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Babysitter's discovery part 10

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       Rick lifted up, and his eyes glimmered with heat. Getting to tie up Emma, oh this was going to be fun.

     "On your hands and knees baby!" he growled.

     Emma eagerly took position. She let out soft growls of pleasure, as she felt the velcro cuffs close around her wrists, and her arms stretched up, and tied to the headboard.

     Rick leaned in, whispering, "It's not too much of a stretch for your arms, is it baby?"

     Although it was felt wildly exciting to play with B&D, he didn't want to cause her real pain.

     Emma cooed, "Oh no, it feels wonderful! Blindfold me now, baby! Then, could you put a pillow under my head, and turn my head to the left."

     A moment later, and Emma was bound and blindfolded, she could feel her juices start to run. Although she wouldn't be able to see her, she could imagine watching Anna at the door, playing with her sexy, beautiful pussy as she watched Emma get fucked.

     Emma knew she needed one more thing, she wanted her ass paddled. She hesitated, then plunged ahead, "Hey baby, how'd you like to try something that sounds really kinky, but the idea of it turns me on like wild?"

     Rick said softly, "What did you have in mind baby?"

     Emma cooed, "Well, how'd you like to be my Daddy? Daddy is very protective of his darling daughter, and does his best to keep all the horny boys from trying to fuck her. And Daddy, you just came home early, and found your little daughter, playing with her pussy! In daylight, completely naked, your slut of a little girl was playing with herself. You won't stand for that, and it's obvious that your horny slut of a daughter needs some discipline. A good, hard spanking might break her of that nasty habit. Who knows what she'll do next, if her slutty ways are not corrected?"

     Rick felt a heat, and he jumped right into the role, relishing the idea.

     "You bad girl!" Rick barked, "I come home, and find you naked, and playing with your tight pussy? You shaved your pubic hair off, what is that? Just to show the horny boys what they're going to get? And that horrible tramp stamp, right there on your back, displaying what a whore you are! How many boys have seen that? How many boys have played with you? What kind of whore are you?"

     "Daddy, no boys have played with me, I'm still a virgin! Daddy, I can't help it, it just feels too good to play with my little pussy!" Emma wailed plaintively.

     Watching this develop, Anna could feel her juices churning, she was practically dripping. She put a towel on the floor underneath her, she had a feeling she might be gushing before this was over. Oh fuck, they'd just started, and Anna was burning with lust, watching the scene develop. She stroked her nipples, cupping her breasts, fingertips then sliding down, grazing lighly, teasingly over her belly, doing her best to drag out her orgasm at least a little.

     Rick growled, "Don't you know anything you little whore? That's the devil tempting you, to the sins of lust and moral depravity, he gives you horrible sins, dressed up in sweet feelings, it's how the devil operates. I need to show you the right way, and drive the devil's temptations out of you.  It's obvious that you need something to break you of this terrible path of self abuse! A good, hard spanking will drive it out of you."

     "No, no Daddy, don't spank me, I'll be good, I promise!" Emma cried.

    "Promises made without punishment are not worth anything. It has to be this way!" Rick growled.

     Rick drew back, and whapped his hand hard against Emma's left ass cheek. Emma yelped as she felt the sting, followed by another stinging smack on the right cheek, and another yelp. Emma felt the sting rush to her pussy, mixing with the pleasure filled churning of her juices, and she was primed for more.

     Rick growled huskily, "Thank Daddy, and tell Daddy you need more!"

     Emma whispered, "Thank you Daddy, please give me another. Spank your bad daughter's ass hard!"

     Rick drew back, and again, a good hard whap stung each of Emma's cheeks. Emma let out a pleasure filled growl.

     "Thank you Daddy, more, give me more, paddle my ass!"

     Rick could feel his cock growing back quickly, oh fuck, this was a game that was more than fun. He whapped Emma again, watching dark pink hand prints on her white cheeks, hearing her cries of pleasure as he whapped her. The hard smacks of Rick's hands were making Emma burn with lust, oh fuck, her pussy was getting jolts of electric lust from every whap she felt spanking her upturned ass cheeks.

     "Ooh, thank you Daddy, feels so good, spank your daughter, you're making me so horny!" Emma cooed.    

     After 5 hefty whaps to each cheek, Rick stopped.

     "Oh god, it's, it's, oh my god, the devil's trying to tempt me! I must not give in!" Rick exclaimed.

     Emma wiggled her upturned ass at him, as she cooed, "What is he tempting you with Daddy?"

     Rick gasped, "He's trying to tempt me to fuck you! To fuck my own daughter, to deflower you, oh my god, I'd burn in hell forever!"

     Emma cooed, "Isn't it better that I have my own loving Daddy to deflower me, rather than some creep of a boyfriend? Do it Daddy, take my virginity, it won't be hell, it'll be heaven, take me Daddy!"

     Rick growled, "Too strong, oh fuck, can't stop!" 

     He saw Emma's lips, slightly parted and soaking with her juices. He slid his cock up and down her tight slit, letting the juices lube up his cock head. His cock was rock hard, and throbbing with need.

     Getting back into character, he pushed hard, grunting out "God forgive me!"

     Emma felt his cock drive into her, his stiff hardness splitting open her tight pink walls, the wonderful feeling of being stuffed with his rampant cock, and playing the virgin daughter, she squealed, "Ooh, ouch, so hard, so big! Oh Daddy, you just claimed your own sweet daughter's cherry!"

     Rick felt the tight clamp around his cock, oh yeah, Emma's tightness was superb. He stared at her tattoo, the tramp stamp just inflaming his lust, fuck, this was white hot.

     "Yeah, oh yeah you little whore. That slutty tramp stamp, shaving your pussy, this is what you get for being a bad little slut, you're getting Daddy's hard cock breaking you open, Daddy's hard cock is going to fuck your sweet cunt, then Daddy's incestuous sperm is going to fill you!" Rick growled.

     Emma could feel the eager thrusting of Rick's bone hardness inside her, going deep, taking his pleasure, oh fuck, that felt so fucking good. His hips were driving against her upturned ass, making her just spanked cheeks throb, sending the throbs of pain right at her pussy, where they quickly turned to pleasure filled zings. 

     Emma cooed, "Oh yes, just what I wanted, I wanted my Daddy to take my cherry, oh yes, feels so good! Fuck your sweet little girl Daddy, fuck me until you can't take it anymore, then gush your hot, baby making sperm deep inside me. Get me pregnant, knock up your own sweet daughter with your hot, white lava of incestuous, baby making sperm!"

     Anna was burning up, her pussy was dripping like an open faucet, fuck, she'd never seen anything so hot. She stuffed the ball gag into her own mouth, her orgasm was gonna be a blowout.

     Rick could feel his cock thumping, getting ready to blow. His cock swelled up, ready to explode, he could feel his cock head start nudging against her cervix.

     Emma could feel it, and her cunt was racing towards climax.

     Anna now had a 9 inch dildo jammed up her, and she was furiously rubbing her clit, ready to fly apart.

     Rick growled out, "Oh yes my little slut, Daddy's little slut is gonna get it now. Your cervix is gonna be a bull's-eye for my cock, and my cock is going to use it as cum shot target practice. Gonna give my little slut daughter what she wants, gonna blow my load, gonna fill up your tight little pussy, yes, oh yes, FUCK!"

     That set Emma off, she shrieked "Do it Daddy, give me your cum, fill your daughter's womb with your baby making sperm, knock me up, yes, yes, aww GAWWDDD!"

     Emma's inner cunt started to quiver and spasm wildly, as her orgasm slammed into her. Rick's cock burst, she could feel the explosion deep inside her, his cock bucking wildly, steams of hot, white cum jetting deep, splattering against her cervix.

     Anna's pussy blew, squirting wildly, her scream of pleasure cut off by the ball gag, her cunt wrenching crazily, clamping hard against the dildo buried in her needy, greedy heat. Anna felt like she was going to pass out, her orgasm slammed her HARD, it was almost like an assault, as she gasped, trembled and shook wildly in the most violent, powerful climax she had ever felt.

     Rick pulled himself out, changed position, and Emma could feel his cock rub against her lips.

     "Now, as a thank you, lick Daddy's cock clean, taste the juices of our lust."

     Emma eagerly ran her tongue all over his cock, licking and savoring the juices of their passionate coupling. She slid her lips over his cock head, and easily swallowed his 7 inches right to the balls. She loved to suck on his cock, and she eagerly applied her cock sucking skills to Rick.

     Rick could feel his cock coming back to life, oh man, Emma gave the best blowjobs.

     Emma remembered the "mmmm-hmmmm-mmmmm" sound Anna made while sucking his cock, and she copied that, just in case Rick noticed that difference.

     Emma released him for a moment, long enough to coo, "Thank you Daddy, now, give me your cock, fuck my mouth, and shoot more of Daddy's incestuous sperm into my mouth, give your horny little daughter a nice, juicy taste of your cum!"

     Rick gently took Emma head, as he pushed his cock in. He made sure that she was ready, then he began to fuck her face.

     Emma growled, she adored having Rick hump her face. She felt so slutty, like her mouth was another cunt to service his cock, and it drove her crazy with lust.

     Rick growled, "Ah yes, my little slut, now that I've busted your virginity, you're Daddy's little whore. Keep you slutty lips tight around Daddy's cock, I'm going to fill your mouth with Daddy's thick cum!"

     He could feel his cock getting ready, fuck, this role playing was a real fucking turn on. Pretending to be a horny Daddy who had just fucked his daughter, and deflowered her, really made his cock tingle, oh fuck, he could feel it approaching.

     Emma was on fire, she was just as ramped up by playing a daughter who had just had her cherry plucked by her Dad. She loved the way Rick jumped into the role, and made it so realistic. She felt his cock jerk, ready to explode, and she clamped her crimson lips tightly around his shaft, her hot wet mouth bathing his thrusting cock in a tight, wet heaven of sucking.

     Rick growled, "Oh yes, my little slut, Daddy's gonna fill your mouth, suck out every drop, swallow all of Daddy's load, show Daddy what a good little whore you've become for Daddy, yes, yes, yes, oh FUCK!"

     He grunted, and Emma felt the first spurt splattering against the roof of her mouth. Two more spurts quickly follwed, spewing all over her tongue, and she kept him in, letting his cock gush out every drop. He pulled his cock out, and Emma happily swallowed, opening her mouth to him.

     "See Daddy? Every drop swallowed, just like you asked for!"

     She felt her wrists being released, her blindfold lifted, and she was looking into Rick's face, his loving eyes, his gentle smile made her heat beat faster.

     "Oh god, baby, that was incredible! The way you took Daddy, and made it seem so real! You made me cum like a train!" Emma whispered huskily.

     "Hearing you tell Daddy to fuck his daughter's little pussy was damn hot too! I just improvised, and put together as I was thinking, what I thought might be a real turn on, glad it worked for you baby, it sure did for me!" Rick said.

     "Ummm, sucking your cock made me so wet, lie back baby, I want to sit on your face!" Emma purred.

     They arranged themselves, and Rick felt the bolt of pleasure, fuck, seeing Emma's smooth hairless mound hovering just inches above him made him wild. God, so fucking sexy, all that hot, bare skin to lick. He did so, running his tongue over that expanse of exposed skin.

     Emma moaned, the touch of his tongue on her mound was sending sizzles of pleasure right into her pussy, she could feel the blooms of lust revving up. She looked up, and grinned as she saw Anna watching. She motioned for her to come closer.

     Anna had been watching, had felt her core started that slicking up again as Emma had licked and sucked Rick's cock. She saw them positioning themselves, Emma was now facing her. She grinned as she saw Emma motion her to come closer.

     Anna was now just a few feet away, stroking herself wantonly, making Emma's pussy heat up.

     "Hey baby, like to hear another hot fantasy?" Emma cooed.

     With his mouth full, Rick nodded his head.

     "It's you and me baby, and we are so busy fucking that we don't see Anna has come home early, she opens the bedroom door, sees us fucking, and with her holding that over us, threatening to tell our parents what she caught us doing, she orders us to do things. We both get tied up, she pulls out a spanking crop, and whips our asses until we having matching fiery red globes of stinging pain. Then she straps on a dildo, and we both lose our back door virginity as our asses get fucked hard. Then she pushes you down, and uses your cock like a dildo, riding it until she cums all over your cock, and you lose your load deep inside her. Then, she sits on my face, and orders me to suck out every drop that...that...oh god, oh fuck, so fucking hot, I'm gonna, gonna oh fuck YESSSSSSS!"

     The feel of Rick's tongue polishing at her clit, and watching Anna tumble into another climax shoved Emma right over the edge, she howled as she followed Anna into that region of bliss, feeling her juices pouring, giving Rick a very juicy facial. She rode his face in the dreamy start of after-glow, mopping him down. She saw Anna smile dreamily, Anna pulled the ball gag out of her mouth, blew her a kiss, and whispered, "I want you when I come home."

     Emma nodded, she wanted Anna too. Fuck, she wanted more and more sex, it was growing exponentially. She watched as Anna's sexy naked body slipped out the door, and went towards the nursery. Emma slid off Rick, cuddling against him, keeping him in the bedroom, giving Anna the time to get dressed and slip out the back door. 

     "Oh baby, fuck, that was such a fucking hot fantasy!" Rick said softly.

     Emma grinned, he didn't know how much of that fantasy had already come true.



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