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Friend's Little Brother: Part 4

sexyboy22 on Gay Stories

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow!" Luke said as I left the room. I walked to the living room and silently greeted Ethan. We both walked outside and up to the tree house. It had been almost three months since we started, so it was becoming routine to sneak away to the tree house.

    When we got up there, we undressed and started kissing. While we kissed I slid the vibrator in his ass and he stuck his fingers in mine. We kissed for a couple minutes then I bent over and started to suck his cock. He had asked me to give him a blowjob a few weeks earlier, and since he had given them to me so well, I returned the favor without opposition. He was moaning and pretty soon he came in my mouth. I swallowed his whole load and licked his cock clean.

    When I was done, we kissed again and I started fingering his ass. My cock was throbbing so finally I told him to bend over, and I stuck it in his hole. He moaned in pleasure and I picked up the pace. I thrusted faster and faster until I came inside of him. We both collapsed next to each other and I put my arm around him and started to stroke his softening cock. When I looked up, I immediately removed my hand and laid there, frozen. Ethan looked up to see why I had stop and he froze to. Luke was standing on the ladder, and his head was peering in at us. He had a smirk on his face.

    "Hey, what's up you queers." He said. By now he had climbed all the way into the tree house. Me and Ethan looked at each other and were speechless. Our plan had worked for so long and had no faults, but it had failed so suddenly.

    "I went to go get something to eat and I noticed you weren't doing your homework. I guess I know why you've been so distracted lately." His grin got bigger. "Just wait until I tell dad."

    "No!" Ethan shouted. "You can't."

    "Oh yes I can," Luke said. I was embarrassed so I looked down. I saw the vibrator sitting on the floor. The question that had been bothering me flashed in the back of my mind. Where did Ethan "find" that vibrator? I thought about this for a few seconds and then looked back at Luke. When I looked, I noticed the bulge in his pants. Seeing me and Ethan naked had turned him on! All of a sudden, a though burst into my mind. I couldn't hide it, so I leaned over and whispered in Ethan's ear. "Hey, I know this is a weird time to ask, but where did you get the vibrator?" He looked at me for a second and then grinned; bigger than Luke's. I knew exactly what that meant. I stood up and looked at Luke with a grin of my own.

    "He's right; you can't tell your dad." I said.

    "Oh yeah, why is that you queer," he said, trying to keep a grin. I picked up the vibrator, walked over to him, and handed it to him. "I think this belongs to you," I whispered. He turned red and then said, "Fine, I won't tell as long as you won't." "I won't," I said. I looked down at his boner. "You want us to help you with that?" I asked. "Ummm... uhhh..." He turned even redder. I took that as a yes so I pulled his pants and boxers down, revealing his rock-hard cock. It was a good seven inches long by now. I pulled him down to the ground and then started to suck on his cock. He moaned in delight and I kept sucking. Pretty soon he said "I'm gonna cum!" and he blew his load in my mouth, and I swallowed it all.

    By then I was hard so I told him to turn around and he did obediently. I stuck my cock into his tight ass and pushed as far as I could. He moaned loudly and soon my cock was deep inside him. I started pumping in and out and he moaned wildly. In the background I could see Ethan jacking off while watching us. Pretty soon, I felt the tingling sensation in my balls and I filled Luke's ass with my cum. When I stopped, I pulled out, and Ethan came and licked my cock clean and I licked Luke's ass clean. When we were done, we put our clothes back on and left the tree house. When we went back inside, Luke's dad was sitting on the couch, staring at us. We looked at each other nervously, wondering if he knew what we had done. As I went to the door, he said, "Tom, I don't think it's a good idea for you to come over anymore." I looked at him and simply said "Yes sir." and then left.

    The next day Luke told me about how his dad had punished him and Ethan. I was just glad that he hadn't called my parents, and Luke said that he probably wouldn't because he's cool like that. During lunch that day, Luke and I went to the bathroom and he gave me a blowjob. After that, we would occasionally go to the bathroom and take turns giving each other blowjobs, but all the while I kept thinking about Ethan. I would never forget the fun that we had in the tree house.


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