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Jim's teenage daughter part 6

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After two days of camping, Jim, his gorgeous daughter Jennifer and his lovely niece Sara came back home a little smelly for there was no real bath at the cabin site.  Sure, there was the pond, but they needed real bathing badly.  Jim didn’t mind the scent of the girls but he knew they wanted to smell so nice and girly. 


“Honey, we’re home,” Jim yelled at his wife Heather.


“I’m up here in bed Jim.  Sicker than a dog!  I think I got the flu from my damn sister.  Lucky Sara stayed with us or she might have gotten it too,” Heather replied.


Jim went up to see his wife and she looked rotten.  “Oh, baby, can I get you anything?” he said. 


“I’m OK honey.  Just need some sleep.  The doctor gave me some pills and they really knock me out.  Did you and the girls have fun in the mountains?” she asked.


“Sure did baby, we hiked and swam in a crystal clear pond and everything.  The girls loved it,” Jim said.


“That was nice of you to bring them up there.  I was dead these last two days.  OK, honey, I think I’ll take a nap.  These pills are pretty strong.”


“Alright, sweetie.  You just rest.  The girls and I will be fine.  I’ll order pizza or something,” and just after he finished his sentence, his wife fell into deep in sleep.


So Jim took off his dirty clothes and went to take a shower down the hall, but before he opened the door he heard the water running.  The girls beat me too it; maybe I can join in, he thought.  Quietly, he opened the door and could see through the frosted glass of the shower door that there was only one girl in there.  He could make out that the color of her hair was brown:  Sara.  This was her last full day staying with them because she was going to go back to her house the next day.  Jim had to make it count.


He pulled open the shower door as Sara was shaving her pussy and she dropped the razor in surprise.


“You almost made me cut myself,” she said.  “How would that make you feel?”  Jim stepped into the large two person shower as she feigned a frown but picked up the razor from the shower floor and resumed shaving.  Sara carefully and slowly shaved her lovely soft white outer pussy lips with precision, careful not to knick anything.  She then lathered in between her ass cheeks and pulled the razor along the insides of her crack, carefully avoiding her beautiful puckered asshole.  


“Almost done, pervert,” she said.  Jim loved her teasing him and responded, “well, hurry up you little slut, I feel a hard-on coming.”


“Fuck you,” she replied.


“That’s the idea,” Jim shot back.


She ignored him and lathered up her left arm pit.  With a few meticulous swipes of the blade she made short work of her pit, making it silky smooth. Then she did the same with the right and said, “All done!”


“What about your legs?” Jim asked.


“Already done them you slow poke; before you got here,” she replied.  “Now I gotta take a piss though so let me out.”


“Take it in here, you little slut.  Piss on me and give me a golden shower.”


“You are a fuckin’ pervert,” she laughed, “Ok, kneel down perv.”


He did so and she took her first two fingers and spread her hairless outer pussy lips.  She arched her back slightly and pointed her piss hole to Jim’s face.  Sara let go her bladder and a stream of steaming piss hit Jim square in his left eye, then she twisted her hip and hit him all over his face and into his mouth.  Jim loved the sensation of his lovely niece’s hot urine shooting on his face.  She must have been pent up for a while because she pissed and pissed for a full minute until it started dribbling out of her urethra and onto her pink hole.  Jim licked her pussy clean and stuck his tongue deep into her pink inner lips.


Jim was so hard now that he got off his knees, grabbed his cock and started rubbing it up and down on Sara’s clean smooth wet slit.  He teased her clit with the head of his cock a few times, went lower and pushed himself past her outer labia lips and into her warm pink tunnel.  Her fourteen-year-old vagina squeezed against his penetration but he thrust his entire length into her smoothly.  He thrust into her repeatedly until he was almost going to cum, but he pulled out instead.  There was another hole he had to ravish. 


He took the can of shaving cream that Sara had been using and pressed out a handful.  Jim took it and lathered up Sara’s lovely round ass then stuck a couple of soapy fingers into her delicate shit hole.  He squirted out more foam and rubbed it inside her, cleaning her colon out.


“I’m going to get you real clean up there in your shitter before I stick my dick in there you dirty slut,” he said to her.  She moaned with delight as he inserted his fingers into her filthy hole and toyed with her asshole.  When he was satisfied that Sara’s colon was clean enough, Jim took his cock and guided it up and down the crack of her fabulous ass.  He touched his cock head to her puckered intestinal entrance and gently pushed his erection in.  His bulbous head popped past her tight little anus and into her deep dark rectal tunnel.  Jim had done a good job of lubricating his little slutty niece and she had only a few tears in her eyes as he started thrusting into her tight ass.  He knew he was hurting her, but it was for her own good, he thought to himself.


He nudged her forward more so she was bent over.  Then Jim took his cock out of her ass, moved it down and put it again into her tight pussy.  This time he could feel her muscles contract as she had her orgasms.  Jim thrust himself hard and deep for several minutes and then exploded spurt after spurt of hot cum in her petite teenage body.  She came with him and moaned with pleasure.  He pulled out of her tight slit and a gusher of his cum mingled with her young pussy juices dripped to the floor.


Jim kissed her deeply and was sad that this was probably the last fucking for a while because she was going back to her home tomorrow morning. 


The next day, Jim had to drive Sara back home to her mother’s house because Heather was still pretty sick with the flu.  It was only a two hour drive and any time with Sara was good time.  She was wearing a shear white top so you could see her bra outline and hot pink shorts that looked like they were painted on.  Her labia lips were clearly visible and she was more than happy with that.  A true slut, Jim thought to himself.


So off they drove and in no time Sara had her hand on Jim’s knee and his hand on her soft smooth thigh.  Sara soon moved from his knee to his crotch and quickly unbuckled his belt.  Then with a quick flicker of her nimble fingers, she undid his pants button and unzipped him.  His hand had gone up her thigh and was now feeling her silky panties.  Jim’s cock was beginning to grow as Sara pulled it out from his pants and started licking his cock head and shaft.  He looked down and noticed he was going eighty miles-per-hour!  Better slow the fuck down, he quickly though, I really don’t want to get stopped by a cop with an eighth grader blowing him.  So he let off the gas and enjoyed Sara’s delicate licking and sucking.  She felt to him like a pro and before long he couldn’t resist anymore and blew his whole load of semen into her mouth.  Sara was caught off guard by his sudden orgasm and his hot cum hit the back of her throat so hard that she choked with its force.  Some of his sperm went directly down her gasping throat and the rest of his spurts filled up her little teenage mouth.  She opened up wide to show Jim that her mouth was full of his cum then with a big gulp, swallowed it whole.  Jim was proud of his little whore niece and kissed her.


They were getting close to their destination and Jim zipped up his pants and made sure there were no cum stains on his pants or on Sara’s shirt.  Apparently, she did a good job in swallowing every drop of his ejaculation and they were both spotless.   They pulled up into Sara’s mother’s driveway and got out.


Sara’s mother, Abby, came out and greeted them.  She looked exactly like Sara plus about twenty years but still had a thin fit body of a woman ten years younger.  Abby knew that she was still hot and made no secret of it.  She had been divorced for about eight years now, and still wanted the men to notice her; and they did, including Jim. 


Abby greeted them with just a bright yellow, very tight and very small bikini on.  She obviously had been swimming and her hardened nipples were clearly outlined on her wet top.


“Just came from the pool out back,” she said as she greeted them.  “Hey Jim, it’s so hot out, why don’t you join Sara and me for a cool swim?”


“Oh yes Uncle Jim, stay awhile won’t you? Please?” Sara begged.


“But I didn’t bring a swim suit,” Jim said.


“That’s ok Jimmy, we have a tall fence, and clothing is only an option here,” she said with a wink.


And with that, Jim followed his nearly naked sister-in-law and lovely slutty niece to the pool.


-----------------   TO BE CONTINUED IF YOU LIKE -------  THANKS FOR READING ----





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