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Little Sis and I Part 11

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Tiffany looked at Billy as if to say, “When do we get started?” Her small twelve-year-old frame was slender and very dark from her weeks of nudist beach existence. Her small breasts were soft when Billy fondled them. Tiffany’s twat and legs were perfectly hairless and felt like soft silk as he caressed them. They moved away from the other three, his aunt and Tiffany’s two sisters, so they could at least pretend to have some privacy although all of them could have still watched if they wanted to; and they did. But so much for the openness of the beach.

Tiffany did some touching of her own; especially to Billy’s growing cock. “She is a fast learner,” Billy happily thought. She stroked his cock as he started fingering her small bald slit. Then Billy did what he did not do with her sister Tabitha, that is, he went into the sixty-nine position with her and started eating her lovely virgin pussy as she licked and sucked on his large rod. He spread her tight cunt lips as wide as he could and licked her little clit and her pink inner lips. She tasted so fresh and young! Tiffany was handling Billy’s cock as if she had blown boys for years; it just came naturally to her.

Billy then moved lower to her little asshole. He rimmed her puckered hole with his tongue, licked his middle finger, and pushed it in her rectum. Tiffany twitched a little as he sunk his finger totally in her shitter, but did not say a word. “This is one hot slutty girl!” Billy cunningly thought to himself. He felt it was time to turn this virgin into a full- fledged whore and bang her hard. He got up off of her and repositioned himself facing her, his rock hard cock arched straight into the air. He slowly lowered his hips to hers, took his dink and started rubbing it against her smooth slit. She was hot and sweaty but her twat was overflowing with cunt juices. Billy followed her tight lips with his cock from top to bottom opening them ever so slightly as he moved towards her cunt hole. When he reached the bottom of her tight slit he pushed his dink head into her soft twat lips. As it disappeared in her cunt cave Billy realized that she was the fourth virgin he had popped. He liked popping cherries and every time he did one, it was better than the last.

As he moved deeper into her cunt, he felt her virginal membrane, gave a little extra effort and she was no longer a virgin. Just like that, one second a virgin, the next a twelve-year-old whore. She squirmed a little as her hymen tore but did not wince in pain like her sister Tabitha did. She actually smiled at him and begged him for more with her lovely blue eyes. He obliged and sunk his entire massive cock into her tiny body. Once he was inside, he felt her squeezing her cunt muscles against his rod. He took out his cock halfway and slammed it back in and she moaned in ecstasy. Billy pumped her hard and long and he felt her convulse every time she had an orgasm. He lost count of her orgasms but knew he was about to cum himself. He debated quickly with himself whether or not to cum inside her or pull out and give her a big facial.

His cock head took over the thinking of his real head and he shot his load hard and deep inside her sweet little cunt cave. Load after load he shot into her tiny seventy-five pound gorgeous body. Tiffany screamed with delight as she felt Billy shutter and then burst multiple loads of cum inside her.

After resting for a minute or two, Billy took his softening cock out of Tiffany’s twat and a load of white hot cum mixed with her cunt juices and a little blood from her hymen flowed from the bottom of her bald twat.

Heather could see that he was done fucking and came over to see cum flowing from Tiffany’s twat. She looked at Billy and just shook her head but did not say a word. Billy was embarrassed that he did not have the power over his cock to take it out before he came and he knew his lovely Aunt Heather was mad at him.

“Let’s all go for a long swim,” Heather said and motioned to Billy to keep close to her.

When they got in the water, Heather and Billy swam away from the three sisters and Heather said, “You better hope you didn’t get her pregnant! Why couldn’t you pull out like Tabitha?”

Billy had no answers and just sulked. “I just couldn’t control myself,” he finally muttered.

“You’re one horny fuck, you know that!” Heather said smiling. Her gorgeous smile made everything alright with Billy. She always had the attitude of “what’s done is done and cannot be undone” and did not stay mad long. “I told little Tori that she had to wait a couple of years to be fucked and she seemed ok with that, especially when she saw the size of your monster! Now, let’s say our goodbye’s for now and go home.”

They left promising to be back and Billy really did want to get back to Tiffany! “She has a lot of potential,” he thought.

Back home, Billy jumped in the shower to get all the salt water and sand off of him. All of a sudden the shower door popped open and there was his mother, naked and hot! “You’re spending a lot of time with my sister Billy boy. I haven’t had you for two weeks now! Maybe I can relight your interest,” as she reached down to his hanging cock and balls. She knelt down in the shower and started sucking his stiffening cock. It took less than a minute for him to be fully hard. Billy could sense that his mother was in a mood for a hard and fast fuck and he was more than willing to accommodate. She got up and pulled him close to her, her firm tits nestled against his chest. She pulled his head forward with one hand and gave him a deep kiss and continued to kiss his as she took her other hand and guided his rock hard dink into her wet smooth twat. He easily slid into her cunt hole but she was still amazingly tight after having two kids. Plus the fact that she had outstanding pussy muscles! Billy pumped her in and out and he could feel her climaxing.

His mother sensed that he was about to unload into her and got off his cock. “Not yet, honey. You haven’t fucked my ass yet and I think it’s about time.”

She turned around and bent over. Then she spread her ass cheeks so he had a clear view of her sweet tight wet asshole. She took two soaped up fingers and put them into her ass to loosen up. Billy’s mother pulled them out and before her asshole tightened up again, Billy took the head of his cock and pushed in past her dirt hole. Once his head was inside her colon, he shoved it in slowly and savored the feeling of his cock going inside of his mother’s intestines. Her asshole was vice-like tight, squeezing his dink with amazing force. The water from the shower lubricated his cock every time he took it partly out and shoved it back in and he was able to have a good fucking rhythm. Finally, he could not hold off any longer and hoped his mother would not get off his cock again. She didn’t and he exploded his spew deep in the dark wet bowels of his lovely mother. He pumped and pumped her ass until his balls were fully emptied of their hot cum.

Billy pulled out his cock and his mother shit out his white spew all over the shower floor. “Being fucked up the ass always makes me want to pee,” she said. “I bet you never played water sports honey,” and she spread her soft cunt lips with her fingers and started pissing on Billy. At first, Billy was a little shocked, but within seconds he felt aroused by his mother’s hot piss hitting his naked body. After about a minute of pissing, his mother said, “Now, baby, I want you to piss on me.”

With the water flowing from the shower, Billy found it easy to start pissing. He aimed it at his mother’s legs but she got on her knees and took his hot stream deliberately on her face. “Keep going honey, you’re so hot!” she cried.

“Wow, mom that was fantastic!” Billy said.

“I bet my little sister never did that to you did she?” Billy’s mother smiled. “Now Billy, who’s the better fuck, me or Heather?”

They were both great fucks but he had to answer, “You are of course, mom.”

She kissed him; they both washed off the piss and went to their rooms.

Billy was lying down naked in his room when his sister Phoebe came in. “I heard from Auntie Heather that you had quite a day.” She was wearing a string bikini which she quickly shed, leaving her beautiful thirteen-year-old body for Billy to admire. “And now mom is looking happier than I’ve seen her for a while but an hour ago she was ready to bite my head off. Know anything about that?”

“Who, me? I’m just tired from the hot sun at the beach.”

“Too tired for a little fun? I’ll be on top! I’ll do everything.” and she straddled on top of him.

Billy reached out and felt her growing tits. “Your tits are really blossoming Phoebes! I’m impressed.”

Although he was dead tired, Billy got as hard as a rock with his lovely sister on top of him. Good to her word, Phoebe did all the work. She stuck his cock in her hot tight pussy and rode him hard until he let go of his spew inside her slim body.

He simply fell asleep after Phoebe licked his cock clean and dreamed of Tiffany. Cute little Tiffany. He couldn’t get her out of his mind!

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