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Away and Guilty 2: Cold night, hot sister.

ballantine on Incest Stories

Suze pulled her coat tight around her body, trying to ignore the cold wind wrapping around her. It was the heart of Winter and she was facing a long walk from her work to her lonely apartment on the east side of town. Drops of rain began to drum on her new black trench coat. "Fuck," she thought, "that's all I need!"

As she pulled her cotton beanie down over her crimson hair she noticed a car slowing down, its wheels squeaked as it came to a stop, the passenger side door opened. Suze peered into the car and surprisingly, saw her brother's face staring back.

"Michael!" she almost yelled, "I didn't know you were back in town!"

"Celeste left for America 'bout a week ago," he replied, always leaving his part of the story until the end, "I was getting a bit stir crazy living by myself on the coast. Thought I'd see if you were still working out here."

"Just in time too." Suze beamed, climbing into the car.

Michael drove his blue sedan across the city, barely giving his older sister a chance to talk in between his longing comments about Celeste, his departed girlfriend. Michael was only nineteen but had gotten himself completely hung up on his first love. Suze thought it was a bit pathetic.

"Mike, don't go on about her again, " she moaned, "you need to chill out and have some fun. I mean, you're still a teenager for Christ sakes, I'm twenty four this year and you make me feel like I'm the kid sister."

Michael just kept driving, not ignorant of his sisters complaint, but unable to contemplate facing any other kind of future than what he imagined he would have with Celeste.

The door creaked closed to Suze's flat, the cold air inside not doing much to raise the siblings temperature.

"Jeez, Suze it's cold as shit in here." he complained.

Suze shrugged and pressed on a white remote laying on her coffee table.

"Give it five and this place will be like an oven." she said smiling, "but if you don't mind I'm gunna take a hot shower and get out of these clothes. Have a drink while you're waiting, take whatever you want."

Michael nodded as his sister left the room.

Suze spun the hot water tap as far as it could go, giving only a little thought to the cold tap sitting by its side. As the steam started filling the small bathroom with its white tiles, Suze stripped off. She looked at herself in the mirror, her red hair wet and clinging to her neck, freckles running down her face and shoulders. She was beautiful in a natural way, her petite breasts with bite sized, puffy nipples making her look younger than her age. She was confident in her body, even the red pubic hair that she had spent countless hours as a teenager trying to make as scarce as possible, was being allowed to grow out for all to see.

As Suze washed herself under the steaming flow of the shower, her flesh turned pink and she began to feel hot. Then she started to let her mind wander, Michael wasn't the only one in the family feeling lonely. Her hand touched the springy coils of pubic hair between her legs. Suddenly thoughts of her brother's skinny, youthful body entered her mind. Suze shut off the water.

Feeling a little ashamed, but still flaming hot from both the hot water and her incestuous thoughts, Suze wandered into her living room. Her brother was sitting spread eagle on her sofa, down to his sleeveless top and trousers drinking rum out of a glass. He was already a little tipsy.

"You took your time sis! This air con is hotter than hell." he laughed.

"Oh shut up, I can see you are enjoying yourself already." Suze said in defense.

Michael swallowed the rum and reached for the open bottle on the table.

"Since when do you drink rum straight?" Suze asked.

"Since when do you walk around in a towel?" Michael replied, pouring another drink. Suze could tell he was drinking to forget Celeste. She always hated that girl, headstrong and loud-mouthed, Celeste was probably already taking it up the ass from some Yank, Suze thought. She pushed her way onto the small couch next to her brother and took a swig out of the bottle.

"Well if it's a party you want, let's get drinking!" she laughed.

An hour later Michael was drunk, mumbling nonsense about his girlfriend to his sister Suze who was now feeling the effects herself. Suze was sick of hearing about this girl and pressed her fingers to Michael's lips, shushing him. Without thinking, her brother sucked gently on her fingers, she blushed as he pulled away.

"Oh shit," he slurred, "I was thinking of Celeste!"

Suze was fed up with this talk, she stood in front of her brother and let her towel drop to the floor.

"What are you thinking of now?" she asked, her body still pink from the shower completely exposed.

Michael couldn't believe himself, he was turned on by his sister's forcefulness, but tried to keep his eyes to the floor. Suze grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face into her groin. Michael still on the sofa, resisted momentarily, but gave in as the bittersweet scent of his sisters moist pussy entered his nose.

"Show me what you do to Celeste, or I'll tell her about this." Suze demanded, her head hot and swirling with sexual desire, not letting logic or guilt enter her mind.

Although he knew that she was lying, Michael submitted to her demands, he was aching for sex after being left alone by his girlfriend and was already rock hard in his pants. He gently parted Suze's labia with his fingers and slid his tongue into her pussy. She was dripping wet and the taste of her pussy, his blood sister's on his tongue made his penis twitch, almost ejaculating at the very thought.

Suze was beginning to enjoy the thrill of dominating her little brother, he seemed so innocent, no matter what his girlfriend had done to him. She pushed him away from her, his back falling into the sofa and his pants rising in front of her. Michael's face was wide eyed as he gazed at his sister's cunt, moist with his own saliva. Suze knelt down and slowly traced a finger up his leg towards his crotch. In a fever he clumsily undid his trousers, his sister reacting instantly, pulled them down to his ankles. Almost laughing at the sight of her brother's childishly bright boxer shorts erected like a circus tent by his overexcited cock, Suze reached further and undid his fly.

Pulling her brothers erect, six inch penis out of his boxer shorts, Suze began to squeeze her fingers tightly around its base. The veins on Michael's cock filled with blood and bulged through his satin like skin, he groaned half in pain and half in pleasure as his sister smiled. She could tell he was likely to cum any moment, but she was going to have some fun first.

"Get on the floor, worm!" she demanded.

"What?" Michael asked, knowing exactly what she meant.

"Now, or I'll tell Mum how you are a dirty pervert!" Suze said forcefully.

Michael got down on his hands on knees on the rug, his pants still hanging around his ankles ridiculously.

"If you want to be a little bitch, I'll treat you like one!" his sister said, getting into the role more naturally than she thought she would.

Suze looked at her brother's muscular buttocks and slapped on one cheek with delight, she could see his erection hanging down, aroused as ever between his legs, a pair of tightly contracted testicles dangling above. She gripped his scrotum between her thumb and fore finger squeezing tight. Michael squirmed but didn't say anything.

"So you think you are a tough guy hey?" She laughed,and grabbed the rum bottle by its long neck. She began to finger her brother's tight anus with her free hand, pushing one finger in just by the tip to start. Surprisingly her brother remained submissive, so she pulled her hand free and spat on her fingers. Michael closed his eyes tight as his sister pushed two fingers deep into his asshole.

"Hmm, I think you've been in here before you dirty boy!" Suze accused in a playful tone.

"Yes, Suze. I can take it." he replied sheepishly.

Feeling a challenge Suze pushed the neck of the rum bottle in him without removing her fingers, Michael's ass stretching under the force.

"Now that I've fucked you," Suze said pulling away the bottle, "I think it's your turn boy."

Suze sat down on the coffee table, her legs stretched wide and her ass planted firmly on the polished wood surface. "Well, stop being a pussy and stick your cock in me!" Suze yelled.

Michael got up, his anus stinging with pain. He moved towards his sister and touched one of her tiny breasts feeling even hornier, now remembering his sister's first bikini as a teenager.

"In my pussy idiot" Suze almost screamed.

Michael held his throbbing penis in his hand and pushed it up against his sisters wet vagina, he shook with apprehension and then pushed forwards.

"Is that it?" Suze questioned as his pubic hair pushed against her own.

"Yeah." Michael blushed.

Suze didn't really care, his cock filled her fine, she just liked the power she was having over him. She raised her legs up in front of her brother, keeping his penis inside her wet cunt and placed her feet on his shoulders.

"Fuck me like I was Celeste!" she cried.

Michael had only began to slide his penis in and out of his only sibling for a minute before his knees started to shake and he knew he was about to cum. Suze could tell what was happening, and rather than risk having a bastard child with her own brother, pushed him back again, out of her pussy and down onto the couch behind him.

The disturbance stopped Michael's immanent ejaculation long enough for his sister to kneel down on the floor in front of him and push his cock to the back of her throat. Michael closed his eyes when he felt his sister contract her neck muscles, he was going to cum hard. Suze didn't budge as her brother's warm cum oozed into her mouth, his buttocks tensing up as he ejaculated.

Michael opened his eyes to see his sister smiling at him, she moved her face towards his and he opened his mouth for the kiss. Her lips touched his mouth and she grabbed him by the ears, spitting his cum down his throat.

"Thanks, but you can have it back." she laughed.

Michael felt sober and ashamed.

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