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Six Ways to Sundat Chp. 2

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                              Six Ways to Sunday


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pan>Chp. 2


“We had Jake for a several months; John and I were scrapping back and forth so we hadn’t been having quality sex for a while, and when he left for a surprise job there was only time for a short kiss, and a ‘hurry back’ and he was gone. It was a welcome brake; we were having the long-term itches.” Joyce paused sipping her tea as a grin beamed from her face a long sigh as she gazed at Alice and began again, “I just finished roughhousing with Jake and walking him around. I bathed him brushed him, and put food out for him; I love taking care of him, Jake is like the child I never had.” Joyce took a sip and gazed into the cup.


Alice interrupted and softly quizzed, “Joyce why haven’t you had any children? Are you able?”


“Oh I can have kids in fact I’ve conceived several times. I just had abortions.” Joyce replied without the slightest tone of regret in her voice.

“You must have had a good OBG.” Alice complimented.


“Oh yes! She takes ‘very-gooood!’ care of me. I helped her girl kick drugs and she has stayed clean.” Joyce explained adding. “It is my preferred form of birth control; I think it is better than the pill, and more reliable. I’ve been too occupied with the clinic and the hospital and now… well now I don’t want to. I want to be free for a while I am still on a leave of absence.” Joyce’s eyes scanned the kitchen glanced out the window and back to Alice while she spoke.


“I’m glad I had mine; I love them but I am also really glad they grew up independent, and moved out when they did, being a single parent is not easy.”


“Well you did something right so many children never grow up and leave the nest, or they have kids and leave them behind with grams.” Joyce lauded as she placed her hand on Alice’s.


“Thank you I am not really sure what I did; but they have started their own lives and we are still friends, we talk all the time. Please back to your story.” Alice coaxed.


“I noticed that Casey was coming into heat and ‘Jake’ was starting to sniff at her butt. It looked like the mating dance was starting, so I locked Casey in the dog run to separate them. I don’t want any pups around either; Jake, Casey, and John are enough for me to take care of. Jake made a terrible fuss barking and whining. He looked at me then at Casey and back at me whining and pacing all the way around the run. It was good that the run was completely caged or Jake would have surely found a way in. The look was like ‘how could you’ you know that look you get when you take a toy away from a child when they misbehave. I chuckled to myself as I wondered off to my favorite spot.”


“It can be windy and cold but if the sun was out this place is always warm. I stripped and lay out on the soft grass. All my chores were done. I was in estrous as well; and just like Casey I was really in the mood for sex too because it had been a while since the last time. The sun was so hot I drifted to sleep right away. I was dreaming about making love, it was so real I could feel a penis inside me. I was stirred awake by Jake’s muffled barks as he sat at the trailhead looking right at me; panting with his tongue flailing from side to side as he licked his chops. I froze as I caught sight of his dark red dick poking out from his black haired sheath. I could see it dripping; it would squirt when he barked. I was more shocked at how aroused I was becoming.”


“I felt a hard stone in my belly as the muscles behind my clitoris tightened and my heart started beating so hard I could barely breathe. Jake started dancing around acting like he wanted to roughhouse. I couldn’t move or talk I just lay there trembling; I could feel staccatoed squirts of urine as I started to panic. As arousal started to replace my panic I started thinking about a client I saw for several months she had loved their family pet a dog in every way she claimed the sex with Red was better than with any man; and so the thoughts of myself and Jake, myself and how amorously my client talked about her k-nine lover, how alone I was, and how much I wanted to have sex. I moaned as I looked and saw his dick again I felt my labia swell and turn hot. His cock looked bigger around and more of it was exposed, I could see Jake’s knot had swelled inside his sheath.”


“As wet as I was becoming I am sure Jake took my scent more than the look on my face or my moaning as an invitation and pranced over sniffing and snorting and licking his chops. He started dancing all around me jumping, spinning, and doing a growling whiny bark just like when we roughhouse. I was still unable to move until he stuffed his nose right into my pussy sniffed and snorted. God how electrifying that was; I yelled and jumped to my feet.”


“I started to run off when he jumped onto me and knocked me to the ground and held me there with his paws while he licked my face. I was so surprised, scared, and dazed and still very much in denial of my roiling passion welling up inside me. When Jake started prancing around again; I flipped over, and tried to crawl away he quickly mounted me I screamed out from surprise. I was in a dazed panic and yet I realized I was becoming passionately engaged; so much so I just gasped unable to catch my breath. I spun out from underneath him and stood up; I was too dizzy to move and like he did with you he took a mouth full of my hair as he jumped up pulled me to the ground, and held my head to the ground while he moved on top pinning, me with his paws. He kept switching his paws on my shoulders and thighs; holding me to the ground and spreading my legs wider and wider, while he licked me head to foot, giving my whole body a tongue bath. Oh Alice I will never forget how my insides roiled and quaked or how my urine squirted when my muscles squeezed tightly when his tongue swept across my nipples and. When his ministrations focused on my genitalia I began exploding with multiple orgasms; my juices gushed all over Jake’s head and face his lapping sounded like he was drinking from his water bowl. God Alice he drinking up as much as he could.”


“I was exciting to him; to Jake I was an amorous and willing mate and he was right. I looked at him and saw how much his cock had grown and it looked so very hard I knew then he wanted me; he wanted to mate with me, and all those doggie kisses began to feel surprisingly good. I was being seduced and I loved it, I gave in to my torrid arousal. I started to open my mouth to take in a deep breath; well that’s when he frenched me the first time. I felt his tongue slide deep into my throat; I gagged and coughed his tongue out. I couldn’t stop myself from peeing, while Jake softly licked my face. I felt his essence dripping all over me and all I wanted was for him to kiss me again and again so when his tongue swished past my lips I opened my mouth and in slithered that wonderful tongue in and out as if he were drinking from the back of my throat. God Alice it felt like he was licking at my anal tucks from inside my throat. I felt his teeth sliding along my cheeks as he covered my whole face with his jowls.”


“I was totally sweated my skin felt like it was in a pot of boiling water when I rolled over onto my knees; Jake mounted me instantly. I wanted to tease him like I had seen other dogs do during their mating dance so I spun out from underneath and lay on my back with my legs splayed. Jake started sniffing, snorting, and licking me all over from my face, my underarms, to my pussy and legs licking me with long slithering licks. ‘Oh…! God…!’ They were so arousing. I could feel my passions fruiting, and Jake drinking my sweet cream. With each slathery lick of his wonderful tongue my pussy quivered my abs convulsed, and my rectum danced; I thought my insides were going to squirt out, I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt like I was about to pass out.”


“Jake licked his way to my face, and stood there panting, and looking right into my eyes. I looked at his cock it was still hard and it looked so big I gasped ‘My God’ and in slipped his tongue my whole head was inside his jowls while his tongue undulated inside my throat. I was still being splattered with his essence when Jake pulled his tongue out and started sidling and making a muffled whiny barks and nudging my face I knew what he was saying so I rolled over onto my hands and knees. My God ached so bad I was trembling, weak, and dizzy as the world spun around; Jake was bouncing all around me when he mounted me backwards and started humping my head and spraying my hair. I just held still on my hands and knees. He climbed over me and again stuffed his nose into my anus, and began licking my swollen vaginal opening. His tongue was slathering all over my clitoris, labia, thighs and anus.”


“Jake’s tongue was electrifying as it slathered my buttocks, snaking between my thighs. I remember shouting ‘Oh God…! Oh God’ over and over as Jake’s tongue slithered up the inside of my thighs onto and around my vagina, across my anus. Every muscle tensed and relaxed again and again squeezing my juices out and Jake lapping them up. It felt like his tongue was going all the way into my vaginal canal and into my cervix and turning me inside out. I heard him growling deep in his throat as he licked, like I satisfied some deep-rooted thirst. I twisted to the side and caught sight of his face when he looked at me, it was glazed over with my creamy juices, there were long stringers dangling from his jowls and we were both sweated when Jake clumsily lumbered onto me.”


“I started gasping and grunting loudly from his weight as Jake climbed on shifting and shuffling his hot hairy body as he looked for the sweet spot. I felt his front legs gripping my waist tightly his front paws pushing into my thighs, his back paws prancing between and stepping on my legs and his hairy haunches rubbing my buttocks. I could hear him growling and grunting as he began humping, and probing me all over with his huge cock; with each thrust I found myself wishing that huge cock was being thrust into me. I was making guttural animal like noises as he kept probing and spraying my back side it was surprisingly painful when he bounced that hard dick off my clitoris, but it just made me crave penetration all the more.”


“I remember shouting ‘Oohh! God!’ and a violent shudder swept over me when the tip of his hot wet penis parted my labia and went part way in. With one powerful lunge Jake shoved that huge, hot, wet, cock with its monstrous knot all the way into me. It hurt so bad I saw stars and gagged several times; I screamed “Oouuuhhha! God! Damn it…!” I tried to buck him off, but that huge cock just went in deeper and he just gripped me tighter. A few spasmodic thrusts and Jake’s sperm started gushing into my vaginal canal. I could feel that hot cum flowing into my pussy and running down my legs and belly, and in a few short seconds it was over. I sagged on my hands and knees panting like a dog in heat; I was dazed by the power and ferocity of his thrusts. Shit it was over and it hadn’t even stopped hurting, and with a quick yank and a loud wet squelch out it plopped followed by a surging gush of urine.”


“I’ve never peed so hard; I just knelt there on my hands and knees peeing, as relief washed over me. I started to sob that cock was out of me and I felt so empty and unfulfilled oh how I wanted him to mount me again. Jake went back and forth licking his dick then my pussy, and back to his dick. I watched as he licked that huge magnificent cock and oh how I craved to feel that thing inside me again. He started feverishly licking all over my thighs and genitalia; I knew I was about to be mounted when he started slathering his tongue up my side and back down. God I could feel my vagina suck in and dilate as his tongue slathered over my clitoris again and again, with those long slathery licks. It was so wildly erotic every noise every movement was orgasmic!”


“I started trembling, gasping, and grunting loudly as Jake lumbered onto me shuffling and shifting his weight moving into the sweet spot he found. I remember growling as I strained to support his weight my breath caught in my throat when I felt that powerful thrusting jab and in popped that monstrous cock. I felt it throbbing and squirting and our juices mixing and then squeeze out past that cock and run down my legs as he pumped it inside me; I could feel that knot pounding against my vulva and his testicles bouncing on my thighs with his thrusts, and with a yank out it popped. Again and again Jake jabbed his cock into me work it for several thrusts and yank it out. It didn’t hurt this time it was positively delightful I enraptured lost in a cloud of lust loudly grunting and groaning while he humped me!’”


“Jake would hop off when I came close to climaxing and lick my vaginal opening making me cum explosively and then lick his cock when my climax subsided. It was like he knew I was going to cum and wanted to drink my cream; when I was through cumming from his snaking tongue he climbed back on shuffled into the sweet spot and lick my ear and cheek and just lay on top of me gripping my waist. I could feel his cock touching and spraying my labia he just slowly licked my neck, face, and ear, and then snaked his wonderful tongue over my shoulder and into my armpit, ‘God’ that felt good; I was liberated licentiously liberated. I was going to cum again, I could feel myself climbing higher and the ache in my groin throbbing and my heart was pounding loudly in my ears just from feeling tip of his cock teasing my labia. He put his nose in my hair. I could feel his hot breath gusting on my neck as Jake slid his turgid wet cock into me and pressed that huge knot tightly against my vulva. Jake started taking long fast strokes, running the full-length, tip to the knot, pistonning it inside me. He paused while keeping that knot pressed tightly against my opening I knew that he was taking his time that this time it would last.”


“He shifted his grip, and tightened it and with a sharp powerful jab popped that horrendous knot into me. This time it felt fantastically good. Jake started working it inside me farther and faster. I felt his hairy haunches pressing tightly against my buttocks. I felt his head arch back and Jake let out a loud groaning growl and dropped it to my shoulder. He started frantically grinding his haunches tightly against my buttocks and grunting with every thrust and with a suddenness he froze just his ensconced cock throbbing inside me, and Jake’s hot breath gusting on my neck. I shrieked like a child when he started his powerful thrusting; my body quaked as his hot hairy haunches pounded against my buttocks and with the same suddenness he stopped. Again and again as we both neared climax he would stop, teasing our thirst.”


“This time when he started licking my ear I knew that he was going to let go; I dug my fingers and toes into the ground as I braced myself when I felt Jake tighten his grip around my waste and shuffle his hind legs between my thighs pressing his hot hairy haunches tightly against my buttocks. I shuddered violently as he began lunging convulsively shoving his cock deep and his sperm started gushing out, and with a few short spasmodic thrusts it was over; I saw stars again only this time it felt wonderful, I was weak, and when he pulled it out I dropped to the ground exhausted. I didn’t cum like an orgasm; I was over whelmed by sensations ‘electrifying!’ sensations. I don’t remember how many times we mated that day; we mated into the night. Jake was like an amorous young man making up for lost time, and I… I was intensely aroused the whole night I loved every second.”


“It was when I lay down face up on this moss-covered log that I felt my animal lust turn to love for. He started bathing me with his tongue it felt so soothing and arousing as he worked his way up my belly across my breasts when he found his way to my armpit Jake started sniffing and licking as if he were drinking in my scent my whole body shivered and sweat formed. He side stepped as moved his head to my other side and pushed his nose into my hairy underarm taking in deep breaths though his nose. I felt that knot rolling over my pelvis I spread my legs wide and rocked my hips and held my vaginal opening in front of his sheath trying to engage his penis when he reached my mouth I opened and he slithered that wonderful tongue in the same moment he slipped his cock into me and my body orgasmed as that huge knot past through my opening. I wrapped my arms and legs around his huge hairy body and the two of us just quietly lay there feeling each other’s heart beating I didn’t put clothes on for three days. During those three days Jake never left my side and every time I got aroused Jake was there; or if he wanted me he just looked at my pussy and start licking her and I would get into position I love the feeling of being mounted and having that horrendous cock thrusting inside me. We use that log often it is the perfect height and shape for making love to face to face I think Jake is starting to prefer that position.”


“Ever since then we have been having a steamy love affair. Jake knows when I’m in estrous; he wants me and stays close by my side. We will mate more than a dozen times in those three days. He even acts discrete around John. I love him and he loves me. I feel that we are star-crossed; meant to be.”


“Oh Joyce that was a wonderful story. You think he was trained?”

“I am certain of it but still there is something magical about his tact that goes beyond any training!”


“We are star-crossed too. We were and are meant to be lovers.” Alice cooed as she squeezed Joyce’s hand.


“Yes. I am glad that we found each other Alice.”


“You know Jake is the first lover that we have shared. He can tell you are in estrous by your scent?”


“Oh…! Yes…! He smells me. Jake acts different when I am just wet from being aroused.”


“How do you mean?”


“I can be off somewhere gardening or just walking, and think of you or another memorable lover and get aroused. Here comes Jake swaggering up the trail that huge penis and tongue hanging out and flailing to his stride. He’ll give me a good licking and then a good fucking. When I’m in estrous Jake stays by my side. He watches my every move, reading my body language perfectly. He knows exactly what, how, and when to mate with me. I pretend that I’m ‘his bitch’; I even act like an animal, when I half to pee I just pee right there on the ground. The funny thing about that is Jake lumbers over and pisses on that spot too.”


“Joyce I’ve never heard you talk like that about your self.”


“There is nothing wrong with it. Dogs don’t have an… ‘EGO’ men have an ego. I do belong to Jake.”


“So it wasn’t my period that attracted him but the way I smelled when I was hot?”




“And Casey what made her come on to me.”


“Oh she likes the taste of cum, male or female. She does a good of cleaning up after John leaves his healthy loads.”


“Do you think Jake is going to hit on me when I come into… estrous?”


“I don’t know you can’t be in a hurry to find out; but if it is a serious pounding you want I can put some of Casey’s scent inside you. That’s what I do when I want a more ardent mating from Jake. I think we should wait and see; you’re going to be here for a while.”


“God Joyce that sounds strangely fascinating and enticing. Have you ever wanted Jake to mate with Casey?”


“No. I won’t let Jake mate with her.”


“Why not?”


“I don’t want puppies. Any way I think Jake’s penis is much to big for her.”


“Yea I’m sure you are right.”


“Any way John, Jake, and Casey are enough for me to take care of.”


“I am sure you have plenty to do.” 


“Alice I was just outside your door when you were being mauled by Jake. I’m sorry for nosing but the sounds you two were making brought back wonderful memories of the first time we got together and the time that Jake and I became lovers. I had to watch while you were being mounted I became torridly aroused at the sight and sounds of your struggle. I knew you weren’t being hurt even though you thought you were. You realized like I did that it would have been easy to stop him if you ‘really…!’ wanted it stopped; like me you surrendered to your passion.”


“Yes. I wanted to scream rape at first, but it felt too good, so good it was scary. God I have never felt so panicky and desirous at the same time. But I do want Jake to do it again.”


“Oh… Alice there is plenty of Jake to go around. I’m sure we are going to have a remarkably wonderful time. But be careful I haven’t told John and I am not going to. I only told you, because we are so much alike and yet different. I had a fantastic fantasy ‘we had a threesome’ Jake mating with the both of us; I know the perfect place too.”


“God Joyce that is titillating; it sounds like… like ‘what are we waiting for’ fun, I am definitely game.”


“How much time do you have Alice?”


“I’ve given notice at the office. They know that I may not come back. I want to make some changes, and I don’t want to feel rushed.”


“Those are always good. Do you want to hang here at the farm?”


“Yes. Yes Joyce I do; I wanted to hear you ask. I want to stay with you for a while but only if you don’t mind.”


“Perfect timing I’ve been thinking of you and missing you; plus John is going to leave on a job that will last at least two maybe three weeks. John only knows that we are good friends, so we get the thrill of sneaking.”


“I’ve taken a first and a recall interview with my next boss. There are a few months before the position opens. So I have… we have time.”


“I value my solitude here on the island, while John is away on jobs.” Joyce affirmed, adding warmly, “Jake, Casey, and the other wild life are welcome distractions; ‘and you’ my friend, I am really glad to see you, stay as long as you like. ”


 Joyce rose and moved to the stove and asked, “Would you care for more hot water Alice?”


“Yes I would Joyce,” Alice smiled back and started to rise.


“Oh don’t get up I’ll bring it to you,” she giggled.


Joyce walked over, with the teapot, and from behind poured a fresh cup, placing her hand on Alice’s shoulder. She set the kettle on the pad standing close to her back gently put her other hand around her waste.


I felt her warm body moving onto mine slowly, gently moving her hands and arms along mine, until I was embraced. Oh I was starting to melt in the arms of my favorite lover. God she was making me hot. I knew it was going to feel, ‘Oh…! So…! Good!’ Joyce began kissing me under my ear, up behind it, and leaving her cheek on mine; quietly, warmly, whispered, “I love you Alice. I am so very glad to be with you, I have missed you.”


I leaned my head back into her breasts quietly felt her kissing me about the neck, fondling my breasts, rubbing my nipples with her thumbs. Tears welled in my eyes I tenderly whispered, “God! How you make me feel so loved Joyce, so much like a woman in love.” I sat there feeling Joyce holding me, so tenderly yet firm.


Joyce looked up at the clock and said, “What do you say to helping me get the meal ready, for the boys, if you’re not too tired. We have enough time to go upstairs, and fool around. The boys won’t be back for a few hours. Dinner is supposed to be late.”


“OH! Yes; yes that sounds like ‘the’ plan. How can I help?” saying with a warm wet smile. I was ready for Joyce’s sweet attentions.


“Get the veggie drawer from the fridge, I’ll get the cutting boards and knives,” Joyce gleefully directed.


We washed, sliced, chopped, and piled the veggies. We put the sauces out, started the steaks marinating, and opened the wine so it could breathe. Dinner was ready, so with a swish, off to the playroom giggling like little girls, and stripping our clothes off as we bounded up the stairs.


I was eager to feel the touches of my favorite girl friend and lover. My pussy was tingly with anticipation my nipples were already hard. Once in the room we took turns kissing, hugging, and melting away in each other’s arms, with flaming passion licking at our souls.


Joyce’s warm tender kissing made my head swim, my knees got weak and Joyce laid me across the bed, resting her hand just on my belly, while kissing me about my face. She is so intuitive with my seduction; each move leading to the next, all heightening my arousal, never staying to long or going to deep. She slid me to the center of the bed as she lay down beside, tenderly nibbled my ear while twiddling my nipple. She fondled my every little thing perfectly, with her fingers, tongue, and even her body caressed me. 


Joyce’s large hot body consumed mine, as she moved over me, god how I love feeling her weight upon me. My legs fanned wide and I tilted my hips, as she kissed my mouth coaxing it open with her fingers. I felt her tongue slide in, along mine, and roll about, slowly touching, tenderly fondling my teeth, gums, the folds of my cheeks, and tongue.


I could feel her juices spill out on my belly while she kissed my, mouth, my eyes, my cheeks, and sucked on my throat, sliding her tongue up and around my ear. I could feel my own juices welling up, oozing out, and pasting my panties to my fanny. I opened my mouth for a breath of air. I got one breath as Joyce again slid her tongue deep into my throat rolling from side to side probing every inch. She started rubbing her wet ‘wet’ pussy all over me I could feel her hard nipples brush me as she moved. I was getting lathered both from my friends fruit, and my own.


An ache, was starting again deep, in my stomach, it began to explode, when Joyce placed her hot mouth on my hard nipple, and twirled the other with her finger. Her other hand soon slid down my side caressing all the way to elastic band of my panties. With a skillful and precise movement slid in between my panties and liner with out pulling a hair or pinching the skin, and began to fondle my clitoris; teasing my vaginal opening, causing the labia to tingle and swell. It was like I hadn’t had any sex at all. I began yearning for sexual release. My vaginal muscles started convulsing and my breathing began to race. There was no straining or aching, no fear. I love Joyce and I knew she was going to milk my sweet cream, making me cum. Joyce was playing with me, and coaxing one very satisfying climax.


Joyce skillfully worked her first two fingers slowly penetrating my vaginal opening. Her thumb pressed my clitoris against her finger, stirring them together; pressing pulling probing never going to deep she knew just exactly where to stop. My heart was again pounding in my ears Joyce pulled her tongue out as I began to gasp, panting so. Quickly I climbed to the top of a climactic waterfall. My vagina was dilated wide, my juices flooding, out around her probing fingers, in a passing moment, I cried out “Oohh…! God! Oohh! God! Uuuhhhg! Phew. The orgasm washed over me in waves. Joyce stopped moving all together lying quietly, feeling my cream run out forming a pool. I looked into her eyes reached for her head and pulled her to my face and gave her a deeply passionate slow kiss thanking her. She knows exactly, what to do for me. I know she loves me and I love her. We lay there half-asleep for a long time. She started to get up I held onto her.


Joyce, said, “It’s my turn tomorrow, Lay there and rest, I’m going to start dinner. I can here the boys landing, sounds like they caught some fish.”


“Joyce you are my very mostest bestest friend I could hope to find.”


“Alice…I love you…I’m glad…we found each… other.” Joyce cooed between kisses, got up and headed for the door.


“Joyce… wait… If Jake is attracted to us when we are aroused; then why wasn’t he here?”


“He knows when he is needed. Do you need him?” Joyce ask coyly.


“Oh no I am satisfied. You do it goooodah!” Alice cooed dreamily.


“Any way I would bet Jake is out terrorizing the rabbit population; he really loves eating them poor little guys, almost as much as he loves eating pussy.” We both roared with laughter at her comparison.


Joyce is so kind we’ve been friends for years, I lay there thinking how long we’ve been friends, and how much we have been through, and shared. How she helped me back from a drug induced insanity. I lay there replaying the day; the drive and boat ride, renewing our dear friendship, always a wonderful feeling, especially nice with the island retreat. Jake raping me and really liking it; and how it really hurt at first but then it really felt good really good! I knew I was going to do it again we were going to do it together; I was so very glad to know Joyce was more than okay with it.


Alice sensed eyes on her as she lay on the bed, half-asleep. She was not alone, when she opened her eyes and looked she saw Steve looking on with a wet grin on his face. “Come here you fearless hunter, and give me a kiss.” Alice beckoned. He neared and leaned over and kissed me, lifted his head turned away, and came right back and gave her a more than passing kiss, “Hey you, sit a bit, tell me a fish story.” Alice urged.


“There is a fisherman on a boat with a poll in one hand, the other in ice chest, he was about to open another cooler, when a thought of you entered his mind.”


“That’s not much of a story.” I teased, “What did you think of?”


“You and how much you mean to me, ‘How’, nice it is to have you around, and how I wanted to save the last cooler for you,” He responded with a smile.


“How sweet, it’s just, you know I don’t like coolers.” Alice whined and pouted, till she noticed a grin form on his face.


He leaned to her ear, and whispered, “I know, I’m not to drunk to enjoy a little fooling around before dinner.”


“I’m having my period now,” Alice whispered wanting to keep her pants on to hide Jake’s scent and then twittered, “but I can still help you out sailor.” as she reached for Steve’s belt to unbuckle it relieved that he didn’t resist. She pulled his pants open to find a nearly hard dick bobbing with his heartbeat. A bead of precum formed in the hole, and dripped down the side of his shaft, before she could get it in her mouth. Alice wrapped her fingers around his helmet and squeezed it, then let it pop from between her fingers and watch it bob then grabbed it again. This time when she let it pop, a large stringer of precum sprang out, and Alice caught it with her tongue and sucked right down.


Every time she teased his dick Steve would sigh heavily. Alice started working the thick fleshy skin behind the head with her fingers, and the cum tube with her thumb and started suckling the slit circling it with tongue, getting it wet with his precum and her spit. Alice slowly slid her mouth down his semi hard penis, feeling it flex as she suckled.


Steve’s penis was fully erect when it hit the back of my throat and the images of Jake mounting me, exploded in my mind, and my heart leapt into my throat. I kept on milking it with my thumb at the base; I love to feel his penis pulse in my hand and mouth as I squeeze it, milk it, and suck it and drink the precum spilling into my mouth with each flex. As Steve’s seminal fluids coated my throat the memories of Jake were so real I could feel his sperm gushing into my vagina and his hot hairy haunches pounding against my buttocks and the sounds we made echoed in my ears.


Steve’s dick isn’t big, though there is enough to do the job, his sack hangs loosely, and his testicles are really big. He can deliver a large load of sperm. I’ve been with a lot of men, and none of them come close, to the amount Steve delivers.


I pulled him into bed shifting his pants a little lower, and looser, so I could get right on down to some good ole deep throating. I could feel his dick become rock hard, as I started sliding the full length of his penis into my mouth and down my throat; working it from the head to the hilt keeping it inside my mouth. I could feel little squirts of precum as I tongued his canal and rubbed it with my thumb, and milking it with my lips as I drew back following them with my hand up the rigid penile shaft to his soft fleshy helmet, milking the canal and soft skin below the head, again the images of Jake softly licking my ear and his hot breath gusting across my neck drifted into my mind.


 I let Steve’s penis pop out my mouth and he gasped and fidgeted, and I watched it throbbing from the shock. I started working his dick again, I could feel his arousal rings forming on his shaft, under the skin, I popped it out again this time he groaned and his whole body flexed, I watched his precum change from clear and runny to milky and thick as it was mixing with sperm. I started giving his balls a good licking and firmly dragging my teeth across his scrotum giving the skin some serious biting.


Steve was making a lot of noise now almost yelling, writhing to my every touch. I slobbered enough to wet his anus, so I could work my finger in and start milking the shaft from inside as well as outside, with my free hand. I knew sucking just the head, made him crazy. I could tell he was close as his anus squeezed and released, squeezed and released. Gripping my finger tighter and faster, so I stopped, and waited for him to settle, and get soft just a bit. I loved to tease it, and him.


His juice was streaming out now and getting thick. He was starting to tremble; his dick was pulsing with every little flick. I was working his penis deeper into my throat. I started short twisting strokes with my hand. My lips and tongue worked the head of his dick. I felt the arousal rings along his rock hard shaft, while taking longer deeper strokes firmly running my thumb along his distended canal.


With a sudden lunge and gasp a flood of cum filled my mouth spilling out onto my cheeks and shot down my throat. I couldn’t swallow fast enough. Sperm was squirting in huge floods of hot milky white cum flowed through my tightly closed lips onto my fingers and his belly. I waited a little while with his hard penis flexing in my mouth releasing small squirts swallowing them as I could. I licked his belly my fingers and his dick clean, and swallowed all that was left. His dick was still hard so I slipped my mouth back over it and down the shaft letting the head throb against the back of my throat. We lay there quietly savoring the experience. I love feeling the throbbing slow and the penis soften as though melting and the image of Jake’s limp body draped across my back filtered in and the sloshing squelch his cock made as he yanked it out.


“That was wonderful honey, I finely feel like I’m on leave; between car trouble, and traffic, I was starting to think we weren’t going to get away.” He teased quietly. “I think it must be feeding time at the zoo, I am really hungry?” Steve remarked.


“I think you’re right, we have steak and veggies, I helped Joyce put it together.” Alice bragged, coyly adding, “Joyce put together a heavenly dessert.”


We jumped up went to the shower, and washed up a bit. We both had to go pee, and I had to put on new panties and liner. We wanted to help with the dinner preparations. It was the first time in a while; we were all able to line up our vacations. The first time in a while we were all together at the island, and we were all looking forward to this break.  


End Chp 2

I am sorry for the delay in posting as I thought I had posted it and was waiting for it to show up but the long delay was my first and only clue.

I hope that you have had as much fun reading this story as I have had writing it. Chp. 3 is in the final editing phase and should be ready soon.

Pleas send any constructive comments to  or

And I will respond to all reasonable e-mails thank you for your time.


Prison Guard Dog Slut Day 2 Part 1

Parkstranger on Animal Stories

Prison Guard Dog Slut Day 2 Part 1

Yes, I realize my first description was a bit ‘off’ but when you’re relating a true story you tend to get quick and I do apologize – I got to quick. I’ll try to be better this time. And even better next time if you want more.

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2nd encounter with Charlie

My wife, Barb is 5'3" 125# with a dynamite bubble ass and legs that are not long but compact and nice as well she has 38D breasts that are just lovely to hold and play with. She is a farm girl and has that great wholesome look, if you know what I mean. At the time of this story she was 24 years old.

When Charlie picked Barb up the next morning, pretty much everything had changed – I mean as far as his attitude towards her was concerned. It wasn’t anymore one of respect and guided friendliness so to speak. He now was like a controller where the first thing he said was “hope you slept well because we have some fun happening tonight. She asked him what he meant by that and he just handed over her an envelope. In the envelope was three pictures of Buster fucking Barb and the last was when Buster came in her and her face had a look of absolute ecstasy. Barb was thinking “Oh no now what have I done?” Just as she was thinking this Buster came out of the back seat and started licking her face. Charlie looked over and said “I think Buster likes you and wants to be with you again.” Barb tried to distract him a bit by asking what he meant by the ‘fun’ tonight? He said he has some friends that would love to see what I seen last night and they want a little more than just watching and that he already showed them a couple of pictures. He then went on to say that he would use those pictures if he needed to (meaning he would show them or send them to people who could totally ruin her business.) All the time he had his hand up her skirt and was playing with her cunny and Buster was again trying to get back under her skirt with his tongue and was being very aggressive. The more Barb tried to discourage him the more aggressive he got. Barb just gave in.

She couldn’t stop Buster from assaulting her body and it was making her so horney again. She knew Charlie had her with the picts and, well she was totally leaking between her legs and Buster and Charlie knew it.  Charlie had his hand up her skirt and was making room for Buster again. Buster shoved his nose up under her skirt and went straight to her pussy. Barb automatically spread her legs for him. Charley pulled into a side road and said, “I think Buster need some satisfaction before we get to work and I think you do too.” Charlie found a spot behind some trees and pulled in and parked. He took Bard out of the car and laid her down on a blanket again, then pulled up her skirt and stripped her panties off and lifted her ass to offer it to Buster. She couldn’t believe how fast Buster was all over her. As soon as he did she came and came and Buster licked it up Again Buster mounted her and began his assault on her. She rose up and met his probing cock. He was so excited he couldn’t find his mark so she reached back and guided him into her.

Barb got mega fucked first by Buster and then by Charlie who took “sloppy seconds” after Buster first fucked her. Buster wasn’t quite done though as soon as Charlie was done he was back at her cunny looking to tongue her and she immediately melted when he shoved his tongue into her licking out Charley’s cum. She was now Buster’s bitch and Buster and Charlie knew it. She again offered herself to Buster and he was more than willing. He again mounted her and easily drove his huge cock into her and she accepted him with pleasure. He fucked her hard as he was so excited by everything that it didn’t take long for him to absolutely unload another cum load into her then of course his knot swelled up he had her impaled for the next 15 – 20 minutes or longer.

So before she got to her work that morning she was fucked three times – twice by Buster and once by Charlie. And she that night to look forward to as it seemed that Charlie had plans for her – my Barb was going to get gang banged and Buster and Charlie was going to help. if you wish to comment








frodo181 on Animal Stories

Sitting on my bed watching the TV, I watched as Ben wandered into my room and dropped himself down in front of my bed. Ben was my lovable large family mongrel that had been like a faithful companion since the age of ten.



“Hey boy, what you up to?” I asked watching him jump to his feet as his tail started its usual dance.



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t size="3">Playing with him for five minutes I eventually decided that I was missing enough of my programme and stretched out down the bed watching my daily dose of soap opera’s.



I had hardly stretched out before Ben was back down below my head and started licking himself.



Trying to ignore him I lifted my eyes to the TV again watching my soap opera. Not that I was shy by any manner of means, but watching a dog lick his own balls wasn’t something that I added to my “want to do” list in life.



Yet the more I lay there trying to concentrate the more I had this impulse to look down, having fought it for about 30 seconds I finally let my eyes drift down watching in shock as Ben lay licking his now large cock that was poking out of his sheath.



“Shit, he’s bigger than I expected” I thought watching his tongue run along five inches of cock.



“Okay I’ve seen it now, just watch the programme” I thought lifting my eyes back to the screen for a few seconds as I felt the urge build to look down again.



As my eyes dropped I watched Ben continue to lick himself, his cock hadn’t got any larger, but for some obscure reason I was fascinated.



Yet as quickly as he had started he suddenly stopped then dropped his head down onto the floor and quickly fell asleep as I watched his cock slip back into its sheath.



Then suddenly it hit me, I had only been watching Ben for a matter of minutes. But my panties were absolutely soaking.



Lifting myself off the bed I headed through to the living room trying to forget the whole sorry affair. Okay so I had watched my dog groom and maybe it had turned me on slightly, but I was 15, I had plenty of guys in my class that would, given the chance appease my desires.



The following morning I sat talking to my best friend, then happened to casually mention about Ben washing himself.



“I mean like it was huge” I gave a dirty laugh listening to her laugh with me.



“Now you can understand why some people like to make video’s about that sort of thing” Melanie added then burst out laughing



“Eh!” I said watching her laugh. “You mean you’ve never seen one of those videos” Melanie asked as I shook my head watching her smile.



“Leave it to me, I’ll see what my brother has got” Melanie said with a dirty grin.



The following day Melanie appeared into school then handed me a tape explaining that from what she understood, that video should give me all the information I needed.



By lunch time I was desperate to see what all the fuss was about, my afternoon classes weren’t important so I decided to head home and watch the video instead.



Pressing play on the machine, I sat on my bed watching as a woman sat on the floor watching a video, within minutes she was rubbing her dog’s stomach gently.



It only seemed to take a few seconds, but lo and behold the large dog started to enjoy her rubbing a little too much.



Before I had time to draw breath the woman had her hand rubbing gently against this beast’s warm cock, as the beast lay on its back enjoying her touch.



Ever so slowly the camera panned in giving a close up view of this hard red cock bobbing gently to her touch.



I sat watching unable to believe that just watching this was starting to create fluids between my legs; my mind raced wondering when she would finally let the dog have her. Little did I realise that what she was about to do was to make me feel exceptionally horny.



I sat watching as without warning the woman turned onto her hands and knees then thrust her mouth down between the dog’s legs, before parting her lips allowing this large dog cock to slip easily into her mouth.



Suddenly like lightning my pussy started to pulse with pleasure watching her mouth slip up and down this dog. It seemed so wrong and disgusting yet it seemed so erotic at the same time.



Slipping my hand under my skirt, it took no time at all until I was playing with my hard clit watching my first blow job given to a dog. Yet she had hardly started before the dog had rolled over onto his feet and was sniffing and licking wildly.



The woman remained on her hands and knees as the dog continued to run his firm tongue between her lips as she knelt moaning enjoying every delicate brush of his tongue.



“Oh good boy” I hissed watching the dog continue to use it’s tongue to such beautiful effect. Suddenly from the corner of my eye, the bedroom door opened as I jumped with fright trying to grab the remote for the video.



Much to my relief it was Ben, I sat watching as he curled up and lay down at the foot of my bed as I looked back at the screen just in time to see this magnificent beast rear up and try to mount his bitch.



“Oh shit” I groaned increasing the intensity of my finger as I watched the dog start to hump air then drop back to his feet again then start licking her again.



By now I was burning, I didn’t care what happened, as long as it led me to an orgasm. A few seconds later the dog reared up again, and much to the delight of the woman finally found his mark. I sat watching what must have been at least 8 inches of prime dog cock slip easily inside her.



Suddenly like a jack hammer the dog started using her pussy for it’s own gratification. The dog’s hips moved quicker than any man could ever have managed as he continued to pound her as she lay moaning with the intense pleasure.



“Oh fuck, I need that” I hissed looking down at Ben as he slept at the foot of my bed.



Slipping off the bed and quickly discarding my skirt and panties, I dropped to my knees in front of the screen hoping that Ben would take the hint and fill me the same way this woman was being filled.



A few seconds later I knelt watching something appear that I hadn’t seen before, it was the dog’s knot and it was huge compared to the rest of his cock.



By now the woman was gasping heavily having already experienced her first orgasm. Yet undeterred the beast continued to pound away as I watched his red cock plunge mercilessly into her as she started to enjoy a second round of pleasure.



Yet without warning, I felt a gust of air at my bum then turned to watch Ben sniff gently before pushing out his tongue catching me flush between my lips. Just the thought of what he had done sent shivers through me.



“Good boy” I groaned feeling his tongue continue to lick my pussy, feeling the roughness of his tongue more and more stimulating.



“Oh Ben please for me” I groaned turning my head back to the screen allowing Ben to continue licking my desperate pussy.



I had hardly turned back to the screen when I watched the dog with one good thrust, push his giant knot inside this woman as she let out a long groan as the dog continued to ram himself inside her then stop.



I didn’t need explaining as I watched the dog start to move his legs uncontrollably bouncing about as if he was standing on hot tiles.



This beast had finally filled his bitch with love seed and stood for a few seconds, before I looked round just at the right time to watch Ben finally take the bull by the horns and finally mount my pale skin grabbing at my hips with his sharp paws.



“oh man” I groaned feeling Ben find his mark, as his large cock slipped into my petite body, yet what surprised me the most was the fact that once he was in, it felt like his cock started to grow inside me, stretching my little pussy.



“Oh shit” I hissed grabbing the carpet and holding on for dear life as Ben started his hips moving as he plunged deep into my now drenched pussy.



“Oh good boy” I groaned feeling my pussy finally try to clamp round his large cock before sending waves of ecstasy through my body as my orgasm finally hit as I let out a major groan.



It was now my turn to feel what this woman had felt earlier, Ben continued to rapidly pound his large cock deep inside me trying to invade my womb as I lay trying to work out why after an orgasm I still felt as horny as hell.



Ben’s cock continued to surge inside me as my pussy instantly responded to his cock sending pulses of pleasure through my body with each thrust of his cock.



Suddenly my breathing was laboured as my orgasm started to build again.



“Good boy” I hissed, suddenly my joy turned to overwhelming pain as Ben pushed the last remaining part in. his knot seemed to stretch me to breaking point, as the pain shot through my pussy for a few seconds then subsided.



I hissed heavily then relaxed feeling my pussy now respond to the extra length, it felt like he had pushed through my womb and was now trying to fill my stomach with his large cock.



Suddenly my pussy was now contracting tightly enjoying every inch being pumped into me.



“Fffffuuucckkk” I groaned feeling my pussy contract one last time clamping around him before firing a heavy orgasm through my body again.



Whether it was my orgasm or just amazing timing I knelt on the floor enjoying the final throws of my orgasm then suddenly felt Ben finally reach his own climax then pump what seemed like gallons of his warm seed deep inside me as I knelt enjoying the hot fluid rushing into me.



Ben stopped his advances then stood for what seemed like ages as I tried to move then realised through pain that Ben and I were tied together.



Suddenly fear coursed through my body as I wondered how long I would be tied to my rampant master. Would I be caught? How would I explain this away?



Yet a couple of minutes later Ben gave a final twist then pull as my pussy responded with intense pain as I heard a popping noise. Ben had finally freed himself and wandered away happily as I felt his fluids gush down my thin legs.



I knelt on the floor finally coming to terms with what I had done and the immense pleasure that my faithful companion had given me. Before heading to the shower trying to wash away any trace of what had happened.



The rest of the day I spent trying to clean the stains off my carpet where some of his fluids had dripped as I packed the video back into my bag then returned it to Melanie.



It didn’t take long for me to pluck up the courage to entice Ben back into my room to use his bitch again. Yet the greatest surprise was to come. A chance discussion with Melanie told me that I wasn’t the only person to act out what I had seen.



Within weeks Melanie and I had taken our friendship to a whole new level.



A Quiet Night In 2

paul1254 on Animal Stories

                                             A Quiet Night in 2

After the first time my wife Lynn had let Rebel our Alsatian fuck, her I didn't quite know what to expect, it wasn't mentioned for a couple of days so I didn't know if Lynn was having feelings of guilt.  As much as I enjoyed it at the time I wasn't going to push her, she said she enjoyed it on the night, but I was wondering if she was having second thoughts, so I kept quiet.

The next weekend we had the house to ourselves, and Lynn suggested staying in and watching a film, so as normal I took Rebel for his walk whilst Lynn had a shower and got the drinks.  When I got home Lynn

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was sat on the sofa watching a blue movie, wearing a black silk bath robe that I bought her for her birthday.  Having a quick drink I said that I was going for a shower and don't start without me, she then looked at Rebel and told him to behave himself, I shot upstairs thinking to myself that I might be lucky, I had a shower having a play with my cock whilst I was in there, thinking about what happened last time Rebel had fucked Lynn and how much it turned me on, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and just thinking about it got my cock hard. I got out of the shower got dried and put on a towelling bath robe that I had borrowed from a hotel (as you do) and went downstairs.

When I walked into the lounge Lynn was still watching the blue movie, so sitting down next to her I got my drink and put my arm round her shoulder and settled down to watch the film, it wasn't one of the greatest films that I have seen, there was no story, it was a beautiful young girl, but when the bloke walked in she was already naked, I mean how many times does that happen in real life,

I had my arm over Lynn's shoulder so I naturally put my hand down and started rubbing her nice tit, Lynn's tits are not all that big, but they are nice and firm and her nipples are very big and sensitive, she loves them being played with, she let out a low moan of pleasure when my fingers touched them saying that it felt good because of the silk, it made them even more sensitive than normal, as I caressed her tit rubbing her nipple with my finger, I gently tweaked it until it stood out and then run my finger around it.  Lynn rested her head on my chest quietly moaning with pleasure, as she aroused.  Do you like this film she asked? Not a lot I replied,  well she said put another one on, the one on the top will do.

When l had put in this DVD and sat down, l saw it was another bestiality film.  Lynn laid down with her head in my lap, so l was able to pull her robe open and see her lovely tits, l put my hand on one and continued what l had started earlier caressing and playing with her nipples.  Lynn's eyes where glued to the screen, watching this girl playing with a dogs cock, she was on her hands and knees, not only was she playing with it, she was licking it as well.

Lynn let out a gasp when she saw this, l wondered whether she was wondering what Rebels cock would feel like in her mouth, Lynn loves getting my cock in her lovely mouth, and giving me a blow job until l cum, she always swallows it, and says she likes the taste of my cum.

I undid her robe, pulling it apart, she had on a sexy pair of small black silk knickers, which already had a wet patch on them where she had been leaking, l put my hand onto them and slid my finger along the crack of her cunt, she really must like what she was watching because her pussy was so hot and wet.  Lynn lifted her arse up and told me to take her knickers off, l pulled them down and Lynn kicked them off, l could then look at her beautiful shaved pussy, it doesn't matter how many times l have seen it, l can never get enough of it, l slid my hand down Lynn's smooth flat stomach, as l got nearer to her fanny she opened her legs, so l slid my hand straight onto her pussy, rubbing her clit with my finger, she was so wet her pussy was hot and felt like silk because of the amount of love juice that was leaking out of her cunt.  I pushed a finger into her tight wet cunt rubbing her clit with my thumb as l fucked her with my finger.  Lynn moaned and groaned gooddddd  that feel sssoo good, she undid my robe and put her hot mouth over my hard cock, taking it all in, as only she can. I put another finger into her pussy and continued to fuck her with my fingers, l could feel her pussy tightening on my fingers as she became more aroused, l pulled my fingers out and put them in my mouth so that l could taste her beautiful love juice.  Lynn still had my cock in her mouth and l could feel her tongue playing with the end of it as she slid her mouth up and down my length, l knew the way she was going it wouldn't be long before l was filling her mouth with my cum.  I put another finger into her pussy and she moaned with pleasure, l quickened up the pace that l was fucking her pussy with my fingers, going faster and harder, she opened her legs as wide as she could so l could get more of my hand in, her pussy was tightening and shaking on my fingers so l knew it wouldn't be long before she came, her pussy was running with love juice, Lynn always got very wet which was another reason that l loved her so much as l found this very sexy, l got that tightening feeling in my stomach and balls and knew l was on the verge of cumming.  Lynn's breathing was getting faster and she was pushing her pussy onto my fingers, l grabbed hold of one of Lynn's nipples and tweaked it hard pulling and nipping it with my finger.  I felt Lynn let go and cum, juice gushed out of her fanny as she came, and her whole body shook with the power of her orgasm, this sent me over the edge and l screamed and shouted IIImmccuuuummmmmmmiinnnngggg l felt my cock jump and twitch as l shot my load into Lynn's mouth l felt her swallowing it all, l then turned her head round and gave her a kiss putting my tongue deep into her mouth and tasting my own cum telling her how much l loved her, l love you too she replied.

We sat up after this had a drink, Lynn said l missed a lot of the film, its your fault she said laughing, your cock got in the way, l playfully smacked her leg, and gave her the moke so that she could rewind the film.

Lynn wound the film back to where the young girl was licking the dogs cock, she put her mouth over the end of the dogs cock and slid her mouth up and down the cock.  I said to Lynn it looks like she's enjoying that, yes Lynn replied.  I called Rebel into the room, and said to Lynn there you are have a go, l know you want to.

Rebel came up to Lynn and straight away put his nose in-between her legs onto her cunt, Lynn gasped as his cold nose hit her cunt, Rebels tongue came out and he started licking Lynn's pussy. Lynn opened her legs and starting moaning and groaning saying how nice it felt, and his tongue was going all the way in, l could se the juice running out of her pussy, which made Rebel lick even harder and deeper trying to get it all.

I could see Rebels cock poking out of its sheath, and l said to Lynn Rebel likes the taste of you as well as me look at his cock, Lynn looked and seeing his cock starting to come out reached forewords and put her hand round it, gently stroking it, she was still being licked by Rebels big tongue and was moaning and sighing with pleasure all the time.  Her actions soon had all of Rebels cock out of its sheath all 8 ½ inches of it, oooohhhh look at that Lynn said, pushing Rebel away she got on her hands and knees beside him, this made it so her pussy was straight in front of me.  She then got hold of his cock, and putting her head down licked it, Rebels cock twitched when she did this, so he must have liked it., Lynn then put her mouth over his cock and slid it all the up his cock nearly reaching the knot, Rebel started to hump his body which pushed his big cock in and out of Lynn's mouth, Lynn gagged but kept it in, moving her head so it didn't go in to far.

I put my hand onto her pussy and rubbed her clit, Lynn opened her legs, l have never seen so much love juice come out of her cunt before, it was running down her thighs onto the carpet, l put two fingers into her pussy, she was so hot and wet her pussy lips where swollen and this made them open so l could see the pink inside her cunt, it was so sexy, l just wanted to bury my cock in her pussy, but l also wanted to see her fuck Rebel again so l didn't.  With my other hand l wiped some juice of her leg so my fingers where wet and silky from her love juice, l then played my finger round Lynn's tight little arse hole, as soon as Lynn felt this she pushed herself back trying to push my finger in, but l wasn't ready yet and just kept teasing her.  Lynn took her mouth of Rebels cock, and shouted FUCK MY ARSE  with your finger,  Lynn took Rebels big hard cock back into her mouth, and continued sucking him.  I pushed a finger into her arse, and Lynn pushed back that hard it went in all the way to the knuckle, so now she had two fingers fucking her pussy and another one fucking her arse.  I was so aroused watching Lynn sucking Rebels cock and me fingering her in both her love holes l nearly came right then, pre cum was leaking out of my cock, and l was that hard it hurt.

After a while of doing this, Lynn suddenly pulled herself of my fingers and taking her mouth off Rebels cock, turned round and presenting her beautiful gorgeous pussy and arse to Rebel, said l want Rebel to fuck me now, l want a big cock in my cunt.

Rebel need telling what to do he gave Lynn's pussy a couple of licks, then jumping up he mounted her, l got on the floor beside them so l could see Rebels cock go into Lynn's pussy, Rebel had a couple of goes at trying to find the hole, so l got hold of his cock and lined it up for him.  Lynn was shouting FUCK ME REBEL FUCK ME GIVE ME YOUR BIG COCK, as soon as Rebel felt his cock enter he pushed it in, nearly sinking the whole lot in first time, Lynn screamed OOOOHHHHH  FFFFUUCCKKK THATS SSSSOOOOOOO GGGGGOOOOOODDD.  After a couple of pushes Rebel started really fucking Lynn hard, pushing his cock in all the way to the knot, Lynn was shouting FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME OOOOHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUCCCKK MMMMEEEE her body tensed up and started to shake and Lynn screamed IM CCCCUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGG l could see her love juice squirting out of her pussy when Rebels cock went in.  Lynn was still shaking l thought she was going to pass out with pleasure, Rebel was fucking her even harder now, and Lynn was matching him stroke for stroke, pushing back onto his cock when he pushed forewords, l could see his knot which was the size of a tennis ball pushing against Lynn's pussy opening it up a bit more every time, Lynn was screaming FFFUUUCCKK MEEE  FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK MMMMEE FFUUUUCCKKK MMMEE WITH THE KNOT I WANT IT l was so turned on listening to her saying this l don't even think she knew l was there she was in her own world, the only thing that mattered to Lynn was getting fucked by Rebels big cock. Rebel moved his back legs forewords so he could push harder and I watched amazed as Rebels big knot sank into Lynn's cunt, she screamed OOOOHH  FFUUCCCKK ITS IN IMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG OOOOOHHHH, Rebels strokes where not so long now but he still pushed in as hard, Lynn was now a wreck and just kept saying OH GOD OH GOD THAT'S SO GOOD FUCK ME FUCK ME, I'm cumming all the time.  Rebel let out a long howl, and Lynn said l can feel it, its so hot, he's filling me with his cum OH FUCK she shouted I'm cumming again.  Rebel gave a extra hard push and then stood still.  Lynn had had enough or so l thought as she had collapsed as was being held up on Rebels cock by the knot.  Rebel was trying to get off, but all he was doing was dragging poor Lynn, l stroked him and calmed him down, until the knot went down, and with a loud pop his cock came out of Lynn's fanny, he then went and laid down and licked his cock clean.  l couldn't believe how much juice came out, Lynn reached back with her hand and bought some up to her mouth, where she licked it all off saying it tasted so good, she then reached back again and put some more on her fingers but this time she put her fingers into my mouth and l licked and sucked it all off.

I got down between Lynn's legs and licked her fanny, pushing my tongue up as far as l could, Lynn wrapped her legs around my neck, which made it even easier to get at her beautiful pussy l wet a finger and pushed it into her arse, Lynn let out a sigh of pleasure and wriggled her arse on my finger, l played with her clit with my other hand rubbing it round and round, l then gently nibbled it with my teeth pulling it, Lynn was writhing about on the carpet and it was hard to keep my finger up her arse and my mouth on her fanny.

Lynn pushed me off her, and getting onto her knees pushed me onto my back.  Getting on top of me with a leg either side of my waist, she leaned down and started to kiss me on my shoulders and neck whispering in my ear that she loved me a lot and was going to prove it. 

She kissed me deeply on the lips putting her tongue into my mouth and playing with my tongue, l felt her pussy rubbing against my still hard cock, she then got lowered herself onto my cock, even though Rebels cock was bigger than mine her fanny was still nice and tight.  After a couple of strokes Lynn lifted her fanny off my cock, and reaching back got hold of my cock and positioned it on her tight little arse hole, l couldn't believe it, she had always said that my cock was to big for her arse, still kissing me gently lowered herself onto my cock, she broke of the kiss and said its so big, l can feel it stretching my arse, it felt so tight l thought that it wont go in, but slowly l felt Lynn arse relaxing and it slid in, Lynn moaned and said that it hurt a bit, l told her to stop but she said no, l want you to fuck my arse.  Lynn lowered herself a bit more, and looking l could see that about 3 inches had gone in.  Lynn started riding my cock up and down taking a bit more each time, she was now moaning and l said does it hurt? No she said it feels good, l can feel it inside my arse going up and down, it was that tight on my cock l could feel every movement that Lynn made, Lynn sank all the way down on my cock and it all went in, she then lifted herself up till only the head of my cock was in her, then lowered herself down again until she had it all again, OOOOOHHHHHH she said thats so good, she then speeded up going faster and faster OOOOHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKK MY ARSE she screamed as she rode my cock up and down.

This was too much for me and l said l was going to cum YES Lynn shouted CUM IN MY ARSE Lynn reached down and played with her clit, and l got hold of her tits and squeezed them and pulled the nipples, OH IM CCCCUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG l screamed SO AM I screamed Lynn, she collapsed onto my chest, giving me a deep loving passionate kiss.  We laid like that for a while just gently kissing each other, until my cock shrank and then Lynn lifted herself off.  Right she said getting hold of my hand, l am well and truly fucked, lets go to bed.  Before we went to sleep Lynn said that she wasn't going to let Rebel fuck her tonight but just couldn't resist it once she got turned on and remembered what it was like last time, she said we would do it again, the way Rebel fucks her is so brutal and hard and feels so good.  Its so different to making love to you, where theirs love and feeling in it.  Do you mind she asked? No l replied it so good watching Rebel fuck you, and seeing you cum so much.  I love you she said as she fell asleep.

It does happen again.  So if you want more please Email me   



Another Day

SJ12 on Animal Stories

I had just finished another tiring day at work and had decided to go home, so i switched off my PC and the lights to my half of the office area and proceeded to go out of the building. Once out of the building i had remembered that i had complied a shopping list of items that i required urgently for my flat such as Milk, Loaf of Bread and margarine and some vegtables. So i decided to quickly nip into the local store to purchase these items and head for home as i wanted to catch up with some of my favourite soaps and have some dinner, so i got my shopping list items and got into the car and drove off and arrived home quicker than normal as i had worked late into the evening from normal office opening hours which were til 6pm. When i arrived home i got out of the car

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and proceeded to the steps which would lead me into the front porch area, when through the front door i went to my flat door and opened it only to be greeted by my pet German Shepard Dog "Toby".

I reached the kitchen area and put away all the shopping except the vegtables which i left to one side and went into the hall taking my jacket and shoes off and then went into the living room switched on the TV, i then decided to have some dinner and went into the kitchen rustled some food up for myself and also at the same time i put some dog food into a bowl and gave it to Toby. I then progressed into the living room sat on the sofa and started to eat my Dinner after finishing i had also finished watching the television so i switched it off and left the dishes in the kitchen sink, i then took a cucumber out of my shopping bag and took it with me into my bedroom and i think you know what i did with that.

I stripped off all my clothes onto the floor and slid onto the bed i then got the cucumber and inserted it into my cunt which i had been waiting for this moment all day. Then all of a sudden Toby entered the bedroom probably because of hearing the sounds he came up to me and sniffed my partially dripping clit and i removed the cucumber from my cunt only for Toby to quickley put his long tomgue into the pussy which made shivers go down to my spine with excitement. Then at this moment of time i was feeling very horny so i went onto the floor and went down onto my knees and called Toby closer to me.

His cock did not need throbbing by me or anything as he was already long and hard so i guided his cock into my pussy and left him to do the rest, he was in and out like no-one's business and getting faster everytime. Finally he must of came at least 3 to 4 times in to me but i was too tired to go any furtherso i moved forward and he moved back and ran out of the room into the hallway. So now feeling so exhausted i went into the bath and had a good long soak, after about half an hour i came out and proceeded to my bedroom again and went under the duvet and nearly instantly went to sleep.

This is my first time writing any type of true story like this on the net, but would appreciate any comments on the following email address:


itsonlyfun on Animal Stories

 Sandra's horny guilt left me horny and sticky.

 But first I had some explaining to do to my hubby.


 Having got home from my dirty performance for Sandy I plonked down in my chair and drifted off to sleep. The next thing I remembered was as I drifted from my slumbers my skirt was rising up my legs. Fuck that's not Bruce's nose,that's someones hand. On opening my eyes, "You silly fucker,you frightened me then" It was my hubby back from work and as always as horny as a bull.

 As I still had no knickers on he went straight for my pussy,then as my skirt reached abov

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e my pubes and his hand found my slit a finger sunk in me then stopped. "You randy bitch why didn't you wait for me? you're as sticky as hell,hang on what's these scratches? Bruce,you got her when I wasn't here to watch,you rotten sod I 'spose you're to fucked to get her again,go on Jackie let him get you,know wonder you were asleep,he must have fucked you real good and hard"

 "Don't be stupid and stop jumping to conclusions,those marks were from the last time you watched" "Oh ah! and I suppose all that goo up you has been there for all that time?" "Don't be stupid that was you this morning" - I lied - "I left it in there because it felt sexy" "Oh! alright then let him have you for me,go on ple-ea-se" "I might in a bit" My cunt was aching from my session at Sandy's but what else could I say.

 Then there was a knock at the door, "Who will that be?" "I don't know Rich' just go and see,I can't can I? without knickers" This was absolute rubbish as I often did. I just needed some time even a small bit of time to scheme my way out because if he started looking in me he wasn't daft and would realise that the spunk wasn't of his making. It turned out to be Sandy. "I left that catalogue down here and I needed to take a look" Plonking down in the chair next to me,my hubby was quick to sit down in his favourite vantage point and as I watched his eyes,I knew he was trying to see up my friends skirt the fucking horny bastard. That will take the heat off me,I hope to fuck she's still bare skinned up there.

 I didn't have long to wait before my Richard's pants started to rise,definately naked pussy I bet. Even better as Sandy spotted the catalogue between our chairs she just stetched and twisted back and over a way to retrieve it. My husbands eyes said it all,they were riveted on the view.He must be looking at some very sticky pussy lips below a nice round naked ass. Realising I'd seen his ogle a self consious smirk crossed his face and cheekily he moved forward a bit in his chair and made as if to lick at her pussy and he very nearly got caught doing it by Sandy.

 Sandy pinking up slightly, "Did I miss something then?" Meekly my hubby said,"No,I was just thinking" "mmmm" was all Sandy said but looking at my smile knowingly, "If I thought" as she made to go and making a playful slap towards my husbands face. "Ha! Ha! see you pm tomorrow" Then she was gone. "I know she seen you Rich' I bet you would and all" Rich is now on a back foot. "She's not the sort" "But I bet you'd like to" - While thinking if he only knew, - What a heel I am! Well!

 Wishing to keep his mind from me and Bruce, "I bet I could talk her into it if you really wanted it" "Oh yeah and just how would you do that?" "A swap" Richard looked deep and long at me, "You serious? let me get you right,what you mean is if she would,you would with her Charlie?" Saying nothing I just smirk a bit,that got his mind focused away from Brucy.


 Come the morrow I can't wait to see Sandy and get her story. I'm like a cat on hot bricks waiting for after lunch. I did have a small diversion,the horny gang were watching me from their lean to. So as my flirt switch was at go I fussed round out my front with brush and dust pan. Normally I'd use a broom but I realised a hand brush without coopying down,just bent over would give a desirable rear view at my legs/thighs/ass cheeks. That aught to fix them, oh! and as always no bra with a plunging neckline just for good measure when facing in their direction. No imagination these guys,just wolf whistles.

 Of course they were to thick to realise when I was bent forward but facing away from them,their antics were clearly reflected in my lovely clean windows. Clean because I made a habit of standing on a step ladder while clad in a seriously short skirt to wind their hormones up at every opportunity. Today being no exception in my windows I watched as they grabbed their wedding trophies and made guestures in my direction that can only be stated as grossly obscene and I loved it. I knew exactly where they wanted these items placed,they'll be lucky,well one had been!

 Now settled inside I awaited Sandy, - Now Sandy was not adverse to swearing - I heard a movement that I guessed was Sandy's arrival. "Fuck off and mind your own business and NO you can't come in with me,we want to be by ourselves" THWACK! Opening the door Sandy popped in rather quickly as one of the gang made across the road. "That Thwack I heard,his face?" "YEAH,The swine put his hand up my skirt and grabbed my ass cheek!" "Fuck 'um"

 She quickly settled down and I'm not inclined to think she was as pissy about their hankering as she liked them to think. "Yeah! I was going to tell you" "Hang on" She lifted up and pulled the gusset of her knickers out the crack of her ass, "That was that Jimmy,fucker!" "Yeah so going back to when I was at home, I had a little job when I was quite young,it helped my widowed mother a bit with money,our ma had been a widow for some years and quite a few of the women in our small community were as well. Anyway,I always rushed home at the first opportunity to take our dog,well my dog out through the fields.

 This day on getting home Gyp,that was his name, was nowhere to be see. I saw my mother out in the yard holding against the end wall by our lane. I called out the window you okay ma,where's gyp? In a strained voice she answered,yeah I'm alright you go on he'll be in there somewhere,I'll be in,in a bit. All very stange I am thinking because my mother's voice seemed sort of funny like faultering which is why I wondered if she was alright.

 So stepping back from the window a bit but still keeping an eye on her to see she would be okay,in a little while she arched her back and was qite quietly making little grunts then she done a couple of long grunts and her ankle length skirt was shaking. I could see her knuckles were going white as she clung on to the wall. I made for the door intending to go to her aid,I opened the door and as I got just partly through the door to my amazement,Gyp appeared out from under my ma's skirt wagging his tail at me while licking his mouth.

 In my innocence I took no notice of his thing hanging out because living in the country I'd seen all sorts of animals with their's hanging and Gyp was no exception,he very often had some showing when we romped in the fields and he did try to hump me at times and even then it always gave me a funny feeling. So before I got any farther Gyp was on me jumping and excited.

 By this time mt mum had steadied and walked up the path. "See I'm okay now it was nothing" I thought little of this but when I got to our special place I lay down as usual and was just looking under Gyp,his thing was still a bit red and their was some clear sticky dangling on its end. I hadn't seen any of that before and just lay thinking about this and smoothing his ear as he now lay along side me.

 As I thought about what I'd witnessed I thought I'll put mum's skirt on as I often did when acting the mother roll and let Gyp go under it as I had now worked out that was where he was when I couldn't see him. At this stage I knew I had to pull her skirt above my breasts because she was taller and so at the first time I was alone I did just that.

 Going out to the garden wall I re-inacted my mum's happening. Nothing much happened except Gyp licked above my knee's then sat there and I could feel his hot breath going on my legs. I just couldn't figure why my mother was making those weird sounds. But on reflexion over a few days this played on my mind then it clicked I remembered my mother didn't where drawers only on Sunday's. So at the first opportunity,off came my knickers and on went the skirt.

 Now there came a very different response from my Gyp. I could feel him sat under and in no time he was lapping through my slit,it was quite hard as he slapped his tongue on me and pretty soon I started to feel funny. Understand I had never done anything other than pee with my pussy up till then. The harder he licked the more I found my legs were opening,then it really started to make me go funny, - course I no now he had his tongue doing my clit but then I just thought I was having a turn like my mam did.

 It then made me pee myself but un-detered Gyp just kept licking this away. I was now really liking the feeling then my legs went wobbly and I kept whispering,Gyp stop now,stop now, but he didn't and pretty soon I had my first and most ferocious orgasm. Fuck it put the shits up me I can tell you. I grabbed my cunt through the skirt and ran in home with Gyp leaping along behind me trying to hump my leg.

 I sat in the chair to recover and panicked when I saw not a bit of dog cock,but the whole thing,knot and all,fuck it was huge to my eyes. I was shitting mum would come home and realise what I'd been up to and how would I explain Gyp's dangling knob. It didn't happen and I was relieved when it eventually disappeared again. I was really curious now though about the sensation I'd had and what my ma was up too.

 Everybody knew everybody and Charlie had a bit of a reputation with the widows but I hadn't realised why. Just after this happening,I saw Charlie go out our back gate as I came in. I took no notice as people tended to go in and out of each others homes all the time. I said to my mum,Charlie just gone? Yeah!I got him to pop in to control Gyp he was getting on my nerves.

 How strange Gyp was as good as gold. So when I saw Charlie I thanked him for helping mum and he grinned fit to bust. What,I asked? "Nothing it just made me think back,that's all" So as I was heading for the field I asked him if he wanted to walk as well, - course as you know he's somewhat older than me - so he did,our conversation was nothing out of the ordinary,then I touched on my mum's strange behaviour when by the wall. Was it why he had to control Gyp again?

 Smiling he said "In a way it was" but nothing to worry about its in more a way of excitement not illness. I know say's I. Oh! what do you know? I went beetroot, blurting out,I tried so there! No response then,show me. I felt all excited, - I didn't realise at this time what a horny little bitch was lurking within. - No you show me then,being 18 I was full of myself with young men given the chance like now. Anyway,why do the widows refer to you as stud Charlie?

 "You really want to know?" Yeah I do! without further ado he opened his fly and pulled,well you know what he pulled out. I didn't freak but how he was sitting it was nearly down to his knee and it was soft. Course I knew all about animals hardons but hadn't seen a man's hard or soft. "Do you get it now?" Yes. "Go on then show me now" I stood up and lifted my hem and showed him. "Take your knickers off for christ sake,show me what Gyp done" Only if you tell me what was wrong with Gyp. "Nothing it was just your mother needed help to hold him. Hold him? "You know to stop him pulling" Why? "because she was going to get and he waggled his huge cock a bit"

 That one? "Yeah,after" The penny dropped then. My mum fucked Gyp to get Charlie to fuck her. I should have freaked I know but I was totally enthralled. Is that why you want to see Gyp lick me? Bold as brass Charlie replied, "If that's what you're after" My guts went over and over,I'm a virgin then and he not only wants to see me licked he is prepared to try and stuff that lot up me. He's absolutely mad. None the less I've sat with my legs up and facing him and Gyp is helping himself to me.

 Meanwhile I'm watching his prick grow as he watches me beginning to go towards an orgasm. " I reckon you aught to let your dog break you in he's not as big as me,you are a virgin I suppose?" Course who would have done me? I'll tell you what,I'll stop him putting his knot up you,your mother was okay with it but it wont be fair on a virgin first time. You seem to know all about this stuff. "That's why the widows fuss over me,I understand their needs and keep my mouth shut,I put your mother on to how she could resolve her needs.

 Don't you ever let on I've told you,she was absolutely shocked with what I told her to do but she done it all the same. Then when I told her I'd help her with letting her fuck him instead of just being licked she freaked,so I pulled this out like I just did to you and she changed her mind on the understanding, I'd give her this if she let me help her fuck Gyp. This was my ma and he was so matter of fact my face was burning but my cunt was throbbing with excitement.

 I lay gasping as he turned me over then he gently lifted Gyp up on my back and I yelped as he broke me in but fuck the heat was unbelievable and I was sold on dog cock from then on. He forced half his brute up me but instead of being pissy he said we'll get there in a couple of weeks. I was determined to take all of him and the rest is history. We married cause my mother died and he goes home twice a year and spends many happy hours with the widows still left and their dogs. They all got one.

 By this time I was masterbating and so was Sandy,re-focusing now on looking out of my window,the four idiots had got on the back of their bosses roof and were watching us do ourselves. Stupidly I whispered to Sandy they're watching,she just went at it harder and so did I,I was thrilling like hell from her yarn and being watched while watching Sandy do her's likewise her watching me. As we came down from our mutual orgasm she said, "keep our pussy's out for them,where's Bruce?" Bruce came from behind us and started licking Sandy's. "Now her's as she pushed his nose towards mine, to which Bruce done his excellent best.

 That'll fix 'um.

Growing up with dogs Part 2

JDMad on Animal Stories

Growing up with Dogs - Part 2


If you‘ve not read the first part of this story, you should in order to understand the context of what is going on.  I’ll start where I left off in Part 1.


I was anxious the whole next day as I waited for the time to go to feed the dogs again.

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"mso-spacerun: yes">  I think that my shorts were wet the whole day as the pre-cum leaked every time I moved.  When I arrived there, I quickly took care of the beagles and didn’t waste time getting their bowls filled first.  I went to the lot and grabbed the leash and clipped it to a dancing and seemingly excited Jim. I think that he knew that he was going to get his rocks off again, but he didn’t know that I had more of a surprise in store for him. 


I lead him down into the basement again and closed the door. Since he couldn’t get out, I took off his leash so he would be free to move around.  I decided to get completely naked this time, so off came the tee, shorts and underwear.  As I squatted down, Jim came over and started sniffing at my now raging hard dick.  He took a couple of good licks to get the pre-cum that I had leaking out.  I didn’t fool around today since I was sure he wasn’t going to bite me.  I stuck my hand down under his chest and started rubbing back to his dick.  It was a little thicker than normal but not coming out yet. 


Now I’ve got to pause to let you know that I can tell when someone makes up a story about a supposed dog fuck with an inexperienced dog.  I have had 5 that I’ve had to teach how to mount a human male and where to stick his dick.  What I’m about to describe about that first time with Jim is typical of how other dogs have acted the first time I’ve tried it with them. 


I started stroking Jim to get his dick started coming out of the sheath.  When I saw it coming out, I stopped because I didn’t want him to start shooting right away.  He went back to my dick to take a few more licks and I turned around to let him sniff my ass.  I was inexperienced too so didn’t know exactly how to approach this.  I did know from my experience with the beagles that dogs start shooting as soon as they start involuntarily pumping their back. If  keep holding their dicks a little longer, will continue dry humping until they have finished their load and aren’t interested in further sex play.  So with Jim as he was coming back around to get to my dick again, I reached around and lifted him up to my back.  His natural instinct was to put his front paws on my back and stand there. 


Every dog I tried to fuck did this the first time and most times after the first until they get the hang of it.  Reaching my hands over my back, I pulled his legs down so his chest was resting on my back. He started struggling to get out of this unnatural (for him) position and did get off once.  I again stroked him a few times to get him back in the mood.  I turned around again and lifted him by the legs and pulled him to my back.  Before he could pull away again, I grabbed one of his legs with one hand and reached the other between my legs to grab his now deflated dick.  He was so confused that I had to jack him several strokes before he loosened up his tightened dick enough to let it come out of the sheath.  He was more relaxed on my back now, so I let go of his leg and reached back to his hind haunches and tried pushing him forward as I pushed the sheath skin back from his dick.  I intended to get it out far enough to push him forward and into my ass. Just as I got it out and started pushing him forward he jumped off.  Damn, how was I going to get this done? 


I again stroked him a few times to get him loose again and again got him up on my back.  I knew what I wanted to do now so I got his legs down again and held on while pushing his dick out some.  This time though, I started jacking him with his dick out as I pushed him forward.  Then I felt the familiar humping that I hoped would be pounding into me shortly.  He did start pulling me to him with his front legs wrapped around my waist but he was so excited his back legs were dancing up an down.  He was putting his hind legs on my legs stretched behind me.  That put him too high and off balance, so he hopped away, but his humping had stopped.  Now he was more excited and agitated, smelling under my belly at my crotch, dancing around me, to try to get back into that position.  He did get behind me and licked my ass a couple of times, but then came back around to my side and stood his front paws on my back.  I had to maneuver him back behind me and go through the lifting and getting his legs around me again.  He was getting used to the routine now, knowing that I would jack him when he did get into position.  This time I didn’t try to jack him after I got his dick out of the sheath but just pulled him forward and pushed his dick up against my ass.  I put my fingers behind the small and growing knot that was still in the sheath and tried pushing into my ass.  I knew that I wouldn’t have any problem taking it since I had been using my fingers and other objects in my ass while I jacked off.  But I had forgotten that there was no lube on my ass and a dog’s dick doesn’t get slick wet along its length when it comes out.  Hell!  I pulled my fingers from his haunches and spit some saliva on my fingers so I could lube my ass.  Again he jumped down and started dancing around me, sniffing my dick and taking some licks on my ass. 


Now I had my ass slick and went through the mounting routine again.  This time when I got his dick out and pushed him forward, I pulled his dick forward and at the same time pushed his haunches forward, and kept a grip on his hind leg.  I felt the tip of his dick enter my ass, so I pulled his hind legs forward and pushed it in. Jim’s dick was semi-hard but the bone inside his dick was really long and thin.  (I’ve since found out that it is actually a long, thin, hard strip of cartilage).   I didn’t want the knot to go in and I could feel it still inside the skin so I put one finger in front of it.  Now that it was in me as far as I wanted, I started jacking Jim as fast as I could, still holding his haunches in place.  After about 10 hard strokes, I felt him starting to hump me.  He pulled me hard against him and his hind legs were jumping around, on and off the calves of my legs. He was now hammering away and I could hear his panting in my ear.   Man did that feel good!  He was humping hard against my prostate with each in stroke and his dick was getting larger.   I was still holding his dick in me by pushing against the knot. 


I let go of his hind legs since he was holding himself against me with a lot of force.  Then I decided to let go of the knot and let him just pump in and out while I jacked off.  Bad mistake!  His violent pumping pulled his dick out of my ass and after a few more pumps he jumped off me.  He was still humping and I could see the long thin stream of cum shooting out in spurts.  His thrusting stopped after a few more strokes and he stood still looking into space as his dick jerked up with each squirt of cum.  His knot, now really huge, was still in the sheath and couldn’t come out of the small hole in the skin.  I quickly moved over to Jim and pulled him on my back.  He didn’t resist, so intent on his jerking dick and the feelings over his body.  This was probably only the second time that he had cum since the female Vizsla had been fixed and he had never been out of the run lot to get to a bitch in heat.  I reached back between my legs and put my fingers behind the knot and with my other hand on his hind quarters, pulled him back into my ass.  He wasn’t moving, but I could feel both with my ass and my hand. the pulsing action of the tube that runs under his dick as each squirt of cum filled my ass.  A couple of times he pulled me closer to him and humped one or two times, to keep his cum from stopping I suppose. While he was in this calm state and my ass filled, I quickly jacked off, dumping my load on the floor.  Jim pulled out and lay down licking his now slowing shrinking dick.  As I got up Jim walked over to my pile of cum and cleaned it all up.  He was considerably calmer on his way back to the run lot. 


I’ll tell you about the next day in the next Part of this story.  Depending on the time I have I may be able to also cover the next dog that came into my life (and ass!).


Mountain Vacation Part 2

teril36 on Animal Stories

Vacation Part 2... After having a fun filled day and I mean, "Filled" w/ my new lover, I thought I better let him get back to wherever he came from. I still didn't know who owned him or even what his name was...all I did know was that I liked having him fuck me and I wanted him again. It all felt so strange, I mean, here was this stray dog, came from God knows where, not knowing if he was healthy, not knowing anything about this wondering, wonderful dog and I didn't care. As much as I love my dogs and they are the greatest lovers...I was fascinated, enthralled, empowered by this strange dog. I guess I compare it to meeting a strange man/woman one says a word but you have the best sex together. That night when we were finished...I let him out the cabin to find his w
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ay back home. Part of me wanted to keep him, to take him home with my other two dogs so I could enjoy his company all the time but I knew someone had to own him so I let him go. The next day I hung around the cabin hoping he would come back so we could have a repeat of the day before. I laid out once again in the nude, letting the warm sun caress my body; making me sweat...hoping the smell from me would somehow reach him and bring him to me. My pussy ache wanting him to fuck me until I was raw. Just thinking about that made me wet and I kept catching myself with my fingers probing my wet pussy. Max and Bear sensed I was acting differently also and I could tell they were feeling neglected but I didn't want them right now...I wanted that stray lover. As the day progress, my frustration grew along with my disappointment. By the end of the day, my pussy ache so much for attention that I could no longer avoid it so I spent the whole evening fucking myself in everyway I could, in every hole, with everything and anything I could lay my hands on...dildo's, vegetables, candles, ice, bed-knobs, shower hoses, etc. By the time, I had finished and dosed off to sleep, I had forgotten all about my stray lover. The following day I felt foolish that I had allowed myself to be so caught up by this stray dog. I also felt bad that I had neglected my two dogs and I was determined to make it up to them so I decided to take them to the lake and go swimming and have a little "fun". I put on my bikini, packed a lunch, grabbed the towels and blanket and we headed for the secluded beach that this property owned. After all of us played in the water for an hour or so, I decided it was time for some sun and some "playtime" with the boys. Once reaching the beach, I stripped out of my bikini and laid out to dry off before I began rewarding the boys for all the neglect they had been receiving from me lately. As I laid there, my hands naturally started exploring my body...first my neck, then my nipples and breasts...taking my time to rub, kneed and pinch my nipples, making them hard and erect. Next came my stomach and between my legs. By the time I reached my was already erect and ready to the touch. I could also feel how wet I was becoming. As my fingers entered me one at a time, my back arched at how good it feels to be probed and the delicious sounds and smells that come with that probing. It wasn't to long before Max and Bear picked up on my sex smell and were there in an instant lapping at my cunt, sending shivers through my body with every lick. As much as I wanted them to continue...I promised them that I would pleasure them. So, I made them stop pleasuring me and I laid them on their backs side by side with just enough space between them that if I got on my hands and knees between them, I would be in the best position to do what I wanted to them. I first got on my knees sitting up and I began to rub each of them like I did myself. First, I petted them and rubbed their bellies...then I started kneading their sheaths until their cocks started to grow and the pre-ooze cum was starting to cum out. Each time it did, I would lick it off my fingers...I love the taste of their cum. As their cocks grew in size...I slowing started kneading and squeezing their knot...working my hands up and down on their thick shafts. After massaging their cocks for 5 to 10 minutes...I got down on my hands and knees and starting licking and sucking their massive cocks...alternating myself between long, slow strokes with my mouth...taking all of them in my mouth as I sucked...letting my tongue massage them as I sucked them. I kept a slow pace going throughout to give them the maximum pleasure. I treated them just as if them up and them slowed them down. This way I know I am going to be coated with their thick, hot cum when they finally release all their yummy stuff. My mouth was already anticipating swallowing as much of their delicious cum as possible. I was so into sucking their thick, long cocks that I was totally oblivious to my surroundings and that's when it happen. All of a sudden, my pussy was assaulted by this long, wet tongue. One swipe went from my cunt to my ass. I almost exploded in orgasm right then. I looked back to see what/who was assaulting/pleasuring my hot, wet pussy and was surprised that it was my stray lover from 2 days before. I was shocked but jubilant at seeing him. My mind didn't have time to react though before he licked me again...this time his long, probing tongue enter my now swollen, hot pussy. My body started shaking in sudden extreme pleasure. I didn't think or care where he came from but only to stick my ass higher so he could work his loving tongue in me. As he did, I returned to sucking my boys again...this time more aggressively. The more I was probed, the more intense my sucking and licking became. Just as I thought I was going to explode, my stray lover decided he wanted more and started to mount me so I tried to accommodate him as much as I could while still sucking on my lovers. He was frantic to fuck me and I was frantic wanting to be fucked by him. He was wildly missing the mark so I finally reached back and guided him into my awaiting cunt. As soon as he was in me, he started pounding with the force of a cannon. I thought he was going to split me open. His paws were digging into my side and I was starting to bleed but I didn't want him to stop. His pounding was intense so my sucking became more intense...faster, stronger...I was moaning, Max and Bear was moaning and my stray lover was moaning. I knew Max and Bear were about to explode so I deep throated each one sending them over the edge, first Bear...his load made me gag from the force and amount...his hot cum pouring out my mouth as I was trying to swallow as much as possible. My face was covered with his gooey delight. Then I deep throated Max sending him over the edge...his load was also very forceful with a massive amount of gooey delight. Since my throat was already lubricated from Bear, I got to swallow so much more of his tasty delight. I still had my stray lover pounding my pussy but I knew he was about to explode also because he was pounding ever harder. I could feel his knot wanting to go in me but at the angle I was at, there was no way. Since I knew he was about to shoot his load...I started thrusting my ass towards him...wanting him to fuck me harder. His paws were digging into me even more, making me bleed even more. When I didn't think I could hold out much longer...he finally released his hot cum in me. My pussy was on fire from his pounding and I could feel my belly being extended from the amount of cum he was unloading in me. I screamed out in pain and pleasure hoping no one heard me. I didn't want him to pull out but continue fucking me but he finally finished and pulled out. When he did, I just rolled over and collapsed. I could feel his hot cum running out my pussy and I was completely covered in my dog's cum. After resting for a few minutes, I sat up to see if my stray lover was still there and he was. Him and my dogs were playing together. My body ached from the sucking and the pounding and my sides were still bleeding but at that moment, I was in ecstasy. I rub the remaining cum all over my tits and gave myself a quick finger fuck bringing myself to a quick orgasm. I then scoop up all the cum delight I could and put it my mouth to savor before swallowing all I could. By the time we were all was around 2pm. I decided to clean up by taking a swim. When I got in the water, the water turned white and milky from all our cum. I wasn't in there but about 5 minutes when the dogs started barking. As I looked down the beach, I saw a young woman walking towards me rather quickly. Since I was still naked, I rushed back to my stuff and put my bikini back on. Before I could even wrap a towel around me, she was running up to me asking me if I was ok. I was confused at first until she explained to me that she had been out looking for her guessed stray lover...when she heard a woman screaming (she didn't know it was a scream of pleasure) and she came as fast as she could thinking her dog might had attack someone...if she only knew. I told her no, he hadn't attack me but then she saw my sides bleeding so I made up an excuse how her dog came up, was very friendly and I allowed him to jump up on me and in his excitement he dug he paws into me and I screamed not out of fear but surprised. I reassured her that her dog was very sweet and loving...again if she only knew how loving. She seemed to accept this explanation but if she would have looked closely at where he dug in me, she would have noticed the angle of indentions were all wrong for a dog jumping up on me. I was still bleeding pretty badly so I told her I needed to take care of it and I was going back to my cabin to do so. She was so sorry that her dog this to me, she offered to help carry some stuff back to the cabin. Since I was already weak in the legs from the fucking I had and my sides hurt so bad...I took her up on her offer and what an offer it turned out to be. To be continued......... Comments to

A Hugry And Horny Wolf Pt2

Wormmel on Animal Stories


As I sat there with my boner going down with the cute little lamb passed out and my cum was still dripping from her cute little pink hole I just stuffed and fucked. I look in my sack of wonders and i still have 1 cute little lamb left for me as i sit there thinking of all the things I could do to the little lamb she sees her little sisters and starts crying and all I could hear was Baa, Baa! In such a panicked state.

“Quite you!” I ordered the lamb “or else you will end up like your sister over there with a small hole and a belly full cum and out like a light” the lamb just curled up into a ball and said nothing with tears still streaming from her face just looking and her cute little body just started to gi

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ve me a boner again and I said to the lamb “how would you like to be fucked in the pussie like your sister or in the ass which is even more tighter!” The little lamb looked at my cock which was massive and looked at me shaking her head sideways.

“Or I can just eat you instead cos fucking your cute little sister in her very tight hole has made me a little hungry”..... “Please no Baa I beg you baa” cried the little lamb. Then suddenly I had an idea and with a massive smile on my face and I at the lamb and I said “My little dear im not gonna eat you but I don’t wonna fuck you in the pussie or your tight ass as tempting as it is, So you are gonna suck my hard throbbing cock and if you’re lucky enough il leave you a little treat” I moved the lamb between my legs and said “now suck i won’t force it if you please me enough .... Much!”

So the lamb stood on its own 2 feet and placed both its 2 little arms on my cock and started to go up and down in a slow and tiny motion even this was enough to make me blow my load all over the lambs cute little face but i knew i had to hold it in for the best bit was about to come. I grabbed the lamb roughly by the ears and lifted it up and by the head of my cock i forced the lamb’s mouth open and i could feel the lamb jiggering as its ears was starting to go hot from me grabbing them. I could only fit the head into the lamb’s mouth but i wanted more than that to disappear from my sight, so let go of the lamb and grabbed the fur from the back of its head and pushed down really hard all i could hear was muffled noises coming from the lamb which made me want to cum more but I forced myself to hold it in so grabbed the lamb by its sides and said “that’s it I can’t hold it anymore.

 Im going to make you swallow my hole load even if you choke to death” so i grabbed the little lambs head roughly and forced my cock down its cute tight throat, thrusting the lamb so violently i could feel a massive explosion coming from my dick and then i released my giant and heavy load into the lamb throat “AHHH!! YOU WILL SWALLOW IT THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO” i could feel myself unloading pump after pump of cum down the lambs throat, with the lamb struggling to get free it couldn’t breathe so it started to pass out.

I could see it was passing out so i stuffed my finger roughly and harshly in its tiny, tiny ass and i start to move it in and out as hard and as fast as i could with a mixture of screaming and its tight throat squeezing against my cock just made me go mad.

After i could feel i had finished unloading into the lambs throat i slowly took my finger out of its ass and moved my cock from out of its throat, as the lamb fell to the floor i could see its eyes was not open so i just put on a smile and said “Well after a good lunch and a good fuck i now need a nice nap” So i walked off deeper into the woods to find a nice spot for a sleep.

Thanks To Everyone Who Sent There Support, IL Be Doing Some More Stories Soon. If You Want To Make A Comment Or Ask Anything You Can Email Me At    

Diana meets Ben on a Sunday afternoon

paul1254 on Animal Stories

  Diana meets Ben, on a Sunday afternoon

This is a story sent to me from one of my readers.  With there permission they have agreed to share, hope you enjoy it.

Our sex life continued, Diana spent more time at my place, she usually went home on Saturday afternoons, but was always back in time for us to hit the night spots. I had forgotten my wallet, one Saturday morning, and had to go back to the apartment, (she slept late on Saturdays) so I let myself in quietly, thinking she was still sleeping, I found Diana lying on the settee with her legs wide open, and her eyes closed, she had not heard me come in, and boy what a site, she was fucking herself with the pumpkin, she was moaning every time she pushed it in her pussy. "Come on, come on, good boy, Oh yessss

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ssssssssssssss" it was going in so deep, half of it was inside her and she wanted more, her moans were telling me that she was going to cum, I didn't want to disturb her so I grabbed my wallet and left.
    When I got home from work at midday Diana had gone to her mothers, so I wouldn't see her until the evening, I showered and slept for a couple of hours, then clicked on to the Internet. Clicking through, I saw what Diana had logged on to that morning, it was sex stories, and when I opened them I discovered that what she had been reading was about women having sex with dogs, There was one story from a lady called "Trish" who had let her dog lick her pussy, and then she let him fuck her, she told it so well, every detail.
There were several stories that Diana had clicked on to and they were all about dogs fucking women.
    I was surprised at first, then thought about what I had seen that morning, and put two and two together, and that's what had made her horny enough to wank with a pumpkin. I decided not to say anything when I saw her; I would bring it up in conversation. (I was going to bring that up at the right time). She got home about 5 30 PM, we eat and showered, having this on my mind, and with her fingers on BB I soon became hard so I bent her over in the shower, and really gave her a good hard fucking.
    We dressed and went out drinking, dancing, and enjoying ourselves, and got home about 3 in the morning, had one more drink together, before going to bed, then she reached for her box of "toys" and she said to me "Watch me honey".
She started with the big candle, then progressed to the coke bottle, then PR, she was really pushing these things deep in her pussy. I encouraged her, and she had several orgasms, but she still wasn't satisfied, so next came the 7 up bottle.
"Help me honey" she said, so I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, and she pushed the bottle in, and groaned, in and in it went, I lowered my tongue to her clitoris and flicked it, the bottle was in her pussy and she was pushing it in deeper, her pussy stretched open as she pushed it in further, she groaned again, as it went in deeper, I kept flicking, then looked as her fingers pushed it in. I had never seen it go in so far, I reached over and licked her nipples, and she screamed as another powerful orgasm went through her. I whispered in her ear," Does it feel like a dogs cock Diana" her eyes were clenched shut and she screamed again, as her orgasm became more intense.
  The bottle came out, and I pushed BB in as deep as I could, she was still in the throws of orgasm, as I pounded into her, seeing her like this made me cum in record time and I came in her, her orgasm must have lasted a good three minuets. I withdrew from her, and rolled off, and we came back to earth, she rolled over and I snuggled in, putting one hand on her breast and we fell asleep. 
   The next morning, (being Sunday) we had our usual sex marathon, on the bed, kitchen work top, and breakfast table, every thing came in to play, cucumber, bottles and pumpkin, finishing up with BB and her "vanilla" in her mouth. As she washed up, I went on line, and found the stories she had been reading, and called her over, she came and I moved to let her sit and read. She read, looked at me and blushed, I laughed, as did she and the ice was broken, and I asked her why she had been reading these particular stories, "Honey don't ask me that" she laughed, I replied to her nervous laughter, "Do you want to feel a doggies tongue licking the inside of you pussy like in the story Trish wrote"?
   I could see that my question had touched something inside her, I told her how I had come home on Saturday morning and saw her with the pumpkin and moaning, "Come on, come on, Oh good boy". "Honey" she gasped,
"Were you fantasizing about a dog fucking you, be honest" I asked. She looked at me, and blurted out "Yes honey, I was thinking about that, I had read that story and others about women and dogs that I had to wank and the pumpkin was the nearest thing". "Ok, do you still think the same" I asked,
"Honey, every since Iv read those stories, Iv been dripping, Iv been wanking 3 and 4 times a day thinking about it" she said. "Well do you want to try it? There's Ben down stairs, (a big black Labrador, he often came up to see us) if you want to try it, I would really like to see you getting fucked by him" I said.
   "Oh honey, she gasped, "I was afraid to tell you in case, you thought me crazy, every time I walk past him my panties become soaking, and if you're not around I wank as soon as I get in, I would really like to try him". I was getting hard just thinking of the dog licking her pussy, and dropped my shorts and BB sprang out, she was still sitting and it nearly hit her in the face, she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked him up and down. "Has talking about me wanting to fuck a dog had this effect on you"? She asked,
"Of course it has" was my reply, and she took my cock in her mouth and wanked him slowly. "I'm going to cum babe" I said, and that was it, she screamed as I pumped and pumped into her mouth, she swallowed it all whilst looking up at me. 
  We had coffee, and talked more about it, I wanted to know if she had ever tried it before, her answer was, no. She told me that she had never thought about it until she had read the stories, and now it was on her mind all the time, just talking to me about it had made her wet. "Do you want the pumpkin" I asked, "Yes get it for me honey, my pussy's dribbling", she said, so I fetched it. She removed her shorts and soaked panties and lay back on the table, with her legs bent and wide open. I opened her pussy lips and eased it inside her, she moaned, and her hand came down on top of mine and pushed it in, then pulled it out, then pushed it in deeper, 'Oh yesssss", she moaned, her eyes closed, as we pushed and pulled the pumpkin in and out of her stretched pussy.
   "Would you like this to be a dog's cock Diana"? I whispered, "Oh honey yyyeeeessssss, I want to feel his knot inside me, I want to feel his cum inside me, push it in deeper" she replied, so both our hands slowly pushed the pumpkin in deeper, another long moan escaped from her lips. "Oh honey it feels so good, its reaching up to my stomach, I want to feel a big dogs cock filling me" she gasped, and then she came, a shattering scream filled the room,  "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhooonnnneeeeyyyyyyy" her convulsions went on and on, I took her hand of the pumpkin and worked it in and out fast, she just lay back and came and came.
    I eased the pumpkin out, of her pussy and her juices came spurting out, my head went down and I lapped up as much as I could before she pushed me away. "You really enjoyed that didn't you "I asked, "Oh honey", she replied, "I don't know what's come over me, I'm horny all the time, thinking about it". "So you want to try it, with Ben then"?  I asked. "Honey, I don't know, how can we get him up here, he doesn't come up here all the time" she said with a smile on her face. "We will teach him, each time we come in, you finger your pussy in the car, he always comes to greet us, and we always pet him, you let him smell your fingers, and see what happens" I suggested. "Ok" was her answer.
    We went out later to the beach, and swam, called in for some shopping and headed home, we were both wearing shorts. As we got near the apartment, Diana put her fingers inside her pussy, "Let me taste" I asked, and she put them in my mouth, she tasted good, she put them back in her pussy, and removed them as we got to the gate. Security let us in, and I parked, we could see Ben lying in the shade, as we walked towards him he stood up and stretched. I put my hand down on his head, and Diana offered him her fingers, he sniffed, and then started to lick them. I thought she was going to cum there and then, the look on her face. 'Good dog Ben" she whispered.
   We carried on up the stairs, and let ourselves in, I put down the shopping and I watched her, she was in a trance, she was in deep thought. "You OK babe" I asked, she looked at me, and said "Honey, Iv never touched a dogs tongue before, it's rough, I can't even think what it will feel like licking me, god I nearly came, when he was licking my fingers." The door opened and Ben came strolling in, we both looked him, then at each other.
    "Its up to you babe, I think he likes what he tasted, go sit down on the settee, and lets see what happens" I suggested. She smiled and walked over and sat down, and Ben followed her, she had her legs closed, and his head was resting on her knees, and he was looking at her. She stroked him, and I told her to open her legs, she looked at me, and opened her legs .Ben could obviously smell her, he put his head between her legs, to her covered pussy, and smelled again.
   "Let me lie back Ben,  and Ill take my shorts off" she said, she removed her shorts, (she still had her swimming costume on) and lay back, and spread her legs. I walked over to see what would happen, Ben went straight to her pussy, and his tongue came out and licked. She groaned out loud, Ben looked at her, and went back to licking the join between her legs. "Oh honey" she whimpered, "I'm so wet, it's running out of me, he must be able to taste me" he just kept licking, I moved over beside her.
   "Well its up to you Diana, do you want to feel what a dogs tongue is like licking your pussy, you might never get the chance again" I whispered as I sat there watching all that was happening. Her face was flushed, and she started to remove her one piece swimming costume, Ben didn't want to stop licking her, so I pulled him back by his collar, he wanted more.
    Her nipples were hard, as she uncovered them, and she slipped the bottom part down her legs, and kicked them away, she had made up her mind, she lay back and opened her legs, smiled at me, and closed her eyes.
   Ben didn't have to be told what to do, I led him forward and his nose went straight to her open pussy, she groaned out loud, and smiled, "Oh honey," she gasped as his tongue started to lick her. Her legs opened more, she lifted them and her hands grabbed them behind her knees, she was wide open to his tongue. "Honey its going inside me, Oh god its fantastic, he's really going inside me deeper, I'm going to cum," she gasped, and then let out a long wail, as she shook all over. Ben didn't care there was more for him to lap up, I could see Bens cock sticking out of his sheath about 3 inches, it was red, pointed and about 1.5 inches diameter.
    Ben really had the taste for her, his tongue just kept lapping at her, he turned his head to get at her pussy better, I could see his tongue going inside her. Diana was just moaning, and moaning, I reached forward and spread her pussy with my fingers, his tongue went inside her about 3 inches, and she came again. "Honey I can't stop coming, his tongue is touching places," she gasped again as another orgasm sent her body into convulsions. Ben was beginning to become frantic, with all the juices leaking from Diana's pussy, and was lapping faster.
 "Shall I stop him babe" I asked, "No honey, I just want to put my legs down, Oh god I'm coming again," she gasped, she couldn't hold her legs any more and they fell onto the floor. Ben stopped and looked at her then went back to her pussy, her hand came down and she stroked his head, "You're a fantastic doggie Ben, and you have a gorgeous tongue, you really know how to please a lady," she had a big smile on her face.
   I pulled Ben back from her pussy, to give him some water, as he came with me Diana noticed his cock and said "Honey have you seen his cock? Its fucking huge, its nearly touching the floor". I looked down and she was right, it was huge, about 9 inches long, and the thickest part was about 3 inches round, and that was not his "knot".  "How do you feel babe," I asked her.
   "Honey I feel wonderful , I must have cum 6 times and each time was stronger than the last one, god I can't believe it, his tongue, was right up in side me, now I know how all those women felt, god it was fantastic." She was smiling and had a twinkle in her eye. I asked her if she wanted a drink, and she came over, and I poured two strong drinks with coke, she slipped into her shorts. Ben was lying down now watching us, and then started to lick his cock. Diana watched him, I was watching her.
   She watched Ben for a few minuets drinking her drink, and then she walked over to him and bent down, she was watching him licking his cock, "Honey its big," she said and she touched it with her finger, "And it's still quite hard". I watched what she was going to do, Ben lay back on his back, and she took a closer look at his cock. She lifted it with her thumb and fore finger, then her fingers closed around it, her fingers wouldn't reach round it, it was so big.
   She moved her hand up and down, and Ben just lay there, she was mesmerized and continued to wank him, it started to get harder, she took another long drink whilst still holding Bens cock in her hand. "What are you thinking" I asked her, she looked at me, still wanking Ben, "You thinking about what it would feel like in you're pussy," "Honey how do you know?, that's just what I was thinking, but look at it, its big, I don't know if I can take it" she said looking back at the big dog cock she was holding. "Well you won't know until you try it will you? Do you want to try it? Do you want to feel that, what you're holding in your hand, inside your pussy, are you wet?"
    "Honey I'm dripping, I haven't stopped dripping since he licked my fingers," she said as she smiled, Bens cock was hard now and out of his sheath, a good 9 inches long, and his knot could be seen inside the sheath, Diana noticed it, and jumped as her hand felt it. "Oh my god is that his knot, it's bigger that I thought, there's no way that will fit inside me," she exclaimed. Then she took another long drink, and came and pored another us both another one.
  She sat on the breakfast bar, drinking her drink, and kept glancing across at Ben who was now back to licking his cock, I saw her looking and said "You want to try it don't you? You want to feel it inside you, it looks big, but you think about the pumpkin you fuck yourself with, it's bigger than Bens cock, be honest, this is your chance". She looked back at me, then to Bens cock, then back at me, she was thinking, "You wont let him hurt me will you, if I say stop you will pull him off wont you?" she asked. BB was hard in my shorts, and she noticed, and giggled, I reached for her zip on the shorts and pulled it down, took the drink from her and stretched her out. I pulled her shorts off her, opened her legs and pushed BB in to the hilt inside her, she was soaking, and moaned out loud, "Oh yes honey, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me wet for Ben," I pushed into her deep, she jumped but I kept on pumping, I whispered in her ear, how much she will enjoy Bens big cock inside her, and she screamed as she came, that made me come.
   She lay there, and calmed down, then went and took a shower, using her shampoo bottle to clean inside her pussy. When she came back she was wearing just a towel, grabbed her drink, and sat on the settee, Ben jumped up and trotted across to her, she smiled and scratched his ears, and he was trying to put his nose up the towel. "You want to taste some more Ben, you want to eat my pussy again," she said as he kept pushing his nose up the towel.
   "Why don't you lie on the coffee table, you can stretch out flat" I said, Diana moved across and laid the towel out on the coffee table, and sat down. Ben took this as an invitation to dive his nose between her legs, Diana giggled, and said "Ok baby, you please mama, with that big tongue," and lay back with her legs wide open and her feet resting on the floor. He went right to her pussy and his tongue went inside her, she moaned. She moved a little to get comfortable, closed her eyes, and let his tongue go where it wanted, she moaned, again and again, and I knew she was going to cum, it only took a couple of minutes and she had her first violent orgasm and her body shuddered.
   I moved over and knelt down buy her head, and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. "Oh honey, what are you both doing to me," she gasped, and had another orgasm. Bens tongue was again inside her pussy, I could see it disappearing, his nose was wet from her juices, and he was lapping it all up. His cock once again was hard and sticking out of his sheath, I stopped sucking her nipple, and whispered in Diana's ear. "You want to feel his cock in you now? Are you ready? You want to do this?  She opened her eyes and looked at me "Yes honey I want to do it, I want all his cock, help me" I kissed her, our tongues came together, she shuddered, another orgasm.
   I broke the kiss, and stood up, walked to Ben (who was lapping even more now because of her flowing juices) and stood behind him. I lifted him up and put his paws either side of Diana, on the coffee table, and put some pussy juice on her nipples, Ben went straight for it. Diana moaned, and closed her eyes again.
Bens cock was near her pussy, I reached down grabbed hold of it, and pushed Ben forward, his cock went into her pussy a couple of inches, Diana jumped, "Ok honey" I said, "Put it in me honey," she pleaded, Ben sensed what was expected, and arched his back and pushed forward, Diana gasped, Ben pulled back and pushed forward again harder, more of his cock went in, again she gasped.
   Ben started to fuck her now, long powerful strokes; more of his cock was being pushed into her pussy. Diana lifted her legs, and put them on Bens back opening her pussy more to him, she was breathing heavy and starting to scream. I moved to her mouth and kissed her hard to stop her noise, Ben was pounding in to her, the full length and width of his cock was disappearing inside her pussy. She came, her back arched, her knuckles were white as she gripped the edge of the coffee table, she screamed into my mouth, but Ben didn't stop. He continued to thrust his cock into her, I pulled away from the kiss and asked her, "Are you OK babe, is he hurting you? Shall I stop him?" "No honey please don't stop him, God, its going in so deep, I can really feel him filling me, his cock is so hot, I think I'm going to cum again," she gasped, again her body went into spasms as her orgasm went through her.
   Bens tongue was hanging out and he was panting hard, he had been fucking her for only a few minutes, but he didn't slow down, Diana had cum 3 or 4 times in such a short time is was as though she was having one continues orgasm. He shifted his position; she moved her legs higher on his back, and groaned, as his cock relentlessly kept pounding into her. I looked back and could see his knot, it was bigger than 3 inches  round, it was banging up against her pussy, I whispered in her ear, "His knot is big Diana, do you want it?"
"Oh Honey yesssssssss I want to feeeeeel all of him inside me this is fantastic." she mumbled.
     Ben was really pushing his knot against her stretched pussy, and he wanted it to be buried inside her, (which is natural for a dog to bury his knot in a bitch when mating) . Diana adjusted her legs on his back which seemed to give him more access, it was slowly disappearing inside her, Diana gave out a long wail as it disappeared from view, her knuckles where white as she hung on to the table edge, and her back arched. "He's coming in me honey, he's coming in me, Oh god, it's so hot, and there's so much, I can't stop coming, its so big, she screamed. Ben began to slow; his knot was still buried in side Diana pussy, he stopped and was panting very heavy, as was Diana, they were both still, and the dogs cum was leaking out of her pussy; Diana was relaxing with the knot inside her.  "I'm going to get my camera" I whispered, "Yes honey take pictures, please," she whimpered, I was back with my camera in 4 seconds, and they were still tied together by Bens knot, I took one of her face, of the look of pure pleasure, the tear stains and the smile. I asked her to put her legs on Ben's back, which she did and took one of Bens cock deep inside her pussy, and another from 5 feet away of the two of them together.
    "Honey, he's so deep in me, I can feel his knot it's stretching me, and his cum is still dripping  out of me,
(there was a pool of his cum on the floor),  I dropped my shorts, and BB sprang out, I walked over to her and put it in her mouth, she sucked, and wanked me till I came.( very quickly). Ben pulled back and Diana moaned, as his knot and cock slipped out of her with a torrent of dog cum, she was licking BB clean. Ben went and drank some water then lay down by the door, and started licking his cock. Diana didn't move, she lay there exhausted, with dog cum still dripping out of her. I passed her a drink, and she sat up and swigged half of it down. "Well, was it as good as you imagined it would be?" I asked, she looked at me, smiled and said "Better, honey I want to do it again, but not today, Iv had enough for today, in fact enough for tomorrow as well," and we both laughed.
    I helped her to the shower, and she washed her self inserting the shampoo bottle, into her pussy filling it 5 to 6 times to clean the dog cum which was running down her legs. Ben, well he just lay for a while then went back down stairs. We relaxed quietly the rest of the night, a few drinks; I put the pictures on my CP, while she watched over my shoulder, when she saw them she gasped, "Honey they are so clear, you can see every thing, I want a copy of them to keep. Is that all you have?" That's all babe, only 3, I didn't want to miss out on the action," and I giggled. "Well make sure you get more next time" she said, "Next time, you want to do it again, with Ben?" I questioned. "Oh yes honey," she said "I'm going to train him,