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Father and Son Vacation Part 2

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Kent sipped his drink and took in the view. He was sitting at a small table located on the balcony attached to his room, overlooking the beach. He could see Kyle from where he sat, the boy diving into incoming waves as they crested. He looked like he was enjoying himself. Kent let his mind go back to the night in Kentucky.

It had been three nights since their little camping trip, and he still was not sure what to think. He did not think any less of his son; it was not that at all. In fact, if anything, he saw his son in a whole new light. He now appreciated the fact that the boy was maturing, turning into a man, and with that was experiencing sexual desires.

Kent remembered being Kyle’s age and he remembered how fucking horny he had been at that time. He had masturbated many times a day, fantasizing about encounters with virtually every person he encountered, men and women alike. He fantasized about sex with friends, neighbors, and yes, even members of his immediate family. Kent assumed that was normal for a teenage boy with hormones running rampant in his body.

Though Kent considered himself primarily heterosexual, he often fantasized about a random encounter with another man. He had always wanted to suck someone’s dick and have them cum in his mouth. It was just an innocent fantasy and he doubted that it would ever come to pass. He did not consider this abnormal, suspecting that same sex fantasies were far more common that anyone cared to admit. He once had a professor in college make the claim that everyone was to some degree bisexual. He had to agree.

In light of recent developments, his latent fantasy had taken on a new life and he began to have thoughts that he would have never entertained before his recent experience. He considered his son’s obvious state of sexual need and he compared it to his own at that age. He remembered just how badly he had wanted to get off back then and how in some of his fantasies at that age, he imagined various scenarios where a teacher, or a neighbor, or several times even his own mother had offered to instruct him, using their own bodies as learning material.

He had really wished as a teen that someone had offered their services in that capacity.

Kent wondered if Kyle had those kinds of thoughts. It was not hard to imagine that he did. Kent felt a delicious little thrill at the thought that he could possibly facilitate his son in this regard. Of course, it was just hypothetical, but if he allowed himself to ponder the situation carefully, perhaps he could devise an approach that would make such a situation possible.

But how?

Still trying to recall his teenage mindset, he thought of his own father and wondered under what circumstances he would have felt comfortable discussing sex; perhaps even engaging in a little bit of show and tell…

Kent finished his drink, went into the room, and mixed another. It was his fourth, each one progressively stronger than the last. The alcohol was beginning to take effect, evident in the fact that he stumbled slightly on his way back to his seat on the balcony. By the time he was halfway through his next drink, a pleasant buzz had set in, and his inhibitions began to slip away. He knew for certain now, that he wanted to cross a few boundaries with his son.

His mind devised a plan…


When Kyle returned to the room, Kent was inside watching TV. They had rented a suite and there was a living area with a couch, loveseat and coffee table, strategically placed before a good-sized flat screen. It was equipped with a DVD player, though on demand movies were available using a menu screen that appeared by pushing a corresponding button on the remote.

“Hey buddy! Have a good time down at the beach?”

“Yeah! This place is great!” Noticing for the first time that Kent had a pitcher of some frothy red liquid on the table next to his glass, Kyle pointed to it. “What’s that? Looks like a smoothie.”

“It is, want some?” Without waiting for an answer, Kent grabbed a plastic cup and filled it, holding it out to his son when finished. “Go ahead, tell me what you think.”

Kyle accepted the glass and took a sip. He cringed slightly and looked to his father.

“Is there alcohol in this?”

“Oh yeah. It’s a strawberry-banana smoothie with just a touch of coconut rum to give it a little zip.”

Kyle took another sip, swishing it around in his mouth before swallowing.

“Tastes like more than a touch… it’s good though.” Looking at his father quizzing, he asked, “You’re going to let me drink some? Since when am I allowed to drink alcohol?”

“Well, as long as you don’t tell on me I guess it’ll be okay. Hell, we’re on vacation and you’re getting to be a big boy. My dad let me have my first snort when I was about your age… Go ahead, you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”

Kyle took another drink, this time a slug, and raised his glass to his father with a grin.

“Alright, I will. Cool… Thanks dad.”

“Sure, no problem. Don’t be afraid to chug it, I’m already half in the bag and you have some catching up to do. There’s more where that came from.”

Kyle cocked his head and looked at his father to see if he was being serious. Deciding he meant what he said, Kyle downed his glass and poured another. Heading for the bathroom, he called out over his shoulder, “Wow, we’re going to have some fun tonight. I’m going to go take a quick shower and wash some of this salt off of my body; I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Do it up, I’ll be here…”

We are going to have some fun all right… At least I hope so, Kent thought to himself silently.

Kyle went to the area where the sink and mirror was and stripped out of his suit. Nude he rummaged through the suitcase propped up to his left. Kent stole a glance at Kyle’s reflection hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock in the mirror. He was rewarded with a profile view for a second or two, as Kyle turned. It had been several years since Kent had seen Kyle naked and he was expecting to see the penis of a younger boy. His eyes widened when greeted with a man size dong hanging between his son’s legs. He did not see much in that brief moment, but what he did see stuck in his mind.

I could suck that!, he thought.

Fifteen minutes later Kyle took a seat next to his father on the sofa, refilling his glass for the third time as he did so. He was not used to drinking alcohol and it was clear his tolerance was next to none. Kent could tell by the sound of his voice that the booze was kicking in.

“So what’re we watching?”

Perfect. Kent had prepared for this query. He had already scrolled through the on demand menu, finding the adult category and selected it. Leaving the menu here, he minimized it and watched CNN while he waited.

“Nothing yet, I thought we could chose something together from the on demand menu.”

He picked up the remote and pushed the button, maximizing the menu once more. It popped open, revealing two rows of

animated buttons, each choice illustrated with a scene depiction and a title. He feigned surprise.

“Whoa! It looks like our choices are porn or…porn.” Het scrolled the pointer across the buttons, each one swelling up to twice its size as passed over. “Damn… that’s hot!” he said pausing over one in particular.

Kyle, snapping out of his surprised state, looked at his father in disbelief.

“Gee dad, I didn’t know you liked porn.” He looked at the selection his father had highlighted. The title read Private Lessons – School Girls Delight. The preview showed a barely legal girl dressed in a short tartan shirt and knee socks, on her knees, contemplating a large dick with big eyes. “Wow that does look good; want to watch it?”

Kyle said the last jovially, expecting admonishment from his father at the mere suggestion.

“Do you want to? I will!” then elaborating he went on, “Seeing as I’m already letting you drink, let’s consider tonight special. Just for tonight, no rules, no boundaries: just a couple of guys drinking and watching porn. I say let’s do it!”

“Seriously? You would watch porn? With me, no less? What gives?” Kyle was having a hard time believing his dad was suddenly being so cool.

“Nothing gives, just guy stuff. I mean, you are getting older now; we might as well be friends. Besides we’re on vacation, we might as well do it up!”

Kyle shrugged and sat back on the couch, sipping at his drink.

“Fine with me daddio, do it up then.”

“All right, so does this selection meet with your approval?”

“Looks good to me, if we don’t like it we can always watch a different one…”

Kent started the movie and dimmed the lights. As it turned out it was an excellent choice, the girls all being young and sexy in their short skirts and white cotton panties, it was every boys fantasy..and every dad’s too for that matter.

As the movie progressed, Kent could see that Kyle was becoming aroused, squirming around in his seat from time to time, obviously trying to conceal a growing erection with little success. Kent made no such effort and his erection was making a tent in his shorts that was hard not to notice. He made it a point to throw in lewd comments at key points, in an attempt to loosen things a up and his humor didn’t go unnoticed, Kyle bursting out laughing several times and making comments of his own.

At one point in the movie, there was a close-up scene of a pig tailed young blonde gobbling her teachers impressive organ. The scene lasted for around five minutes and it was clearly one of the best parts of the entire film. Instead of making shrewd comments Kent merely whispered “oh yeah, God that looks good!” over and over. Once he heard Kyle go, “mmmmmm” quietly. When the scene was over, he snatched up the remote and rewound it intending to watch it over again.

“That was fucking fantastic! I have to watch that again!” he said in explanation.

“That was pretty good alright.” Was Kyle’s response.

His excitement grew as he began to suspect that this might be his opening. They viewed the scene again, Kent making his approval of the blowjob scene known with a few “mmmmms” of his own as well as a few other whispered votes of approval. He let the scene run its course and the movie continued to the next scene. He considered pausing it to an approaching his son, but decided instead to let it run, talking over the next scene.

“That blow job scene was the shit!” he said opening the door to discussion.

“Yeah, it actually was. Boy what I’d give…” Kyle realized that he was probably saying too much and cut himself off.

Wanting his son to know frank conversation was encouraged Kent, finished for him.

“…to have her suck you off like that? Yeah, no shit. Me too.” He let this sink in, before dropping his bombshell.

“Have you ever had your dick sucked?” he watched his son turn red.


“Hey, it’s no big deal. I was just curious…so have you?”

Kyle blushed some more and shook his head silently.

“Really? You know…” Kent seemed to consider something. Turning to Kyle, he went on, “If I tell you something, can you keep it a secret?”

“Sure, I guess so. What?”

“Well, it’s pretty personal. I’m not sure I should tell you…”

“I won’t tell anyone, it’s alright you can trust me.”

“Alright… I sometimes fantasize about sucking someone’s cock.” Kent watched his son’s face to judge his reaction. Kyle seemed to take this is stride.

“It’s okay dad, lots of guys have fantasies about that.”

“They do? Really? Have you ever had those kinds of fantasies?” Kyle grinned sheepishly, his secret undoubtedly coming to mind. Kent innocently looked at his son and waited for an answer.

“Well to be honest; yeah, sure I have.”

Kent grew more excited, knowing that his plan was working. He pretended to mull over this, while in fact working on his next move. After a few moments, he spoke.

“Um…so, do you want to do it?”

“Do what? Give someone a blow job?”

“Well, I was thinking us. Do you want to do each other? I’ll do you and you can do me…”

There was a silence as the movie played on. Kyle did not respond.

“ you? I really want to try it and seeing as you’ve never had a blow job before…”

Kyle thought some more before answering.

“You really want to do that to me? You want to suck my cock? I mean, I’d love to get my cock sucked but…you’re my dad!”

“If I wasn’t your father would you do it?”


“Then fuck it, shut up and pull down your pants. I want to suck you off until you cum in my mouth.”

Kyle seemed startled at such a bold statement, but stood up and lowered his shorts nonetheless. Kent got on his knees before his son, reaching up and wrapping his hand around the erect penis before him. He looked up at Kyle’s face.

“Just close your eyes and relax.”

Kyle closed his eyes and Kent turned his attention back to his son’s engorged cock. He had a well formed organ, Kent noted, nicely proportioned, a fat meaty head sitting at the end of a thick shaft, two large balls hanging at the other end.

He cupped them with his other hand, fondling them as he leaned forward, mouth opening to take his son into his mouth. His tongue made contact first and he licked his son’s tip once before engulfing him with his mouth.

Kyle let out a long sigh as he did this. Kent slowly took his entire cock into his mouth, feeling it hit the back of his throat. He worked the underside with his tongue and when we came back up he sucked hard, his tongue still busy. Then he repeated the process, starting out slowly and working it the whole time.

Eventually, the pace picked up and Kyle’s hips began to thrust forward to meet him every time he went down. Kyle’s hands were on the back of his head and their grip became stronger as his arousal grew. Kent placed his own hands on Kyle’s ass and began pulling at the same time with increasing fervor. Kyle met this with an opposite and equal reaction and soon he was clutching his father by the head and fucking his mouth hard. Loud wet sucking noises filled the air and Kent moaned his approval at his son’s aggressive behavior.

Suddenly Kyle began to get loud himself and Kent knew it would not be long. He felt Kyle’s shaft swell in his mouth a moment before his son erupted in his mouth. A hot jet of cum splashed against the back of his throat and he struggled to swallow it all as it gushed into his mouth. He tasted the salty spunk and relished at the thought that it was his own son who had just came in his mouth.

Kyle was quite vocal at this point and had his father’s head in a death grip, grinding his prick into his father’s suck hole.

He was saying, “SUCK IT! SUCK IT!” over and over.

Choking Kent was forced to push his son away, coughing and sputtering as he did so. Cum spilled out of his mouth and ran down his chin. Kyle was still cumming and in the final moments as his prick left his father’s mouth, he shot one last jet onto his father’s cheek. Panting heavily he threw himself down on the sofa and used his hand to pump the last of the cum out of his cock. Recovering, Kent leaned forward and sucked it off his son’s cock. He proceeded to use his tongue to bathe Kyle’s cock and balls, leaving them squeaky clean.

Looking up from between his son’s legs he grinned and said, “Now you tell me how that could ever be bad?” meaning their incestuous act.

“Whew! You got me there. Wow.”

Kent got up and joined his son on the sofa. Kyle turned to his father and reaching between his legs, began to stroke his hard on through his shorts.

“Your turn to drop them, I want to suck my daddy’s dick now…”

Kent happily obliged…

To be continued…



I was soooooo excited to see that you continued this story. I've had the pleasure of reading your other stories and I gotta say that your writing just gets better and better. Though I definitely enjoy your other stories, this is by far my favorite and can't wait for the next chapter.

Waiting as patiently as possible,

Becca :)

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