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ME and my Father In law-7

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ME and my Father In law-7

By Jeevan

I got up and made my FIL sit on the commode with his lund standing out. I went to him and squatted bringing my choot right over his hard lund. I lowered my choot onto his lund and took it in. Ohhhhhhh the monster went right in making me feel naughty. I rested my legs on either side and it was good stretching exercise for me. I moved my ass up and down over FIL’s lund and fucked him. he was holding me near my breasts and his fingers dug into the fleshy orbs caressing me. Ohhh god what were we unto? Fucking right in the bathroom and that too when all were in the house. My choot moved over his lund and I was taking every inch of it in my choot. I was lifting my choot up till his lund was almost out and then sank on it till my choot hair touched his pelvis. That way I could feel all of his lund sliding in and out of my choot. I lowered my mouth to his and kissed him hard. Ohh god! The kissing while fucking was really increasing the lust and automatically my choot moved over FIL’s lund fast. FIL was moaning Ahhh Ohhhh and all! I knew he will be cumming. I increased the speed and found his lund jerk spasmodically spraying thick cum into my choot. I too came! I fell onto FIL’s body totally relaxed! Then we heard MIL calling FIL. Ohh god! I got up and allowed FIL to dress. He just wrapped his lungi around and slowly opened the door to look around. He slipped hurriedly out and I closed the doo and bolted it from inside. Then I literally slept on the bathroom floor for few minutes with hot water falling on my body! That was the best bath I ever had! I felt some thrill while we had sex in the bathroom. Yes the fear of being caught adds to the pleasure. I wanted to explore many things with my newly found Baba, my loving FIL! For long I was trying to imagine things and then something flashed my mind! I had to do it! Then one night we had been on the terrace watching the stars. MIL was down and Sunil and Baba were with me. Then MIL called Sunil to attend his phone and he went down. I looked at FIL and then hurriedly took out my breast as we sat there. “ Hey baba! Don’t just look! Suck my nipple! Fast!” He pushed his body near mine and caught my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. Ohh god! Was this I doing this? Pushing my breast out just for MY FIL in open! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! My FIL was sucking it and biting it. Then we heard footsteps on the staircase and separated. I pushed my breast back into my blouse and sat there as if nothing had happened between us. I forgot to tell you that I had stopped wearing bra these days. This way FIL could see my boobs jump as I walked and I knew he loved to watch! Then one time Mamma was in the kitchen and I was sitting in the drawing room. FIL came near me and just lifted his lungi to show me his hard lund. I too licked my lips and caught it and caressed it. It was just for a minute but we both loved it. My god! We were flirting! But this added to our pleasure. I don’t know where it will lead us but sure it was for better! Today I have told my FIL that I would keep our bedroom door open and he can watch his son fuck me. Let’s hear this in his own words as I cant write what he saw! Baba says: So today my laadli bahu is going to keep her bedroom door open and she wants me to watch my son fuck her! WOW! My bahu is getting bolder and bolder. The way she exposed her breasts and then asked me to suck the nipples! The way she caught my lund when my wife was in kitchen! Ohh I was not going to leave this chance to fuck her when my son was taking shower! After dinner my bahu told me that I should make Maamma sleep and then signal her by putting our bedroom light off. And then she will also signal me by putting off their light. OK it was decided I waited for my wife to go to sleep as I was reading a novel. My wife is good sleeper and she gets up only in the morning. So I had no worry. When she was sleeping soundly I just put off the light. I watched my son’s bedroom and as soon as I put out the light I saw that their light was also out. I slowly crawled out of bed and walked ot the corridor. At the other end of the corridor was my son’s bedroom. I saw that the door was closed but there was some gap there. I could see the nightlamp glow now. With my heart beating like never before I walked near the door. I went near the door and peeked inside. Ohhhhhhh! They both were in courtship. This was the first time I was watching my son and bahu. Seemu was kissing my son full on the lips with her face to the door and his opposite to it. So bahu had arranged every thing. She had taken care that he won’t watch me. Seema was looking right at the door and searching me. I just went near the gap and peeked in. wow it was really dangerous! But I could not help. I put my hand in the gap and waved at my Bahu. She kind of smiled, breaking the kiss and then she started to remove her sari. As she was removing sari my son was fondling her boobs, kissing her neck and cheeks. He was wearing shorts and banian and soon he too took off the banian and threw it on the bed. Now Seema was in her blouse and petticoat. She kneeled on the bed and slowly removed her blouse. She did not wear any bra and so her boobs sprang free. My son caught them and started to knead them. Seema moaned, Ohhhhhhh rub them and knead them show me how much you love my breasts!” she was looking at me! I lifted my lungi and caught my lund! It was semi hard and getting up. I went near the door and showed Seema my lund. She moaned loudly and caught her husbands lund over the shorts. He was surprised! “ hey Seema what happened to you! Wait till I get it out!” “ No! I will do that for you today and she put her hands on the buckle and removed the shorts. Since he was facing opposite to me I could not see his lund. Seema then put her hand to his lund and started caressing it. “ Ohhh Seema! You will make me cum early by doing this! Let me take you!” She then bent down and sucked on his lund. I just could see the movements of her head as it was moving up and down over his lund. Her boobs jiggled with every movement of her body and I wanted to catch them and rub them on my lund. Ohhhhhhh my Slut! She then made my son lie on the bed with his head to the door. I saw his lund sticking out for the first time. Yes his lund was smaller than me! Then Seema got on top of him and kneeling on him, rubbed her breasts on his lund. She was looking at me and doing it. I was now rubbing my lund and fisting it. I knew I wont last long but I had to try! Seema was now sitting on my son’s lund and I could see her lower her choot onto the cock. I saw Seema take my son’s lund in her choot as she sat down on his lund. Ohhhhh ! the bitch was teasing me. I would show her that I can fuck her better! She started the up and down motion fucking him and her boobs jiggled. It was a nice sight! She caught her boobs and pressed them hard, thrusting them at me and licking her lips. She looked real slut! The way she fucked! She was moaning loudly and swaying her ass over his body. He caught her boobs and put his mouth to the nipples. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ! She moaned. I slowly opened the door more and squatted down so that he wont see me. Seema was fucking him in earnest and I could hear him breath faster and faster. “Seema! What has happened to you dear? You seem to always want sex! Is something wrong? Or is it just your mood?” Nothing wrong dear! Don’t you like me? Don’t you want to fuck me? Its just the thought of other men fucking me gets me hot! You started it so you satisfy me.” I was shocked to hear that. My son talking to Seema about getting fucked but other men? Ohhhh the other man can be me too! Interesting! One of these days I would love to fuck Seema in front of my son! But due to our relations I was a bit afraid. My bahu was driving me mad these days and I wanted her to behave like a slut with me. She would be my SLUT! But this made me so hot that I was almost cumming. I had to stop rubbing my lund for a while as I watched them. Seema was now delirious with lust and moved her body faster. I think my son was not so good fucked. He moaned and then his body stiffened and I knew he was cumming! That was good for me as I knew he would go for a bath. Seema climbed down his lund and looked at me. I knew I had to go from my hiding place. I went away and listened. I heard the bathroom door open and then close. I heard water running and knew that he was taking bath. I almost ran to my sons bedroom and saw Seema waiting for me on her husbands bed. She was kneeling down and had thrust her ass up in the air. I went behind her and put my lund to her choot. ohhhhhhhhh this choot was just fucked by my own son! I caught seema’s ass cheeks and pushed my lund in her choot. Seema’s choot was slippery with my sons cum and my lund entered in easily. I felt thrilled fucking this freshly fucked choot and that too my sons wife! I was holding seema’s ass cheeks and kneading them as I fucked her from behind. I had very less time and I was listening to the water running. The time was less so I started to fuck my bahu very fast. The slut was moving her ass on my lund like a real bitch in heat and loving every minute of it. I continued fucking her very fast and my climax approached. I pressed my hands deep in Seema’s ass cheeks and pushed my lund in her womb as I came! Seema moved her ass back to take my sperm deep within. Ohhhhhh! I fucked Seema in her own bedroom when my son was taking bath. Seema suddenly turned and took my lund in her mouth to taste our combined juices. My sons, mine and hers! I hurriedly wrapped my lungi and kissed Seema on her lips , making her taste us all! That is all!

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