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A Mother's Helping Hands Part 5 cont.

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    "Suck me," he ordered.
    "Yes, Master," Mary replied with a smile as she reached for his cock.
    "No hands!" Sean commanded forcefully. “Just your mouth.”
    A thrill ran through her entire body. "Yes, Master," she repeated breathlessly. She dutifully opened her mouth and allowed him to bring his cock to her. She hummed her appreciation as he shoved it into her mouth and she immediately began sucking.
    Sean began pumping his hips, sliding his rock-hard cock all the way to her throat and back out ‘til the ridge of the head popped through her sexy wet lips. He was literally fucking her face. After a few minutes, he pulled the tumescent organ from her sucking mouth, chuckling to himself at her frustrated whimper as she tried to follow it. She looked up at him plaintively, but he just grinned down at her.
    “I’m gonna fuck you now.”
    Molly’s heart skipped a beat and she nearly swooned. She quickly spread her legs, pushing her bottom forward to give him access.
    Sean chuckled again at her eagerness. “Not here,” he said. “I’m gonna fuck you on MY bed.” He backed up and motioned her to proceed him.
    Molly had to bite her lip to contain a squeal of excitement. Her young son was in total control now, and obviously relishing his role as master. And her drenched pussy gave testimony to her delight with being his willing sex slave. She jumped up with a girlish giggle and fairly sprinted toward the door.
    “Slow down!” Sean commanded. “I wanna watch your ass wiggle.”
    A shiver ran through Molly’s body as she forced herself to a more sedate pace. She shook her hips seductively as she led the way to his bedroom. She could feel his lustful gaze on her naked ass. She looked back as she reached the bed.
    “Up on the bed,” Sean instructed. “On your hands and knees. I’m gonna do you doggy style.”
    Molly could barely contain her excitement as she scrambled to comply. She crawled onto the bed, getting into the correct position, ass thrust into the air, offering herself willingly. She felt him climbing on behind her, holding her breath in anticipation as he got into position. She moaned out loud as she felt the first touch of his hot cock against her exposed cunt. She was so wet. The huge-feeling prick entered her slowly, inch after inch. Soon he was sawing it into her in long, steady thrusts.
    “Oh God, baby!” she mewled. “Oh Sean! Your cock feels so good! Oh Sean! Oh yes! Fuck me! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! OH FUCK SEAN! I’M CUMMING! OH FUUUUUCCCKKK!!!” She trailed off to a whine of ecstasy as he continued to pound his big cock into her creaming, spasming cunt.
    Her upper body collapsed to the bed. She grasped at the sheets desperately to keep her knees under her as she continued to be rocked by his slamming thrusts. She was reduced to a mewling, grunting, moaning pile of flesh, a receptacle of pure animal lust as Sean fucked her faster and harder, groaning out his own loss of self louder and louder. Molly gasped for breath, feeling his heavy balls slapping against her erect clitoris so fast now that it almost felt like a vibrator. The feeling was so intense she almost cried out for him to stop, take a time-out. But before she could, Sean announced his own impending orgasm.
    “Oh God Mom! I’m gonna cum!” he fairly screamed.
    “Oh yes baby, cum for me!” she gasped out. “Cum inside me! Cum in your love slave! I’m gonna cum again too! Oh Sean! I’m... gonna... CUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!!”
    As she screamed out her second intense climax, Sean howled out with his own orgasm, continuing to hump wildly as his hot love juice spewed into her spasming cunt. She finally lost control of her muscles and collapsed onto her belly. Sean went down with her, landing atop her back. They lay like that, panting and sweating as Molly drifted off to an exhausted sleep.

    When they awoke for the third time this morning, they were both famished. Molly's master commanded her to cook his breakfast. When she asked if he wanted to get dressed first, he shook his head, giving her another thrill by announcing, "We're spending the whole day naked. I'm gonna watch your tits and ass all day long!"
    And watch he did, keeping his eyes glued to her as she cooked, ate, and cleaned up afterwards. Their hunger satisfied, Sean was ready for some more action. Ordering her to the living room, he instructed her to put on some music and dance for him. He sat on the sofa and made her get up on the coffee table. As she did her best bump-and-grind she was thrilled by his hungry eyes devouring her, and by the standing ovation his big cock was giving her performance.
    Molly danced for her master through three songs, then obeyed his demand for a lap dance, rubbing her breasts all over him and grinding her ass into him through another three. When he ordered her to suck him, she did that, too, swallowing another load of his delicious spunk.
    Soon afterwards, he announced that he was hungry again. Molly was a little surprised, but dutifully led the way back into the kitchen. She asked what he wanted to eat and nearly swooned when his answer came back, "You."
    He sat on a kitchen chair, made her straddle him and sit on his lap and spent the better part of a half-hour sucking her tits as she slowly stroked his cock, which was erect again. She marveled at his ability to get it up, despite how many loads she'd already drained from him. Ah, the miracle of the teenaged penis, she mused. Her pussy was dripping on his lap by the time he ordered her up onto the table.
    She lay on her back on the cold hard table and offered up her creaming cunt for his pleasure, spreading wide as he scooted his chair up for the feast. For the next hour he licked and sucked at her quivering lips and clit, and tongue-fucked her hole. He was becoming quite the expert, learning how to keep her right on the brink until he decided that she could cum. He had given her two orgasms and was nearing a third by the time he finally stopped.
    Molly whimpered in protest, she was so close! But she needn't have worried as Sean stood up and kicked his chair away. Her pussy was at the perfect height to line up with his cock. She hurried to reach down and guide it into her yearning love pocket. She was so hot and wet he rammed it home in a single thrust, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. She quickly put her feet up over his shoulders and Sean wrapped his arms around her thighs, holding tight with his forearms as he slam-fucked her as hard and fast as he could.
    In no time, Molly was screaming in orgasm, exciting her young son to whip his enormous staff into her even faster and harder. Her climax went on and on, cresting over and over as she was violently rocked by his furious thrusting, all the time staring into his blazing green eyes, an angry snarl on his face as he actually growled with animalistic lust. He roared as his hot cum erupted inside her.
    Molly's seemingly endless orgasm finally died as Sean released her legs and collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight to her bosom as they both tried to catch their breath, hearts pounding.
    "Now I am hungry," Sean mumbled from between her sweaty breasts.
    "For something other than pussy?" Molly laughed.
    "Yeah, something with a few more carbs. I'm burning a lot of calories here!"
    "Tell me about it," Molly groaned with the effort of rising from the table. Her legs wobbled as she stood.
    "Oh!" She had to snatch a rag and catch the semen that came dribbling down her leg. "Jesus," she moaned as she gingerly wiped her drooling vagina. "You're gonna have me so sore I'll be walking bowlegged for a week!"
    "Just as long as you're recovered by next Sunday, slave!" Sean grinned at her.
    Molly rolled her eyes and turned to the task of preparing a pasta salad. As the pasta was cooking she scrubbed the tabletop, keenly aware of her son's eyes watching her every naked move. She had never received this much sexual attention in her life. And she was loving every minute of it!
    After they had eaten, Molly suggested a shower. They were both getting a little ripe with the unmistakable odors of sex and sweat. But Sean had a different idea.
    "Hot tub!"
    "Ooh yes, lovely!" Molly answered with delight. Her body could use a good soak. "Shall I go get our bathing suits?"
    "Bathing suits?" Sean scoffed, shaking his head. "Have you forgotten? Naked all day."
    "Sean!" Molly gave a nervous giggle. The hot tub was outside!
    "Master!" he corrected her.
    "Master," she conceded.
    "You go out and get it ready," he instructed. "I'm going to watch from in here."
    "Yes, Master."
    Molly moved to the French doors that led out to the deck. A shiver went through her body as she peeked out nervously. She looked back at Sean.
    "What if one of the neighbors sees me?"
    Sean, obviously loving her anxiety, answered, "Then wave and say 'Howdy, neighbor!'"
    "Oh, you are bad!"
    "Off you go, now," Sean ordered with glee. "And walk. No running."
    Molly gave one more nervous whine, then grasped the door handle, took a deep breath, whipped open the door and walked out into the bright sunshine.
    Sean excitedly hurried to the window and watched as she strolled across the deck stark naked. Her auburn hair glowed firey-red and her alabaster skin shone like new-fallen snow in the sun. Her pendulous, crimson-tipped breasts swayed with her movements. She was breathtaking.
    Molly padded barefoot, acutely aware of her exposed state. The yard was fenced, but the deck was raised. It gave her a lascivious thrill thinking anybody could be seeing her. Nevertheless, she kept herself to a casual pace as instructed. She had to cross the entire deck to reach the hot tub area, fully exposed all the way. At least the hot tub itself was out of view, in a sunken area surrounded by a low wall for privacy.
    When she stepped down into the well that held the hot tub, Molly gave an involuntary full-body shiver. Despite the summer heat, she had goose pimples all over her body, and looking down at herself, saw that her nipples were standing out stiffly, absolutely fully erect. She giggled at her own giddy excitement, then set about readying the tub.
    She removed the cover and set it aside, then turned on the water and washed away the little bit of dust that had gotten inside the tub. That done, she plugged the drain with the stopper, turned the water on full and flipped on the heater. It would take a while to fill so she took another deep, steadying breath and headed back toward the house.
    As she came up the steps, the first thing she saw was Walt, the elderly widower who lived next door, standing in his back yard watering his garden. Molly forced down her panic and walked normally, knowing Sean was watching. Don't look up, don't look up, she chanted under her breath. Of course he looked up.
    The old man did a double-take, his jaw dropping in disbelief at the sight of Molly strolling casually across her deck, naked as a jaybird. She merely smiled and waved at him. "Howdy, neighbor," she called. He managed to raise one hand in a weak wave, still standing there catching flies as she disappeared into the house.
    "Oh my GOD!" Molly shrieked as she closed the door behind her. "Walt saw me!"
    "I know!" Sean laughed out loud.
    "Sean, it's not funny!" she admonished him, trying to suppress her own giggles as she peeked out the window. Walt was going back into his house. She turned to her obviously delighted son. "I probably gave the poor old guy a heart attack!"
    "More like a 'hard' attack!" Sean answered, looking past her out the window. "See? He's going inside to whack off!"
    "Hard, huh? Looks like there's a lot of that going around! Jesus, you've got the Energizer bunny of cock!"
    Sean looked down at himself, then smiled. "You love it!"
    "God help me, I do," Molly agreed. She took it in her hand. "It's just so goddamn big!"
    "Really?" Sean asked, delighted. "Is it as big as Dad's?"
    "Oh, you're bigger than him. You did not get this monster from your father. No, this is straight from my Daddy."
    Sean looked surprised. "Grandpa's got a big one?"
    "Oh yeah," Molly's eyes widened in emphasis as she nodded. "I saw it when I was 13. Daddy was working nights, sleeping in the day. Momma sent me to wake him up, and when I went in he was uncovered, sleeping nude. He had a HUGE hard-on! It was the first one I ever saw... Scared the hell out of me! I thought they would all be that big. Boy, was I in for a surprise." She giggled.
    "Surprise, or disappointment?"
    "Both," Molly laughed. "My first boyfriend talked me into sleeping with him, and the whole time I kept waiting for it to get bigger like Daddy's. It never did." She shook her head ruefully. "But this thing!" She looked down as she stroked him. "No girl is ever going to be disappointed when you pull down your pants, believe me!"
    Sean beamed proudly at her compliment.
    "How big is it anyway?" Molly asked.
    "I dunno," Sean shrugged.
    "You mean you haven't measured it? I thought all boys measured themselves?"
    "Not me."
    "Do you want to?" Molly asked excitedly.
    Sean was caught up in her enthusiasm. He grinned at her. "Okay."
    Molly clapped her hands with delight. "Be right back!"
    She ran off to the laundry room, quickly returning with the tape measure from her sewing box.
    "First we have to make sure you're fully hard," she said, dropping to her knees in front of him. She hung the tape around her neck, grabbed his cock and plunged it into her mouth. After a couple of minutes of vigorous sucking, she pulled off of it, wiping the saliva from her lips with the back of her hand.
    "Okay," she said breathlessly as she snatched up the tape. She carefully laid it along the length of his penis. "Looks like... 7 and a half inches! At 15 years old!" She shook her head incredulously. "And," she wrapped the tape around the fattest part of his cock, above the base, "almost 5 inches around! Jesus!"
    She jumped up and kissed him enthusiastically. "Congratulations! You officially have a big dick!"
    Sean was grinning from ear to ear, as much from her excitement as pride in his own equipment.
    "And you're not even done growing!" Molly continued. "You're going to please a lot of girls with this thing!" She knew she was pouring it on a little thick, but it was intentional. Self-confidence was what Sean had been sorely lacking since his accident, and she wanted to boost his ego as much as possible.
    "I don't want any other girls, Mom. Just you," Sean answered playfully.
    "Oh, you'll get tired of your old mom soon enough. Just make sure you wear a condom, you hear? Can't trust that those little whores will be as clean as your sainted mother! Plus, you don't want to get any of the little gold-diggers pregnant, now do you?"
    "Okay," Sean rolled his eyes. "Now you're starting to sound like a mom. You're supposed to be a slave, remember?"
    Molly put her hands together in concession and bowed before him. "Command me, oh Master."
    "Go get the towels and stuff. Let's get to the hot tub before old Walt finishes whacking it and comes back outside."
    Molly laughed and hurried off to the bathroom. She grabbed a couple of towels, the plastic bags to cover Sean's bandages with, and the sunscreen. When she returned, Sean was looking out the window.
    "Looks like the coast is clear," he said.
    "Then lets go!" Molly opened the door, let Sean out first, then followed. "It's kind of exciting, isn't it," she giggled as they both crossed the open space naked.
    Sean grinned his agreement. His cock was still flying at about three-quarters erect, and it bobbed and swayed ahead of him.
    They reached the well to find the tub almost full. As it finished filling, Molly busied herself putting the plastic over Sean's bandages. Then she squirted some sunblock into her hand and applied it to his face and shoulders. His normally rich tan had faded over the course of his infirmity. She luxuriated in the feel of his lithe, muscular form as she worked the lotion into his skin. When she finished, she steadied him by the elbow as he stepped into the tub.
    Molly shut off the water and climbed in herself, sitting on the side to put sunscreen on herself. Sean sat back and watched contentedly as she covered her face, shoulders and arms. Grinning wickedly, she squirted a generous amount of the white goop onto her chest and slowly, sensously massaged it into her heavy breasts.
    "So what size are your boobs?" Sean asked with a grin.
    "They're 34D," Molly answered. "Is that big enough for you? They used to be even bigger. When I was pregnant with you they were HUGE!"
    Sean eyed them hungrily as she continued to massage the pliant flesh. "They're okay," he answered with feigned nonchalance.
    "Okay, huh? Thank you very much," Molly giggled. She eased herself down into the warm water, then reached for the controls to turn on the jets. She relaxed and sighed with pleasure as her tired muscles were soothed. She smiled at Sean when he lifted his feet and placed the soles against her boobs. She crossed her arms under his heels for support so he could relax and play footsie with her titties and nipples, then leaned her head back and closed her eyes.
    She must have dozed for a while, because she suddenly became aware that she had been moaning, dreaming that Sean was fucking her. She opened her eyes with a start and saw Sean's grinning face, and only then realized that he had pushed her legs apart with his feet and now had his big toe lodged in her vagina. She blushed in embarrassment but made no move to stop him. After all, she was his slave for the day.
    "Sneaky," she accused, then gasped as the invading digit wriggled inside her. "Do you want to see a trick?" she asked suddenly.
    "What kind of trick?" Sean asked as he continued toe-fucking her.
    "It's a pussy trick," she answered enticingly.
    "Okay." Sean allowed her to push his molesting foot away.
    He watched with picqued interest as Molly lifted her foot out of the water and hooked her heel over the lip of the tub, then did the same with the other foot on the opposite side, spreading her legs incredibly wide. She grasped the sides of the tub with both hands, paused for a moment with a look of total concentration, then flexed all her muscles and lifted her ass up out of the water. Sean gaped at her totally exposed pussy, glistening with wetness in the bright sunshine.
    "Get a closer look," Molly encouraged. When Sean bent down, his face directly in front of her wantonly displayed cunt, she suddenly squeezed with her lower abdominals and shot a stream of water out of her vagina directly into his face. She fell back into the water, laughing uncontrollably at the stunned look on his dripping face.
    "Did you just pee in my face?" he demanded incredulously, causing her to crack up even harder.
    "It was just water," she assured him when she was finally able to catch enough breath. "I'll show you again," she said as he gave her a mock cross look. She spread her legs wide, clutched the side of the tub, paused to suck in some water, then heaved herself up again. As Sean watched closely, she squirted it out again, smiling in triumph at the lustful look on his face.
    "Come dry off my face," he ordered.
    Molly dutifully grabbed a towel and went to him, straddling his lap to dry him.
    "Now kiss me."
    "Yes master." She wrapped her arms around his neck and frenched him deeply, moaning softly as he passionately returned the favor. She could feel his ever-hard cock against her lower belly.
    "I know another trick my pussy can do," she whispered hoarsely when they finally broke for air.
    "Oh yeah?"
    "Uh huh." She reached down between them and grasped his teeming hard-on. "It can make this disappear."
    "Sounds like magic," he grinned. "Let's see it."
    "Yes master," she answered and kissed him again, raising up at the same time to guide him inside her.
    They both moaned into each others mouths, tongues intertwining as she settled fully, burying his young cock completely. She began rocking her hips, fucking him in a slow, sensual rhythm. She felt closer to her son at this moment than she ever had, even with everything they had already done together. This was more intimate, face-to-face, kissing, breathing each other's breath. This was making love.
    "I love you baby," she whispered.
    "I love you too Mom," Sean whispered back, and Molly clung tightly to him as she climaxed.
    They stayed that way for the better part of the next hour, kissing, whispering, Molly slowly rocking on his glorious cock. Sean kissed her neck, her nipples, her eyes and ears. Molly had two more orgasms before he announced that he wanted to cum in her mouth. With one last kiss, she eased off him and helped him up to sit on the side of the tub. Moving between his legs, she smiled sweetly up at him and lovingly took his cock into her mouth. She maintained eye contact as she sucked him until he came. After the number of loads he had blown today already, the amount of cum was much less than normal, but she savored every drop. The rapturous look of love on his face was worth every taboo she had broken.
    After that, they sat together in the foaming water for a time, Molly resting her head on Sean's shoulder as he draped an arm around her. The sun was getting low in the sky and they were both famished, so, although they were both reluctant to break the romantic mood, they got out, dried off, and headed into the house. There was no sign of Walt, or anyone else as they padded naked across the deck.
    Sean sat at the table with a dreamy smile, watching her move around the kitchen in the nude as she made supper for them. It made her heart soar to see him so happy, and truth be told, she had never been happier herself.
    They hardly spoke as they ate, content to stare into each other's eyes, but neither of them could keep from smiling. Afterwards, they snuggled naked on the couch. Sean held her in his arms as she cupped his cock and balls in her hand. His heavy penis remained soft, apparently satiated at last. And thank goodness! Her poor pussy was exhausted. She drifted in and out of sleep until Sean spoke.
    "Hmm?" He hesitated and she lifted her head to look up at him. "What is it honey?"
    "Have you ever done..." He paused, finally blurting out, "Have you ever had anal sex?"
    "No," Molly answered slowly, giving him a suspiscious look.
    "It's just... I want to do something you've never done with anyone else..."
    "Well, that's certainly something I've never done with anyone."
    "Would you want to?"
    "That depends," she answered slyly. "Are you going to order me to do it? I'm still your slave for the next..." she glanced at the clock, "hour and a half."
    Sean grinned at her, and she could already feel his penis beginning to grow under her hand. "Let's go!"
    "Hold on," Molly sat up. "You'd better let me go... prepare first."
    "Okay, hurry!" Sean urged.
    Molly rolled her eyes and headed off to the bathroom. She dug in the cabinet and came up with an enema. She usually kept a couple on hand for when the need arose. She sat on the toilet and went as much as she could, then used the enema. After she was cleaned out, she washed with soap and water, toweled off, then found the tube of KY jelly in the medicine cabinet. The butterflies were dancing in her belly as she returned to the eagerly waiting Sean, who jumped up from the couch, cock once again standing at full mast.
    "Well, I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be," she told him with a nervous wince. "Where do you want me?"
    "In the butt!"
    Molly stopped and pursed her lips, cocking an eyebrow in consternation.
    Sean stared at her dumbly for a moment before he realized. "Oh... You meant where..." He actually blushed and they both cracked up with laughter. "Um, let's go to your bedroom," he answered her actual question when they both calmed down.
    Molly was grateful for the moment of levity as it helped calm her apprehension. She led the way to her room, acutely aware of her son's eyes watching her booty wiggle. She had never had anything bigger than a finger up there, and although that had felt good, she had never really had any desire to try anal sex. It actually frightened her a little. But she would literally do anything for Sean, and she was determined to go through with this for him, whether it was enjoyable or not, uncomfortable, or even painful. When they reached the bedroom, she sat Sean on the bed, turned around and stuck her ass in his face.
    "Do you want to kiss it first? It's all nice and clean."
    Sean played along, kissing each smooth white cheek, then burying his face in her crack. Molly giggled and leaned forward, at the same time reaching back to spread her cheeks. She thought he would shy away, but instead he nuzzled deeper with an appreciative hum. Molly gasped with unexpected pleasure as Sean's tongue found her puckered little asshole. She moved her feet apart and bent over farther to give him better access, and he attacked her sensitive anus with gusto.
    As he licked away, Molly popped the top on the KY and squeezed a glob out into her hand. She reached between her legs and found Sean's erect cock. She smeared the slippery goo onto his jutting bone, wrapping her hand around it and stroking its entire length. Sean moaned and forced his tongue into her tight little butthole.
    After about a minute of him tongue-fucking her ass, Molly felt ready for more. She reached back and replaced his tongue with her finger. His saliva allowed her finger to slide in easily. Sean backed away to watch as she slid it in and out slowly. She let go of his cock, pulled her finger out and squirted more KY onto her first two fingers, then pushed them both into the incredibly tight hole, working the lube in deep. It felt surprisingly good, but it felt so small, she still wondered how his big thing was ever going to fit. But she was ready to try.
    "Are you ready, baby?" she asked, looking back at him. He nodded enthusiastically, eyes filled with lust.
    As Sean leaned back on his elbows to watch, Molly took a step back to straddle his thighs and reached for his slippery cock. She squatted, bringing her ass down onto it. She paused with the big head of his dick pressed against her rosebud, took a deep, steadying breath, then slowly began to increase the downward pressure. Her sphincter clenched tightly at first, fighting against the unfamiliar intrusion, but slowly began to relax under the steady pressure. The struggle ended suddenly as her butthole finally yielded, opening up and swallowing the bulging cockhead.
    Molly gasped and Sean moaned. Now that the head was through, the shaft followed smoothly. There was no pain as Molly slowly sat down, impaling herself inch by inch on turgid meat. Finally, she reached the base, allowing her full weight to rest on his lap, wiggling her butt to settle with his rampant bone fully buried in her tight ass. She looked back over her shoulder at her young son.
    "How does that feel, baby?"
    Sean did not answer. He was staring at her ass, mesmerized, slack-jawed with awe. That was all the answer she needed. She continued looking back at him as she rose slowly, letting his dick slide out until only the tip was still inside, then sitting again, burying it. Finally Sean looked up at her, the dazed look still on his face.
    "So, you like it?"
    He started to speak, stopped himself, then swallowed hard. Finally, a nod was all he could manage.
    "So do I," Molly smiled and began rising again.
    She did like it, she was surprised to admit to herself as she continued to move up and down slowly. Like it, hell. She loved it. She had expected discomfort at the least, but it felt incredible, sliding slickly through her sphincter, stretching it deliciously. She put her hands on Sean's knees to steady herself and began to move faster, fucking him with her ass.
    Good God, she thought, I could actually cum from this.
    Faster and faster she pumped her ass up and down, her heavy titties slapping together just as her round ass slapped against her son's lap. She was going to cum.
    "Oh God," she whimpered. "Oh God, Sean, baby, I'm gonna cum! Momma's gonna cum! Oh God, yes! Here I cum! Here I cummmmm!"
    She sat up straight, driving her ass down as hard as she could and grinding her hips, swirling the rigid bone inside her rectum as the orgasm wracked her body. When the tremendous climax finally subsided, she collapsed back onto Sean's chest, breathing heavily.
    "Jesus, baby! I didn't even know you could cum from doing it... that way," she panted.
    "Doing it what way?" Sean murmured hotly into her ear, apparently having found his voice finally. "Say it!"
    Molly giggled. "Up the ass," she said provocatively. "I didn't know getting fucked up the ass would make me cum."
    Sean growled with passion, biting her on the neck and earlobe. "Well get ready, 'cause now I'm gonna fuck you up the ass until I cum!"
    A fresh thrill went through Molly as she allowed him to roll her over face down on the bed with her knees on the floor. She turned her head to catch her breath as Sean rolled on top of her, keeping his dick firmly lodged in her tight asshole. She reached up and pulled her hair to one side as he kissed her hot, sweaty neck.
    Molly nodded and spread her knees apart as Sean rose up to a kneeling position behind her. She relaxed, watching him out of the corner of her eye as he began to slowly fuck her ass. He looked down with an intense look of total lust on his young face, watching his cock disappear between her asscheeks. To give him an even better view, she reached back with one hand on each cheek and spread apart the meaty white globes. He grinned his appreciation at her, then turned his attention back to the lewd show. Molly closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his big prick violating her virgin butthole.
    Sean pumped away, gradually getting faster and harder, until his pelvis slapped against her ass so forcefully that she could no longer keep her grip on her sweaty cheeks, so she gave up and merely clutched at the bedcovers, holding on as she was rocked violently. And still he fucked, grunting and panting with the effort. He was exhibiting the staying power of an experienced cocksman, probably because of the sheer number of times he had performed today. Molly's pussy was drooling, desperate to be touched, but he was banging away so hard and fast she couldn't work her hand down between her belly and the bed.
    "Honey," she gasped, but Sean was concentrating so intently it didn't register. "Baby!"
    Sean finally looked up at her. "Huh?" he asked dazedly.
    "Let me turn over, I want to touch myself!"
    "Uh, okay," he muttered. He backed away slowly, reluctantly withdrawing from her ass with a groan.
    Molly's ravaged butthole pulsed hotly as she turned over to sit on the edge of the bed. She reached down past Sean to retrieve the lube from where she'd dropped it on the floor. She squeezed another healthy portion into her hand and tossed the tube aside. Sean moaned out loud when she spread the cool gel onto his burning hot bone. She pulled his face down to hers, kissing him hungrily as she re-greased his throbbing erection.
    Breaking away from the passionate kiss, Molly lay back on the bed and raised her legs, pulling her knees all the way up and hooking them behind her arms. Her pussy and ass were offered up to Sean's hungry gaze. His prick twitched insistently in her hand as she guided it back to her waiting anus. Sean lunged forward as soon as the tip of his almost painfully swollen dickhead touched her puckered bunghole. This time the tired sphincter opened willingly, as if aware that resistance was futile. Molly gasped and Sean groaned as he drove his big cock home in a single thrust, balls deep in his mother's ass.
    Sean grinned wickedly down at her as he began relentlessly sawing his rock-hard prick into her in long, deep, powerful strokes. Molly immediately speared two fingers into her wet, burning cunt, fucking herself with similar abandon. She could feel his cock sliding inside her through the thin wall of delicate flesh separating her vagina from her rectum. She pulled her now-slippery fingers out to frig her swollen clitoris frantically.
    "Oh Sean! It feels so good!" she moaned as she plunged her fingers back inside.
    This appeared to whip Sean into a frenzy as he redoubled his efforts, slamming his cock up her tight ass ruthlessly.
    "I'm gonna cum!" he growled through gritted teeth.
    "Oh yes, baby! Cum in me! Cum in Mama's ass! I'm gonna cum too! Oh God, I'm gonna cum while you cum in my ass!"
    "Here it cums! Oh God Mom! I LOVE YOU!" Sean screamed as his orgasm hit and his hot semen erupted deep in her bowels.
    This drove Molly over the edge also, an earthshaking climax overwhelming her even as her heart threatened to burst with the intensity of the love she felt for her young son, her baby, her lover.
    "Oh Sean! I love you! My baby! Oh God I love you!"

    A short while later, Molly was snuggled up in the crook of Sean's arm, her head on his shoulder and her leg thrown over his as he reclined on her bed.
    "Mmm," she purred. "Only a couple of minutes left before midnight. Any last orders for your little slave before she turns back into plain old Mom?"
    Sean shook his head tiredly. "I think we covered everything."
    "Good 'cause you wore me out! I can't even count the number of orgasms you gave me today!"
    "Is that the most you've ever had in one day?"
    "Day, hell! It's more than I've ever had in a week, including my honeymoon!"
    Sean chuckled. "So, are you still going to let me fuck you, even after you're not my slave anymore?"
    "Are you kidding?" Molly exclaimed, placing her hand on the flaccid but still sizeable organ that had given her so much pleasure. "You think I would give this thing up, now that I've had a taste? No way buddy! On Sundays I'll be your slave, but every other day of the week, you're MINE!"
    With that, she leaned up for a long, loving kiss, then settled back into her comfortable position under his arm. Within mere minutes they were both asleep, smiles of contentment on their faces.


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