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Big Sister's Summer Love

Jerrai on Incest Stories

On the day I came home from college last summer, the first thing that hit me was how much my little brother, Robbie, had changed in a year. Puberty had worked its final wonders on him. Even though I was three years older, he now towered over me by almost a full foot. His shoulders had broadened and his chest thickened, yet he retained a boyishness that still made him adorable and precious.

Better still, the kid pretty much gushed at my return. He went on and on about how much he missed me, and how happy my coming home had made him. He promised his pesky little-brother behaviors were behind him, which made me laugh, and he even gave me a small leather journal for writing, which was quite unexpected and sweet. I have to confess, I was utterly charmed.

For the first week we did a lot of family things with Mom and Dad, driving out to the cabin, and spending a few days with the Grandparents. Most of that time was spent laughing with my little brother in endless conversation.

It was really kind of strange. We'd never been that close. We spent half our lives together getting on each other's nerves – your basic brother/sister bickering. Now, after all those years of mutual aggravation, we made time to get to know one another for real. I was surprised to find that we had practically the same taste in bands and movies, we were both internet geeks, we loved to read and shared many favorite books in common. The once bratty pain-in-my-ass had morphed into a super-cool and interesting guy. I was both confused and thrilled.

The following week, Robbie and I got to spend even more time together. Mom and Dad went back to work and left us to our own designs. We went to the movies a lot, and then hung out at the coffee house to dissect them afterwards. We spent a lot of time at the comic book store, and he blushed as he told me later how all his nerd friends were totally jealous that he had such a "totally hot" sister.

For reasons I understand better now, this casual comment went though me like an electric spark. Robbie and I had already been lightly and innocently flirting a little here and there, but in this case, I sensed clearly that the words were his and not his nerdy pals. It dawned on me, clear as day, that my little brother had a crush on me.

I understood the laws of taboo: brothers weren't supposed to compliment their big sisters in such a manner, but he made this small, devious effort to skirt the rule. I adored him for the effort, and I actually felt myself swoon a bit.

It really forced me to think about the time we'd been spending together, and it struck me suddenly that Robbie had become, in a way, a sort of summer boyfriend. The thought did not repulse me in the least. In fact, as soon as the epiphany struck, I felt my pussy throb and grow liquidy-warm.

Something clicked inside me. I pretty much made up my mind right then: I was going to let my little brother fuck me if he wanted. I thought I'd even try to encourage him.

That night Robbie went out with his nerd buddies. I hung with the folks for a bit of TV, and then went upstairs to my room to surf the web. I searched, and was pleasantly surprised to see that incest stories were quite popular. There were hundreds of hot brother/sister tales. My slit grew wet and horny as I began to read. I pulled my panties over my ankles and kicked them aside. The next couple of hours I poured over incest stories while casually fingering my wet hole.

Later I heard Robbie come in, but it was late. To tell the truth, now that I had made up my mind to seduce him, I started to feel a little nervous. I realized I hadn't put any real thought into my wicked plot, so I did nothing as Robbie closed the door to his room.

After about ten minutes or so, he suddenly popped up on Skype. I was debating about texting him when he nudged me on the screen.

Bro: u still up?

Sis: yeah

Bro: what did u do 2nite?

Sis: oh, just hung out with the 'rents, then read smut on the net!

Bro: lol sounds like more fun than my night

Sis: ur D&D game was a drag?

Bro: ha, totally. sausage fest.

Sis: lol. no sausage here. u wanna come hang out in my room for a while?

My little brother didn't even reply. Almost immediately I heard a faint tap at my door. As my pussy began to hum with incestuous desire, I answered.

The tension between us was obvious. Things suddenly got all weird and awkward, as if we both knew my intentions. We were clumsy, red-faced and giggly. I asked him to come in, and closed the door. He sat in my computer chair and I sat on the edge of my bed. We blushed and said nothing for a few moments.

Robbie looked down, and saw my panties on the floor. I laughed them off nervously, "Ha, I was wearing those before I started reading dirty stories."

He giggled, and then gulped loudly.

I decided that if I was going to seduce my little brother, there wouldn't be a better opportunity than now. I swallowed the last of my fear and went for it.

I laid out on my bed, letting my skirt ride up my thigh. I chewed on my pinkie seductively, and told my brother that the last story I read was still on my browser if he was curious. It was an especially hot little brother/sister fuck romp, and I figured his reaction would serve as a fair gauge whether or not my wicked plot was doomed.

He turned to the screen and read. It didn't take long to get my answer, and it was the best possible outcome I could imagine.

"I love this story," he said. "It's already in my collection on my porn drive."

I had to laugh. "Really? You've read this?"

He blushed slightly, and nodded.

We looked into each other's eyes from across the room. I smiled seductively at him, and then patted the bed beside me.

My little brother lit up. His face was crimson, but his smile wide and obvious. He must have sensed that his big sister was going to put out. He shifted to the bed beside me, his pants bulging with an obvious erection. My pussy gushed at the sight, and I knew that my little brother would be mine.

I hooked my bare leg over his. I knew he now had a clear view of slick wet pussy beneath my short skirt.

"Do you think I'm pretty, Robbie?"

He nodded, "God yes. You're absolutely gorgeous Lexi."

"Do you... do you ever think about me when you read those dirty stories in your collection?"

He looked me straight in the eye and said without a pause or stutter, "Every time, sis."

There was only a two beat pause before I moved in to kiss my little brother. Our lips met firmly, without shame. I opened my mouth and his tongue eased over mine in a loving caress. Now unleashed, our desire suddenly kicked up a notch and we tangled up in a knot of limbs and passion. Our lips danced together and we inhaled each other's hot breath. We made out for a long time, savoring our forbidden lust.

I broke off our kiss long enough to strip off my top. I unhooked my bra, and my tits bounced free. My little brother smiled his approval and went at them with his tongue. He pinched and teased my right nipple, feeling it harden in response. He sucked it between hip lips and played it gently with his tongue against his teeth. I moaned my approval.

He laid me down, and unzipped my jean skirt. He pulled it over my long legs and now I was spread buck naked before my brother. He pulled off his shirt, and I pounced on him, straddling his hips. I leaned in and kissed him, and then offered up my titties for his mouth. He squeezed them together, and licked firmly at one nipple and then the other.

I pushed him back down and asked him with a wicked grin, "So little brother, tell me... have you fucked a girl before?"

Robbie smiled up at me, "As a matter of fact, my dear big sister, you will have the honor of being my first!"

I stuck my tongue in his mouth again, and then breathed into his ear, "Knowing I'm going to take your cherry makes my pussy fucking wet."

I crawled off his lap, and wrapped my hand over the awesome bulge in my brother's pants. He gasped with obvious pleasure as I stroked him through the cloth.

"Mmmmmm nice," I purred. "Let's see what we're going to be working with here, hmm?"

I unzipped his pants, and popped the button. The cotton boxer-briefs could barely restrain the massive arc of my brother's erection. There was a stain where gobs of pre-cum had already soaked his underwear. This incredible sight made me gasp aloud.

"Holy shit, Robbie!"

His pride showed across his face and twitched beneath the cotton of his shorts. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled them down. My little brother's wonderful prick bobbed free, engorged to a bright crimson and hard as steel. We both whimpered for our own reasons.

I wrapped my small hand around my brother's meat. The flesh was hot to the touch. He mumbled grunts of ecstasy over my awestruck cooing.

"It's... it's beautiful, little brother," I mumbled.

I did not fear his size. Robbie stifled a surprised cry as I leaned in and took the full length of his cock into my mouth. On the first stroke, my nose hit fuzzy pubic hairs as his rod choked off my throat. I relaxed as best I could, and with my mouth utterly stuffed with my little brother's cock, I began to slide my tongue all over his shaft. I felt my face go red as I strained with very little oxygen. My nostrils flared and gulped what air they could. I had to breathe, so I released Robbie's dick with a gasp for air.

Strings of spit and drool stretched out from his cockhead to my lips, my face already glazed with my oral efforts. I slurped his rod back into my mouth and began to give my brother head in earnest. Clutching the base of his cock with my hand, I bobbed my head all over his sweet dick, lashing him with my tongue, sucking him deep down my throat with my lips wrapped around his girth. I found a rhythm, and slowed down a bit. My brother sighed with delight, and clutched his hands into my hair. He found my groove, and as his hands and cock joined the rhythm, he began to pant and groan with pleasure.

Truth be told, I've never been much into blow jobs. I typically did the deed to get a boy hard, and once that was accomplished, it was time to fuck. Not so with Robbie. Maybe it was the size of his dick, or maybe it was the naughty act of incest, but the sensation of his cock stuffed into my mouth was wonderfully sexual for me. I loved sucking my little brother's fat cock!

Still, my pussy began to whimper for attention. My thighs glistened with my own juices and I swear I could feel my cunt muscles flexing in want of my brother's cock. I gave his dick one last lap, and then straddled his hips once again.

"It's time for my little brother to lose his cherry! Are you ready?"

His adorable face twisted up with the sort of lust only teenage virgins understood. He nodded his head emphatically as I positioned my dripping slit over the head of his dick. I rocked my hips, sliding my wet pussy over my brother's swollen dickhead. It felt wonderful. The fact this was incest only added to the lust I felt swirling around my entire body.

I grabbed Robbie's dick and squeezed it against my wet hole.

"Ready?" I whispered.

My brother was an inarticulate mess. He only moaned a response, but I knew the answer was yes. I pushed my hips down, and felt my brother's cock squeeze up inside my tight pussy. His hard prick filled me all the way up, nudging my very womb. My inner muscles tensed and squeezed in response, making me sigh with delight.

I rocked my hips. I could almost feel my cunt milking his seminal fluids. I pushed my hips up. There was a juicy little slurp noise as his dick moved out of my slit. I sat back down on Robbie's dick, and his length again pushed up deep inside my body. He let out this sound, a half-growl like a tomcat in heat, and it was utterly adorable. His eyes glazed over, and his face flushed a deep red. The boy was obviously enjoying his first pussy, no doubt about it. It pleased me, and turned me on as well, to sexually please my sweet little brother.

I started to fuck him proper. My hips found a nice groove, and pistoned smoothly on his fat cock. I got physical. My hair flew about and my tits bounced. I clutched Robbie's shoulders and rode him fucking hard. My room echoed with muffled grunts, and the slap of my ass on his lap. I whispered my thanks that my parents were typically sound sleepers. Regardless, the bed was squeaking like goddamn siren, so I pulled my little brother to the floor, got on all fours, and invited him inside me with a wag of my little ass.

Robbie grabbed both cheeks and pierced my cunt from behind. The fuck noises slapped and echoed against my walls, but at least now the bed was silent. My little brother may have been a virgin, but he already seemed past that. While we fucked doggie-style, he took charge. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, and started to plow into me like some kind of grizzled sex-vet. We kept our voices down somewhat but the sex was so good, we were only half-way successful. My little brother fucked my tight pussy with a newly discovered gusto, and we were really getting off.

My orgasms arrived first. I felt my cunt muscles clutch Robbie's cock with a series of wonderful spasms. Two separate waves broke inside me, my eyes bugged wide and my body began to shake involuntarily with pleasure. Three more convulsions followed in quick secession. Robbie chuckled a bit when I picked my panties off the floor and stuffed them in my mouth to mute my cries of ecstasy.

The violent climax that rocked my body set my little brother off in kind. I felt him clench up behind me, and for a moment or two, everything went quiet and still. Then all hell busted loose. Robbie's meat kicked hard deep inside me. His fingers dug into my ass, and a sort of gurgling noise escaped his lips. Suddenly, my womb swelled with my little brother's hot seed. He jerked and spat and moaned as hot creamy semen filled my freshly-fucked cunt. The feeling was marvelous.

I took a few moments with Robbie to enjoy our climax. This had been an impetuous fuck driven by incestuous lust, so caution had been tossed to the wind. I kissed him on the forehead and then went to the bathroom to clean myself out as best I could. Tomorrow I would buy condoms.

So there you have it. That summer was wonderful, and my little brother and I had sex quite often following that night. The incest was wonderful. The most amazing thing about it all was how warm our relationship remained, even after I returned to college that fall. Our lives went their natural, separate ways - he got a girlfriend, I got a boyfriend – but things between us never got weird or awkward. We've stayed close and loving. It's true that incest can often split a family apart, but, as with Robbie and I, it can also bring a family closer together. That incestuous summer is still one of my fondest memories to this day.


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