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My mother's hot gangrape

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Hello guys my name is Rohit.The story which i am about to tell you guys is a real one which happened almost 2 years ago.Me and my mom live in delhi and my dad lives in Dubai.He works there and visits us in 3-4 months.So me and my mom lives together.I am 20 and my mom is 47.Let me tell you about my mom.She has a fair skin,her figure is 37-33-39 approximately.When i turned 14 i started to have incestual feelings towards her but i only used to fantasize about her and masturbate.She never knew about it.
It was time of summer,we were invited to one of our mom's friends wedding.So we left early to the wedding hoping to return early.Our driver took us there and it was a great wedding.My mom was dressed really well.She was wearing a blue saree and was looking very hot in that.We had a great time there and we enjoyed the party.The party went for too long so we couldnt leave early and so it got late.We arrived from there around 12 am.We were on our way back to home but as we approached the road we saw there was a big jam in the road.It was because of some accident happened there.It was getting late so our driver suggested to take the other road.We took the other road and it was totally empty.No traffics were there so we drove fast.
Suddenly our car stopped in the middle of road.The driver tried to start the engine but he couldnt.He told us that there was some malfunction in the car.We were stuck there and there was no residential area around.We then saw light flashing and saw a car approached towards us.It stopped there and some guys came out of the car.They were all drunk and they were asking us whether they could give us a lift.I said no to them cause they were looking dangerous.One of the guy saw inside my car and saw my mom.He came and asked me that who was she.I said them "she is my mother".They started laughing and the other guy told me"teri maa to kya item hai".They called their other friends from inside the car and came towards us.One of them kicke my driver and then they opened my car's door and pulled out my mom out of it.She was crying for help but there was no one.Two of them holed me and then they took me and my mom in their car and drove us to some place.
They took us to an old house.There were 3 more people.They pulled my mom and me out of the car an took us inside.My mom was shouting and asked them to leave her but no one listened.They tied me to the chair,i realised what was about to happen.Two of the guys holed my mom tight and tried to kiss her in the lips.They were pressing her boobs and her ass.They ripped of my mom's clothes and in no time she was fully naked.When i saw my mom naked i was turned on.All of them attacked mom.Some where sucking her boobs,some fingering her pussy her ass and one kissing my mom hard on the lips.There were total 6 people and all were horny for my mother.
One of the guy took out his clothes,he had a very huge dick an it was hard.He holded my mom tight,adjusted his dick towards my mom's pussy and in one stroke he put it in.My mom cried out loud.He started fucking her and slowly he increased his pace.He was kissing my mom and squeezing her boobs from one hand and fingering her ass from the other hand.He was fucking her very hard and i got real horny seeing that.Suddenly the other guy took out his dick and put it in my moms ass.She screamed out loud with pain.Now she was being fucked in both holes simultaneously.The other guys were waiting for them to finish so that they could jump in.Those guys fucked my mom for atleat 30 min and then both cummed inside her holes.
As soon as the guys completed the other two guys jumped.One of them was playing with her pussy and licking her feet. and the other was suckibg her boobs.One of the guys came in between and put his dick inside my moms mouth.The other guys also started fucking her.Seeing my mom getting fucked like a whore had turned me on.I enjoyed watching her getting fucked.She was being used by three people at the same time.They spanked her ass and then fillled her ass with cum.They all cummed in her ass or pussy.She was treated as a whore.
After 2 hours all of them were done.My mom was lying naked and still.She was in shock and she didnt say anything.After seeing a live porn of my mom infront of me i was totally horny.The guys came towards me and untied me.They opened my clothes and saw my rock solid hard dick.They said to me'go fuck her'.Seeing my mom lying naked was killing me.I jumped over my mom and kissed her every body part.She didnt say anything and was lying still.I put my dick in her vagina and started fucking her.The guys were recording my act in a camera.I didnt pay attention and was busy in fucking my mom.Finally i cummed inside her.It was best.
The guys blackmailed us by saying that if we complain about them they will post our video on the web.They left and we never mentioned this incident to anyone.

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