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Justine the model student part 3

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You may remember that a few weeks ago, Sarah had raped Justine under my supervision. So while Justine was giving Sarah a little licking and sucking, I left to go to the security office. There were security cameras in every classroom corridors, and I knew that the camera in my usual history classroom had caught both me fucking Justine and is now catching my own daughter doing the same thing. I knew that no one was bothered to check the security cameras and took the tape that was labelled ‘3pm to 4pm’ in the ‘yesterday’ file. While I was there, I waited until Sarah was done with Justine and took that tape also. I had replaced it with a new blank one and left the security office the way it was before.

The very next day I took Justine into my office and closed the blinds. I put on the video and commanded that if she won’t do what I say, the video will go world wide net. Obviously, Justine got down on her knees and gave me a good sucking (and well...also pleading). I didn’t give in and told her that if she’s being a good enough whore, than I would consider giving her back the two tapes. And I could hear her now.

“Wait...two?” after asking me, she understood. And now, I’m lying on my bed, while she jumps up and down on my wet cock, round tits bouncing. A few days after I had blackmailed her, I announced to her that I was going to fuck her every chance I get, and tells her to show up at my house whenever she has free time. She was reluctant then, and needed a little persuading. That is, I tie her wrists to the bed frame, making her face the wall, while I get underneath and she’d be forced to give me a good pounding. But now, she understood. There was no point in arguing. The only thing left for her to do is be a good whore until she was free of me. So whenever my wife or son comes home, Justine was shoved into Sarah’s room, where she was raped more brutally, since Justine is actually straight and was extremely reluctant to do any lesbian petting Sarah has in mind. My daughter was an extreme sadist, and I often find bite marks and hickeys around somewhere on Justine’s privates. Well, after Sarah was satisfied, Justine would then escape out the window. I was often the guest when Sarah rapes Justine. Besides fucking me, Justine had other projects: Sarah was teaching Justine how to fuck her ass with a strap-on.

Anyway, getting on with my story. I have admitted to my male faculty members about fucking Justine, which they were okay about. In fact, I found out that almost everybody wanted to help me degraded her! So on that Friday evening, right after the ‘Award Ceremony’ we usually have every year, we told Jess (Gary’s ex) to get her ‘reward’ in the staff room. The reason why we chose Jess was because we knew Jess and Justine were enemies. Jess was athletic and big-boobed with golden blonde hair and green eyes. The moment Jess saw Justine, who was mostly naked with only a tiny black g-string on, tied up and lying on the staff table, Jess gave out a loud hiss.

“What are you doing here?” Jess growled.

“She’s your reward,” Mr. Barodi locked the staff room door and Jess looked around at the aroused men staring at her.

“You’re kidding me. What the hell! What am I supposed to even do here, fuck her?!” Jess yelled.

“Well, to be more precise, you’re technically raping her. She didn’t agree to this, it took Mr. Greene quite  a while to get her in that position,” Mr. Barodi replied.  

“Jess, didn’t you told me you were bisexual?” Mr. Jackson asked. He knew everything about these students, as he was the guidance counsellor.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to fuck her! She’s the world’s biggest bitch!”

“If you don’t, I’m going to tell them you did anyway,”

“What?! No one will believe you!”

“They will, you want to see a demonstration?”

Jess could say no more. She could see that there was no way she was going home until some deed was done, might as well enjoy her reward while she’s at it, Jess relented, “fine, what do I do?”

“Fuck yourself with these,” Mr. Barodi gave each of the girls a large dildo and untied Justine. Justine, knowing how much trouble she will be if she doesn’t obey, started pleasuring herself. Jess, however, stared at Justine in lust but was in total control.

“And what if I say no?”

“Then the whole school will know you’re bi,” Mr. Jackson informed her, wanking his own cock at the sight of Justine pleasuring herself.

“What?! You can’t do that!”

“I can actually.”

Knowing she would be crush into crumbs if anyone finds out, Jess shoves the dildo up her cunt and started moaning. Justine came first, squirting all over the dildo and the table. Jess tried to control herself, but also came over the dildo. Jess wasn’t a squirter, and you couldn’t really tell she was coming unless she started panting.

Mr. Barodi pulls the dildos off them and gave them to each other. So Jess ended up with Justine’s while Justine ended up with Jess’. Their come was leaking down onto each other’s hand as Justine stares at Jess’ in disgust, seeing as she was straight while Jess was already licking the tip, getting into the mood.

I noticed every one of the men’s shaft was hard and some were being wanked. I had already came already, and was eager to see what Mr. Barodi thought of next, seeing as I wasn’t there when they had a meeting on what to do with the two enemies.

“Try and shove the dildos up each other’s butt holes, the one that does it the quickest, gets a cunt-licking from the other one,” Mr. Barodi informed them. Jess’ eyes lit up but Justine looked alarmed; she then nodded when she realized getting licked was way better than cunt-licking. Justine was slim, and wasn’t as athletic as Jess. As Jess’ eyes gleam over Justine’s naked body, Justine realized Jess was more favoured to win. Jess wiped off her cheerleading uniform and underwear.

“Bring it on, Bitch,” Jess ran to her, dildo in her hand. Jess climbed on top of the table and sat on Justine’s stomach. Jess’ come smearing all over Justine’s stomach. Justine was used to getting dominated by a girl due to her fucking sessions with Sarah. But Justine knew rough and slapped Jess across the face, a move I had once saw getting done on her by Sarah. Jess flinched in pain and Justine took advantage of the situation, pushing Jess off her, and jumps on Jess instead. But her jump wasn’t successful, instead of landing on Jess’ stomach like she was supposed to, Justine’s cunt landed right at the entrance of Jess’. Jess, getting quite horny, grabbed Justine’s hips and presses her cunt against Justine’s, causing Justine to slightly moan. Their clits and cunt holes sliding against each other proves too much for Jess, and she gave out a loud and ecstatic squeal, coming all over Justine’s pelvis. Getting sane again, Jess pushes Justine down and grabbing Justine’s g-string. She turns Justine around into doggy style, moves the string of the g-string a bit over and shoves the dildo up Justine’s ass. Justine let out a half excited and pained cry. Justine was sliding against the table top as Jess pulls Justine closer using her g-string. Their sweat and come was now all over the table, and Jess was now sliding in her the dildo Justine was holding (Jess’) up Justine’s cunt hole, which was now dripping wet. Justine was screaming for joy while Jess does the same as she also finger-fucks her own cunt.

“Jess, aren’t you forgetting that you’ve won?” Mr. Jackson reminded them. Jess, in her wild-sex-crazed frenzy, suddenly remembered. Jess lay on the table and Justine got up. Jess spread her slim legs open to reveal a pink cunt hole, dripping wet from all the petting they were doing. Justine, horny from the fight and even more now that there are two dildos filling her ass and cunt, didn’t care that she was straight. Justine started licking Jess’ clit, but still with no intention of tongue-fucking her enemy. Jess moaned for a while, but got frustrated. Jess grabbed Justine’s hair and pulled her off her; she then shoves Justine’s face a bit lower, where her cunt hole was. Justine looked annoyed, but decided to tongue-fuck her still. Justine mustn’t have gotten very far in, because Jess grabbed Justine’s hair again and pushed it more towards her dripping wet cunt. Mr. Jenner, a mate of mine, couldn’t take it anymore and got up to the table. The two horny girls didn’t even realize that he was right behind Justine, but instead moan some more. They were so into it, they didn’t notice that Mr. Jenner have pulled out the dildo in Justine’s cunt. Mr. Jenner slammed his cock right into Justine’s cunt. Shocked with pleasure, Justine pulls her face away from Jess’ cunt and squealed. Jess, tired of tongue-fucking, got up and got into a doggy position.

“Any of you boys wanting to fuck me?” she asked, shaking her tight ass.

Mr. Barodi got up to the table and shoves his dick up her cunt. The moment he had placed it in her, Jess moaned loudly, causing Mr. Barodi to pound faster in horniness. Since they were opposite each other, Jess leaned over and stuck her tongue down Justine’s throat. Justine did her best to keep her lips tight, but couldn’t, as Jess got up to a kneeling position and forces her to do the same thing. Jess was the leader, anybody in the room could tell. Jess grabbed both of Justine’s tits with her both her hands and started pulling and licking on her already-hard nipple. Justine’s left hand was playing with her clit while the other was forced to play with Jess’.

“Oh God! Faster! Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me...please!” Justine groaned in absolute ecstasy. Mr. Jenner didn’t need to be told twice, he pounds in and out inside her as hard as he could. As Justine moans some more, Jess was panting herself.

“You like that? You like that, baby? You like me sucking your beautiful tit?” Jess took her mouth off Justine’s tits and stuck her tongue down Justine’s mouth once more. Justine moaned some more as Jess returned to sucking her tits, and then finally squirted out a big spurt of cum when Mr. Jenner finally came inside her. Mr. Jenner got off the table and sat onto an armchair, exhausted. Justine collapsed onto the table on her back, totally spent. When Mr. Barodi finally came, Jess shoves him off and moves over to an exhausted Justine. Jess took off Justine’s black g-string and gave it a passionate lick, making several of us comes. Jess lay on Justine and started kissing her, an action Justine didn’t have the strength to protest to. Jess then remove the dildo that was up Justine’s ass and started licking off Justine’s own cum and ass on the dildo. After she was done, she tossed it aside, and as if treating her ass like an ice cream flavour, Jess dugs her nose down to Justine’s butt hole, sticking her tongue as far as it could go. Justine was panting heavily and Mr. Jackson moved towards Jess’ hips to attach a strap-on. When realizing what everyone wanted, Jess laughed.

“Oh yeah, now this is what I’m talking about. Are you ready for this, cunt? How would you like getting fucked by a girl?” Jess shoves a finger up Justine’s cunt hole and she squealed in absolute pleasure. “I guess I know where you want to get fucked, you beautiful slut. Come on, shoves this thing up your cunt if you really want it. Legs around my hips, come on.”

Justine hesitated at the sight of Jess wanting to fuck her. But Justine gave one look at the giant cock as if to say, don’t worry, just pretend she’s a dude. Justine closed her eyes tight and slides half way down Jess’ ‘cock’. Jess, frustrated, slams the whole thing in. Justine howled in pleasure as Jess pounds in and out.

We have already came around at least twice watching the two teenage girls fucking the heck out of each other. I know I was. Justine’s legs were swinging back and forth, unable to keep in her pleasure, she started screaming.

“You like that? You like that, bitch? Oh yeah, you sure do and you call yourself straight? You cunt-licking, thong-wearing piece of slut!” Jess teased, fucking her even harder.

“Oh God, yes! Yes!”

Justine and Jess came together, Justine squirted more cum all over Jess’ stomach and pelvis, while Jess came right onto the table. Jess pulled out and Justine groaned in total anguish. Jess pulled Justine to her knees and Justine, realizing that the fucking wasn’t over, cried excitedly. Jess took a bunch of Justine’s come and some of her own and wipe it on Justine’s ass.

“Just your entrance needs lube, I guess the rest is opened up,” Jess growled, and slammed her cock into Justine’s butt hole. Justine squeaked in absolute delight and began sliding on Jess’ cock rhythmically. Mr. Jenner pushes me up towards the table and I realized what he meant. I lay my cock at Justine’s lips and she smiled seductively at me. She voluntarily covers my cock with her wet mouth. As she flicked the bottom of my shaft with her tongue, I tugged onto her hair. Justine was now pounding from left to right to reach the needs of two people. When Jess finally come, she took off the dildo and tossed it aside. Jess then hopped off the table and started pleasuring a few male teacher who were watching. Free of Jess, Justine became more committed into face-fucking my cock. Her tongue was swirling around, making my come confused on where to do. I felt her licking the veins of my cock, and before I knew it, I was near. Knowing I was very near into coming, Justine went faster, still licking and deep-throating my cock, but was now also massaging my balls. Finally, I had enough. I shoved my cock down as deep as it could go and closes my eyes as my seed shoots down her stomach. When I finally let go, Justine gave me a slutty smile and started licking off any leftover come, like she wanted to milk me to the very last drop.

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