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A Mother's Helping Hands Part 5

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Dawn was still a distant thing when Sean came to her room.

"Mom, wake up."

Startled out of a deep sleep, Molly instinctively reached for the lamp, groping to switch it on. She squinted up at her son in the sudden brightness.

"Sean? Is something wrong, honey?" she asked, alarm in her voice.

"It's Sunday," he said.

Confusion filled her sleep-addled brain. It was still pitch-dark outside her bedroom windows. She squinted at the digital clock on her bedside table: 4:07 AM it said. She looked back up at her son and her eyes were drawn to the huge hard-on standing out from his slender loins. Realization finally brought her fully awake with a rush of tingling excitement and a tremendous stomach-roll.

"Well, I suppose it is," she answered with a slowly spreading smile.

"So... Can we start?" he asked eagerly.

"I suppose so," Molly replied, trying to conceal her own growing excitement. She smiled up at him. "I'm yours to command, for the next..." she glanced at the clock again, "20 hours. So Master... What do you want your slave to do at this unseemly hour?"

Sean shifted uncertainly before hesitantly asking, "Uh... Will you take off your clothes?"

"That didn't sound like an order Master," Molly teased, giving him the most wide-eyed innocent look she could muster.

Sean blushed, looking flustered. "Um... Take off your clothes," he ordered, trying to sound more sure of himself than he obviously was.

"Yes Master," Molly giggled. She threw the covers back, revealing herself to be completely naked. She hadn't bothered with a nightgown when she went to bed. "Anything else?"

Sean's eyes traveled over her body, giving her chills. "Show me your pussy," he commanded hoarsely.

Thrilled, Molly shifted around, spreading her legs for him. "Like this, Master?" she asked, reaching down to spread her lips.

Sean's only answer was a hungry stare as he ogled her pink inner folds. Without another word, he dropped to his knees and buried his face in her wide-open pussy.

Molly gasped as her son's tongue snaked into her, giving her shivers as it wriggled, making her instantly wet. She moaned as he pulled it out to flick her clit, quickly teasing it to its fully erect state before plunging back into the hotness of her grasping hole. God, he was a quick learner she thought as she felt the first tinglings of an approaching climax.

But before she could cum, he pulled back, leaving her writhing with lust. "Oh please baby," she begged. "Please don't stop!"

"Call me Master!" he commanded, all traces of hesitancy gone now.

"Oh yes Master! Please Master! Please keep licking me Master!" Molly begged, even more excited by his dominating behavior, wantonly holding her cunt open in invitation.

"No," Sean growled. He looked from the lewd display of her glistening wet pussy to her lust-filled face. "I want to fuck."

Molly's stomach lurched, so excited now she could barely breathe. She panted heavily as Sean rose from his crouch, bringing his beautiful cock into view.

"Put it in," he commanded.

Molly almost climaxed on the spot.

With shaking hands, she reached for his rock-hard penis and guided it to her willing cunt. She rubbed the head up and down her slit, getting it slick with the copious juices leaking from her yearning fuck-hole. She gasped, barely able to control herself as the tip rubbed over her throbbing clit before she guided it to the entrance of her sex, wedging it between her quivering pussylips. Without warning Sean lunged forward with his hips, driving his man-sized cock into her.

"UUUNNNGGHHH!" Molly came, just like that. But even as her body was wracked by the tremendous orgasm, Sean began pumping his enormous cock in and out like a jackhammer, as fast and hard as he could.


Her orgasm went on and on until Sean let out a wordless howl of his own, throwing his head back and slamming his cock into her in a frenzy as he came with her, filling her spasming cunt with his white-hot cum, until he was finally spent and fell on top of her.

They lay there panting heavily as Molly clung to her son, legs and arms wrapped around him, his cock still buried deep inside her. It was the most intense, mind-blowing sex she had ever had, and it had been with her own son. Somehow it seemed right, that the person she loved most in the entire world, who meant more to her than she ever thought anybody could, who had come out of her body, out of the very womb where his twitching penis was still cradled, had been the one who satisfied her like no other ever had or ever would.

When their breathing had returned to normal, Molly eased him off of her. A shudder and gasp went through them both as his now flaccid prick slid wetly from her grasping vaginal sheath. She pulled him up beside her and cradled him in her arms as they both fell asleep, basking in the warmth of their post-orgasmic bliss.

Molly awoke with Sean sucking her nipples. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was just past 8am. She stretched luxuriently, hugging her baby's head to her breast. Her body was filled with the kind of glowing warmth that only came after a great fuck. Plus the fact that Sean's sucking was sending tingling thrills from her titties throughout her body. Unfortunately, she was getting an even more urgent message from her bladder.

"Master," she mewled, "May I go pee, please?"

Sean released his liplock on her turgid nip, grinning up at her. "You may," he proclaimed in his most magnanimous voice. "Right after me," he added playfully.

Molly giggled and hugged him before they both kicked their way free of the sheets and rose from the bed. She followed Sean as he headed for the bathroom, admiring his firm young buttocks. When they reached the toilet, she lifted the seat and took her position beside her son/master. She reached for his penis, somewhat surprised that he'd awoken without a hard-on. But then again, he had been up once before this morning already, hadn't he? She smiled to herself as he let go with a stream of pee that went straight to the center of the bowl. She was now quite an expert with her aim.

When he was finished, she dabbed the tip of his penis with a bit of tissue, then put the seat down. She sat on the toilet, but before she could start, Sean commanded, "Hold it."

She looked up at him questioningly.

"Spread your legs. I'm gonna watch."

Molly blushed, but obligingly did as he commanded, spreading wide and waiting for him to get into position as he knelt before her and leaned in for a closer look.

"OK, let it rip," he granted, his face less than a foot from her crotch.

Molly felt a little shy. She had never peed in front of anyone, but it somehow excited her that he wanted to see it. She had a little trouble starting however. As Sean glanced up at her expectantly, she took a deep breath and forced herself to relax. Finally, a trickle of pee escaped, quickly turning into a full stream as the floodgates opened.

Sean watched raptly, seemingly fascinated. When she finished, she tore off some tissue, waiting for his nod of assent before wiping herself. She dropped the toilet paper into the bowl and reached back to flush. Sean stopped her before she could rise, as she somehow thought he would. He stood up, revealing a full-blown hard-on. Straddling her legs, he brought it right up to her face.

"Suck me," he ordered.

"Yes, Master," Mary replied with a smile as she reached for his cock.

"No hands!" Sean commanded forcefully.


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