.

I was spent, he eased me down to the mattress then rolled me onto my back. I thought he was going to enter me in the missionary position, instead he pushed my legs up toward my chest and slid a pillow under my bottom. I wondered what he was going to do, he'd pulled the condom off, they he said,

“I want to watch your beautiful face,” as he picked up the tube of sexual lubricant.

He had me put my arms over my legs so that my knees rested along side my breasts then he applied the cool, slick gel to my anus; he pressed against me.

“Try to relax and push out like you're trying to move your bowels for me Kitten,” he instructed.

When I bore down he pushed in, my still sore sphincters yielded as he entered me. It hurt but nothing like the previous day, again he continued to slide deeper until I'd taken all of him. My head was thrown back, my breath came rapid and shallow but my eyes remained open as he watched me with a small smile. Once he was in me he stopped.

“Tell me what it feels like Kitten,” he said.

“It hurts and I feel stuffed, like I need to go poo.”

He massaged my flanks, my hips, my bottom and my abdomen.

“Your body's spectacular Karla and this feels unbelievable, you're so incredibly tight. Tell me that you like it, that you like satisfying me.”

“If it's what you want then I want to give it to you Karl,” I said.

“That's my girl,” he exclaimed as he began to stroke.

He fucked me for at least 15 minutes to the accompaniment of my moans, grunts and groans. When he came I could feel his steaming semen as it pulsed into me. As he had the day before, once he'd pulled out of me he cleaned me with a warm washcloth then laid down with me and held me.

It became our routine, sex as soon as we got home. Some days he had vaginal intercourse with me, some not but he'd always give me oral until I'd had several orgasms and he always took me anally.

Several weeks later I experienced my first orgasm with him in my bowels, I knew he'd succeeded, he'd broken me in, in spite of the fact that I still felt some pain when he penetrated me I wanted him to sodomize me, the ache in my rectum as he stretched me, now I truly was his little sex Kitten.

After that little break through there was a slight change, a change I didn't mind at all, although anal was still a large part of our sexual relationship Karl began to concentrate more on me. Maybe because we're twins, I don't really know, but he seemed to know every sensitive erogenous inch of my body and he could play me like a piano maestro. His fingers, his hands, his tongue could take me to unimaginable heights and I adored him. Everything in our life seemed wonderful. At school our grades were top of the class, Karl had made the football team and I, well I was a spectator at Karl's practices and games.

I really wanted to be a cheer leader, but the one dark cloud in our life precluded my participation, a skimpy little cheer leader's outfit simply wouldn't cover enough of me and, at home things were continuing to deteriorate.

Pills, the bottle and the belt, mom was losing control. She'd even begun to drink heavily at home, our basement was stocked like the wine cellar of a fine restaurant and her shrill screech of,

“Karl, get into my bedroom,” or

“Karla, get into my bedroom,”

I was a spectator because the welts she left on the back of my thighs would have been as obvious as neon lights in the short skirts the cheer leaders wore.

Karl tried to deflect her from me, he took the brunt of her wrath but all too frequently she still managed to get me.

One occasion I'll never forget, Karl and I were sophomores and had turned 15 a couple of weeks earlier. He and I were nearly ecstatic, mom was going on a retreat with her company, she would leave the following Friday morning for 4 days at a chalet in the Smokey Mountains. What developed was nearly the perfect storm.

It was the day before she was to leave, Thursday afternoon, and I walked home from school alone. Karl and some of his buddies were going to play basketball so he wasn't with me. I didn't realize mom was home, she'd parked in the garage and the door was down, I didn't see her car. It turned out that she'd come home early so she could get packed for her trip, she was in her bedroom when she heard me come in.

I went up to my room, her voice startled and frightened me as,

“Karla, come to my bedroom,” rang out.

A glass of wine sat on her dresser and her belt was on the bed, she was wearing only her panties and bra and the smile she gave me was pure wickedness.

I was still in my shorts and tee shirt, she looked me up and down before saying,

“You're growing up I see, are you still a virgin girl?”

I didn't answer, I just flushed red with embarrassment at the question.

“Maybe I should take a look, see if you're still pristine, would you like that?”

I was speechless, a visit to her bedroom was always bad but nothing like this, I wanted to run as she said,

“Forget that, but let's see what you have to offer the boys, take your shirt off.”

Honestly I was trembling with fear but I did as she told me, my shirt came over my head, I dropped it on the floor.

“Nice flat belly,” she said, “Now lose the bra.”

My breasts were now perky and firm 34 B cups, I unfastened it and let it fall.

She only smiled then ordered,

“Now the shorts.”

I ungripped and unzipped them, slowly eased them over my hips and let them fall, I stepped out of them.

“Now turn around,” she said.

She was looking at me from behind, my bottom was full and firm with a defined anal cleft visible through my white panties, she smirked,

“Butt's getting a little big, isn't it.”

Again I was mute.

I watched in horror as she picked up the belt.

“Get them down and get over the bed,” she hissed.

I lowered my panties to mid thigh and went prone on the bed. She came over and tugged them down to my knees, saying,

“I want those thighs, too.”

And the belt swung.

It seemed to go on interminably, far and away the most severe beating I'd ever received before she said,

“Now get out of here, I need to finish packing.”

She was sipping on her wine as I staggered from her room.

It was well after dark by the time Karl got home, mom had gone out for the evening so I was alone when he came in. I was in bed naked except for my panties, still at half mast, with only the sheet covering me, anything more just brought pain. Karl spoke to me when he entered, I replied with a moan.

As he walked over to me he asked what was the matter, then he turned back the sheet exposing my tortured flesh.

“Oh My God,” he exclaimed, “She did that to you, the damned woman's out of control, I'm going to make a record of this.

With the lights turned up he took photographs detailing the damage then he got the aloe to sooth my pain. It did provide relief and I was exhausted, I immediately fell asleep.

To my relief she'd already left for the airport when I got up, I showered then chose my clothes carefully, nothing tight and certainly no bra, cereal for breakfast then Karl and I started to walk.

“Karla, I can't let these beatings go on, I think we should go to the police. I have the photographs and you still have the marks.”

As much as I wanted to I just couldn't agree.

“No Karl, I can't, I know it's terrible but she's our mother, we can't send her to jail and, you know that's what would happen. We'd end up in foster care until we're 18 and we might even get split up; no way that can happen.”

“Ah shit, I guess you're right, but...”

“No, there's no but, we just can't do it, besides, in spite of it all we're still in “The Race.”

There was a teachers' workshop scheduled for that afternoon so classes ended at noon, Karl and I decided to just mess around for a while. We strolled over to the mall, the smells from the food court reminded us that we'd not had lunch, we opted for Mexican. Karl likes his hot and spicy and he induced me to try some jalapeno peppers on my tostito, pretty good by the way, then we decided to take in a movie.

It was a new release but I can't recommend it; to violent (which Karl, of course loved), then we window shopped for a while. The highlight for me came at the window of Victoria's Secret, I insisted on going in. Want to see a red face, take a 15 year old guy into a ladies lingerie shop and paw through panties holding them up for his approval, I even bought a pair of boy shorts just so he'd have to go to the cashier with me.

Neither one of us wanted to cook that evening so we decided to do something we nearly never did, a rather famous old drive-in was nearby, “The Greasy King” featured burgers and fries that were real belly bombs, dripping with grease and juices they might be the world's best hamburgers, Karl had the half pounder, I went for the third.

By the time we finally got home it was time to play. In our room Karl stripped quickly, I was only down to my panties when Karl whooped and grabbed me. We fell on my bed and the wrestling match ensued. He was ahead on points, mainly my pointed breasts, which were getting most of his attention when I grabbed him in what we'll call a “Cock Lock.” I tugged at his flaccid penis, instead of fighting back his response was a stifled moan as he began to harden.

The wrestling match was concluded, With an, “Oh Yeah Kitten, just like that,” he laid back as I masturbated him. It continued to grow, to my amazement my hand filled with about 8 inches of man-meat; it was beautiful, I couldn't resist. I licked it.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah,” Karl gasped, “Take it in your mouth Kitten, suck me, God that feels good.”

I'd never performed fellatio before but I did know that no teeth were allowed, with lips and tongue I explored, it was like a steel rod encased in velvet, so hard yet so smooth. He was so large that I could only get the head and an inch or two in my mouth. I slid between his legs so I could look up and see his face. He threw his head back, moaned, “Oh God Yeah,” then one hand held the back of my head while the other stroked my face.

He began to pump his hips and I felt him swell even larger and begin to pulse as he shouted, “I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum.”

I thought about pulling away but, instead I lapped harder and faster, when it came it seemed like quarts hitting the back of my throat, his hand held my head in place as his hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as rapidly as I could but the quantity was prodigious, when I finally came off semen was leaking from both sides of my mouth.

Karl chuckled, “You look like a kitten that's been lapping up her milk,” and like a kitten I swirled my tongue, getting the rest.

I climbed up into his waiting arms, “That was fantastic Karla, where'd you learn to do that?”

“Just natural female intuition, you've tasted me plenty of times, I wanted to taste you.”

“So Kitten, how do I taste?” He asked.

“Like salty, hot yogurt,” I answered, “How about me?” I wanted to know.

“Like sugar and spice and everything nice, like manna from heaven, like the nectar of the Gods,” he sniggered.

I swatted him as we both laughed.

“Now it's my turn,” he said as he kissed me.

His fabulous fingers played me like a Steinway Grand Piano, by the time his tongue slithered through my auburn pubic hair to drink from my slit I was lubricating so profusely that the sheet was getting soaked. He avoided my clit only teasing along it's shaft, keeping me on edge, moaning, begging for him to take me over the top. When is mouth came off me I screamed at him and called him a bastard for torturing me, leaving me aching.

“Be still Kitten, I have something special for you,” he said as he got the lubricant from the drawer of my nightstand.

“I just want to cum, make me cum,” I pouted.

“Oh, you will, you will, I promise,” he smiled as his fingers parted my labia.

First one finger then a second probed my vagina, they easily slid into me, I was so aroused, his other hand was caressing my abdomen, our eyes met then mine flew open wide, he smiled,

“Feels good, doesn't it,” he said as he began to rapidly plunge his fingers in and out of me.

He'd found my hot button, my “G” spot and was firmly massaging it. The sensations he was creating were unique to me, “Feels good” doesn't come close to describing how he was making me feel. There was an intensity I'd never experienced before. I was writhing, moaning incoherently as he continued.

I wanted it to go on forever, I wanted it to stop, I wanted to cum, instead, I screamed,

“Oh God, I'm gonna pee, I'm gonna pee on you Karl,” as I tried to get up.

Gently but firmly the hand on my abdomen pressed me down, “You're not gonna pee Kitten, just relax then push down like you were trying to have a baby.”

I did as Karl told me, like Lamaze practice, I pushed and I lost it, I was all over the bed screaming,

“Oh God, Oh shit, Oh fuck, Oooooooooh,” the intensity of my climax was incredible as fluid fountained from me at least a foot into the air. I watched In awe, Karl kept at me and I continued to squirt, twice more, like Old Faithful, I ejaculated. Karl covered my urethra with his mouth to capture my juices then he slid up my body and kissed me. For the first time I tasted pussy, my pussy to be sure, but the flavor of a female, he rolled a condom on and entered me.

Our lovemaking was more passionate, more inspired than ever before, he'd brought me to three more orgasms before he turned me over and mounted me from behind, maybe my favorite way, he could go so deep.

As he thrust into me he caressed my cheeks,

“You have such an incredible ass Kitten, it's perfect.”

In truth, just like mom I was a little plump in the panties, with twin soft muffins which Karl spread. He took a few moments to admire my crinkled orifice, I knew he loved it for, in spite of the exercise it had received over the past year and a half it was still quite tight and, adding to his immense pleasure, I'd learned how to tighten my sphincters around his penis, milking him. Now, while he continued to thrust into my vagina he lubricated me.

Once I was ready to receive him he held me by the hips and rapidly pumped, I fell forward onto the bed as yet another orgasm washed through my sated body. He rolled me onto my back and pushed my legs up,

“Hold them for me Kitten,” he said as he stripped off the condom and entered me.

The twinge of pain as he parted my sphincters then the slow slide in until I felt the fullness of my rectum that I'd come to crave. Our eyes held each other, small smiles on both our faces, one of his hands massaging my abdomen as the other caressed my breasts. He stayed in me as he rolled me onto my left side and lifted my upper leg. He scooted forward and, as he pumped me he was able to easily access my pussy with his right hand, his fingers danced across my clitoris until I gasped, my orgasm hit, my anus contracted around him, his gasp matched mine.

“Christ that feels good,” he exclaimed, then he turned me onto my tummy and lifted me to my knees.

I pulled a pillow under my head, my breasts were resting on the mattress and I arched my back raising my bottom, I expected a rough ride and my man didn't disappoint.

His thrusts were deep and hard eliciting a grunt from me each time he powered forward, he was giving me the fucking of my life and I loved it. I tightened my sphincter and Karl roared, his cock jerked as pulse after pulse of his scalding sperm washed my bowels.

As he withdrew from me I was delirious with happiness; a perfect day spent with my lover, the first time pleasing him with my mouth, both of us completely spent and yet craving more, his strong hands were caressing my bottom when a sharp pain roiled my bowels and, world imploded.

I can't even bring myself to write what happened, suffice to say I fell forward and wept, totally devastated. But Karl was a complete gentleman, using the sheet he wiped my legs and bottom then himself before he helped me to the shower, once we'd both rinsed then soaped then rinsed again he ran a tub for me. As I sat in the warm water trying to regain control of my emotions Karl gathered up the soiled bed clothes and took them to the laundry room, he loaded and started the washer then sprayed our bedroom with a light fragrance before joining me in the tub.

“I'm so sorry,” I wailed.

He was behind me (was he safe?), he hugged me and whispered, “It's OK Karla, you couldn't control it, it's OK.”

He helped me out of the tub, dried me off and walked me to his bed, laid out on it were a pair of white cotton panties and pajamas. He dressed me, yes, Karl really dressed me, he laid me down and climbed in beside me.

He was holding me from behind, I was snuggling against him, I whispered, “Oh Karl, I'm so sorry, that was so embarrassing.”

He gave me a hug then said, “You know what they say?”

“No, what's that?” I asked.

“Shit Happens.”

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or hit him but he gave me another big hug and I settled against him.

He was up before me the next morning, he gave me a little hug and kiss and told me he had some errands to run, he'd be back soon to make breakfast.

I did get up before he returned, I was in the kitchen and didn't see him go upstairs. When he came back down he asked how I was feeling, I answered,

“My stomach still feels a little queasy, I'm just going to have some oatmeal and juice.”

We both had the same thing then, when we'd finished he went to the basement. When he came back up he was carrying a small white plastic pail, he washed and dried it then carried it upstairs. I wondered what it was for: I'd soon enough learn.

He put on some music, we sat in the living room listening, I was leaning against him, my head on his shoulder, I realized then just how deeply I loved him, the previous night could have been a total disaster emotionally for me but he'd been so caring, so gentle, so understanding, I kissed him.

“Is my Kitten purring for me,” he teased as he pulled me onto his lap.

We kissed and hugged but when his hands cupped my bottom I stiffened.

“What's the matter Karla?” He asked.

“Maybe I don't feel so good,” I said, trying to deflect him from the fact that I was terrified at the thought of anal, I knew I couldn't psychologically endure another mishap.

He felt my brow, “I don't think you're feverish but maybe we should check.”

“I don't have a headache Karl, it's my tummy.” And it was, my bowels felt like water although I knew it wasn't illness but fear affecting me.

I guess I was trembling just a little and he knew me, my body, he said,

“You're scared, aren't you Karla.”

My voice quivered as I answered, “Yes.”

“About last night?” He asked.

“Oh Karl, I just couldn't go through that again,” I sobbed.

“Take it easy Karla, It'll be OK, we'll deal with it, just relax for me.”

He let me cry myself out on his shoulder, when I'd gained control I asked,

“What can we do, how can we make it OK, Karl it was terrible.”

“It won't happen again, I promise,” he said. Then he helped me to stand, saying, “Let's go upstairs.”

It was with terrible trepidation that I climbed the staircase, my mind was conflicted, we'd had sex that way for over a year and a half without incident but then once was all it took to devastate me, I didn't think I could go through it again.

Karl sat me on my bed, he'd made it up with fresh bed clothes then sat down beside me.

“Last night was pretty horrific for you wasn't it Karla?”

“The worst, the very, very worst thing that's ever happened to me, God, I'm still so embarrassed, I made a mess all over you, me and the bed.”

“Are you afraid it might happen again?”

“Yes, God yes.”

“Karla, it was an accident, probably the Mexican, the grease burgers and me stirring up your bowels, it's not likely that it would happen again, you know.”

“I know, I know,” I said as I began to sob again.

Suddenly I was in his arms, he caressed me then whispered, “There's a way to make sure it doesn't happen.”

“How Karl, tell me how,” I exclaimed.

“You may not like it but it will work Sweetheart.”

“Anything Karl, I'll do anything,” I said desperately.

“OK then,” he said as he got up and walked to the bathroom.

When he returned he was carrying the white plastic bucket, a red syringe and a jar of Vaseline, even I knew what those things were for; still I said, “What are you going to do Karl?”

“I'm going to give you an enema.”

I jumped up, “Nunhunh, no way,” I told him.

He set the things down then said, “Sit down Karla, let's talk about this.”

I sat, he sat beside me.

“Karla, what happened last night was because your rectum was full of feces, our diet yesterday probably contributed but the real reason was because your rectum was full. We'll use small enemas, just enough to cleanse and empty you. It won't hurt, I promise.”

“Karl it seems so icky,” I argued.

“As icky as last night,” he countered.

“”No,” I confessed.

He took my hand, “Come over my lap,” he said as he guided me.

I'd never felt so much like a little girl, not even when I was a little girl, that was until what happened next.

“Lift your hips, I need to take your PJ's and panties down.”

With my pajama bottoms and panties down around my knees I expressed my feelings, saying, “I feel like a little girl.”

He caressed my bottom, “Damned fine ass for a little girl,” he said as he parted my cheeks and lubricated my anus with the Vaseline.

He'd bared my body, he'd fingered and lubricated my back door, my body was his but this was totally different, I squirmed a little then I heard the sucking sound of the syringe being filled, the press and the insertion.

My first emotion was embarrassment but the second was a strange pleasure as the warm water flowed into me, the effect was calming. Karl gave me three bulbs full then massaged my back as I laid across his lap waiting for the water to do it's job.

When the urge to go struck I waddled, PJ's and panties around my knees, to the toilet and explosively voided my bowels. After I'd finished Karl came in and ran a tub of water for me.

“After your enemas you'll get a bath, you'll be my “Pristine Princess.”

I thought that sounded a hell of a lot better than my poopy partner, I luxuriated under his touch as he bathed and dried me.

Again he'd laid out clothing for me, well, not quite clothing, there was a thin cotton nighty on his bed, he held it up for me.

“No panties?” I asked.

“You won't need them for a while,” he answered, “Let's lie down and rest for a little while.”

I donned the gown and we both climbed into bed.

As he held me he asked, “That wasn't so bad was it?”

“No, the warm water felt kinda nice, one thing was a little strange though, when you filled me up it puffed out my tummy and made me look a few months pregnant.”

He caressed my abdomen and said, “Pregnant, hunh, I don't think so.”

I don't know why I said what I did though I'll confess I'd thought about it, I replied, “Karl that wouldn't be so bad, I do want your baby, you know.”

“Karla, don't be silly, we're only 15.”

“We're almost 16, girls all over the world have babies when they're 16.”

“Not us, 15's too young. Maybe we can talk about it when we're 18 but I'd rather wait 'til we're 21 and “The Race” is over.”

That got us talking about “The Race” and that led to mom. The severe beating she'd given me was just one more indicator of her growing instability. We knew the pills and the booze were taking their toll but her behavior had also become more promiscuous, more men were visiting and more frequently we heard her mantra, “The front door's wide open but the back door's locked and only Ginny has the key,” we kinda laughed about that but it wasn't really all that funny.

Karl mentioned that she seemed to be obsessing over the fact that she was nearing 40 and, also that more and more her malevolence was directed toward me.

He added, “I think she's scared and she's jealous, you're young, you're beautiful, you're a constant reminder of what she's losing and she's trying to prove that she's still hot; that's why all the guys.”

“God, I almost feel sorry for her, don't you?” I asked.

“I would if she'd lose the Goddamned belt.”

“Yeah, ditto to that.”

He began to nibble on my neck and shivers ran up and down my spine, the hand under me cupped my breast, he lightly pinched my nipple, I moaned softly and suddenly I was wet. He touched me, felt my slickness then took my hand and guided it to my vulva.

“Do it for me Kitten, make yourself cum.”

As I stroked myself he reached across me to the nightstand and got a condom, rolling it on he told me,

“Arch your back for me,” as he filled my vagina.

His arm went over mine, he massaged my abdomen as he slowly pumped, our pace was leisurely, it felt heavenly.

“That's my pretty Kitten,” he cooed in my ear as I brought myself closer to a climax.

When it came it was like our lovemaking, soft and gentle; my tummy turned liquid and I just flowed.

“Nice?” He asked.

“Wonderful,” I breathed.

He turned me onto my back, as his tongue traced over my breasts, my belly and down to my slit I came again then his mouth was on me, flicking, tasting, he tongued my vagina sipping my fragrant nectar then he turned me.

He spread my cheeks, I felt his tongue probing my anus, the tip slipped through my first sphincter. He'd never done this before, it felt strange and strangely exciting. He circled my tight ring flicking his tongue through my crinkle. After a few minutes of this I began to pump my hips, thrusting my bottom back, fucking myself on his tongue. My body began to tremble, I couldn't believe it, analingus had induced yet another orgasm.

“You're about ready, aren't you?” He asked.

“I, I, don't know,” I stammered, I was still a little scared to do it again.

But I felt him lubricating me then he rolled me onto my side again, he was behind me.

“It'll be alright,” he said as I felt the head press against me.

“Push back on me Kitten, I want you to do it.”

I pushed back, like always I gave a little moan when he penetrated me, as he slid further into me I felt my rectum being filled. Once in he paused, he knew I'd come to relish the full feeling I was getting.

As he slowly stroked me I let my head fall back and rest on his shoulder, the hand that was massaging my abdomen slipped lower, he began to masturbate me.

It felt nice but it wasn't what I really wanted, in a shy little voice I asked,

“Karl, please keep rubbing my tummy.”

“You like that, why?”

“It lets me dream Karlchin, it lets me dream.”

“Tell me, what's your dream Kitten.”

“If I tell it won't come true,” I said.

“Maybe I can make it come true,” he told me.

“Oh you can Love, you can.”

“Tell me Karla.”

“I dream that you'll be able to feel our baby move in my tummy.”

“We will, but we must wait, you know that.”

“I know, but I can dream, can't I?” I pouted.

“How about we share your dream, I love you Karla.”

For the time being I dropped it but I knew I was going to obsess, and besides, he kept rubbing my tummy. His gentle touch relaxed me, I dozed off with him in me. When I awoke he was still holding me, he smiled, “Hello there Sleeping Beauty.”

I kissed him.

When I got up I went to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet I realized two things; first, he'd ejaculated in me while I slept, his semen was dripping from me and, second, the enema had worked, the only thing oozing from me was his white cum.

We spent the remainder of our private time together just lounging at the pool or watching movies, neither of us really wanted to go out, we were reveling in each other's company. Well, I suppose you could say that we'd also devised a little code, three pats on my bottom and a whispered, “My lovely kitten,” meant I was going to get an enema that evening and rubbing my tummy, well, I think he does that to tease me but also to let me know he's thinking about my dream.

Mom was in, what with her passed for a good mood when she returned. Karl and I decided that she must have met someone, heavy e-mail traffic between her and her yet unknown beau bore this out. We only hoped it would go on a good long time.

Our 16th birthday came and went, still her improved mood seemed to prevail, oh she still craved her pills and cocktails but the belt continued to hang on the back of her bedroom door. One evening as it neared the Thanksgiving holiday Karl and some of his friends planned on playing some basketball then getting a pizza. Normally I'd have tagged along but I needed to study for an upcoming calculus exam, I just had a sandwich and a coke and changed into my pajamas.

Mom had been euphoric for the past week, it seems her admirer was going to be in town for several days. She'd spent hours preparing for her date and was beautiful when she left. She'd even taken a small overnight case with her, I assumed her plans included a night in a hotel, so I was surprised when I heard her come in around 9.

I'd finished studying and was lounging on my bed listening to music, when I heard her I peeked a crack in the bedroom door. The beautiful woman that had departed just a few short hours ago was now a disheveled mess, her neatly coiffed auburn hair was stringy, her perfect makeup smeared and, as she reeled to her room she was obviously drunk.

She was screaming and crying, talking to herself as she ranted. I couldn't understand much of what she was saying but, “He laughed at me, the fucking bastard laughed at me.”

I gathered that he'd taken her up to his room, plied her with drinks then made a move on her. When she'd said she wanted him, too, but after dinner, he'd laughed.

“Ginny, you're a fair fuck but that's all, look at yourself, between the dope and booze you look like a 50 year old hag but, if you want to drop your panties I'll give you a mercy fuck before you get out of here.”

Evidently she'd flown at him, he'd fought her off and thrown her out into the hall, she'd hit the bar and now she was home, I trembled in fear, I knew I was at grave risk, then the screech,

“Karla, I know you're here, get in my bedroom now.”

Slowly I trudged to her room, “Yes mother,” I mumbled.

“My God, you look like a little girl,” she maniacally laughed, “Just look at you.”

She was referring to my pajamas and, maybe I did look like a little girl, flannel pajamas decorated with Emperor Penguins, but I thought they were cute. Her attire was in complete contrast, black thigh highs, a black thong and matching brassiere, she looked like a dominatrix; all the more for the belt she held in her right hand.

“Get them off and let's see what's underneath,” she demanded.

I knew what she wanted, slowly I took off my top.

“Move it damn it,” she prompted.

I dropped the top onto the floor then slid my bottoms over my hips and let them fall, I stepped out of them and stood, terrorized and waiting.

I wasn't wearing a bra but my breasts were full and firm, my tummy was flat as a washboard and my plump bottom filled out my white cotton panties, she smiled but there was no humor in it, it was evil and wicked, oozing with malevolence, then she sneered,

“You know what to do, get those panties down and get over the bed.”

With my panties around my knees I fell over the mattress, the belt swished through the air and struck; I screamed, it had wrapped around my body, the tip bit into the tender flesh of my breast, it fell again, this time across the backs of my thighs.

I writhed under the lashing, trying to protect my tender parts, her blows were indiscriminate, from my feet to my shoulder blades she struck me, when I rolled to try to avoid the strap she struck my belly, my arms which were protecting my breasts and even my pudenda.

“You think you're so hot, something so Goddamned special, well you're not, I'm the woman of this house damn you you little bitch,” she railed.

The strap continued its assault, she was screaming and swearing, I was screaming and crying, neither of us heard until,

“Mother, stop that, stop that right now” thundered through the room. Karl stood in the doorway.

In retrospect I don't believe it would have happened if she'd just stopped, instead she wheeled on him.

“You don't tell me what to do,” she screeched as she swung the belt at his face.

She struck him just below his right eye, immediately raising a welt then she drew the belt back to hit him again.

In anger, in retaliation, I don't know, but my calm, peaceful twin snapped. He grabbed the belt jerking it from her hand and he swung.

He swung again and again, she fell across the bed from the blows. I crawled off the bed and cowered in the corner, I couldn't believe what I was witnessing as the belt literally flew. She couldn't even scream any more, she was mewling piteously, I was so glad when he stopped but I was wrong.

He unfastened her brassiere baring her back then took her panties down to her knees, just like she'd made me do, and the belt whistled as he struck.

I begged, “Karl, please stop.”

Instead he said, “Get me a knife Karla, a big one.”

“No, Karl you can't,” I thought he was going to kill her.

“It's not for her, I'm gonna cut up this Goddamned belt, now get it.”

I did as I was told, the beating stopped when I handed him the knife, he chopped the belt into tiny pieces and dropped them onto the floor.

“Now get out Kitten, go to our room, Mommy and I have some things to discuss.”

I scampered out of the room, closing the door behind me but I didn't go to my room, instead, I listened.

I heard the rustle of clothing being removed then the springs of the bed as he sat down beside her.

“You won't beat us again mommy,” were the first words I heard.

Her pain was evident but she'd not lost any of her feistyness as she spat at him, “The hell I won't, you're gonna get the beating of your life tomorrow, just you wait.”

“No, you're wrong, things are going to change here, they have to, you're out of control.”

“Screw you,” she yelled, then I heard the slap.

Then in the most ominous tones I've ever heard Karl said, “No, you've got that backwards mommy, screw you.”

The struggle was brief, she pled, “Karl, don't take my panties, God no Karl, please, you can't, I'm your mother.”

Then a moan of extreme pain, I knew she wasn't aroused, I knew her vagina was dry and I knew Karl was raping our mother.

She made some pathetic sounds then the creak of the bed springs and the slapping of flesh on flesh. It went on for about 5 minutes then I heard her,

“God, you're so big, you're stretching my poor little pussy.”

“You love it don't you mommy, tell me that you love it.”

“I hate it, I hate you, you're a bastard, you know.”

“Hey, I'm your son, you would know,” he told her.

The sounds of their copulation continued for some time before Karl said, “That's it mommy, wrap your legs around me, get a good ride.”

Karla's ears weren't deceiving her, Karl wanted to make Ginny understand that things couldn't go on as they were but when she'd slapped him and threatened to beat him he realized that far more severe measures would be required to control her.

He'd wrestled her down to the bed and forced himself between her legs, she'd tried to squirm away from him but once he'd succeeded in penetrating her, the pain of his large cock as it tore against her dry tissue was excruciating. God she hated him at that moment, in spite of everything she WAS his mother after all.

But as he continued to pump her, her body betrayed her, she began to lubricate and respond to him. It felt good when she wrapped her legs around him, he was her son but he was the largest man she'd ever been with and when he pushed her legs back and told her to hold them the sensations were incredible. A mixture of pleasure and erotic pain flooded through her, deeper than any man had ever gone, her tender vaginal tissue was being stretched to accommodate him then her body betrayed her even more, she was awed by the intensity of her orgasm.

Glassy eyed she could only stare as he said, “Mommy likes it, doesn't mommy,” as he rolled her onto her stomach then pulled her to her knees and thrust into her again.

It took her breath away, she'd never had it like this, he was rough with her as he held her hips and pounded her, she was his mother, it wasn't supposed to be like this. It was incest, it was illegal, it was sinful but, God it was wildly exciting as a wave of orgasms coursed through her.

Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps when he said, “Mommy needs a pillow.” He pulled one under her and lowered her over it.

I heard, like me she couldn't muster a scream but her sound was the most heart wrenching moan I'd ever heard, a sound I remembered all too well, my own sound. There was no lubricant at their bedside, he'd used only the moisture from her vagina and was now sodomizing her. It seemed to go on forever, her pathetic noises then the grunts as he buried himself in her, her pleading for him to stop, the intensity of her sobbing as her pain and humiliation continued. I wanted to run away, to go and yet, in a macabre way I was frozen, transfixed; suddenly it stopped.

As the door opened I could see her curled into the fetal position on the bed, naked and sobbing; Karl came out with our clothing in one hand, he shut the door.

All he said was. “Mommy's back door isn't locked anymore,” then he took my hand and led me to bed.

We didn't speak about what had happened, he got the aloe and attended to my ravaged flesh before we went down for the night.

When I awakened the next morning I wondered and feared what would happen but mom made it moot, she was already gone. Karl and I had breakfast, now I needed to talk.

“Tell me what happened,” I said to him.

“Karla, I think you already know all you need to know,” was his curt reply.

“But tonight, when she gets home, what's going to happen?”

“Some things are going to change, no more belt for instance, but some will be the same. She's still our mother, we'll treat her with love and respect but she's going to need to make some changes, the booze, the pills and the promiscuity have got to stop; she's on a fast track to trouble or death and we're going to help her change.”

“What do you mean Karl?” I asked.

“Like I said, we'll treat her with love and respect, when she gets home tonight, while you get supper on the table I'll serve her a glass of wine while she relaxes. After we've eaten I want to pamper her, we'll bathe her, brush her hair, generally treat her like a princess but she won't be going out. I'm going to limit her to three glasses of wine a night, one when she gets home, one with dinner and one before bed.”

“Karl, you know she's going to fight you about this,” I told him.

Emphatically he responded, “She'll lose.”

We were both anxious that evening but things seemed to be going smoothly, when mom came in Karl had a glass of a nice Cabernet Sauvignon poured and waiting, he led her to her easy chair, served her wine, took off her shoes and massaged her feet as she sipped. I was pleased to hear a contented sigh from her.

Dinner went smoothly, then while Karl and I did the dishes she went up to her room.

Once we finished with the dishes we went up to bathe her. As we went into her room we found her at her vanity, the marks from her strapping still vivid; she was wearing thigh highs, a bra and her panties, a cocktail dress was laid out on her chair.

Her mood had changed, she was her old aggressive self as she snarled, “What do you two want?”

Karl calmly said, “We came up to bathe you and get you dressed for bed.”

“Hardly,” she haughtily answered, “I've got a date tonight.”

“Cancel it, you need to stay home with us and act like a mother,” Karl told her.

“Karl, you're out of your mind, now you and Karla get out so I can finish dressing,” she screamed.

“Mother, you're not going anywhere, now call and cancel the date, you're staying home with us,” Karl said, still in a calm voice.

“Like hell I will,” she screeched as she got up from the vanity to confront him.

Karl said, “Karla, leave us alone, Mommy and I need to work things out.”

Quickly I left, again stopping once I'd closed the door.

“Now mother, make the call,” he said.

“Get out, who do you think you are?” She ranted.

“I'm your son and you're our mother and it's time you began to act like it, now make the call.”

“I will not,” she yelled as I heard the impact of her hand slapping Karl's face, then, from her, I heard,

“Let go of me, you're hurting my arm.”

He growled, “More than your arm's going to hurt,” followed after a moment by the muted whack of a hand striking a pantied bottom.

She screamed at him to let her go but the whacks only increased in volume and intensity.

“Stop, Oh God, stop it, you're hurting me.”

“If you're going to act like a petulant little brat instead of as a responsible mother then you'll be treated as one,” he said as the spanking continued.

I could tell she was kicking and squirming, trying to get away; I'd also felt the steel in Karl's arms and knew she wasn't going anywhere, as he continued.

When I heard a sob break from her chest I thought he would stop and there was a pause before she pled,

“Karl, don't take my panties off, please, Oh God, let me keep a shred of dignity, pleeeeese,” she begged.

The next sound was a harsh smack as his powerful hand impacted her plump, bare bottom.

Crrrrack, crrrack, crrrack, crrrack, the spanking continued. I listened as she went through the stages; demanding that he stop, swearing at him, pleading with him to stop, her sobs and then her whimpering.

He must have held her for a while while she cried herself out, he held a Kleenex for her and let her blow her nose then,

“Karl, please, we can't do this, unnnnnnnggggghhh,” she moaned and I knew he was in her.

There was a little taunt in his voice as he said, “Miss anything in your hurry to get out this morning Mommy?”

After a couple of moments she uttered, “My birth control pills, I couldn't find my birth control pills.”

“That's right Mommy, you won't need them anymore, you'll be coming home like a good mommy.”

“Bbbbbut, you'll get me pregnant Karl,” there was fear in her voice.

“We'll just have to take that chance, won't we,” followed by the sounds of their intimacy.

After about 20 minutes she mumbled, “You came in me, didn't you?”

“For the first time tonight, yes, now pull your legs up and let me get this pillow under your butt, I want to see your face.”

The scrape of the drawer in her nightstand being opened let me know that he'd planned in advance.

“What are you doing, that's cold,” she asked.

“Mommy, the back door's open, you might just say I'm oiling the hinges, this lube will make it easier for you.”

Her low, throaty moan told me that he had parted her sphincters, Mommy was being sodomized for the second time.

Karla put her ear to the door, the agonizing sounds she expected were silent, she could hear a low murmur but nothing more, then several minutes later she was surprised as Ginny said,

“You really think so?”

Karl was in his mother but today he was extremely gentle with her, although he'd so far simply overpowered her he knew for his plan to be a success he'd need her cooperation.

“I wanted you this way so I could see your beautiful face, your radiant smile,” he said as he stroked her auburn tresses, so pretty,” he cooed.

“You really think so?” Ginny asked.

“Do you know what a MILF is Mommy?” He asked.

Even in her compromised position she flushed red with embarrassment, she stammered,

“Ah, ah, ah, I think so.”

“All of my buddies think you're the A number 1 MILF of all the mothers.”

“But I'm almost 40.”

“Mommy, you're 38 and you're a beautiful woman.”

“Who are we kidding Karl, my breasts are starting to sag, my bottom's too big and I'm getting a fat belly.”

On the cusp of middle age everything she'd said had some truth about it. Her breasts had lost some of their tautness, she was carrying a little extra weight in her bottom and there was a slight paunchiness to her abdomen but, in truth she was still a very attractive female, she simply saw the worst in herself.

He was slowly stroking into her, his hand went to her breast, he cupped one and then the other, as he massaged them her nipples peaked.

“Beautiful, as succulent as ripe cherries,” he said as he took a nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed.

She caught her breath as her chest and throat colored with arousal.

“Ummmmm,” she murmured, “that feels nice.”

He let her legs down, let her get more comfortable as he continued to attend to her bosoms,

“Your breasts are sensitive, aren't they Mommy, I can't wait to suck on them they are so luscious.”

Moments later both hands slid down, he caressed her hips and then her butt.

“And I think your bottom's spectacular, I'm certainly enjoying it,” as he continued to pump her.

Then he massaged her abdomen, she was soft, her flesh yielding, he kneaded her, “You're so sexy, I think your tummy's cute.”

She thought back over what had happened, “You've probably put a baby in it, you took my birth control pills.”

“Would that be so bad,” he asked.

“I'm too old.”

“Mommy, you obsess over your age, you're still a young, beautiful woman and Karla and I adore you, we just want what's best for you and we want you to be a mother to us, we don't want to hurt you, we want to love you, do you understand?”

Ginny nodded yes.

He reached up and took her right hand, “Do you masturbate Mommy, do you play with yourself?”

Again, she was embarrassed, she cut her eyes away as she nodded assent.

He guided her hand to her vulva, “Do it now, I want you to cum with me in you,” he said as he began to rub her hand over her clitoris.

When she began to do it for herself he took his hand away and returned it to her breasts, his other hand massaged her abdomen, her soft little puffiness exciting him; he decided that one day he'd fill it with their baby.

As she brought herself to a climax her anal contractions took him over the top, with a grunt he flooded her bowels with his hot semen. After he'd pulled out he said,

“See Mommy, we can do it like tonight or we can do it like last night, your actions will dictate mine, you understand, don't you?”

“Yes,” she whispered, “I understand.”

Karl came out and got me, “Mommy's ready for her bath now, you want to get it started?”

“OK,” I said. As I walked by her on the bed I could see semen oozing from both her vagina and anus but a whimsical smile adorned her face.

Once I'd drawn her bath I added scented salts and Karl helped her in.

“You wash and I'll brush her hair,” Karl said to me.

I used a loofah sponge and started at her shoulders, Karl said, “Be back in a minute,” he left to retrieve something from our room.

When he returned he sat on the tub side and brushed her pretty auburn hair until it glowed like burnished brass, he'd done a good job but now I had a bit of a quandary, how to finish bathing her?

Karl solved the problem but not necessarily MY problem, all I had left to do were her bum and her vulva but she was a woman, I'd never (with the exception of myself) touched a woman THERE and I was loathe to start.

“Get on your hands and knees and spread your legs, Karla needs to finish,” he told her.

She was as hesitant as I until Karl prodded her, “Come now, let's get finished, Karla, wash her.”

I was careful that only the sponge touched her, we got through it without incident with both of us giving a little sigh of relief.

Before she got out Karl talked to her, well really, both of us.

“Mommy we've mentioned that some changes need to occur, let's talk about that. First and foremost, you are not to strike us, you've demonstrated that you lose control when you do, so, from now on if discipline needs to be meted out it will be my responsibility.”

“I guess I understand why you feel that way.”

“Yes, well let's move on. I've taken both your Oxycontin pills and your birth control pills, you won't need either. You are not to take any drugs that are not specifically prescribed for you by a physician, additionally under no conditions are you to take even prescription narcotic drugs.”

“Karl, that's not fair, I need my pills for my pain.”

“Mother, you're an addict and we need to break the addiction, I'll see to it that you have all the ibuprofen you may need for pain and Karla and I will be more than happy to give you massages for any body aches.”

“Why did you take my birth control pills Karl?” She asked.

“Mommy, the life you've begun to live is pretty dissolute and you've become promiscuous, you're putting both your health and your reputation at risk and that's just simply not acceptable.”

“B,b,but, I could get pregnant and you know it, I mean right now I have a uterus full of your sperm.”

“We'll discuss that a little later, but now let's talk about your drinking. I know how much you enjoy your wine and, in moderation it can provide a health benefit, so you may have three glasses daily; I'll serve you one when you come home so you can relax, you may have a second with dinner and the third with your bath or at bedtime, your choice.”

“Is that all?” She asked, a bit sarcastically.

“For now, now stand up and let me dry you.”

As she stood Karl told me, “I have a couple of things to discuss with mother, why don't you go to our room.”

I didn't like being sent away, he was going to spend time with her, not me. I tried to listen at the door but it was only muted conversation, he really was only talking to her.

Karl escorted Ginny to the bed, “Lie down and get comfortable Mommy, there are a few things I want to cover with you privately.”

“Don't I get my PJ's?” Ginny asked.

“Not yet, I want a little while to admire your fantastic body, now lie down.”

Karl sat beside his supine mother, he gently massaged her abdomen as he began,

“I know it's going to be tough to change all at once, particularly the pills and booze so I'm going to give you a few rules. I know you really enjoy your job but it's after work and before you get home that the trouble starts. You get off at 5 so to be reasonable, in case of traffic jams and things like that, I expect you to be home no later than 6, dinner will be at 6:30 to give you a little time to wind down, OK.”

“But what if the girls want to have a drink?” She asked.

“You say no, remember, you're limited to 3 glasses of wine a day.”

“But Karl...”

“No buts about it, you need to be home by 6.”

“What if I want to do some shopping?”

“You come home first, for the time being either Karla or I will go with you if you go out, once we've established some trust you'll have more leeway.”

“Now, the pills. They're zero tolerance, no more, period, paragraph. At random times I'll be drug testing you, again, once trust has been established we can stop that, but for now, we'll be testing.”

“My birth control pills, what about them?”

“Remember, you need to be home by 6 but if you want to grab a quickie at lunch tell him to use a condom. I'd be quite disappointed if that happened, I don't think the wonderful person you can be should be anyone's quick lay, you're too beautiful, too desirable to subject yourself to that.”

“You really do think I'm beautiful, don't you Karl?”


“But I'm getting fat and saggy.”

“Mommy, your body is a delight, and with that I'm going to tuck you in and call it a night, but before I leave you I have something for you.”

He got a glass of water from the bathroom and, from the nightstand picked up the pill he'd retrieved earlier.

“Just in case, this is a plan B pill, take it and this cute tummy won't get any bigger, at least not yet; and one last thing, until you've gained my trust I'm going to be pretty strict about our rules.”

He waited until she'd taken the pill then he kissed her goodnight and went to his room.

I was in bed but still wide awake, I wanted to know what had gone on that I'd missed but when I asked all Karl would say was that he'd wanted a few minutes to make sure she understood how things needed to go. He'd sat down beside me and, like he so frequently did now, began to massage my abdomen.

I can't explain why but when he touched me there the feeling was so stimulating, so arousing, so erotic, it took my breath away and I began to lubricate heavily. I was in my pajamas, he was caressing me through two layers of fabric and still I was so turned on.

“Karl,” I gasped.

“Yes Kitten,” he whispered as his hands went to the waistband of my PJ's.

“I want you,” I breathed out.

As my bottoms came off he stroked me through my panties.

He smiled, “You do, don't you,” he teased as he felt my growing wetness, he took my panties then reached for a condom.

“Don't please,” I said.

He looked at me questioningly.

“The condom, don't use the condom, I want your baby,” I said with an urgency that only a woman can feel.

“I want you to have our baby but only when the time is right, we'll wait until you're at least 18.”

His hand had returned to my tummy, he repeated, “When the time is right.”

When he entered me I nearly came with delight, then as he began to stroke into me he caressed my face and kissed me, our loving was slow and tender.

Karl and I were both pleasantly surprised, mom was home on time and enjoyed the foot massage Karl gave her while she relaxed and sipped her wine, our dinners were cordial and she seemed to look forward to her bath. Both of us became more comfortable with me washing her, and, for the first time I studied a female's genitalia other than my own. Her anus was a tight brownish pink ring, I noted the similarity between her open labia and a beautiful coral pink flower, and how her plump bottom so resembled mine (or was it that mine resembled hers, after all I was the daughter).

I found it strangely arousing, seeing her, now I wanted to see even more, I wanted to watch as Karl's cock penetrated her, I wanted to hear her as she climaxed but most of all I wanted to watch as she was sodomized, listen to her moans and see the pain, pleasure and submission on her face. As we helped her from her bath, as Karl dried her I let my mind visualize, my reverie though was interrupted by,

“Karla, why don't you go to our room, Mommy and I have some things to do.”

Feeling chastised I left the room closing the door behind me.

I was hurt and angry, even more so as I heard them.

“You've been a good girl, I'm so proud of you,” then they came together.

Her squeals of delight told me that he was performing cunnilingus on her, her muffled screams of pleasure spoke to me as he gave her multiple orgasms, the bed springs let me know when they mated then her groans followed by ungh, ungh, ungh shouted that she was being sodomized.

I slunk to my bed and lay pouting, when Karl came in I feigned sleep. He whispered, “You awake?” When I didn't respond he lightly rubbed my tummy, kissed me on the cheek, and saying, “Night Kitten,” went to his bed.

Next morning I was still distant from him, I walked ahead of him on the way to school then rushed to be ahead of him once school was out. He ran to catch up.

“What's the matter Karla, are you pissed at me?”

He knew I was, especially when I, statistically replied, “No, of course not Karl, why would I be pissed?”

“My God, you're jealous,” he exclaimed.

“I am not,” I tried but my lower lip quivered and my eyes teared.

“Why Kitten?”

“You do all the things we did, all the fun things I thought were for just you and me and you do them with her,” I whined.

“Well, not everything, not yet, I haven't made her squirt like I do with you,” he answered.

“But you will, I know you will,” I rejoined.

“Afraid you're wrong, I've been saving that for something really special,” he said.

“Like I said, I know you will.”

“No, not me Karla, you will.”

His answer startled and confused me, “What do you mean?”

“I mean that I've been saving that for you, you're going to make her squirt and you're going to fist her, my hand's too big, yours is perfect.”

“No way,” I exclaimed, “She's a girl and so am I, I'm not going to touch her pussy.”

“Of course you are, you sure don't mind looking at it.”

The blood rushed to my face, he'd noticed my eyes, I was so embarrassed, all I could stammer was, “I don't know how.”

“Then you'll learn,” he said as he patted my bottom.

At home he rushed me up the stairs, as I began to undress he came out of the bathroom with the bucket, syringe and lube.

“Over my lap,” he ordered.

He parted my cheeks, lubricated me and I enjoyed the penetration and warm flow from the enema, once I'd voided my bowels he gave me a quick bath then took me to our shared computer.

First I was appalled, then intrigued and finally aroused, I had no idea such web sites existed. What I saw was a virtual tutorial on locating a woman's Gräfenberg Spot, the change in tissue texture at the G-spot and how to stimulate her, how the spot would swell as she became more aroused and how fluid would erupt from her urethra. Then I learned how to cup my hand in a duck bill and, with a twisting motion it could be worked into the vagina. But, perhaps most importantly I learned that none of this was possible unless the woman was exceedingly aroused and receptive.

“So whatta you think?” Kurt asked when the video ended, “You can do it, can't you?”

“I don't know Karl, I mean I'd have to put my hand in her, that seems weird.”

“Hey, you've been in there before, look at it like a homecoming,” he joked.

“But how am I supposed to get her into the highly aroused state?”

“You know but if you need reminding I'll show you,” he said as he took my hand and led me to his bed.

He made wildly passionate love to me, his mouth, his fingers inflamed me, then his tongue parted me, licked me, I writhed in climax, I flowed like molten silver before two well lubricated fingers opened me as they sought my love button. The fingers stroked me with firm pressure, rapidly pumping, I felt the urge to urinate and pressed down, my body was out of control as I gushed. He slipped on a condom.

“Karl,” I pled.

Like twins he could read my mind, my face.

As tersely as my “Karl,” he replied, “18,” I didn't get my baby until I was 18.

After I'd taken my pleasure he slid the condom off, lifted my legs to my chest and lubricated me, I moaned as he pierced my anus and filled my rectum.

We lay arm in arm, his semen still hot in my belly, “That was wonderful Karlchin but it didn't answer my question.”

“Oh, I think it did,” was his enigmatic answer.

Aghast, I started, “But Karl, you used your mouth, I can't...”

He shushed me with, “We need to move.”

It was nearly 6 when we finished, after a quick shower we rushed downstairs, I started dinner while Karl got mom's wine bottle out, we just made our self-imposed 6:00 deadline but there was no sound of the garage door opening. At 6:15 Karl told me to put dinner in the oven, we'd be eating late then we sat and listened to the clock tick.

At 6:20 Karl dashed upstairs for a few moments.

At 6:27 we heard the garage, Karl said, “Leave dinner in the oven, I'll let you know when to serve,” then he poured her wine.

Mom breezed in with, “I got a raise today.”

Karl led her to her chair, congratulated her on her business success, handed her the Cabernet Sauvignon and began massaging her feet.

Karl's eyes went to the clock, hers followed, “Karl, let me explain...”

“We'll discuss that later, for now just relax and enjoy your wine,” he said.

She sighed, “That feels so nice.”

When he'd finished the massage and she'd emptied her goblet he stood up, both mom and I assumed it was time to eat, I started for the kitchen but then heard him say,

“Mommy, why don't you go upstairs and change into something more comfortable, I've laid out the clothes I want you to wear on the bed. Wait for me there, I'll be up in a minute or two.”

He gave her time to change then climbed the staircase. Silently, unnoticed I trailed behind, he entered her bedroom and shut the door, I heard the lock engage.

She asked, “Karl, what's this, there's only this nighty and a pair of cotton panties?”

“Sit down Mommy, it's time for our conversation, “What time are you suppose to be home?”

“6:00 o'clock, Mr. Richardson had me stay late so he could tell me about my raise, I had to stay Karl, didn't I?”

“Yes, of course you did but isn't there a cell phone in your purse, you could have called, I would have understood.”

“I, I guess I knew the meeting was about my raise, I was excited and just forgot.”

“I don't want you to forget in the future. You'll recall, I told you that I was going to be strict, that was not an idle threat. Please stand up, take off your nightgown and lie over my lap.”

“Karl you can't spank me for this, I had to meet with Mr. Richardson.”

“You broke the rules Mommy, take off the gown.”

“No damn it, I wonnnn...ouch, you're hurting my wrist.”

The whack was muted by the fabric of her panties, he said, “Let's warm you up a little.”

And the whack, whack, whack sounded in a steady rhythm. After about a 100 strokes he said, “Stand up and take off the robe.”

“Better, now back over.”

“No, please Karl, don't take my panties, please, please don't.”

I knew he'd taken them when I heard the sharp report of a big hand on the soft flesh of her bottom, she cried out in pain.

The blows fell faster than before, harder, as they rained down, I heard the plaintive wails, I imagined her trying to squirm away, to evade the onslaught, she was sniveling like a little girl by the time he'd finished.

“If discipline is required in the future you are to be waiting in only your panties, you'll get a warm-up spanking on the panties then a right good thrashing on your bare bottom, now, just lie here and cry yourself out, it's over. When you're ready we'll go down to supper.”

I scampered down the stairs, the table was set and the food served by the time they came down. Mom still had tear stained eyes and a subdued demeanor, Karl pulled out her chair, she gingerly sat.

She looked at me with a look of embarrassment and humiliation, she knew that I knew she'd just gotten a spanking like a recalcitrant child, she just picked at her fish but thirstily finished the crisp, light Chilean Chardonnay Karl had poured.

During her bath she was hesitant to get into position for me to lave her vulva but Karl prompted her. I understood, her buttocks were scarlet and there was still a distinct hand print on her right upper thigh, I looked at Karl, he smiled.

Again Karl sent me to my room. This continued for a week, the bathing and then my dismissal. I continued to eavesdrop, I listened to her pleasure and I heard her pain. She squealed with delight as she got her oral sex but she still moaned in pain as he sodomized her at the end of each session.

I can't deny it, the old green eyed monster was rearing its ugly head, she was getting sex every night and though Karl tried to placate me I was jealous.

One evening it descended into an argument that was rapidly moving toward an all out cat fight before Karl intervened.

He talked to us separately, she first then me. I'd started it but felt justified.

“Karla, she's our mother, she deserves a little respect for that if nothing else, don't you think?” He asked.

I got teary, “She's getting a whole lot more than respect, she's getting you,” I sobbed.

“Karla, that's not true.”

“It's the way I see it, you're with her every night and you give her special treatment, too.”

“I don't think she's getting any special treatment, what do you mean?”

I patted myself on the butt, “So how come I have to have an enema before we can do it that way but you do it with her every night and she doesn't ever have to have an enema, hunh?”

He pondered that for a minute, “I guess when we do it it's for pleasure but with her it's for training, I just didn't think about it the same way but, you're right, she's just as susceptible of having an accident as you are.”

“So you're going to start giving her enemas, right?”

“Yeah, guess so.”

“Tonight?” I prompted.

“She's gonna fight like a scalded cat.”

“Tonight!” I repeated emphatically.

“OK, OK,” he said.

Later he said, “Mommy, why don't you go up to your room and undress, it's bath time but there's something we need to do first, I'll be with you in a couple of minutes.”

I tried to follow but he didn't go to her room, he went to ours instead. I heard water running in our bathroom then he came out with the white bucket, the syringe and the lube. He went to her room.

My ear was glued to the closed door as she said, “What's that?”

“Sit down, we need to talk.”

“OK, what's going on?” She asked.

“We have anal sex a lot,” he started.

“Yeah, you sodomize me every night,” she countered.

“Call it what you will, it can be messy and stinky, think how embarrassing it would be if you had an accident and your bowels let go, how would you feel?”

“Abject humiliation, no body wants to wallow in shit.”

“Right, that's right we don't want that to happen, that's why you'll have an enema each time before we have anal sex, no feces in your rectum, no accidents.”

“Karl, I've never had an enema and I don't want one now.”

“Fair enough, let's discuss your options. I can pull you over my lap, spank your butt 'til it's crimson and give you your enema or you can come to me, lie across my lap, take your enema and let me rub your back and tell you how beautiful you are.”

I heard her sigh then he said, “Good Girl, you made the right choice.”

She gave a little groan each time the syringe penetrated her so I knew he gave her 4 bulbs.

“That's it, now it feels nice, doesn't it.”

“Karl, it's embarrassing, I'm your mother, you shouldn't be giving me an enema,” she said.

“But it feels good, doesn't it?”

“No,” she pouted.

“The nice warm water washing you, making you all clean, you'll come to look forward to it.”

“Mommy, since you're not drinking I think you've lost a little weight, you look fantastic.”

“You noticed, you really think I look good?”

“Not good, I said fantastic.”

“Oops, Mommy's gotta go,” I heard.

“Go ahead, when you've finished moving your bowels we'll get your bath ready.”

He opened the door, he knew I'd be listening.

As we walked home from school the next day we took a detour, Karl wanted to visit a pharmacy.

Into the little cart he put a syringe enema bulb saying, “She needs her own,” two rectal thermometers, which I questioned, “In case my girls aren't feeling well,” and a supply of drug tests, “I told her I'd be drug testing and I haven't yet, it's time I started.”

She got her first drug test that night, she wasn't too excited that Karl stood and watched her pee in the cup but she didn't argue; she was clean.

Her enemas became a daily occurrence, he was still sodomizing her nightly then, after 3 weeks he finally relented.

She'd earned a couple more spankings over that time period, Karl was still keeping a tight rein on her but, all in all things were going well.

Since she wasn't going out at night any more lunch had become more of an occasion, Karl even told her she could have one glass of wine with her meal and she was ecstatic. She'd become close with Helena Worth, a coworker, they tried different restaurants each day and shared gossip over salads and wine.

I'm a Good Girl with a capital GG, straight “A” student, Junior class representative as an officer on the student council and friendly to everyone, even Katie Crenshaw. She and I had walked out toward the football field and were sitting on the bleachers chatting when Katie pulled out a joint. I'd never even seen one before, she lit it then handed it to me,

“Try it, it makes you feel really cool.” she encouraged.

I took a puff and handed it back to her, I really didn't feel much, maybe a little lightheadedness, she took a few more drags then knocked the cherry off, she handed it back to me.

“Put it in your purse for later,” she said.

Later, during English class the Dean of Girls came in.

“Karla, you need to come with me to the office.”

They had pictures of Katie and me and when they searched my purse they found the rest of the joint.

“Karla I can't believe this of you,” the Dean said, “You know we have to enforce the rules in spite of all the good things you do, you're suspended for 3 days.”

She phoned mom at work, she had to come and get me.

At home she just stared at me, “Unbelievable,” she said, “What am I suppose to do with you?”

Karl must have heard through the grapevine, a moment or two later he came in, he'd left school early, he immediately took control.

“Karla, go up to our room and wait, get dressed for bed, I want to talk to you.”

After I'd left he spoke to mom.

“I'm proud of you, I was afraid you'd have a belt out.”

“The thought did cross my mind,” she replied.

“Well I'm glad you remembered that discipline is my job, now I need to go talk to Karla.”

I'd gotten into my pajamas and was sitting in one of our easy chairs, he came in and sat down opposite me on my bed.”

“Karla, I heard that you were seen smoking marijuana and that you had a joint in your purse, is that true.”

“Guilty and guilty,” I said, then I told him about my little escapade with Katie.

“This is serious, you've been suspended for 3 days and, more importantly you've sullied your reputation, I'm going to have to punish you.”

I could see it in his eyes, “You're going to spank me, aren't you?”

“Yes, now take your pajamas off for me.”

“Karl, I'm sorry I did it and I'm already being punished, I mean I've been suspended from school.”

“Take your pajamas off Karla, you don't want me to have to do it for you,” he ordered.

Slowly I unbuttoned my top, as it opened I felt a chill, my nipples contracted like I was in sub-zero weather, I shrugged it from my shoulders.

“The bottoms,” he demanded.

As they fell to the floor I stepped out. I still had my panties on but I'd never felt so naked, I was trembling with fear. He reached out and took my hand and gently led me to him.

“I don't like this any better than you do Sis,” as he guided me over his lap.

“You've listened at mom's door often enough to know how I spank but, as a reminder, I'll start with a warm-up on your panties then finish on your bare bottom, you ready?”

“No,” was all I could answer.

He'd slid his left arm around my waist, his right hand was rubbing my bum, his left arm tightened holding me in place, he said,

“I'm afraid you are,” as his right hand fell.

Ginny was breathless on the other side of the door, she knew Karla had eavesdropped on her, heard her plead and cry, heard the merciless thump of Karl's big hand buffeting her pantied bottom heard her beg to please, please let me keep my panties and heard the thunderous crrracks of his hand on bared flesh as she was reduced to a quivering, whimpering mess.

Right now Karla still had her panties on but she'd already been reduced to tears, Ginny smiled, her hand slipped into her panties, she was wet and aroused.

Ah Ginny thought, the grand finale, as she heard Karla plaintively begging,

“Please Karl, Oh God, don't take my panties, please, please, pleeeze, I'm begging you.”

The sound changed, the panties were off, it was the sharp crrrack as he struck bare skin, Karla howled.

Karl spanked, Karla sobbed and Ginny masturbated to the cadence of crrrack, crrack, crrack.

When the spanking finally ended Ginny hied to her room so she didn't hear Karl say,

“I'm sorry Karla but you got 3 days, you'll get 3 spankings, one on each day, we're finished for today, tomorrow we’ll get it over as soon as I get home before mom gets here.”

He held a tissue to my nose, “Blow,” he instructed, then he rubbed my back until I'd cried myself out and regained some semblance of composure, I put my pajamas on and we went downstairs.

From my disheveled appearance and her Cheshire Cat grin I knew mom had listened, that only heightened my humiliation.

True to his word Karl spanked me on each of the next 2 days but, each time before mom got home.

But she knew, I know she knew, she'd smirk at me when Karl couldn't see, her comments carried innuendo, and, worst of all to me she began to employ feminine wiles I didn't yet possess.

“My strong handsome son,” as she ran her hand over his pronounced pecs; “My young Adonis, Helena wouldn't believe me if I, this old gal, let her know I had such a beautiful man,” and shit like that, Blaaaah, I cringed but I felt like I was losing. At 16 I was hardly competition for a 38 year old vixen and that was what she was becoming, a vixen.

There was a tension between us that you could cut with a knife, there was an explosion looming, I think we both knew it. I, of course knew what she and Karl did but she'd figured out Karl and my relationship, too. On a rare evening when we were at home together but without Karl, I was in the kitchen popping some popcorn, she came in, a rare event in of itself, I was wearing a pair of shorts, she gave me a little whack on the butt.

“God, you're getting fat, bet you he likes mine better,” she laughed at me.

I wheeled and slapped her, I'd just hit my mother but she was no piece of cake, she grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the floor, I caught her hair, too but she came down on top of me. It was a girl fight, neither of us punched but we scratched, pulled hair, she even bit me, the bitch, I bit her back then slapped her titty, which, by the way was bigger than mine. She kneed me in the groin, works against a guy, all I got were bruised labia then I got an arm around her neck, I was so irate I was gonna choke her out when I heard a scream,

“What in the hell is going on, Karla let her go, you're killing her for Christ's sakes, both of you, stop it right now, do you hear me?”

We rolled apart, both of us supine on the kitchen floor, then I smelled it, “Ah shit,” I exclaimed as I jumped up. Smoke was roiling from the pan, the popcorn was ablaze when I dumped it in the sink and turned the water on to douse the flames.

Karl sat on a kitchen chair and simply looked from side to side like he was trying to take in what'd happened, then he said,

“Anybody wanta tell me?”

There was hair on the wall, there was blood on the floor and there was a terrible stench permeating the room, I said,

“I guess I burned the popcorn.”

His laughter was hysterical, then he said, “Guess you did, I thought you were a better cook.”

Then, turning serious he said, “I guess I've seen this building and I didn't do anything about it so, it's my fault, but now we need to deal with an unacceptable situation. I love you both, you Ginny are my mother and you Karla are my twin sister but your relationship with each other has spun out of control. Maybe I'm the cause but, one things for sure, I need to be the solution, and to that end you ladies are going to share some experiences then you're going to work together. I want each of you to go to your rooms and dress for bed, wear nightgowns, panties and nothing else, we'll meet in mom's room in 20 minutes, now go.”

Mom and I looked at each other, there were no sly grins, we both knew we were going to have sore bottoms and the tears were going to flow, only this time we'd be forced to watch as the other was punished.

20 minutes later Karl walked into mom's room, we were both dressed as he'd instructed, she was sitting in her overstuffed chair, I was on her bed, in his hands he held a jar of aloe gel and two toothpicks, he offered me the toothpicks saying, “Choose one,” then gave mom the other, mine was longer, she'd gotten short straw.

“Karla, I need the bed, please move to the chair; Mommy, come to me.”

As she stood in front of him he said, “We're family, if there's any fighting to do it's us against the world not one of us against another, when we've finished you and Karla will be working together for the other's benefit, do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, I understand,” she replied.

“Good, now please remove your gown and lie over my lap.”

From my vantage point I was seeing her from behind, he jiggled her a little until her plump bottom was her high point, he rubbed her bottom then began to spank.

As his hand fell I could almost feel the impact, mom begged, “Karl, please don't do this, not with Karla here, I don't want her to watch.”

“But she's going to, as I said, you two are going to have a shared experience.”

Perhaps because I was there mom held out, she hadn't broken into tears but when he stopped spanking and began to lower her panties she grabbed at the waistband trying to maintain some dignity, she lost the tug of war and his hand fell once more.

The sound changed as did the outcome, mom wailed when he struck, the sharp crrrack resounding, I cringed. It took less than 5 blows to break her resolve, the sob came from deep within her as she started to kick, writhe and beg. She'd modestly kept her legs together during her warm-up but now they fell apart as she struggled, of course I'd seen her before when I bathed her, but not like this, as her bottom reddened so did her genitals, blood was rushing to the source of her pain. Karl kept up the spanking until she ceased struggling, he lifted her from his lap, lowered her to the bed then handed me a box of Kleenex and the aloe gel.

“Let her blow her nose then use the aloe on her bottom,” he told me.

I did as I was told, as I started to sooth her with the gel she whispered, “Thank you Baby.”

Just those simple words melted my heart, I leaned forward and kissed her teary eyes, “It'll be OK Mommy,” I said.

Karl left the room, after I'd covered her bruised bottom I continued to gently stroke her, I felt so close to her, it struck me that I loved her.

He gave us 30 minutes together, I'd moved up from her bottom as was massaging her back, it felt so good to touch her and from her contented sighs I knew she was enjoying my touch. He said,

“Mommy, you need to sit where Karla is, Karla, come over to me.”

He'd taken a seat on the bedside, I went to him and stood waiting.

“Take off your nighty and take your place,” he said.

The spanking was severe, like mom, when he took my panties I tried to fight him and, like mom I lost, the pain was searing from the first blow to my naked bottom, when I started kicking, trying to escape I wasn't thinking about the show I was giving mom, I wasn't thinking at all as he spanked me into submission. Like he'd done with mom he laid me on the bed, he gave her the tissues and the gel saying, “Take care of her,” then left us together.

The impact on me was life changing, her gentle touch, her tender words of sympathy, when she'd finished she laid down beside me and took me in her arms; “I'm so sorry Baby,” she said.

“So am I Mommy, so am I.”

When Karl came back he found us entwined in each other's arms and, yes, we'd kissed, just pecks at first then she'd whispered, “God I love you Baby,” and our lips met passionately.

When Karl returned he'd gone directly to the bathroom, we heard the tub being filled, when it stopped he came out, “Bath time babes,” he said.

The tub was filled with bubbles, the air with a delightful fragrance, once we were in the water he simply said, “Enjoy,” and left us.

Tentatively at first then with the joy of a pair of teenagers we splashed bubbles at each other, nothing really sexual took place, oh, we touched each other and shared a few little kisses but mostly we just played like a couple of kids, we cavorted until the water began to cool, got out, toweled off and redonned our panties and nighties and were laying on the bed when Karl came back in.

“I'm going to fix supper,” he said, “It'll be ready in half an hour.”

Mom spoke up, “I'm sorry Karl but I don't feel like eating, I'm beginning to feel sick.”

He came over to the bed and felt her brow, “You do feel a little warm, let's check,” he said as he went to our room. He had one of the mercury thermometers stabbed into a jar of Vaseline.

He sat on the bedside, “OK Mommy, climb over my lap,” he instructed.

“What are you going to do Karl?” She asked although his plan was obvious.

“I'm going to take your temperature,” he replied.

“Not that way, my God, I'm a grown woman.”

“Unless you want a warmer bottom you'll get over my lap, now come on.”

Her cheeks were still burning, she didn't want a replay of that, she climbed over his lap. He lifted her nighty over her hips and turned the seat of her panties down then parted her cheeks and inserted the thin glass tube.

“Just lie still, it takes 4 minutes to register.”

He rubbed her back while they waited.

When he withdrew the instrument it registered a low grade fever of 100.2 degrees, Karl asked if she wanted an aspirin.

“No, thank you, it's really my tummy that aches not my head, I think a cup of hot tea might help.”

I went downstairs and made her a cup of tea, Karl was sitting on her bedside when I came back in, he got up saying, “I'll go ahead and fix our dinner Karla.”

“Nothing for me, I'll just stay here with Mommy, but go ahead.”

“You're sure?”

“Yes, I'm going to pretend I'm her nurse.”

That elicited a small smile from her. As she sipped her tea we chatted. She told me that her tummy was feeling crampy but she thought it was just stress from a very eventful day, that she just needed some rest. Karl had told her that he'd check her temperature again at bedtime.

Shyly I asked, “What was it like, having your temperature taken like that?”

She thought for a moment then said, “It made me feel like a little girl, I haven't had my temperature taken like that since I was 5 years old and my mother did it.”

I'd been considering something for some time but now I put it into words, I said, “You know, I think that's what Karl wants.”

“What do you mean Karla?”

“Well, if as they say, “the way to a man's heart is through his stomach,” I believe Karl has discovered that the way to get obedience and submission from a woman is through her bottom. Think about it Mommy, he can use our bottoms to inflict pain or he can make us purr like contented kittens, he can excite us or he can humiliate us. I hate it when he spanks, God it hurts and I hate it that I cry like a baby but it makes me do what he tells me to do. I love it when he massages and caresses me and, oh do I love his tongue, I even look forward to laying across his lap to get my enema although I realize it's one more subtle way of forcing me to submit to him.”

“What about when he sodomizes you, he does, doesn't he?”

“You know he does Mommy, what's it like for you?”

“It still hurts a little when he goes in me, I like it best when I'm on my back and I can watch his face but, whatever position he puts me in it feels like he owns me, my body is his to use as he chooses, with his big cock in my bowels I've submitted him totally, how about you?”

“There are little things, like sometimes when we're walking home from school he'll pat me on the bottom. He doesn't have to say a word but I know that when we get home I'm going to get an enema and that he's going to fill my rectum with hot semen. Sometimes he takes me like you like it and sometimes he gives me a rough ride, I guess I like it a little rough better, God he can make me scream but oh Lord, can he make me cum, it just pours out of me.”

“You like that best of all?”

“Well, no, I like him in my pussy but the very best is when he makes me squirt.”

“Squirt, what do you mean?”

“Oh wow, he does this thing with his fingers, you feel the pressure building, then it's like you really need to pee but then this clear fluid erupts from your urethra and shoots about a foot in the air, I always lose control then, it's like an out of body, euphoric experience, it's incredible.”

“No, women don't cum like that.”

“Oh yeah we can, after he did it to me he showed me an internet video on how to do it then I went back and did some reading. We have a place about an inch and a half or two in our vaginas called the Gräfenberg Spot, if a woman is really aroused and if the G-spot is massaged properly you cum like you wouldn't believe, maybe we can get him to do it for you, would you like that?”

“Sure, I'd have to see it to believe it though.”

Our conversation drifted to mundane things before she said,

“Karla, I can't tell you how sorry I am about how I treated you and Karl, now in hindsight I can see I was spinning out of control but now I feel loved. I've got the two of you and I have a good friend in Helena, I can honestly say I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life.

I gave her a little kiss then said, “Karl and I do love you, we were so worried about you but now we've got our Mommy back, we're happy, too.”

We were napping when Karl came back. He didn't put mom over his lap, he just had her lie on her tummy as he lowered her panties and took her temp, she was still running the slight fever. I slept with her that night, the next day was Saturday, we were still in bed when Karl came in, he was meeting with some of his friends and planned on being gone all day. He asked mom how she was feeling, when she told him that she felt about the same he took her temperature again, still a little elevated then said that if it was her tummy she probably needed an enema, if she still was ailing that night he'd give her one.

After he'd gone she said that she sure didn't want that, I understood, he wasn't talking about the little enema we got before anal sex, these were complete wash outs, a series of two quart enemas repeated until the water from our bowels ran clear. They were embarrassing, on hands and knees our bottoms in the air as he intubated us with the nozzle and filled our bowels until we looked like we were 9 months pregnant. We decided that a little fib might be in order if she wasn't better.

I was laying beside her, I asked, “Does your tummy still hurt?”

She nodded that it did.

I put my hand on her abdomen saying, “Maybe if I massage you a little you'll feel better,” I began to rub through her gown and panties.

After a few moments she relaxed and sighed, “That does feel good, put your hand under my gown though.”

“Why not just take it off?” I asked, “I'll take mine off, too.”

Now two auburn haired beauties with bared breasts inhabited the bed, I put an arm under her head and held her while I continued to massage her.

After several minutes I felt the muscles of her abdomen momentarily tense and her breathing changed.

I raised up a little so I could look into her eyes, emerald green and glistening they stared back at me with an unstated hunger.

“You like this, don't you Mommy.”

“Yessss,” she breathed.

“I think you'd like it even better if I was touching you,” I said as I slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties and resumed her massage.

All the while I continued to watch her eyes, they were beautiful, mirroring my own, her chest and throat began to color, her breasts seemed to swell with her nipples becoming more pronounced.

“Karla, help me, please.”

I kissed her, her lips were soft and yielding, “Anything you'd like Mommy, anything at all,” I said.

“I love it when you call me Mommy, I am your Mommy, aren't I, when you were a baby you suckled at my breasts, please do that now.”

Like the little baby I'd been 16 years before I began to nurse, as I did so my massaging hand went lower until I was combing her pubic hair with my fingers as I caressed her Mons Veneris. Over her abdomen, through her auburn curls then the caress of her mound, over and over until her hand came down on mine.

“Please, don't stop,” she asked as she pushed my hand lower.

Now my fingers parted her labia, I traced along her slit then slid the hood of her clitoris back. My fingers rubbed the sides of her clitoral shaft. She began to pump her hips as her arousal built,

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned, “Oh God that feels so good.”

I came off her breast and asked, “Can I take your panties off Mommy, I want to see you.”

“Yes, yes, yessss, do it Baby.”

I worked them down over her sumptuous hips and off, she let her legs fall apart and her labia opened just like a beautiful flower, I continued stimulating her clit until she screamed, “I'm gonna cum, oh Christ yes, I'm gonna cum.”

I'd never done it before, never even harbored a secret desire but she was so very beautiful, my mouth covered her, my tongue probed her vagina, my hands were on her hips, I pulled her closer as she began to buck, her orgasm was spectacular as she bounced around the bed, I held on for dear life but my lips never came away from her, then her hot silken flow, I drank from her, heady from her sweet ambrosia, I looked up at her.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?” I asked as I climbed up her soft body.

She shook her head no just as I kissed her, “Now you have,” I laughed.

She laughed, too, “Yum, sugar and spice and everything nice, just like the poem.”

I hugged her, “Feel any better,” I asked.

“I'm a new woman,” she replied as she hugged me back.

We just laid together side by side before she said, “It worked, didn't it, Karl threw us together, made us endure shared experiences then let us soothe each other and look at us now.”

“Mommy, maybe we shouldn't tell Karl how we worked things out, he might not like it and my bootie's already sore enough.”

“You're right Baby, it will be our little secret”

I think he knew, over the ensuing weeks he seemed to put us together at every opportunity, it really became evident to me the evening he patted my bottom, I knew what that meant and expected him to take me for my enema but, instead he said,

“Mommy, would you like to give Karla her bath and she needs an enema, too.”

She got me ready, Karl took me to our room, as we aroused each other I, as always said, “Karl,” he, as always replied, “18,” but I was insistent.

“Karl, I'm nearly 17, why do we have to wait.

I never anticipated his response, he sat up, grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap as he said,

“Because I said so, that's reason enough,” he smacked my bottom.

I squealed, it stung, but instead of another whack he caressed my cheeks then I got another whack, but now he traced along my anal cleft with a finger, then a whack. He cupped my sex through my panties,

“Spread your legs for me Kitten,” as he petted me, then whack.

He toyed with me for at least 30 minutes, confusing me, the spanks hurt but his fingers were inflaming me, then he said,

“Time for your panties to come off.”

This time I didn't fight him, the crrrack of hand on bare flesh came but then his fingers probed, he split my labia, I spread my legs to give him access, he teased my clit for a moment, then crrrack, a stinging blow. He kept at it, my body didn't know how to respond, I didn't know whether to cry or cum, in the end I did both.

Both my eyes and my pussy were leaking when he slipped a condom on and entered me, he powered into me pounding me hard, I wrapped my legs around his waist and hung on for dear life, God I loved it. I was screaming like a banshee as he brought me to orgasm after orgasm, I was pretty well spent by the time he stopped. He pulled a pillow at my hips and rolled me onto it.

His hands slid under my chest, he cupped my breasts as his cock pressed into me. The spanking he'd given me must have inspired him, he rode me hard and fast, his thrusts deep into my bowels. It hurt, I screamed but what I screamed was,

“Oh Yes, Oh God yes, Oh Karl, Oh, oh, oh,” then I felt him swell, I felt him jerk, the heat of his cum flooded me, he pumped himself out then laid down beside me.

I said, “You could have put that in my pussy you know.”

It seemed like a non sequitur when he answered but I understood when he said, “You must have liked your spanking, want another.”

Oops, he was putting discussion of me getting pregnant off limits.

Before we went to sleep he told me that I was to get mom ready the following evening.

Karl was out early the next morning, a friend's father had a nice boat, they were going fishing and weren't expected back until late. Mom and I met in the kitchen, both of us were still in our nightgowns, we had coffee, toast and juice for breakfast.

We chatted about the weather, she talked about her friend Helena, I told her that Katie had been expelled, she'd been caught with marijuana again, everything and nothing before she said,

“He spanked you last night, didn't he.”

“Yes, but not like he usually does, oh I got the warm-up then he took my panties but between spanks he played with me. He'd get me good and aroused then he'd whack me, by the time he'd finished I was crying but I'd also cum twice while I was over his lap, by then I was so hot I think you could have fried eggs on my bottom.”

“So you liked it?” She asked.

“Honestly, I don't know, not even yet.”

“You didn't say, why did you get a spanking, I don't remember you doing anything.”

“Mommy, I want a baby and he won't give one to me, I guess I bugged him about it one time too much.”

“What does he say?”

“That I have to wait until I'm 18.”

“Well that's not so far, you're going to be 17 in a couple of weeks.”

“I know, I know but haven't you ever wanted something so bad that any wait seems like forever.”

“Yeah, I have. I wanted a big family and I was off to a good start, I mean, twins for my first children but then your father died and my plans died with him.”

“Didn't you ever think about remarrying?”

“Oh I thought about it but it didn't seem worth the effort. And, of course I had my new friends, booze and pills, they seemed more important than a man.”

“You've done so well with that mom; do you ever have the urge to, you know, do you still want to?”

“If I even start to think about it I think of my poor bottom and what it will cost me and, damn, he can make a fanny burn.”

“God, don't I know it,” I added.

“You remember what you said about controlling a woman through her bottom? He really does that, doesn't he, I've never been so conscious of my butt in my life.”

“Yeah, well I'm pretty sure you'll be caring about mine and I'll be caring about your.”

“What do you mean?”

“You gave me my enema yesterday, right, well he told me to give you yours today, I think that'll be our job in the future.”

“Do you mind, I kinda liked your hands on me yesterday?”

“No Mommy, I don't mind, in fact I'm looking forward to it.”

Our emerald green eyes were locked, small smiles played across our lips, our breathing quickened. She took my hand, “Let's go upstairs Baby, I think I'd like a little nap.”

I led the way, when we got to her room she took me from behind, her left arm circled me, she massaged my abdomen, her right hand went up under my gown. She caressed my bottom then gave me a firm pat, “I see why he likes to spank you Baby, you've got such a spankable tush.”

I kinda swung my butt back and forth, she then pulled me back toward her, she whispered,

“You've been a bad girl, I think I need to spank you.” She lifted my gown over my head then sat on the bed, her hand guided me over her lap.

She rubbed my bottom and said, “My bad little girl, I haven't done this since you were 6 or 7 years old.

She gave me a swat, nothing like Karl metes out, but it stung nonetheless, “Yes, my bad little girl.”

Her hand stroked my thighs, “Such a sweet body,” her hand came up my inner thigh.

I opened my legs, I wanted her to go higher but, instead I got another whack.

“Greedy little thing,” she said, “You need to learn to wait until Mommy's ready.”

She whacked me 3 more times then slid her hands between my legs, as she stroked me she told me,

“See isn't it better when you wait?”

I was getting damp, she said, “Oh, Baby can't control herself, I think I need to take her panties down so she can get a good spanking.”

She took my panties off, I didn't fight her, I wanted her fingers on me, what I got was a swat.

“Good girls don't do that,” she told me, I'd been writhing, pressing against her leg.

“That's better,” she said as I laid still.

She caressed my bottom then stroked along my hips, “Mommy's pretty little girl,” she said.

I pressed into her lap, it earned me a whack but then her hand went between my legs, her fingers were on my clit, her thumb pressed my anus, she masturbated me.

Again I began pumping my hips, raising my butt, she slipped her thumb into me, I moaned as I climaxed.

“Ah, now Baby's all wet, I guess Mommy needs to clean her up, doesn't she,” she said.

Her strength surprised me, she lifted me from her lap and laid me on the bed. Now her hand again went to my groin, her thumb was on my clit as she slid two fingers into my vagina and rapidly pumped me.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” God, it was so good.

Her other hand went to my abdomen, she massaged me as her other hand continued to masturbate me, suddenly I screamed,

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” the orgasm was so intense.

“That's what Mommy wanted,” she said as her lips went to my labia and her tongue laved my slit, she licked my juices, even probing and sucking my vagina to get all of my fluids. She slid up my body and kissed me as I'd done with her.

Then she rolled me onto my side and slid up between my legs until our vulvae met, she began to ride me.

It was different but I liked it, I liked it a lot. She said,

“I'm so jealous of Karl,”

“Why Mommy,” I asked.

“He has a cock and I don't and I want to fuck you, you're so sexy, so desirable.”

And I wished she could, “God yes, that would be fantastic,” I told her.

“I'd put a baby in you if I could, you're so ripe, so ready,” she confided.

She rode me harder until we reached a mutual climax then she fell onto the mattress beside me.

“You really do want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Would you let me if I could?” She asked back.

“God yes and I'd like to fuck you, too, you're so hot.”

After we'd rested for a while she said, “Let's have a shower then go do a little shopping, we can get lunch while we're out.”

We stopped at a fern bar for lunch, we had seafood salads, I had a sprite and she had glass a Fume Blanc.

When we left I asked whee we were going.

“To a toy store for big girls and boys,” was her enigmatic reply.

The store where we went was in a seedier section of the city, the sign out front said “Aphrodite's Delight,” the parking was discreetly in the back as was the entrance door.

The first thing I noticed was the clerk, she was a pretty girl, or, more specifically, once was a pretty girl, now she had so many piercing and tattoos that she looked like a side show freak. The second thing I noticed were the items on sale, I gave a little gasp.

“Mommy, is this for real,” I whispered.

“Only as real as you want it to be,” was her answer.

She'd picked up a small basket, from a bid containing vibrators she chose a Hitachi Magic Wand, next she selected two tubes of sexual lubricant, one was System Jo Cherry Burst, the other was Astroglide Sensual Strawberry.

“What are those,” I asked.

They're slick and they're suppose to taste good, we'll have to see.”

Finally we stood before a selection of plastic penises, black or flesh tone I could understand but they had them in a rainbow of colors, most were smaller than Karl but there were several that were huge, I pointed at one, “Now that's scary,” I said.

“Yeah, it sure is,” she answered, “What color do you like?”

“Maybe the pink one or the purple, what do you think?”

“I like the purple,” she said as she picked it up.

I saw then that it came with a harness, you could strap it around your waist.

“Mommy, what are you going to do with that?” I naively asked.

She ran her fingers along my spine then leaned to my ear and whispered, “I'm going to fuck you with it when we get home.”

I got the strangest sensation in the pit of my stomach then it migrated to my vagina, my panties got wet as I started to lubricate.

“Mommy,” I breathed out.

She lowered the hand on my back and patted my bottom, I gasped when she said, “Want that, too?”

She smiled at me, “Yeah, he uses the same signal with me.”

We were quiet as we drove home then she took the pink bag embossed with “Aphrodite's Delight,” and led me upstairs.

She undressed me then herself, I guess I was in shock, kinda zombie like, she lowered me to the bed then followed me down.

We kissed romantically as her fingers roamed over my body, her soft touch was so different than a man's and, although Karl knew my body intimately she was able to find secret little places that only a woman knew. When our groins again met and we shared each other's fluids she looked at me and held my gaze.

“You're ready for me now, aren't you Baby?”

I nodded yes.

She had to get off me, she got the strap-on dildo from the bag, belted it on, used a little of the cherry lube on it then positioned herself between my legs. She rubbed the tip along my vaginal slit then guided it, my vagina opened as the faux phallus slid into me. My head fell back, my eyes were closed, I sighed,

“Aaaaaaaaah,” as she covered my body with hers, her arms went around me, cradling me, her lips were at my ear.

“God you're so beautiful Baby, “she whispered, “I love you so much.”

As she fucked me I couldn't help but compare. Karl was powerful, dominating, he took me to highs and lows, gave me pain and pleasure but with Mommy it was smooth as velvet, soft and tender. Both wonderful in their own right but as different as comparing a roller coaster ride with a calm midnight cruise on a placid lake. She brought me to a climax but even that was different, not an explosion, Mommy was so gentle, as my tummy turned molten, I flowed.

Afterward we held each other enjoying the post-coital golden glow, we were so into each other that we almost missed it, the shutting of the front door.

Paniced, I whispered, “Mommy, Karl's home,” as I grabbed my nighty and pulled it over my head. Mom picked up her gown and scampered to the bathroom. Ah Jesus, on the bed were our panties and the cherry lube, just as the door opened I gathered them up and jammed them under the pillow.

I was beyond fright especially when he said, “What's going on here,” then he chuckled, “A couple of lazy Susans, still lolling around in bed?”

“I, I, I,” I stammered.

Mom walked out of the bathroom carrying her little white bucket and syringe, “Oh, I didn't hear you come in Karl, we were just starting to get ready for tonight.”

“Well you two go ahead, I'm going to get a sandwich,” he said then he sniffed, “Did you buy a new air freshener? It smells like cherries in here.”

“I find the scent delightful, don't you?”

“It is nice,” he said as he turned to go downstairs.

I mopped my brow, “Whew, that was close mom.”

“Yeah it was, you'd better go ahead and give me my enema then we need to go downstairs, too.”

After that afternoon Mommy and I often played but always when we knew Karl was going to be out, it drew us closer and we shared a lot of our feelings.

I, of course reiterated to her how much I wanted a baby, maybe a bit to often. She took up my wish and shortly thereafter Mommy learned that Karl'd heard more than he wanted about it.

Their pillow talk had evolved to the subject of babies, Karl had confessed that, yes, he wanted children, a lot of children, at least 5, and she'd taken up my cause.

He'd finally said, “Mommy, I've heard it all from her, I think she's too young, she'll wait until she's 18.”

She'd countered, “But Karl, she's 17 now, she's ripe and she's fertile, what are a few months?”

She quickly learned that “a few months” were enough to upset him as her very sore bottom could attest.

We decided that maybe we'd cool it about me having a baby, we'd both gotten our bottoms warmed trying to convince him and when he started a journal that, I was sure was meant as a monitor, he began tracking our menstrual cycles as accurately as an accountant adds columns.

Karl had loosened the restrictions he'd placed on mom, her compliance had engendered the trust he needed. He'd even let her go out with her friend Helena several evenings with the caveat that she be home by 11:00 and be sober.

So, even though she expected that he'd turn her down she asked whether or not she'd be able to attend this year's company sabbatical. She'd been unable to go the previous year so she was surprised when Karl asked for details.

It was a four day event with training seminars but the evenings would be free and, though she did intend to drop in at several parties she'd be back in her room each night before 10:00 and sober. She and Helena would be sharing a room so she'd even have a chaperone.

“So you'll be a good girl, then?” He teased her.

“I'll be a good old girl by then,” she replied. The sabbatical was 4 months hence and she'd be turning 39 in less than a month.

To her joyous amazement he gave her his blessings.

As her 39th approached she fell into a melancholy mood again fixating on the pending onset of middle age, I tried my mightiest to pull her out of her mood treating her like the princess she'd become to me, still I wasn't completely successful. Karl and I talked about hosting a birthday party for her but then decided that a party might serve to remind her of her age, so we were simply planning to take her out for a lobster dinner.

A week before her birthday I snuck a look at Karl's journal, I noted that he tracked the various stages of our cycle and I saw that she would be ovulating from the day after her birthday for 4 days. Her birthday was circled, I guessed as a reminder, I put it back.

On the grand day we bathed her like we used to do, Karl brushed her hair and I helped her dress for the occasion. She was stunningly beautiful, the eyes of the men tracked her as we were being seated at the restaurant. She noticed and, it think it buoyed her spirits.

We had a pleasant meal but decided to take our desserts to go, Karl had promised that we could share a bottle of champagne with the dessert.

Now, tell me, wouldn't your mouth be watering at the very thought of Dom Perignon and Godiva Chocolate truffles, mine surely was, so when Karl said, “Let's make tonight really special, wait here, I need to do something,” and he ran up the stairs.

When he came back down he asked if we wouldn't like to be more comfortable and that he'd left something for each of us on our beds. With a pleasant anticipation she and I climbed the stairs.

We met again outside her bedroom door, each of us clad in a sexy silk peignoir set, mine was a pale sea foam green, hers bridal white.

We walked down the stairs together to be greeted by a wolf whistle and a “Wowza,” and it couldn't be denied, we did look hot.

He'd already set out the truffles and poured flutes of the champagne, we indulged.

Karl was moderate in his intake of the bubbly but he kept mom's and my glass full, by the time we'd finished she and I were both touchy feely and a little tipsy. He suggested that we go upstairs.

In her room he took a seat in the chair, “I want to be with Mommy tonight but why don't you warm her up for me Kitten, maybe you can even do some magic and make her taste like cherries.”

Oops, he knew, mom and I both gasped.

“Oh you thought you had me fooled, I don't mind, in fact I really like it, since you two have decided to make love not war my life is simpler. Besides, I want to watch.”

We were tentative as we came together, him knowing, him watching, him there; but as our ardor rose we forgot his presence. My gown was the first to come off but hers soon followed as our hands and mouths sought the others erotic places. We hardly noticed when he stripped and joined us.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. As if he was cutting in at a dance Karl moved into my place, I saw his erection, it was enormous he seemed larger than ever and he didn't hesitate. Mommy was completely aroused as he entered her.

I was in awe, something I'd wanted to see and it was happening right before my eyes, slowly his penis moved into her hungering vagina, her sounds as he filled her, the rapid breathing, the little cooing then the Un, un, un, un as he stroked into her. Then my eyes moved to her face, she looked angelic, the small smile. My hand fell to my groin, I petted my swollen clit in their rhythm of love.

It really didn't take long before Mommy's body shuddered, she'd been so aroused when they started. I was a little surprised, he released while she was in the throes of her climax, they'd cum together. Karl kept his penis in her even as he rose on his knees.

“Get a pillow and put it under her hips when I lift her,” he told me.

When he finally pulled out I was surprised to see semen oozing from her vagina; he hadn't used a condom. His hand was massaging her abdomen, she looked at me and saw my surprise.

“What is it Karla?” She asked.

“He didn't use a condom Mommy,” I said.

She reached down and felt the warm, thick fluid oozing from her.

“God Karl, you'll make me pregnant,” she mournfully intoned.

“I probably already have, all the talk about babies I decided you ladies were right, we need one and you Mommy are as ripe and fertile as you can be.”

She started to get up but Karl said, “No, just lie there and rest and let nature take its course.”

Then I remembered his journal, the fact that her birthday was circled might have had a second meaning, I wondered what my chart might say.

My personal sex life was put on hold for the next several days, Karl spent a lot of time with Mommy, their sex was frequent but always vaginal and he'd inevitably keep her on her back with her hips elevated for 15 minutes after they'd finished, it became obvious, he wasn't making love to her, he was breeding her. On the 5th day she complained of pain in her abdomen and there was some spotting in her panties, we were pretty sure she'd been inseminated and that the resulting zygote had transformed into a blastocyst. The pain and bleeding occurred when the blastocyst implanted in the wall of her uterus. From there it would develop into an embryo and, finally into a baby.

A missed period and a home pregnancy test confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

Family meetings over the next several weeks decided our future. Mom would work until she no longer felt she could but, instead of maternity leave she'd resign to become a stay at home mom. Of course Karl and I would help with the upbringing of what we all thought of as “our baby.” Karl wanted a boy but mom and I wanted a girl.

Mom did ask about the sabbatical, she still wanted to go. We decided to leave that decision in the hands of her ob/gyn, if she had no objections mom was free to go.

I finally was able to sneak a peek at Karl's journal, our birthday was coming up and there was a check mark on that date but the circle was around the date four days later, the day mom was due to depart for her sabbatical, I assumed that was why it was highlighted.

We took everything out of one of the spare bedrooms, painted and began filling it with baby furniture, it would be our nursery. It was a sunny and bright room, sometimes mom and I would just sit in it enjoying the view out to the woods behind our home.

Mom's pregnancy wasn't particularly difficult although she did have a couple of bouts of morning sickness but, all things considered, she was progressing well. She was healthy, the only outward sign was a slight thickening of her waist.

And finally the day arrived, our 18th birthday. We had a small private party, just the 3 of us, filet mignons, baked potatoes and steamed asparagus spears, our birthday cake was scrumptious German Chocolate with a sweet German Eiswein (ice wine) then upstairs for play. When Karl and I finally left to go to our bedroom it was nearly midnight but once there he said,

“It's still our birthday Kitten, come here.”

I knew what was coming, since we'd turned 14 it had become a ritual, we shared the birthday but only I got the spanking and I didn't mind, oh I knew I'd cry a little but I also knew I'd cum so often and so powerfully that I'd soak his thighs.

We slept together, our arms and legs entwined.

I got pouty over the next couple of days, I was 18 and he hadn't done anything about it but now it was time to take mom to the airport.

We kissed her goodby before she went through the TSA check then Karl drove to an IHOP where we had breakfast. As we rode home I said,

“Hello Karl, I'm 18 you know.”

“Yeah, so am I,” he answered.

“Oh, you make me so mad,” I told him, “Babies, remember, I want babies.”

“What I remember is that I tanned your cute hide the last time you brought it up.”

“You can't spank me over it now, remember, I'm 18.”

“How can I forget, we have the same birthday, remember,” he answered.

“Karl, you're pissing me off.”

“Well, we'll try to make it right later.”

Suddenly I had a painful twinge in my right side, I gave a small gasp but the pain quickly passed. Karl noticed,

“Something wrong Kitten?” He asked.

“It's nothing, just a little tic in my tummy, I've had it before but sometimes it's on the other side.”

Strangely, he smiled at me and said, “Perfect.”

I was a little offended by the comment but let it pass.

When we got home I, once again reminded Karl that I was now 18, to which he gave me a scowl and said,

“How about you go upstairs, put on your nighty and I'll be up shortly.”

He was going to give me a spanking, I said, “Karl, that's not fair.”

Still, I'd learned not to argue with him, I trudged up the staircase.

When he came to our room I was a little surprised, he'd shed his clothing and was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and a tee shirt.

I spoke first, “Karl, please, you've got no reason to spank me, I mean I am 18 after all.”

“Who said anything about spanking you, I can if you want me to but now I want to get your temperature then I want you to take off the gown so I can admire your desirable body.”

Taken aback I blurted out, “You, too.”

He grinned at me, “I will after we get your temp.”

He walked into the bathroom and came out with my unused thermometer.

“Over my lap Kitten,” he said, he lifted my gown and lowered the seat of my panties.

“Oh Karl, this is kinda embarrassing and besides, I'm not sick.”

“We'll see,” he said as he spread my cheeks and twisted the thin glass instrument home.”

I laid placidly for the required four minutes, when he extracted the damned thing he said, “99.3 degrees.”

“I do have a little fever, how come I don't feel bad?”

I didn't know that the twinge I'd felt was my ovary releasing an egg and I was ignorant of the fact that my temperature elevated slightly when I was ovulating but he knew, he patted my bottom, “Oh, I don't think it's a problem, in fact I think it's ideal.”

I stood up, he said, Ready?”

Simultaneously we took off our tops, I thrust out my breasts for his admiration, “Beautiful,” he smiled, “Now the panties,” he continued.

Again I said, “You, too.”

I lowered my panties giving them a shimmy shake as they fell from my hips, when I looked up he stood completely naked, I caught my breath. The sunlight coming through the window formed a corona around him.

6'2” tall, 187 perfectly distributed pounds, his shoulders were broad, his pectoral muscles bulged while his abdominals were a rippling 6 pack and below, projecting from a mass of curly auburn hair was his magnificent penis. Although flaccid now it hung nearly 7 inches long and exceeded 5 inches in circumference. Like a moth drawn to a flame I moved toward him.

“Can I touch you,” I whispered.

He smiled as I reached for him. As his penis lay heavily in my hand my breath came in shallow gasps, I was becoming aroused but so was he, he was becoming erect. I wanted him and I knew he wanted me, he literally swept me off my feet, picking me up and carrying me to my bed. He laid me on the mattress and followed me down.

He kissed me as I uttered, “Take me, God I want you,” I spread my legs.

He slid up toward me, my legs rested atop his powerful thighs, I was wet and ready, he rubbed the tip of his penis along my slit moistening the head then guided himself into my burning center.

We'd done this hundreds of times in the past but this felt different, I was conscious of each millimeter filling me, I was in a state of euphoria, he lifted my legs,

“I want to be deep, I want to be near your thirsty little cervix,” he said as he began to slowly stroke.

And I knew, I looked, our eyes met, I held his gaze as he smiled at me.

I smiled back and said, “I'm 18 now you know.”

“I know, you're my delicious Aphrodite,” my Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.”

My tummy quivered as I climaxed, at the same moment I felt his heat, as his sperm bathed my cervix I had the oddest feeling, like a little explosion in me, I know it sounds ridiculous but I knew, I just knew.

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged, “I'm pregnant Karlchin, I'm gonna be a Mommy, too.”

He pulled a pillow under my hips elevating me but he stayed in until he softened.

“I just know I'm pregnant,” I gushed.

“Well, we'll have to make sure,” he chuckled.

And we made every effort, the whole 4 days flew by, we rarely got out of bed except for bathroom breaks and to eat. I was an absolute glutton, I couldn't get enough of him but by the time our private time together ran out I was one well bred Kitten. The morning we were to pick up mom at the airport I felt a bite deep inside me like she had and, like her I spotted in my panties.

We picked her up that evening and stopped for a bite on the way home. Once there we lounged in the living room, I asked how her sabbatical had gone.

“Interesting to say the very least,” she started.

“You learned a lot,” Karl asked.

“You might say so but not necessarily about business,,” and she began.

“You know I roomed with Helena,” which we did, she'd phoned home each evening, “Well we were both tired from the travel so we decided to just have a room service dinner in our room and relax. We had crab salads and I ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio, then we turned on a movie. I decided I wanted a shower and Helena said she did, too but since I'd spoken first that I should go ahead.”

When I came out I was wrapped in a towel, I guess it emphasized my tummy because Helena was sorta staring at me. Then she said, “Ginny?” In a questioning way.

When I said, “Yes Helena,” she told me that I looked radiant, that I had a glow about me.

I said it must be the soap I'd washed with but I suppose I wasn't too convincing because she then said,

“It looks to me like your boobs are getting bigger and you've got a little tummy, wanta tell me about it?”

“It was going to come out sometime but the fact that she'd noticed caught me off balance, all I could say was, 'you're pretty observant Helena,' then she added, 'of you, yes I am,' then she came over and sat down beside me on the bed.”

She said, “I didn't even know you were dating, what, do you have a rich sugar daddy who's taking care of you?”

I said, “No, nothing like that.”

She put her hand on my tummy and said, “Ginny, I can see that you're pregnant, why don't you tell me about it, who's daddy?”

“Well, daddy's not some rich old guy, he's a young stallion with an insatiable sexual appetite, I can say that much.”

“Really, how did you meet him?”

“Oh, I guess you could say, 'I've known him a long time,' yes, it would be fair to say that.”

“So you stared dating, right?” Helena asked.

“Well, not exactly.”

“So what happened?”

“Helena, you're prying.”

“Ginny, you're my best friend, I've shared secrets with you, now it's time to share your secret with me.”

“Helena, this is embarrassing, I don't really want to talk about it.”

“But you're going to, aren't you Ginny.”

“I started to say no, her hand was still on my tummy, she rubbed me through the towel and said, 'tell me now Ginny,' so I blurted out, he raped me.”

“My God girl, what happened, did you call the police?”

“No, no police, I was drunk and a little out of control, I hit him with a belt and he just reacted.”

“He reacted, how?”

“I'm almost too embarrassed to tell you, but when I hit him he grabbed me and used the belt on me then he raped me.”

“What did you do Sweetheart?”

“I couldn't do anything, he kept me in the bed, he wasn't done with me.”

“My God, what more could he do to you?”

“Helena, he sodomized me, that's what he could do.”

“My God Ginny, it must have been terrible.”

“It was painful, that's for sure but terrible? I don't know, it was a fulfillment of a long time fantasy.”

“Fantasy? What do you mean?”

“Haven't you ever fantasized about being taken and ravished?”

“Yes, yes, I think most women have had that fantasy at some time or another?”

“Would you like that fantasy to actually happen? Would you?”

“I don't know Ginny, I just don't know. Ginny, even though I'm 44 years old I haven't had too many sexual experiences. I was a geeky, gawky, tall skinny girl and, now I guess I'm a geeky, gawky, tall skinny woman. I've only been with 2 men in my life and the last one was almost 20 years ago, if my fantasies came true I think it would scare me.”

“Of course it's scary, I nearly peed my panties before he took them away from me, and when he sodomized me I was terrorized, I'd never had anal sex, but the adrenalin rush was incredible, my heart was thumping like a bass drum. Lots of women want a strong, dominating man and I certainly had one.
He'd whipped me, raped me and sodomized me and then he just walked out. I was so humbled and humiliated that I just cried myself to sleep.”

“So what happened after that?” Helena asked, but I could tell from her breathing that she was finding my story arousing.

“I guess I'm a slow learner, he came to my room the next night, he wanted to pamper me but I had other plans. I shouted at him to get out.”

“So did he?”

“Hardly, he grabbed me, put me over his lap and spanked me. I had my panties on, he spanked me that way then he took my panties away from me, spanked me some more then he raped and sodomized me again.”

“Jesus Ginny, what did you do?”

“Got in a nice warm bath just like he told me to, then he bathed me, brushed my hair and took me to bed. He made the sweetest love to me and held me until I went to sleep.”

“This is a fairy tale, right, so tell me how the fairy tale ends,” Helena said.

“It hasn't, Helena that happened over 2 years ago and he's still my lover.”

“What's that like, I mean how can you be with a man that treated you that way?”

“It was tough at first, you know I was drinking a lot, that I was hooked on Oxycontin, well, he gave me a set to rules that I have to live by. No drugs, moderate consumption of wine, absolutely no promiscuous behavior, home directly after work unless I let him know I'll be late, things like that, but I've learned and, honestly, now my life is so much better.”

“But if you break a rule?”

“I get punished.”

“How,” Helena asked, she was nearly panting.

“Ah Helena, that's so embarrassing.”

“Come on, tell me Ginny.”

“OK, he sends mt to my room where I have to change clothes; I'm only allowed to be wearing a nighty and my panties when he comes for me. He makes me take off the nightgown then I have to voluntarily lie across his lap. He gives me what he calls a warm up, that means he spanks me on my panties then he takes my panties off and gives me a real blistering, I always cry.”

All Helena could say was “Wow.”

“Yeah wow, after the spanking he always holds a Kleenex for me so I can blow my nose then he lays me on the bed, hugs and kisses me, tells me that it's over and that he loves me and that a bad decision doesn't make me a bad person.”

Once again all Helena could say was, “Wow.”

“You'd like it to happen, wouldn't you Helena?”

“It's scary Ginny, I've never been spanked and I've never had anal sex, just saying it frightens me.”

“You can feel it in your tummy and even lower can't you Ginny?”

A whispered, “Yessss,” with her breath coming fast and furious.

“You want it Helena, tell me you want it.”

“Yessss, God yessss, you're making me so hot Ginny.”

“That's not your only fantasy is it Helena Honey, you have a fantasy about girls, have you ever been with a woman?”

She shook her head “No,” but I watched 2 girls in my college dorm and I wanted it to be me.”

“It can be you Honey, take off your bra and panties,” I told her as I let her hand wander under my towel.

As she stripped off her underwear I kissed her and let her touch me.”

“And?” Karl asked.

“We continued to kiss, we masturbated each other and then slept together.”

“You told her about us, didn't you Mommy?”

“I, ah, not really, it was all hypothetical, I never named you Karl.”

“Unhunh, so what happens now?”

“I invited her to come over next week end, I thought we could have a little party out by the pool.”

“And make her fantasy come true? Is that what you're thinking?”

“Can't you Karl, please, I think you'd have fun.”

“I have you and I have Karla, why would I want more?”

“Please Karl, she's 44 years old and all she's got are her fantasies, make them come true for her.”

Karl thought for a few minutes before he said, “OK, go ahead and plan your party, I'll go along with it; but right now let's you and I go upstairs.”

Karl picked up the bag Ginny had taken on her sabbatical and climbed the staircase, Ginny followed.

Karl closed and latched the bedroom door, “Take a seat Mommy, I think we need to talk,” he said as he indicated the over stuffed chair. He sat on the edge of the bed.

“I appreciate you're having told us about Helena but I have a few questions. You and she ended up in bed together on the first night, tell me about the rest of the 4 days.”

“We slept together every night Karl, but that's about all there is.”

“You didn't kiss, you didn't touch each other when you were in bed together. She shared some petty deep intimacies with you, what did you share Mommy?”

“Ah, nothing important and yes, we did kiss and play around.”

“Tell me about your pillow talk, tell me what you shared with her.”

“I, ah, I only told her what I said downstairs, that I have a young lover, nothing else.”

“Mommy, you told her that your young lover sleeps with you, you told her he monitors your behavior, you told her that he sends you to your room for your spankings, you told her that he pampers you, she must have figured out that your young lover lives with you, didn't she?”

“Well yes, but...”

“And she knows that no man lives with you, doesn't she?”

“Oh Karl, I'm sorry, she's a smart woman, she figured it out.”

“I thought as much. Mommy you, Karla and I know this is our secret and you simply ran your mouth, if you weren't pregnant you'd already be over my knees.”

Ginny breathed a sigh of relief, she'd though she was going to get a spanking for sure.

“A heavy hand spanking could harm our baby and I wouldn't do that but you still need to be punished if you break the rules, so we're going to do it a different way.”

She was still dressed in her traveling clothes, shorts and a blouse, he told her,

“Get up and take off everything but your panties.”

As she complied he went to her closet for his newest acquisition, it was a small, thin rod reminiscent of a switch, its twin hung in his closet, then he went to the bed. He placed a pillow at the corner of the bed and a second above it.

“Come here Mommy,” he ordered.

He positioned her, one leg on each side of the corner of the bed then lowered her so that her tummy was on the first pillow, her head rested on the second.

“Since I can't use my hand I'm going to use this switch, it won't pound on you but it'll sting like a wasp. We'll start with a warm-up then we'll continue.”

Ginny laid quietly as he caressed her bottom. Already plump it was even broader now that she was pregnant, he quit massaging her and asked, “Ready.”

The rod whistled through the air, the impact was much quieter than his hand but it stung like fire, Ginny lurched forward and shrieked.

Each stung more than the last as he gave her 20 swats then he laid the switch on the bed and took her panties down to her knees, he picked up the switch.

On bare skin there was a distinct crack as the rod bit her, each stroke left a red welt, she was reduced to sobbing in a matter of moments, her tears soaked her pillow, he stopped.

“Karla, come in here,” he called out.

He knew I was outside the door, he knew I was listening. I'd heard everything, now I saw it, she was straddling the corner of the bed, her panties were at her knees and her bared bottom was striped a flaming red.

He was sitting beside her rubbing her back saying, “It's over Mommy, you'll be all right.”

He stood, “Give her an enema then run her bath, I'll be back to do her hair while you bathe her,” as he left the room.

Gave her the enema right there over the corner of the bed, helped her to the toilet and started running her tub.

After her bath he didn't dress her but he did take her to bed before turning to me and saying, “Mommy and I are going to be together tonight, I want to show her just how much I've missed her.”

When mom came down for breakfast it was evident that her butt was still sore, she stood by the counter and had her toast and coffee before she left for work.

I asked him what he'd used on her, he replied, “You don't really want to know Kitten, you don't really want to know.”

A couple of days later I took a home pregnancy test, it was positive. At supper that night I made the announcement to mom. She was happy for me, she knew how much I wanted it, then said she'd make an appointment with her ob/gyn for me.

Mom and I were excited about our upcoming little party and finally Karl got with the spirit. We decided that we'd serve a brunch of eggs Benedict with various fruits, assorted pastries and Mimosas. Afterward we'd change into our bathing suits to sun and swim then we'd shower and take a nap before dinner. Dinner would be baked lake trout, brown rice and broccoli with a chocolate mousse for dessert. We'd serve a California Chardonnay with the meal, a bottle of Tattinger Champagne and Irish coffee with dessert.

Mom had told Helena that it was going to be a long day and that the sun would be tiring, she'd suggested that Helena should stay the night and she'd agreed.

On the day of the party mom picked Helena up and brought her to our house, I think both Karl and I were surprised and a little disappointed, we'd both created a picture of her in our minds and she didn't fit it.

Helena stood 5'10” tall but she couldn't have weighed much more than 125 ponds, her hair was dark but here and there it was interspaced with gray and, in the unflattering yellow summer dress she was wearing she seemed to have all the feminine curves of a telephone pole, nonetheless, she was pleasant.

Karl took her overnight case up to one of our spare bedrooms, while he was there he prepared the room then went back down.

Karl poured Mimosas for us then we chatted for a few minutes before he and I served brunch.

When we'd finished eating we all went to our respective rooms to change. Karl and I were waiting at pool side when mom and Helena came out. I couldn't believe it, I couldn't pull my eyes away, Helena seemed transformed.

Oh, her hair was still dark with a little gray but her neck was swan like and graceful and tho her breasts were small they were firm and rode high on her chest. Her tummy was flat and her waist was waspishly narrow which accentuated the gentle flair of her hips but features even lower are what caught my attention. Her complexion was pale, her legs though thin were long and shapely, her modest two piece was light lavender. I'm not in the habit of studying other female's genitalia but then I'd never seen any so eye catching. Her labia were puffy, separated by the seam of her suit they created the sexiest camel toe I've ever seen and, as she walked past I saw that her rear was just as sexily divided. Her suit dipped deeply into her anal cleft although her buns were small and tight. I thought her bottom was so small that Karl's hand would cover both cheeks.

She and mom took lounge chairs, they donned sunglasses and laid back. Karl brought out a pitcher of the Mimosas and served mom and Helena, he then took a chair at pool side.

I guess I wanted to get the party started, I asked Karl to anoint me with sun screen. After he'd done me he asked mom if she wanted some, she did and when he'd finished she said, “Do Helena, too, we don't want our guest to bake.”

She was on her back, he smoothed the lotion on her legs, tummy and shoulders then she turned over. As he'd done with mom and me he unfastened the bra of her suit and did her shoulders and back then he started on her feet and worked his way up her long legs.

“Spread your legs a little Helena, the inside of your thighs is really susceptible to burning,” he told her.

As his hands worked along her inner thighs I heard him say, “Your legs are fantastic Helena, any runway model would envy you and your skin is so smooth, I feel like I'm touching velvet.

I could see that his touch was light as his hands moved higher, then her muscles seemed to go tense.

“Relax Helena,” he cooed to her, “We don't want you to burn, do we?”

His touch was at odds with his words, feather light his fingers teased her, as they neared the pale lavender cloth at the junction of her legs, her body trembled, I saw her glutes clench and her back arch as she ground her groin against the lawn chair.

“That's enough Karl,” she gasped, but she'd stopped him too late, the pale lavender of the gusset of her suit now bore a dark spot, she was lubricating and had climaxed. She got up and, on shaky legs started toward the shaded table. She was having trouble, one hand was trying to keep her unfastened bra in place, I got up and lent her an arm. We sat together under the umbrella shading the table.

“The sun is hot, it must have gotten to you,” I said.

“Yes, I'm afraid that's it, but I feel better now.”

“Would you like something to drink, water or a soda?” I asked.

“Another Mimosa would be nice,” she said, I got it for her, she still seemed a bit shaken.

As I served her I stood behind her chair, I massaged her shoulders, “Just relax Helena, everything's OK.”

“Oh Karla, I'm OK, just that I'm embarrassed.”

“Why in the world should you be embarrassed Helena.”

“You saw, you had to see and I know Karl did, it's so embarrassing.”

“Tell me what happened Helena.”

She was almost in tears as she said, “When he was putting the lotion on my legs I had an orgasm.”

“Helena, the question really is, did it feel good, did you enjoy it.”

“God yes Karla, I hadn't climaxed in years and years.”

“So it felt good, it was fun while it happened, Helena, that's why you're here, to have fun.”

“You are having fun, aren't you Helena,” I asked as I slid my hands down her sides then up under the cups of her unfastened bra. I gently massaged the undersides of her breasts.

A magnificent sigh precluded, “Oh yes, wonderful fun.”

I kept one hand on her breasts but let the other wander, I caressed her tummy then a little lower, to her abdomen.

“You feel it here, don't you Helena, you have such a sexy, delicious body, I love to touch you, so soft, so desirable.”

Her legs fell apart, her breathing was ragged and raspy, I kissed her throat and masturbated her through her swim suit until her thin body quivered, as she turned toward me I kissed her lips, “Delicious and desirable,” I repeated, then fastened her bra and took the chair beside her.

As I sat I put my hand on the table, Helena covered mine with hers and squeezed, “I thought I might change out of my swim suit, would you like to go upstairs with me?”

I gave her a smile, “I'd love to Helena but it might not be a good idea.”

“Why not Karla, it would be fun.”

“I'm sure it would but then you'd have to listen to me scream and cry.”

“Why, what?”

“If I didn't ask first Karl would spank my butt 'til I couldn't sit; shush, here he comes.”

“He's beautiful, isn't he,” I said.

Karl was walking toward us, mom was following.

Helena was staring in awe and amazement and, like I had with her she was checking his groin. In his tight fitting suit the enormous bulge of his “package” looked like it weighed 2 pounds.

“Ladies, Mommy thinks a gin and tonic would be the perfect remedy for this heat, may I fix for you, too?”

Helena said, “That sounds tasty, yes, please.”

I volunteered to help.

In the kitchen I said, “I get a Sprite, don't I?”

“Have whatever you like Kitten,” he replied as he got 4 tall glasses.

Bombay Sapphire, tonic and lime slices, the frosty glasses looked delicious, he carried them out on a tray, served Helena then Mommy and finally me, he took the final one. We sat talking for a couple of hours then went up to shower and change for dinner. I put on shorts, so did mom but Helena had put back on her yellow dress.

Karl fixed the fish while I steamed the rice and vegetable, he poured the Chardonnay and we dined. Then the mousse and champagne before we moved to the living room.

We 3 girls were a little giggly, the gin, the wine and then the champagne although Karl didn't seem affected. I was the one that said, “Why don't we get our PJ's on and watch a movie, we can pop some popcorn?”

“That kinda sounds like a girly slumber party but I'll join in,” Karl said.

As we climbed the stairs to change Karl lagged a little behind, mom peeled off to go to her room, I turned into mine and Helena continued toward hers. It was then I noticed that Karl hadn't followed. I looked down the hall, he was quietly padding after Helena.

As her door opened he pushed her in.

“What in the world are you doing,” she uttered as her door closed and I heard it lock.

I rushed to mom's room, ducked my head in, said, “It's happening,” and ran to listen outside Helena's room.

“Get your hands off me Karl,” she screamed then her words were muffled. I heard their combined weight hit the mattress, I knew that Karl could restrain the slight woman with no effort but she was continuing to struggle; obviously he was allowing it.

“You're hurting me, let me go,” she called out.

“Take the dress off Helena,” he ordered.

“I will not,” she spat.

“You'll take it off or I will,” was his retort.

“Ouch, you're hurting my arm.”

“It's time you learn not to defy me Mamma,” he said.

Then a plea of, “No Karl, please don't do this.”

Then dull thumping sounds, I realized he was spanking her on top of her dress.

She was screaming and struggling as the thumping sounds continued, then he said,

“Ready to take the dress off yet Mamma?”

“No, damn you, let me go,” she screeched just before we heard the rip of cloth being rent and the snap of a brassiere strap being popped.

“Oh God, please stop, don't do this,” she begged.

Then we heard him say, “Warm up time Mamma.” and the sound was sharper, now muted by only the thin fabric of her panties.

The spanking went on for some time as we could hear. She kicked, squirmed, demanded and begged then the pause.

She sobbed, “Don't take my panties Karl, please God, don't take my pant...”

The crrrack of his palm on naked flesh and her wail.

He momentarily paused, we heard him say, “It'd gone a lot easier if you'd cooperated,” then crrrack as he struck her again.

When the spanking stopped, she was sobbing, then,

“Oooooooooh God, Nooooooo, you're too big, you're tearing me,” we knew he was trying to get in her, he said,

“If you'll cooperate I'll make it easier, we can use some lubricant, just hold still.”

We heard the nightstand drawer open, he told her, “You've got such a pretty pussy Mamma, so small, so tight, lift your legs, I wanta get some of this in you.”

Her “Aaaaaah” let us know that he was penetrating her.

“Good Girl, keep your legs up, let me work into you, Oh yeah, you're great Mamma, Christ you're tight.”

Then, “Un, un, un, un,” as he thrust into her, pumping.

“Try to relax Mamma,” he told her, “I'll get in, work with me, pump your cute little ass, that's it, wrap your legs around me, Oh yeah, like that.”

For the next 15 minutes we listened to the sounds of sex. She would occasionally groan, then, Oh God, Oh God, before we'd hear him say,

“Good Girl, cum for me, get your juice all over me, God you're so nice, tight and slick. You like it don't you, you're getting what you wanted aren't you, you want my big cock, tell me.”

“Nyess, nyess, I want your big cock in me.”

She might have waited 20 years but she was sure lovin' it now, he turned her over and pulled a pillow under her, brought her up on her knees and pounded her from behind as she wailed, cried out and begged for more, we heard her shuddering orgasms, we listened as he said,

“I own you now Mamma, say it, say that I own you,” as we heard the sharp crack of his hand striking her butt, “say it.”

“Oh God yes Karl, you own me, you own me, Oh, oh, oh, God, I'm cumming again, I'm cumming again, Oooooooooh, yeeessssss.”

Then we heard Karl roar as he came, too.

“Lie on the pillow Mamma, this feels so good I just want to stay in you, God, you're perfect, just lie still for a little while.”

I expected him to finish, I expected to hear her scream as he sodomized her, instead he stayed in her, caressing her and talking sweetness to her and I knew, he'd gone bareback with her, hadn't used a condom and now was keeping her resting in place, God, I thought, he'd inseminating her, breeding her.
At 44 I wondered if she'd be fertile.

He stayed on her for about 15 minutes before I heard Helena say questioningly, “Karl?”

“Just relax Helena, it'll be easier on you.”

“You don't have to do this Karl, I'm yours, I'll be a Good Girl for you, please don't.”

“Are you frightened Helena, am I scaring you?”

“You're choking me, oh God, don't kill me,” she pled.

“Then do as I tell you woman,” he ordered, then,

“Unnnnn,” and I knew what he'd done; I should, I make the same sound myself when he sticks a finger in my bum to lubricate me. Then,

“Aaaaaaaaah, God, you're splitting me in half, agh, please Karl, take it out, it hurts, God it hurts.”

“It's suppose to hurt, remember, you're being ravished, it's your fantasy, I'm only making it come true.”

Then with a final groan she uttered, “Please Karl, let me up I have to go,” and I knew he was in her, he'd filled her rectum. From then on her sounds were a sudden intake of breath followed by “Unnn,” as he fucked her tight little ass.

When the door finally opened he said, “Fantasy fulfilled,” then he instructed, “Mommy take her to your room, clean her up and bathe her and get Karla ready for tonight, too. Come downstairs when you've finished but there's no rush the Cardinals and Pirates are playing this afternoon and I want to watch the game.”

We went in, Helena was still over the pillow, semen was leaking from her anus but, as I'd surmised, it was also oozing from her vagina, we helped her to mom's room.

Both of us laid down with her and petted her until she gave a little whimsical smile and said, “Now I know what ravished really means.”

“Was it what you expected?” Mom asked.

“More, one heck of a lot more, it was scary, it was painful and it was humiliating, I felt like I really was being taken.”

“What scared you the most?” I had to ask.

“I was scared most of the time to be honest but, maybe the worst was when he first grabbed me. I didn't know what was happening. When he tore my dress and bra off and spanked me I was in total terror, I'd never had a spanking before and he really blistered me, my butt's still sore. It was only when he talked to me while he was raping me that I realized the danger was more in my mind than real. Oh, I knew he was going to hurt me but he wasn't going to injure me, then I found out how much he was going to make me hurt when he sodomized me.”

“Oh God do I know,” mom said, “I'll never forget the first time for me, it still hurts a little, how about you Karla?”

“I think we're gonna find out pretty soon.”

“What do you mean?” Helena asked.

“Whenever Karl's had sex with us or even when he spanks us it's always done in private, well one time when we both screwed up he spanked us both, but other than that it's been behind a locked door but I think that's going to change tonight.”


“He told mom to 'Get me ready,' and that only means one thing; I'm to have an enema and a bath before we get together with him.”

“A bath I can understand but why an enema?” Helena asked.

“Karl likes us to have an enema before we have anal sex, I had a little accident once and he doesn't want a repeat of that; for that matter, neither do I, God it was so embarrassing.”

“But he didn't give me an enema and he did it to me, how come?”

“First time, in the future he'll want you to have one, too.”

“Guess that means I'm off the hook for tonight, huh?”

I looked at mom, she looked at me then said, “Ah, I wouldn't bet. Our guy Karl will take you frequently until he feels you've been broken in.”

“Oh, well at least I don't have to have an enema, just the word seems hideous to me.”

“Helena, they're not at all hideous, I like mine, they're nice and warm, besides, he really makes us do them for us; you can't imagine how embarrassed I was when I pooped all over the place, I just wanted to die.”

“That would be horrific, wouldn't it?”

“It was, God it was, Karl was such a gentleman about it but I never want to go through it again.”

“And you really think he's going to take me like that again?” Helena asked.

“Helena I can virtually guarantee it, why don't you let me give you one? You can give me mine and I'll do it for you.”

“I don't know Karla, I've never had one and I've never given one, I wouldn't know what to do.”

“Mom, how about I give you one so Helena can see how it's done, will you do that?”

She thought for a moment then said, “Sure, why not, get your things and I'll get mine.”

We both brought our little white buckets and our red syringes to the bed. I got the lubricant from the drawer then mom laid across my lap.

“Helena, instead of just watching why don't you help?”


“Great, first get some of the lubricant on your index finger, I'm going to spread her cheeks then you need to lubricate her so the syringe can slide in smoothly. Spread a little around her opening then lube her internally, for that you'll need to stick your finger in her anus.”

Although the procedure sounded distasteful Helena did as she was instructed. She was surprised, first by Ginny's internal warmth and, second by how powerfully her sphincter muscles clamped on her finger, it seemed impossible that Karl could get his large penis into such a snug orifice. She even commented on it.

Ginny said, “We stretch girl but he does have a big cock, doesn't he Karla?”

Smugly I answered, “I wouldn't know, it's the only one I've ever had.”

“Well, it's big, take my word for it,” she replied.

“Moving on,” I said.

“This is how we fill the syringe,” I said as I demonstrated.

“Be sure to squeeze the air out like this,” as I held the syringe upright and expelled the air.

“OK, how about you hold her cheeks apart for me and I'll give her the enema.”

I touched the tip to her then instructed, “Take it slow and be gentle,” as I eased the nozzle into her.

“Then squeeze the bulb to discharge the water and keep squeezing as you retract the tube, you don't want to suck the water back up.”

“I'm going to give mom 3 bulbs but when you get yours I'll be giving you 5 because you haven't been cleaned out before.”

I completed mom's enema then took Helena over my lap for hers, when she got up to go she had a little tummy from the water; “Now we know how you'd look if you were a few months pregnant,” mom teased. When she returned she gave me mine.

We ran a bubble bath and played girly games, touchy feely stuff, when we got out I suggested that we make a Grand Entrance for Karl, robes, panties and slippers with the robes open to expose our breasts, tummies and pantied pussies.

Helena was self-conscious about her small breasts but mom and I assured her that she looked lovely.

We went downstairs.

The 3 of us entered the living room, Karl glanced up then did a double take and grinned,

“Lusciousness surrounds me,” he said as he extolled our beauty, his eyes roved over each of us then, as mine had the first time I'd seen, he fixated on Helena's delightful camel toe.

He held his hand out for her, “Come here Mamma, you look good enough to eat.”

As he pulled her onto his lap mom snuggled against his left side and I took the right.

“Ymmmm, you girls not only look luscious, you smell absolutely delightful.”

“We should,” mom said, “we're all clean everywhere.”

He caught the implication, “Yes, we're going to have a fantastic night, aren't we.”

Helena had tried to wrap her robe around herself to cover her breasts but Karl would have none of it.

“No, no, no, your breasts are beautiful, be proud of them. Aren't they pretty girls?” He asked mom and me.

We agreed, then he said, “Kiss them for me, make Mamma feel good.”

We each leaned in, kissed a breast then took her nipples in our mouths. She caught her breath as they began to swell.

As we suckled Karl massaged her flat tummy then lower until he was tracing a finger along her pronounced slit. He toyed with her clit through the fabric of her panties until her ardor began to rise then he told us to help her out of her robe.

Once she was bare to the waist mom and I went back to her breasts. Karl resumed masturbating her through her panties, though now he was kissing her throat and ears, Helena moaned then turned her face so that their lips could meet.

As she began to gyrate her hips in his lap Karl lifted her,

“Help me Kitten,” he said, “Take her panties for me, please. As I did that he pulled down his shorts so that, when he lowered her, bare bottom met naked penis.

“Take my shorts off Kitten,” he asked.

He pulled his tee shirt off and held her to his chest caressing her, I heard him whisper to her, “I want you Helena.” He spread his legs which forced her legs further apart, displaying her lovely coral pink vulva. Since his hands were now busy at her breasts I couldn't resist, I began to masturbate her.

She was lubricating heavily, ready, he lifted her, mom's fingers parted her labia, I gripped his cock, ran it along her slit to moisten the head then guided it to her vagina.

He whispered, “Take it at your speed Mamma,” I continued to hold his penis as she slowly eased down his shaft.

It was lovely, as he penetrated her her genitals were opening, creating a beautiful flower, I continued to hold him until her liquid vagina touched my hand, then I simply watched and listened.

As her body accepted Karl's penetration she uttered sweet little moaning noises, then, “Oh my, you're so big.”

“And you're so tight Mamma, damn I love your pussy, that's the way, bounce on me, ride that cock,” his hands were now on her hips as he thrust up to meet her.”

She was in the sexual position called “Reverse cowgirl,” her back was to Karl with her facing outward. He'd never put me in that position although it looked like fun and it was spectacular for displaying his penetration and her lovely vulva.

Mom must have thought so, too; she reached forward and began to masturbate her. Mom's manipulation of her clit brought on a shuddering orgasm, then as she writhed in the throes of her climax Karl gave a roar, thrust up hard and held her in place as he filled her with his cum. He stayed in her, keeping her flush against his groin until he began to soften then he lifted her off and laid her, tummy down, over his lap; he jiggled her so that her bottom was her high point, as though he was going to spank her. That, of course wasn't his intention, and when he began rubbing her back and bottom, telling her to just lie still and rest, I was sure.

Gravity would deposit his sperm at the throat of her cervix, if this 44 year old woman was still fertile Karl was going to impregnate her.

I didn't realize it at that moment but the evening, or more specifically, the “Show” had just begun.

Our sex had always been a private affair but now we, mom and I, had witnessed and even participated in his breeding of Helena, and now he was taking us to mom's bedroom. As we started toward her room I picked up Helena's panties, they were ridiculously tiny, I felt a momentary twinge of jealousy, how could chubby butted, pregnant me compete with such a slim, sleek body? Then we were in the bedroom and he came to me. As he took my robe off over my shoulders he said,

“Ladies, please get my Kitten ready for me.”

Mom dropped her robe then she and Helena lowered me to the bed, it was as if they'd choreographed it, Helena took the top of my body, kissing me and caressing my boobs as Mommy settled between my legs. I could feel her hot breath through my skimpy panties, her tongue traced my slit through the fabric then she slowly eased them over my hips and off.

Now the breath was hotter, the tongue more probing, I writhed under the feminine attention, my body was burning with desire when her lubricated fingers slid into my vagina, her rapid thrusting brought me to an orgasm almost immediately, I tried to scream but my sound was muted, Helena's kiss.

Then her fingers were at my anus as she lubricated me, I gave a little groan as she penetrated me with one and then a second finger. I felt a weight on the bed, Karl had joined us.

He sat with his back against the headboard and pulled me onto his lap as he had with Helena, my back was to him, it went rather quickly, he lifted me as mom guided his cock and I was skewered.

Being sodomized is always a little painful, my head fell back on his shoulder, my eyes were closed as my emotions washed over my face, I moaned softly. Karl laid back a little taking me with him and arching my back, he parted his legs opening mine then, with a rolling motion of his hips he began to stroke into me.

He'd fucked me for about 5 minutes when he stopped pumping, he said to mom and Helena, “Help her cum, I want to feel her cum while I'm in her. Helena, take care of her.”

Helena began rubbing my tummy but that wasn't what Karl wanted.

“Make her cum Helena, use your mouth on her, lick her pussy.”

Helena sat back on her haunches, sealed her lips and shook her head “no.”

“Helena, do it, make her cum.”

She scooted to the far corner of the bed and sat with her lips still sealed, Mommy moved on me. Her tongue flicked my clitoris as Karl resumed pumping.

The combined sensations took me over the top and, as my climax exploded in my belly my contractions gave Karl what he wanted, he flooded my bowels with hot semen.

Still in me he kissed my ear, “That was fun Kitten,” he said as he helped me sit up then he rolled me onto my side and pulled out.

Karl went to the bathroom and washed off then came back out, he said, “Helena, put on your panties and robe and come with me.”

After they'd left the room mom and I speculated on what they were going to do, we thought maybe he wanted some privacy so he could breed her again. Then I asked what I'd looked like when Karl had me in his grasp.

“You've seen films where Mayan priests lay their human sacrifices on the alter, you were stretched out like that.”

“Well I'm glad he didn't have an obsidian knife to stab me with,” I said.

“I don't know Sweetheart, it looked like you were getting stabbed by something hard to me,” she chortled.

We were just chatting away before we realized that Karl and Helena had been gone for nearly an hour. When they came in Helena was nude, her bottom was flaming red and it was obvious that she had been crying.

“Helena,” Karl prompted.

She started, “Ginny, Karla, I need to apologize, you girls did things to make me feel good and I wouldn't do them for you, I was selfish and hypocritical and I'm sorry.”

I realized that wasn't the only issue, Karl had told her what to do and she'd defied him.

“Thank you Helena, now let's get Mommy ready.”

Our preparations didn't take long, the atmosphere in the room was conducive to highly charged sexual desire, when Karl moved to her he had her on her back, her hips elevated on a pillow, he had her hold her legs back to her breasts then slowly penetrated her.

Like I had, Mommy's head fell back as she softly moaned as his cock filled her. Once he was completely in he slowly began to thrust.

He had one hand on her baby bump as the other massaged her breasts, “You like this don't you Mommy,” he said.

In a small voice she answered, nearly chanting, “Nyess, nyess, nyess,” in rhythm with his forward strokes.

“My pretty Mommy, we're going to have a lovely baby, aren't we?” He said.

Again, “Nyess, nyess, nyess.”

Finally he moved her into the reverse cowgirl position, again the penetration was slow. As he had with me he pulled her back to him forcing her to arch then spread her legs. I saw that the Mayan priest analogy was accurate, she looked almost like she was being offered as a sacrifice and, perhaps she was as he said,

“Helena, make her cum.”

This time there was no hesitation, I watched in awe as he slowly fucked her while Helena performed cunnilingus. Mom began to writhe and pump her hips, Karl wrapped his arms around her torso as he began to fuck her faster and harder, his timing was perfect, as her climax hit so did his, Helena stayed on her, licking her juices until she began to beg,

“No more, Oh God, no more,” as the sensations became too intense.

As Karl withdrew from her I saw that her anus was grotesquely gaped, I could literally look into her and was aghast, I must have looked the same way.

But now was he going to take Helena the same way? The prick, he decided to keep us waiting, he cleaned himself up, pulled on his boxer shorts and bid us adieu with,

“Why don't you girls play for a while, this boy needs a little rest.”

After he left we didn't immediately play, we talked. I was probably stating the obvious when I said,

“He spanked you, didn't he Helena?”

“Oh God, did he. He was really pissed with me. He told me that I was greedy and selfish, that I wasn't being fair to you and Ginny if I'd accept attentions but wouldn't give them then he said that he expected me to follow his instructions and I'd refused to do so. He was right and I deserved the spanking but my, is my bottom sore.”

I said, “Want me to kiss it and make it all well?” She did and the play began.

By the time Karl returned we were a tangle of arms and legs in the center of the bed.

He greeted us with, “Looks like you're having fun but now it's my turn,” as he dropped his boxers and climbed onto the bed.

I expected that he'd have us prep Helena but he was obviously going to do it himself as he took her into his arms and kissed her romantically. He lavished his attention on her, her body and finally her vulva. With his tongue and lips he brought her to the verge of orgasm then he turned her over, lifted her to her knees and entered her. He thrust hard and fast, pounding her as she panted and wailed until he again had her nearly ready to cum, I was sure he intended to breed her again but, no, he picked up the tube of lubricant he'd laid on the bed, got her anus ready to be penetrated then forced her down over a pillow.

He thrust into her hard, deep and fast then rode her like he owned her. Helena screamed in pain and I realized this wasn't sex, this was domination, the spanking was only the beginning of her punishment now I was watching the rest, I thought, I was wrong.

Still in her he pulled her up and back so she was in the reverse cowgirl position he'd used with mom and me then, calmly he said,

“Mommy get your toy.”

Mom asked, “What toy Karl?”

“Don't be coy with me; get the one that you enjoy using on Karla.”

Mom and I were utterly surprised, we thought that toy was our little secret, she got her strap-on from where she'd secreted (though not so well secreted) it and started to put it on.

“No, not you, put it on Karla, Helena wouldn't help her now she can “help” Helena.”

I'd never used it so mom had to help me, when I had the faux phallus firmly affixed mom slathered on some of the cherry scented lubricant.

Karl was still in her rectum, he ordered, “Fuck her pussy Karla, she's going to learn what a double play is.”

Mom helped, she guided the rubber cock to Helena's vagina, I moved forward.

Her eyes were wide with fright, she as already painfully skewered on Karl's cock now her other hole was going to be plugged, I pushed into her.

As I entered her she gasped, her face became a rictus of pain and tears leaked from each eye, as I got deeper she began to whimper,

“Please no, Karla, it hurts, please.”

Karl spoke, “Fuck her Kitten, fuck her good.”

It took several stroked for Karl and me to establish a rhythm, as I thrust in he pulled back and visa versa. Helena begged for several minutes before she was reduced to a sobbing, mewling mess. I continued to fuck her until Karl said that she'd had enough.

I hated that he'd forced me to participate but I guess I valued my bottom more than I valued her pussy, I was pregnant, I damned sure didn't want the switch he'd used on Mommy.

When he was finished with her he rolled her off and onto her side where she pulled herself into the fetal position.

He gave her several minutes then got her up and led her to her room. She walked holding her abdomen with her eyes still streaming, I realized he'd totally broken her, her debasement was absolute.

Mom and I looked at each other then she said, “God that was terrible, do you think he's going to spank her again now?”

“I sure hope not, I don't think she could take it.” Then, “Mommy, I didn't want to do it.”

“I know Sweetheart, I know. Let's shower and go downstairs, I need to get out of this room for a while.”

I truly understood her sentiment, there was a miasma in the room, the scent of 4 sweaty bodies, the odor of Karl's semen, the aroma of 3 female vaginas that had exuded ejaculation fluids, the redolence of 3 feminine bowels that had been opened to the world, overlaid by the fragrance of cherries, we showered, dressed scantily and went downstairs where we had soft drinks and turned on the television.

Back upstairs unknown to Karla and Ginny Karl had walked Helena to her room.

“I think you might enjoy a nice warm bath Mamma,” he said to her.

He drew a bath, helped her in and joined her in the tub.

He washed her shoulders and back then reached around her and lathered her breasts, she laid back against him and whispered, “I'm sorry Karl, I was a bad girl, wasn't I?”

“Mamma, that's all in the past now, let's forget about it and move forward.”

“Oh, I think I'll not forget too quickly, you have very effective ways of dealing with bad girls, makes me want to be good; but I do want to move forward, when we get out of the bath will you make love to me?”

“There's nothing I'd like better,” he smiled at her.

He was tender with her, passionate kisses, soft words and fingers and lips that lit her afire. When she was at the height of her arousal his lips and tongue settled on her clitoris while probing fingers found her G-spot. It began to swell under his rapid, firm massage. She complained that she had to pee, she wanted the bathroom, he held her down.

“You don't need the bathroom Sweet Mamma, bear down hard and watch, something spectacular is about to happen.”

With a loud, long moan fluid erupted from her urethra, the feeling was incredible, like nothing she could have even imagined, he kept the masturbation going, she erupted again and a third time before she fell back exhausted.

“Was that fun Mamma?” He asked.

“Fun hell, that was incredible, how did you make me do that and, yes, you can do it again any time you want to.”

He mounted her. His thrusting was slow and gentle though he was going deeply into her, the whimsical smile that played across her face expressed her extreme pleasure. Her climax was not explosive, she came with just a shudder as liquid silver flowed from her. Karl thrust forward and held his position as his pulsing cock fed her cervix.

Afterward, in post coital bliss, they laid, she with her face buried in his chest. Once they got up they dressed, she in panties, nighty and slippers he in just a pajama bottom, they went down stairs to join the others.

Mom and I looked at Helena, our speculation about what would happen in her bedroom was obviously wrong, she was euphoric.

Helena was spending the night but Mommy suggested that she spend the next day with us, too.

“I'd like nothing better but I need to get home and look after my sister.”

Mom had known Helena for some time but she didn't know about any sister, she asked.

“Elena is my twin, she unfortunately suffers from Ménière disease, she's afraid she might have an episode if she goes out so she's pretty reclusive.”

“What's Ménière disease, I've never heard of it,” Mom asked.

“Not to be too technical but Ménière disease is a disorder of the inner ear that affects balance and hearing. This condition is characterized by sudden episodes of extreme dizziness (vertigo), a roaring sound in the ears (tinnitus), a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ears, and fluctuations in hearing. Episodes are often associated with nausea and vomiting, and they can severely disrupt activities of daily living. She's suffered with it since she was in her teens and is so self-conscious about it that she's never dated, never even been kissed by a boy, God I feel for her, the form of the disease that she has is hereditary, but “knock on wood,” it bypassed me.”

“I'll say, such a shame and you said she's your twin, identical?”

“Identical, yes, although I have a little more gray, must be because I'm older, older by a whole 3 minutes.”

“Well, maybe you could bring her over some time, she might enjoy getting some sun and a dip in the pool, it's quite private here.”

“I doubt it, to be honest she spends most of her time in bed, I often sit with her, she enjoys board games so we play for hours.”

We went on to other subjects until it was time for bed. Mommy and I went to our rooms but I noticed that Karl had paired off with Helena.

The next morning we had breakfast then mom drove Helena home.

Over the next several weeks Helena was a frequent visitor and, although she didn't spend the night again she and Karl managed to spend some private time together on each visit.

But 3 weeks after the night she'd stayed mom brought her home with her, as they came in it was obvious that Helena was distraught, it didn't take long to find out why as she blurted out,

“I'm pregnant, oh God, I'm pregnant, I'm 44 years old, I can't be pregnant but I am,” and she began to sob.

Mom got her settled down for a conversation, Helena's breasts had become achy and tender, her nipples were swollen but then she'd missed her period. A home pregnancy test had confirmed her fears.

“What can I do?” She sobbed, I can't afford to take time off from work and Elena certainly can't be depended on as a babysitter, “I'm just at a loss.”

Again mom took over, she hugged Helena then said, “There's really a simple solution, I want you to move in with us. I know you're renting your home so it's not a matter of disposing of a house or anything like that. I want you here, we want you here.”

“Ginny, I couldn't, I have Elena and she needs me.”

“Honey, we have plenty of room, there's even a bedroom suite downstairs here, there's a sitting area, a bathroom and a nice king sized bed. It's a beautiful sunny room with a great view, I think she'd be comfortable here.”

Karl spoke up, “Mommy, I'd like to speak to Helena privately,” and to her he said, “Let's go upstairs and talk.”

Upstairs in the guest room that Helena had used Karl seated her then sat next to her.

“Helena, if I insisted you'd come, wouldn't you?”

Once again under his control she answered, “Yes Karl, I'd have to.”

“I'm not going to insist, I want it to be your decision but the baby is ours, I want you to know that I want you and I want our baby with me. I realize I'm only 18 but I want a family, a big family and I want you to be part of it. Money's no object, Mommy's really quite wealthy and when we turn 21 Karla and I inherit substantial trust funds, I'll see to it that you and our child are set up financially, you won't need to work if you don't want to and if you do we'll employ an au pair, whatever it takes, I want you here.”

“But Elena, I don't know how she'll react.”

“Like Mommy said, we'll make her comfortable, I think she'll like it here given time.”

“I'm not sure Karl.”

“Helena, what's to decide, I want you here and I know you want to be here, say yes.”

“Yes Karl, I want to come.”

When they came back downstairs Karl announced Helena's decision then he said to Mommy, “I made some promises about financial arrangements for Helena, we can talk about them later.”

Plans for her move were discussed, she needed to give her landlord 60 days notice which she'd do the following day, and so the decision was finalized.

Mom, Karl and I went over to Helena's the following day, we wanted to meet Elena and help them get started packing. What we learned was that Elena was not happy with the arrangements, during the entire time we were there she stayed in her bedroom pouting. As we got ready to leave Karl stuck his head into her room and said,

“It was nice meeting you Elena, I just hope we get to see more of you the next time.”

We went over daily to help and each day Karl would talk to Elena as he stood in her bedroom door. After 4 days, he went in.

“She'd terribly shy and uncomfortable being taken out of her familiar surroundings but she's a nice person,” he told us as we rode home.

Each day he spent a little more time with her and, by the end of the second week they were playing board games together; she liked backgammon, monopoly and scrabble and beat Karl regularly.

As the days went by Elena began to loosen up, they even invited me into her room to play monopoly and scrabble with them (she beat me, too).

Finally the day came for the move, a hired truck carried Helena and Elena's belongings, Helena drove her car, I rode with her while Elena rode with Mommy and Karl. As mom pulled into our long driveway Elena began to experience a bout of vertigo.

Helena had been following mom, so when we arrived Elena was already affected. Helena said the attack could go on for some minutes, that there might be vomiting and that Elena would recover more quickly if she could lie down, that the stress and anxiety of the move had, no doubt brought on the attack.

Karl took over, “Karla, get the front door, Mommy, turn down Elena's bed,” as he picked up the slight woman and carried her toward the house.

As Karl came through the door I saw that Elena's nightgown had ridden up, my eyes went to her groin as did Karl's, then our eyes met, with mutual smiles we recognized that Helena and Elena were truly identical twins, her panties rode between her puffy labia creating a duplicate of the most fantastic camel toe Karl or I had ever seen. When he laid her on the bed he tugged her nighty down, she thanked him.

Elena stayed in her room most of the time although she did come out and take meals with us. After several days Karl insisted that she come out by the pool with him and enjoy the sun. Even there they often sat at the table in the shade of the big umbrella and played gin, Karl could beat her at this, they played for a penny a point.

One day in feigned exasperation she said, “Oh Karl, you're going to drain my bank account;” she'd lost $4.32.

Karl answered, “Well maybe we should take a break form cards, I want you to come into the pool with me.”

“I don't have a swimming suit and I'm a little afraid of the water,” she protested.

“Borrow Helena's, it'll fit and I'll be with you in the water, there's nothing for you to worry about.”

So, the next time he took her outside she was in Helena's suit. The water was a little chilly and, even through the material of her bra I could see that her nipples were peaked. At first she clung to Karl for dear life but then she began to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness that one feels in the water. With Karl providing minimal support she was soon floating on her back, her pert little titties even more evident.

From my perch I heard Karl whisper, “You have lovely breasts Elena.”

She sputtered then, as her face reddened said, “You really think so?”

“Absolutely,” he beamed at her.

“Karl, you're embarrassing me,” she told him.

“Why in the world would you be embarrassed Elena, all I spoke was the truth. I find you very attractive, you're a beautiful woman, shouldn't I say so?”

“Karrrrl,” she said, drawing out his name, but then she broke into a radiant smile and said, “You're beautiful, too.”

And over the next several weeks I observed a change come over Elena that I found kinda cute. She is a 44 year old woman with absolutely no sexual experience, she was like a young teenaged school girl just finding her way and some of the things she did were exactly what a 13 year old might do. She'd touch him at every opportunity, in the pool it was “Oh Karl hold me up, you're so strong, and my very favorite was the little flip she'd give with the hem of her nighty, giving him a panty peek.

In her bedroom I knew things were getting a little more intimate, Karl had introduced “Truth or Dare” to their repertoire of games, it was the “all ages” edition, still I'd often hear “Oh Karl,” and a girlish giggle.

But some things I couldn't hear.

She asked a question as part of their game, “Karl, I know that you impregnated Helena but did you really spank her?”

“Twice, in fact,” Karl answered, he was obligated to answer the “Truth or Dare” question truthfully.

“Why did you spank my sister?” She asked.

“She was a Bad Girl Elena.”

“And you spank Bad Girls, would you spank me if I was bad?”

Karl could see and hear the rush of emotion in her voice as she asked the question.

“You'll always be a Good Girl Elena,” he answered, deflecting her question.

“I am not,” she said, “I've been a Bad Girl plenty of times.”

“Oh, tell me about it.”

“I, I, er, I cheat at backgammon, I cheated when we played.”

“Hmmm, that is a Bad Girl, do you think you deserve a spanking?”

“Well, I, ah, I, I don't know Karl, I was a Bad Girl but now I'm a little afraid.”

“What are you afraid of Elena?”

“I've never had a spanking in my life.”

“There are a lot of things you haven't done in your life but we're going to change that, aren't we.”

“What do you mean Karl?” Her tummy was turning flip flops, this conversation was going sexual and was way beyond her.

“I think you know what I mean Elena, but now it's time for you to lie across my lap, isn't it?”

“Karl, you're frightening me,” her quivery voice said.

He reached and took her hand, as he pulled her into place he said, “You've been a Bad Girl.”

She was clad in her nightgown but she was across her lap when he said, “I know you're frightened but you're getting a tingling feeling out of this, aren't you?”

“Yes, Oh God yes.”

“Truth or Dare Elena, do you masturbate?”

“I, I, ah, I...”

“You do, don't you Elena, do you make yourself climax?”

“Karl, please...”

“Have you?”

“No damnit, no, I've never done that,” she spit out.

“Then why do it?” He asked.

“It feels good, OK, it gives me a good feeling.”

“Nothing like an orgasm, Sweetheart, you'll see.”

She began to squirm, she was uncomfortable in the position she was in. For the first time she felt the true strength in his arms, he pinned her as securely as a collector would a butterfly, then said,

“Elena, we'll start with a little warm-up spanking, I'll be spanking you on your panties.”

He gathered her nighty and raised it to the small of her back then caressed her buttocks.

“You've got such a little butt, it's delightful,” he said then followed with a whack.

“Ouch, that hurt,” she cried out.

“Of course it hurt, it's suppose to, you're getting a spanking,” he told her as he massaged her bottom.

Then, whack, whack, whack, whack, and pause, massage, caress, and whack, whack.

“Karl, please stop, it hurts,” she pled.

“Oh Cutie,” he said, “We've only just begun, and whack, whack.

Then a pause, he stroked the backs of her thighs then prodded her legs apart, with a feather light touch he ran his fingers along her inner thighs coming close to the gusset of her panties but not touching, then whack, whack, whack, whack.

“You're luscious Cutie, beautiful slim thighs and a delightfully spankable bootie; I know I'm really going to enjoy turning your bare bottom crimson.”

A few more whacks then he massaged her bottom before tracing a finger along her pantied anal cleft.

“Yes, absolutely delectable, now I think it's time for me to see it.”

As he tugged at the elastic waistband she kicked, squirmed and grabbed at her panties, trying to keep them in place. Just like the other 3 girls she pled with him,

“Karl, no, no, please, don't do this, let me keep my panties.”

He pinned her struggling arms to the small of her back then lowered the panties to her knees before saying,

“I'm going to be kind to you Elena, usually I don't let my girls keep their undies at all and, the next time you won't either, but this time we'll leave them where they are.”

He took a few minutes to admire her, the alabaster white of her bottom was tinged pink, nice, but he had more work to do. Alternating between her right then left cheek the sharp crrrack, crrrack, crrrack, crrrack of a strong hand on bare flesh resounded.

Elena wailed when the first blow struck then a pitiful sob broke from her chest and the tears flowed.
Still he spanked her until he'd gotten the fiery red that he wanted, by the time he stopped the poor girl was mewling.

He rubbed her back through her nightie, “It's over Cutie, go ahead and cry yourself out.”

During the spanking Elena's legs had fallen apart to the extent that her panties would allow, Karl looked down, her labia were sealed like those of a young girl, as though they could protect the treasures that laid within, Karl slid his hand downward.

Fingers parted her nether lips, her inner labia and her slit were pretty pink, unsullied even at the age of 44, he spread them further until he could see the entrance to her vagina, the opening was even smaller than a dime, he could see that a thin membrane was partially covering it. Even at her age her hymen was intact, the treasure he intended to take from her; but not today,

He smiled then began to stroke along her slit, in spite of her continued crying she began to lubricate. His fingers picked up some of her slickness then found her clitoral shaft.

As he rubbed her she tried to spread her legs further but her underwear was hobbling her.

“Would you like me to take those off?” He asked.

She mumbled, “Please.”

Once freed she opened her legs and arched her back to receive his attention. He continued to masturbate her until a change in her breathing signaled her arousal, he unhooded her clitoris to give her more direct stimulation then spread her cheeks so that her anal cleft was exposed. Her anus was a tight pink ring, he placed his thumb on it and pressed.

When she felt that pressure her muscles seized,

“Just relax Cutie, I only want you to feel good, I'm through hurting you,” he caressed her until he felt the tension leave her body.

Her sounds of pain and crying soon turned to soft moans of pleasure, although her bottom still burned she'd never felt anything like what she was feeling now and she liked it.

Something odd, strange and wonderful was happening to her, her body involuntarily began to tremble, she felt an almost painful clenching of her uterus, vagina and anus and an indescribably, wonderfully intense feeling washed over her, she couldn't contain herself, she screamed out her pleasure as fragrant juices flooded from her vagina.

Karl continued until she was able to relive the experience. Then he swept her up in his arms and held her as they kissed.

Her bare bottom was on his lap, her oozing fluids moistening his bare thighs and Miss Modesty, Elena Worth, didn't care a whit.

He whispered, “You're not going to cheat at backgammon again, are you?”

Coyly she said, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

“If I catch you I'll have to spank you,” he threatened.

She whispered breathlessly, “I know.”

That night as she laid in bed Elena realized that a sea change had occurred in her life, always before if she gave a thought at all to that portion of her anatomy contained by her panties it involved bodily functions, she peed and she pooped then she pulled her panties back up, but now she realized she was unbelievably conscious of herself. She pulled her nightie up to her waist and as her fingers sought out that spot that he'd touched she mused on the firsts she'd experienced.

She'd been spanked for the first time, a man had taken her panties down, again a first, her vulva had been stroked by male fingers, her body had even been penetrated, when she'd had her first orgasm, another first by the way, it was as though her anus had sucked in his thumb. She wondered why he'd played with her there, she'd ask tomorrow.

He came for her early the next morning and insisted that she get up and get dressed, she put on a blouse, shorts, panties and a pair of sandals, he took her to breakfast then took her by the hand.

“We're going for a short walk Cutie, I think a little exercise would be good for you, I want you to be strong and healthy.”

About a quarter mile into the woods there was a secluded glade on the bank of a small creek, when they got there Karl sat on the grass and pulled Elena onto his lap.

“Bottom still sore,” he teased.

“Yes,” she pouted.

“So you're going to be a Good Girl now, right?”

“No, Karl, I've always been a Good Girl but I think being a Bad Girl might be more fun,” she said seriously.

“You liked getting a spanking?” He asked incredulously.

“If everything else comes with it,” she answered.

“The everything else was fun, wasn't it?” He said.

“Oh yeah, it was a whole lotta fun, but Karl, why did you put your thumb in, ah, you know, in my back hole, it didn't hurt or anything like that, it just felt strange but kinda nice.”

Pompously he answered, “Well Cutie, in my opinion it is an under utilized erogenous zone and I'm working to cure that misconception.”

All she could say to that was, “Oh.”

Then, shyly, she asked, “Karl, you're going to “do it” to me, aren't you.”

“Do you want it Elena?” He asked.

“Karl, honestly, I'm 44 years old, I never imagined it happening to me but yesterday when you touched me I got feelings and desires that I couldn't imagine. I mean things like love, sex, marriage, babies, happiness, fulfillment, oh, I know we can't get married, like I said, I'm 44 and you're 18 but I can love you, can't I?”

“And I can love you Elena,” he said as he hugged and kissed her.

Later as they lay side by side on the soft grass she said, “Sometimes I feel like a little girl, there's just so much I don't know, like yesterday, that was the very first time a man ever touched me and I realized I've never even seen a man's, unh, a man's penis.”

“Well we need to remedy that,” Karl said, “Unzip my shorts and take it out.”

“Really?” She asked.

“Really, go ahead Cutie, he won't bite.”

She unfastened the top grip and slowly pulled his zipper down, he'd gone commando, she reached in and pulled his flaccid penis out but, at her touch it began to stiffen and grow.

Wide eyes, Elena exclaimed, “Oh my, it's so big.”

Karl wasn't porn star sized but he was a millimeter or two over 8 inches and Elena's small hand could not span his girth.

“Karl, I'm so little it will never get in me.”

“Of course it will, people have been doing it since time immemorial and I'll use lubricant to make it easier, but here, do this, you can make it even bigger,” as he slid her hand up and down his shaft, teaching her how to masturbate him.

“It's so hard and so soft at the same time, like it's a steel rod wrapped in velvet, does this feel good to you?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, it feels real good.”

She could do nothing but stare at it as she stroked him.

“Such a pretty lady,” he said, “Look, he likes you, give him a little kiss, he'll like that.”

Now she looked up into his eyes, he was smiling at her, “Go ahead Cutie, he wants to feel your lips.”

Slowly she lowered her head, her lips met the tip then she licked the shaft, his little Bad Girl murmured, “Yum.”

Then, “It's going to hurt me, isn't it?”

“Yes Cutie, the first time it probably will, when I take your virginity, break your hymen, the membrane will tear, it will probably sting and there may be a little bleeding, but only the first time then they'll be nothing but pleasure for you.”

“When are we going to do it?” She asked.

“I want it to be really special for us, when is your period due?”

“Next week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, why?”

“I'm going to give you a job, once your period starts I want you to keep track of the number of days that have passed, we'll make love on the 11th day and I'll stay with you for the next 10 days, we'll make love every day.”

Realization dawned on her, “I'll be ovulating, you're going to impregnate me, aren't you?”

“You said you had feelings and desires that include children, it can never be too early to start.”

She'd stopped masturbating him as their conversation had progressed, he pulled her down beside him on the grass, unfastened her shorts and lowered the front of her panties so her abdomen was exposed, he kissed her there then began to massage her.

“You'll make a beautiful Mommy, I can hardly wait for you to have our little bump here.”

A thrill ran through Elena, it was moving fast, maybe way too fast but she was going to be a Mommy, secretly she'd always craved a baby of her own, now at 44 he was going to give her one, she gave a little shiver at the thought.

They just laid together for a while, each lost in their thoughts then they walked back to the house.

As they waited the appointed day they spent most of their waking hours together playing. The evening after they'd taken their first walk Karl introduced Elena to the pleasures of oral sex. After dinner they retired to her room.

We heard, even from the living room we could hear, the 3 of us traded glances, a girl's sound from oral is completely different than from any other type of sex, it's pure and unadulterated pleasure with no pain, I think we all remembered our first time receiving cunnilingus and were, maybe, just a little envious.

In the bedroom Karl had started with passionate kisses that had flowed down her neck to her small breasts, Elena was amazed and surprised at how erotic she found his attentions to be, as he sucked and teased her bosoms he felt the heat as blood flooded to her chest, neck and vulva, she was literally panting as his kisses trailed across her belly, it tickled in a sexy way as his lips and tongue explored the raven pelt of her mons veneris then her tummy melted as his fingers opened her vaginal slit and his tongue explored her. God, nothing could feel better than this, she thought as his magical tongue flicked at her clitoris, he brought her to the verge then licked downward, the tip dipped into her tiny vagina, he lifted her legs, his access was now unencumbered, he laved the flesh pad below her vulva, her perineum, and then she gave a little jump startled, as he rimmed her. Momentarily his head came up, then, with a little chuckle he started back up her vaginal slit until he was, once again at her clit. Now he sent her over the moon and into outer space.

Her screams of pleasure elicited bitter looks and sarcastic comments from the 3 females in the living room, but, call it what it was, pure green eyed envy, one of the Cardinal Sins.

Maybe an evening or two would have been OK to the girls but the 2 of them stayed sequestered in her room and when they rarely came out she was so kittenish with him the 3 other girls joked that she was starting to meow, and the walks didn't help. They went each day and she always returned in a state of euphoria, or as the 3 thought, Blah, the little bitch.

All of us were more than peeved with the situation, it seemed so unfair that Elena was hogging all of Karl's attention but, then again, we were all pregnant while she was still virgin, we knew that because we eavesdropped at her bedroom door. We were curious as to why he was taking so long, as we listened we heard sounds of course, the twitter of their laughter, her excitement at receiving oral, the frequent slaps of a sexual spanking followed by her soft cooing. We all recognized that she was getting an anal massage. He was grooming her for more than just vaginal sex, we tried to remain patient but the days seemed to drag.

Then, at dinner one evening she seemed subdued. They returned to her room after they'd eaten when we heard her.

“We can't play tonight Karl, my period has started.”

“Sure we can Cutie,” we heard him say, then he added, “but you need to start counting.”

Then the slaps as he said, “You've got the cutest, tightest little butt, it's so much fun to spank.”

She was cooing again when we went back to the living room to watch TV.

I began to wonder if he was ever going to fuck her but then I remembered his hidden journal, I snuck a peek.

There was Mommy, he'd tracked the days after her period had started then an “X” followed by the notation, pregnant.

Mine was the same, the days, the “X” and the notation.

Helena's was different, he hadn't had a chance to follow her menstrual cycle, it simply stated, pregnant.

Now Elena had been added, it started on the day she'd complained about starting her period, it was now on day 9. The next evening Karl had a small bag from CVC with him when he came in. Nosy me just had to see what he had. It was a sexual lubricant called Pre-Seed, I wondered why he'd bought that, we had lubes all over the house. I Googled it.

Ahah, I thought, the time had come, Pre-Seed is a lubricant that doesn't adversely affect sperm, he wanted her pregnant on the first effort and, from his journal I knew that the following evening was the time for their “special event.”

When they went to her room all 3 of us were gathered at her door.

We listened as he romanced her, heard her writhe ecstatically from his tongue and lips, then his whispers,

“I'll be gentle with you Cutie, just relax for me.”

In the room he was reassuring her, his hands were stroking her lovely small body, his fingers parted her puffy labia, he pressed the Pre-Seed into the throat of her vagina then slicked a little on himself..

“Pull your knees up and open your legs wide Cutie,” he coached her.

He ran his cock along her slit, “Relax Baby, just relax,” he said as he guided his penis to her tiny hole.

He didn't thrust, he simply pressed forward.

“Oooooo, it hurts Karl, it hurts.”

“I know Cutie but don't fight me, I want you to relax,” only half of the head was in her and, he knew, it was going to be a struggle. Even with the lubricant he needed to hold his cock in his hand to keep it from slipping out. Using his hips, he got in a little further as Elena continued,

“It hurts, Karl, it hurts, you're to big, I can't, take it out, please take it out.”

“I'm sorry but we're not gonna do that Elena,” he told her as he forced a bit more in.

He was at her hymen, he could feel the thin membrane stretch, “Please Karl, it hurts, it hurrrrrrrr...”

She never finished, it changed to a sobbed, “Aaaaaaaaaah,” and she was no longer a virgin as he thrust into her.

He held her for a few moments, “The worst is over Cutie, I'm in you,” he told her.

Truth be told only about 2 inches were in her, there were still 6 more to go but, now that he'd broken her “seal” he could pump the rest of the way.

And slowly, ever so slowly Elena's vagina stretched as he pumped her. Her pain was evident, she was whimpering, he told her, “I need to get in deeper, when I cum I want to be at your cervix.”

“God, you're incredible Cutie, I can't believe how tight you are, you're the best.”

What about me, I thought, I'd been a virgin, too, wasn't I tight, wasn't I desirable, now I was pregnant and he didn't seem to want me any more, I don't believe I've ever been so sad and depressed.

We heard him again, “OK, I'm going to stay in you for a while, I don't want you to move for the next 15 minutes.”

We knew he'd ejaculated and that millions of sperm were racing to her fallopian tubes seeking her egg and we all wanted success, we wanted him back 'cause now she was getting all of him.

When they came out for the breakfast the following morning Elena was still a bit disheveled and she took her seat gingerly but there was a definite glow about her, even Karl was a little blurry eyes, I supposed that they'd copulated most of the night. As usual, they took their morning walk.

The 3 of us all felt he should now spend some time with us but he continued to return to her room each night as we forlornly languished in front of the television. The sounds from her room grating on each of us as they continued for 10 nights.

Elena had winced from a pain in her abdomen and, when she complained that her nipples were swollen and her breasts tender, we were fairly certain that she was pregnant, shortly thereafter a missed period and a positive home test confirmed it. Thank God, we were going to get him back, or at least I thought.

So why was he still going to her room each night? One evening her exaltations seemed to know no bounds then the sounds of them mating, her little chugging noises said that he was taking her from behind, there was a pause of a few minutes, she pled, “Do we have to Karl,” then we heard a distinctive moan that we all recognized, Elena was being sodomized.

Now I knew he'd stay with her for several more nights, by the time he stopped visiting every night she'd have been well stretched in both holes and that's more or less what happened. For the next week we'd hear the sounds of sex that she enjoyed then she'd moan as he filled her bowels.

I could live with it but then, the ultimate slap in the face. Karl brought home a bag from CVC, he handed it to me and said, “Elena needs to start using this, how about you show her how to use it?”

I looked into the bag.

An enema syringe, a fucking enema syringe, not only was she stealing my man now I had to get her skinny little ass ready for him, I was fuming but I knew not to complain. Oh, by the way, there was a rectal thermometer for her in the bag, too.

That evening, after dinner, Karl sent her to her room telling her that he'd be along in a little while but that I needed to spend a little time with her first.

As she went I dashed upstairs and grabbed my little white bucket and her new syringe. As I passed through on the way to her room Mommy and Helena shared a knowing look and a small smile, they knew the job I'd been given and were not in the least envious.

I closed her door, even she deserved a little privacy, what I was about to do was both intimate and embarrassing, particularly so to this middle aged woman, she'd never been touched by another woman and she'd never had an enema.

“What do you have, what's going on?” She asked.

“You're going to get an enema,” I briskly told her.

“Oh no, no way you're doing that to me,” she argued.

“Karl says you are so get undressed and let's get it over with.”

“Why do I have to have an enema?” She went on.

I wasn't in the mood, I replied, “So you don't poop the bed when he sodomizes you, now get undressed.”

“I don't want one, why does he want me to have one?”

“Ah Christ, how'd you get to be 44,” I said before I launched into a pointed description of the female alimentary canal with particular emphasis on a full rectum and why we were going to empty it. Then I reiterated, “Now will you pleeeze get undressed.”

I made her strip entirely then, at my cattiest best, I bullied, “God you've got a skinny little butt, tiny titties and a fat pussy,” then I pulled her across my lap.

She squirmed, I said, “Hold still and don't fight me or I'll be the one to turn your skinny ass red, now hold still.”

With more than a little distaste I spread her rear cheeks and lubricated her.

“I'm going to give you 5 bulbs of water, try to relax, I might want to spank you but I don't want to hurt you, here goes.”

She gave a little groan when the nozzle penetrated her, I said, “That doesn't hurt, just relax and enjoy the warm feelings the water gives you in your abdomen, we all kinda like getting ours.”

“You all get them, too.” She asked.

“Of course, I'm always empty, I want to be ready when he wants me.”

I gave her a few minutes after the first bulb and even rubbed her back, “That's not so bad, is it?” I asked.

“No, it's pretty nice actually,” she replied.

“Well, get ready, here comes the next one,” I said as I reinserted the nozzle.

After she'd taken the 5 bulbs, I had her lie still.

“You'll feel a churning in your tummy, when that happens go to the toilet, OK.”

When she got up to go I rubbed her abdomen, saying, “Take a look, this is what you'll look like in about 3 months, and, after you're done on the commode take a bath, he likes us pristine after our enemas.”

I left the room and said to Karl, “She's done, she'll take a bath and be ready for you.”

I didn't want to listen to them but some sounds can't be muted and tonight it was a completely new one as Karl groaned,

“Oh God yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, Aaaaaaaaaah Jesus, I don't know where you learned that Cutie but I'm glad you did.”

WTF was going on, I wondered and then it continued over the next several nights, he kept going back to her and I was beyond pissed, pissed at him, pissed at her and pissed at the world. The next morning I dressed for clandestine spying and followed them into the woods. She'd begun carrying a blanket with them, she spread it on the grass.

They stood facing each other then Elena sank slowly to her knees. Almost worshipfully her puppy dog eyes stared up at him, her hands went to his shorts, her fingers unfastened then unzipped them and, as they fell to his ankles his penis sprung free.

“You're beautiful Karl,” she said, “The most beautiful man in the world.”

From where I was secreted I couldn't argue, A beam of sunlight filtered through the leaves of the towering oaks, his auburn hair shone like burnished bronze, his broad shoulders, bulging pecs above his washboard abs, as his erection grew I could only think of a Greek God; my brother, my twin, father of my unborn child, my God.

Then my reverie was shattered, she grasped his penis with both hands, it took both to encircle his girth and she began to slowly masturbate him.

When he was majesticly erect, she took one hand off his cock and reached around behind him, urging him forward, urging him to her waiting mouth. She could only get a few inches into her maw but she was giving it vigorous attention when his hands cradled her head, he began rocking back and forth as he fucked her mouth, when he pushed too much in she gagged but never let go. He started pumping faster,

“Oh yeah Cutie, that's the way to take care of your Daddy, Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum,” he trumpeted.

The fingers of her hand that were holding his butt wormed their way into his anal crevasse, just before his cum gushed into her mouth she fingered his asshole, as he started cumming she pressed a finger into him, I heard him groan again, the same that I'd heard from her bedroom, then,

“God, you're beyond spectacular,” he told her. She'd swallowed all the cum she could but some had leaked from the sides of her mouth, she swirled her tongue cleaning herself.

He chuckled, “You look just like a kitten after it drinks milk, you didn't miss a drop.”

I nearly puked, she was stealing my man and now she was stealing my name. Mommy was Mommy, Helena was Mamma, Elena was suppose to be Cutie and I was Kitten, not her.

She stripped and they went into the creek for some splashing and fun then they were back on the blanket. I'd seen enough, I slunk back to the house.

I wanted him, I wanted him, I wanted him; I gave myself an enema, I swore to myself that I was going to have him that night, no matter what. I had no idea I was being so prophetic.

When they finally returned to the house he had me give her an enema. After her bath he wanted her to take a nap so she'd be rested for the evening, I was seething by the time I finished.

It fell to me to fix dinner that evening, then while I was cleaning up mom, Helena and Elena changed into their nighties, I was still in the green jogging suit I'd worn as camouflage for my clandestine spying mission.

Karl was seated on the sofa watching some ballgame, I took my opportunity and snuggled up against him. When Mommy and Helena came in they took the easy chair and recliner but Elena jumped her little ass right onto his lap.

And I lost it, I plead temporary insanity, my only excuse, and from insanity springs chaos. I had no inkling of the chaos, pain and screaming I was about to cause, I grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled.

“Get off you skinny assed bitch, get off, get off, get off,” I screeched.

I had her on the floor, before anyone could react I'd ripped the top of her nightie. Her breasts were exposed, “What the hell does he see in you, those titties couldn't nurse a mouse let alone a baby,” I yelled at her.

“Karla, stop it,” I heard Karl say.

“And you,” I screamed at him, “You like skinny, skanky little asses, first Helena now this little twist.”

I continued to rip her gown, it hung in shreds and now her pantied bottom was evident, “There, look at that skinny butt, damn you Karl, you need a real woman not some cock sucking twerp, look at her damnit, I hate you, I hate you all,” by now I was sobbing.

Karl got up, “Stop it Karla, that's enough.”

He hadn't raised his voice, now he gently put a hand on my shoulder, I was straddling the terrified woman, “Come with me, were going upstairs, we need to talk.”

As I got off Elena he said to her, Mommy and Helena, “You 3 stay right here until I come back down.”

He led me by the hand, I didn't want to go, I wasn't certain what awaited but I knew it wasn't going to go well for me, my hateful anger was spent, all I felt was remorse for my uncontrolled outburst. He took me to our room and sat me on the bed.

“Karla, I know you're pregnant and that you're undergoing hormonal changes, I recognize that maybe I was spending too much time with Elena, I'll even concede that I haven't been as attentive to you as I should have been, but what you did was inexcusable. You verbally attacked me, Elena and even Helena, you physically assaulted Elena. Karla, she's at the beginning of her first trimester, the time when the baby's most vulnerable, you could easily have caused a miscarriage, I can't let this go unpunished.

“I'm sorry Karl, I was wrong and I know it, I guess I need a good spanking, don't I?”

I sure as hell hoped that he'd say no, you're pregnant so I won't spank you, but, of course that's not what he said.

“Karla, you're nearing the end of your first trimester and I won't risk our baby so you won't be going over my lap but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to blister your butt, take off the top and bottoms of your jogging suit.”

As I complied he placed a pillow at the corner of my bed then walked over to his closet, from it he retrieved his second switch.

“Straddle the end of the bed and lie over the pillow, you're going to get a switching.

Once I was over the pillow he put a hand on the small of my back, “Stay in place,” he said and I heard a swish and my scream, he'd lifted my feet off the ground with that first stroke and it stung like a snake bite.

And swish, scream, swish, scream, until I'd absorbed 10. He paused then he took my panties and swish.

Ah God, that damned switch bit as he gave me 10 more on the bare. I screeched, I cried, I begged, and, mostly of all, I hurt, when it stopped he pulled my panties back up then said, “Stay right where you are, we're not done yet.”

He opened the door to leave. There was a shuffling like roaches running when the light comes on, “Stop right there,” he said. The women froze, they'd ignored his order to remain downstairs.

“You, go to your room and wait for me,” he ordered.

Mommy answered, “Yes sir.”

“You, go to your room and wait for me,” he ordered a second time.

“Yes Karl,” Helena answered.

“And you, go to your room and wait for me,” he ordered a third time.

“But Karl, I didn't do anything,” Elena whined.

“Do as I tell you and go to your room, now.”

It was several minutes before I heard the bite of the cane,

“Aaaaaaaaaah, please Karl,” I recognized Mommy's voice.

Then four more rapid, crrrack, crrack, crrack, crrack, a momentary pause then,

5 more strokes, sharper in sound. I knew she was bare. She'd pled, begged and wailed through the first 5 but the second set reduced her to sobs.

Then I heard Helena say, “Please Karl, not the cane,” followed by 5 rapid whacks, a pause and 5 more on exposed flesh.

Now the sounds were pitiful, I was still sobbing but I'd been joined by Mommy and Helena. It's a good thing our house is secluded 'cause if we'd had neighbors they'd have dialed 911.

Then he was in our room again. I was where he'd left me, over the corner of the bed and laying on the pillow.

“The first ones were for what you did to Elena, these are for the cursing and disrespect you showed me.”

And I screamed, God did I scream as 5 fell on my pantied bottom then my panties came down, the cane lashed 5 more times and my anguish was uncontrolled, all I could do was mewl like a wounded kitten.

Karl descended the staircase, I couldn't make out the words but Elena was begging then her screams joined the cacophony as 4 pregnant women cried their eyes out.

I was in agony, the rest of them had gotten 10 strokes but I'd gotten 20, at least it was over...for them. Karl came back into our room. I was still over the pillow with my panties down to my knees, he took them the rest of the way off.

“You won't need these for a while, we've still got some work to do.”

He spread my legs a little further so he could get to my sex, he cupped me and stroked my slit then I heard the nightstand drawer open.

“You make a poor spy sis, I saw you watching us this morning. If I want an audience I'll invite you, understand. Now, maybe you're right about one thing, maybe I have been paying too much attention to skinny little butts. Now a nice plump one is going to get my tender loving care.”

The lubricant was cold, almost as cold as his voice as he said, “Is this what you want?”

He took me with a single powerful thrust, it was like he'd run a poker into my guts, then he began to pump.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,” I buried my head in a second pillow stifle my moans, I usually liked anal but I'd never been sodomized as punishment before and it hurrrrrt, it hurt a lot.

He pounded on me for about 5 minutes, I've never felt so much relief as when I felt his hot semen pumping into me.

Finished, he went to the bathroom to clean up, he left me over the pillow with my anus gaped open and oozing cum.

I didn't bother with the bathroom, I just crawled up my bed and got under the sheets; I cried, I'd created a terrible scene, I'd gotten us all punished and I'd accomplished absolutely nothing, God I felt the fool.

Karl was under his covers, late in the night I listened to his steady breathing, he was sleeping soundly but I couldn't, quietly I rose from my bed, my tummy was turning flip flops with anxiety as I crept toward his bed. I lifted his covers.

Beneath the sheets he was nude, his magnificent penis laid flaccid across his thigh. If I'd learned anything that day it was, don't do anything to bring on a spanking with that rod and that my twin liked to receive oral sex. Trying not to disturb him I eased into his bed.

I touched him, he sighed in his sleep, I took him in my hand, he was soft and warm, then my mouth engulfed him.

As his erection grew so did his awareness, he stroked my hair, “My beautiful little kitten,” he said to me. His hand cupped the back of my head and he began to pump, fucking my mouth. God I wanted his cum, I was hungering, thirsting for it, he groaned from deep in his throat and my mouth was flooded. Warm and slightly salty but to me, finer than manna from heaven, I drank my brother's seed, once my tongue had cleaned him I crawled up, he took me in his arms and that was how we slept.

He reciprocated, I came awake from the most fantastic dream, I was at the height of my arousal as my eyes came open, it was no dream, Karl's tongue was lashing my clit, my climax came with a tummy clenching rush, I squirmed around the bed as he continued, he stayed on me until I had to beg him to stop, I couldn't take any more pleasure.

When he got up he told me that he was going to go down and fix breakfast, I should deal with my bathroom duties, shower and dress. I was to wear only my panties and a robe, slippers were optional, he said I wouldn't need a night gown, it would just come off.

I heard him go to Helena's then Mommy's giving the same instructions. He went downstairs, I'm sure he told Elena the same thing.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, whole wheat toast, coffee or milk and juice, it would have been funny watching the 4 of us trying to get comfortable but it wasn't, at least not to me, I was the most uncomfortable of the 4.

While we finished our meal Karl ran upstairs, when he came down he put several things in Elena's room then came out for a final cup of coffee.

“Ladies, I want you to know that I love each and every one of you, you're all precious to me, you are my lovers and will be the mothers of my children. What happened yesterday is behind us, I know it will never happen again, but to that end, I also realize that with the cravings, pains and hormonal changes you'll experience that tempers may get short. We, all of us are a family, so today is going to be devoted to familial bonding. I want each of you to get up, hang your robes on the back of your chair, take off your slippers and go to Elena's room.”

4 pairs of bare feet padded to the downstairs bedroom, where we stood awaiting further instructions.

“I want all of you to get on the bed and stay there, I'll be back in several hours, we'll have lunch then we'll all go out to the pool for a little sun and exercise and after we've eaten dinner we'll regather in the bedroom for a night of delights; now have fun.”

He left.

At first we just sat there wondering what he expected of us but then Helena seemed to break the ice. Mommy was getting quite a tummy, Helena asked,

“Can I rub your belly Ginny, it's so cute.”

With a smile Mommy nodded yes. Helena rubbed her through her panties then complained,

“I want to feel you Ginny, can I take your panties down?”

“Only if I can take yours off, too,” Mommy answered.

Within moments there were two naked women in our bed. It was the first time we'd seen the welts from our caning, all of us inspected Mommy and Helena's then one of them said,

“Let's see yours Karla.”

There were more than a few gasps then Elena said, “My God, you look like a zebra with red stripes,”
then she touched me, “Oh you poor girl, these welts are still swollen, it must really hurt.”

“Yeah, he gave it to me pretty good, but I deserved it for what I did, I'm just so sorry that my actions got the rest of you thrashed. Are you going to show us yours Elena,” I said.

As her panties came down Elena confessed, “It was so embarrassing last night, when Karl came for me I was so frightened. He put my pillow at the corner of my bed then told me to straddle the corner of the mattress and lie on the pillow but I couldn't, I just couldn't, I just froze.

He didn't get physical with me, he just said, “You need to do it Elena,” then he bent me forward and then it happened.”

We waited for her to continue but the pause continued, Helena finally asked, “What happened, come on, tell.”

She turned red from embarrassment as she said, “I peed my panties.”

“Then what happened,”Helena asked.

He acted like nothing was had happened, he gave me 5 strokes on the wet panties then he took them down to my knees and gave me 5 more on my bare butt.”

Once the ice had been broken we got more intimate, 4 naked girls on a bed, it was inevitable, Helena was once again rubbing Mommy's tummy but, over time her hands worked lower until she was masturbating Ginny's clit, then she leaned forward, kissed Mommy's pussy and took her with her mouth.

I found watching to be erotic and arousing, I kissed Elena but in just a few minutes I was performing cunnilingus on her. She was slick and wet, her taste and scent were mild, I thought she was delicious.

Mommy climaxed with a little scream of pleasure then told Helena, “God I want something in me, Fuck me Helena, fuck my pregnant pussy.”

What Karl had deposited on the nightstand were tubes of various lubricants, vibrators and other sex toys along with 2 strap-on dildos, mom took the purple 1 along with a tube of the lube. She had to help Helena get the strap-on affixed then gave her the lube, I smelled the aroma of cherries as Helena slid into her and began to pump.

Now my horns were really up, I looked at Elena, “I want to fuck you,” I told her.

I buckled the flesh tone tool on, lubed it with the strawberry flavor and lifted her legs, with the tip resting at the throat of her vagina, I told her,

“I didn't mean the nasty things I said yesterday, actually I love your tight little bottom, mine's so plump,” then I slid the faux phallus home.

Helena and I each gave our partner a good fucking, Mommy's tummy got in the way of missionary so Helena took her from behind, it had been a while for her and she wanted it hard and fast, we could hear the slap of Helena's groin impacting Mommy's broad bottom as she pounded her. Mommy responded with wails of pleasure. I was more gentle with Elena, I'd been so mean to her, now, as I stroked into her I also stroked her flanks with my hands.

“You really are beautiful,” I told her, then I asked, “Do you like this?”

“God yes, it feels wonderful,” she answered.

“Wrap your legs around my waist Cutie, I can get a little deeper that way,” I told her.

I know it felt good to her but I think it was even better for me, I'd harbored so much animosity toward her, now all I felt was love, I wanted it to be pleasurable and fun for her, I leaned forward, we were kissing passionately as she climaxed, we just held each other for a few minutes afterward then I helped her into the harness, it was her turn to fuck me and if she decided to punish me that was OK.

Elena took me while Mommy screwed Helena, her belly made the coupling problematic, they solved it, Mommy kinda sat back on her haunches, Helena held her legs back and Mommy got into her. Once we'd all finished we traded partners.

Helena and Elena went at it like little minks. First one then the other filled her sister, the bed bounced as they vigorously went at each other, it might have been the first time they'd been together but it was evident it wouldn't be the last. Spent from their efforts, they reclined in each other's arms. Mommy and I hadn't even begun by the time they'd finished.

No, we hadn't started, instead, I'd nuzzled against her, I wanted closeness and affection, I wanted to be her little girl, I wanted to erase all the bad memories of my childhood, I wanted my Mommy.

She cradled my head as I snuggled against her breast, she was so soft, ah, I thought, this was the Mommy of my dreams, she offered me her nipple and I began to suck. As I did, she began to lactate, I, at 18, was taking in the nourishment that had sustained me as an infant, warm and creamy I fed greedily.

She sighed then stroked my hair; “My lovely baby girl,” she whispered and I was in heaven.

Time seemed to stand still, I've never felt a closer bond, she hugged me and I came up for a kiss.

“Mommy, I'm ready if you want me,” I murmured, I wanted her in me, now was the time.

“I do, I want your bottom Sweetheart.”

Had I heard her right, I looked up at her questioningly.”

“Yes, that's right, you know what I want,” she said as she gently rolled me onto my tummy and reached for the lubricant.

She was still wearing the purple strap-on, she wanted me up on my knees. I pulled a pillow over, my breasts and head rested on it, my bottom was in the air. I heard stirring as Helena and Elena moved over toward us, Helena got on one side of Mommy, Elena got on the other, they wanted to watch.

She nudged my legs a little further apart, I felt the heat of her breath then her tongue laved my slit, I uttered a little moan of pleasure, I was already lubricating heavily when her tongue moved up. She rimmed me then the tip of her tongue dipped into me. Then her fingers, the lubricant was cool on my flesh and I smelled the fragrance of cherries. She added more lube and I groaned as her fingers worked it deep into me, I was ready.

She moved up behind me, her tummy was against my buttocks but she was having trouble. I spread my legs a little further so I was lower, I felt the weight of her pregnant belly resting on my hips, but still she was struggling.

“Let us help,” I heard Helena say.

I knew that Karl had forced us together so we could bond as family, it had worked with Mommy and me, now he wanted it for the 4 of us, but I never imagined that I'd be the centerpiece.

The twins moved to each side of me, their motions were coordinated, each massaged one of my breasts, each stroked my back then caressed my bottom, each said, “Just relax Kitten,” then each took my cheeks and spread me.

“She's ready Ginny,” they told Mommy.

She mounted me, I felt the press of the dildo against my anus, I felt her thrust, as she parted my sphincters, I groaned.”

But the rest is a story for another day.