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An Uncle's Love - Part 1

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DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. I do not endorse or encourage the exploitation of underage persons. This story is PURE FANTASY, please treat it as such. Enjoy! An Uncle’s Love Zita had just turned 16 but she barely looked it. She was quite petite compared to her friends, and although she was in grade 10 she was often mistaken for a middle-schooler.  Despite being underdeveloped for her age, she had stunning feminine features: creamy pale skin, thick dark brown hair that fell several inches past her shoulders, big bright green eyes, high cheekbones and plump perfect lips. Zita was a relatively shy and modest young woman, but she knew she had been blessed with her mother’s beauty and her appearance had always been a strong source of pride. Ever since her father abandoned her and her mother several years ago, Zita’s mother had taken to drinking heavily. When she was working, things where better. But when she lost her job due to lateness, or arguing with co-workers, or missing work, or showing up drunk, she would sulk around the house and take out her frustrations on Zita. Due to the instability in her home life, Zita’s uncle Theo - her mother’s older brother - took it upon himself to step in as a surrogate father for Zita, providing for her the parental support, love and care that she would otherwise not have.   Theo was as important to Zita as Zita was to Theo. Theo’s partner was a career-oriented neurosurgeon who, to Theo’s disheartenment, had no interest (or time) to have children of her own. Theo loved his partner and didn’t want to leave her, but none the less  felt a void in his life without a family of his own. For Theo, Zita was a God-send. She provided him a sense of paternal fulfillment his wife refused to grant him and he loved Zita like a daughter. Indeed, as much as Theo served as a much needed parental figure for Zita, Zita became the child Theo could never have, giving him someone to nurture, love and care for. Zita looked up to her Uncle and although at her age she couldn’t yet fully understand all that he did for her, she trusted and loved him more than she had ever trusted or loved anybody.   Theo lived conveniently a few blocks away from Zita’s mother’s house, and Zita would often spend more time at her uncle’s place than her own. Theo would help her with homework, treat her to restaurants, movies, shopping trips, would let her bring her friends over to his house after school, and would even host her birthday parties. Theo was easy going, playful, generous, and Zita and all her friends agreed that he was the coolest uncle in the entire world.  There was a secondary element, however, to their relationship that Zita knew made their love special. When he brushed her hair, when they cuddled up together on the couch, when she nuzzled her tiny head against his strong chest and he wrapped his arms around her, his musky-sweet scent would overwhelm her and a spot deep, deep inside her abdomen would quiver with pleasure - no, - with excitement. At night during one of their many sleepovers while auntie was on-call at the hospital, Theo would tuck Zita into bed and lay with her while running his hands through her hair and feeling her soft skin. Like her mother who had once been a heartbreaker, she was such a dainty, beautiful girl, and her tight, perfect little body was a forbidden delicacy that he could not help but taste. His hands would run softly across the curves of her body as would a man’s to his lover’s, and, giving into temptation, would make their way to the sweet spot between her legs. Her pussy was always warm and smooth like silk, and the tiny moans and body-spasms he would produce in her while rubbing her clit were almost more than he could handle. He wanted badly, on so many occasions, to take her sexy tight body all for himself; to ravish and fuck every one of her tight little holes over and over and over again; to deflower, to debase, to make love to and to protect her. These feverish thoughts of having sex with his under-age niece drove him half-mad with lust, but due to fear of legal retribution and concern over Zita’s welfare, he had up until this point refrained from going past touching and oral.   When the touching first started it confused and scared Zita. It arose a strange and unfamiliar sensation within her that she did not understand. Theo, however, understood that the realm of sexuality was new and scary to this young girl and he knew that if he’d have to treat her with patience and care. Soon, Zita become accustomed to their late night cuddles and she began to appreciate what her dear uncle had awaken inside of her. Indeed, she was going through a sexual awakening, a transformation, and she loved every second of it. She’d often find herself fantasizing and craving those moments where they would lie together in bed, his hands rubbing between her legs and that big, hard bulge pressing up against her. Her favourite was when he’d crawl between her legs and wrap her thighs around his neck to lick and suck her pussy lips, his fingers outlining the rims of her pussy and asshole. The pleasure and excitement would build and build - like how you feel at the top of a rollercoaster right before the drop - until his licking, sucking and fingering would push her over the edge and her little body would explode in orgasm against her uncle’s face. “Oh Daddy!” - she’d gotten into the habit of calling him daddy - “I’m coming! Oh God!!”   She loved too when he’d climb up on top of her and slide his hard, long dick against her lips and into her mouth. Tasting his dick while he had her pinned underneath him was total ecstasy and she’d suck him eagerly and hungrily. After coming he’d put his hand over her mouth and hold it there till she swallowed. “Swallow every last drop of daddy’s cum” he’d order before shooting down her throat and collapsing on the bed beside her. She always obeyed eagerly and without thought. As time went on and she became increasingly a sexually aware young lady, she realized that she wanted to have sex with her uncle and often asked him to take their relationship to the next level. She wanted, more than anything, to lose her virginity to the most important man in her life. “Uncle, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your dick inside my pussy” she’d beg him every time they got intimate, but he’d always tell her that there were lots of enjoyable things two people could do without having to have sex. He loved her and he loved their sexual play, but a nagging moral obligation at the back of his head stopped him from taking things too far. She was, after all, still young and he felt it necessary to keep her pure - at least for now.   One Sunday morning shortly after her 16th birthday, after having just had breakfast and after Auntie had gone to work, Theo took Zita by the hand and led her to the master bedroom. He rarely played with her in his wife’s bed, but as he explained to Zita, this morning was going to be extra-special. Once they got to the bedroom, Theo immediately pulled off Zita’s clothes, picked her up, and sat her on the bed. For a second he imagined his partner, the way she was tall, frumpy, unsexed, and the way she’d treat intimacy like she treated her job: with a cold and careful obligation. His wife barely had orgasms, she barely made a sound, she barely moved. At times he thought sex annoyed her, but mostly she just wasn’t there. Zita was so different. Zita was young and uncorrupted, and at an age where her body was pumping with hormones, she seemed to be in constant state of horniness. He looked down at her naked, vulnerable little figure and couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty. Her slender frame was naked and exposed: her breasts where tiny and her nipples although small were obviously erect. Her skinny torso and slender legs seemed to frame her masterpiece, her centre, her pink tight little pussy that was already wet and glimmering in the late morning sun. He took off his clothes and closed in on her, a firm hand running up her thigh and gently flicking her pussy lips. “What a beautiful girl you are.” She nodded, already moaning at the feeling of his fingers on her clit. He slid a finger in and continued: “We have such a special relationship Zita. We truly love each other. Do you know what two people do when they love each other?” He watched his finger slide in and out of her. Her hymen was still in tact and her pussy was so tight his finger could barely fit. Looking at her body and feeling her tight little cunt was already driving him wild and his cock was rock-solid. Today is the day, he told himself, today I will finally have her, all of her. He felt like he would already explode.   Zita, growing more and more excited by the minute, knew what her uncle was getting it. Wild with desire, her eyes lit up in a bright and adventurous sort of way, and she looked at him and said: “when people love each other… they fuck.” Burning with sexual energy, Zita squeezed her pussy walls against her uncles finger, wanting nothing more than to feel full, taken, violated, loved. Unable to control herself, she placed a hand on his hard dick, and, barely able to wrap her tiny fingers around it, leaned in to suck him off. She wanted to feel him, to taste him, to have him shove up into her and ravage her wildly.   Theo smiled and, without warning, pushed her back and down onto the bed, roughly spreading her legs apart. “Tell me what you want” he growled, his hard dick pushing against her cunt. Her tiny little body trembled beneath him. Theo was using every once of his energy to hold himself back; he was one step away from the fall. Delirious with anticipation and desire, she screamed: “Fuck me! Please fuck my pussy daddy!”  At Zita’s cries her uncle Theo slammed his thick 8” dick into her hard, pushing it as deep and far in as possible and holding it there. Zita’s tiny body seized in pain and she moaned that it hurt. “It’s okay honey, the pain will soon go away and this will feel like the best thing in the world.” Theo petted his nieces’ hair and kissed her on the forehead, his cock still in her, unmoving. Blood was dripping from her pussy. Her cunt felt so good. When the pain subsided and Zita looked up at her uncle with her big green eyes and a pretty smile, Theo began to slowly slide his dick in and out of her, not braking eye contact. Her pussy was so tight around his dick and her fit little body clung to him while he fucked her. “I love you Daddy,” Zita said. The pleasure was building.  “I love you too, baby-girl” Theo moaned in reply, thrusting harder, deeper with every passing second. Her tight little cunt, her moans, her sweet fit naked little body was more than he could take. He had been waiting so long for this moment, so long to feel his dick inside his niece’s cunt, and now that the moment was here he could barely control himself. He grabbed her thighs tightly and wrapped her legs around his sides and started slamming his dick into her as hard as possible. He watched as her little tits bounced with every trust and she cried out and moaned in joy.  “Do you want me to shoot my cum into you baby girl?” he demanded, knowing full well that she had been taking birth control pills ever since the gang-sexual assault and near rape by classmate at her old high school. “Yes daddy, oh God please, I want to feel your hot cum shoot inside me” she screamed, her own body so overwhelmingly close to orgasm.    With that, Theo shot his big hot load into his nieces pussy while she simultaneously reached orgasms herself. They both moaned in absolute ecstasy, their bodies rocking and trembling against each together; it was the best orgasm each had ever had.  Afterwards Zita lay in Theo’s arms, her uncle’s cum mixed with her own blood dripping from her cunt. “That was better than I could have ever imagined” Zita said, relaxed, happy, spent. Theo nodded. “Things are going to be different now between us,” he said. Zita knew he was right, that their relationship had just reached a whole new level. Thing would be more intense, more exciting.  “Go shower” he ordered, a devious smile on his face. “I have a surprised for you when you’re done cleaning up.” Zita jumped up and did as she was told. She was new to this world of sex but could only imagine what her dear uncle had in store for her. Her pussy was already soaking wet again just thinking about what it might be.  


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