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Jim's teenage daughter part 5

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So there Jim was, naked sporting a morning hard-on with two naked fourteen-year-old girls, his daughter Jennifer and his niece Sara.  How was he going to explain this?


Dave just stood in the doorway for a minute and stared at the scene.  The girls had just awakened and were still groggy but Jim was wide awake with panic.  To make matters worse, Dave’s daughter Alice appeared suddenly next to her father and said, “Daddy, why is everybody naked?”


“I guess they must be hot,” Dave stammered.  “Go and play outside for a while, I’ll catch up with you,” and Alice left.  “Is that you Jennifer?” he asked the naked blonde.  He hadn’t seen Jennifer for about two years.  “My, you have grown!” he said with a smile.


“So Jim, you’re being a little naughty with your daughter aren’t you?” he smugly asked.  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.  Why do you think I bought this place?  Once Alice started growing up, I knew we had to have private time too.  So we came up here but we never expected that you would be doing it with your daughter and another girl!  Well, anyways, I brought some food so let’s eat, cool off in the pond and get to know one another.”


They quickly ate a small meal and Jim found out from Dave that Alice was two years younger than Jennifer.  Apparently Dave and Alice had been coming up here for about a year for private “camp outs”.  Wow, Jim thought, that made Alice eleven when they started.  Also, they agreed that each other could fool around with each other daughters if it was ok with them.  They all talked a little more then shed their clothes and marched down to the little pond.  When Alice took off her shirt and panties, Jim got a full appreciation of her young age.  Alice was cute, with light brown hair around shoulder length and braces which shined when she smiled.  She only had little nubs, barely bumps for tits and completely hairless slit which Jim wondered if she had shaved or just hadn’t grown hair there yet.  Maybe a late bloomer, he thought.


So they got to the pool and it was still freezing cold like the day before so they didn’t stay long.  The day was warm enough that they went back to the cabin and by the time they got there they were pretty dry.  Jennifer and Sara hung around Dave and played with their new toy Jim noticed.  That left Jim and Alice for themselves.  She actually made the first move.  They sat down next to each other and her hand went to his knee.  When she looked and wasn’t objecting, she went higher on his thigh.  Jim then put his hand on her soft white inner thigh and started feeling a tingling in his cock.  She moved higher and higher until she got to his cock and balls, which she started rubbing.  He kissed her and then ran his finger up and down her slit, finding her clit, then sticking a finger in her hole below.  Her youth made her naturally very wet and he fingered her easily.  He was becoming fully erect now as Alice began stroking him and gently squeezing his balls.


She stopped kissing him, bent over, and put his hard dick in her tiny mouth.  Alice could barely go a third of the way down on his shaft but she was a good girl for trying Jim thought to himself.  He now had two fingers in her and was rubbing her clit continually. 


All of a sudden, Jim’s daughter Jennifer appeared and said, “You really want to fuck Alice, don’t you Daddy?  I told her all about you and she said she would too.”


“Ummm, yes honey, I guess,” Jim stammered at the unexpected question.


“Ok, I’m here to help,” Jennifer giggled.  “You just lay on your back Daddy, we’ll do all the work,” and Jim obeyed.  Jennifer whispered something in Alice’s ear and Alice went up to Jim’s head, spread her legs and sat on his upper chest.  Then she slid herself higher on him until her young smooth hairless slit was touching his mouth.  He had no choice but to start licking that sweet little pussy.  He spread open her delicate young outer labia revealing her glistening pink inner lips.  Her slit was so small that he could dart his tongue in her vagina and lick her clit in one motion.  Jim could tell she was getting off from the amount of sweet juices flowing out of her little hole.


She moved off of Jim’s face and again Jennifer took over.  This time Alice knelt above Jim’s very erect cock.  Jennifer took his cock, licked his shaft up and down to get it wet and stood it straight up in the air pointing directly to Alice’s pussy.  As Alice squatted her petite body lower and lower, Jennifer had one hand keeping Jim’s cock straight up and the other opening Alice’s tight pussy.   She got down until Jim could feel her young flesh on the tip of his dick head.  Then, as she sat lower, her warm wetness mingled with his oozing pre-cum.  Jennifer was looking on intently, making sure her father’s dick would slide nicely into her new friend’s Alice’s young small hole.  His bulbous head pushed open her soft white lips as it started entering her, and then it disappeared inside.  Alice sat down on his shaft smoothly now that it had begun its journey into her willing vagina.  Jim could feel her extreme tightness as she let him inside her.  All of her tiny muscles strained to let him into her, but she gleefully kept going until Jim was entirely in her petite young body.  She loved the feeling of something inside her, and Jim filled her more than enough to satisfy her young lust. 


Jennifer rubbed Alice’s clit to get her even more aroused and she started moaning in deep sexual pleasure.  She started lifting herself off then back on Jim’s cock and got into a nice rhythm of fucking.  He felt her climax time and time again as he went deep in her repeatedly.  Jennifer climbed over her father, faced Alice and started kissing her while her father fucked her.  That left Jennifer’s sweet asshole and smooth slit right in Jim’s face, so he helped himself to some delicious licking of his daughter’s asshole and wet dripping pussy. 


Jim wanted to hold off on his climax, but with a cute little sixth grader bouncing up and down on his cock and his lovely daughter’s ass in his face, he could not will himself to put off the inevitable any longer.  He cock erupted with a massive load of cum deep inside Alice’s petite pre-teen body.  She felt his hot liquid squirt deep inside her womb a number of times and climaxed as he was spurting.  Alice looked down and saw his cum mixed with her pussy juices running out of her pussy and down his shaft, collecting at the base of his dick.  Jennifer looked to and quickly bent over and started licking the mingled juices as they flowed.  Alice got off of Jim’s still erect cock and a huge gush of white cum came out.  Jennifer had her mouth open with Alice’s pussy above her and she pushed out all of Jim’s cum as she could.  It dripped into Jennifer’s mouth but she did not swallow.  Rather, she took her mouthful of jizz and kissed Alice, swapping the cum with her.


With his load temporarily recharging, he glanced over to where his buddy Dave was.  He seemed to be having quite a good time with Sara, pounding her fast and hard.  She was crying with ecstasy in his ravishing of her body.  The he saw Dave pull out from from Sara’s smooth snatch, grab his cock and aim it at her sweet tender face.  He stroked his cock a couple of times then a gushing of white cum poured out of his dick hole shooting poor Sara straight in her left eye, then her right, then all over the rest of her adorable face.  She was completely glazed with semen.  She was laughing and said, “Shit!! I’ve never been plastered like that before!”


Both of the men took a little breather and discussed that Jennifer was the only one who had not been fucked yet and who should be the one to do it?  They concluded, why not both of us! 


“Jennifer, have you ever heard of a DP before?” Jim asked his daughter.


“No, Daddy, what’s that?”


“Well, Dave and I will show you.  It stands for ‘double penetration’, and you’ll love it,” Jim said.


Dave was already hard again with lust in being able to fuck his friends lovely fourteen-year-old daughter.  Dave laid down on his back. 


“Now, honey, start having Dave fuck you and I’ll join in in a few,” Jim said to Jennifer.


She got on top of Dave and guided his long dick inside her wet hairless pussy.  His cock was not quite as big as her father’s but it was a nice size, Jennifer thought to herself.  She let him thrust his dick in her for several minutes and then her father came from behind and said, “just bend over a little, sweetheart, I have to get to your asshole.”


She bent over so her tits were now touching Dave’s chest.  Jim looked down and the sight of another cock in his sweet daughter’s pussy actually excited him, and he didn’t really know why.  But he had other things to do now.  “Lick my cock sweetie.   Get it nice and wet,” and Jennifer did as was told by her father.


When it was satisfactorily wet, Jim stuck a finger in his daughter’s delicious dirt hole and loosened it up a little.  Then he took his hard cock and rubbed it between her gorgeous round soft ass cheeks, down he went until his cock head stopped at her anus.  He pushed it in and she was expectantly tight but they both knew she would be.  Jim applied a little more force and he popped through her actual asshole muscle and into her colon.  It was getting easier, Jim though, not easy, but easier.  Now he was fully inside her with his pre-cum oozing into her intestines while pumping her ass.


Both men pounded her hard and fast.  What a little slut, but she was ‘my’ slut he said to himself smiling.  After several minutes of complete brutalizing her pussy and asshole, they had agreed not to cum inside her but pull out at the same time; and now was the time.


It was as if it were written in a script:  Jim on Jennifer’s right and Dave on her left.  They pointed their cocks to her pretty face and started spewing loads of cum all over her.  She opened her pretty mouth to try and catch some, but they aimed at more than her mouth.  Her forehead, eyes and up her nose were blasted by the white hot semen.  She blinked and gasped at the barrage of cum that headed her way, but she enjoyed every second of the soaking.


When the men shot their final drops of cum from their cock slits, Sara and Alice started licking Jennifer’s face, swapping and swallowing as much cum as they could.


Both men looked at each other and said, “I think we should come up to the mountains more often.  Nice fresh air.”  They both laughed.








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