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a wild night with my aunt

logan322 on Incest Stories

Before leaving to go overseas my parents threw me a going away party. Nothing fancy, just some close friends and family. My aunt and uncle were going to be there so we knew that it was going to be some kind of a party. My aunt, whom is my marriage, had been married to my uncle for only two years. She was a tall glass of water, standing almost 6 feet tall; I was the only member of my family that met her at eye level. There had been some sexual tension between us nothing major. The party started around sundown and we sat around a campfire drinking beer and talking about everything in our lives. As the night wore on the party died with it. Both my aunt and uncle were to drunk to drive so they decided to sleep over in my room while I slept in the basement.

I turned in at midnight but couldn’t get to sleep. I kept seeing my aunt’s breasts falling out of her top and my cock bean to grow with pleasure. I took it out of my shorts and began to jack off. All of a sudden the basement light turned on from the stairs. I quickly put my cock away and tried to be “asleep”. My aunt slowly tip-toed down the stairs and asked me if I was sleeping. I opened my eyes to see her standing in front of me naked. Her body was amazing. Her breasts were exactly how I imagined them, large and supple. Her pussy was shaved clean with only an little strip of hair at the top near the clit, I could see droplets of juice run out of her made clear by the light of the basement.

She walked over to and sat down beside me. I was speechless as she opened and shut her legs all the while her hands were making their way to my throbbing member. “You know something William, I’ve always wanted to suck your cock.” I moved closer to her, our lips only a fraction from one another. “I’ve always wanted,” that was all I was able to get out before our lips met in a furry of kisses. Our tongues danced with one another as our hands began to ravage one another. The t-shirt I was wearing was tossed to the floor. Her hands then went for my shorts. I got to my feet to take them off. Her left hand grabbed my cock and slowly guided it into her mouth. It was breathtaking how she sucked my penis. Her tongue flicked the shaft as she put all of my meat down her throat. For almost ten minutes she blew me. She then pulled him out of her mouth and asked me if I could eat her. She moved from her kneeling position and sat on the couch holding her legs up with her hands. Slowly her pussy opened, exposing the soft pink tissue and the little clit at the top. Her juices oozed out of her as I made my way to it. Immediately I dove into her. In no time my face was covered in sweet pussy nectar. Her moans of pleasure were soft as not to wake anyone else in the somewhat quite house. I looked up and gazed into her eyes, I slowly rose up to bring our pelvic muscles together. My hard cock pushed deep into her vagina as her nails were driven in my back. Her breath was hot as she kissed down my neck. Faster I began to stoke her wet pussy; juices began to roll down my shaft. Her moans turned into quiet screams as I felt her body quake, “I’m coming “, she exclaimed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Still I continued pumping my cock deeper and deeper. “I want to taste your cum,” she told me. I quickly pulled out as she grabbed my cock and began to stoke out every drop of my hot cum. My body shuddered as I felt my load shoot out into her mouth. Every ounce of it was collected and swallowed. Her grin told me everything. We both had longed for that moment and were pleased with the results. “Now promise me that when you get back we can do that again.” I nodded and smiled as our lips meet for one last time before she went back upstairs. The lights went out and I was left with the high hopes of another wild party and an even wilder night to come.


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